Saturday, August 11, 2007

Andy’s Strange Girl

by Youngballs

Andy's freshman year in high school had just started, and he was still desperately trying to absorb everything new. The classes were no problem; he was a virtual boy-genius. Of course, he would never let anybody know that. Andy wasn't a nerd; he had a quiet intelligence that he chose not to expose to most people. Socially, however, Andy knew he would have more problems. For instance, he had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl in his life, and he never seemed to meet any girls that understood him.

In his last mod study hall, Andy had been placed beside an attractive, yet dark and brooding, senior girl. Andy was in the far back left-hand corner of the room, and the girl, Christina, was to his immediate right. Christina never said anything, and didn't seem to have any friends. This was very strange for a girl as attractive as her. There seemed to be a constant emotional struggle going on in her big, dark eyes.

After a couple of days, Andy noticed that Christina was constantly looking at him. This took him by surprise. He didn't know it, but most girls considered him extremely cute, just too shy. He was about 6 feet tall; he had very dark brown hair and big dark eyes. He was thin - the kind of thin that came from a boy who was used to constant movement and playfulness in his youth, and his body was very well defined.

The second week of school, something strange happened. Andy was already sitting in his desk (one of those chairs that is connected directly to the desk). Christina walked in with only her history book, which she held loosely in her right hand. As she turned to sit in her desk, she dropped the book (Andy presumed accidentally) directly into his sitting lap. The bottom of the vertically standing book hit him directly in his balls, which were protected only by a light pair of soccer-style shorts and his briefs.

Christina gasped in surprise just as Andy gasped in pain, and her hand went immediately to retrieve the book. Instead of securing the book and lifting it up, Christina appeared to have some trouble getting hold of it, as she mistakenly ground it hard into Andy's freshman gonads. Finally, she grasped the book and lifted it up, but not before grinding Andy's nuts against the bottom of his chair. Andy had never really been hurt in the balls before, so in the shock of it faint traces of tears welled up in his eyes as he clutched the front of his desk. His knuckles became white, but he didn't want to follow his instinct and hold himself where it hurt, because it would have embarrassed him. During the whole experience, Christina had never really appeared as if she were paying attention.

She began to sit down with her book, when she said, almost as an afterthought, "I'm sorry, did I pinch your leg?" Andy was amazed, but a little relieved that Christina wasn't aware she had just been smashing his nuts.

Andy winced in pain, and then answered, "Yeah, but it's OK." Christina smiled back at him. Now, for the first time, Andy began to concentrate on the dull aching in his nuts. Then a much more familiar feeling came to him. Blood was rushing to his dick as he developed a raging boner. He thought of how hot Christina was, and how she had almost been touching his genitals, and how she had inflicted such pain on them ... Fortunately his tight briefs kept his 5 inch penis in check; it wasn't visible as more than a small lump in his soccer shorts.

Andy pretended to read a book, but was really thinking about how much he liked what had just happened. It was his first ballbusting experience, and he was now desperately praying that it wouldn't be his last. After 20 minutes, his erection hadn't gone away, and the pre-cum had soaked through his briefs and made a fairly noticeable wet spot on his glossy shorts.

During this time, Christina had been writing on a piece of paper. Now, she was finished. She folded it up and looked around the class to make sure that nobody was looking back in their corner. Everyone was busy studying or engaged in conversation. She took the folded piece of paper and reached over to Andy's crotch. She slowly slid it up the left leg of his little shorts, and let it rest there. Her hand kept moving, slowly. It found the faint outline of Andy's balls. It squeezed... hard.

A new wave of pleasure pain resonated throughout Andy's crotch. Christina was not letting go, and Andy took the pain in absolute silence. Or at least enough silence that his girlish wincing wasn't heard over the relatively loud roar of the classroom conversation. The squeezing intensified, and Andy buckled as he rest his head on his desk. He was concentrating with everything he had not to yell out. Christina persisted, and Andy was now feeling the worst pain of his 16 years of living. Andy ground his teeth as he pretended to put his head against his desk to sleep. He slowly reached under the desk; he realized he had to end this before they made a scene. Just as Andy realized that he couldn't breath anymore and his eyes teared up from the strain, he removed her hand from his nuts.

He immediately let go of Christina's hand and covered his head with both arms as he tried to deal with the pain. Before completely withdrawing her arm, Christina's hand moved to the bulging outline of Andy's hard penis. She gave it a few quick pumps through his shorts, and Andy absolutely exploded. This was one of the most intense orgasms Andy had ever had; it reminded him of the very first time he had masturbated. The long orgasm alleviated some of the pain in his nuts. The crotch of Andy's shorts was now completely soaked. He remained curled up, his head on the desk, trying to slow his breathing after the amazing pleasure. In the meantime, Christina had started reading her history book, as if nothing had happened.

Andy looked up, and heard somebody whisper, "Was her hand in his crotch?" Oh shit, Andy thought, and he immediately put his head back down. Everyone was going to know about this. He quickly wrote a note to Christina: "Tell the teacher that I was suddenly sick and had to leave." He passed the note to her and bolted out of the room, holding his books entirely over the enormous wet spot on his crotch.

He felt the note that Christina had put up his shorts begin to slide out. He quickly grabbed at it, and ended up putting his hand right in between his legs as he walked out of the classroom. There was a faint giggle from part of the left-hand side of the classroom, where the door was. He put the note in his books to read later, and got the Hell out of the school.

Part 2

Andy got home and read the note: "I want to feel every part of your hard freshman body, and I want to suck your hard freshman dick. - Christina" Andy was about to change his shorts, but decided to take a cold shower instead.

That had been Monday. Christina completely ignored Andy until Friday, when she passed him another note: "Come to my house tomorrow night. My parents are away." She included the address of her house.

The next day, Andy prepared to make this visit. He was nervous, but incredibly excited. He wore a pair of tight black bikini briefs under his jeans. He had gone to the store and bought a condom ... just in case. He had always been so shy; he could barely contemplate losing his virginity while he was still a freshman.

Andy arrived at Christina's house. He rung the doorbell, and she answered wearing only kinky lace underwear. Andy's dick immediately raged in excitement. He followed her upstairs to her room.

"Let me help you," she said seductively, as she removed Andy's outer clothing, leaving nothing on him but the black briefs. Christina shivered. "God, you are so sexy." She jumped completely on top of him, and they began making out. Andy was completely relaxed, and he didn't resist when she slipped both of wrists into cuffs at the head of the bed. In fact, he became more excited. He was expecting a wonderful blowjob, but instead Christina produced a wooden paddle. Andy smiled, not the least bit disappointed with this turn of events. Christina went to work ...

Five devastatingly hard blows later, and Andy WAS more than disappointed; he was shivering in absolute agony. She brought the paddle high above her head again ... and brought it down with all of her force directly into Andy's young balls.

"OH GOD!" he screamed out, as the tendons in his neck strained as he writhed against his constraints. Amazingly, his dick was harder than ever. Another blow. Andy felt like his balls were exploding and the pain was flowing directly to every other part of his body. Smack. He began to convulse. Only after 10 full-force blows did Christina stop. By this time, Andy's erection was completely gone; he was temporarily no longer man enough to maintain it. Every muscle in his body stood out as he sobbed like a baby. The tears streamed down his face in torrents, and his body continued to jolt around involuntarily. Christina bent down and kissed Andy's balls through his underwear. She went to the closet to put the paddle away, and brought out a heavy leather whip.

"Please God no," Andy pleaded. "You don't understand; you are going to break them!"

"Don't be silly. Testicles are amazingly resilient. These little fellas will provide us both plenty more fun."

"Christina, please," he begged.

"God, you are so fucking cute, Andy. I dream about crushing your little nuts with my bare hands. DAMN, I love you already."

Andy was saying, "Please stop this" just as Christina was bringing back her whip for the strike. "Please," he desperately began again as a horrifyingly loud snap was heard as the whip connected solidly with Andy's balls, which were a neat target in his tight underpants. He screamed like a girl, and didn't worry about holding anything back. Christina hit him again, exactly the same, as hard as she could. The screaming went up a pitch, as Andy's manliness went down about fifty.

She struck him again. Even Christina winced as Andy girlishly squealed with an almost pre-pubescent zeal. Andy's body was jerking madly about, and he had untucked and untidied all of the sheets on Christina's bed with his writhing. He was coughing and drooling on himself as his feet tried to run away, not able to go anywhere, sliding the mattress down the bed a bit. A fourth blow, and his body went limp and his screams became voiceless. He could no longer struggle. Only the gushing tears evidenced his pain. The fifth blow. Andy became the embodiment of pain. His head was full of it. He could feel every nerve in his nuts sending electric volts throughout his body. The leather had lacerated his scrotum, and blood began to flow out of his bikini briefs. They felt unbelievably tight as his nuts struggled to expand against them. Christina put the whip away.

She came back and noticed a pool of blood had formed on her sheets, underneath the tight bulge that was Andy's tortured manhood.

"You are ruining my sheets, you pussy! I thought you'd be tougher." Andy only groaned. Christina shook her head. "You have a small dick AND you are weak. You're like a 6 year-old boy, you fag."

The bleeding in Andy's sack had begun to subside, and Christina got a wet cloth to wrap it in. After completely wrapping up Andy's defeated nads, she took the rest of her clothes off. Despite his state of utter agony, Andy began to get horny again. Christina climbed over top of him, putting her legs on either side of his limp body. Unlike that young body, Andy's dick was no longer limp. She began to stroke it lightly. Then she moved down and gently licked the head of it. Andy's nuts throbbed as his penis became fully erect. Christina reached over into a drawer beside her bed, and she pulled out a condom. She unwrapped it and carefully placed it over Andy's dick.

"They really don't make these things for small boys like you," she said, as she noticed the amount of excess material at the base of his penis. Suddenly, she mounted Andy. His penis slid into her body. Andy moaned in sheer ecstasy, while his nuts were in sheer agony. He couldn't do any of the work; Christina humped him with all of her energy. He moaned girlishly in pleasure as Christina was screaming out. They both approached orgasm ... and from the sounds of it, explosive orgasm.

When Christina sensed that they were both coming, she controlled herself enough to reach for Andy's balls, which were still wrapped in a cloth. 20 more seconds of intense humping. Christina squeezed Andy's balls with all of the strength her exhilarated body could produce. She had an orgasm that was ten times as powerful as anything she had ever felt before. She used the sheer energy what was happening to her to put an unnaturally tight grip onto Andy's nuts. She could feel him coming too. He was coming in unbelievable amounts, and it was flowing out the bottom of his condom. They orgasmed together for what seemed like an eternity, and Christina virtually squeezed the life out of poor Andy's balls. Flattened and drained, they were a shell of what they had been before this encounter had occurred. When the pleasure of his orgasm finally subsided, Andy felt nothing but pain. Pure excruciating agony. He feared that he might be dying. His body shivered horribly, and he felt cold and wet. Finally, he passed out, a puddle of blood and semen near his sack.

It was the most intensely erotic experience he had ever had in his life. He eventually woke up and went home to allow his nuts to recover. His nuts felt very much like a lifeless slab of meat for a while.


Andy and Christina saw each other frequently for most of the rest of the year. They would always play violent games and then have sex. It was the greatest time of both of their lives. Unfortunately, Andy was a freshman and Christina was a senior… and the year was coming to an end. Christina was going off to college where she would explore more adventures, and Andy would be without his kicks (literally) for 3 years.

After Christina’s graduation, she had a party. Very much later that night, everyone had left the house but her and Andy.

“I want to do something special tonight, since this is the end of our school days together,” Christina said seductively. Andy liked the sound of that.

They were in the living room, and Christina moved over to where Andy was on the couch and kissed him while lightly brushing his crotch with her hand. Andy usually wore sweatpants with no underwear, as that is how Christina liked it. His dick was quickly bulging straight out.

“Grab that sheet,” she said as she indicated a folded sheet that lay on the couch. As Andy grabbed the sheet, she grabbed Andy’s balls. She was pretty rough, but Andy was used to it by now. He only winced as she said, “Follow my hand.”

Of course Andy had no choice. He moved with her into the kitchen. When he didn’t move at the right pace, she tugged violently downward and outward. Andy buckled at the waist a few times as he tried to follow. He did his best to conceal his sounds of pain. They approached the kitchen table. Just as Andy got very close to one of its hard wooden corners, Christina got behind him and shoved him into it with all of her might. The corner was crotch level, and Andy’s crotch was leveled. His body bent immediately and he leaned over on the table and gagged. Christina began caressing his ass…

Another violent shove to his midsection. Andy was trapped into the corner, and his light sweat pants offered no protection. His eyes turned red, and his upper body went limp on the table. Christina supported his lower body, which was still angled neatly about the corner of the table. She ran her hands intensely over Andy’s tight ass, groaning in pleasure the whole time. Andy was groaning in pain. Christina mounted Andy’s limp, bent body from behind and drooled onto the back of Andy’s neck. Then, she planted her feet on the ground while still on his body.

“I wonder if this is what it is like to be a guy,” Christina said wryly, as she began furiously humping Andy’s ass. Each jerk propelled his tender nuts directly into the corner of the table. It was a complete role reversal: Christina humping and Andy sounding a lot like a girl in the meantime.

“Ohhhhhh,” he screamed out in agony. Every time Christina played her games, he wished she would stop, but always wanted more later. He wondered how long his nuts would survive that kind of indecision in a relationship. From how he felt right now, he guessed not long. The table was wet wear his face was, as everything was leaking out fluids from his torment. He face contorted in enormous sobs as Christina enjoyed her ride.

Finally, she got off. She stood Andy up straight, but kept his swelling balls aligned against the hard corner. She used her feet to adjust his feet, and spread his legs out further. Her hand moved up in-between his legs; she wanted to know exactly where his balls were. Then, from behind, she kneed him as hard as she could.

“Fuck!” she screamed as her kneecap made painful contact with the table. Andy was screaming too, but at this point it was nothing comprehensible. His midsection convulsed as he finally slid completely off the table and onto the floor. As Christina nursed her knee, she observed a glazed look in his eyes.

“This is for my knee!” she trampled his nuts violently. The screaming ceased. Andy remained conscious, but he was frozen in the absolute agony of this situation. He could do nothing but feel the horrible sensation.

Christina stopped the trampling, and she walked back and forth a few times to see if her knee was OK. She felt that it was, and she began unfolding the sheet on the table. She covered the entire surface and then inspected it.

“OK, time to get back up.” She hoisted Andy’s body up against the same corner again. She grunted as she finally completed her task, and then rammed his midsection into the corner again for good measure. Andy instantly puked on the sheet.

“Well, glad I had that there,” Christina said with a smile. Then, she moved his body the rest of the way on the table. He offered no resistance or assistance whatsoever. He was temporarily a vegetable. She turned him on his back and spread him out, respreading the sheets after the disturbance. The bulge of Andy’s package showed through his sweat pants.

“My, I do think you have been growing down there since I met you.” She patted the bulge as a grandma might pat her grandson’s head, but it was enough to cause Andy to emit a small shriek, although he couldn’t even move his lips anymore. Christina gently pulled off all of Andy’s clothes and tossed them aside.

“You see,” she began, “I can’t leave my precious Andy without taking a little… souvenir. Well, two little souvenirs… in your case, very little.” A look of absolute terror was in Andy’s eyes, but he was powerless to move. Christina laughed giddily, “I like that look!” and pointed at Andy’s face.

She went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a knife. A few moments later, she had her souvenirs. The last thing Andy saw before he went to sleep was his girlfriend putting his bloody nuts into a jar …

The End.

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