Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mom's Soccer Match

Mom's Soccer Match

by Caligula & number2

Maria was a 40-year-old mother of a 20-year-old son. She looked fantastic for her age. She loved to wear high heels and miniskirts to accentuate her fine and shapely legs. She was also considered something of a bitch...a mean bitch. Maria had to admit that she had a very sadistic streak in her and a temper that often got the better of her. The only thing Maria really loved above all other things in life was soccer. She was a HUGE soccer fan! She was all pumped up to watch the World Cup on television and sat in her favorite chair, resting her sexy bare feet on the footstool in front of her. The game had just started when Maria's son Jeff came home. He was wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. He walked into the living room to say hello to his mother and made the mistake of getting between her and the television.

"Hi Mom!"

Maria scowled at her son. "If you don't get out of my way I'll kick you so hard you'll be wearing your balls for earrings!!!" she spat.

Jeff swallowed hard and grew red with embarrassment. His mother lifted her foot menacingly and raised her eyebrow as if to say 'you know I'll do it'. And Jeff DID know his mother meant it. He tried to step out of the way and ended up tripping over the power cord connecting the TV set to the wall. Their lovely television set...their ONLY television set fell to the floor with a crash...broken. Jeff looked up nervously at his mother's face. What he saw made him grow pale.

Maria's beautiful features were transformed into a look from hell itself. The veins in her neck were standing out...her eyes bulged...her lips trembled...and her face was beet red with anger.

"I...I...I'm sorry Mom, it was an accid..." Maria decked her son, knocking him cold.

"You WILL be sorry!"

Jeff awoke with cobwebs in his head. His eyes slowly adjusted to the light and he looked up to see his mother standing over him...a sadistic smile on her face. He shivered and felt a breeze and realized that he had been stripped naked. When he tried to move he noticed that his arms were tied securely behind his back, and that his ankles were also tied together. Maria helped her son to her feet, and none too gently either. He now saw that although his ankles were tied, that he could still walk albeit with much smaller steps. He looked down in shame towards his large privates and made one more horrifying discovery. His penis was taped securely to his abdomen, which left his balls dangling vulnerably beneath him. Not only that, but his scrotum, which was filled to bursting with his lemon-sized balls, was painted to look like a soccer ball. Due to the abnormally enormous size of his testicles, the skin of his ballbag was stretched taut, and so his package really did resemble a soccer ball. He gulped when he thought of the possibilities that his situation presented to his enraged and irrational mother. His eyes were drawn to his mother's bare foot tapping impatiently on the ground. He looked up pleadingly into her eyes. He saw no pity there.

"I hope you're happy, you stupid little shit! You almost ruined my soccer game!"

"Almost?" squeaked Jeff.

Now his mother smiled. "Maybe I can't WATCH soccer, but I'm going to PLAY soccer!"

Jeff knew his fate was sealed.

His mother continued. "It's sure to be an interesting match. Mom versus son for the World Cup-Less! You will of course have possession of the ball...balls?" She smiled and lightly patted hers son's shaved and painted nutsack. Jeff shivered. "First to get the ball in the opposite team's goal wins."


"Yep. My goal is my pussy. If you can manage to get the ball in my pussy you win. Very unlikely. Your goal is...well when you were born, your testicles descended from your body through two VERY tiny holes. Either of these holes is your goal. I'll have to KICK the ball into your goal!" Maria started to slip on her highest and pointiest hot pink high heels. "These are my regulation soccer shoes. I kick best with these! Okay the middle of the room. We start at the same time!"

Jeff and his mother met in the center of the living room. "GO!" yelled his mother. Jeff turned as fast as his tied legs would allow him but Maria quickly ran around him and kneed him in the balls. Jeff fell to the ground howling in agony. Maria saw her first opportunity and leveled a kick at his sack. Through his tears Jeff saw the kick coming and twisted his body. Maria’s kick went wide but the heel of her pump gouged a deep red hole in Jeff’s leg.

Jeff cried out but Maria laughed. “Good move son, I didn’t think you had it in you.” She pulled Jeff up and examined the wound. “You’ll live,” she sneered. “Now back to the game.”

Maria toyed with her son, walking circles around him and faking kicks to get him to try to respond quickly. Every once in a while she would kick at his shins. Soon there were many red welts on both of his legs. When she tired of this she found an opening and stomped her foot down onto his. There was an audible “CRACK” as her stiletto heel snapped a bone in his second toe.

As she ground down cruelly with her shoe, she glowered at Jeff. “That was for breaking the TV, you worthless piece of crap!” She released the pressure off his foot finally and walked away. She turned and saw Jeff delicately balancing on his one good foot, tears streaming down his face, pleading in his eyes. She took one step forward then leveled a kick upward to his completely unprotected groin. The pointy tip of her shoe hit its mark, connecting cleanly with Jeff’s left oversized ball.

Jeff shrieked a high-pitched wail, bent over and staggered forwards. Maria was caught completely off-guard reveling in her son’s agony and was knocked over by his sudden lurch. Through the agony Jeff saw his mother fall. She lay on the ground not moving. Her black leather skirt had ridden up exposing her neatly trimmed yet glistening wet bush. He knew this would be his only chance. He dove down to his mother’s prone body, trying to get his balls into her marvelous cunt

Suddenly Maria’s leg shot up. She had been playing possum to lure her son in. The heel of her stiletto caught Jeff’s ball forcing it back up into his body. The pain from the sudden and unexpected impact put Jeff immediately into shock. He crumpled to the ground unconscious next to his mother.

Maria reached over and felt her son’s nutsack. His oversized and swollen ball was half in and half out of his body cavity. Maria laughed cruelly, “Guess I’ll take my penalty kick.” She positioned Jeff in a seated position against the wall (for leverage). His head slumped down on his chest, still blacked out.

Maria stood between his open legs and posed herself for victory. “This is for making me miss the game!” she screamed as the pointed tip of her shoe blasted into his stuck nut. “And this is for the TV!” Another clean shot but still the ball stayed put. Maria gathered up all her anger. “And this is for getting blood on my favorite shoes!” Her most powerful shot connected. Jeff’s testicle exploded into goo and his pelvic bone cracked.

“GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!” Maria shrieked with glee as she danced around the room. Bursting with excitement she hiked up her skirt and furiously masturbated above her lifeless son bringing herself to a mind-shattering orgasm.

About fifteen minutes later, Jeff groggily came to. His privates were screaming with pain, but he was still barely conscious. His eyes began to focus and the first thing he saw was his mother seated on the couch in front of him. Her long legs were crossed and kicking at the air and she was smoking a cigarette slowly, enjoying her triumph.

“W-what happened?” Jeff managed to stutter out. Maria uncrossed her legs and deliberately walked over to her boy. She eyed his nude and tortured body then bent down to face him.

Blowing a huge puff of smoke in his face she replied cruelly, “We played soccer. You lost.” Before Jeff could register it Maria reached down to his stomach where his penis was taped and abruptly ripped off the strip along with several layers of skin. Jeff howled and passed out again.

Maria beamed with joy and looked down at the tape. “And this is my first-place ribbon.” She giggled evilly and walked out to go buy a new television.

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