Thursday, July 26, 2007

Karin’s Game

Karin’s Game

by number2

The Set-Up

I arrive in the hotel room and as instructed remove my clothes and sit on the bed. I am trembling with anticipation when Karin and Tanya arrive moments later. They strip off their clothes leaving them in only bras and panties, Karin in teal-colored lace and Tanya in leopard-skin. Karin takes Tanya’s hand and walks her back behind a changing screen. I can see the silhouettes as they strip down then put on each other’s undergarments. Soon they emerge from behind the screen, mischievous smiles on their beautiful faces. Karin explains the rules to me once again. Each of them will have three opportunities to take me down using only their stunning legs. I look down at their deadly spikes and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. Gazing at the two exquisite women with me, I decide the pain would be worth the prize (if I win). I agree to the terms and we begin.

Kick # 1

Karin strokes my cock for a bit, making sure it is fully erect and out of the way of my dangling balls. Her soft yet strong touch instantly brings me to full arousal and soon she is satisfied that I am ready. She graciously allows Tanya to go first. Tanya seems apprehensive at first; she has never done this before. After some teasing from Karin, she finally lets loose with a kick. The top of her foot hits my sack but I can tell she wasn’t using all her power. I feel some pain in my most sensitive of areas but not nearly enough to take me down. Karin laughs at her effort, goading her to do better on the second kick.

Kick # 2

Tanya seems a little bit angry. She stares at Karin laughing on the bed then turns her attention to me. I can sense all the innocence is gone from her now. She really wants to hurt me. I gird myself for her next shot. I don’t have to wait long. Her foot shoots up quickly, the pointed toe of her pump striking my left nut squarely. The pain is intense but I manage to stay on my feet. Karin looks impressed. I don’t know if it is that I’m still standing or that her friend could be so fierce. One more kick and it is Karin’s turn (if I make it).

Kick # 3

Now Tanya is determined. She knows it’s her last chance and she really doesn’t want to lose. Karin is on the edge of the bed now, eyeing the proceedings intently. Tanya walks up to me, then takes a step back, measuring the distance. I grit my teeth and blink for a second. I never see the kick coming. It strikes my nutsack with such force that I stumble backwards into the wall. This may be the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. I can see Tanya is displeased but she gives way to Karin.

Kick # 4

Tanya sits down on the bed, crossing her lethal legs and pouting slightly. Karin walks over to me, takes me by the hand and walks me back to the center of the room. She cups my injured balls in her delicate hand and checks for bruises. Despite the pain, her fondling causes my erection to spring up once again. She releases my scrotum then grasps my head in her hands. I bend down and kiss her waiting lips then immediately feel her knee torpedo my vulnerable testicles. The breath rushes from my body and Karin releases me. I am so weak from the unexpected blow that I almost go down. Somehow I have the fortitude to remain standing though.

Kick # 5

Karin smiles like that was just a warm-up. She kindly allows me to catch my breath wanting me in (somewhat) good shape before the next kick. She paces around the room waiting for me and when she feels I’m ‘okay’ she faces me, her hands on her hips. I can see how serious she is now. There is a pause and then a lightning-fast kick. She connects on the same nut Tanya had hit and the room goes black for a second. I’m not sure how I managed to stay vertical. It must have been some inner strength on my part and now I only had to survive one more to be the victor.

Kick # 6

There was no respite this time. Karin saw my weakness and instantly went for it. Another kick to the same location and I was in agony. Down I went, first to my knees, then to the floor in front of Karin’s deadly yet lovely feet. The pain was so intense I couldn’t even think. How could someone that petite pack so much power? Karin strutted about my prone form, extremely pleased with herself. The only thing I could make out in my blurred vision were her stilettos when they crossed in front of me.


Eventually the pain subsided somewhat. Karin rolled me onto my back and checked out my package. It was swollen and purple but there seemed to be no lasting damage. She stood above me and slowly shimmied out of her panties dropping them onto my face. She beckoned Tanya to her; to the victor goes the spoils. Tanya got on her knees beside me and began to pleasure Karin. Her moans were loud and in a short time Tanya brought her to an explosive orgasm. Karin pulled Tanya to her feet and kissed her lovingly. They got dressed, blew me a kiss and left. I stayed on the floor sweating and aching, hoping I could once again play “Karin’s Game”.

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