Friday, August 10, 2007

After Kneeing Fun

By Monique_vB

Hi folks,

A few days ago, I told you here in this forum, what happened when I visited a local pub with two friends of mine. There was this guy, being an asshole to us girls, and I made him clear we didn't like his behavior by kneeing him in the place where he is most vulnerable... namely... in his BALLS! You can read about it in my contribution called "Real Life Friday Night Adventure".

I know lots of you guys are always "fantasizing" about ball busting, and most of you even LIKE to get busted in the eggs by a woman. I'm always surprised though, that some of you don't seem to understand that women do like to exercise the TOP SPORT of ball busting as well. Maybe most women aren't talking openly about it, but BE CERTAIN of the fact that a lot of them get aroused "in secret" when they watch you guys curl up for them. Haven't you ever noticed that the female GIGGLING, caused by man who is performing a beautiful bending down show, immediately after the moment his balls experienced a PAINFUL confrontation with a female’s knee or foot, is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from "normal" laughter? If you listen carefully to this giggling, you can just HEAR that the gigglers are AROUSED! Of course... you wont be able to notice THAT if YOU by any chance are the one who suddenly became in this terrible need to lay down like an embryo! But... you can't be blamed for your unawareness in that inconvenient circumstance, can you??? :-)

I have a friend. I wrote her about the event I described. I know for a fact that she is very similar to me where the fun of doing men in the nuts is concerned. I think you may like what I wrote to her, so I'll paste here for you the letter I wrote. I changed my friend’s name, in the interest of her privacy.

This is what she wrote to me, after she had read my report as I posted it on this forum:

"...Well, I’ve been thinking about your knee job. I think that was SO HOT! I bet you went right home and fingered yourself? I would have… although I would have been one of your friends that just WATCHED you (me… the shy one?)..."

This is my answer to her:

“Jacqueline, this kneeing party was SOOO hot! I had not done such a thing anymore for a reasonable long period of time. I'm maybe growing older and wiser??? GRIN! Anyway, this guy was embarrassing us just a bit too long, and that's the reason why I decided to let him "have it"! Hehehe!

The feeling of excitement before I actually did it, was soooo great... All the adrenaline flowing through my veins, the pre-knee stress, the feeling aroused just by the thought of what was going to happen... This combination of "stress" and sexual excitement is UNBELIEVABLE HOT! You can't compare it with any other thing. It's GREAT, and I'm sure one can get ADDICTED to it, like one can to the use of drugs...

I mislead the guy by kindly smiling to him. He must have thought I was only going to play a bit. He hasn't been aware of what my intentions were AT ALL! He smiled... I moved slowly closer and closer to him. He didn't even get suspicious when I was standing really very close to him! I had to do that, because I wanted to KNEE him. Maybe he just liked me to stand very close to him? I don't know. I only know that if I were a guy, I would pay attention very well for the sake of my eggs! Hehehehehe! But THIS guy didn't!

Ohhh Jacqueline, you should have seen his face, RIGHT after the hit! He was SHOCKED, ASTONISHED, he seemed not to believe what happened. But as soon as the waves of severe and overwhelming male agony seemed to have "occupied" his complete body, he performed a most wonderful bending down and curling up action for us girls... :-) THAT really was a big GIGGLE!!!!

Maybe it would have been safer to KICK him instead of kneeing him, because for a proper kick you don't need to get so close to the victim. But while moving in his direction, I observed his reactions, and I didn't think that he was suspicious. So I took the risk to choose for a knee instead of a kick. I'm always finding a KNEE more erotic than a kick for some reason... While kneeing a man, you can always kind of "feel" the softness of his groin on your own skin. If you kick a man with your feet, you usually can't feel that, because you are wearing shoes most of the time.

I was wearing a skirt Friday night. It was not very short, just some inches above the knee. I was wearing stockings as well, because it's far too cold this time of the year, to walk around in a skirt in bare legs. But I could indeed "feel" the softness of his groin. I didn't actually feel the balls themselves, but it was great anyway.

I had to do my VERY best not to show to my two present friends HOW much I was AROUSED by what happened! I'm always afraid that other people can actually SEE on my face that I'm turned on in these situations. And THAT would be embarrassing! After all: I have to take care for my reputation as a civilized and well-behaving person among my friends. But they liked what I did! They laughed all the time. It was not like "normal" laughing. It was a bit "mean". Maybe they were a bit "turned on" by what happened themselves? What do you think, Jacqueline? Of course I didn't dare to ask them about that! They told me that they hadn't ever done such a thing themselves. They told me they were surprised by the dramatic effects of a knee in a male groin. It was their first time to see it actually happen. They had seen it in movies some times, but the real thing was much more "impressive", so they said. Jacqueline, you should have seen them GIGGLING, and having FUN while watching what happened, and while watching how the guy really suffered pain in his balls! He acted like he should do: He CURLED UP!!!! He pushed is elbows in his belly. He made funny moaning sounds! His eyes were closed while he was waiting for the pain to soften up... His face seemed to be in some kind of a spasm... As soon as he was able to get up, he left the place. But I think he was still in bad pain that moment, because he was still bending down, and he was still pressing his elbows in his belly. You should have heard the giggles of all present persons! Even the men giggled! The guy felt so embarrassed and humiliated that he didn't DARE to look in our direction again!

Jacqueline, while this all happened, I CONSTANTLY thought of you! We were sitting at a chair around a little table in the cafe we were in. (Do you know a "cafe”? It is a pub, a bar, I suppose?? A place where you can get together with friends, and have some drinks, like coffee, beer, wine, jenever, wodka, cola, jus d'orange. They play music; the light is soft and "sociable". There were four chairs at each table. At our table, one chair was empty, because we were with three persons. Other tables in the cafe were occupied as well, by several people I don't know. One of the present persons was the guy I got in the balls. He had been annoying some girls at another table first. As soon as he discovered those girls weren't interested in him, he came to our table. You know the rest of the story. What I was telling you was, how I was thinking of you. Well, I fantasized that YOU were with us and that you were sitting at the fourth chair. I wondered how that would be. It would be SUCH a thrill! You and I would know from each other HOW WICKED and NAUGHTY we are... The other girls wouldn't be aware of that. If we looked in each other’s eyes, we would both know that we were thinking about that fact, and we would smile to each other, enjoying the fact of our sweet secrets...

O Jacqueline, imagine that you were present at the moment I got the guy in his sack! I think that I would have tried to "sign" to you one way or another, what I was going to do. Of course I would have to do that carefully, because the guy should not be alarmed. That could have spoiled all the fun. Well, I suppose if you saw me standing up, and moving in the direction of the guy, you would have realized clear enough of what was going to happen??? :-) I think watching this simple standing up and moving in his direction would have been enough already for your pussy to start to nicely tingle for you??? I think even before the attack your heart would have beaten FASTER, like mine did? You would have been EXITED, and you would have turned around nervously on the bottom of your chair, I suppose? You would have this NAUGHTY AND WICKED smile on your face???

Suppose you SAW me doing this, Jacqueline? THAT would have made you DRIP your panties wet, wouldn't it??? I'm SURE it would! What about MY panties?? I have to be honest to you; I didn't manage to keep them dry as well! :-) I'm sure the expression on your face, the moment of the impact of my knee in his groin would be EXITED! O Jacqueline, I would pay money to see your face the moment we had eye contact again, while I returned to the table, leaving the guy alone to "enjoy" this mysterious sensation is his eggs. We would BOTH know from each other, how we experienced this as a MAJOR TURN ON! We would both have to do every effort possible to HIDE for the other girls HOW MUCH this was arousing to us. I think every time we would look each other in the eyes, we would SMILE to each other. A wide smile, like we had been playing harmonica on a sharp knife... A smile from EAR to EAR!! I just know that you would STAIN the bottom of your chair. I'm almost sure that you would have to do an effort NOT to pee your panties???

If only YOU would have been present, Jacqueline, this would have made the fun MUCH more intense and overwhelming! I have really been fantasizing about you sitting there on the fourth chair...

You asked a very IMPOLITE question to me, Jacqueline! :-) Haven't you learned from your parents that you shouldn't ask such personal and intimate things to other people????? :-)))))))

What do you think I did???? :-)))))

No, I didn't go home at once. In fact we stayed over there some other hours. It happened rather early in the evening. We talked a lot about it together, and we constantly started to giggle again!

When I got home... YES of course... I have fingered myself off... several times... Jacqueline, this was SOOOO cool, so erotic, so exiting...

I took a hot bath, and laying totally naked in my bath, I started to play with my sensitive nipples and I started to softly finger myself. I fondled my outer lips, I entered my pussy with my fingers, I played with my clit, I entered the deeper zones of my pussy and I moved my finger around slowly. I enjoyed the intense feelings. I thought of what happened. I was fantasizing about HOW things would have felt if the guy had been standing NAKED before me, and if I could have felt his tender eggs LAYING on my knee, and if I could have felt how I flattened them against his pelvic bone! I thought of how he was laying on the floor, nicely curled up. I wondered HOW this male agony is like. I wondered HOW his balls were looking like. I asked myself whether he was having BIG chickens eggs-like balls. I wondered if his balls were maybe swollen due to my kneeing them. I wondered if his ball bag was loose the moment I lifted up his eggs with my knee. I felt the hot water around my body. My nipples were stiff. I was HORNY. All these thoughts, all these fantasies took me from one orgasm to the other, while I was constantly gently playing with myself... "

This is as far as the train goes today folks!

I'll promise to let you know what Jacqueline replied to me!

Bye to you all, and a sweet little punch in your balls... lets say... instead of a kiss??? I'll do it tenderly, but of course hard enough to make you realize how vulnerable you are... you know... over there in this mysterious place, where your exiting pain givers are constantly dangling unprotected from one thigh to another...


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