Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ball Games

by Knave

It was a fine summer’s day and Bill Smith was sitting peacefully on the recliner watching a movie. He was a normal 18-year-old kid, just about to enter college. He was sitting in a relaxed position, wearing loose soccer shorts and tightey whiteys beneath them. It was pretty hot so he went without a shirt. Slowly sipping his iced lemonade, everything seemed right with the world, but then his mom and aunt came home from shopping.

“Billy! Come in here, have we got a story for you!” Bill rolled his eyes and set down his drink. He slowly got to his feet and meandered into the kitchen where his mom and aunt were sitting. His mother Patricia was a stunningly gorgeous woman for her age, with long beautiful legs and feet to die for. Her sister Melinda was equally as beautiful, but with brown hair as opposed to Patricia’s black. They were seated at the table talking quietly between them and giggling every now and again.

“Oh Billy, took you long enough to get here, sit down.” Bill’s mother motioned to the seat opposite her with her high-heeled foot. Bill sluggishly sat down and reclined in the chair. “Your aunt and I were at the mall today and witnessed something horrible. A young girl maybe your age was being molested by who we assumed was her boyfriend, or older brother. Anyway there was an awful snit that finally ended when she took action and defended herself.” With that line Pat glanced at Melinda as she giggled.

“What happened?” Bill asked, not seeming overly attentive.

“I’m glad you asked son, that girl kicked her boyfriend good and hard in his balls.” Bill’s eyes opened and his full attention was caught at these words. How could this girl do such a thing!?

“You seem surprised Bill. Why is that? If I were being attacked, wouldn’t you want me to crush my offender’s nuts? Wouldn’t you want me to rack him good and sterilize him with my foot?” Bill was taken aback; he was flabbergasted. His mother was openly talking about kicking a man in his groin until he could no longer produce sperm and have children.

Bill’s aunt interceded, “You see Bill, we’ve told you this because it got us thinking. We’re both beautiful women, and we can always see men looking at us and we pretty much know what they’re thinking. We’re your family Billy, would you want to see us hurt?”

Bill stuttered, “No, no of course not but…”

His mom interrupted, “But you want to know what you could do to help, right? Well Billy your aunt Mel and I have been thinking about that and have come to a decision. We need to learn some self defense on a real man.” Bill was becoming a little suspicious.

“How?” Bill asked slowly

“My question exactly Billy! Since your father left, you’re the last male we have to work with, so we would love for you to let us practice some moves on you.” Bill slowly looked at his mother and aunt as they looked at him, kicking their crossed legs out beneath the table.

“Why do you need me? Why not let Susan help you?” Susan was Billy’s older sister.

“Because we need a male Billy, a male with balls for us to kick.” At this Bill stood up quickly


“Bill, do you want us to go outside defenseless!? Don’t you care about our safety!?” Pat stood up and thrust her hands onto her hips for emphasis.

“Well, no mom, but…”

“Then be a man and take your medicine! We need your nuts and we’re going to have them whether you like it or not!” Bill realized she was right, and they were his family.

“Alright Mom, but can I wear a cup?”

“Of course not, we need to feel our targets, and we don’t want to hurt our feet.”

Melinda added her two cents, “Right, no time like the present, let’s do it in the living room where there’s carpeting.”

“But...” Before he could talk Bill was escorted into the living room by his aunt and mother’s gripping arms.

“Okay Billy, I’m going to knee your nuts first okay?” With that Melinda came up behind Bill and grabbed his arms, holding them behind his back.

“Um, are guys going to attack you like this?” Billy asked, sweating a little.

“Of course not dear, I just want to get a feel for kneeing you in your balls.” Pat stepped up to her son and placed her hands on his shoulders. She eyed his groin and kicked his legs apart.

“Where are your balls, son? Here let me check.” She lifted her knee and pressed it roughly into her son’s crotch, watching his expression for any change. She moved her knee around, and began grinding it up into Billy’s groin. She lifted it sharply and saw his eyes bulge and his mouth twitch.

“There they are! Okay Billy, get ready, mommy’s gonna bust your balls!” She lifted her knee quickly and deeply into her son’s balls. Billy groaned and tried to bend over but his aunt held him firm.

“I don’t think I got both of them. Did I Billy?” Before he could answer either way his mother kneed him twice more quick and hard right in his bulging nuts.

“I can’t see what I’m doing.” Pat said in an annoyed voice, ignoring her sons moans of agony and slumping posture. She grabbed a hold of his shorts and yanked them down, pulling them completely off of him. Now his balls were clearly visible through his tight underwear.

“That’s better!” Pat exclaimed, stepping backwards one step. She lifted her leg like a ballerina and thrust the tip of her toe right into her son’s package. He keened like a dying animal and fell face first to the ground, clutching at his manhood and crying.

“Oh you big baby, I just kicked you in the balls. Mel, you should try now, it’s really quite a lot of fun!” Pat knelt down next to her sobbing son and roughly seized his balls in her hand, squeezing and rolling them between her fingers.

“Stand up Billy, Auntie Melinda hasn’t gotten your nuts yet, you want to help us don’t you?” She slowly pulled Billy to his feet, still squeezing his manhood in her hand. She grabbed him by the arms, and faced him towards her sister, spreading his legs with her knee and, unable to resist, she quickly kneed him twice from behind, right in the groin. He mulled and sobbed quietly.

“Alright sis’! Crush his nuts!” Melinda pulled back her leg and let her foot fly forward into Billy’s awaiting nutsack. Her high-heeled foot made an audible “THWACK!” as it connected with his swelling testicles. He cried out in pain, and Pat shoved a one of his socks in his mouth.

“There, that should shut him up. Try again Mel. I don’t think you got ’em hard enough.” Bill’s aunt kicked him again, and then again, each time she laughed as his face contorted in hideous expressions of agony.

“Do you think if I kicked him hard enough I could break a ball, Pat?” Melinda asked curiously.

“I think you could Mel, let’s try!” with that Pat let her son fall to the floor in a pile of useless flesh. He was gagging and heaving into the sock, so Mel yanked it out of his mouth.

“Oh God, please don’t break my balls! I need them to have kids! It hurts so bad you don’t even understand! Please don’t! Please, please, please!” Billy sobbed and wailed, but to no avail. Pat was in the process of laying him on his back and spreading his legs.

“Okay Mel, kick him really hard, here I’ll hold his balls out for you so they can’t get anywhere.” Patricia grabbed a hold of her son’s bruised balls and slid them down to the bottom of his scrotum. She tightened her fist so they were sticking out from between her fingers shining in the light of the noonday sun.

“They look like red golf balls, or cherry tomatoes!” Billy’s aunt said laughing and she kicked him right in the left testicle with the tip of her shoe, dead on. Billy’s body began going into convulsions with the pain.

“Is it still whole?” Melinda asked excitedly

“Yeah, it’s still round and unbusted. Try again, kick both of them though.” Melinda nodded and pulled back her foot. She let fly with a vicious kick that caught Billy in both balls. They bounced and throbbed, but didn’t break.

“Dammit! How am I supposed to protect myself if I can’t even break your kid’s nuts!” She stomped her foot in frustration, and got an idea. She walked up closer to Billy, and stomped her high heel down on his balls in Pat’s hand.

“Grind them like a cigarette, put more weight on them sis’!” Pat cheered her on as Melinda crushed her nephew’s balls. Billy was crying and sobbing and twitching in pain, his head roared as his aunt stomped his balls with unbelievable force. After numerous stomps and repeated grinding Melinda was frustrated and Billy’s balls remained whole.

“Okay, let me have a go at them, hold him down Mel.” With that Patricia went and got a dictionary, and a baseball bat from Billy’s room.

“We’ll pop those balls yet sis!” As Melinda held Billy’s writhing body on the ground, Pat knelt down and positioned his nutsack onto the dictionary so it was elevated from his body. She then got in-between his spread legs and gripped her hands on the bat’s handle.

“Are you ready Billy?” his head rolled to one side.

“Okay!” and Pat slammed the baseball bat as hard as she could right on his balls. There was another THWACK sound and Billy passed out.

“Fuck! They’re still whole! And now he can’t even feel them. We’ll have to wait until he gets up to continue. Little fucker, a few hits to the balls and he passes out. He can’t even do this right.” With that Pat and Mel kicked him a few more times in his red balls and went to have some coffee.

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