Sunday, August 12, 2007


by unknown

Heather couldn't help but smile looking back on "the incident". She and her 16 year old step-son Joe had been in the mall doing some shopping, and as they went up the stairs, she'd misplaced one of her high-heeled shoes, which caused her to slip. She'd grabbed the handrail with one hand, and flailed about with the other, until she got a hold of Joe and tried to steady herself. It was only after he'd collapsed there on the stairs that she realized she'd grabbed his balls in a death grip and nearly pulled them off as she'd fallen! She felt terrible, especially when she noticed people starting to stop and stare. As the crowd started to gather, she could hear people talking. There was a small group of girls about Joe's age she remembered hearing in particular.

"What happened?"

"Oh, you missed it! She slipped, and caught herself by his balls! It was SO great! She was squeezing so hard you could see the outline of his dick through his jeans!" That was when Heather realized that she actually had sort of known all along what she'd grabbed...and she remembered not really starting to squeeze until she had known what it was she had in her hand.

She'd only been 19 when she adopted Joe, so she'd missed out on college and after the divorce, she hadn't had much time to date because of him. She'd always been a stunner. Long, wavy brunette hair, 5 foot 3 inches and 110 pounds, she had long legs, and a 36C-bra size with cleavage she loved to show off. She'd even noticed recently that as he son hit puberty, he seemed to always be looking at her breasts and that irritated her. It was because of him, after all, that she hadn't gotten to date much over the years.

She thought back over the afternoon's events, sliding one hand into her waistband, and decided that Joe might need an occasional hit in the balls to keep his mind where it was supposed to be. The next morning, Joe was still limping a bit as he came down for breakfast.

"Good morning honey. You OK?" Heather asked, and had to turn around so he wouldn't see her smiling.

"I'm ok. Still hurts a bit, but it's much better..." replied Joe.

"I'm so sorry Joey. I didn't know I'd grabbed your little balls when I started to fall..." She'd been able to feel that his balls were actually larger then most she'd come across, but liked the idea that she was telling him how small he was.

"It's OK mom." Joe said, a bit uncomfortably "Uh...what's for breakfast?" Heather had been waiting for that question. She came out from behind the counter, and Joey could see she was wearing her new green terrycloth robe she'd gotten at the mall. It was so short, it barely covered her butt, and she'd purposely left it rather loosely tied so that it showed off an extra large portion of her cleavage. She walked over to the table and bent over at the waist as she sat her son's breakfast down in front of him. She was right! The little shit had his eyes glued to her breasts!

"Well sweetie, I got up early today to make you a special breakfast because of yesterday. Bacon, toast, fried potatoes, and scrambled eggs, since I scrambled your eggs yesterday." She shook a little as if she was shivering and giggled inwardly as she saw Joe's eyes snapped away from her breasts as they jiggled. She gathered her robe in close to her and said "Kinda chilly in here!" Why the little bastard had gotten a hard-on from looking at his mother's breasts!

“Eat your breakfast sweetie - I have to get in the shower and get ready to go. We're making nut bread for the PTA fund-raiser, and it's my job to smash all the nuts. Hey! That'll make 2 days in a row I've smashed nuts, walnuts today, and yours yesterday!" she laughed. Joe shifted uncomfortably in his seat, having a hard time keeping his eyes off his mom's legs as she walked out of the room.

"Uh.... OK mom, and thanks."

Heather hurried through her shower, even though as she thought about what she was about to do, she wanted to rub her breasts and feel the hot water from the massage shower on her thighs. If she took too long, she'd miss her chance! She got dressed in a short skirt, 3-inch heels that made her ass look really good (at least that's what she'd been told) and a white silk blouse that was just almost see-through. She'd wait till she'd seen Joey off to school before she put a bra on under it. Then she headed for the kitchen just as Joe was starting to wash the dishes.

"I'll get those honey, you better hurry, or you'll be late! Oh, wait! I forgot - I have something for you. I'll meet you at the door with it... " Heather was satisfied to see that her son was as impressed with her outfit as she thought he would be. She could see his cock hardening through his jeans, so she bounced ever so slightly on her feet to make her breasts jiggle a bit, then walked back into her room with a bit more wiggle then usual. She scooped up the new back pack she'd gotten Joe, already filled with the 4 subjects worth of books he'd brought home the night before.

"This must weigh 30 pounds!" she thought. "Perfect!" she hurried to the door, where she found Joe waiting.

"Joey?" she said just as she swung the bag back

"Yes mom?" he said as he turned around. WHAM! She slammed the book back forward full force into his still hard cock and balls she knew had to still be tender from yesterday.

"Urrrghrrghg," Joey gurgled as he fell to the floor, his hands holding his groin.

"Oh baby! I'm so sorry! I better check to see if you're alright!" she said as she crouched down, careful to be sure that her butt was right next to her son's face. She leaned forward slightly moved Joe's hands away from him groin, then undid and lowered his jeans. His cock was still partially erect, so he tried to keep her from doing taking his pants down, but he wasn't in much shape to offer any real resistance.

Heather leaned forward a bit more, knowing the Joe could now see quite well that all she had under her short skirt was a silk thong. She took his cock in her hand, and pulled it back away from his balls a bit roughly, just as she leaned back a bit, watching in the hallway mirror as Joe's head lifted a bit when she pulled his dick. She timed it just right so that her shifting caused Joe's nose to brush against the bare skin on her butt.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, falling forward, catching herself by smashing a hand down on her son's already swollen balls, crushing them into the floor. At the same time, she squeezed down on his cock, digging her long fingernails into its soft skin with all her strength as she yanked it backwards. It was all poor Joey could take, she saw, as he screamed and passed out.

“Too bad,” thought Heather. She'd planned on "accidentally" stepping on him as she went to get the rubbing alcohol to "nurse" his wounds. No point in it if he wasn't awake to feel it though. She stood up and saw that his cock was still hard, and couldn't resist pulling her foot back and kicking it with all the strength in her long, shapely legs. As the pointy toe of her high heel connected perfectly with the hard shaft of his cock, she saw with some satisfaction that it immediately started to deflate, as if it were a balloon with a hole in it.

When she returned with the rubbing alcohol, she stripped Joe's pants the rest of the way off, and sat down between his legs, spreading them wide. She took his cock into her hand, and could see the places her nails had broken through the skin. She could also see what was going to be a large bruise from when she kicked his cock. She wondered how she'd explain that if Joey asked her. She pinched the head of Joe's soft dick between her fingers tightly, then yanked up as fast and as hard as she could, watching it stretch until it snapped back out of her fingers to flop around a bit before coming to rest. Joe's whole body jerked, even though he wasn't conscious. She giggled and did it a few more times, her nipples getting even harder then they had been. She realized that she'd been soaked since she first swung the bag into Joey's balls. She stopped "popping" his dick, and turned her attention to his balls, rolling them around in her hand. They weren't large, but they were a bit bigger then average she thought. She pulled her finger back and idly snapped it into his right testicle. If his body jerked when she'd been snapping his penis, it convulsed when she flicked his testicle. She took her other hand and snapped her finger into his left testicle. Then she went back and forth between them a few times, then giggled out loud as she realized she'd been playing the theme from "Bonanza" on her son's battered testicles. She stopped as he started to stir.

"Baby? Are you OK?"

"Uhhhh... I don't know balls hurt, and I have the theme from "Bonanza" stuck in my head..." Heather had to turn her face away and bite her tongue to keep from laughing.

Joey started to try and move, but Heather put her hand on his legs, saying, "Don't try and move Joey, I need to do some first aid down here. Guess I started crushing nuts a bit early today, huh?"

Joey looked embarrassed, "Uhhhh...yeah, I guess you did..."

"I'm sorry Joey, but when you grabbed my butt, it startled me! You shouldn't touch your mom there, not at your age!" Heather scolded. This was too great, she thought, I'm blaming HIM for all this!

"But mom, I didn't..."

"Don't talk back to your mother!" said Heather, as she swatted at the first thing in reach, as mothers always do. In this case, it happened to be Joe's balls, which Heather had pulled out a bit from his body, and gathered in close together in her left hand.

"AHHhhshhghhghg... " was all Joe could get out as his mother's hand slapped with quite a bit of force into his stretched and sore testicles.

"Oh JOEY! I'm sooo sorry; it's just a habit to slap the first thing that comes to hand when you smart off. I got ‘em pretty good though, didn't I?" Heather asked her son.

"Yeah, you did mom (gasp) you got them (grunt) real good...." Joe managed through his tears.

"Maybe I should take up handball, what do you think Joe?" she giggled. Joe couldn't believe it! His mother was laughing about having just slapped the hell out of his balls! "Now Joey", Heather said, still holding Joe's nuts rather firmly, "I think you should apologize to me for having grabbed my ass...” She used that word intentionally, and could see by the shock on her son's face that it had had the desired effect "...and for smarting off to me." Heather smiled sweetly at him. She could tell by the look on his face that the dear boy didn't suspect a thing.

"I'm, I'm sorry (gasp!) mom. Please don't yank my (errrgh) balls like that mom..." Joey managed to get out as Heather pulled on his balls under the guise of "examining" them.

"OK sweetie, I need to clean your wounds" Heather said, reaching for the rubbing alcohol. "Now this may sting a little," she said, pushing one hand down on Joe's stomach and resting her knee lightly on his balls.

"Mom, wait!" Joe cried, but too late, as Heather dumped the rubbing alcohol over Joe's still bleeding cock. Joe cried out and bucked his hips, but all he accomplished was nearly yanking his own balls off as Heather pressed her knee down slightly to keep them in place.

"Hold STILL Joey!" His mom told him as she took the head of his penis and pinched it hard between her fingers, and stretched it out to its full length. Joey thought through the pain that she seemed to have had practice, and wondered where she'd ever practiced pinching a boy's dick. Heather used her other hand to wrap a dry wash cloth around her son's cock, still holding his balls pressed under her knee, and started twisting the cloth around his cock hard enough to cause a slight rug burn.

"That's better!" Heather said, pulling Joey's cock a little further, so that it snapped out from between her fingers. Joe just groaned and let his head drop back to the floor. "I'll call school Joey, I don't think you should go in today... " Heather went on, as she carefully wrapped a rolled up bandana around her son's scrotum, forcing his testicles to the bottom of it. "I think we need to keep these out away from your body so they don't flop against your legs...and you'll probably be best off to just let them air out for the rest of the day," said Heather, a new plan forming in her mind

"Oh shhhhh. I'm your mother! It's nothing I haven't seen, and I'll be the only one here. Now there, it's done. Why don't you go watch some TV and let your mother take care of things?" Heather got up, making sure she bent far over at the waist to pick up Joe's pants, and went to the kitchen as Joe limped over to the couch and picked up the remote. Heather went into her room, closed the door and started to change clothes. While she'd never really had to go to the PTA, she did have a riding lesson in less then an hour, and she needed to get changed. As she got out of her clothes, she stopped to admire her body in the mirror. Her strong legs that had kicked her son's cock back into its rightful place. Her knees, which had held his balls in place against the floor while he bucked. Her hands, which had nearly crushed her son's balls. Her nipples were hard and she could feel the wetness between her thighs. She wished she could masturbate, but she was already late.

She hurriedly pulled on a fresh black thong and her skin-tight white riding pants, the knee-high riding boots and a tight, white button down shirt. She grabbed her riding crop from the table, and went out to the kitchen, picking the rope from the drawer, and walked into the living room. Joey was asleep on the couch, which worked out perfectly. Heather arranged him so that he was lying lengthwise on his back, hands over his head, legs elevated and spread wide. Then she tied him in place. He woke up just as she finished.

"Shhhh. Go back to sleep honey, I just wanted to make sure you didn't roll over and mash your poor little nuts while you were asleep - they aren't much, but they're all you've got!" She loved the shock on her son's face as she said the word "nuts" and the embarrassment when she told him they weren't much. She walked around to the back of the couch, and picked up a blanket. "Don't want you to get cold, lying there with no pants, sweetie, so I'll cover you with the blanket." Joe faded back off to sleep. Heather deliberately let the blanket go too far when she tossed it out, so that it landed on the floor instead of covering Joe.

"Have to go sweetie - see you in a few hours, get some rest!" And she closed the door, with one last glance at her son lying on the couch, tied with his legs spread, and a bandana tied around his naked balls. At the end of her riding lesson Heather was talking to Susan, her teacher, about how she'd missed breakfast that morning, and was starved. Susan was 21, maybe 5'3" with small, pert breasts and a petite figure. Dressed in her riding outfit of tan pants and a white blouse, Susan was stunning. Her most noticeable feature though, was her butt. Even Heather had caught herself glancing at it once or twice; it was so nicely formed. Susan was also wearing a black thong under her outfit, to enhance the look. Susan suggested an early lunch, and Heather had an idea. She suggested the two of them go back to her place for lunch. Susan had heard what a great cook Heather was, and besides, school was almost out so she might even get to see that cute son of Heather's. On the ride over, Heather mentioned that she needed to stop at the store, but didn't want Joe to be locked out of the house when he got home from school. Heather asked if Susan would mind waiting at the house for Joe while she ran to the store. Susan didn't have a problem with that. Heather smiled to herself, thinking about what Susan's reaction would be when she found Joe as she pulled away from the house after having dropped her off at the house with the key.

"Be a dear and take my crop in for me, will you?" Heather had asked innocently. As Susan entered the house, she decided she had time to wash up a bit before Joe arrived - after all, a woman doesn't want to smell like a horse around a cute guy. She went into the bathroom and removed her shirt and bra, and began splashing water on her face and chest. When she turned the water off, she heard a groan from the living room. She froze, realizing that she'd left the bathroom door open and anyone in the living room would have had a good view of her as she had washed. She picked up the riding crop and hurried into the other room, hoping to catch whomever it was by surprise. As she went into the room, she saw Joe lying on the couch, his cock rock hard from the bandana constricting the blood flow to his balls.

"Why you little pervert! Look at you! Skipped school to stay home and play sex games with yourself and it looks like you've gotten yourself stuck! And look! You're all turned on from watching me wash! Stop staring at my tits, you pervert!" screamed Susan. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock and balls. It looked like he'd been jacking himself off so much he'd made it bleed, and even bruised it! She looked at him as he stammered something she couldn't understand.

“Shut up, I don't want to hear it!" she said, pulling his shirt up and stuffing it in his mouth. "I'll teach you to be a pervert!" And with that, Susan smacked him hard on his cock with the riding crop. Joe cried out, as Susan swung the crop again and again onto his hard cock, until it wasn't hard anymore.

"Aww, did that hurt poor little Joey's pee pee?" she asked, as she pulled the shirt out of his mouth.

"Y… y… y… yes… " Joe finally managed to stammer out.

"I'm sorry, let me make it better…" Susan got onto the couch, one knee on either side of Joe's chest, and settled back until her perfect butt was pressed into Joe's face.

"How does this feel Joey?" she asked as she ran her hands down Joe's stomach, taking one of his balls between the thumb and first 2 fingers of each hand.

"MmmmMmMMmMmMM… " Joe's reply was muffled as Susan wiggled her butt in his face.

"Well then, if you won't tell me how that feels, how about this?" she asked as she pinched both of his balls. She re-adjusted herself so that her pussy was right over Joe's mouth, because she loved the feel of the vibrations from his scream on her, even if she could barely hear the scream itself. She kept twisting and squeezing his balls until he couldn't scream anymore, then got off him, her nipples hard and her underwear nearly soaked.

"I wonder what your MOTHER is going to think when she finds you like this, you little pervert!"

Joe looked at her and said "She… she…" but never got to finish, as Susan slapped the riding crop hard against his swollen balls. Another few slaps from the crop, and Joe passed out again. Susan hurriedly got dressed, and went to wait by the door for Heather.

When Heather arrived, Susan told her that Joe hadn't arrived home yet, and that she'd just remembered a lesson she had scheduled for 20 minutes from now, and said she had to go apologetically. Heather saw Susan off, and walked into the living room. When she saw that the riding crop was on the floor next to the couch, she knew that Joe was passed out again, rather then just being asleep. She untied Joe and picked up the crop, and as she started to walk out of the room, she wondered what "Bonanza" would sound like played on a set of testicles with a pair of riding crops. Maybe later she'd have to find out…

"Oh, hi there sweetie, I was just coming to wake you up. Did you have a nice nap?" Heather asked as Joe limped into the kitchen. "Nevermind, come here and help me get these boots off," she said as she sat down. Joe limped over to stand in front of her, and she placed her right foot out between his legs, and put her left foot on his left buttock.

"OK, on the count of 3, ready? One, two…" And on two, she pulled her right boot back into Joe's balls, while slamming him forward with her left boot. The boot came off, but it was from Joe clamping his legs together and on it and falling to the floor.

"Thanks Joey," quipped Heather, pretending not to notice she'd just busted his balls again

"OH! Silly me! These are the ones that zip down the side… " she mentioned as she removed the other boot. Only then did she pretend to notice Joe on the floor, her boot still clutched between his legs.

"Oh no! Don't tell me I smashed your poor tiny balls AGAIN! Come here and sit down." Joe did as she said.

"Here, let me take a look at those Ping-Pong balls and see if they're any better," Heather said as she arranged Joe's legs so that they were spread widely on either side of the chair.

"My! They look even more swollen then before! Keep your legs spread out here dear, and let me take that bandana off you for a bit." Heather first tied Joe's feet to the legs of the chair then removed the bandana from Joe's scrotum. She arranged his cock so that it was paying over his balls, right between them, then walked over to the stove.

"Here sweetie, I made you some hot chocolate,” she said, walking towards him with a steaming cup. As she approached she suddenly dropped the mug and yelped and half a second later, Joe howled as she said, "Oh, clumsy me, let me grab a rag to clean that up. Joe! Oh NO! Did mommy spill that steaming hot chocolate on your little dick and balls????"

She hurried over to him, holding the rag out as if she was going to wipe it off for him, but "slipped" as she got there, landing with her whole weight on one knee… the one that came down right on top of Joe's carefully arranged dick and balls. She could feel under her knee that the little shit was still half-hard - he must have been looking at her butt while she'd walked over to get the cocoa. So for good measure, she lifted up and pretended to slip again drooping her knee down on his cock and balls again. Joe screamed briefly in pure agony, then passed out. Heather came to a tremendous orgasm as she realized she didn't need to look to find out why Joe had screamed… she’d felt his right testicle squish under her knee....

Several weeks later, after a trip to the hospital that day, Heather was in the kitchen preparing for Joe to get home. She'd checked him the night before, and made sure he'd healed from their last "playtime" as she thought of it. Though she'd decided to wait for him to heal before busting his other testicle… she’d not meant to bust the first one, but as soon as she had, she knew she just HAD to break the other one. Even though she'd not directly hit him, she'd found other ways to make little Joey miserable.

She'd seen how the nurse had wound the gauze fairly tightly around Joe's scalded cock and balls, and it had given her an idea. As soon as they'd gotten home, she'd put Joe to bed and gone and changed into her short terrycloth robe. She'd then taken Joe a soda and some chips, and hovered around the room for a while, making sure to lean far forward when facing him, and finding reasons to bend at the waist when her back was turned to him. Fortunately, Joe wasn't good about putting his dirty laundry in the hamper, so she had plenty reasons to bend over to pick up his dirty wash. She walked over to the bedside, loving the look of agony on her son's face, knowing how tight the wrappings must be now that his cock was hard.

"Joey sweety? Are you OK? You look like it still hurts… Maybe I'd better check…" she teased him.

"Um, no mom, that's OK, I'm fine… Really... it's OK…"

"Oh, sweety, I'm so sorry about all this. Maybe now you'll know better then to play around trying to trip mommy when she's carrying hot drinks." It was great - she was getting away with blaming him AGAIN!

"But mom, I… *gasp*… " was all Joe managed to get out as Heather flopped onto the bed, making it shake.

"I know Joey, you're sorry. And you should be! You're the one-balled wonder now because of it!" Joe couldn't believe it. She was giggling and teasing him about how she'd smashed his nut!

"Lie back sweety, I'll be up later to change your wrappings. The nurse at the hospital showed me how to do it. G'night, one-nut!" Heather purposely bounced on the bed as she got up to leave the room, smiling to herself as she heard Joe gasp behind her.

She took Joe out of school for the next two weeks, and made sure she had plenty of wrappings - "I just don't know how these get torn up so fast Joey… " she'd tease him as she replaced the wrappings that his swelling cock had burst. She practically lived in her robe these days, and had taken to walking around in her underwear too.

"Joey, this is how I usually dress when you're at school, and I see no reason to change my habits because of your clumsiness," she'd tell him as she pranced around in thongs and low-cut lace bras that were actually just a little too small for her. She'd had to go out and buy all new underwear just for this, and she'd thought it was well worthwhile, as the day she started the practice, she'd had to change Joe's wrappings 3 times as often as before! She loved teasing him about it too - telling him that at least it was a small loss. Actually, it was a very small loss, or that now he'd be able to wear a smaller cup then before, except she hadn't been able to find one in "extra small" even when he'd HAD both his balls.

Finally, the day came when Heather was ready to put her plan into action. She left Joe at home, and went to her riding lesson as usual for a Tuesday. It was the first time she'd seen Susan since the day she'd left her there with Joe. Midway through the lesson, Heather asked Susan about it. Explaining about how she'd found Joe, and how mad she'd been with him, and telling her about the "accident", she prompted Susan to tell her what had happened.

Susan blushed, and explained that she'd caught him watching her wash up, and how mad she'd been. Heather kept throwing in comments about how disgusted she was that her son would act like that. And in front of her friend, too! With a bit of guidance from Heather, Susan explained how Joe had wanted her to "make him feel good" and how he'd been leering at her breasts, and how she'd smacked his balls once with the riding crop, she'd been so mad.

"Only once? I'd have been so furious I'd have kept beating on those worthless balls till he'd passed out, then I'd have kicked the hard right out of that cock!" exclaimed Heather. "Of course, judging by the way I found him, he obviously thought he'd LIKE being abused. In fact, just that morning I'd accidentally hit him in the balls with his school bag, and when I was making sure his balls were OK, he was not only hard, he grabbed my ass!" finished Heather.

"Wow, what a total pervert! I had NO idea he was like that, Heather…" And with that comment from Susan, Heather knew it was time.

"I'm afraid my son is going to be a pervert as long as he has even the one ball," Heather pouted, explaining how the wrappings on Joe's cock had been shredded so often by his hard-ons. "Actually," she hedged "I guess we could fix that." She glanced at Susan "Couldn't we?"

"You bet we could!" said Susan, obviously excited by the idea.

"Joey's home from school today…let's go put the horses up…but keep your crop with you," giggled Heather. Heather parked 2 doors down, and the women crept quietly in through the back door, and found Joe still asleep on the couch, just as he had been when Heather left. They quietly went into the other room and changed into the black leather thongs and matching 3&1/2inch black high-heels they'd stopped to get at the mall. Heading back out to the living room, Heather very gently removed the sweatshorts that were the only thing that Joe was wearing, and carefully handcuffed his hands behind his back without waking him.

"Would you like to do the honor of waking him?" she whispered to Susan, glancing meaningfully from the riding crop in Susan's hand to Joe's lone ball.

"I'd LOVE to!" Susan whispered back, as she took up position next to Joe, and began gently tapping his ball. She gradually started slapping it harder and harder with the crop, until Joe tried to roll over, when she slapped it down hard on his ball

"Wake up, Joey!" she said, as Joe came awake to the pain exploding in his freshly healed groin. Heather giggled and walked over to her son as he started to realize he was naked and handcuffed, and that his mother and Susan were topless and carrying riding crops.

"Joey, I've noticed how you've been looking at my breasts and my body for the past two weeks, and how excited you get by them. And Susan told me about what you did to her that day, leering at her and telling her you'd tied yourself down for her, and asking her to make you feel better. Since you seem to think you'd like being abused and since you've obviously been enjoying trying to see me naked. Susan and I have decided to let you try both, before we pop your last ball so you won't be such a pervert anymore," explained Heather as she gagged her son so that he couldn't speak. The look of terror in Joe's eyes was priceless, Heather thought to herself, as he realized how totally helpless he was to stop them from smashing his last nut.

"You like my tits, don't you Joe?" Heather asked as she rubbed them against his chest and face. "Feel how soft they are? How smooth the skin is? How firm they are against your face?" she asked as she watched his cock grow hard. "Look at that! Your little dick is all hard from thinking about mommy's tits!" Heather said as she reached for his dick. Joe scrambled to get his feet under him as Heather grabbed his cock with both hands and yanked him off the couch to his feet.

"Here Susan! Look how hard is little peewee is!" Heather giggled as she pushed Joe to Susan. Joe stumbled into Susan, who stopped his forward progress by rapidly lifting her knee into his groin.

"Oh! I'm sorry Joey! Did my knee just squash your balls? Oh wait, that's right, I should ask if my knee squashed your BALL, since you only have the one…and not for much longer, either!" Susan laughed as Joe sagged against her, only standing because Susan was holding him up.

"Wow, I see what you mean, Heather," Susan commented as she took Joe's cock in her hand, yanking him back to a full standing position. "He's hard as a rock!" And with that, she shoved him back to his mother.

"That’s right baby Joey, come to mommy!" chuckled Heather as she lifted her right foot with all the force in her sexy legs, slamming her new high-heel shoe point first perfectly into Joe's ball as he stumbled to her. She tried to catch him, but he went down like a sack of, well, schoolbooks. Heather giggled to herself, thinking back a few weeks. Heather crouched down to check Joe's ball, and breathed a sigh of relief to find it wasn't busted… she had another way she wanted to do that she thought.

"Oh, poor little Joey, I can feel a dent in your little nut where I just kicked the hell out of it!" Joe didn't say anything; he just laid there with tears streaming down his face.

"Awwww. Did your mommy kick your little ball Joey? She must have fantastic aim to hit such a small target!" teased Susan, reaching down to pull Joe's hands away from his crotch.

"Please…" Joe sobbed as Susan grabbed his cock in a death grip and roughly yanked him to his knees by it.

"Here, kneel him in front of that!" said Heather, pointing to the armchair on the far side of the room. Susan roughly dragged Joe across the room by his cock, never quite letting him bet his balance between hard tugs to keep him moving. Once Susan got him kneeling in front of the chair, Heather tied Joe's legs, arms and torso to the chair.

"That should keep him upright!" she giggled, bending down to let her breasts hang just inches from Joe's face.

"You like these honey? You've been trying to get a good look at them for months, now here's your chance!" she said, pulling quickly back, then leaning forward so that her breasts slapped into Joe's face. "You like feeling my breasts, Joey, honey? Here, I'll let you feel them some more!" and with that, Heather started slapping her tits repeatedly into Joe's face.

"OK, my turn!" Said Susan, pushing Joe backwards so that his head rested on the seat of the chair. "You're always looking at my butt, so take a good look!" she cried, letting herself fall heavily, ass first, onto Joe's upturned face.

"Look! He's getting hard! He LIKES it!" cried Heather, as she tied a piece of rope tightly around his cock to keep him hard.

"Can't have that!" said Susan, getting off Joe's face.

The women retrieved their riding crops from the couch, as Heather explained, "I don't want you hard when I smash your last ball, sweety, so we'll just have to fix that… " and with that, Heather slapped her riding crop hard into the soft skin of the underside of Joe's cock. Almost before his cock stopped bobbing, Susan brought her crop down hard on the top of his shaft.

"Look at it go!" she giggled, just as Heather's crop snapped into the side of Joe's cock. Susan answered with a slap to the other side

"Poor Joey! Are we hurting your little, itty, bitty dicky?" she taunted him, as the two women started aiming for the head of his cock. Bright red welts and splotches from the individual slaps blended into one; big welt as the women worked his cock over.

"I can't believe he's still hard!" exclaimed Susan. "We'll have to try something different" she continued, just as she slammed her foot forward, catching Joe's swollen cock perfectly on the head, and causing it to bend nearly in half as it tried to force itself back into Joe's pelvic bone.

"Oh, I love kicking his cock! I never told him, but while he was unconscious after I smashed his balls into the floor, I did that!" Heather confessed as she slammed her high heel repeatedly into the bottom of her son's cock. Joe couldn't believe what he was hearing! His own mother had kicked his dick, just for fun! That explained the bruise, he thought through the pain.

"Well, this isn't working either!" said Susan, again slamming her pointy toe into Joe's tender dick. "Let’s get him untied." They untied Joe, sitting him down and spreading his legs wide open.

"Don't close your legs, my sweet baby Joey - mommy wants to stomp your cock!" as she slammed the heel of her shoe down on Joe's cock.

"Your turn, Susan!" cried Heather, just as Susan jumped off of the chair, landing in the ball of one foot on Joe's hard shaft. There was an audible "crack" and Joe's cock shriveled.

"You BROKE his dick!" giggled Heather.

"I didn't even know you could break a dick!" replied Susan; bending down to examine the cock she'd just broken.

"Well, I guess there's no need to wait any longer," Heather said as she laid Joe on his back, tying a rope around his remaining ball, pulling it tight to the bottom of his scrotum. She then tied the free end to the back of the chair, stretching Joe's nut away from his body into the air.

"Ready?" Heather asked as she took off her shoes and sat on the floor, facing Joe's last ball.

"You bet!" said Susan, mirroring Heather.

"Count of 3" said Heather as both women pulled one foot back. "One… two… THREE!" cried Heather, and the women kicked out with their feet, slamming Joe's ball between their heels when they met, smashing it so quickly that Heather thought to herself, ‘last time I felt a "pop" but THAT time was more like the sound a glob of grease makes hitting the floor!’ as both women collapsed on the floor, cumming furiously listening to Joe's screams and moans.

"It's OK Joey, your balls are gone now," Heather comforted her son, "but Susan and I still have your broken cock to play with, so you're not totally worthless to us. We can still yank on it, and slap it and twist it." Heather's hand slid into her thong as she talked.

"Don't forget kicking and stepping on it!" agreed Susan.

Joe just sobbed…

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