Sunday, August 12, 2007

Babysitter and Sister

by unknown

My parents have never really trusted me. When I was ten years old, I got caught stealing in a mall and they haven't given me any trust since. I guess that's why they hired a babysitter to stay with me and my sister for a week.

On Friday, there was a knock at the door. Knowing it was the babysitter, my mother ran to answer it. I was up in my room, so my mom called me down to meet the woman. When I caught my first glimpse of her, I was shocked. She was one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, 5'11", good size firm breasts, and really long shapely legs. Her feet were a perfect size 6. To make things even better she was wearing a black miniskirt with a white low cut blouse, and black 4-inch high heels.

I was still gawking at her amazing body when she said in a somewhat irritated voice, "Hi, I'm Natalie."

I looked up at her face and saw her beautiful smile, I responded by saying, "Hi, I'm Matt." We shook hands, then my mom led Natalie around the house, giving her somewhat of a tour. I followed close behind, admiring her tight ass. After about an hour of instructions, my parents finally left, leaving me alone with Natalie. My twin sister Amy was out at her friend’s house at the time.

Natalie asked me what I wanted to do, so I suggested watching TV for a little while. She agreed, and we sat down on the to watch a movie. During the movie, we had a conversation, and got to know each other better. Then about halfway through the movie there was a scene where a woman kicked a man in the balls because he was trying to rape her. We watched as the man crumpled to the ground and began making funny noises. All of a sudden Natalie broke out in an evil laugh. She said that that's gotta hurt. Then she turned to me and asked if I had ever been kicked in the balls.

The question kinda stunned me. But then I remembered one time when my sister kicked me by mistake. I began to tell Natalie my story about how my sister and I were having a fake fight and she ended up kicking me in the balls unintentionally. Natalie asked if it hurt really bad, and I said yeah and that I've never experienced pain like that before. To my surprise, she laughed and said that she wonders what its like to kick a guy in the balls. I was uncomfortable with the conversation, and I was really glad that my sister walked in right at that moment.

We all finished watching the movie, and afterwards I walked upstairs to take my shower. It was around 10pm. As I sat in the shower, I began to think about Natalie. I was picturing her luscious body and I immediately became incredibly horny. That night, I took out one of my Playboys and masturbated in my room.

The next day, Natalie seemed a little meaner to me than the day before but she was beginning to act really nice to Amy. That made me mad so as my sister walked by I decided to trip her. She fell down as I had hoped she would. As I laughed she got up and as soon as I started to walk away she ran up and kneed me in the balls from behind. It hurt so bad and I fell to the floor immediately. I looked to Natalie to see if she was going to yell at Amy, but she just sat there on the couch with her sexy legs crossed staring at me with a smile on her face. She said I deserved it.

I walked up to my room and lied down on the bed. Natalie called up to the room and said that she was going out with Amy to get pizza. When I heard the front door slam shut, I decided to look at my Playboy. As I sat on the bed stroking my little penis, I began to completely lose track of time. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Natalie. I moved as quickly as I could to cover up the Playboy and my dick with a cover but it was too late.

She asked me what the fuck I was doing. I didn't respond. Then she said, “Let me see what you were looking at.” I didn't react, so she came over and uncovered me. Instead of yelling at me, she asked, “So you like looking at nude women.” I nodded my head ‘yes’. Then she asked if I had ever seen one live and I said no. My face was bright red. She had a devilish grin on her face. Then in a sexy voice, she asked me If I wanted to see her naked. I didn't respond, but as my dick began to become erect she knew my answer was yes. Then she offered me a deal.

She'd take her clothes off if I'd let her kick me in the balls first. Unfortunately my penis did the thinking for me. I agreed, so she told me to stand spread-eagled against the wall. I followed her commands. She walked up to me and rubbed the tip of her 4-inch black platform shoe on the length of my hard little penis. Then she brought her knee up to her chest and launched a side kick right into my balls, crunching them between her shoes and the wall. Then she began to twist her shoe, grinding my balls into the wall. While she was doing this she laughed and told me how stupid I was and that she'd never take her clothes off for an immature 15-year-old boy.

As she continued grinding my balls with her platform shoes, she warned that if I ever said anything about this that she'd cut my balls off and serve them for dinner. With that, she released pressure and laughed some more as I rolled around on the floor. Then she walked out the door and instructed me to come down to the table and eat pizza with her and Amy.

After about a half hour I finally got enough strength to go down. As we ate the pizza, Natalie kept poking me in the balls under the table with the heel of her shoe. That night I went to bed.

The next day, my parents called. Natalie answered, and shortly after they asked to talk to me. Since my mother was a really loud talker, Natalie could hear when she asked me how everything was going. She put her foot about an inch away from my balls to warn me. I gave a good report to my mom, saying how great Natalie was. Later that night, Natalie called me down again. As I entered the living room, I noticed that she and Amy both had on incredibly sexy outfits. Tight shirts, short skirts, and platform heels. I immediately became aroused. I knew something was wrong especially when my sister said, “Look, it’s all ready pointing up.”

Natalie replied, “Well I told you he can't control himself.” As soon as she began to approach me, I tried to run away. I ran through the dining room with Natalie close behind. As I turned the corner into the kitchen I felt my balls smash against the shoe of my sister who had been holding her foot out in front of me. When I fell to the floor, Natalie came running in and kicked me in the balls from behind. She said never to run from her again. Her and Amy shared a good laugh. Then they brought me into the living room, and laid me on the hard wood floor.

Natalie said to Amy that she would teach her how to destroy a man's balls, and how much of a turn on it is. With that, she grabbed my arms, holding them behind my back, and she lifted me up. Then she instructed Amy to knee my nuts.

Amy walked up and looked me in the eye. Before kneeing me she said, "I'm gonna enjoy this." Then she lifted her knee up with as much speed as she possibly could right into my balls. I wanted to fall on the floor, but since Natalie was holding me I couldn't. I looked at my sister, and I saw an almost orgasmic look on her face. She then proceeded to knee me about ten more times before Natalie finally let me fall to the ground. I was now completely out of energy and they had just begun.

Now Amy was holding me, and Natalie said that it was time for a new kind of groin pain. She pulled down my pants and, after making a joke to my sister about how little my dick was, she grabbed hold of my balls and began to squeeze with all her might. I was screaming in agony, while the two girls just laughed at my pain. Finally after about a minute, Natalie released my balls from her hands, and just as I began to relax, she squeezed again and let go really quickly.

Then my sister took a try at ball squeezing. Although her grip was not as bad as Natalie's, it still killed. When she finally let go, and Natalie dropped me to the ground, I looked up to see Natalie reaching up her skirt. She was getting turned on by destroying my manhood. I was even more shocked when I saw Amy doing the same. I never could have thought women would be so cruel.

Now Natalie decided that it was time to teach Amy how to kick. Natalie looked down at me and giggled, then she told me that my balls would be nothing but liquid in a sack when she was done with me tonight. I started to get up, but Natalie put her shoe on the top of my head and pushed me back down. She asked Amy if there was any rope around the house, so Amy ran out to the garage and returned with some. Natalie then proceeded to make me lie down, and she tied my legs so that they were as spread apart as possible. At the same time Amy tied my arms down. Now I was lying on my back in a totally vulnerable position.

Natalie then stood over me and told me to look up her skirt. I tried not to, knowing there was some catch, but she said if I didn't she cut my dick off. So I looked up. In about half a minute, I was completely horny, and my dick was pointing straight up. After telling Amy about the incident the night before where she found out how horny I was Natalie instructed Amy to walk between my legs and kick my little balls as hard as she possibly could.

Before Amy kicked me, she squatted between my legs and gave my balls a light punch then she laughed and said how I will never be able to have babies when she's done with me. With that, she stood up, pulled her leg way back behind her, and then brought it forward right into my balls. I could feel the heel of her platform crush my balls back into my body, and then I just blacked out.

I woke up shortly after to see Natalie and Amy sitting on the couch fingering themselves. When they noticed that I was awake, Natalie got up. She laughed and said I should have stayed asleep. Amy then walked up on my chest and began jumping up and down, it hurt really bad, but I got an even worse pain when Natalie kicked my balls with her open-toed platform. Instead of pulling her foot away from my balls though, she kept them there and wiggled her toe around then she brought it back and booted me again.

Then Amy jumped off my stomach and onto my head. I felt like my skull was about to crack. Now Natalie instructed Amy to walk between my legs again. She came around and sat down on my face so that her legs were spread towards my face, her feet were on both sides of my head. She started to tell me how putting me through pain makes her wet, then she slid forward and sat right on my face so that her pussy was covering my mouth. I could taste the wetness. Then Natalie told Amy to grab both my feet and lift them up so they were on both sides of her waist. (I was untied by now, but I wasn't going anywhere with this kinda pain.) Then Natalie told Amy to stomp down on my balls with all of her might.

Amy let out a grunt as she smashed her foot down into my balls. I tried to scream, but Natalie's pussy was smothering my mouth. Natalie began moaning, as my breath was blowing into her. Amy slammed her foot down again on my balls, but this time she kept it there and began grinding them. I was in complete agony. Suddenly Natalie slid up, and started sliding back and forth on my nose. I could tell she was close to orgasm. As my sister grinded away, Natalie began bouncing up and down using my nose as a dick. Each time she came down, her ass crushed my face. Finally she spilled all her juices on my face. She gave one last moan the she got up. My sister stopped grinding my balls and looked at Natalie.

Natalie then said, "Why don't I just leave you to alone while I go upstairs and get cleaned up." Before leaving, she warned Amy not to pop my nuts, because they needed them for the rest of the week. When she was gone, Amy walked up on my stomach.

She said, "Me and you are gonna have lots of fun from now on. We can play this game every day until you move out and If you ever tell mom, I'll go into your room at night and cut your balls right from your body then I'll put them in a boiling pot of water and eat them for dinner. You'd like that wouldn't you Matt?" She decided that it was time for her orgasm so she jumped from my stomach right onto my balls. She once again began to grind my balls with her shoe, but this time she was fingering herself while doing it. She was in such an orgasmic state, that she didn't notice that she was putting every single ounce of her weight on my balls. I knew that if she didn't orgasm soon, my balls would pop. Then she finally let out a high-pitched moan, and she fell back onto the couch.

As she stared at me clutching my balls on the ground, she laughed and said, "Wow, that was so much fun, was it good for you Matt. I sure hope it was because were gonna be doing it so much that you might have to cut your own balls off just to relieve the pain."

For the rest of that week, Natalie and Amy tortured me. When my parents came home, they told me to come down to the door and walk Natalie out. She gave a hug goodbye and while we were hugging she gave me a light knee to the balls then she whispered, "I'll be back." With that she blew me a little kiss goodbye and left. I sighed in relief that my torture was finally over, but then a horrible though came to my mind.

I turned around to see my sister giving me an evil grin. She said, "you better hope mom and dad never leave you and me alone again" then she laughed and walked away.


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Almost makes me wish I was fifteen again.

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Damn, I would've wanted to kill myself if I was in that position. Why didn't you tell on them? The cunts desurve to be fucking sent to court, you could possibly never have children because of those pretentious, self centred, slack jaw fuckwits. Jesus, I feel sorry for you dude.

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I hope she ate his nuts

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When you realized this is 100% fake

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This is the start to a great relationship if you decide to become a masochist 👍