Thursday, July 26, 2007

Final Four

Final Four

by number2

“Good evening and welcome to the finals of the inaugural Ball-Busting Queen competition! I’m Patrick O’Malley and this is my color commentator Melissa Brown.”

“Thanks Patrick. And what a fantastic competition it’s been thus far! There have been over 40 men sent to the hospital due to injuries such as bruised sack, scrotal swelling and at least three reported ruptured testicles. Some of the most beautiful and deadly actresses, singers and athletes have shown tremendous ball-busting ability in the preliminary rounds and now we’re down to just four.”

“Right you are Melissa. Those remaining are TV’s Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, pop superstar Britney Spears, British actress Elizabeth Hurley and former professional wrestler Sable. Let’s take a look at how they got to the Finals.”

“Patrick, all of these ladies faced some stiff competition in the preliminary rounds. Sarah Michelle Gellar seemed to be the only one who breezed by her adversaries, easily besting Sarah Jessica Parker, Tia Carrere, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Heather Locklear by an average margin of over 35%. I think she has to be the favorite here.”

“Britney Spears, on the other hand, had a very tough first round match against Carmen Electra but then devastated Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill and Shania Twain. These two will meet in our first Semi-final match-up.”

“In the other bracket we have British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley. Her toughest contest came from her second round opponent Denise Richards, barely squeaking by with a victory. The other actresses that went down in defeat to Elizabeth were Heather Graham, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Neve Campbell.”

“Our final combatant this evening is Rena Mero, better known to fans as Sable. She was a late entry into the Miscellaneous bracket but stormed through it only getting some serious competition from tennis Lolita Anna Kournikova in her fourth round match-up. Her early victories were against Internet hopefuls Sophitia and Sharon and then she followed up with an easy victory over Melissa Joan Hart.

“Thanks Melissa, excellent job as usual. Now as you know in the early rounds random men were selected as ‘victims’ for our ball-busting beauties but for the finals each woman will be allowed to choose her own target. This could be extremely important in the final judging.”

“Right you are Patrick. The judges will surely take into consideration who and why each lady picks their prey. Also the strength of their opponent comes into play. Should they pick someone small that they could devastate with a single blow or attempt a stronger man who may not go down with just one or two shots? The possibilities are endless!”

“We’re certainly in for a thrilling battle Melissa! I see now that the combatants are entering the ring for the first match of the night. First into the ring is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Please give us your comments on her outfit Melissa.”

“Well Patrick, Sarah has chosen a black pants suit with black open-toed pumps. It seems she’s going for practicality rather than overt sexuality with this ensemble. The pants will allow her greater leg movement without slowing down her karate moves. The open top on her jacket, though, shows enough cleavage to keep any man focused and unwary of her damaging blows.”

“And here comes her opponent, Britney Spears! Britney has made a bold choice of a Catholic schoolgirl’s uniform complete with plaid skirt, white ankle socks and spiked heels. Her fans will certainly recognize this as an updated version of the clothes she wore in her first video. The heels make an added deadly touch to this sexy outfit. Back to you Patrick.”

“The coin flip was made in advance and Sarah Michelle will start. It seems she’s picked as her target none other than Seth Green, her “Buffy” co-star. You may recognize him as Oz from that show or as Scott Evil from the “Austin Powers” films. My guess is Sarah chose him as there is some familiarity and perhaps some jealous over Seth movie career. Melissa...”

“Patrick, Seth is playing up to the crowd, goofing around and trying to gather support. Sarah Michelle is not finding any of his hijinx humorous and is standing in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her lovely face. Seth has turned his attention toward Sarah Michelle and she is walking slowly towards him. Seth doesn’t seem to realize the danger he’s in. There it is Sarah Michelle has started her attack with a front snap kick to Seth’s balls sending him back into the corner of the ring. She’s not relenting, pressing her attack, alternating kicks to his scrotum, abdomen and chest… and now a full extension kick to his head… and he’s down! He’s in no shape to fight back as Sarah Michelle steps in-between his open legs and looks down at him in disgust. She raises her foot up high, nearly at Seth’s eye-level… I think she may be going for a ball-stomp to end this. No, wait, she’s holding her leg up and pointing down at her foot. Seth leans in and, yes, yes, he is kissing her toes! Oh, the humiliation! Sarah Michelle is enjoying every bit of the attention Seth is forced to give to her dainty toes. I guess now we know the reason she wore those open-toed pumps. Seth is looking up at her now, pleading in his eyes, hoping that his torture is over. Sarah Michelle looks to the crowd, like a gladiator over her fallen adversary. She raises her hand with a thumbs-up gesture only to be met by boos. Slowly she turns her thumb downward and the crowd roars their approval. There is a huge smile on Sarah Michelle’s face as she turns back to Seth. Her foot comes crashing downward into Seth’s groin, he screams and she applies more pressure. The crowd is going insane! Finally Seth can take it no longer, he passes out and Sarah Michelle steps off his prone form to the delight of the audience assembled here today. A exciting first match today!”

“You said it Melissa! And as the paramedics cart Seth Green out of the ring we have a chance to check the judges’ scores. For sexuality she scores a 9.6, the outfit may have hurt her initial score but the forced humiliation had to raise it. In brutality she scored a whopping 9.8! And finally, for technique she rated a 9.7, obviously her karate skills giving her an advantage here. With a total of 29.1 she’s going to be tough to beat!”

“Britney is now coming through the ring ropes. She has chosen as her target N’SYNC’s Justin Timberlake. Although these two have been linked romantically, I don’t think that’s going to lessen Britney’s attacks one iota. I certainly hope that singing soprano for the rest of his life doesn’t hurt poor Justin’s career. Let’s go down to Melissa for the action!”

“Thanks Patrick. With Justin in the corner of the ring Britney has begun serenading him with a lip-sync of her number one song “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Her dance moves seems to have their desired affect on Justin. I can make out the bulge in his pants from here. She’s moving towards him and he seems pleased. She’s even dancing with him now… there it is! A knee to his crotch and he never saw it coming! She’s holding him up now and there’s another knee… and another! Those legs made powerful by years of dancing must really be destroying Justin’s nuts! She’s pushed him backwards and the ring ropes are the only thing holding him up now. She’s turned to play to the crowd while pushing her firm ass against Justin’s battered crotch. Wait, now she turned back to Justin and is going down to her knees it front of him. She’s unzipping his pants and pulling out his genitals! Wow, his cock is still hard despite the damage his balls have taken! I can see the discoloration and swelling and so can the rest of the crowd; it’s pandemonium in here! She’s caressing his cock while her song continues. Oh no! The song has started to skip on the chorus! This has to hurt Britney! No, wait! At each “Hit Me” lyric she’s pounding Justin’s unprotected balls with her right fist! This was her plan all along! She’s holding Justin up by his dick while pummeling him unmercifully! That’s it! She’s let go and he is down! This match is over and I can’t wait to see how the judges score this pop sensation!”

“My God, what a thrilling first two matches we’ve had so far. I guess Justin’s voice is never going to change now with the punishment he’s received! Here come the judges’ scores; this one is going to be close. For sexuality she scores a 9.9! That outfit certainly did something for the judge’s libidos! For brutality she receives a 9.5. A little lower than she wanted I’m sure, maybe had she actually ruptured on of Justin’s balls it would have been a higher score. Now the final score; on technique she gets a 9.6! That makes a total score of 29.0! Sarah Michelle Gellar wins by the slimmest of margins! She’s going to the finals!

“Wow, Patrick, these judges sure have a tough job. I wouldn’t want to be them. Both of these two women proved themselves worthy champions of their respective divisions and either would be a fine choice for the Finals! Good luck to Sarah Michelle and I’m sure we’ll see Britney in next year’s competition.”

“We're ready for the next round of competition and the two combatants are coming to the ring now. First up is Elizabeth Hurley. Tell us about her Melissa.”

“Patrick, this English actress came out of nowhere to earn a birth in the semi-finals. She's certainly the longshot of the four women here. Tonight she's outfitted herself in the famous silver mini-skirt dress and matching silver go-go boots that she wore in the Austin Powers movie. The crowd recognizes it and is applauding loudly.”

“I'm not sure if that's applause or the sound of hundreds of men beating their meat Melissa.”

“You're a disgusting pig, Patrick. Now here comes Elizabeth's opponent, Sable. She's dressed in a short, black silk robe with her name embossed in gold script on the back. I'm sure that we'll see that robe coming off soon though. She's also got on black shades and black pumps with what looks to be at least a four-inch heel. She is definitely ready for action!”

“Elizabeth Hurley will be starting round two and she's picked for her target, none other than ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant! I'll bet she's got some aggression to get out over that whole hooker ordeal a few years back! Down to you Melissa.”

“Hugh is looking appreciatedly at Elizabeth's uniform. It's hard to read any emotion on the Englishman's face though. Elizabeth is smiling at the crowd; she may be the most beautiful of the four finalists. There she goes... she's walking towards Hugh. He has a confused look on his face. Hurley is running her finger down his chest... there! She's grabbed onto his nutsack and is squeezing the life out of it! There's no mistaking the expression on Hugh's face now; it's one of extreme pain! Hurley is acting nonchalant; you could almost see her sipping tea while she crushes Grant's nuts. She's twisting now... there's an evil grin forming on her face... and Hugh is down! He's on the ground in the fetal position and Elizabeth Hurley is just standing over him laughing! Now she's kicked away the hands that were holding his crotch. He's helpless before her... and there's a kick! And another! I think Hugh is crying! That's not going to stop Hurley! She's placed the heel of her boot onto what I think is Grant's left testicle. She's applying pressure... now she's grinding the heel down! Hugh is screaming, writhing in pain... and then, silence. He's out cold. Hurley finally steps off him, looks down and laughs again. A superb performance!”

“I agree Melissa. Let's see what the judges have to say! Her sexuality score... a strong 9.6, I think she's pleased with that. Next, the brutality score... again a 9.6; perhaps her choice of a weak English fop for her target hurt her score a bit. Finally, technique... another 9.6. That gives her a total score of 28.8, a fine score, but will it be enough? Wait, I see there's some action back down in the ring... Melissa.”

“Patrick, Elizabeth Hurley was upset with her scores, so upset in fact that she's run back to Hugh Grant and is attacking that weakened testicle again! The crowd is in a stunned silence; no one expected this. Officials are trying to pull Hurley away... she's broken free! Oh my God! I could hear the pop from here; she's destroyed his left testicle with one stomp! Too bad the judging is over; that could have put her over the top!”

“The last semi-finals contestant, Sable, is now entering the ring. She was one of the last entrants in the competition but she’s proved she’s stiff competition to say the least. Her soon-to-be-victim will be none other than WWF owner Vince McMahon! There’s some animosity between these two and how Sable (now Rena Mero) left the company. I think I feel at least a little sorry for what’s about to happen to Mr. McMahon. Here’s Melissa with the action…”

“Vince McMahon seems confident, strutting around the ring. He’s a powerfully built man, certainly the opposite of small Hugh Grant, and we’ll have to see if Sable can take him down. It won’t be easy. Sable looks great in her satin robe; obviously the months away from the ring haven’t stopped her workout schedule. Her legs are tanned and toned and… wait, we have some activity! McMahon has made the fatal mistake of turning away from Sable and she’s bent down and given him the low blow from behind! He turns around slowly, his body bent over… and Sable shoots a kick into his already injured groin! Those pointed pumps have got to sting! McMahon is down! Sable is taking her time with him now… she’s undoing her robe… Wow! That has got to be the smallest black bikini I have ever seen! McMahon seems impressed despite the pain he has to be feeling! Sable levels another kick to his groin; her anger is really starting to show. McMahon is on his knees now, begging Sable to stop. She’s in no mood for his theatrics, though. Another kick to his nuts… and another… another… another… another… and finally, mercifully McMahon is out cold. Sable kicks him onto his back and spreads his legs apart. She’s going to the opposite corner of the ring. Here she comes, running at full speed… And there’s the final kick! That had to shatter McMahon’s pelvis, if not just completely destroy his balls! Sable puts her foot on Vince’s chest and stands over him like a hunter over her fallen prey. The crowd is ecstatic! A fantastic end to these semi-finals!”

“You said it Melissa. Sable certainly got her share of revenge on Vince McMahon. We’ll find out what the judges thought. Here’s comes the first score… on sexuality she rated a 9.8! A great mark indeed! Here comes her brutality score… a 9.7! The crowd is breathless with anticipation as we await the final score. Here it comes… technique… a 9.4, lower than she wanted, I’m sure but that makes her total a 28.9; that’s enough to send her to the finals! We have our final match set! It will be Sarah Michelle Gellar versus Sable!”

“Not an entirely unexpected finals match, Patrick. Both of these women have extensive ball-busting experience, Sarah Michelle from her “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” TV Show and of course Sable from her years in professional wrestling. Physically these two are very different, Sarah Michelle is just 5’3” and a mere 23 years old while Sable is 5’6” and just past her 33rd birthday. It looks to be a thrilling final match!”

“As you know Melissa, the rules have changed for the final round. In this round each competitor will show off their ball-busting skills on not one, but three men. And their opponents will be picked randomly from our pool of judges. In case of a tie, total damage will be the determining factor in choosing our winner. Now, back down to the ring for the exciting conclusion of this competition.”

“Thanks Patrick. The two women have made their outfit changes and are coming to the ring now! Sarah Michelle Gellar is first into the squared circle. She’s given up her pants suit and has changed into a karate gi. In a bold move she’s going barefoot rather than use some sort of footwear to her advantage. She does have beautiful feet but will they be able to inflict the damage need to win here tonight? Now here comes Sable! She’s substituted her bikini for a very classy red evening gown, slit all the way up the side. Unlike Sarah Michelle she’s decided on a pair of red, 4-inch high, spiked heels. Two different strategies and I can’t wait to see how it ends up!”

“Sarah Michelle will start out. She’s arranged her three judges in a row… now she’s rubbing her tight ass against the groin of the middle judge while stroking the cocks of the two side judges. A brilliant tactic; by getting those pesky pricks out of her way Sarah Michelle will have much easier access to the balls below. What a beautifully wicked smile on her face. She seems satisfied with her handiwork so far. She’s stepping away from the judges and… ooh, a vicious back-kick to the center judge’s nuts. He’s falling backwards and Sarah Michelle is pressing her attack. She’s turned toward him and shoots a forward kick! Her toes found their target but she’s not letting up! There’s a knee, and another, and another! He’s going down… but wait… Sarah Michelle kicks him in the chest sending him back into the ring ropes! He’s springing back towards her… there’s a look of terror in his eyes! She flips him onto his back… raises her foot… then slams it down on his vulnerable nutsack! There’s the unmistakable ‘pop’ of an obliterated testicle! This round is over!”

“Sable appears impressed with her opposition. She’s wasting no time in making her move. She’s pushed two of the judges down to the floor and is concentrating on the judge still standing. Her hand is down the front of his pants and I can tell from his face that she’s squeezing with all her might! She’s saying something to the other judges that I can’t make out… now they’re crawling to her feet and kissing them! An amazing display of female superiority!

The attention being given to Sable's feet seems to be spurring her on... she's actually lifting the judge up by his testicles! He's on his tiptoes trying to stay up; tears are streaming down his face! Sable's not letting go! Her muscles are flexing as she mashes that poor judges nuts together in her hand! Her fingernails must be digging into his scrotal sack something fierce! There's the noise of a 'squick' in the judge's pants and Sable finally relents dropping the unconscious judge to the mat! She puts her hands on her hips defiantly and turns to Sarah Michelle, the other two judges still lapping at her heels. These two are certainly going for it all!"

"Sarah Michelle smiles back at Sable. I'm not sure if she's just impressed with Sable's technique or if that's just her way of saying that she's still got a few tricks up her sleeve. She's turned back to her remaining two judges and is licking her lips seductively. Slowly she undoes the black belt on her gi and drops it to the floor beside her. She's disrobing from the gi, and now she is clad only in a white lace bra with matching panties. She's ordering the judges to strip as well and they are complying as fast as they can. Now they are standing there in just their underwear, which is not concealing their raging hard-ons one bit! Sarah's crooked her finger at one of the judges, beckoning him towards her. He is a bit wary but is moving to her. Sarah Michelle is inspecting his package with the tip of her finger and I think she like what she's got. She's cupping his balls with her right hand and drawing the judge closer... in one quick move she's judo flipped him over her and onto his back! Will she be going for another stomp? No! She's straddling the judge's prone body and is gradually lowering herself onto him. Now she's sitting on his cock and is undulating back-and-forth, dry-humping him with a rhythmic motion. She's starting to speed up now and... Wham! What a punch to the balls! She's still increasing her speed and with each thrust of her hips she slams her fist into his nutsack! The judge is screaming in agony and Sarah Michelle doesn't care at all! And the judge has cum! Semen has shot out of his underwear just as Sarah Michelle lands her final ball-bursting strike to his nads! She stands up over him and checks out his now-withered cock and scrotum. One final kick to his comatose form and her round two is finished!"

"Sable has watched every moment of Sarah Michelle's combat and is ready with her rebuttal. Her two new foot slaves are still slobbering over Sable's deadly crimson heels. She kicks them both away with two quick sweeps of her foot. Angrily she picks one of the judges up and throws him into the corner. She rips open his shirt easily then pulls down his pants leaving red gouges in his skin where her nails have scratched. She motions for the second judge to unzip her dress from behind. It falls to the ground around her and without a moment's thought she nonchalantly shoots a back kick to the judge's groin sending him sprawling. She's now clad in only a blood-red set of bra and panties and, of course, those matching lethal stilettos. And she's wasting no time using those pumps, leveling a quick snap front kick to the judge's groin! And there's another front kick, the point of her shoe making a direct hit on the judge's ballsack! She's not stopping! Another kick... and another... and another! Every time the judge starts to fall, another kick sends him back into the ropes that hold him up! His balls are taking a terrible amount of punishment! Now Sable spins on her heels and shoots a roundhouse kick that propels the hapless judge through the ring ropes and onto the mat below! He's lying on the ground defenseless as Sable climbs to the top rope and leaps! The tip of her stiletto heel lands square onto the judge's left nut annihilating it completely! Sable stands victorious over her foe grinding her heel in just for spite! That judge will not be waking for some time now and when he does he'll find himself one ball short!"

"Sarah Michelle knows that this will be her final opportunity! It's been a close match but she must think she's behind on points. She'll have to make this final round count. Her tanned and taut body is glistening with sweat as she unhooks her bra and shimmies out of her panties. The one judge remaining doesn't need to be told what to do; he quickly removes his underwear leaving him bare and vulnerable to Sarah Michelle. His cock is standing straight up as if in a salute to Sarah Michelle's ball-busting prowess. She grabs his member and pulls it up, at the same time bringing an uppercut into his scrotum! She follows with a knee, still holding tight to his rod! Then the other knee... then another uppercut! He wants to fall but Sarah Michelle's iron grip on his cock won't allow him to! She lets go but quickly grips him by the base of his nutsack then shoots and extended leg up towards his face! She connects, knocking him senseless and falling backwards! Sarah Michelle continues her hold on his nuts as she lets him crash to the ground! Now she's lifting him by the balls, holing him aloft over the mat, stretching his sack out painfully! She spins around, tossing him to the center of the ring where he lands with a thud! She follows the body with a back-flip that leaves her standing between his open legs. Lightly, she kicks his still-hard dick onto his stomach leaving his nuts undefended for her final attack. She places her heels over each of his testicles and stands up on her tiptoes, barely touching him. Now she's lowering herself slightly while gradually fingering herself. Her heels up-and-down on his nuts, her fingers in-and-out of her pussy keeping perfect time! She's speeding up now, putting more and more pressure on the judge's balls! He's stirring on the mat, coming back into consciousness! His yelps of pain are just urging Sarah Michelle on! I can tell she's almost there! She leans back putting all of her weight down on her heels; the judge shrieks out in agony as his balls are crushed beneath Sarah Michelle's dainty feet then she lets out a cry and the entire audience has just seen her reach an orgasm while castrating a man! There's a glow about her as she walks confidently back to her corner!"

"Sable looks mad now. I think that she though her win was in the bag but after that last round from Sarah Michelle she's going to have to work hard to take this title! She's going right after her final judge, diving on him and shredding his clothes with her manicured nails! A couple of quick shots to his groin keeps him down on the ground while Sable strips off her bra and panties! She's literally dripping with excitement as she continues to pummel the balls of the prone judge with sharp kicks from the tips of her pumps! She reaches down and picks him up, holding him close to her naked, sweaty body! She forces his moth open with her as she snakes her tongue inside his! While she kisses him up comes her knee, again and again and again and again! His cock, already stiff, rises against Sable's flesh despite, or maybe because of, the brutal punishment she is dishing out to his genitals! Finally she releases him to fall back to the mat but she doesn't cease her attack! She's back to leveling kick after kick to his scrotal sack as the defenseless judge squirms and writhes with each blow! I don't know he can stand all this abuse but somehow he is still conscious! Sable levels one more kick then walks over and straddles the judges face. Dropping down to her knees on top of him, she smothers his face with her snatch! She's grabbing his cock now and stroking it hard and fast making sure that with each downward stroke she smashes his balls beneath her fist all the while rubbing her private over the blinded judge's face! He's almost about to cum and Sable realizes this as well. She vaults off his face and runs between his legs bringing a powerful kick to his tensed-up balls! Semen shoots out his battered cock as Sable continues to strike again and again! She's forcing every last drop of cum out him and that's good because when she's finished, those nuts will never shoot again! She ends with a final stomp and a twist and this competition is over!"

'Oh My God Melissa! That was the greatest contest of ball-busting I have ever seen! I'll have to be honest with you here; I had to jerk myself off three times just to keep from going insane! It's all up to the remaining judges as to who will be the ultimate ball-buster! The scores are coming in now!"

"First come the scores for sexuality. Sarah Michelle Gellar scores an incredible 9.8! Sable's score is coming now... it's a 9.9! Unbelievable! Next is the brutality score. For Sarah Michelle a perfect 10! And for Sable... also a 10! This one is going down to the wire! The final scores for technique. Sarah Michelle scores another 9.9 and Sable receives... a 9.8! We have a tie!"

"The ringside doctor will have to make the final call based on testicle damage done by each woman. He's inspecting all of the downed judges. Let me tell you, it's carnage down there!

He's getting confirmation from the referee on which victims were Sarah Michelle's... now checking the injuries... His final word... 4! Sarah Michelle Gellar has destroyed four testicles! That is going to be tough to beat! Now the doctor is inspecting Sable's casualties... And here he is with the deciding answer... 4! Sable has also obliterated four testicles! It looks like the referee is going to have to declare this contest a tie!"

"He brings both women to the center of the ring. Neither looks happy that we will not have a winner tonight. Wait a second... they are looking at each other and smiling... what's going on down there Melissa?"

"I'm as puzzled as you are Patrick... wait, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sable have started attacking the referee! They're trading kicks on him! It looks like they've decided that the first one to pop a ball will be the winner and they are going all out, using their fiercest and most brutal kicks! By my count they have now each leveled four kicks at the surprised referee without bust his balls... but they've got to be ready to go at any moment! Wow! Sarah Michelle has just landed a kick with the ball of her heel that sent the referee back ten feet! Sable is chasing him down! She kicks and there is a huge 'POP' as the pointed tip of her stiletto bursts his swelled nut! Sable is the winner! Sable is the winner!"

"Sarah Michelle accepts her defeat graciously giving Sable a big hug and raising her arm in victory. Sable smiles, winks at Sarah Michelle and points down at the prone referee. Sarah Michelle returns the smile, leaps up into the air and lands on the referee's lone nut, smashing it to pulp!"

"Thanks Melissa! This was truly a spectacular event and one I was glad to be a part of! My co-host Melissa is joining me back in the booth. What did you think of tonight's competition?"

"Well Patrick, I have never been as turned on as I am right now and those women gave me some fantastic ideas! Get your ass over here!"

"W-what are you doing Melissa? Hey, stop that! Get away from th... Aaaagh!!! Stop! Oh! Ow! Arrgh! No, don't! Aiiieee!!!"

"Mmmm, yes! Yes! Yes!!! I'm Melissa Brown, and for my incapacitated colleague Patrick O'Malley, goodnight and have a great time ball-busting!"