Sunday, August 12, 2007

Attempted Rape Revenge

by Nutwreckr

Michelle was a teen-age girl from Detroit. "Shell" as her friends call her has short red hair and a pale skin complexion with freckles. She’s not a very big girl, weighing in at 114 pounds and barely over 5' 1" in height. Her slim frame mirrors those in the sit-com "90210". Shell had taken karate for years as her father insisted growing up in the tough neighborhoods in the downtown district. She, up until this one night, had no use for the sport and though of it as useless.

Late one night while Shell was studying at a local library she noticed an older boy, probably in his mid-teens, watching her. She changed tables a couple of time and he would soon show up, always partially out of her view. When the library closed she lost sight of him and assumed that he went home. Shell made her way down the darkly lit streets on the wrong side of the tracks. Every so often she had the feeling that someone was following her. She grew nervous the more she walked. All of a sudden the sound of crashing tin cans made Shell jump and turn quickly towards the source of the noise. A gray, shabby cat starred back at her in response. She knew she was worried about nothing as she made her way quickly down the sidewalk.

When Shell reached the bus stop, a bench and a small sign along side of the street she found herself alone waiting for the ride. As she settled into the cold bench she heard nothing. This bus stop was on the back side of a long route that has little passengers. Out of the dark approached the teen boy from the library. Shell did not notice him. He was wearing black sweats and T-shirt. His worn tennis shoes made no sound as he scuffled along without destination. Tay-Ray, as his gang calls him, was heavyset. He spent his day lifting weights and bragging to the gang of his "victories". As a gangster in a notorious slum section of town, his daily routine involved answering his pager, collecting money from clients and moving the streets most prized product...crack. Tay has shot 2 other gangsters and raped 2 girls from rival gangs. His disposition was 'Fuck the world!'

As Tay rounded the corner of the building facing the bus stop he stopped and stared at the prize he saw in the library earlier. His plan was simple, walk up and sit down and see what she does. If she waited too long to get up, he thought to himself, "She MUST want it!" So with a quick motion he stepped out onto the sidewalk and approached the bench. Startled by the action Shell looks up and sits stunned that HE was standing, and now sitting, next to her. She looked to the left and then the right, shifty and nervous. Tay sat only a couple of feet away counting the seconds. Shell debated getting up to leave.

"But where will I go?" her mind raced. "If I walk away I might miss the bus, which would leave me in real trouble. Besides he hasn't done anything anyway... he might just be OK and I can forget it."

Before Shell can complete her thought decision Tay scooted closer and said "Hey baby, want some action tonight?" Shell now confirmed her previous thoughts and looked down at the sidewalk in silence. Tay spoke up louder this time while he grabbed her arm, "Hey! You hear me?" Shell looked at him and looked away shaking her head. "Well I think you want it tonight..." Tay slid his hand down to Shell’s crotch and pinched her slightly. Tay’s hand made her jump a little and she grabbed his arm to push it away. The young rebel pinched Shell’s pussy harder to a point where it hurts her. Without hesitation she jumped up and yanked his hand from her jeans.

She stood to face him and said, "Finger yourself asshole!" and walked over to the front of the building.

Tay, stunned, got up slowly and approached her saying, "Hey girl, you don't have to play hard to get.........” Shell warned him that he better stay away or he'd regret it. Tay ignored the warning and walks closer.


Tay smiled and stopped and replied, "Right on baby... I like it physical." As he approached closer Shell prepped herself for a frontal kick. Six, five and four feet away he closed in.

“HIIIYAAAA!” she yelled snap kicking the attacker in the stomach with pin point accuracy.

"Ughh," Tay grunted as he doubled over. He straightened quickly and rushed Shell like a football player after the ball snap. He grabbed her in a bear hug with her arms trapped by her side in his grip. The next move caught Shell off guard, as Tay picked up her small frame and dropped her onto his knee hard. Her pussy impacted his muscular thigh and the pain shot to her crotch! He picked her up again and dropped her harder onto his knee, which forced a sharp cry from the captive girl.

As he picked her up again she bellowed, "Noooooo pleeassseee nooot aagain." And he unmercifully dropped her again this time letting her free from his bear hug. He was on one knee on the sidewalk with Shell balanced on his knee. Her eyes started to water as she, by the weight of her own body, ground her bruised pussy onto his thigh.

Shell fell off to the side onto the hard cement. “But this is better than the previous,” she thought to herself. She quickly formulated a plan and mumbled to her assailant, "Okay, okay, I will do what ever you want...." Tay smiled in response. He told her to peel off her jeans and get into position. Shell sat up and unbuttoned the front of her 501s, lifted her butt off the ground and slid them off. She was wearing a thin panty with a G-string. Tay commanded her to take it off. She pulled it off reluctantly and set it aside. Her pubic hair was blonde and trimmed to a thin strip ending at her lips. Tay barked out commands.

"GET INTO POSITION! YOU KNOW, DOGGY STYLE!" As Shell rolled over to her knees she looked at Tay dropping his drawers ready and willing. Tay as she noticed is normal in cock size but had two very large testicles.

As he knelt to mount her Shell softly mentioned, "Let me guide it in..." She reached her hand between her legs for his cock. Tay leaned back a little to let her get what she wants. Shell caressed his cock to full hardness and she started to pull him to her exposed pussy. As the tip of his cock touched her awaiting lips she let go and reached farther back... for his BALLS! Shell gripped them in a nut claw, digging her nails into his sack.

Tay arched back in surprise and yelling, "ARRGGHHHH LET GO OF MY NUTS BITCH! Shell bore down harder making him beg and whimper. As he winced in the pain that she was giving his balls, she quickly switched hands and turned to face him.

With one mighty shove to his chest, Shell pushed the boy backwards making him brace himself with both arms. "Remember pinching my cunt lips asshole?!" Shell snapped at him gripping down harder on his captive meatballs. Tay’s eyes rolled up and he nodded quickly. "Well how does this feel? Your cock is getting smaller and your nuts are starting to give. What should I do?" Tay eyes started to water as Shells nails dug deeper into his pressured nuts. Shell started to roll them roughly in her hand watching Tay’s head tremble.

"Please lady I didn't mean anything... aaaaAAAAA," Tay replied. Tay wasn't a smart guy but he knew that if his arms failed supporting him his balls would be yanked off by his captor. Shell let go of Tay’s crimped testicles and he fell on his back in relief. His legs were spread letting his balls hang low between his legs.

Shell thought of the pain her pussy endured and said, "Remember dropping me on my pussy?" Tay looked on. "Well try this on for size..." Shell dropped her right knee into Tay’s crotch bunching his balls into his scrotum squished in his crotch.

"UUUUGHHHH!!!!" Tay shouts in return. His hands went to her knee holding it, hoping that she didn't lean in to crush them even more.

"Feels good, don't it!" Shell barked as she ground her knee into his now swelling balls. "Wanna fuck me now?" Shell smirks. Shell got up and stood above Tay as he massaged his bruised nuts. "Hope you learned something," Shells said, warning him.

As Shell bent to grab her panties and jeans Tay’s hands shot up and grabbed her pussy lips and pubic hair in one grip. Shell in surprise dropped to her knees alongside of Tay as he dug his thumbnail into her stiff pink clit. The pain shot to her pussy as he manhandled her already bruised pussy lips. Shell fell to her back and was positioned '69' style to the side of Tay. She reached over to his exposed balls and grabbed his scrotum just above his testes into her fist as she yanked them while she rolled towards him. Tay pinched Shells clit tightly between his thumb and forefinger like a crab with its prey. Shell winced and moaned as Tay’s fingers worked her raw clit harder. When Shell got her attention back to the large balls in her left fist she reached her right arm back and landed a punch impacting Tay’s balls head on. His balls crushed between her hard knuckled fist and her left hand. Tay immediately dropped his hands and begged her to stop. Shell wound up and slammed her fist again into his softening balls. ‘SMASH!’ the sound emitted from his crotch. Tay wailed for her to stop and Shell continued without compassion. Slam, Slam, Slam she pounded his balls into a mash. After the 5th or 6th punch Tay passed out cold. Shell stopped, holding his pulverized testicles in her left hand to admire her work. She had never crushed a guy’s nuts before, not to mention beating a pair to a pulp. The mushy sac made her smile. The sight of his shriveled cock and slight cum drooling from it made her feel complete. She used her fingers to squeeze the pulp sac in-between her fingers knowing the manhood of a teen-age guy was taken by her that night.

As she gathered her belongings, the bus she was waiting for pulled up and she tucked herself in. Stepping onto the bus she found a mostly full bus. After selecting her seat, Shell looked out the window, as most of the bus riders did by this time. They gawked at the young male lying on the sidewalk facing them, passed out and his crushed genitals proudly displayed hanging low between his legs. Most guys on the bus crossed their legs, while the women smiled as the bus pulled out of sight.

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