Thursday, July 26, 2007

Charity Begins On The Road

Charity Begins On The Road

by number2

I saw her sitting across from me at the airport terminal. How could I miss her? She couldn't have been more than 18-years-old yet she had to have the eye of every heterosexual man there. Her curly, light-brown hair reached over the shoulders of her zipped-up Dallas Cowboys jacket. She had on the shortest plaid skirt legally allowed and huge black combat boots that looked to be about three sizes too big. I heard someone (her mother, probably) call her Charity.

She continually crossed and uncrossed her long, smooth legs and I strained for a peek under that skirt but to no avail. I was transfixed by this girl but I tried not to make it show. Moments later she excused herself from her family, got up (smoothing her skirt down) and walked past me. Something landed on the book I was pretending to read. A piece of paper, folded neatly. As Charity rounded the corner I hastily opened the note. It read, "Wait two minutes then come to gate C-19."

The longest two minutes of my life passed by and finally I picked up my carry-on bag and (attempting to seem casual) got up and strolled quickly to C-19. There was no one at the gate. It was completely deserted. I figured it must have been some sort of practical joke and turned to go back to my seat when I heard something.

"Psst! Over here!" came a loud whisper from behind some paneling. I followed the sound to find Charity leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette. She expelled the smoke slowly through her bee-stung lips. "I saw you looking at me over there."

"W-what?" I stammered out. "I-I wasn't." WHAM! Her boot shot up into my groin. I fell to my knees in excruciating pain in front of her.

"Don't give me that shit," she said as she tossed her spent cigarette down at me. "All you perverts are the same. You love to look at a pretty little thing like me then as soon as you get called on it you deny, deny, deny." She was right of course and I looked down in shame.

"Look at me, goddammit! I'm not done with you yet." I looked up to see her raising her skirt up revealing her white panties. "Get in there and lick my pussy you little perv." I hesitated. "Listen, you fuck, do what I tell you or I swear to God I'll scream 'rape'." I gulped then leaned in. Her panties were beginning to become stained with her wetness and I gingerly lapped at them.

Charity grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me forward. "Harder! Are you some sort of fag? Don't you like the taste of my sweet, young pussy?" I licked harder and faster, my tongue finding its way past her panties and into her clit. She gasped as I sucked and pulled at her tight pussy lips and forced me even closer.

"Oh God! Yes! That's it!" she yelled in a whisper, not wanting to be found out. I could taste her cum into my mouth but still she wanted more. "Let me see your cock," she ordered, pushing me away. I fumbled with the zipper but managed to pull my pants and underwear down. My dick was rock-hard and stood out in front of me. The ball pain from minutes ago had almost completely subsided. Charity turned around and pulled down her panties, jutting her firm, round ass at me. "Now I want you to eat my ass out while you jerk off under me," she demanded. "But you'd better not cum! I want you to let me know when you're ready to shoot. You got that?" I nodded my ascension and dove into her asshole.

My tongue snaked deep into her tight pink pucker and she moaned as I stroked my cock in time with my probing. She moved her ass back-and-forth, right-and-left enjoying everything I was doing. When I heard her gasp I knew she had cum again and I realized I was close to it as well. I pulled my face out of her ass and said, "I'm almost there."

Charity wheeled around quickly and without any warning, savagely kicked me in my unprotected balls with her right boot. Cum shot out of me splattering her shoe and she kicked me again with her left boot. The remaining semen dripped out onto that shoe as I collapsed into the fetal position. She thrust her boot under my chin.

"Lick it clean," she commanded. Despite the sick feeling in my stomach I did as she instructed, lapping every bit of my own spunk off of her deadly boots. When I was done she put the other one in front of me and I polished it with even getting the order. When I was done to her satisfaction she pulled her shoes away and stepped out of her panties.

She bent down and stuffed them in my mouth. "Here's a little souvenir of our encounter, perv-o." Reaching down to my pants she pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. I was in so much pain there was nothing I could do to stop her. She took a couple of twenties out then threw the wallet down at my head. "And this should buy me some new panties." She effortlessly swatted my hands away from my injured groin and inspected her damage. My nuts had swelled up and were turning a deep purple.

"Boy that looks bad. I'd have that checked out if I were you," she laughed as she stood and walked away. "I had fun. Maybe I'll see you on the plane," I heard her say as she skipped out of my sight. I lay there for a few minutes nursing my injuries then managed to get up the effort to pull up my pants and sit upright.

To be continued?????

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