Sunday, August 12, 2007

Anna Lee: A nice ending story...

by unknown

I remember high school science class, Anna was a tall, Kate Moss thin girl with no major distinctions. She had a normal face and body with smaller than most sized tits. She was temperamental in disposition. That is to say that she got pissed off when things didn't go her way. She was known to pull other girls hair, bitch slap them or knee them in the crotch! In gym class, if guys got rough with her she would inevitably knee them in the balls. For a couple of years I have noticed that she has the propensity to knee guys with big balls. I know this because they are the ones who show off in the shower. Walking around naked or with their shirt on after showering was a common way to demonstrate their manly size. Apparently talk would get around that so-and-so was sporting some new, post-pubescent testes. Or maybe their girlfriends bragged to their clan about it.

A guy named Glen transferred from some small, Hoboken town in the south. He wore overalls everyday to school. He looked like the stereotypical hillbilly. Bushy un-combed hair, barrel-chested, he maybe weighed 200 lbs. He stood 6'3" tall and was not one to start a rumble with. His mannerisms were shy and he kept to himself. After gym one day I noticed him removing his shorts and jock in one motion. As he leaned over his balls squeezed themselves between his legs and popped out behind him, facing me. They were HUGE! They had to be the size of small lemons or the biggest farm eggs I have ever seen. The sack that held them was thin like chicken skin and they looked like fat, mini-footballs strained. When he stood up they disappeared again and he turned to take a shower. I quickly undressed and headed for the shower myself. I was careful not to let him catching me get an eyeful, as I didn't want to find out what his payback method was. I couldn't help but peek at them hanging low between his legs like two plumbs in a freezer bag. His cock was shriveled back but looked unusually fat as well. The outer skin wrinkled and trying to cover his purple head.

I toweled off and got dressed and headed for my next class, science. Glen showed up and was assigned to Anna as her lab partner. They hit it off well. After a few weeks I figured she would have heard about his large jewels and wanted a piece of the pie. I was invited to a booze party Friday night and I asked Glen in class if he wanted to go. He agreed and I decided to ask Anna, considering Glen agreed to as well. She said she really WOULD like to go.

The party started at about 7:00pm and most people were drunk by 10:30pm. There was cheap beer on tap, cheap whiskey poured into a garbage can with who knows what else making it a punch and some vodka. People were jamming to the hard rock tunes and making out on the couch, bedrooms and front lawn. When Glen arrived, Anna was already talking with her friends in the kitchen. They ribbed her to ask him upstairs for some one-on-one. She did and they disappeared to one of the bedrooms.

I was curious to see if she was going to put out or help herself to his manhood. I asked one of Anna's girlfriends (a cute blonde) to go with me upstairs. I was desperate to see what was going to happen. I looked quietly in each room to see which one they were in, pretending to select a private cove. They ended up in the back bedroom and we let ourselves in and went to the corner. We started to make out and I positioned myself so that I could look at them on the bed. They were drinking and talking about their secret fantasies. Anna belted out that she wanted to see his big balls she had heard about. Glen, being pretty shy, turned red at the request. Anna said he could slip "it" in her pussy if he would take his overalls off and show her his goods. Glen lit up when he knew he would get some pussy just for dropping his drawers. When I heard Anna gasp loudly I knew she saw his nuts flop out of his overalls. She stared like I did before reaching out to hold them. They were larger than any she had seen before. EVER!

She took one in each hand and gently massaged them in her palms. She laid Glen on his back and straddled him with her facing his feet. She took his swelling member between her legs and guided... tried to push, shove, stuff that growing thing in. The head was so slippery with her pussy juice it flopped around and wouldn't go it. I heard a shriek when she looked down at the fattening cock in her hands. It was the size of a jumbo cucumber. She tried to mount it but the head was so fat her pussy wouldn't accept it. She then decided that he would not screw her that night.

Glen, in frustration grabbed her hair and pulled her back to him and asked what was the problem. Anna, perturbed that he was so blunt, said it was too big and she wasn't going through with it. "A deal is a deal" Glen insisted and told her to resume to position. Anna was turning red and apparently thought this was a good idea. She turned again to his feet, her pussy positioned over his resting log and balls. She then took each ball like before and rolled them around in her hands. Glen took his cock in his hands and pressed the bulbous head into her awaiting hole. She grimaced in pain when he pushed it in further. She then gripped down on each ball hard causing Glen to lay back in surprise "aaaaaAAAHHHHH" he moaned.

"What's the matter big boy... bitch got your balls?" Anna snapped back. Glen just lay there as she worked over his meatballs. She would take both hands, fold her fingers like she was praying around one lone ball and apply a squeezing hold. Glen was in trouble but he didn't look like his manhood was about to be crushed by a young girl 1/3 his weight. In fact he sort of looked like he was enjoying the ball play. Anna would change tactics and try to get him to yell or moan. Just then I heard a scream like I had never heard before. A scream that would most likely wake the dead. Anna was screaming at the top of her lungs when Glen apparently pulled out his cock and rammed it into her ass! People from other rooms ran in to see what the commotion was all about. Glen sank his thick meat deep into Anna's tight pink hole and she was hurting. She tried to retaliate by sending her fists into his unprotected, low hanging balls, but with no avail. Glen responded by grabbing her around her waist with both arms locked together.

Anna was squirming around on his stick only half way inserted. But it must have felt like a baseball bat with the fat end jammed up her ass by the panicky motions. She sent fist after fist mauling his nuts; each impact making Glen jump a little each time and making the his cock sink in a little more as well. It was a viscous circle, Anna pounding on the meaty balls and Glen reacting with pelvic motions that would push his thick stick even further up her highway. The couple made quite a spectacle. Almost everybody from the party jammed into the bedroom for a look at the entertainment. Some guys were holding their own balls in the visual pain and others were cheering him on. Anna grabbed his left nut in both hands and proceeded to apply her own version of the ball vice. When her fingers were locked together she wrapped them around the ball and sank her thumbs down into the trapped fruit.

That got Glens' attention as he bucked and twisted in pain from the pressure. The crowd was going wild. Some were chanting for Anna and some for Glen. Glen was mustering up the strength and started to pull Anna down even further on this pole. It was a match of pain to pain. Anna had tears flowing but maintained her grip with increasing pressure. Glen, his mouth open wide as if swallowing a sword, tried to maintain his pulling power. Just then Glen’s nut must have given in and collapsed as he heaved and rammed his bone to the hilt in Anna's once tight ass. She passed out and fell backward on to him exposing her pussy to the crowd. I am told her pussy was glistening wet with her cum running down onto Glen’s ball sack. His thick rod clearly separated her small ass cheeks and it looked like she sat on one of those orange pylon cones. Glenn still conscious but dazed by his crushed ball actually started to buck his hips back and forth, stuffing his cock in and out of Anna's stretched bunghole. He was building momentum and the crowd clapped in sync with his thrusts.

"IN..... IN..... IN..... IN...." the chanting continued as he pumped her ass for all to see. A few moments later his face went pale and he passed out cold. He apparently orgasmed and was struck by the bolt of pain in his left ball. Glen and Anna both lay there motionless. Later in the morning, Glen woke to find his soft prick still stuffed up Anna's ass. He felt the cum rush out when he pulled it out and ran down her cheek onto the bed. He got dressed and limped away groaning and moaning as he left the room. Anna sat up in bed as he left knowing that there was still that one ball left!

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