Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ballbusting Girls

by Bone_18


It was a sleep over. Kim had asked Kathy to come over to discuss something. Kathy gladly obliged considering their great friendship. They both had so much in common. They both had nice bodies, brown hair, and were both 16. Kim had slightly longer hair than Kathy. Kathy had it cut about an inch above her shoulders. Kim’s went below her shoulder line. Kim was 5’4” and was in great shape and she knew every guy wanted her body. Kathy was and inch smaller but also in good shape.

Kim had a plan. The plan dealt with an annoying boy in her Physics class. His
name was Jim. He was slightly taller than both the girls but was quite thin. Kim thought
she could easily handle him alone.... but that would be no fun. Kim’s plan called for
inviting Jim to Kim’s house the next night. There they would handle him. Kathy giggled
at the thought.

“But how will you get him to come over this time”, Kathy asked. She knew that
their previous plan failed. Jim stood them up.

“Don’t worry about that...I’ll have him coming over...believe me.” At that,
Kim had a big, yet sexy grin on her face. Kathy knew Kim had a great plan. The girls
giggled all night thinking of the things they could do to Jim.

The next day soon came. The girls woke up and went to school. Kim was
wearing a short skirt with black tights. Hot was not the word to describe her. She was
beyond hot. Kathy also wore a skirt with navy blue tights. The girls usually dressed like
this everyday. They couldn’t wait to see Jim.

Physics class was in session. Kim looked up from her notebook to see Jim sitting
across from her. She looked up at the clock. She did so until the right time came. Kim
called the teacher over to explain some problems. The teacher obliged and sat down at
the other end of the table near Kathy. Kathy couldn’t wait to see Jim’s face. As the
teacher started to explain formulas and such to the group, Kim slipped her foot out of her
black loafer. She looked Jim in the eyes and ran her foot up his leg. She placed her foot
right on Jim’s cock. His testicles jumped at the surprise, as did his whole body. Jim was
in the middle of a question he was asking the teacher when the surprise came. His voice
cracked and became higher pitched. The teacher asked if he was OK. Kathy was giggling
as Jim’s face became very red. The teacher began to explain something to Kathy and Kim
started her own conversation with Jim.

“So... Jim... I was wondering if ya wanted to come over my house tonight?” She
started to unzip his zipper with her toe. She slid her foot inside the front of his pants. She
managed to find the opening of his boxers with ease. She slid her foot inside his boxers.
She began to rub her stockinged foot on his fast growing cock. She put her foot under his
balls and started to slowly wiggle her toes under them...kind of massaging them. She
asked the question again. Jim’s response was,” ... sounds good to me.” His voice was still cracking. He couldn’t believe the treatment he was receiving.

Kathy was also still giggling. As the bell rang for school dismissal, Kim guided her foot out of Jim’s pants. She was sure to direct Jim’s hard penis out with her foot. She turned to the teacher and said,” Jim needs extra help with this stuff.” The teacher told him to come up to the front to receive the help. Jim sat there with his erection sticking out of his pants. He wasn’t sure what to do. He couldn’t just stuff it back in his was too
stiff. As much as Kim and Kathy enjoyed his struggle... they left giggling.

Kim looked back and with an evil grin, she said to Jim, “Tonight.” Jim nodded.

The girls sat on the couch. It was about 7 p.m. They had been talking about their
scheme since the end of school. Kim said that they shouldn’t change their clothes because she wanted Jim to see her in the same clothes as earlier.... just to make him uncomfortable.

“He should be here soon,” Kathy pointed out. Kim nodded as she turned the
channel to MTV. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kim nearly threw the remote
as she lunged for the door. She swung it open. It was the neighbor.

“Is your Mother here?” asked the woman.

“No... she went away for the weekend,”
replied Kim. The woman realized it was Friday and her parents were hoping to get away
for the weekend.

“Oh, OK... um I just wanted to tell you I was going away also,” replied the woman. Kim was excited. This meant no one would hear Jim’s cries. Kim said OK and was just about to close the door when she saw Jim coming up the sidewalk. She whispered loudly to Kathy that he was there. They couldn’t wait. Jim came in and sat on the end of the couch. Kim sat on the other end and Kathy sat in the large chair adjacent to the couch. Jim began to watch the music video that was on.

“Oh... I love this video,” he said as he gleamed at the screen. Kim kicked off her shoes and shifted herself to lie down. She put her stockinged feet on Jim’s lap. She moved them onto his groin. She cleverly said, ”Does this bring back memories?” Jim didn’t know what to say. Kathy also began to kick off her shoes.

“I was about to kill you in school today. I was so embarrassed,” he said, as his face grew warm.

“But didn’t you like it?” asked Kim innocently as she had that same grin on her face as earlier. “Well why don’t you try to kill me now, big shot?” Kim playfully dropped her heel down on Jim’s groin. Jim made an ‘umf’ sound. “Or aren’t you man enough?” Kim said trying to edge Jim on. Kim stood up and stepped in front of the TV.

“Move!” demanded Jim. He wanted to watch the great video.

“Make me,” Kim said cleverly. This caused Jim to jump up. He tripped Kim and stood over her. Kathy knew this was her chance. She jumped up on his back and it reminded her of when she used to get a piggyback ride. She swung her legs around to Jim’s front. Each foot, she positioned nicely on each side of Jim’s groin. She brought her feet together catching his ballsack in between. She began to squeeze. She also brought her arms under his and joined her hands on the back of his neck, putting him into a full nelson. He could do nothing and he knew it. He dropped from the pain. He fell on his back right on Kathy. It didn’t affect her at all. She continued to squeeze. Kim sat up and laughed. She noticed she was conveniently between Jim’s legs.

“So how do your nuts feel now?” teased Kim. She brought her foot back and slammed it between Kathy’s feet, right into Jim’s balls. He jumped from the pain. Kim grabbed his legs to disable them from kicking. He could do nothing at all. Now his legs
and arms were being held. “That is for bothering us in school, you Fuck face.” Kim drove
her foot into his balls again. Then she began to undo Jim’s pants. She pulled them off.
Jim was too weak to do anything. Kathy had to remove her feet from his groin so Kim could remove the pants. She kept them at on the floor on both sides of Jim. Kim started to rub her foot on Jim’s groin. She slipped her stockinged foot inside his boxers.

She said,” Oooh… it feels so good... doesn’t it?”

Jim managed to mouth out the words “Fuck You”. Kim noticed he was getting an erection. She continued to rub his cock till it was stiff.

“You wont be able to Fuck anymore, when we get through with you,” Kim cleverly teased. Kathy joined in with the rubbing. Jim was about to cum even though he was in a trance of pain. Kim knew he was about to cum. She told Kathy to stand him up. Kathy brought him to his feet. Kim slammed Jim up against the wall. She looked into his eyes and drove her knee into his groin as hard as she could. Jim bent over in pain. Kathy pushed him back up against the wall. Kim dropped to her knees to remove his boxers. She easily slipped them off. Jim attempted to hit Kathy but she caught his arm. She reached down and grabbed his dick. She pulled on his stiff erection. She started to jerk him off violently. As he started to come she released his penis and punched the tip of it. Jim began to have a violent orgasm as tears streamed down his face. Kim saw he was cumming and she swung her foot right up into his ball sack. He whimpered. Kathy was smiling. Kathy brought her knee up into his left ball, catching it between her stocking knee and his pelvis. She exerted much pressure as his orgasm became more violent. She leaned in and kissed him. She knew it had to irritate him. She released the ball and Kim sat at his feet and rocked onto her back. She shot up her leg and caught the underside of Jim’s balls. She kept her foot there. She continued to push.

Jim had an ounce of energy in him. He pushed behind Kim’s knee to release her foot from his groin. He kicked her and limped towards the door. Kathy jumped on his back again and swung her feet in front. This time she shot her foot out forward and brought it back, smashing her navy blue heel into his groin. She repeated it again and caught him on the end of the penis. He began to have another severe orgasm and lost all strength. He dropped to his knees. Kathy got off his back. Kim stood up and from the back side she swung her foot up between his legs crashing right into his balls. She smiled.

“That’s what you get when you fuck with us,” she said as she reached down in front of him and grabbed his dick. She jerked it adding to the severity of his orgasm. Jim couldn’t believe any of this. He moaned and passed out. Before he dropped, Kathy got one last kick in... but this time to the tip of the penis again.

“He’ll feel that when he wakes up,” Kathy said smiling. They both grabbed a soda and sat on the couch.

“He has no taste in videos either,” Kim joked. They couldn’t wait until Jim woke up, to receive some more punishment.


Kim glanced up to the clock on the wall. It was 9:00 p.m. She continued to click through the channels on the TV. Kim glanced behind the couch at Jim lying unconscious on the floor. She looked at his small package and began to chuckle to herself. Then she glanced up at Kathy, sitting in the big chair adjacent to the couch.

“Damn, I’m hungry,” stated Kim. Kathy glanced up at the clock and then at Kim.

“Do you want to get something to eat?” Kathy replied. Kim nodded and then both girls looked at Jim on the floor, then at each other.

“We’ll tie him up,” they both said in unison. They began to giggle. They were such close friends that they knew what the other was thinking. They began to drag Jim into Kim’s bedroom. They easily picked him up and threw him on the bed. They were strong girls, and they knew it. Jim had to easily weigh 115 lbs. Kim left the room and brought back some rope. When she returned, she noticed Kathy poking at Jim’s swollen balls. The swelling went down quite a bit from his previous beating (see Part1). They tied his arms to the posts on the headboard. They spread his legs to tie each foot to the posts at the foot of the bed.

“Wait... let’s put his boxers back on... I don’t like to see Jim naked on my bed,” Kim joked. They slid his boxers back over his beaten groin.

“Hey... I have an idea. Let’s put an ice pack on his balls to help the swelling go down. When we beat him again... I want to see them swell back up again.” Kathy was right. Kim fetched an ice pack and carefully placed it on his groin. Kathy left the room to so Kim could get changed. Kim took off her school outfit and black tights. She slid on sheer black pantyhose and slid on a very tight fitting skirt. Sexy! She put on a blazer over her decent sized breasts. Finally she slid on her dress sandals and was ready to go.

“I should go back to my house to get changed also,” stated Kathy as she watched Kim’s 5’4” frame of beauty step out of her room. Kim agreed and they were soon on their way. Kathy wasn’t long in her house. She too wore a sexy skirt, but with tan pantyhose. She changed her navy blue loafers to her black ones.

They agreed on Sorino’s as the restaurant to eat at. They got a table at the front of the restaurant in front of the window. As the waitress brought their drinks, Kim noticed this fine looking guy across the room. He was alone at his table, and was giving Kim his sexy smile. He motioned her to join him at his table. Kim told Kathy about him. Kathy turned to look.

“Oh my God! He is so FINE!!!” exclaimed Kathy.

“He wants me to go over there... I should go see what he wants.” Kim got up and grabbed her Coke and walked her sexiest walk over to him while playing with the straw with her tongue. The man grinned. She sat down across from him.

“Hi, I’m John... I noticed you come in. You are very sexy,” the man said to Kim. She realized that he must be like 27 years old. 10 years older than her! “And I was thinking,” John continued, “... um... how would you like to give me a blow job?” Was he serious?!? What a creep! This pissed Kim off. She shot Kathy her evil grin. Kathy knew that something was about to happen. She watched intensely.

“Well... let’s just say MAYBE,” Kim humored him. She then tried to get her sandal to come off. It was stuck! Damn it! She dropped the napkin that was in front of her. She bent down to pick it up and she quickly loosened the strap of her sandal. Out slipped her foot as she sat back up. She slid her foot up his leg, and kept it on his knee. He was startled by her boldness.

“I’ll take THAT as a yes,” he cleverly remarked.

“I said MAYBE,” she replied with much sarcasm. With that she slid her stockinged foot directly to his groin. He must have been expecting it, because he had a slight erection. Kim realized that she loved rubbing a guy’s package with a stockinged foot. She didn’t exactly know what it was that she loved about it... maybe it was the guy’s response and that she felt in control over his sex organ.

She tried to pull the same move as she did earlier in school with Jim (see Part 1) but she encountered a problem. When she went to unzip his pants with her toe... she found that it was a buttoned fly. She had no experience with buttons! She struggled to get it undone. She placed her smaller toes on the button and placed the flap of material between her 1st and 2nd toes. She cleverly maneuvered the flap and pushed on the button. It came undone! She slid her foot into the opening in his pants. She flashed him a sexy smile. He was becoming extremely hard. She went to slide her stockinged foot into the opening of his boxers. She encountered another problem. No boxers... he was wearing briefs! Weren’t briefs no good for the family jewels?

She was pissed. She slid her foot around and found the opening of the briefs she tried to maneuver her foot in, but couldn’t. She became very anxious. She forced her foot into the underwear... ripping it to the size of her foot. There... that was better. John was shocked by this action.

“So how old are you John?” she tried to make small talk. She caressed his large cock with her stockinged foot. She loved how it felt on her foot. Of course, he loved how it felt on his dick!

“I’m 28,” he replied. Wow... 11 years older than her. “So how ‘bout that blow job?” Boy, he got to the point. Kim began rubbing his balls, then his cock, then his balls. She ran her foot up his now free erection. The tip of his penis touched the bottom of the table! She spread her 1st and 2nd toes, which created a web of pantyhose. She placed this web of pantyhose on the tip of his penis. He was in heaven. She would turn her foot to the left then right repeatedly, rotating the web of pantyhose over his throbbing tip. She pulled her foot off the tip of his penis. She looked in his eyes and grinned.

“I don’t give blow jobs... Pervert!” She slammed her foot into his balls and throbbing penis. He leaned forward in pain. She kicked him again... this time only catching his penis, slamming the head of it up against the bottom of the table.

“You Bitch!!!” he exclaimed loudly. Everyone looked. Kim had to do something... and fast! She slipped her sandal on loosely and stood up.

“You call me a bitch because I won’t give you a blow job?!?” exclaimed Kim, even louder. Everyone gasped. This was her moment! She grabbed his water and splashed it on his face. She added a slap for effect. Then she pushed him hard with both hands. His chair fell backwards. Everyone saw his cock and balls poking through his pants. Then people began to notice that he must have ripped his underwear in order to get his cock out.

“You pervert! What... were you playing with yourself when you asked me to blow you?!?!” Everyone gasped again. Kathy was loving this spectacle. Kim knew how to make a scene. Kim then slid off her sandal and slammed her stockinged foot into his package.

“That’s what you get!!” She kept her foot in his groin and started twisting it and grinding it deeper into his balls and penis. To her surprise all the women in the place began clapping!! She felt like it was a dream!

Kathy pushed Kim out of the way and yelled, “Pervert!!” and she kicked her shoe off and slammed it into his nuts. Then one by one, women began leaving their tables to join Kathy’s action. John was getting bare feet, stockinged feet, high heels and even platform shoes slammed into his aching balls. He was in a trance, but felt every stomp. Some women lined up again to repeat their action. Each would call him a name and slam their foot into his package. Kim almost had an orgasm watching this. She was the one that started it all. She felt so powerful. She grabbed her Coke and pulled Kathy back to their table. Kim noticed that even a little girl was having her way with John. This was so Awesome!!

Soon the police came. They had asked what happened and all these women explained how he had sexually harassed Kim. They asked Kim if she wanted to press charges. She shook her head no.

“He got what he deserved,” she said with the biggest grin on her face. They dragged John away. The waitress soon brought their food. The girls discussed the incident. They just loved talking about guys getting their balls busted. Kim noticed many women giving her thumbs-up as she would glance at them. Some even shook her hand as they left. It seemed like a dream!

But the night wasn’t over... they still had to deal with good ole Jim that was tied to her bed. They ate and got on their way. On the way home they discussed ways of hurting Jim’s groin further.


Kim and Kathy finally get back to Kim’s house. They were laughing and having a good time about what occurred in the restaurant. Kim was all pumped up due to that incident (see Part 2). As they walk in they go directly into Kim’s room. They noticed that Jim was finally coming to.

“Let’s have some fun!!” Kim said enthusiastically. Kathy agreed to that one. “I’m gonna untie him. Be prepared, just in case he tries anything.” Kathy stood by the door and watched Kim untie him. She helped him stand up. He wasn’t exactly sure of what was going on, and all that he knew was that his nuts were really cold.

“How are your balls, sweetie?” Kim asked as she caressed them through his boxers.

“Ca-ca-ca cold,” Jim stuttered. Kathy grinned as she looked at the ice pack on the bed that was on Jim’s package. Kim called Kathy over to feel Jim’s shriveled penis. They both laughed as they recalled an episode of Seinfeld. The girls led Jim out to the living room. With each step, Jim was becoming more aware of what had happened and what was happening. Suddenly, Jim pushed Kathy away from him. She was thrown towards the door. Jim grabbed Kim by the hair and slammed her head against the wall. Kim fell to the floor unconscious. Kathy could not believe what she was seeing. Jim was so skinny she didn’t think that he could produce that much power. Jim began to charge Kathy. She knew that she had to do something quick. She side-stepped him but he grabbed her from behind.

“You FUCKING WHORE!!!” he yelled into her left ear. Kathy began to panic. She felt totally helpless. Her arms went weak. She felt Jim’s arm tighten around her neck. She couldn’t breathe. She glanced down at Kim on the floor. It pissed her off. That was her friend that he did that to. She reached up and dug her nails into his arm. Then she swung her right elbow into his ribs. This created a little distance between them. She swung her size 7 shoe backwards into his groin. This caused him to bend over slightly. He couldn’t really feel it because his nuts were numb. She realized that he wasn’t too hurt by it. She swung her right elbow up, while swinging her hip into it. She caught him right on the jaw. Jim stumbled back, dazed. She front kicked him into his stomach. He fell back to the wall. She kicked him in the balls again with much force. This time he began to fall forward. Kathy immediately swung her leg up and caught him in the face with her loafer. He was down for the count. KO. Kathy helped Kim come to. After about 15 minutes Kim was totally awake again. She was furious. She glanced over at Jim and asked Kathy how she stopped him. Kathy told her of her actions.

“Whoa!!! We have Ms. Kung-fu over here,” Kim joked as she hugged Kathy.

“Let’s fix this Fucker good!!!” Kim had an idea. Since her mom is a nurse, she had tons of cool products and medications. Kim ran to go get some. She soon arrived back at Kathy, who was now sitting on the couch. Kim explained to Kathy what she had found.

“This right here is a tranquilizer... it will make him very weak and somewhat stiff. He won’t be able to have any outbursts again. We can also prop him up any which way we want and he will stay that way!!! This right here is a skin cream. It makes the applied area very sensitive. It makes the skin about 7 times more sensitive. Let’s try these out on that Fuck Face.” The girls help Jim to wake from his dream state. Kim immediately stabbed him in the leg with the tranquilizer. Jim screamed from the pain.

“What the hell are you doing, Bitch?” Jim tried to smack Kim but he found that he could hardly lift his arm. Kim smiled and patted his package.

“We’re gonna have fun tonight,” she says as Jim realized he was in trouble. Kim opened the opening of Jim’s boxer’s and applied the cream to Jim’s cock and scrotum. They then stood him up. They backed away from him amazed at how they could just position him there. He couldn’t move. They then spread his legs. Jim didn’t understand how his body could keep balance like this. Before he realized it, a size 7 shoe caught him in the nuts. He couldn’t bend to the pain.

Kathy smiled at the power she now had. Kim took the back side of Jim and did the same. Tears began to run down Jim’s face. Suddenly he felt his dick and nut sack itching slightly. It kinda felt good to him. The girls continued to take turns slamming their feet into his itching groin. Jim was very confused at this pain-pleasure situation. He continued to cry with every kick but after the kick his dick and ball sack feels tingly. As his scrotum became more and more sensitive... it soon turned into all pain. His balls had absorbed some of the cream too... they are slightly more sensitive too. However his cock still felt good. Kathy noticed a bulge starting in Jim’s boxers. She couldn’t believe he was getting an erection while they were ballbusting him. Kathy kicked of her loafers and slammed her foot into his slightly throbbing penis. It still grew slowly. Kathy alerted Kim of this. Kim realized that the cream was working. She was thrilled.

“Watch this,” Kim told Kathy. “Jim is about to have a never-ending erection... that is until the cream wears off... which is in about 3 hours!!”

“Are you serious???? That is sooooo cool,” Kim replies. Jim couldn’t believe the power building in his boxers. Kim grabbed Jim and laid him on his back. She then slipped off her dress sandals and went into the kitchen to get a couple chairs. She placed one chair between Jim’s legs. She sat in this chair. Then Kathy positioned the other one to the side of Jim... but right near his groin. She sat down.

“First we give him some pleasure,” Kim grinned. Kathy knew how much Kim loved to give guys stockinged foot jobs. Kathy wanted to try it too. Kim slid her sheer black stocking-covered foot into Jim’s boxers. She found his growing erection and rubbed it. Then she pulled Jim’s boxers off completely. Kathy placed her tan stockinged foot on Jim’s balls. Jim’s hard on grew rapidly now. The girls both saw pleasure in his face. Both the girls began to place their feet on his dick and balls and gave him a foot job. They jerked his dick up and down slowly between their feet. Jim’s dick grew harder than it ever had before. It also continued to grow harder and harder. Kathy moved one foot to the tip of Jim’s penis and began massaging it with her toes. His cock’s eye grew very large and opened as his dick kept hardening. Kathy noticed this opening and played with it with her toes. She would try to push one of her toes down into it.... though it wouldn’t fit. Jim was going into a daze of pleasure. His body began to stiffen up as his super erection continued.

“Make him cum,” Kim instructed Kathy. Kathy then spread her big toe and second toe to make a web of tan pantyhose. She learned this move from Kim. She then placed the web onto the tip of Jim’s penis and began to rotate it slightly left and right. She applied pressure to the tip of the cock with this web of pantyhose as she rotated. The cock’s eye grew even further.

Kathy applied more pressure as she said to Jim, “ How does that feel... Oooooo... so good…” This made Jim cum. Kathy kept the web of tan pantyhose on the tip of the penis. She continued to rotate it and kept pressure.

Cum began to spurt out through the pantyhose. Kim placed her foot squarely on Jim’s nuts. She began to push. This made cum spurt out more. It just kept flowing and Kathy kept rotating the pantyhose web across the tip of Jim’s penis. Jim began to shake slightly over this super orgasm. Kim began to stomp her foot into Jim’s sack. Harder and harder. Jim began to shake more and cum kept oozing out of his penis. Kim stood up and began to slam her foot into Jim’s nuts. Kathy kept her action up on the tip of his penis. Jim began moaning and his eyes began to roll back in his head. Kathy removed her foot and reached down and grabbed Jim’s dick. She jerked him off more. Small amounts of cum continued to ooze out. Jim was having an amazing orgasm. It had been about one minute of constant orgasm.

“Keep jerking him off. He will continue to have an orgasm if we don’t leave his manhood alone.” Kathy smiled at this idea. She stroked his penis up... then down... then up... then down. She then began to jerk it off faster. Kim slammed her foot into Jim’s balls again. More cum spilled out. She continued to do so until no more cum came out. Kathy leaned back and began to jerk him of with her feet; her arm was getting tired. Even though Jim had no more cum to release, he continued to have the orgasm. His dick throbbed and throbbed... it seemed like it was getting even harder.

“It looks like we milked him dry,” Kim said cleverly as she place her foot to the end of his penis. “If we keep kicking him in the balls, he will continue his orgasm, so lets have some fun!!” The girls stood Jim up. Kathy wanted to see if he could still stand if she jumped on his back. She did it and he was still standing!! She swung her legs around to his front and began kicking his jewels with the back of her stockinged heel. Then she jerked him off more with her feet. Kim began to practice different kicks to his precious balls. She even tried doing a cartwheel while catching him in the balls with her foot. Kathy could feel Jim quivering from the orgasm.

“How does it feel to be milked dry big boy?” she whispered into his ear. This just added to the orgasm.

“Kick the tip of his dick while I hold it between my feet,” Kathy instructed Kim. Kathy stopped jerking him off and held his dick steady between her size 7 feet. Suddenly a size 8 foot came slamming into the tip of Jim’s penis. Jim began to tremble more. Kim did it again pretending she was a ballerina. The site of this teasing made Jim tremble more. Kathy released Jim’s dick and she jumped down off his back. She wanted to play games too.

“Look at me Jim... I am a pretty ballerina... Watch how my pretty stocking-covered feet slam into your balls and watch how they tease your throbbing dick.” After saying this Kim began to do ballerina moves that she had learned when she was younger; she knew it would pay off some day. She lifted her foot and pointed her toes as she lifted Jim’s ball sack lightly. She did the same to his throbbing dick. Jim’s sensitive scrotum and dick felt every bit of this. Jim’s orgasm continued. Kim then repeated this move with force and connected into his balls.

“I bet ya never thought you would be ball busted and milked dry by a ballerina; did ya Jim?” Kathy moved in front of Jim. Kim had taken gymnastics when she was younger. She showed off her moves to Jim.

“Watch this back flip Jim.” She measured her distance perfectly from Jim and did a back flip. The top of both feet caught Jim’s sack one after the other. They also swiped the head of Jim’s cock.

“Watch my forward flip now Jim.” Kathy then did a forward flip catching the top side of Jim’s dick with her feet. After Kathy had done this, Kim grabbed Jim’s dick and jerked it off to keep the orgasm going strong. Jim began breathing faster. Kim then pushed Jim against the wall. She sat down at his feet a rolled to her back. She placed both feet to the underside of Jim’s balls. Her toes touched the underside of his penis. She pushed as hard as she could. She lifted him off the ground by his groin!! He was balanced nicely upon her to feet, of which were dug into his groin. Kathy grabbed his dick this time and began to jerk it off. With each jerk, his cock swiped Kim’s toes.

“Lets put him to sleep by increasing his orgasm,” Kathy suggested. Jim was already in a daze but heard the words. His head was getting such a blood rush from this giant orgasm. Kim agreed to the plan. Kathy began to jerk Jim off faster and faster. Kim began shifting her feet while still balancing him mid air by his balls. Kim then began to alternate her feet rapidly and hard. She was actually stomping him up into the air by his balls. Left. Right. Each upward stomp sent him up into the air. The stomping became faster and faster. Jim was now going into convulsions. Kathy continued to jerk him off rapidly. Then she began punching the tip of Jim’s throbbing penis. The orgasm became too much for Jim. The stomping, the jerking off motion, and the punching sent him drifting to sleep.

As the convulsions began to slow down Kathy leaned in and kissed Jim on the lips and whispered into his ear, “Sweet dreams.”


Anonymous said...

you guys are such bitches! all he did was tease you at school and you kill him! not fair!!! (ballbust me someday please please please) I like being ballbusted this hard!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting i cant believe people make this shit im reporting this gross website