Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another School Fighting Day

by Agua

Some weeks after the fighting event, the boys claimed revenge and the girls agreed another fight. Every team consisted of 5 couples of 2 fighters, so that always 2 boys had to fight against 2 girls. As a rule it was accepted that every team was allowed to have 3 groin protectors. Thus, all 10 girls wore a dark blue bikini composed of a bra and a thong slip, whereby 3 of them had a female groin protector (a so-called pelvic guard) under their slip. This pelvic guard is a narrow foam-rubber strip which goes from the stomach down between the legs. Even though it is light and flexible, it adsorbs direct hits nicely. On the backside it is fixed with two rubber strips going from the pussy right and left side over the butt back to the front. -- The boys recognized that none of the girls took care for breast protection.

The boys just wore dark blue sparkling nylon shorts and underneath it a jockstrap of the same color. No shoes, no shirts. The shorts ended where the legs start and were so tiny that without jockstrap the privates of at least some guys would have hung out of the short! The girls were happy to see this as these shorts would insure them an easy access to the boy’s privates. Many of the girls really wanted to wear them, too. And they were sure, they would get them! According to the rules, 3 boys had a hard plastic cup in their jockstraps. Now the fight could start:

1. At the first fight, the boys fought without protector as the boy-team was afraid to lose one of the precious cups already in the first fight. One girl, however, wore a pelvic guard. The boys attacked this girl at first. One of them held her from behind while the other boy ran from front against her. She stomped with her heel between the legs of her opponent behind her. With the same foot she gave the attacking boy in front of her a direct groin kick. Both boys went to ground, moaning and holding their balls. While the boys lay down in pain, the girls were giggling and making fun of them. But the fight wasn’t over yet. After they had recovered from the pain, the boys got up and each of them attacked one girl now. The first boy got the protected girl into a sweatbox holding her head with both arms in the height of his right hip. As her arms were free, she grabbed with her left hand from behind between his slightly spread legs and started to squeeze his balls. In order to revenge, his right arm -- by now holding her head -- went to her butt and further to her pussy. But there was nothing to grab at! Additionally, he couldn’t reach under her cunt protector! While his hand was still rubbing her ass looking for a target, she kept on squeezing his nuts. She knew very well that no boy can stand this technique longer than some 30 seconds. Breathing and staying conscious became more and more difficult to him; he could even hardly recognize his surrounding anymore. Finally, she finished the fight by a hit with her other, right fist to his groin. The boy was completely messed-up and slipped into consciousness.

Meanwhile, the other boy was more successful and had the other girl under control. The feeling of superiority excited him sexually, so that he took out his hard cock and started to rape her. To enter her slit was not difficult as the narrow thong slip could be easily pulled sideward. The girl simply let it happen as she couldn’t defend at the moment, anyway. Additionally, she knew that boys get tired after tossing off. And so it was: After his orgasm, the boy was suddenly silent and powerless. Now, she started her revenge against his naked nut sack. Without listening to his requests and high-pitch wails she merciless squeezed him dry till the boy lost consciousness. After both boys were defeated, the girls captured their nylon shorts and even the jockstraps. The naked and unconscious boys had to be pulled off the ring by their mates.

2. The next girls wore the captured sparkling nylon shorts over their thong slips. One of them had a pelvic guard under her slip. The boys got nervous to see their female opponents in the uniform of their own, now naked mates. One of the boys had a cup in his jockstrap. The unprotected boy attacked the protected girl, and due to his higher physical strength he controlled her in the beginning: In a standing fight he tried to get her down. He had already forced her to bend over, and his breast pressed on her back. But suddenly he felt an elbow between his legs. Two or three times, her elbow hit hard his groin. For a boy, this technique is so incredible painful that he is unable to move or fight. Finally, the boy went down to his knees paralyzed with pain. Now, she wanted to help her friend who had major difficulties against the “cupped” guy: He had forced her to the ground into a kind of 69-position and tortured her pussy. His cup pressed her face and prevented her from biting his privates. Despite his protector she could smell the typical odor of a boy’s crotch. As his legs weighed on her arms, she couldn’t defend. So the other, successful girls wanted to support her. But when she approached the fighting couple, the boy who was already on the ground suddenly attacked her from behind. With a cuff of the edge of her hand to the boy’s groin (chop from behind), she sent him to the ground again where he laid in agony for the rest of the fight. Now, she finally could help her friend who was already crying with pain. From behind she grabbed underneath the boy’s short, jockstrap and protector and started to work on his balls. (Girls call this technique "nut claw".) The boy began to moan and to make funny convulsions, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The girl, who was by now in a hopeless position, could break free and felt now her superiority as the boy had obviously no chance against two girls.

Now the girls applied a technique which they had already trained in advance, the "boy-sandwich": The boy was turned sideward so that he lay between the two girls like a piece of meat in a sandwich. One girl held him from behind while the other -- formerly tortured -- girl cared for his protective cup. She took it out of his jockstrap and after showing it to her applauding team she put it into her bikini slip. The boy knew very well what would happen now. The girl with the cup lay down on her back, and the boy was forced to lay down on her. The girls made sure that his balls were positioned on her cup. Now the other girl sat on his butt and started to ride on the boy so that his nuts were ground between his body and the cup. After some seconds, the game was over for the boy. He was only dead meat; his eggs were crushed by his own egg-cup! His nicely sparkling gym shorts started to get moist with some droplets from his cock. The girl with his cup now stripped down his shorts and jockstrap. The sight of his shriveled cock and some cum drooling from it made her feel complete. Both girls were happy to have another two shorts and jockstraps plus their first cup captured!

3. Now, both girls were equipped with a female groin protector and boy-shorts of course. The girl-team could easily afford to equip its fighters well because they still had 3 female guards and 1 boy-cup. However, only one of the boys was protected. Both girls attacked the protected (“cupped”) boy and didn’t care for the other one. One of the girls held the guy from behind while the other girl kneed him again and again into the groin so that his cup made a hollow plop sound with every hit. But their technique was not so effective as the girls thought and as one would have guessed from the loud plops, because most of the force was absorbed by the cup. The boy suddenly freed his arms and grabbed for the pelvic guard of the girl behind him: With a powerful jerk he pulled it so high that the rubber strings which fixed the guard on the back cut like a knife deeply into her slit. (For a boy, this would be called a major wedgie!) She went to her knees holding her aching pussy. The other, unprotected guy who was not attacked by now, cared for her: She was unable to defend when the boy took her boy-short, bikini thong and pelvic guard. Meanwhile the other (protected) boy fought against the other girl. Both combatants wore groin protectors so that several kicks, knees and fist cuffs showed only minor effect on both sides. But as he was somewhat stronger than her, he was able to get her down so that he was sitting between her spread legs while she lay on her back. This way, she was unable to close her legs, and the boy stared amazed at her exposed crotch around which the sparkling nylon short nicely tightened. Though fascinated from this view he attacked her exposed pussy: The boy simply pushed her pelvic guard sideward so that his hand could enter and torture her pussy. He dug his thumbnail into her clit. As his fingers worked her clit even harder, she winced and moaned. After a short time she surrendered so that both girls lost their thong slips, shorts and pelvic guards.

4. The girl-team had now only one pelvic guard left which one of the girls wore. The other girl simply took the captured boy-cup from fight #2. -- For a girl it’s easy to protect her groin with a boy-cup while the captured pelvic guards were useless for the boys. Again, both girls wore captured boy-shorts, even though one of them was still somewhat wet from the crushed boy of fight #2. To have some reserves in case of a lost fight, the boy-team armed only one of their fighters with a cup. The unprotected boy who had to fight against the girl with cup was very afraid of the "hard bulge" in her thong slip as he still remembered very well what had happened to his mate in fight #2. His fear made him fight ineffectively so that she got him to the ground where he laid on his back. She stood over him and held his legs, each one with one arm. He urgently requested her not to do what she planned, by she simply replied him that this is a chance she couldn’t miss. Then, she held his legs well spread and stomped with her leg 2 or 3 times full force into his groin. Immediately, the game was over for this boy! He slipped into consciousness and even started to piss! The girls had already seen that same liquid drops could come out of a boy’s dick after a powerful strike to his privates, but never this! Meanwhile, the other couple fought on the ground. The girl lay on her back; the boy was on his knees bent over her and his hands weighed like iron on their arms, so that she was unable to break free. With her knee she slammed several times against his crotch. His cup jumped at every strike, and even though this situation was unpleasant to him, it was not threatening. To finish this and to put her under pressure, his knee went from the ground in between her legs and lasted now on her crotch. But because of her good protection (pelvic guard) she hardly recognized this. The boy needed a fast idea how to crack this girl! And suddenly he got it: Why attacking her armed groin while her breast was unguarded? With his fist he slammed full force against her tits. (Boys often underestimate the fatal effect of this technique on a girl, because boys are only sensitive between the legs.) The effect on the girl was fatal! After these two fights, one boy was unconscious and pissed wet while one girl laid in agony holding her tits. So there were only two fighters left, both equipped with a boy-cup and a boy-short. "Why not repeat what worked out fine?" thought the boy, and started the fight with a direct fist cuff against her tits. The girl was surprised and in pain so that she couldn’t react anymore from now on. The boy quickly jumped to her and with a powerful jerk he pulled the cup out of her slip, causing her additional pain in the crotch. The girl was still unable to do anything and just stood there with slightly spread legs. The boy went behind her and kicked from behind full force into her pussy. This was too much for her: The pain shot to her slit. She moaned, her hands went down to her crotch, she bent over, fell on her knees and finally on the ground. Both girls lay now moaning on the ground. The boy was the hero of his team when he took their shorts, slips and protectors. The girls were both so messed-up that they could leave the ring only with help of their mates.

5. Instead of their jockstraps, the boys wore now the captured bikini thongs because these tight slips provided a better fit for the groin protectors. Additionally, it was definitely humiliating for the girls to see their opponents fight in slips which some minutes ago still covered the pussies of their mates. The boy-team had all 6 groin protectors (3 male + 3 female) now. After two won rounds they were sure to win the whole match. Therefore, only one boy had a cup while the other -- also to humiliate the girls -- wore one of the captured pelvic guards. Such a pelvic guard is more or less a foam-rubber strip which goes from the stomach down between the legs. On the butt it is fixed by means of rubber strips on the left and right side. As it doesn’t offer any cavity for the nut-sac, the boy’s dick was under the foam-rubber while his balls were right and left of the narrow guard. The girl-team had neither protectors nor nylon shorts so that their fighters were poorly equipped. The "cupped" boy attacked one of the girls from behind and holding her with both arms, he squeezed her tits. Though her arms were hindered, her hands were free enough to go down in his shorts into the thong and underneath his cup. With one hand she quickly found a target while her other hand pulled out his cup with a sudden jerk. Though in pain, the boy could break free. While the girl put the captured cup into her thong slip, the boy was given another cup by his team. Some girls from the audience claimed this to be illegal, but as there weren’t any rules about this, the fight went on.

Meanwhile, the other boy with the pelvic guard was able to get his opponent into a sweatbox holding her head under his right arm. With his left arm, the boy controlled the left arm of the girl, but her right arm was still free. So she hit with her right fist into his groin but the effect was rather poor: As the balls of this boys were quite small and the foam-rubber of the guard rather thick, his balls were somehow "in the shade" of the foam-rubber strip so that she just hit the guard and not his eggs. She tried a second time, but no success. Now she had an idea: This time she hit with spread fingers to his groin so that her fingers didn't touch the guard but each one was safely meeting a ball left and right of it. The effect on the boy was fatal!

Meanwhile, the other -- and now again "cupped" -- boy got his female opponent into the 66 (love) position. But before he managed to lay closely on her, she was able to bring her hand between his and her body. Again, her hand found the way down into his short, bikini slip and cup. With a safe grip she had his nut-sac under control. From his convulsions and the movements of his tight ass, the other girls and boys could see how she was working on his balls. She turned around each ball and squeezed them from different directions. As his head was side by side with hers she could hear from his moaning which techniques were especially effective. After some time she was tired of that. She took out his cup and handed it over to the other girl who put it also into her thong. Also his short was taken away so that the boy now just wore the bikini thong. The girls gave the boy some seconds to recover. Now a new game started in which the unprotected, nearly naked boy had to fight against two girls with protective cup. He tried to avoid a direct fight, but they caught him quickly. The girls were so close that he could feel one cup on his ass from the girl behind him and another hard cup on his balls. With experienced grips, the girls made his dick hard, tore his stiff-one out of the thong and bowed him down painfully, just for fun. Finally, they put him on the ground, so that he lay on his back. One girl sat with spread legs on his breast, so close to his face that he could smell her pussy despite her cup. The other girl kneed on his balls till he had scrambled eggs and lost consciousness. Again, an outstanding victory for the girls!

According to the rules, the result was clear: The girls won the majority of fights and again would have the right to chose one boy for punishment. But the boy-team asked for an additional fight to have one more chance. As fighting and cracking a boy was really fun for the girls, they agreed under the condition that only gym shorts were allowed as only piece of clothing for both male and female fighters. It’s clear that for this decisive fight only winners of former fights were selected: The girl-team chose the victorious girls of fight #1 and #2, while the boys took their heroes of fight #3 and #4.

6. The two boys had only their nylon shorts, nothing under it, so that their dicks even hung out a little bit off the short. The girls didn’t even wear a bikini bra, so that her tits were free and the sparkling boy-shorts nicely stretched over their pussies. One couple begun with a standing fight which continued on the ground after the boy threw her down. The other girl of the second couple was physically somewhat stronger so that she could dominate the boy: He lay on his beak and she sat on his face so that he got a hard-on from the smell of her pussy. Without undressing his shorts she took his stiff one out off the shorts simply by bowing him down to where the pants ended. Then, she started -- quite tender -- to play with HIM when he suddenly bit into her crotch. She groaned with pain and was unable to fight anymore. So the boy could break free and support his mate. The other couple was still fighting on the ground, but as the second guy arrived the situation changed in favor of the boys. Now the boys applied the sandwich technique so the one boy lay to each side of the girl. One boy held her arms so that she was unable to defend. A guy from the audience threw a hand brush into the ring which the boys used now to torture the girl. They pulled her shorts sideward so that her pussy lay free. Now, the broomstick was inserted into her slit and twisted around. She cried in pain but the boys didn’t stop. Both boys got a hard-on from this. Meanwhile, the other girl had recovered from the clit-bite and carefully approached the guys so that they didn’t notice her. With a sudden and strong grip from behind into the crotch of each boy she took control of them. Both boys were paralyzed with pain and couldn’t defend. She started to crush their balls making both boys convulse. She squeezed long enough to make sure, the boys would be unable to fight anymore.

Now, the revenge of the girls begun:

The girl whose pussy was tortured sat on the back of one boy, her face looking at his crotch. She didn’t waste much time to slip off his shorts but just pushed it a little sideward so that she could reach his asshole. Then, she inserted the broomstick into his boy-pussy! The boy begun to groan and cry in pain, but she twirled, twisted and pushed the stick deeper and deeper into his pussy! The same guy who had dominated a girl in fight #3 by torturing her slit was now under control of a girl with a broomstick in HIS slit! The other girl cared for the boy who had bitten her before. Again, he was on his back while she sat on his breast. This time, she took care that he couldn’t reach her sensitive crotch. With a sudden twitch she took out his still stiff cock bowing him down to the boy's leg so that he slipped out of the shorts. He stood rock-hard before her, supported by his shorts which were tight enough that HE could not slip inside again without help. This time, she wouldn’t be as tender as before! The girl begun to bow, twist, wangle and twirl his stiff till the boy cried in pain. With a sudden, powerful tug she finally

broke his hard dick. His whole penis quickly got a red color. By the way, this boy was the former hero of his team from fight #4. And the girl who had caused him now a shaft rupture was the same which was raped in fight #1 and which had already revenged cruelly.

Balance of fights: At least, the boys could win 2 in 6 fights. But at which price! Four boys had to be rushed to the hospital immediately: The boys of fight #1 (who raped the girl), #2 (crushed by his own egg-cup), #4 (who had pissed after a direct stomp) and #6 (with the broken shaft). And the other boys didn't feel much better. Even many of the girls were still in pain. Especially the losers of fight #4 still lay on the ground with aching pussy and titties. Nevertheless, the girl team claimed their legal reward after the won battle. They chose the boy who had worn the pelvic guard in fight #5. Meanwhile, he had quite well recovered from the direct hit against his both balls. The girls decided to shave him at first. So, he was held by 3 or 4 girls while another girl shaved his pubic hairs! He was really afraid that they could hurt his cock! Finally, one girl shouted: "Don't forget his pussy!" And the boy was turned around for that he was shaved even around his asshole. The girls examined his asshole and found that he had nice cunt-lips. In fact, he was the first guy with a shaved pussy! Afterwards, he had to lie on his back and his dick was tied off by means of a cord so that he got stiff involuntarily. Now every girl ridded on the boy's stiff till she had her orgasm. For the boy it wasn't so funny because the tight cord prevented him from tossing off. As the blood circulation was hindered, his dick quickly started to ache. After the 2nd or 3rd girl, he was already in a lot of pain, but some more girls took him before they finally released his red swollen dick.



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