Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Ball-Hunter's Beginnings: The Diary Revealed

by wrinkledup

Many postings here have asked how I got my start as a ball-hunter. I looked over my diary the past few days and decided to relate my first experience. I've been getting ready to deal with Mr. Payback and Sam and I'll let you know how those encounters work out. I've been emailing with wrinkledup since his (her?) postings are so inquisitive so he and I are working together on this story. So without further delay, here is how I started it all.

My cousin, Toni, from Texas was visiting me when I was about young. Toni was a good-looking girl a few years older than me at that time. We were talking about boys because I knew she knew more about them than I did. Toni asked me, "What do you know about boys, I mean as far as their bodies are concerned?"

I answered, "I know they are different in between their legs, why?"

Toni said, "Well, it's time you learned a thing or two to prepare yourself when you are around them. You're starting to fill out and soon boys will be grabbing at you and calling you names." She was right, last week at school I felt somebody reach out and grab at my chest during the period between classes. The hall was so crowded and I wasn't suspecting that to happen to me. Now I carry my books up around my chest within my closed arms. I was too embarrassed and humiliated to tell anyone about what happened to me. I was kinda angry although I didn't know who did it so I couldn't vent my anger.

After thinking a bit I said "Toni, tell me how to defend myself against a boy who's trying to take advantage of me, okay?"

Toni said "I've got something better in mind. Let me get back to you this Saturday. Don't plan anything for the whole day. When I call, meet me at the old vacant River Gulch ranch. You'll find your answers there." For the next two days my mind raced with curiosity and I had trouble sleeping wondering what all the mystery was about. Little did I realize what Toni planned for me.

Saturday morning the phone rang and it was Toni. Speaking to me in an anxious mood she told me to meet here at the ranch at 10:00 AM. I agreed and started my trip. When I arrived Toni met me at the door and said, "Listen; I've gone through a lot of trouble for you today. In that back room, I've got a boy all tied up waiting for you. At the dance last week this young punk put his hand between my legs from behind and then laughed along with his friends. I tried to punish him there but he had too many friends around. Today is payback."

I was shocked at what she told me. It reminded me of that day when someone grabbed at my chest. I started feeling something I hadn't felt before. We walked to the other room. Opening the door I saw a boy tied to some old posts. He was scared and already crying. The only thing he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist.

Toni said, "I'll not say very much to you, I want you to find out what you can all by yourself. I will tell you that that water hose over there is hooked up to the solar water heater and can supply warm water if you need it. Sometimes warm water can make things change their shape." She was smiling that impish smile she could make; I wondered what she meant.

Toni said, "I'll just stand back and watch for awhile. I'll try not to interrupt. My older sister gave me this kind of lesson when I was about your age. I think you'll be suitably impressed with your discoveries."

Walking over to the boy I said, "Look at what you got yourself into. I'm going to..."

The boy interrupted and said, "Let me out of here you bitches. I'll beat your asses when I'm free!" I was a shocked by what he said and stepped back away from him in apprehension.

Toni stepped up behind me and I turned to her, "That boy is rude. He called you and me a dirty name."

Toni said, "So how does that make you feel?"

"I'm mad", I responded.

Toni started, "There is no need to ever feel threatened by a guy. Today you'll discover why. Why not go back over there and see what you can do to change his mind?"

I said, "But he's a boy! He’s bigger and stronger than me and he's angry. I'm afraid to approach him."

Toni said, "Turn your back to him a moment. I want to say something to him and I don't want to influence you." As I turned to face away from the boy, Toni went over to him. All I heard was this grunt as she told him to be quiet if he knew what was good for him.

Toni came back to me and said, "I think you can go over there now. He changed his mind about talking back." I walked over to the boy. A sort of pained expression was on his face. Funny that mere words could affect him that way, I thought. But wait, his towel was not completely covering him up now. It was open a bit at the front overlap. Maybe it had been moved as he twisted around in his bindings. Using my right hand I removed the towel from his body exposing him fully to Toni and me and set the towel on the table. What a sight! I had never seen a naked boy before. Here was this short shriveled up piece of flesh.

I turned to Toni and said, "What's that?"

Toni said, "That's a male's penis. Most men give it more importance than it has." What a funny name I thought.

I reached over to touch it and Toni interrupted. "If you're going to touch the penis, make it brief. Men like to have their penis touched by a women and your not here to give him pleasure are you?"

"No way!” I replied. Turning back to the boy I gave his penis a slap.

The boy cried out "Ow!" My first punishment of a male registered its impressions on my brain. I looked at his face; he had winced in pain, but restored his composure very quickly. I slapped his penis again, a little harder. This time a sharper cry of pain came out. Then I noticed that his little penis was moving around and expanding and the shrinking a bit. I giggled at that sight. Staring at his shortened penis as it moved to the side momentarily, I saw another part of his anatomy underneath where his penis had lay. It looked all wrinkled up and tight.

"What could that be, Toni?"

Toni laughed and said, "That design of Mother Nature is the best thing that ever happened for women. That area of skin is called a scrotum. It looks kind of strange and vulnerable doesn't it? I mean look at how it stands out front of the legs. No place to hide."

I wondered why would the scrotum need to hide? I needed to find out. I reached towards the scrotum and the boy gasped. Not letting him affect my train of thought, I grabbed the scrotum in my hand. I was surprised to feel the contents of something within it. I couldn't feel too well because the skin was so tight. What could I do, I wondered. I said, "Now don't tell me anything, Toni. I want to work this out for myself." Hmmm, Toni's pretty clever. She must know what I would be doing because she went through this herself. I reached back to the scrotum and squeezed my fingers in an attempt to feel what was there. The boy screamed in pain. I squeezed again and he screamed again; but this time I held my grip as I used my fingers detecting two objects sliding around under my fingers. "These feel like balls!” I said.

Toni laughed out loud and said, "You're absolutely right. They are called balls in a situation like this, but the real name is testes or testicles depending on which tissues you're speaking of."

"Whatever they're called, they sure are sensitive. I hardly pressed at all and look at how he cried out!"

Toni simply replied, "Mother Nature has her reasons. She must have figured men need a kick in the balls from time to time."

"What did you just say?” I asked.

Toni replied, "Oops. I didn't mean to say that." I turned back to the boy. His face was sullen, almost pleading.

He said, "Please don't do it. It hurts too much." If ever there was motivation for the unknown I thought to myself. The kick landed right under the pouch. What a howl that boy gave out. Yeah, I'd have to say from his reaction that it must hurt pretty much. Good thing I don' have any balls.

Toni said, "How does that make you feel looking at what you just did?" "I fell pretty strong inside and my anger has been greatly dissipated. I feel like I can control him using his own body against him. Do all guys react this way when they are kicked in the balls?"

Toni said, "Yep. The older and stronger you get the more pain you can inflict with a kick or knee to the groin.

"Wow! I just learned a new word, 'groin'. I kneed the boy to see what that did. He hadn't even recovered from my kick and so he howled even harder than the kick cause him. It's as if his pain was accumulating with each blow. But it was hard to maintain his howl; his breathing was very short and erratic. His hands were trying to grasp at something too; perhaps his balls? It was hard to tell since they were tied up against a beam.

"What would he be doing if we didn't have him tied up?” I asked.

Toni said, "After what you did, he would have fallen to the ground with his hands holding his balls and rolling back and forth on his back from side to side." I said, " I saw that happen to a boy at school last month but I didn't know the circumstances. All I heard was a girl yelling that she had 'kicked a guy where it hurts'. I thought no matter where you kicked a boy it would hurt. "But this is great!"

Toni said, "Let's take a break for a while. Let the boy recover otherwise he doesn't show the pain as much if you keep hurting him like that too quickly. I've brought along some sandwiches and pop so let's go eat. We can still hear him moan while we're in the other room. You'll see how long it takes for him to stopping grunting in pain. We'll be done eating about the time he's ready."

"Okay, I just want to take a quick close look at his scrotum and penis. They seem pretty red right now. Say, there's a clear drop of fluid right at the tip of the penis. Is he trying to pee after getting kneed in the balls?"

Toni laughed and said, "No, that's the result of another gland in his body. Usually only that drop appears when a guy is excited. I'll tell you more about that later. Do you want to taste it?"

"Are you crazy", I said.

Toni said, "Well, you're a little young for that experience. Don't mind me if I don't pass up the opportunity though." And with that she took her finger and let the drop transfer to her skin from the tip. Then she wiped the drop across her tongue and said, "It's sweet tasting and it's always taken from a guy in this kind of position." The food sure tasted good. Toni said that I was learning a bit faster than she did. Maybe because she slipped out the words, 'a kick in the balls'. She told me she hadn't discovered that until after finishing her explorations of the scrotum.

I asked her, "What else is there to know about the scrotum other than there are two real sensitive balls inside a tight bag of skin?"

Toni replied, "I'll let you figure that out for yourself. Suffice it to say that there is something else you've overlooked." When we entered the room the boy started pleading to be released. Toni started to approach him, but I stopped her. Instead, I went over to the boy and looking him straight in the eyes, I grabbed his scrotum. Just as I started to squeeze, he tried to pull backwards from me. I noticed a slight tug in my hand at the same time he winced again in pain.

I didn't think about that right away but squeezed a little harder and said, "We don't want to hear any more words from you except when you cry out in pain. Understand?” as I emphasized my question with harder palm pressure. He could barely speak from the pain so he nodded his head in agreement. I stood back a few feet pondering what I should do next with the scrotum. It's awfully tight and not too easy to hold the individual balls. I bent down to look at them and noticed they had loosened up a bit, but not a lot.

"Hey", I said to Toni, "His scrotum is not the same shape as before. It's not as tight and wrinkled as before." "I think you're on to something", Toni replied. The words 'changed shape' reminded me of what Toni had said earlier. She said that warm water can change shapes. Putting things together quickly in my mind, I turned on the warm water and brought the hose over to the boy. The water was very warm. I directed the slow-velocity stream of warm water over the boys groin and scrotum in particular. Immediately his scrotum started to relax and lower itself. As it descended the balls visibly turned back and forth inside. After a couple minutes, the bag was really hanging low and both balls were clearly identifiable hanging at the bottom. Taking the towel I slowly wiped the water from the groin area. He was really exposed and vulnerable now.

Toni spoke and said, "Don't kick or knee him in the balls now or he will throw-up all over and pass out, okay?"

I said, "Sure, I hadn't been planning that anyway." I was thinking about the slight tug a few minutes ago and the boy’s almost imperceptible response of pain. Maybe his balls didn't like to be relocated from their position in space and time. I put my hands around each teste and discerned its entire shape. I felt upwards from each teste and could feel cords and muscles leading from them up to the top of his scrotum and beyond.

Toni said, "Those are called testicles when you're dealing with those attachments and the balls themselves. What do you think about them?"

"I'm not thinking about them very much, but I want to try something for effect," I responded. Reaching my right hand around his limp scrotum right above the descended testes, I cupped the balls in my hand. Then lifting my hand but turning the fingers downward as I lifted, I could feel the cords bind against the arc of skin between my thumb and index finger. The more I twisted my fingers parallel to the floor, the more the tension on the cords could be felt. I had to find out the answer to my thoughts. I lifted the scrotum up into his abdomen and concentrating on the sensation of those two cords, I pulled down very quickly. I wanted to know if it was only the pressure in the balls that causes pain or if stretching only the testicular cords was painful as well. As the scrotum maxed out its length I felt the two cords tighten and push into my flesh. Right as the boy screamed in pain, I felt the cords slip down a little during the last phase of stretch. Apparently I had slightly torn the internal attachments of the cords at the upper end in the abdomen. I never heard such screams of agony in my life. Letting go of the scrotum, it and his balls tried to ascend but could not go all the way up tight and wrinkled-up as before. The breakdown of his cord tissues must have weakened due to his injury and they couldn't pull up all the way. Surely, this would take days to heal.

It was some distance from the ranch before we could no longer hear his scream of anguish, but our contented smiles lasted all the way home. Never again, would I fear any boy. Little did I know how dedicated I would become as the years rolled by; and how many male entities would be added to my portfolio. Thanks Toni and Mother Nature too.

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