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Lois busts Superman

Lois busts Superman

by number2

Lois sat down at her desk, the tight black skirt of her business suit riding up slightly as she crossed her long legs. She felt like she was being stared at and turned to see the new reporter, Clark Kent, hurriedly turning away. She was used to the gazes of men, but Clark seemed to overdo it in the length department. She would definitely have to do something about that in the future. For now she had more pressing things on her mind, like trying to discover the identity of the newest costumed crime-fighter to come to Metropolis, Superman.

Lois was immediately attracted to the strong heroic figure but she felt it was her duty as a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist to find out all she could about this strange visitor from another planet. She started her computer cross-checking references of new arrivals to the city against the approximate height and weight of Superman. As the computer checked its files she felt that icy stare again. She pulled out her compact from her purse and looked behind her using the mirror. Sure enough Clark was staring her up and down, nearly drooling. It was almost like he was undressing her with his eyes. She whirled quickly in her chair. Clark was caught. His face turned red with embarrassment at Lois’ frosty glare. Lois stared him down as he went back to his deskwork.

“Small town pervert,” she thought to herself. “Guess they’re not all just from the big city.” She wheeled back around to her computer. It had finished its job giving her a list of the top ten candidates. Lois almost fell off her chair when she reached the most likely one. It was none other than mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.

Slowly all the pieces started to fit. Clark and Superman showed up at about the same time. She had never seen the two of them together before. And Clark was always leaving or making some excuse whenever there was trouble around. It had to be him!

One other thing dawned on her as well. His X-ray vision was the reason for his constant and continued lecherous staring. Lois seethed with anger at the thought of this super-pervert leering at her nude body. She thought at first about confronting him, exposing him to the world, but soon changed her mind and decided to get her revenge first.

She spent the next few weeks brutally teasing Clark. She wore her highest stiletto heels to work, short skirts and tight blouses. Every chance she could get she would drop something in front of him, bending down and showing off her firm ass. She would cross and uncross her legs so many times at work that soon the whole office couldn’t get any work done from taking glimpses of her. But she didn’t care about work anymore; she only cared about Clark/Superman.

Also during this time she studied Superman to know his strengths and especially his weaknesses. She discovered he had only one weakness (two if you counted her), Kryptonite. During a report at Star Labs she managed to steal a small bit of the deadly rock. Not enough to kill him (probably) but enough for her purposes for sure.

Friday she decided to put her plan into action. She wore her sexiest outfit to work; sure to capture Clark’s attention and get him prepared for what she had planned for the evening. After a full day of extreme (even for her) cock-teasing she knew he was set. He never took his eyes off her the entire day. His super-balls had to be throbbing blue.

She arrived at her penthouse apartment and readied it for the evening. She set out candles all around the place and chilled some champagne. She could barely contain herself at the thought of what was to come.

Later in the evening when she felt the time was right she opened up her huge glass balcony doors and screamed with all her might, “Superman, help, Superman!”

Within moments a blue-and-red blur shot into her apartment. Superman looked around, ready for whatever danger would come. He turned to his side and saw Lois reclined on her couch, sipping champagne. She was wearing only a low-cut skimpy green negligée lined with white lace. Even without his X-ray vision, Superman could tell she was aroused.

“Lois, what’s wrong?”

Lois slowly slid off the couch and walked over to him.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just thought this would be a good time for us to get to know one another,” she purred, tousling her long brunette hair coyishly.

“I heard you scream. I thought you were in danger. You shouldn’t ‘cry wolf’ like that. I have important work to do”

Lois pouted. “Well if you’re that upset you can leave.”

Superman looked Lois over. She had never looked better and he had seen ALL of her so many times. “Let’s not be hasty. What did you have in mind?”

Lois smiled; knowing there was no way he would leave. “First, a little champagne.”

She walked back over to the couch where the champagne was chilling, making sure Superman noticed the wiggle in her walk, and poured him a glass to go along with hers.

“What shall we toast to?” she queried. “Oh wait, I know. We’ll toast to an unforgettable night.”

Superman smiled at her, clinked glasses and drank it down. Lois took his and put both of theirs down on the table. She sauntered up to him and rubbed his shoulders and chest.

“Dance with me,” she almost commanded him.

Superman drew her to him and they began to slow dance. Lois could feel his enormous member swelling in his tights against her body.

Suddenly she stopped dancing. “Wait a minute, you’re too tall. Let me get some dancing shoes to even us out.” Lois skipped off to her bedroom and returned with a metal shoebox. She sat down on the couch, opened up the box and pulled out a pair of 4-inch green spiked heels. The green matched her negligée and was so bright it seemed to glow.

She put them on her feet and stretched out her legs. “Do you like my new shoes? I had them specially made,” she said while rubbing the right one against Superman’s engorged crotch.

“They’re very... unusual,” replied Superman. “Now about that dance?”

He lifted Lois off the couch and they resumed their dance. Now Lois’ eyes met his. There was a green sparkle in them he hadn’t noticed before. A few minutes into the dance, Superman began to feel a little queasy.

“I don’t want to offend you Lois, but could we sit down for a spell. I’m not feeling so well.”

Lois held tightly to the Man of Steel. “It’s probably just the champagne,” she lied. “I’m having so much fun. Please keep dancing.”

Superman acquiesced but was soon feeling woozy. “Please Lois, I don’t think it’s the champagne. Let me rest for just a moment.”

Lois would not let go. Shortly she was holding up the hero of millions as he was close to blacking out. She looked into his eyes, nearly rolled back in his head and decided the time was right.

She dropped Superman. He fell to his knees, barely conscious. Lois took a step back, looked down at him pitifully and leveled a kick to his unprotected groin. The pointy tip of the shoe made direct contact with his left testicle. Superman immediately regained consciousness, screaming and feeling more pain than ever in his entire superhero career.

He looked up at Lois pleadingly. “W-w-why?”

Lois grinned evilly. “That was for all the times you stared at me with your X-ray vision...Clark”

Superman was astonished. “H-how did you...?”

“It wasn’t hard at all,” she interrupted. “You may be SuperMAN, but I’m a superior woman. Now for me, and for all the unnamed women you’ve ogled, you must pay.”

Superman was again unprepared as another kick shot up into his balls. This one dropped him to the floor with a tremendous thud. Lois kicked him over onto his back and began to gloat.

“Not the evening you expected, huh super-stud. You were so easy. I knew you couldn’t resist this body, not after all the time you’ve spent drooling over it.” She put one shoe on his groin and ground her heel into it.

“These ‘unusual’ shoes, as you put it, are coated with a light dust of Kryptonite. Maybe not enough to kill you, but certainly enough to render you powerless.” She stepped off his cock, walked onto his chest, crouched down and stared at the pain in his eyes. The sharp metal spikes gouged holes in his world-famous “S”.

“You fucked with the wrong woman, pervert, and now you pay the price. Now let’s see what’s in those ridiculous tights.” She twisted on his chest, scratching it roughly, and then stepped off and walked in-between his legs. She rubbed his sore genitals making them nice and hard but easy for her to manage. She stomped down next to his shaft causing his to twitch. Laughing at his fear, she ran the tip of her spike along his red briefs, tearing them to shreds. She bent down, reached in and pulled out his now fully engorged member along with his oversized balls.

“Mmmm, very nice. There was a time when I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than this,” she said while gently caressing his shaft with her left hand. “But I guess that time is over.”

WHAM! Her right fist came with lightning speed to his nuts. Superman shot up to a seated position but this only spurred Lois on. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three more shots and he was back down on his back. Lois grabbed his swollen teste in her hand and squeezed. Her manicured nails dug into his ballsack and drew blood. When she felt his ball starting to give way she finally released him. Superman blew a sigh of relief.

“Oh, I’m not through with you yet, Kent. First of all I want you to see, for real this time, what you missed out on.” With that she peeled off her nightie and stood above him, nude (except for the heels) with her hands on her hips. Her tanned and toned body looked even better than Superman had thought when he used his X-ray vision. Involuntarily his battered cock began to rise. Lois stretched and bent her supple body so that Superman saw every inch of her perfect form.

As she expected, his dick became rock hard and stood straight up. Lois crouched down, impaling herself on his super shaft. She rode him hard bringing herself to several orgasms while controlling him and not allowing him one.

Finally she arose off his pole. Both of their bodies were drenched in sweat and Superman’s cock was still standing at attention.

Lois brushed the hair out of her face. “Thanks Clarkie, I really needed that. Now how about a little something for you.” With all her might she kicked at his huge member trying to knock it down. Despite his pain, it still stood up. She kicked at it again and again until she had ruptured a vein or two and it finally collapsed covered in blood.

“I’m almost through with you sweetie,” she giggled harshly. I just want to give you something to remind you of me and my deadly shoes and what happens to you when you act like a pervert. Oh, and by the way, in case you had any thoughts of revenge, these are now my favorite shoes. I’ll be wearing them all the time.” She placed the stiletto heel on his right testicle and begun to grind her sole down. Superman tried to mouth the word ‘please’ but it was to no avail. Nothing would stop Lois from finishing her revenge. Slowly she could feel the ball start to give way as the spike pressed further. One final huge orgasm was building inside Lois as well. Suddenly there was an audible “SQUISH” as the nut gave way. Lois’ body convulsed as the orgasm shot through her entire body. Superman passed out from the shock and the pain.

Lois kicked off her shoes and left them by Superman (just in case he came to) then took a long hot shower. She returned refreshed with Superman still lying unconscious. She forced his broken body into some old sweats she had bought for this occasion, dragged him outside to the lobby and put him in the service elevator. Before she sent him down she probed his groin with her bare foot. Squeezing the pulpy mass with her toes she began to feel another orgasm build and decided it was time for bed. It had been a memorable evening.

She pressed the button for the ground floor and blew Superman a kiss. “Bye Clark, it was a lot of fun,” she laughed as the elevator doors closed.

An uneventful weekend followed (save for Lois’ countless masturbation remembering Friday night). Not surprisingly there was no news of Superman either on TV or in the paper.

Monday Lois returned to the Daily Planet. Perry White met her at the door and told her Clark had quit and gone back to Smallville. He asked her if she knew anything about why he would leave so all of a sudden.

Lois thought about it a second, then responded smiling, “Well Chief, I guess when it comes to living in the big city, some guys just don’t have the balls for it.”

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