Saturday, August 11, 2007

Babysitter Bust

By Stunned

Kathy had been babysitting since she was 12. It was an easy way to make money, and she didn’t mind it. But as she got older, so did her charges. The children she took care of at 8 soon became 12 and older. One family in particular, the Stevens, had first employed her at 13 to look after their nine-year-old son Josh. Josh was fun at that age to take care of, mischievous, but harmless. But as he got older, he became more of a handful, especially when he hit puberty. His parents realized he was a handful and insisted on having a baby sitter long after most parents would have let their children stay on their own. When Kathy was 18 and about to start college, Josh was 14 and still his parents asked her to baby sit. Kathy did not mind, Josh was way out of diapers, and beyond his leering glances at her, he was easy to care for and a quick buck for her. One Friday night, when Josh's parents left town and Kathy was to baby sit, Josh asked if his friend Mike could stay over. Kathy had no problem with that, figuring the two would entertain each other and give her more time to study for college exams.

As Kathy had figured, once Mike arrived, the boys disappeared into the basement to play video games and did not bother her much. She studied upstairs for about two hours and then decided she should check on Josh and Mike. She opened the basement door and was about to yell down to the boys when she noticed that the basement was dark, except for a kind of flickering glow. She crept down the basement stairs and when she reached the bottom step, she could not believe what she found. Josh and Mike were laying on their backs in front of the TV, pants down, jerking themselves. She giggled quietly as she crept up on them.

"Hi guys, whatcha watching?" she said loudly. Both boys jerked up their pants and sat up looking embarrassed, not sure if she had seen what they were doing.

Josh stammered, "Uh oh, Le Femme Nikita on USA."

"Oh I see" Kathy said. "Must be a pretty good episode considering what I saw you both doing", Kathy said grinning from ear to ear. Mike and Josh looked at each other in total embarrassment not knowing how to respond. "Its ok boys, I know men at your age have needs, sorry I broke your concentration."

Mike asked, "You mean you know guys jerk off like us?"

"Well of course I do!" Kathy answered, trying to sound sympathetic.

"Wow,” Josh said sounding more relieved.

"So, what got you to so hot and bothered?" Kathy asked, baiting the boys into sharing their fantasy.

Josh answered, "Well Nikita was tied up and these two guys were going to do things to her."

"Oh I see, so the thought of having a helpless girl tied up turned you on?" Kathy asked.

"Kinda," Mike said looking sheepish.

"Well what would happen to you two if you were tied up?" Kathy asked. The boys looked at each other a moment trying to grasp her point. "I mean wouldn’t you feel pretty helpless if you were tied up?" Kathy continued.

Mike replied, "Well no, I mean we are guys, what could someone do to us even if we were tied up?"

Kathy's mind began to fill with many strange thoughts after Mike's statement. Josh and Mike were just at the age where boys begin to become men and should learn a lesson in what were appropriate thoughts to think about women.

"I'll tell you what boys, why don’t you let me tie you up and we will see what happens?" Kathy said.

Josh and Mike looked at each other for a moment, then Josh asked, "What do you mean tie us up? What are you going to do to us?"

Kathy thought for a moment before answering, then answered, "Well you guys let me tie you up and we will see if I am able to make you as afraid as a women would be. I'll even give you an incentive." With that Kathy stood up and began to remove her blouse. Both boys eye's widened as her top fell away revealing her black lacy bra. Kathy continued to disrobe, removing her shoes and then her jeans. She could tell that both boys were in shock as she revealed that she was wearing a silky black thong underneath. She stood before the boys, firm breasts pressing against her bra, the thong accenting her crotch. Both boys just sat on the floor, quivering in disbelief. Kathy looked down at her attentive audience and giggled to herself. She knew at this point they would pretty much go along with anything she requested. She thought momentarily about if she could go through with it, and decided she could.

"Ok, boys! I've laid my cards on the table, are willing to take the challenge?"

The boys whispered back and forth for a moment and then Josh said "Ok.". Kathy ordered the boys to take off their tennis shoes and remove their shoelaces. When they had complied, she collected the strings and ordered them to stand up with their backs toward her and to interlock their hands behind their backs. The boys obediently complied. Kathy took used two of the shoestrings to tie the boys’ hands securely behind their backs. Once this was accomplished, she instructed the boys to turn and face her.

"Ok guys, here's the deal, you are both spies and I have captured you. My mission is to extract as much information from you as I can, using whatever measures are necessary. You don’t have to answer me, but I doubt you will be able to hold out." She
laughed out loud at her statement. The boys looked at each other with questioning glances. What had they gotten themselves into!

Kathy approached the pair and knelt before them. Before their teenage minds good generate a fantasy, she reached up and gripped the band of their sweat pants and
yanked downward. In a split second, both boys were standing in front of her with their genitals exposed and their pants and underwear around their ankles. Josh and Mike both cried out simultaneously at their forced disrobing.

"Hey, what the fuck!"

"Now boys, you’re my prisoners remember? I make the rules. Mike you said what could someone possibly do to you if you were helpless, well I'm going to show you!" The boys stood in front of her, their young manhood displayed. Kathy took a moment to inspect her prisoners. Both boys at 14 had a nice pubic bush started around the base of their cocks, but they were not far enough along in puberty to have hair on their balls. How odd she thought, she had been with men her own age, only 4 years older than these boys, but what a difference 4 years made apparently in a man's development. Both boys had genitals the approximate size of men, but the pubic hair was lacking, and what was there was fine and fluffy, not course and thick like a full-grown man. It was apparent to her that the boy's genitals had grown to adult size long before their bodies had. In a way, the boys looked kind of sad standing there in their awkward underdeveloped teenage bodies with adult sized genitalia.

Kathy raised her hands and cupped each boys balls. They were so smooth! She could feel their scrotums tighten under her touch and witnessed their young pricks begin to rise under the stimulation. Both boys remained silent as Kathy lightly stroked their exposed balls, each touch causing their balls to rise and their scrotums tighten more.

To be continued


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I want two