Monday, August 13, 2007

The Ball-Busting Family

by Caligula

Roy, who was 22, sat on his aunt's sofa, babysitting his cousin Melissa and her friend Cara. Not that they really needed babysitting, as Melissa and her friend were both 16, but his aunt was afraid the two young girls would find a way to cause trouble. Roy pretended he was watching television but kept stealing glances at the two young women. Both were dressed in crop-top tight shirts, their breasts almost hanging out underneath, tight shorts and were barefoot. He was getting an uncomfortable erection as the two of them laughed and kicked their bare feet out at each other. Suddenly Melissa focused Cara's attention to the movie on the television.

"Watch this Cara! This is funny!" Roy turned to see what was about to happen as well. The movie was Vice Academy Part 1, and some guy was standing in front of a line of women as each took a turn kneeing him in the groin in some sort of self-defense scenario. Roy's erection got bigger watching this happen, as he had always had a secret fetish about being kicked in the nuts, or worse. He looked again at his cousin and her friend as they laughed about the guy's trauma and recalled the numerous fantasies he had about his own cousin kicking him below the belt. His gaze traveled up and down her body and rested on her small size 6 and a half feet. The soles looked so soft and wonderful and the toes so perfect with their red polish, yet he longed to see what her foot would feel like crushing his balls into his pelvis. Suddenly Melissa turned to look at her cousin and noticed how he looked at her feet before he could turn away.

"Roy! Why were you looking at my feet?" She stuck her foot out and pointed and wiggled her toes at him. His erection got bigger despite his embarrassment.

"Don't be silly, you little jerk." He tried to blow it off as nothing. Cara decided to put her two cents in.

"Maybe he likes feet. I know this guy who says he likes to smell and lick feet. He says he has a foot fetish or something. Maybe Roy has a foot fetish too?"

"Eeeeeewwwww!!! That's gross! My cousin wants to lick my feet?" Melissa looked at her cousin again. "If you EVER touch my feet you dork I'll kick you like that guy got kicked on the TV!" Her and Cara laughed at that. Roy wondered about this interesting scenario. If he went over to touch his cousin's foot it would be like daring her to kick his crotch. Maybe he had found a way to explore his darkest fantasy without revealing his secret! Before he could act on this genius of an idea Melissa asked him a question.

"Roy, have you ever been kicked in, you know, the balls before?" Melissa and Cara giggled. Roy swallowed hard and answered slowly.

"No," he lied. He thought he would take the conversation a step farther and asked, "Have either of you ever kicked anyone in the balls?" Roy was scared shitless and embarrassed as heck.

"I tried once but the boy didn't fall down like in the movies so I musta missed his nuts," replied Cara.

"I saw a boy get kicked there and he cried for a long time but I never got to kick a guy. I bet it's alotta fun though!" added Melissa as an afterthought. The two girls giggled again. Roy thought to push a bit farther.

"I always wondered what it was like to get kicked in the balls. I don't think it hurts as bad as all that."

"Then let me kick you and we'll find out," teased Melissa. It was now or never. Roy would have to set the trap and see if they'd take the bait.

"You don't have the guts, you little jerk. I'll stand right in front of you with my legs spread and you can kick me in the balls as hard as you want, but you won't because you're a girl and don't have the guts!"

"Come on then, you big dork! I'll show you who doesn't have the guts!"

"I bet $100 you won't do it."

"I don't want money! If I do it, then me and Cara get to practice kicking you in the balls all day!" Cara clapped at that and nodded that she'd like to participate. This was better than Roy had hoped for and eagerly agreed to the terms. He got up and walked over to his cousin. He stood in front of her as she and Cara got up off the ground. He spread his legs wide so Melissa would have easy access to his groin.

"Make sure you show her where the balls are so she doesn't miss like I did that time," interrupted Cara. He reached out and gingerly took his cousin's hand and guided it to where his nuts were outlined in his tight speedos. He placed one of her fingers on each testicle.

"This is them," he announced as he swallowed hard again. Melissa smiled broadly as she pushed his orbs around with her fingers. Cara also reached around and played with his jewels. Each girl now had a testicle firmly in her grip and stared in amazement as they rolled around their prizes.

"Now I know why they call them balls and nuts," said Melissa.

"Yeah, they're so small and kinda hard. I wonder what would happen if you kicked them real hard with pointy shoes on."

"I bet that would hurt real bad. You know eggs are hard on the outside but they crush real easy. I wonder if they're like eggs." Cara stepped back a bit and looked Roy in the eyes as she slowly and carefully lifted her foot up to his balls. She stopped when her big toe made soft, almost imperceptible, contact with his right testicle. Roy shivered a bit, as he knew this young girl was enjoying embarrassing him.

"Roy, would this hurt real bad if I kicked you like this?" asked Cara.

Melissa butted in, "Would it make your voice high-pitched like in that movie? Would you be able to have babies still? My mom and your mom say if you kick a boy hard enough in the family jewels he can't have kids. Why is that Roy? The always tell me to kick until the boy's balls pop." Roy never guessed that his aunt and mother had talked to his cousin about kicking boys in the groin, and especially that they had encouraged turning the boys into eunuchs! His own mother!!!

"Well...if you 'pop' a guys balls he can't produce sperm so he can't have kids. Guys without balls are called eunuchs." Melissa was excited by this.

"That's right! You're mom told me about how they used to cut the balls off guys to make them slaves. She called it castration." Roy was intrigued by and turned on knowing that his aunt and mother were so open with his cousin about testicles. He wanted to hear more.

"What else did my Mom and your mom tell you about?"

Melissa laughed and said, "Well, I heard your mom saying once how she had caught you sniffing her feet when you thought she was sleeping on the sofa. She said she heard you whispering 'kick me in the balls, Mommy'. So she said that you deserved being hit in the balls for being such a pervert and so later that day she hit you in the nuts with her fist and made it seem like an accident!" Both girls were now laughing very hard. Roy remembered that day and was horrified that his mother had heard him say that, and yet was aroused knowing that she knew and had hit him in the balls on purpose. He also wondered now about all the times since then that his mother had 'accidentally' injured his plums. One of his favorite masturbatory remembrances was the time his mom was pretending to be a ballet dancer and kicked her leg out, catching him full in the balls. She really poured on the sympathy and teased him about how he would be so much better off without his balls, since they were always getting in the way. The thought of his mother castrating him really got his dick stiff.

Melissa brought him out of his reverie by saying, "OK, are you ready, Roy?" Roy gulped one last time and nodded yes.

He didn't have much time to worry about the consequences as his gorgeous cousin kicked him hard in the balls. They were trapped within the tight confines of his speedos and so had nowhere to go to escape the crushing force of his cousin's pretty foot. As her foot came up to meet his balls Roy noticed how her firm young breasts became slightly exposed when her crop-top was pulled up with her movements. His fantasy had been fulfilled but his joy was short lived as the pain hit him and he crumpled to the floor with a groan. He could hear Melissa and Cara laughing.

"I told you I had the guts, dork!!!" teased Melissa.

"Cool, that means I get to kick him in the balls now since we won the bet!" chimed in Cara.

"So what did it feel like? We know you like it! We knew you would cause of what I heard your mom say, so stop being a baby and let us kick you some more. You know you're getting off on it!" Roy no longer felt the need to pretend he didn't like it. His cover had been blown but he was living his greatest fantasies, so what the fuck!

"I liked it, kick me some more," she moved to a position in front of Roy and patted him on the head. "This is so much fun Roy! If I pop your balls will you be mad at me?" Roy thought about it briefly and knew the answer almost immediately.

"Of course not. Like you said, it's fun." Cara then took careful aim and caught him in the right nut with her big toe. Cara winced, as she wasn't expecting her toe to sting so bad.

"Ouch! Just don't kick him with your toes cause it hurts like a motherfucker! You hurt my toe Roy." But Roy was in too much pain to answer as he was on the ground again clutching his manhood.

"Well I guess it hurt him more than it hurt you," chuckled Melissa. Roy was given a little while to recover and he was wondering why the two girls kept talking in conspiratorial whispers. What had they to hide from him? They knew his secret desire to be kicked in the balls and had set him free. When they noticed he was better they approached him on the sofa. They kneeled in front of him as he rested on the sofa and Melissa gently cupped his balls in her hand. She smiled at him.

"How they hangin'?"

"Better," replied Roy. He started to get hard at her touch. Both girls noticed.

"Roy, I want to ask you about something you said to Cara."

"Of course Melissa." Roy was wondering what he had said.

"Well, you said it was all right if she popped your balls. Did you mean it?" Roy now remembered telling Cara it was OK, and knew he had meant it. He didn't know why, but the thought of a young girl busting his balls just seemed right to him.

"Sure I meant it, Melissa."

"Would you let ME pop a ball?" asked Melissa giving his nuts a painful squeeze. "Not both, just one ball. I REALLY want to pop one. I could step on it with my foot, you know, the foot you think is so pretty. Could I Roy? Could I pop a ball? We know you like it and it would be so much fun for me. I'm just so bored, and you don't want me to be bored do you?" Roy looked at his cousin longingly, stared at her breasts and looked over her shoulder to look at her scrumptious feet.

"Okay, I'll let you crush one of my balls, this way I'll still have one left for you to kick. Just don't tell anyone about this." Melissa and Cara moved swiftly so he didn't have time to change his mind. Roy removed his speedos and underwear and kneeled before the coffee table, placing his nutsack on the table before him. Cara held him from behind and Melissa climbed onto the table. She walked around on the table a bit and several times pretended like she was about to stomp on his unprotected balls. Roy cringed each time but then would hear his cousin's mirthful laughter and knew she was playing with him. She then placed her bare heel on Roy's left nut and bounced a bit. Roy moaned softly, in ecstasy or pain the girls didn't know or care.

"I bet it'll hurt real bad when I crush your egg, Roy. I bet your Mom would be so proud of me for popping your nut, just like she says to do to guys. Your ball feels so funny under my heel. Sort of like a bug."

"I don't like bugs, Melissa," said Cara. "I step on bugs!"

"I think that's what I'll do. Step on it and crush it flat!" But she didn't. She just stood there with her heel on his ball. "I'm only teasing Roy, I'm not going to pop your ball." Roy, who's eyes were closed through the whole thing now opened them and looked up at his cousin as she towered above him on the table. That was what she was waiting for, to catch his eyes. She stepped down with her full weight onto his left nut, and Roy screamed and howled as his cousin's foot crushed the cartilage and blood vessels in his ball.

Roy passed out.

When Roy awoke he was on the sofa. His speedos were back on and Melissa and Cara were watching television again. Roy moaned and caught the attention of the two young ladies. They rushed over excitedly.

"Roy that was so much fun!!!" yelled Melissa. "It was so cool. It felt great when your nut exploded under my foot!"

"Yeah," agreed Cara, "she got all wet when your ball went 'squish'." Roy groaned again and was still in considerable pain. The rest of the week was spent in agony and ecstasy as Roy was subjected to numerous ball-kicking and kneeing experiments by the two girls. Then the day came when his mother and aunt returned from their vacation. His mother and aunt both sat at the kitchen table, barefoot. Melissa had invited Cara over and were both sitting with Roy on the sofa.

Roy could see his mother and aunt's feet and it was driving him crazy. How bad he wanted to reveal to his mother his desire to be kicked in the balls by her. Even though she knew, it wasn't the same as being open about it. He wondered how their relationship would change. Melissa and Cara were trying to convince him to reveal himself to his and her mother.

"Go on Roy, just tell them. You'll be happy you did. They already know anyway so why hide it from them? Who knows what ball-busting fun we could all have together!" Roy swallowed what little pride he had left and went to the kitchen. His aunt and mother didn't even pay any attention to him as he kneeled at his mother's side. He stared longingly at his mother's feet, wanting to suck her toes and lick the soles. His gaze traveled up her sexy legs to her beautiful face and before he knew it the words came out just as they did that day when he sniffed her feet.

"Kick me in the balls, Mommy." Suddenly the conversation stopped and both his mother and aunt stared down at him. His mother smiled kindly and his aunt laughed.

"It's about time you came clean about your little fetish, Roy," said his mom, "and of course I'll kick you in the balls. Let's see, how should we do this." She tapped her fingernails on the tabletop and wiggled her foot seductively. "I know, would you like me to ballet dance with you?" She winked at him.

"Yes, Mommy, I'd love to be your dance partner."

"Well, okay Roy, but I'm not very good and you remember what happened last time I danced, don't you?" She gave another wink and smile.

"We'll be careful, Mommy."

"I don't know Roy, you might get hurt if I misjudge the distance when I kick my foot out for you to catch." She lifted her foot and placed her sole in his face. "Maybe we shouldn't dance together Roy, this foot might do some damage."

"No Mommy, please! Dance with me! I'll take my chances but I want to dance with you!" Roy pleaded.

"Okay Roy, since you asked me so nicely. I know, let's do the Nutcracker Suite." Roy stood in front of his mother while his Aunt Therese, Melissa, and Cara stood to the side. Roy's mother did some stretching exercises, emphasizing the muscles in her legs and pointing her dainty feet at her son's crotch.

"I'm ready to start Roy. You know your part, don't you? All you have to do is catch my foot when I thrust it out to you."

"Yes Mommy." Roy's mother began her dance. She twisted and spun and pirouetted around her son, kicking her legs up high and humming to herself. Then she slowed a bit and stared her son in the eyes. And then it happened. Lightening quick her leg shot out and her pointed bare foot smashed into her son's one testicle. He fell like a ton of bricks. Suddenly he was surrounded by all the women and he could hear his mother speaking to him.

"I told you I wasn't very good Roy. If you hadn't gotten your balls in the way we could have kept dancing."

"I'm sorry, Mommy."

"That's okay Roy. Let's dance again and see if we can get it right." Roy couldn't believe his mother wanted to kick him again, but he struggled to his feet anyway. This time his mother danced much closer to him and her dancing was more furious.

She had her arms around her son's neck and whispered to him, "I learned this little move back in my cheerleading days in college." And then she shot her knee up twice into his ball and Roy slumped to the floor at his mother's feet. Roy's Aunt Therese had been standing by quietly but finally spoke up.

"I'm too afraid I'd hurt him if I kicked him in the balls like that. I never did have much nerve for that sort of thing." Roy's mother had a sudden idea. She had her sister lie on her back on the kitchen table and tied some yarn around Therese's ankle. Then she had Roy stand at his aunt's feet and pulled down his pants, tying the other end of the yarn around her son's ballbag.

"Melissa, you and Cara hold Roy up so he doesn't fall. Now Therese, I know how ticklish you are. I'm going to tickle your foot here, which means you'll be jerking around and the string tied around your foot and Roy's balls (Roy's mother hadn't noticed he only had one ball left) will ensure you make some good contact!" Then Roy's mother began to tickle her sister's unbound foot. And exactly as planned, Therese's other foot jerked up, pulling Roy's ball with it, and then kicked out, ramming Roy in the nut. This went on for several minutes and Roy was in sweet agony. He had no idea his mother was such an expert at busting balls. Then it was over and Melissa cut her mother's foot free. Roy managed to pull his pants up, although it was difficult with all the pain he was in.

Then his aunt, who was still sitting on the edge of the table in front of Roy said, "Oh, what the heck!" And kicked her nephew in his ball, dropping him to the floor. Melissa was whispering to her mother and Roy's aunt began to laugh.

"It seems, sis, that my lovely daughter and her friend popped one of your son's nuts while we were gone."

"He said it was okay," said Melissa.

"That's alright Melissa," said Roy's mother, "I encouraged you to pop balls so I can't complain now I guess." She looked down at her son's body as he lay in the fetal position. She nudged his groin with her big toe and laughed.

"Only one ball left, dear? I hope you had fun. Tell me, Roy...Tell me something. Would you like Mommy to pop your other ball?" Roy struggled with the desire to retain his manhood and that of fulfilling his deepest and darkest fantasy, that of becoming a eunuch at the hands of his mother.

"Yes, Mommy, please more than anything I want you to pop my one remaining nut." There, it was done and now the ball was in his mother's court, so to speak. Roy's mother smiled again and rubbed her toes against her son's lips. When she pulled her foot away Roy eagerly licked his lips to pick up any taste his mother's foot may have deposited there.

"How would you like me to do it? Should I use my teeth? I could chew on your nut until it's paste and then sever the cord with my sharp front teeth." Roy moaned as his hard-on fought to break out of his Speedos.

"How about my hands? I could squeeze your ball until it bursts or pop it with my fingernail! How about my feet? I could step on your ball or kick you repeatedly till it gives. I could wear shoes or go barefoot. Well Roy? What will it be?”

Roy swallowed hard as he pondered the fate of his right nut. Who would have thought that just days after his cousin, Melissa, and her friend, Cara, had burst his left nut that he would now be lying here on the floor trying to decide how his own mother would crush his last ball. The options were all exciting: chewed flat, squeezed till burst, kicked till ruptured. His mother stood above him smiling, her bare foot planted firmly, and a bit painfully, in his groin.

"Well, Roy, tell Mommy how I should bust that little ball of yours." said his mother.
Roy looked from his mother's beautiful face to the other three women standing around him. First there was his cousin's friend, Cara. Then his 16-year-old cousin, Melissa. And finally his Aunt Therese. All of them had a smile, which made him want to shiver. They were really looking forward to seeing his mother crush his ball and make him a eunuch for life.

"Use your feet, please." His mother smiled again. She raised her foot high above Roy's crotch and looked her son in the eyes. Then Roy saw his mother get an idea as her head twisted a bit to the side and a sadistic grin crossed her features.

"You know Roy, I'd be giving you a wonderful gift by popping your jewel, but gifts are supposed to be given at Christmas time. So I'm going to leave you with that last nut till then. But trust me when I say that the next few months won't be easy for you. I'm going to take you to new heights of ball-busting pleasure... and pain. Now give Mommy a kiss and thank me." Roy pulled his mother's foot from his groin up to his lips and placed a single kiss on her soft sole. He could hear all the women giggle. And what would be proper thanks? He could think of only one thing.

"Mommy, I would like to thank you by asking you and your beautiful sister, and my cousin and her friend to kick me in the balls again."

"You're so sweet, son. You heard him, girls!" Roy was roughly pulled to his feet. First Cara approached him, put her hands on his shoulders and looked to Roy's mother for her approval. She nodded her assent. Cara then thrust her knee hard into Roy's ball. Roy coughed and tried to bend over but his aunt and mother held him upright. Next his cousin stepped in front of him. He hadn't noticed, but she had slipped on her open-toed mules. She drew her leg back, and swung her foot upwards giving him a horrible nut-crunch. Her toes caught him squarely in the ball, almost popping it right there. Melissa and Cara took over as Roy's aunt and mother took their positions. They both stood next to each other and each one took turns raising their foot like dancers into Roy's last nut.

Finally Roy started to slide into unconsciousness but heard mutterings as he did so as to him having plenty of company, something about his cousin (Melissa's brother) and uncle (his mother and aunt's brother) being introduced to their new 'sport'.

Roy never knew how much his mother loved ball busting. They had sat down together shortly after arriving home from his aunt's house and discussed his fetish and what he wanted. His mother told him to explore all his fantasies while he could because she would indeed take his nut come Christmas morning, and she wanted him to enjoy as much as he could his last few months of manhood. So they talked about games they might play and the roles his mother could adopt: the accidental hit to the groin, the stern disciplinarian ball-buster and many other games. Halfway through the conversation she placed her bare feet in her son's lap for him to massage, knowing he would enjoy it. She made sure her heels dug into where his nut must surely be. Roy decided to ask his mother about the conversation he heard concerning his cousin, Joe, and his uncle, James.

"Well, dear, your cousin and uncle are going to be very soon now introduced to ball busting. Unlike you I don't think they'll enjoy it. I think Joe (who was 17) is probably getting his balls kicked right now by Aunt Therese and Melissa, since he got home from work an hour ago. As far as your uncle James goes, Therese and I have to talk to our sister-in-law, Alice, and see whether or not she'd be interested in hurting her husband's balls and if her daughter, your cousin Sarah, would like to crush her Daddy's nuts. We don't think it'll be a problem getting them to help us." She pulled her feet roughly from Roy's lap and continued talking.

"From now on, Roy, you'll wear only speedos in the house unless I say otherwise. This way I can see your ball through your pants. Alright, you can go now." Roy stood up from his chair and prepared to go off to his room to jerk off, thinking about what his mother was going to do to him, when his mother swung her foot up into his ball making him drop to the ground.

"I know where you were going and what you were going to do, Roy. You were going to masturbate and I won't have that in my house, understand?"

"Yes, Mom," squeaked out Roy as he clutched himself.

Joe came home from work that day and was surprised to find his cousin Roy and Aunt Patricia already gone. His sister, Melissa, kept smiling at him but when he pressed her as to why she was laughing she would just say it was nothing and look away. Even his mother seemed amused by something. Everything went pretty normal throughout the evening till dinner rolled around. Joe and Melissa sat across from each other at the very tiny dinner table while their mother sat at the head.

"So, Mom, what did you all do today while Roy and Aunt Pat were here?" asked Joe.

"We had a ball, I mean a REAL ball," smiled his mother. Melissa giggled as well. What was Joe missing here? He had an uneasy feeling. He jumped suddenly in his chair when he felt his sister's bare foot push VERY uncomfortably into his groin. He couldn't believe his sister had the guts...the BALLS, to stick her foot there. Yet what could he say? Hey Mom, Melissa just kicked me in the family jewels? He'd be too embarrassed. His sister didn't even look at him as she ate her food and twisted her foot between his legs. He reached down under the table and tried to pry her foot away with his hands, which caused Melissa to apply more pressure. He moved his hands away quickly and she eased the pressure. Still she wouldn't make eye contact but finally remover her foot. Joe made a mental note to get even with her later. He placed some mashed potatoes in his mouth, yet before he could chew Melissa thrust her foot as hard as she could into his balls, causing Joe to spit the mashed potatoes out all over the table.

"Eeeewww!!! That's gross!" yelled Melissa. Therese stood up and grabbed Joe by the ear, pulling him to his feet.

"What was that little stunt all about, mister!!! Let's see if you're in the mood for games after this!" Therese twisted her son around, gripped his shoulders, and kneed him in the nuts. He slid to his knees with his mouth open, giving his mother the opportunity to take a step back and kick him full force in the balls. Joe of course fell over and began crying and holding himself. Melissa had run around to watch and she and Therese both laughed at Joe in his agony.

"Well, big brother, I bet you'll never play with your food again!"

"Get used to it Joe, as life for you is going to be changing around here!" stated his mother. Melissa sank to her knees and slapped Joe's hands away from his manhood. She unzipped his pants and stuck her cruel little hand inside, snaking her hand into his underwear and wrapping her sadistic fingers around his ballbag.

"Make a wish, bro!" With that she pulled as hard as she could, and yanked his nuts into full view with just one twist.

"AAAAIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Joe's eyes bulged from the sockets as his sister's petite hand mangled his balls. Therese also kneeled down next to her son and plucked a ball from her daughter's hand. Now they each possessed a nut and decided to both squeeze.

His mother said, "Let's see who can squash harder. Joe, you let us know who is hurting you the worst, okay?" Joe of course couldn't answer, except to scream as his mother and sister each squeezed for all they were worth. The only rest Joe got was when one of them would ease up on his nut to get a better grip, and then the pain would be worse than before.

"Joe, if you don't say I'm hurting you more, I'll suck your nuts into my mouth and bite them right off!" threatened his sister through gritted teeth.

"Hey, no fair!!!" shouted his mother, "If that's how we're going to play... Joe, if you don't say Mom is the better ball-buster, I'll put my stilleto high heels on and step on your balls till I spear and pop each one with the pointy heels!" Joe had his mouth open in a silent scream, as no sound escaped his mouth, yet his eyes told the entire story of pain never before imagined, pain that no woman could understand. That was probably why his mother and sister, his tortured mind reasoned, applied the amount of pressure that they were. If only they knew, he was certain they would stop.

"M... m... m... mom!" he finally managed to shout.

"Ha!!! I win!" laughed Therese as she slapped her nut and let go.

"FUCK!!!" yelled Melissa. To get her revenge, she pulled her brother's testicles to the bottom of his scrotum and made sure his package was tight. She then pulled her free hand back, let it fly forward, and smacked her brother's plums with her open palm as hard as she could.

"Prick!" Melissa and Therese both stood up and looked down at the stricken teenager. Joe coughed and sputtered on the floor, and fought the desire to pass out or throw up. He needed to let them know how much pain he was in so they'd stop.

"Mom, please, don't do that anymore. You have no idea how much that hurts! It hurts sooooo bad, like I'm being killed only worse." There, now they'd leave him alone. Instead they only laughed.

"Don't be such a baby," snickered his sister.

"You just don't understand, honey," explained his mother. "We don't CARE about your stupid little balls." Therese and Melissa laughed at his horror-stricken face. "Your balls... are now OUR balls, to do with as we please. You will present your balls to us whenever we tell you to, and we WILL rack them, knee them, kick them or whatever else we want." Joe looked over to his sister and saw her lick her lips as she stared at his balls. She made eye contact with him and smiled, then made fierce biting motions with her teeth. Joe was really frightened now.

"Hey Joe," said Melissa. "What do you think it would feel like if I popped a nut? Popped it like a grape?" She stuck her bare foot down hard on his bare balls for painful emphasis. "I bet it would hurt like a motherfucker, don't you think? I'm asking you a question asshole!!!!!" She yelled at him and pushed her foot down so most of her weight was transferred onto his balls.

"Yes, it would hurt if you popped a nut!" he squealed out very quickly and with a high pitched lilt to his voice. "Please don't burst my balls. Please please please please please don't crush my testicles. I'll do ANYTHING if you don't pop my nuts! I won't be able to have kids if you do that!" pleaded Joe.

"I don't WANT you to have kids! Can you imagine how humiliating it would be for you to have your pretty sister pop one of your little balls and not even care she had half castrated you?" Joe knew not to hesitate with his answer.

"Yes, it would be SOOO humiliating to have you ruin one of my balls. I'd only be half a man and all because you applied just a tiny bit of pressure to one of my jewels."

"POP! Is that what it would sound like Joe? Or would it be a squish?"

"I don't know, probably a 'pop', but please don't do it!" He looked to his mother, who was sitting in a kitchen chair and watching the scene with obvious pleasure.

"Well Joe," started his mother, "if you think your sister busting a ball is humiliating, think how embarrassing and degrading it would be for your MOTHER to rupture a testicle! You know, Melissa, I think it would definitely be a 'pop'. Now come over here Joe and lick my stinky feet."
Melissa released her brother from under her delicate foot and let him drag himself to their mother's outstretched foot. He gingerly took the foot in his hands and started to lick and tongue every toe, as well as every nook and cranny of her strong smelling foot. He wanted to gag from the taste but knew better and kept licking. Finally his mother gave him permission to stop and service his sister's feet. This he also did and hated the embarrassment as his sister giggled at his uncomfortable predicament.

Roy's life changed drastically over the next couple weeks. Every evening before going to bed, his mother would knee his ball. He now slept at the foot of his mother's bed, with one of her feet in his mouth, and every morning started with a front snap kick to his ball. This was so he couldn't masturbate while she was in the shower. Roy received frequent visits from his Aunt Therese and Melissa, who were only too happy to kick his ball and relate stories about how his cousin Joe was handling his new found suffering. Apparently Joe fought them every step of the way but was slowly coming round to their way of thinking.

"What about Uncle James?" asked Roy.

"Well, we talked to your Aunt Alice and she says Uncle James is pretty much submissive anyway, and she and Sarah shouldn't have ANY problem introducing him to ball-busting," said his mother. "But enough of them Roy, let's me and you have our ice cream." He watched his mother dish out the ice cream and pour some crushed walnuts into her bowl.

"Would you like crushed nuts, Roy?" asked his mother as she turned to face him.

"Yes, Mom!" His mother's foot snapped up into his groin with a thud, lifting Roy onto his toes and causing him to squeal loudly. He fell to the floor and looked up adoringly into his mother's smiling face.

"And what would you like on your ice cream?"

James walked into his home and found his wife, Alice, on the sofa watching television and his daughter, Sarah, on the floor near his wife's feet. Alice patted on the sofa next to her and motioned for her husband to sit down. He did. He looked his wife up and down as he took his seat and noticed she was in a tight one-piece black dress with black stockings and black 4" high heels. He started getting a boner. His daughter was dressed in a pair of daisy duke shorts, barefoot, and tight t-shirt. His daughter was 15.

"James, honey, we've got a problem." said Alice.

"What kind of problem, sweetie?" He kissed his wife on the cheek.

"Sarah got into a fight today... with a boy." James noticed his daughter wasn't willing to make eye contact with him.

"I see. What happened?"

"Well, it's enough to say that she would have been hurt real bad if it hadn't been for the boy's mom. She saw what was about to happen and came outside." Alice started to smile and Sarah finally did look up at her father, smiling as well. "Well, she gave her son a swift kick in the balls and Sarah got away. Now if that mother hadn't been there, Sarah would have gotten SERIOUSLY injured. James, we have to do something." James's face grew a deep shade of red at the mention of the ball-kicking incident and now it was his turn to break eye contact with his grinning daughter.

"His own mother did that?" he said quietly.

"Pay attention James!"

"Yes dear," he replied meekly.

"You're not really listening! Sarah could have been HURT!" She emphasized this with a slap to his cheek.

"Ouch! I mean, yes dear." He briefly glanced at his daughter and she was still grinning at him.

"Of course she kicked her son in the balls! If it were my son, I would have kicked his little nuts too! But anyway, let's get back to our problem. Sarah needs to learn to protect herself. So what I've decided we're going to do is give her the skills, and confidence, to be able to defend herself in a man's world." She said 'man's world' with more than a twinge of sarcasm in her voice. "I think it will be good for Sarah, for me, and maybe you'll learn something yourself, dear."

"And how are we going to do this, dear?" James asked nervously.

"Well, what that mother did to her son has got me thinking... teach Sarah to go for the balls. But we need for her to see how this affects a real live target. So Sarah and I will practice on YOUR balls. Isn't that great?" James was stunned. What could he say?

"But dear, that will hurt..."

"Are you saying you'd rather your daughter be raped?!?!!" Again another slap.

"No dear, of course not..."

"Well then, we're decided. No time like the present to get started, right honey?"

"Well, I..."

"Great! Let's go! Sarah, go put your new heels on."

"Heels?" James asked, perplexed.

"Sarah and I went to buy her first pair of heels today. They're a great pair of red 3" heels. She'll really get to see the affect on a set of balls with those!" Sarah came out dressed the same carrying her heels with her. She plopped down on the sofa next to her daddy and stuck her bare feet in his lap.

"Daddy, will you put my heels on for me?" Sarah pouted seductively and wiggled her size 6 feet. They were so much smaller than his wife's size 10's. He couldn't help but get an erection at his daughter's playfulness and wiggling toes. He carefully slipped on her new red heels and breathed in the smell of the new leather and her unwashed feet. His wife and daughter then dragged him up out of the sofa.

"I don't know about this, Alice. Maybe she should take a course or something." Alice approached her husband and kneed him in the balls. Not hard enough to knock him down, but hard enough to bend him slightly and shut him up. Sarah laughed.

"Now don't argue, dear. You'll only make it worse for yourself." James nodded weakly.

"Now I don't want Sarah to trip in her heels, since she doesn't have much experience walking in them, so get down on your knees and spread wide." James sunk to his knees and watched his daughter strut around, practicing in her new heels. She wobbled quite a bit, but she now had a certain wiggle to her ass that wasn't there before. Her calves also seemed more defined now. Alice took up a position behind her husband and gripped him tightly, locking her arms underneath his and pulling them up out of the way. Sarah slowly moved to stand directly in front of him, the unstretched leather in her new shoes creaking a bit.

"Can I kick you real hard, Daddy?" asked Sarah with a smile. A tug on his arms from his wife made sure he answered correctly.

"Yes." Sarah tapped the toe of her right shoe on the ground loudly.

She was letting Daddy know just how hard the tips of her shoes were.

"Are you sure Daddy?"

"Yes, kick me as hard as you want. After all, you're Daddy's little girl."

"That boy made me real mad today, Daddy. I wanted to hurt him real bad. I'm gonna hurt you instead so next time I'll know what to do to those nasty boys!" Sarah lifted her right foot softly into her father's crotch, rubbing the toe around looking for a reaction on her father's face. She got irritated when she didn't see one, so dug her sharp toe in more forcefully. A little bit of drool escaping her father's mouth and his eyes bulging slightly clued her in that she found her targets. She smiled.

"There they are!" She drew her leg back and held it poised for a kick as she balanced unsteadily on her left foot. "Just think Daddy, I'm going to hurt the part of you that helped give me life... your BALLS!!!" She then kicked her father as hard as she could between the legs with the pointy toe of her high heel shoe. James groaned like a wounded animal and started to pull himself forward in an attempt to curl into the fetal position. His wife held him upright, however. Through a haze of pain he could see his daughter dangling her right foot clad in it's shiny red heel in front of his face.

"Kiss the toe, Daddy."

James did just that. He kissed the toe that had smacked his balls over and over again, his daughter's toe. Then the shoe was pulled away from his face and found his way back to his nuts, with nut-crushing force! Again and again Sarah kicked her father in the goolies. The room was filled with girlish and womanly laughter, and manly, almost inhuman screams. Usually she kicked him with the top of her foot, but occasionally caught him in the balls with her toe, which was really painful, and once with the pointy heel itself. When the sharp heel hit, his screaming stopped for a few moments as the pain registering in his brain was off the scale. Sarah reached down and roughly seized his nuts, checking for damage.

"Do you think I popped one, Mom?"

"I didn't hear any pops Sarah. But he was screaming AWFUL loud. Let me check." As Alice released her husband, he fell on the ground and went to clutch his manhood. His wife had other ideas though and tugged her husbands away.

"Sarah, dear, stand on Daddy's hands so he keeps them away from his balls."

"Okay, Mom." Alice placed her husband's hands on the ground beside him and Sarah placed her shoes on Daddy. One hand rested under the sole of her right shoe, the other was being painfully crushed under the dagger-like heel of her left. Alice took her own black heel and stepped down with her hard sole onto her husband's nuts, not being able to resist a quick crush of his eggs. After listening to James's quiet pleas for mercy, she finally lifted her foot and bent down to check if he was still intact. She unzipped his pants and snaked her hand inside, feeling around inside his underwear, at last finding his nuts.

"They're still there Sarah. You didn't pop Daddy's nuts."

"DAMN! I wanted to pop one!"

"I know you did, honey, and you will, trust me." Alice had removed her hand and had placed her knee on James's balls now, twisting and grinding it. "James, dear, we've given Sarah the skills, now we're going to give her the confidence... by letting her CRUSH one of your balls. Isn't that nice?"

"Yes, my love." Alice pulled off her husband’s pants and underwear, giving Sarah her first view of a naked man. Mother and daughter poked and prodded as Alice explained and Sarah listened concerning maleness: penis and testicles. They left James on his back and placed a few encyclopedias under his ballbag, elevating his testicles to a position where bursting one would be made possible. Alice sat on James's chest and placed her black heels on her husband's hands as Sarah had recently done. Sarah insisted that she keep her shoes on, as she wanted to burst her father's nut with the sharp heel. She said the shoes made her feel more like a woman.

"Isn't it funny, Daddy, that I'm going to pop one of your balls?"

"Very funny, Sarah," whimpered James.

"It's so special of you to allow me, your own daughter, to explode one of your seeds. The seeds that gave me life. It's like I'm saying thank you for my life, Daddy."

"You’re welcome, my little girl." She placed one red pointy stiletto heel on her father's right ball and held it there, applying only slight pressure.

"I feel like I'm entering womanhood: my first pair of stiletto red patent leather high heel shoes, and my first ball bursting." She started to apply more and more pressure. Alice could see the slippery ball would slide out from under her daughter's shoe, so she held the nut in place by digging her sharp fingernails into the soft ball flesh.

"Mom's gonna hold that squishy little nut in place for you honey. So whenever you're ready."

"Thanks a million, Mom! You're the best!" More pressure was applied...

"Too bad every girl can't experience her first ball bursting thanks to her father, don't you think Mom? Daddy sure is making a lot of funny noises!"

"HA! Maybe one day, Sarah, if we have anything to do about it." More pressure...

"Maybe moms could pop one of their son's balls, and then when he gets married and has children, his daughter could pop the other one. I mean, what does he need them for after that anyway, you know?"

"My daughter, the philosopher!" laughed Alice. More pressure...

James was delirious with pain and mumbling gibberish into his wife's firm ass.

"Better hurry and pop it, Sarah, before Daddy passes out."

"Okay, Mom!" Sarah transferred her full weight onto her father's doomed testicle. "Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop!!!!!" she yelled. Then as her mother watched, Sarah's heel burst her father's nut with an audible 'POP'. Since she was holding his ball, Alice also felt the squish as nutmeat was ground to nutpulp beneath her daughter's virgin foot. Both mother and daughter orgasmed with the 'pop'; Sarah experiencing her first orgasm ever. James had of course passed out. The two women were breathing heavy still.

"Can I pop the other one Mom? Please? This time I'll use my bare foot!"

"As much as I'd like to let you, Sarah, we'll let Daddy keep his other nut for now so we can torture it some more." Sarah pouted.

"Don't tell him, but come Christmas morning, we're all going over to Aunt Pat's house for a ball-busting festival, and he's going to lose his other nut there."

"That sounds awesome Mom!!! Do you think I could crush cousin Roy's balls?"

"Cousin Roy already got a ball crushed by your cousin Melissa."

"She's SO lucky!"

"And I think Aunt Pat wants to crush her son's last ball."

"Well that's only fair."

"Don't worry, you'll get to kick plenty of balls that morning since cousin Joe will also be there with Melissa and Aunt Therese."

"It's going to be the best Christmas ever!!!" yelled Sarah ecstatically.

Roy awoke Christmas morning in his usual position at his mother's feet and started suckling her big toe. He was so excited, knowing that today his mother would pop his last nut. It was just last night that she kept singing 'Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire' while prodding his balls with her high heel shoes. The past week had been especially brutal for Roy as his mother delighted in bringing him to his knees every chance she got, knowing it would all soon come to an end. Finally his mother stirred in her sleep and looked groggily down at her son. She smiled, knowing how much he was enjoying the salty taste of her toes. She kicked him hard in the face with her free foot to let him know she was awake. (Her abuse had steadily increased to more than just his balls!) He winced in pain and brought his hands up to his stinging nose. It wouldn't be the first time his mother had given him a bloody nose in the recent weeks, but he seemed to be okay this time.

"Well, Roy, are you ready to get your ball busted today?" asked his mother.

"Yeah, Mom, more than you could know. I can't wait for you to pop it with your foot!" gushed Roy.

"And I'm looking forward to squashing it like you wouldn't believe. As you well know, I've kicked balls in my day, but have never actually burst a guy's nuts. You'll be my first, son. My first nad crunching!!!" Roy started to get an erection at his mother's sexy teasing. He knew she was using phrases like 'bursting nuts' and 'nad crunching' intentionally to turn him on, and herself as well Roy thought.

"Yep, Roy's gonna give up that family jewels today... well, jewel anyway, since Melissa popped one of your nuts all those months ago. I should almost be mad at her, since I could have had TWO great orgasms today! But I suppose it's good for a girl to practice ball busting with cousins and brothers so they know how to protect themselves from men. Goodness knows Roy, that I won't have to worry about being attacked from a guy. I'll just give him a swift knee to the groin and stomp my spike heel down onto his nutsack! No more babies for mister rapist!"

Finally they both got up off the bed and made their way to the living room for the Christmas morning festivities to begin. There sitting beneath the Christmas tree, blindfolded, were his cousin Joe and Uncle James. Both guys had their hands tied securely behind their backs, and had red and green ribbons fastened tightly around their cock and balls. Roy now noticed too, his Aunt Therese and cousin Melissa standing to one side of the room, and Aunt Alice and cousin Sarah at the other end. Roy's mother knelt in from of him and tied up his one remaining ball with ribbon, as it was his gift to her.

She then said, "Merry Christmas, son," and punched him square in the nut. Roy doubled over and clutched his manhood as his mother talked with and hugged her female relatives. The women wanted to waste no time in getting down to the ball crushing. Therese went over to her son, Joe, and Alice to her husband, James. Both men were pulled up till they were on their knees with their legs spread wide. Melissa got the first kick in that morning as she ran up to her brother and kicked him full force in the nuts. He retched and yelled terribly. Sarah then followed suit and kicked her father in the nads, followed by kicking her cousin Joe, and then kicking her cousin Roy, who by this time had been pulled to his knees by his mother. Melissa and Sarah ran around the room like they were on some sort of drug, kicking nuts here, smashing balls there. All the men had thrown up at least once by the time the two young women were finally tired enough to take a rest. The men were allowed to take a short rest and cry their eyes out. It was time to decide who was to lose a ball.

Since Joe was the only one with both his balls intact, he was chosen as the first to lose. His mother and sister approached Joe and got on the floor with him. The other women all grabbed him to keep him from thrashing about from what was about to come. Therese and Melissa sat down on either side of Joe and placed their bare feet over his crotch. His mother then roughly grabbed his right nut and placed in between the bare heels of herself and her daughter. His nut was hopelessly trapped in the mother/sister foot sandwich.

"Ready Melissa?" asked Therese.

"You bet, Mom! Crush the little nugget!!!" Mother and daughter gritted their teeth trying to pop the ball between their smooth soft heels. Joe was letting out a high-pitched wail and drooling from the corner of his open mouth. Roy watched from his spot on the floor, immensely turned on by the site of a two-woman nut crunch. Pat stuffed a pair of her socks into Joe's mouth to stop the yelling so they could hear the squish. And then they heard it, a soft 'pop' as Joe's nut was turned from a solid mass into a puddle of jelly.

Alice decided it was her turn to explode a nut and so asked everyone to hold her husband in place. Her daughter Sarah made sure to get a spot right between her father’s legs to watch the destruction of his ball (her having destroyed the other one). Alice went over to the mantelpiece and reached for something that her husband couldn’t see. The women however, knew what was coming and giggled with delight. When Alice turned around she had a nutcracker doll in her hands. She kept working the lever in the back to make the teeth gnash together repeatedly.

“I’ve always wanted to do this!” said Alice as she knelt between her husband’s legs. Sarah reached in and took hold of her daddy’s ball, squeezing and kneading it roughly to make him whimper. Finally she put his jewel into the nutcracker’s mouth.

“This is SO much fun Daddy!” squealed Sarah, “I can’t wait for Mommy to pull the handle!” Everyone was in position for the event, and Roy’s mom Pat grabbed her son’s nut and squeezed as she masturbated herself. Then Alice did pull the lever as hard as she could, making her husband thrash about as the nutcracker tried to crack the male nutmeat. She alternated between hard and soft pulls on the lever to drag out her husband’s agony as much as possible.

“Okay I’m going to do it!” yelled Alice. All the women hushed as Alice really laid into the handle, and then James’ nut cracked between the wooden jaws with a sort of nut-cracking sound. Again the women orgasmed.

“And I thought men didn’t know how to give multiple orgasms!” yelled Pat. All the ladies laughed. James was ignored as the fun he could provide was over, and he was passed out anyway. Joe had come around though and now the women converged on him. It had been decided that Melissa, his sister, would be allowed to take his nut from him.

“Hmmm…that nutcracker thing has given me an idea! What if I were a real live nutcracker!!!” Melissa gnashed her teeth together. Joe’s eyes nearly popped right out of his head at this. All the assembled ladies approved of course, smiling from ear to ear.

“Poor Joe,” mocked Melissa, “I told you I would bite your nuts!” Melissa sucked her brother’s remaining ball into her mouth with a loud slurp. She nibbled on the cord attaching his ball to his body and sucked hard on his testicle, compressing it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Finally Melissa tired of her brother’s whimpering and trapped the nut between her molars. She smiled, as much as she could with her brother’s ball in her mouth, letting Joe know how much she was about to enjoy this. Then she chewed on his berry, grinding it to pulp rather than outright popping it. In many ways this was more painful and sadistic as it wasn’t as quick as an outright bursting. But eventually the ball was no more and Joe was unconscious. Melissa provided one final bit of humiliation to her brother’s plight as she bit through both of his cords with her incisors, more for fun than anything else since she knew he couldn’t feel it being passed out.

Roy watched all this in fascination and definite eagerness for he knew he was next. James and Joe both lay on the ground now, left to their own devices. Pat smiled at her son and waved her pretty foot in his face.

“Ready, son? Mom’s almost ready to crush your nut!” Roy had an erection as he sniffed his mother’s salty sole.

“Stand up Roy so we can all kick you in the ball one last time.” Roy did as his mother instructed and each woman took her turn kicking or kneeing him in his testicle. His cousin Melissa of course kicked him twice, eliciting cries of agony from Roy. Roy also took turns licking and sucking on the toes and soles of all the assembled female relations. His Aunt Therese’s feet tasted especially good and he spent extra time servicing her. But eventually it was his time and his mother asked him to place his gift… his nut, on the coffee table. Pat jumped up eagerly onto the table and danced around his ball, occasionally stepping on it as she waltzed to some tune she heard only in her head.

“Okay Roy, Mom is ready to flatten that ball of yours! My pretty foot is going to smash that nut beyond repair and you won’t be able to have any babies! Who would ever think that your OWN MOTHER would make you sterile, let alone enjoy it!!! At least you’ll be able to sing some lovely soprano tunes for me after I fix you. Here goes!”

Roy’s mom placed the ball of her foot onto his testicle and stood on one leg, twirling on her foot in a big finale. A moment later she felt and heard her son’s nut POP beneath her soft sole and all the women orgasmed for the last time that day. All the men were unconscious on the ground when all the girls realized that there were no more balls to pop, when suddenly they heard Roy’s dog, Charlie, barking in the yard.

“Pat,” smiled Therese, “is Charlie fixed yet?”

“Why no!” clapped Pat happily. “Here boy!!! Mommy’s got something for you!!!”

The End

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That was fuckin amazing! I especially liked the ending as it was like they couldn't bear to stop popping balls so they just went around looking for any balls they could find.