Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ballbusted in the Ring

by BoB (Boots on Balls)

This is my first story. It’s rather long too. Feel free to post, repost, and re-repost it as long as you don't change anything. If you don't like CBT or trampling with boots (great majority being knee lace ups) then you better not read this story because that's all it has. I got tired of reading of femdom stories with bare feet, socks and all that stuff and I decided to write my own. I tried to cut out any discrepancies and typos I found so if there are any, sorry about that. Also I doubt anyone could take so much abuse and be conscious at the end, but this is fiction, so there. I also wanted to add more to the wrestling aspect of story but it was already long enough and I didn't want to kill the guy. Maybe for the next one. I think he had enough by the end.

Part 1 Foreplay


It all started when I finally decided to pop my fiancée the question. Maybe it was too soon... I don't know. Perhaps I should've have waited six more months so I could get to know her better. Well, it doesn't matter now. What's done is done.

She called me late last night (Thursday) to go visit her at her home. Hey, I could use a romantic Friday night right about now. Her voice on the phone is strange. I was expecting shyness and nervousness. I'm afraid she may want to backup out of all this deal. Instead her voice sounds mischievous and gleeful. I suppose that makes me a feel a little bit more relaxed.

Now the other thing that worries me is my cbt fetish. How can I tell her that about that? I've always dreamed to have a women bust my nuggets with knee high lace boots. I've been thinking of buying her fashion boots. Women are into that and at least I could get my highs with her modeling them for me once in a while. Maybe I can even get her to wear them for me at bed every so often.

She calls me again during the day to tell me to go at 10 pm rather than at 8. She has some business to take care of and she needs a little bit more time to get it done. I know her job is kind of tough, but Friday night… wow.

It's 9:30. Time to go. Can't make her wait. Maybe she cooked something for me. Or maybe we'll go out and eat something. I dress up anyways. Not too formal, casual. Shirt, pants.

I finally make it to her home. I notice only a few lights are turned on. Mainly the ones lighting the doorway. I notice there are lights on inside too. Apparently, she had a romantic dinner planned after all. I check to see if I look all right and finally decide to ring the doorbell.

The door opens. I instinctively paint a smile on my face to meet hers. That's when things started to get... strange. It wasn't my fiancé that opened the door but a friend of hers.

"Hi. My name is Stacey. I'm Jenny's friend. I've been a friend of her for some time now."

"Um hello. How do you do?"

"Oh, come on in. Sorry to have made you wait"

"That's ok"

We go into the house, which is mostly dark. The girl is wearing heels since she makes the usual click-clack as she leads me to the living room. We go into the living room to sit down. Then I notice that somebody else is there also. Another girl. Having a boot fetish I automatically look down at her shoes and notice her heels but I can't tell if they are boots since she's wearing jeans. My eyes continue to go up until they reach her face. A beautiful brunette girl with long hair and a nice pair honkers that bulge nicely against her nice pink cotton shirt.

"This is Kim. She's also a friend of Jenny."

There wasn't much light at the door but now that we were in the living room I noticed that the other girl, Stacey, was also beautiful. Well, my fiancé is a real looker. It wows me that her friends are good looking too. Real good looking. Again my eyes go down at the next opportunity to look at her shoes. Yes, they are definitely boots. Tan brown. High heels...about 4 inches. Can't tell much more since she's wearing a nice long skirt. She sits down and so do I. Both girls are sitting in front and to the sides of me on the corners of the living room. I control myself and start to chat.

"Jenny told us to meet here. She's said she had something important to tell us... so here we are.” She grinned at that last part... at what seemed to me... evilly. Well, Jenny probably called them to help her in the preparations for the wedding. Maybe she'll say yes after all. Great.

Kim: "You want some ice tea? We decided made some while we waited for Jenny."

Me: "Ok"

Kim stands up and goes into the kitchen to fetch me some ice tea. All the while she's walking my eyes follow her feet. I feel dumb staring at her feet and turn my sight up. I realize Stacey is smiling at me. I smile back. Could she know I have a boot fetish? No, she couldn't. Maybe she thought I was looking at Kim's legs. Girls like that. Or maybe she thought neither of those things and was just being a nice host.

I get my ice-tea half a minute later. These girls are unusually quiet. You'd think they knew something about my engagement to Jenny and they'd be talking about that. Ice-tea tasted good.

"Well, I think it's about time we showed you something," Stacey says. "It's down in the basement. Would you like to see it?" Wow. Jenny is really ahead in this marriage thing, I'm thinking. She's already getting stuff for the wedding.

"Um, maybe we should wait for Jenny to come home." I said.

"Nah, she said it's ok to show it to you. It's important. Trust us," Kim said.

"Well, ok. Let's go,” I said.

We walk into the basement and it's also dark. I can hardly see where I'm walking. It's pretty big basement, which looks more like a small warehouse and I'd probably get lost if the girls weren't leading me. We go into what looks into an open space. Stacey walks over to the nearest wall and flicks a switch. Bright lights are turned on in the ceiling, which blind me for a second. I open my eyes, and in front of me stands what looks like a wrestling ring. A wrestling ring? What the hell is this doing here?

"What's this? A ring? Is somebody in Jenny's family a wrestler?? I didn't know,” I said.

"Nobody's a wrestler in Jenny's family. They're all educated professionals," Stacey says.

"Then why is this ring down here? I thought it was something else."

"Well, it was all Jenny's idea. Instead of a bachelor's party you're going to have the ballbusting of your life"

My skin color went a little pale and my heart skipped a beat or two.

"What??!! What are you talking about?” I rambled.

Kim went to Stacey's side. "Well, loverboy. Jenny couldn't be happier to get a boot-loving hubby such as yourself. She didn't know you were hardcore until you lent her your computer and she found all those pics and movies. You see, Jenny also has a boot fetish. But not the way you think. She's been dreaming of ballbusting someone with her boots... and we too are into that," Kim said. "And well, now that she's about to marry one, she thought we could have a ballbusting party for all three."

I went a little more pale and my heart skipped a few more beats. I regained some control.

"Ok, ok. Joke's over. Look this isn't funny." I swallowed hard "And how do you girls plan on pinning down a big guy like me,” I joked.

"Simple. First by drugging the ice-tea you just drank and then leading you here."

Now I went colorless and my heart skipped a lot more beats. Now that she mentioned it, my head was feeling a little light. Then my feet became weak. After a few more seconds I felt dizzy. The girls began to giggle playfully and that was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

Part 2 Getting down to business


I wake up. Lights in my face. Bright. It seems like I've slept for a long time. What time is it? My watch is not there. For that matter my clothes are not there. I'm totally naked. It's hard to move my hands. I look around and I have what look like police cuffs trapping my hands. But these are not police cuffs since these have a longer chain. Long enough to let me keep my hands at my sides and running behind my back. I then notice my legs are spread apart in what looks like an aluminum bar and having shackles that trap my ankles at the extensions of the bar. I feel like somebody tried to split me apart. It's also cold in here. I look around and realize where I am. I am in the middle of the ring that I saw in the basement. Saw…? It seems like that happened a lot time ago. The ring was still surrounded with darkness. Now I'm beginning to worry.

Suddenly, out of the sea of silence I hear the click-clack of heels. The memories suddenly rush in. The girls that were in the house before me! And then I remember...they said they were going to ballbust me! Too late. Now my attention turns to one of the corners of the ring. I can make out of the girls and the other is right behind her in the floor. Stacey climbs on the ring floor and begins to walk toward me. She is dressed in leather a red leather bikini and wears matching knee tall high (almost touching her knee) lace up boots with a sharp toe and sharp stiletto heel. I'm instantly turned on by the leather and I'm embarrassed to see my manhood rise up as this beautiful girl comes closer to me. Her hair is tied up behind her. Behind her comes the blonde, Kim. She is wearing a white lace corset and wears a round toe knee high lace up boots with a small 1-inch platform and 4-inch stacked flat heel. They keep coming closer and my goods keep getting larger. They stand before me and smile evilly.

"Ok, look what we've got here. A nice little prick. You like the boots? We got these after looking at the majority of pics you had on your PC. We thought you'd have the most fun getting stomped with these. Don't worry. We brought quite a nice variety of boots to grind you with. Jenny will be here shortly and she'll get her chance at busting you. But she thought it might not be enough for her to just bust you so she invited us to join the fun. So..." And with that last word, Stacey raised her foot and brought it down slowly on my cock laying it there flat against my stomach but not pressing hard. My cock instantly swelled from the ecstasy. "...why don't we start, huh?" She grinned and with that began to squash my manhood against my tummy. The boot sole covered most of my prick and her heel was stabbing my groin just above my sac. I wanted to moan in pain and realized my mouth was covered with duck tape. She began to slowly put more weight on my manhood and now the pain began to hit me. Stacey shifted more weight to her foot until she stood up top of my cock. She rested her other foot on my thigh but kept the pressure.

Meanwhile, Kim begins to move around me and walks up to my chest and stands on my chest looking down on my face. Having 100+ pounds in my chest and with my cock getting squished and part of my sac stabbed with the heel, I began to thrash around. Then I noticed Kim had grabbed the ring ropes behind me for added support. I still thrashed around but could not get either of the girls off of me. They kept that up for three eternal minutes all the while looking at my distorted face of pain. My trapped hands could only shake and move around trying to cover what they could not reach. And having them close to the pained area and unable to do nothing made the helplessness worse.

"Kim, keep him down there while I change places." Stacey lifted her boot of my cock and stepped down to the mat. She then began to poke the middle length of my prick with the toe of her pointy toe of her boot like if she was trying to split it in half. Sometimes she would take her foot a little back to get some impulse then stab it and then press down with all her strength. In the meantime, Kim would raise one foot and stomp her flat heels on my chest. She didn't press too hard but enough pain to keep me from thinking straight. Apparently they wanted me to last for some time. Her stationary march on my chest left my chest cherry red with heel marks.

Stacey then lifted my sac with the length of the toe of her sharp boot and began to slide my balls all the way up and trying to move them into my stomach. Now my balls had nowhere to go and with the side of her boot trying to move them they eventually began to get crushed. Once she had them there she shifted her boot forward began to crush my sac with the sole of her boot. I could feel my balls trying to slip from below her foot but within my ball sac they didn't have enough space to do so and were trapped partly below her boot sole and still receiving most of the pressure. Meanwhile, Kim began to try to crush my head with one boot while the other was left on my chest. She placed her foot on top of my face and began putting her weight on it until my head moved sideways and she continued crushing the side of my head. She still was holding on to the ropes so there was no chance of her losing balance and falling. I thrashed around as much as I could which was not much with Kim on me. I had some moments of control where I could analyze what was going on. Having Kim's heavy boot on my head kept these moments very short. But the pain coming from my groin area was nothing compared to the pain on my head and chest.

Stacey would twist and press her boot against my tight nutsac causing more discomfort. Her giggles were clear evidence that she was enjoying her handiwork and my muffled moans and heavy, pained breathing. She really enjoyed flattening my balls because she kept that up for what seemed an eternity. My balls would still try to shift from place to place but they had nowhere to go. The bar that kept my legs open also kept them down with its weight, even with Stacey off of me. My hands kept trying to cover my groin but the cuff's chain had not become any longer and neither had my reach so they could only point helplessly to my squished balls. Finally, when my balls began to get red she lifted her foot off of my battered jewels.

"Kim, help me out here.” Kim took her boot off my head and walked over to my stomach while trampling me. Stacey was trying to pin my cock with one of her stiletto heels but it kept sliding out. Kim used both feet to keep my cock in place and in between her boots. Stacey, along with that nasty giggle, took the opportunity to stab repeatedly my aching shaft with her heel over and over and over. Sometimes pressing down until she could no more. And when she couldn't go down anymore she twisted her heel to crush my cock some more. At times it felt like she was going to go through it. I could now lift my head a little bit but could not see any of the action and the pain kept me from keeping my head straight. Kim backed up a little so as to provide easy access to my cock's head. Again, stab after stab after stab. She pressed down on my cock's head and twisted her heel on it over and over and over. When she got tired of using one foot she would switch to the other and repeat the process. Kim pressed both feet together some more because my cock was threatening to move out of place from the strength of Stacey's merciless heel stabs. Kim was enjoying this little crushing motion even though she was playing a small part. Stacey knew she was anxious to take her turn at playing with my manhood. Now with my cock even more tightly in place, Stacey continued to stab it where she had left her heel marks twisting and grinding her heels while changing foot often since she was getting now tired of pressing her foot.

"Oh oh, Stacey. I think he's going to cum,” Kim said.

Stacey: "Can't have that"

The girls rolled me around with my face to the mat. Stacey grabbed my cock from below and exposed them with my cock pointing toward her. Kim stood on my cock with the soles of her boots perpendicular to my cock as if my cock was a hose and she didn't want the water to come it by standing on it. One boot was over the middle of my erection and the other on my cock's head. Stacey reassuringly stepped over Kim's boots doubling the weight. My whole body convulsed in agony and pleasure as my juices wanted to come out but were unable too. The girls thought it was a riot to see me thrashing around in both pain and ecstasy. They stood there for a minute until I quieted down and then let my jelly run out of my prick in a pitiful and uninspired run. They had stood over my cock for so long that they had sapped the strength of my orgasm with their boots.

"I think its your turn now Kim. It's been quite a workout. Now lets see what you can do!" Kim had been watching at times what was going behind her when Stacey was crushing my cock and balls and she decided to be original. Stacey put one stiletto-heeled boot on my chest when Kim called her off.

"Don't get on him now. I want him to see this and I want to see his face.” Kim giggled. I recovered enough to know what was going on around me. "Stacey, replace the duck tape... it came off a little bit.” Stacey removed the tape off my mouth as slow as she could. Good thing I had shaved. Finally it was off.

"Pliz don hurt me anymore. I'll do whatever you want. Whad do you want from me? Please no more! Please stop! Pleas...!” A new tape replaced the one that was taken off. Kim sat on her knees while standing between my legs.

"Stacey make sure he can see forward, Ok?” Stacey grabbed my hair and raised my head so as to be able to look at was what happening between my legs.

"Ready loverboy?” Kim crawled forward on her hands and knees then raised one knee in the air. I thought she was going to drop it on my balls. But no, she placed it gently on my cock. I didn't understand what she was trying to do until I felt the laces of her boot on my ball sac. With a rocking motion, she began rasping my nutsac and cock and whatever got in the way with the laces of the front part of her boot. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Sometimes part of the skin, which was floppy now, would get stuck between the laces and get pulled. She was enjoying every second of my unbearable pain and kept shifting her view from my face to her handiwork and back. Stacey was giggling now too.

"Rasp them good, Kim!" Stacey kept my head in place and I was able to see my ballsac get pushed up and down my body on Kim's ball-scraping boot machine. Sometimes she would twist her leg so that not only the laces but also the quick lace metal thingies would scrape my nutsac too. That would really cause a lot of pain and she really enjoyed doing that. She got tired of using one leg and was going to switch to the other leg when another idea hit her.

"Stacey, get me the stool. I want to try something.” Stacey let my head fall and went out of the ring as quickly as she could. She came back up with a short but broad stool. Big enough for two people to sit on. Maybe it was used in the basement for reaching stuff. Apparently Stacey read the mind of Kim and knew what she was trying to do. Stacey placed the stool below my butt raising my groin area about a foot up in the air. The girls rested my back on the first rope, which coincidentally left my body almost horizontal. Now it was back to work.

Stacey climbed with her killer heels on the part of my body that was resting on the stool to hold me down. Kim then began to rasp my balls with her other foot's boot laces but she didn't have to kneel anymore now that my groin area was at her foot level. Now that my legs were in the air and had some space to move around, Kim placed her hands on each thigh for support to hold my legs from moving much.

"Stacey, move over to his shoulders.”

"Ok,” Stacey said. Stacey trampled all the way over my suspended body into my chest area where she planted her heels and where also the ropes were supporting that end of my body. Stacey didn't want to be left out of the action and while using the ropes for support she would sometimes lift the toes of her boots so that the heels only made contact with my already bruised skin. Kim resumed her scraping motion making sure to press hard against my balls and also making sure her quick lace metals would rasp my battered sac every so often. The quick lace metals are smooth on one face so they didn't cut but rasping motion could eventually cut my sac a little. This continued for more than a minute. Sandpaper would feel like Kleenex compared to this and Stacey's stilettos felt like nails being driven into me. I felt like I wanted to throw up and my head felt very light. I enjoyed part of the torture until the big pain waves came in. And I shifted from pain to pleasure back and forth.

Kim got tired and so did Stacey from standing there, poking her sharp heels into my flesh which was all marked and scratched now.

"Stacey get down and lets move him to one of the corners.” Stacey dropped to the floor. They removed the stool from under me and moved it to the nearest corner. Then they grabbed me by the arms and sat me down on the broad stool with my back straight resting against the corner post. I was so bruised and tired and in pain that I didn't even have energy to fight back. While Kim adjusted the stool so that my full cock could rest on it, Stacey went around and got some tying rope/cable... by now I couldn't care or tell apart and tied me to the post. I could hardly keep track of what was going on around me. Stacey finished tying me to the post very firmly and Kim signaled that she was done.

"Um Kim, maybe we should take five. I'm thirsty."

"Ok. Let's go get some Gatorade"

Both girls went to take cool drink out of the ring and started talking between each other. A cellular phone rang and I saw one of the girls answer it. It was Jenny on the phone. It wasn't clear to me what they talked about. The girls finished drinking and shuffled around some other things. One of them began coming back into the ring when I noticed they were carrying something. Kim came in first with a pair of white Esprit tall knee high lace boots with a thick sole. These boots looked like knee high hiking boots. She had also dropped the corset for a white leather bikini. She sat down on the mat and began to unlace her flat heel boots. Meanwhile, Stacey was coming in and sat down beside Kim. She was carrying a camcorder with her. They began talking in whispers. It was obvious they were planning what to do with me. After about 15 minutes of lacing and whispering, Kim was done with her shoes, got up and began going toward me with Stacey right behind her. Even with her angelic face, it was painful just to see her stepping toward me. Just when I thought the pain was going to start, Kim pulled out a bottle of Gatorade.

"You want some? Here let me help you.” She pulled out the duck tape slowly and carefully so as to produce the least discomfort. She got it about half out when she put it on my mouth. I didn't have time to say anything and I was pretty thirsty. I drank enough and Kim put the duct tape on again. Stacey began prepping the camera while Kim talked:

"What's wrong? We thought you were having fun. I noticed your little tool just got smaller after we stopped playing with it. Maybe I we can make it bulge a little so we can have more fun, huh?" Kim lifted her foot and placed on the stool just beside my cock. Then she began rubbing and fondling my cock with the toe of her hard boot. At the same time she would stroke my hair one or two times. Even with my manhood still burning from the abuse it had to go through, the girls had given me enough time to recuperate somewhat, and it was just impossible to keep my goods from showing off how much they liked this.

Kim didn't have to wait much for my cock to grow to its full size. Her nice angelic face turned into that of an ecstatic she-demon. She lifted and slammed the thick threaded sole of her boot on my penis like it was a rat that was trying to get away. My cock disappeared under her foot and all that could be seen were my balls bulging to the sides of her foot trying to escape the oncoming onslaught. Stacey began taking close-ups of my flattened cock and of my pained face. Kim began to apply more and more weight. She then shifted her foot so as to have her full foot over my cock and balls. She then grabbed the ropes behind me to gain balance and lifted her other foot off the floor applying her full weight on my poor cock and balls. She was having the ride of her life. My manhood felt like it was put in a grill press. I could feel my skin going into the threads of both the stool and Kim's boot. With her other foot still in the air, she began to twist her foot from side to side as if she was trying to put out a cigarette. The skin pressed into the threads felt like they were being torn and although they would slip from under her sole, my balls couldn't escape from being racked side to side with her foot motions. She'd rest the foot that was lifted down on the floor for a second, then apply all her weight again over my manhood, try to grind it into mashed grapes, and restart the cycle again. Sometimes her other foot would just go a few inches off the floor but sometimes she would attempt to stand and hover over the foot that was crushing my goods so as to not hurt her bent knee. She kept this up until it I was totally exhausted of thrashing around in pain and when she got tired. She got both feet on the floor, put her hands below my chin, raised my face to look at hers and gave me a little passionate kiss.

"Ok," Kim took a breather. "Stacey, lets go take a break. Jenny shouldn't take long to get here." Stacey put the camera away and went down to get what looked like a small towel. She placed cloth over my bruised and reddened privates. The towel was soft and cold and felt like it had ointment on it.

"That's to help with the pain and the swelling. Make good use of it.” She grinned at that last part. I could tell this was not the end of my suffering. If Jenny knew what these girls were doing, the she would surely come get a piece of me.

The girls kissed and waved goodbye at me and left out of my sight. They dimmed the lights illuminating the ring and then I couldn't hear their heels anymore. I kept watching around, scared they might try something else. Eventually I got tired of waiting and fell asleep.

Part 3 Jenny joins the show


I awoke to the sound of approaching heels. I could tell there were more than before. It was obvious Jenny was with the other girls and they were coming my way. I could not tell how much time had passed since I dozed off. I definitely felt better with that shuteye rest. My prick felt like it was in better shape also. That moist cloth must have had something strong. The lights went on above. I thought it would be better to fake and see what they had on their minds. Maybe I could gain some time.

The click-clack of multiple heels got closer and closer and I could tell they climbed the ring. I opened one eye briefly and I could make out the two girls and Jenny. Jenny had finally arrived. I could tell she about to undress and change into something more ... sporty.

"He's still sleeping?” I could hear Jenny whisper. " You guys must have had quite a time with him. Was he as good as I thought he'd be?"

"Better,” Kim answered. "I got most of it on video for you, Jen," Stacey said.

"Stacey, be a dear and check if he's still in slumber land. I'm not done changing and I want to see his face when he sees me,” Jenny giggled.

I could hear Stacey's sharp heels hitting the mat as she approached me. She stood in front of me and looked me over for a second. She turned around and was about to leave, when she noticed that the cloth was abnormally bulged for someone that was supposed to be sleeping. All the while Jenny had been undressing, I didn't occur to me that my impulses would yet again get the better of me and now my erection was slowly raising the cloth. Stacey could not be happier.

"My turn,” said Stacey. She grabbed the ropes of the corner behind me and leaped into the air and landed her two booted feet on my groin area. The soles of her tall knee-high granny boots had my balls and part of my cock under them. She then began to throw herself back while holding on to the ropes. She would shift her heels around to try to stab my cock under them. But the full force was felt on my balls that were not only squashed against the stool seat but against me. My jewels were trapped under and in front of her boot's toes. She kept going back and back to apply more and more grinding pressure until she could go back no more. She would raise her heels to give her toes more penetrating pressure. Stacey was finally getting her chance to ride me and she was giggling all the way. I was beginning to think that there was no way there could be no permanent damage this time. Again, every muscle tried to react to try to protect my sensible area but I was totally helpless. My face was totally wet from tears of delicious torture pain. Stacey went back and back until she had to bend her knees. She stayed there for half a minute when Jenny, who was enjoying the show, told her to stop.

"Haha. Stacey, let him off. Leave some for me." Slowly and calmly Stacey straightened and got her feet from my groin one foot at a time.

Stacey: "Little faker. Trying to fool us weren't you?” She game me a little kick to my feet. My head and vision swirled as if I had taken a beating from thugs in some dark street corner. Jenny stood in front of me with her hands on her hips looking at me with contempt. She began to remove the tape off my mouth. She did it gently but still hurt even though it was nothing compared to the pain in my groin.

"I really wanted to see you tied up like this, Bob. I see your little tool has been raped to the max by my friends, hee hee. Well, you still got some surprises coming your way. I took off the tape because I want to hear you scream... if you have enough strength to scream that is. I'll be taping this for later enjoyment. I don't think we'll need that anymore." Jenny pointed to the foot bar.

"Kim, take it off and Stacey, untie him."

"You see Bob, I've always wanted to be a domina all my life and when I found out you had a boot fetish you became the perfect candidate to be my husband. Now I can ballbust you any time, any day, 24/7/365. Oh yeah, the reason why I took so long to get here... well I went home and had a little chat with my mom. Mom gave me the boots she busted dad the days previous to the wedding. See them? This was a special occasion and I just had to have them stitched and personalized just for you, baby!" I went down from her face down. She was wearing a pink fleece, leather skirt and pink leather thigh high boots (no platform) zipper boots. The boots had been stitched with decorative streaks. Kim finished removing the foot bar off my ankles while Stacey was done untying me from the corner post. Before I could say anything else, she pulled me by the hair and up on my feet. She dragged me to the center of the ring.

"Please Bob, now lay on your back Bob" Jenny said.

"Jenny, how could you do this to me?! You could leave me impotent or worse!! This isn't funny"

"Please Bob. Enough. We don't have time for this."

"Jenny. Stop th..."

Jenny raised her foot and the toe of her thigh high boot slammed into the middle of my testicles. She kept her foot for half a second before Kim, on cue and who had been standing behind me during our little talk, slammed her boot on Jenny's own to create a double impact on my poor nutsac. It felt like a wedge nail being hammered into my balls and pelvis. I went down like a rock. I immediately put myself in a fetus position. Now that the leg bar was off I could put my legs together to protect myself but my hands could not go any further than my sides since the long cuffs were still on. I rolled around for a bit in pain and bit my tears before coming to a stop. I began to crawl like a worm to get out of the ring and away from them.

Jenny: "You won't get anywhere Bob. You won't be able to open the basement door. You can hardly move and we certainly won't let you leave. There's nowhere to go, honey. Just stay here and have fun with us, won't you?"

She was right. Even if I was able to make it to the door and even if I did manage to open it, I wouldn't be able to use the car or even run or walk in my condition. I'd surely be arrested. And I doubt the girls would let me even get as far as the basement stairs. One swift strike would be enough to take me down. I was absolutely trapped and their mercy... which at this point was nonexistent.

I rested my back on the mat and Jenny got in front of me and between my legs and Stacey behind her. Kim stood behind me facing my head. Jenny split my legs with her foot. I knew that resistance would only lead to greater pain so I decided to comply and unbent my knees and let my legs fall. It shamed me terribly the power these girls had over me. Damn it.

Jenny: "Oof! Those look terribly red. You want to take a break? We can get some ice to swelling down." Like a beaten puppy I accepted and they got some ice for my beaten, next-to-death manhood. Somehow they managed to place it so that it would stay there over a few refreshing cloths.

Jenny: "Ok, you stay there while the girls and I go take a break. I'm going to go change and I'll see you like in half an hour, Ok?" Her voice was cute yet sounded honest and mature. But it was beginning to upset me even though I wouldn't dare say anything. Anyways, I doubt half an hour would be enough to help out. What time was it? How long have I been down here? There was no way to tell time from being down here. Not even a cricket or bird to tell if it was night or day. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, I laid my head on the mat and rested there for a while.

Part 4 Riding it out


It actually took them an hour and a half to come back down. The heels approaching sounded more anxious than before this time. One would think they were getting tired of playing with me. Kim climbed up first and split the ropes so that Stacey, who was carrying her camera, and then Jenny could come in. Stacey took the ice and cloths away and didn't say anything else. Kim got behind me like she was before she left and Jenny stood between my legs.

"Sorry I took so long. I thought it would have been nice to polish the boots I talked about before. See the nice stitched rose at each side. I had those done today. Mom was so happy for me. I think she wanted to come but hey, she's got dad to play with anyways." She went on. "You know Bob, ever since I was a small kid I've always had this boot obsession. They make me feel so powerful and in control. They way they hug my leg and make it look shiny and perfect. And the way guys like you look at me when I wear them only drove my obsession on and on." She lightly rested her booted foot on my groin.

"Jenny, what if it stops working? What about kids?

"What about them?"

"A family Jenny. Don't you want one?"

"I only need you to have fun busting. Besides, it's not like I'm trying to permanently harm you. And well.... I wouldn't want to bust my own son...that'd be sick. Anyways, I wouldn't want to rob another woman from the pleasure of busting him too when he grows up."

"What if it goes limp?!"

"Modern medicine can do wonderful things, dear. Money isn't a problem with me, you know." I didn't know if she was serious or if she was trying to screw with my head. She certainly seemed serious enough...and she was right about being able to throw cash around too.

"You've kept my pretty boots waiting long enough, hon. Here. Take a closer look at them" With that, she stepped on my groin, which had gotten bigger from her resting her foot there, and using it as it were the first step of a stair, climbed on top of my body. I immediately felt her heels going from one end of my body to my chest. She placed one boot on my face and pressed until she made my head turn.

"See the beautiful rose I got it stitched. Isn't it nice?" She was wearing shiny tight tall knee-high cowboy boots with a stacked heel and a metal toe. I could tell she meant business. Each boot had a rose stitched on each side and even came equipped with spurs. There was a little key hanging from one of the spurs. For some reason, I knew those little shiny stars would bring me a lot of pain.

"Uh-huh," I moaned from below her boot. Again she rested both feet on my chest. She began to scratch her heels and soles on my chest as if I was a carpet. She stopped after leaving my chest scratched and burning red, then turned around and walked back to where she started, making sure to trample again on my poor and aching manhood. She began to observe my erection. She sat down on the floor between my legs and took a hold of each leg for support.

"Well, lets see what we can do with that..." She placed the edge of one of those wooden heels on the base of my cock and began to scrape the length of my prick with the heel. Her spur wasn't far behind the heel and was beginning to create matching marks to those left by Stacey's heel on the top part of my penis. And since the boot was new, the heel was still sharp at the heel edge and felt like a skin shaver. She would scrape my cock up and down like if it were something dirty that needed to be cleaned. She pressed that heel and the stirrup until my cock bent wherever they passed. Up and down she went, switching foot when one got tired. My hands could only twitch in agony and she had my already weak legs grabbed tight so there was little if anything I could do. And if I did do something... well, right now I think this is better than getting a metal toe in between my pelvis. After getting tired and leaving a neat streak of redness and punctures on the bottom part of my cock, Jenny stood up again and sat on my belly.

She placed her boots close together and just in front of my ballsac without touching it. She took aim and giggled to the girls who giggled evilly back at her like little kids about to do a prank. I was beginning to recover from the previous attack when Jenny slowly began to introduce her pointy metal stars into my nuts. That's when I began to see stars.

Stacey, who was capturing every moment on her camcorder, and Kim stood each on one of my legs to keep me down and were having trouble doing that because in the total agony I was in. I began to protest louder and louder which only made Jenny more determined to stab me with her spurs like I was some sort of pony that needed to go faster. She increased the pressure until the stars would go on no further into my nutsac and then she kept them there until I quieted down. Tears were streaming all over my face and my balls felt like they'd been stabbed by knives. The girls had quite a time looking at the abnormal shape my groin had taken from Jenny's abuse. Jenny would switch sight from my pressed balls and my agonized face all the while smiling at her handiwork. Again she stayed that way until she got tired and thought that I couldn't take it any longer. She turned around to look at my sweaty, hardly conscious face.

"Ok, hon. You took that like a real man, but the fun is just starting. Were going to go for a ride!" Jenny used the key attached to the spur to remove one cuff from one of my wrists. Stacey gave Jenny the camcorder while Kim and her turned me over and into position with knees and hands on the floor. Jenny closed the cuffs one more time but now they were in front of me. I made sure I complied with everything they wanted. The last thing I needed now was a swift kick in the you-know-where and especially not in this vulnerable position. They placed the saddle on my back and strapped it into place. I felt Kim wrapping a string around my cock and balls. She then did something to the other end and dropped it below me. What the hell was she trying to do? The first one to ride was to be Stacey and I would quickly find out what the string was for. They would serve as stirrups that would be directly attached to my nuts and cock. Stacey didn't wait to put them around her boots and give them a quick yank. I groaned in pain only to be followed by more yanks that told me it was time to move.

"Ok, baby. If you can do one full lap around the ring with each of us riding, you can go free. Look, I'll even be nicer. If you do one full lap with any of us on top you can go home.” She winked her eye at me. "Stacey is first. She's been waiting the longest." Even before she had finished that, Stacey got me moving with her yanking. The message was clear enough. I got in place and began my lap. I was too exhausted to move too quickly but at least my legs were not to tired She kept her yanking on, trying to sever my balls and cock from my body and riding me like I was a toy pony pulling my hair every so often. It was if someone was trying to slice them away with that string. Halfway around the ring, she would bend down so as to slide the back of her boots back and into groin. I would stop and my legs would wiggle threatening to break down but if only I could get one lap done maybe I would be out of here. She kept doing this every so often until we almost got to where we started. Then she bent down and threw her boots back into my groin but now she kept them there and started to squish my balls in between her ankles and her heels. My balls would slip out her painful boot press but she kept opening her grip and trapping them again and again. My legs couldn't take it anymore and dropped to the floor in agony. Stacey slipped her feet off the stirrups and she and Kim grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the starting point. It was Kim's turn now.

She slipped her thick white boots into the stirrups and quickly began her yank fest on my busted nuts. She didn't want to feel out of the crowd and immediately went to work on my manhood. She grabbed my neck for support and began to slam her thick boots on my dick or balls, wherever they would fall on. My privates had now way of avoiding her big boots and her abuse kept me weak at the legs all around the ring. Even if I stopped to take a breather she would continue her punishment. I dared not stop for long. The faster I got to the finish, the faster she would stop her abuse. Almost on cue, she began to press my balls together with her thick boots when we were about finished with the lap. She then began switching quickly between slamming and pressing. That finally did it for me and I fell down for the count. While Kim removed the stirrups from her feet, I rolled around in pain for a while. Maybe they wanted to give me a break before Jenny rode me. Now it was her turn.

Again they dragged me into position. Jenny sat on me and slipped the stirrups on her feet. She then did something unexpected. She put both feet on the floor and stood up. The sudden wave of pain that hit me made me drop to the floor before my cock and balls were ripped off.

"Ok baby. Lets see if you can be a good horsy. Get on your knees so I can get on you," Jenny said.

"I… I... can... can't. You need to bend down so my..."

Jenny began to lift one of her feet on the air to get her message through. Again my balls were pulled to their limit. All I could do was moan in pain. She placed her foot where it was before and remained standing. I slowly began to rise to position.

"Good, good. Quickly now" My balls were beginning to get stretched beyond their limit. I could feel my nuts go further and further out. I thought I would fall down there and then. I finally made it into position with my groin on fire and probably a little cut. Jenny giggled after finally showing me who was in charge and then sat down. I didn't even need a yank to know it was time to move. Jenny couldn't wait to get her sharp metal stars to work and began stabbing her boots back into my groin. She didn't care where they landed. In my balls, cock or belly. Her constant stabbing kept me leaping all the way. It was all fun for her watching me suffer for her pleasure. I was hardly 3/4 of the way to the finish when I couldn't take her abuse any longer and dropped into a big ball of pain on the floor. She removed the stirrups from her feet and got up leaving me to roll around for a while more.

"Ok, hon. Stacey and me are going to take care of something while you take a little break. Kim will keep an eye over you to see if you're ok." I already knew the drill and somehow managed to crawl to the center of the ring and rested on my back. Kim put some cloths and ice on my mangled manhood and put the stool behind me and sat down. Stacey handed her a bag out of which she took out a magazine and a pair of black boots with flares running through the ankles and up to the leg. The boots were tall knee-high lace ups with a chunky 4-inch heel and about an inch and a half platform. Jenny and Stacey left the ring and out of my sight. Stacey and Jenny left to change which by now I knew it meant ‘let you recover so you could get some feeling back into my groin and plan how were going to make you suffer and humiliate you more than before.’ Kim began eyeing the magazine, which I couldn't tell what it was, but I suppose it had something to do with CBT since she kept "aahh"-ing at it for some time. Again I was exhausted from all the abuse and decided to make the best use of my time so I went to sleep for a while.

Part 5 Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!


The next thing I knew all three were in front of me and standing between my legs. I hadn't even heard them approaching. I couldn't tell how long I had been asleep. I even forgot that my cuffs had been linked through my front, which would have given me opportunity to inspect the damage, but they were back going through my back once again. All three of them had changed boots. Stacey had changed into fashionable tall knee high brown Gucci boots with a not so sharp toe and about a 4-inch stacked heel. Kim had changed into the flare boots, which left me wondering if was going to get burned by them. Also Jenny had changed into hot leather pants and bra. But only Jenny had sharp heels with her boots. They were witchy, domina looking knee high black boots (lace, of course). The toes look like they were flat and bent in a way that they looked as if she was already stomping on something even when she was standing. They had also 4-inch heels that weren't stiletto but were sharp enough to scare me. These boots also had roses stitched on each side but they were silver and I could clearly notice that whoever stitched them did not forget to draw the sharp thorns on them. The top part of the boots were angled and taller at the front than at the rear making them look a little bit like wonder woman boots.

"Baby, now we'll show you what our true fetish dream is. I know you like the WWF and the nitro girls. I even found some old GLOW pics in your PC. Well, we wanted to know what it would feel to tag-team-bust a guy ourselves. And hon, you're the first contender. And me being both the commissioner and champ, I decided you're going to go up against me. To make it more interesting, Stacey and Kim will be my tag partners in this championship match. And we wouldn't leave you alone to fight either. That's why were going to take on you and you're shaft and nuts. I hope they're as good as partners as Stacey and Kim will be to me, hee hee." With that Kim and Stacey high-fived Jenny and went to the closest corner. "Ok, let's get it on!"

And she did. She turned me over and quickly pulled my balls and cock from under me. I could feel them almost wishing they were under my belly were they were away from her reach. To no avail, she stepped on them like if she was trying to put them down and through the mat. A cigarette wouldn't even get this kind of treatment. She shifted her toe boot to try to get my balls under her sole while my cock was being trampled under her foot. She pursued my balls relentlessly and placed her foot perpendicular to try to squash as much as she could at the same time. Whenever she would have them trapped under her foot she would try to put all her weight on them until they escaped again. Instinctively I tried to grab her leg from behind to stop her onslaught but only my fingers would barely touch the surface of her smooth boot. As I tried to reach, she grabbed onto the chain of my cuff and pulled back enough to lift my chest from the ground while throwing her weight back. She would stomp her heels on my butt cheeks and ride my arched body like it was a surfing board. When my body would arch no more she stepped down of my cheeks and went back to my balls. She kept pressing and stomping my cock and balls with her sole and heel. She then stopped to go to the next step.

Jenny then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to my feet. She led me to the corner where Stacey and Kim were waiting and made me face the corner post. Stacey and Kim grabbed my arms and held me there so I would hang from the two top ropes. Jenny sat down on the mat behind me and made sure my cock was hanging down and at her mercy. She proceeded to stomp my cock with the sole of her boot against the metal post. To make matters worse my cock was being grinded into the V shaped edge of the square-shape post. My cock felt like it was being bent all along its length. Jenny would get close then push herself back while pressing on my cock and balls as hard as she could. She sometimes would reach for the ropes to get support and press from there. Then my cock felt like it was being split into two. She then began all over again but using her heels on my bent cock. On the head, my balls, my ass, whatever she could stab her heels at. After getting tired of that they released me and Jenny dropped me to the floor.

"Well, this isn't working like I thought. Time for some help,” Jenny said. She tagged Stacey and Kim, who were waiting anxiously to join the fun, and both went in. They flipped me around to get my back to the mat. Kim and Stacey sat on stools to my sides and began to press my balls in a boot sole sandwich. They pressed until my balls slipped out the other end at which with their 2 pairs of boots made sure my balls were trapped and could go nowhere. They left some space for at least one of them to escape. That poor testicle was met by Jenny's sharp heel keeping it inside its painful booted cage. Jenny rested on the ropes as she indicated the others to increase the pressure. Now I felt the pain of the world while my nutsac was being pressed and squashed into oblivion. There are no words to describe the pain. All I could hear was their laughter as they mocked my pressed nutsac. They kept it up until their boots could press no further. They enjoyed seeing me writhe in pain and kept it up until I quieted down from my large moans of pain. I knew they wouldn't stop until they had sucked all the energy from me but there was no way I could fake when my whole body is in pain and feeling like its being torn apart.

Jenny told them that that was enough and all the girls lifted their shoes of my battered balls. They laughed at the way my red testicles flopped down as if their boots had been a jar and my balls jelly. Jenny lifted one of them with her boot toe and let it drop as if to see if it was still alive and giggled.

"Now let's take care of that other member." Jenny tagged in Kim while Stacey kept on taking pictures with the camcorder. Jenny and Kim flipped me around leaving my face to the mat. Each one grabbed a one of my legs. Kim planted her boot at the base of my cock, which included my balls, and Jenny planted her boot on the rest of my cock including my cock head. Lifting me up by the legs they began to try to tear off my cock as they lifted me up in the air more and more. I could tell they had been working out since neither had puffed or gave signs of struggling with my weight. I could feel my cock being made into part of the mat while the other end was in fire as skin and muscle was being stretched to their painful limits. My manhood was being torn, ripped, and destroyed mercilessly by my fiancé and her friend. The girls had not seen anybody do this before so they were definitely having fun and my helplessness only made them lift my body until they could no more. They had put all their weight on my cock so that it wouldn't slip away. They dropped me after getting tired of lifting me up. Now I really did wish that I had my hands free to feel if my cock was still there and in one piece but my hands were still held at my sides by the long cuffs.

Jenny and Kim grabbed me by the hair and made me sit down while facing them with legs split open. While holding me in place by the hair, Kim stomped her flared-up boot into the middle of my cock fixing it there for a while. Jenny wanted to really know how much a cock could handle. She began to kick the segment of the cock that was exposed with her boot toe. Lightly first then kicking harder. It was as if she was trying to kick the part of my cock that was not under Kim's boot back under Kim's boot. My cock had nowhere to go and didn't have the elasticity to bend much when trapped in such a way. Not sideways or upwards. It felt like my little worm was about to be broken in pieces. I could only look in horror at their viciousness. I could only scream "PLEASE STOP" in my mind because I hardly had any strength to speak. I could only moan and twitch in pain and my hands only being able to grab air.

Jenny and Kim made a high-five. "Ok, let's get him with the electric chair move.” Kim got me by the hair and Jenny by my groin and got me again to my feet. Kim locked my neck from the back while Jenny stood in front of me. With strength I didn't even suspect she had, Kim drove me and my balls into her thigh, effectively sitting me on her lap. Jenny did not wait a second before stomping her boots and heel into my vulnerable prick, which was now splattered and an easy target on Kim's leg. With one knee on the floor and the other holding me in place, Kim dragged me down as much as she could with her own weight making my balls protrude forward. Again, Jenny could not wait and stomped and slapped my nuts with her boots and heels as much as she could (she didn't want to scratch Kim). She would try to put as much of her weight on my dick as she could often lifting her other foot in the air.

"One more time,” Jenny said. Kim reached forward and while grabbing my nuts lifted me again to my feet. Kim put a neck lock again on me and drove my groin into her other lap. Jenny stomped, scratched, slammed, scraped and bent my manhood with her boot and heels until she got tired. Maybe she thought her heel might break from the entire workout. Kim kept using her weight to press my groin more and more into her thigh.

"We need more action still. Stacey, get the special stool." Jenny tagged in Stacey while Kim went back to the corner. Stacey was carrying a very short stool around a half-foot high. It looked like it belonged to some little girls doll collection but was wide enough for someone to stand in. While I was rolling to get my back to the mat and take a look at my groin, Jenny grabbed me and placed my body sideways and facing the chair. She placed my cock and balls on the seat of the chair and I could tell what was going to happen next. Stacey got up on the chair and placed both boots on my aching cock and balls gripping them to the seat of the chair. Jenny then began to kick and shove me away from the chair with her boots. She was trying to finish the job she started trying to rip my penis and scrotum from my body. I had nowhere to support myself while Stacey and Jenny had the ropes. My manhood had no way of slipping with Stacey's full weight on it and the threads on the stool, which I could feel my skin already getting into. Now I was crying and screaming out of pain. Even when Jenny stopped pushing me, my body tended to drop down on its back but was kept on its side by Stacey's feet. Now I could feel it tearing. I sobbed in pain and desperation imploring the torture stop. Jenny kept kicking and pushing me and trying to tear my poor dick from my body for about a half a minute more until she noticed I was ready.

"Kim, get the chair.” Stacey got off the stool and removed the stool from the ring. Kim placed the chair in front of me while Stacey got me on my knees. Stacey placed my cock and balls on the small chair. Jenny stood up on the chair and quickly stepped on my cock. My balls slipped out to the sides but they were greeted by Kim's and Stacey's boots which had one boot toe each pressing each ball against Jenny's boot as if keeping them from leaving the party without paying. They kept their feet there and me attached to them for 10 eternal seconds. Then Jenny spoke.

"I am now your owner, Bob. Kiss my boots and pay your respect to the boots that destroyed you."

I had no choice. I bent down to kiss my fiancé's boots. I wasn't able to reach them at first but I knew what she wanted. I kept bending down and going back until my groin felt the pain again of being stretched to the limit. I was finally able to kiss the shafts of her boots. Just two more kisses left. I had to stretch even further down to kiss Kim and Stacey's boots that were pressing on my balls.

"That's a good little busted boy. We've had enough fun with you."

"Yes, my earthly goddess…"

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