Thursday, August 9, 2007

Adam's Humiliation

By KneeMe2

Adam's parents had gone out for the evening, and much to his annoyance they had asked Sophie to baby-sit. Adam was twelve. He wasn't a baby. He didn't need a baby-sitter, but his parents thought different, and said that until he was thirteen, he wasn't responsible enough to be left on his own. Sophie, who was sixteen, had brought her friend Zoey along, and they were both in the kitchen fixing some food.

Adam was sitting in front of the TV watching one of his favorite sci-fi shows. He glimpsed up and Sophie returning. She was very pretty, and was wearing a very short dress showing off her long, slender legs. Adam had been coming for a couple of months now, so was well on his way through puberty. He couldn't help taking a second look at those gorgeous legs. It gave him a nice feeling. He felt a slight movement in his shorts. Sophie smiled and sat right next to Adam.

"What're you watching?" she asked, putting the coke and chips she'd brought in with her on the table.

"Robocop," replied Adam continuing to look straight ahead at the TV screen. He was actually a little uncomfortable at how close Sophie was sitting to him. She moved her legs as she reached for her drink and one of them brushed against Adam's bare leg. It felt really nice. Adam looked down, and couldn't help staring at the lovely smooth bronze limb now touching his leg. Sophie turned back and again her leg rubbed passed Adam's. He quickly looked away back at the TV. He was getting quite excited, and at his age, with all the new hormones floating around in his bloodstream, he had little control over what was happening to his now swelling penis. Both he and Sophie continued to watch the TV, but every now and again he stole a look at her legs. Sophie knew exactly what she was doing, and could see how she was turning Adam on. She crossed her legs bringing her skirt up even higher. Adam looked again, and this time she spoke,

"Do you like my legs Adam?" Adam looked up embarrassed.

"It's just that you keep looking at them."

"I… don't" stuttered Adam going bright red.

"It's ok, I think it's cute," said Sophie and put her hand on Adam's thigh. Adam squirmed awkwardly, the touch was increasing his boner, he felt really excited, but dead embarrassed at the same time.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" asked Sophie gently gliding her hand from Adam's leg and shifting her body towards him, making sure her leg made contact with him again. Adam was still bright red, and stuttered a reply,

"Er… yes." He said. He was obviously very embarrassed and uncomfortable with the situation. Sophie smiled. She had him in complete control.

"That's so sweet Adam," she reached over, kissed his forehead, stroked her hand down his arm and held his hand. That was about all Adam could take. His penis was almost fully erect now and could easily be seen through his shorts.

"What's that?" asked Sophie taking her hand from his and pointing at the boner. Adam just went a brighter shade of red. "Ugh! Have you got an erection? Oh that's gross. I would never have sat next to you if I thought you were a little pervert." Adam was so embarrassed and humiliated; he didn't know how to react. Was he a pervert? He got up and was about to run up to his bedroom when Zoey came into the room, on cue.

"Guess what Zoey, that sick little brat went and got a boner when I sat next to him." Said Sophie. Adam tried to push passed Zoey, but she was taller, more muscular and stronger than him. She easily held him back.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Just let me go to my room," Adam pleaded struggling in Zoey's powerful grip, almost in tears.

"Little horny boys who get off looking at my friends legs don't get to go to their rooms. They get this…" said Zoey angrily. On her last word she drew back her knee, and thrust it with as much force as she could into Adam's groin. It was perfectly aimed, and hit both balls squarely, crushing them against his pelvic bone.

Adam was stunned. He felt like he'd been stabbed. The shock of the intensity of the pain made him gasp and just stand there for a few seconds. Then the real, excruciating, sickening pain kicked in. He groaned and bent double. It was the worst feeling he'd ever had in his life, and it still seemed to be increasing and spreading into his stomach and up his body. His legs weakened and he fell to the floor and curled up in a ball holding his groin. This was too much; he started crying.

The girls stood over him and laughed.

"Aw has little Adam got sore ball-ies?" taunted Sophie

"Is baby crying? Does he want his mummy?" Zoey joined in. Adam was humiliated, embarrassed, and in more pain than he had ever felt, in his life. In fact he had never dreamed that anything could feel as bad as the pain that coursed through his body now. The worst part was that there was nothing he could do about it. He could not try and think of something else, something to take his mind off it, the pain was just too intense and consumed his whole body. He could not get help from anyone else. The only people around were the ones who inflicted the pain on him in the first place.

The girls continued to taunt and laugh for a while longer then appeared to get fed up, sat on the sofa and began to flick through the TV channels. After about five minutes, still in considerable pain, Adam began to move, to sit up. He glanced at the girls. They seemed to be engrossed in some chat show. All he wanted to do now was go up and lock himself in his room until his parents came home. He wiped his eyes and stool up slowly.

"And where do you think you're going?" boomed Sophie as she and Zoey got out of their seats. Adam just turned and made a break for it. It was hopeless. The girls easily caught him and pulled him to the floor.

"You didn't think you were going to get away with it that easily did you?" asked Sophie. They had him pinned to the carpet. Zoey was sitting on his chest, holding his arms, and Sophie was sitting on his legs.

"In a second we're going to let you up," stated Zoey," and when you get up, you're going to show us your boner." Adam struggled, but it was hopeless.

"And just in-case you get any ideas, this is what you'll get if you don't do exactly what we say," said Sophie as she slipped her hand inside Adams baggy shorts. Swiftly she found what she was searching for and grasped his small balls in her powerful hand and began to apply pressure. Adam grunted and began to struggle.

"Stop moving!" ordered Sophie as she applied a strong squeeze. Adam yelled and remained still, moaning slightly as Sophie still had quite a strong grip on his nuts. Zoey released Adam's arms and stood up.

"Now remember what we said," said Sophie giving his balls one last long squeeze before getting up herself. Adam moved his hands to his groin.

"Up you get!" ordered Zoey. Adam slowly pulled himself together and rose to his feet looking more scared than anything else at the moment.

"Take your shorts down!" she ordered. Adam paused for a bit, but after seeing the looks on both the girl's faces he complied.

"Now take your underpants off." Adam started going red, and looked almost like he was going to start crying again. This whole incident had been so embarrassing and humiliating, not to mention painful. He just wanted it to be over. He just stood there.

"Take your 'pants off, or I'll kick you in the balls so hard you won't be able to stand up for a week!" yelled Zoey moving nearer. Adam didn't want to do it, but the humiliation had to be better than that awful pain. He slowly reached for the elastic on his 'pants and pulled them down to his ankles, then slowly he rose up. His most private and personal parts now on show for the girls to see. The girls examined the semi-erect penis and slightly red balls, then looked up.

"That's a bit small," said Zoey finally.

"Very small I'd say," replied Sophie.

"It's amazing how your tiny little nuts can cause you so much pain isn't it Adam?" asked Zoey. Adam said nothing.

"Now play with yourself," ordered Sophie. "I want to see you get a boner."

"Yeah. I want to see you cum, and if you don't, I'll kick you in the balls ten times while Sophie holds you, then I'll let her squeeze them until they pop." Adam had no choice but to obey the girls. They had him at their mercy because of two tiny organs dangling from his body. A body which had seemed quite strong to him, but now, with such a weak point, seemed useless.

He slowly grasped his swelling penis and moved it in and out. Even though the situation he was in was more humiliating than anything he'd ever experienced, he still got quite a bit of pleasure when he ejaculated over the carpet. The girls just watched, amazed at what they had accomplished in less than an hour. They had made a boy a complete slave, willing to humiliate himself totally in front of them. They now had one last thing to do.

"Your parents will be back soon. Get dressed and clear that mess up," ordered Sophie pointing to the semen on the carpet, "Oh, and if you mention any of this to your mom or dad, I'll tell them that you touched my tits and got a boner and came over me."

"Yeah, and if you do tell, the next time we see you, we'll hurt you so bad… we'll tie you up, take one nut each, and squeeze as hard and long as we can. We'll have you screaming and begging for mercy, but we'll just keep squeezing and squeezing until you throw up or pass out," Zoey said, really sounding like she was enjoying this.

"You can go to your room now. Leave us alone!" said Sophie settling back down on the sofa.

Adam slowly picked up his clothes, wiped up the stain on the floor, and left the room, utterly defeated.

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*realizes is twelve* *grabs remington shotgun from closet* *walks back into the room* *shoots them both* (dosen't matter what trouble you get in, that shit's worth it.)