Friday, August 10, 2007


by Monique_vB

Part one

I'm a real person. This story is real too. I'm sorry for my bad English. I hope you can enjoy my experiences nevertheless.

My name is Monique. I'm a 28-year-old woman and single. Life is good to me. I'm very beautiful. My hair is dark blond; my eyes are big and blue like the sky. I have got a nice mouth, with Julia Roberts like lips, very sensual. My breasts are big but do not hang down. My nipples are pink. My legs are long, muscled and look very good. They are nicely tanned by the sun. I do not have to use an Epilady, while the tiny little hairs on my legs are blond, which I find very erotic.

My life is not uncommon, as far as other people can see it. I'm a director’s secretary in a big company. I own an apartment in the city. I'm not involved in a relationship, nor do I want to be. I like to have different contacts. It's a way to keep things interesting. I do not want others to tell me what to do. I like to make my own decisions. A permanent relationship would not be practical for me, while I carry a secret with me that I could not hide for my partner. My secret is that I'm not quite normal from the sexual point of view. In fact I think that most other people would consider me as an abnormal person, if they knew my secret. In the first place, I'm an exhibitionist. I love to show myself to men. My second aberration is the fact that since I was I child, I was fascinated by the testicles of a man. I not only like to look at a man’s testicles, I also like to touch them, to feel them and to take them in my hands. But most of all I love to inflict indescribable pain on a man’s testicles in various ways.

I'll first explain my exhibitionistic aberration. I like to show all parts of my body to men. Not in the primitive manner most male exhibitionists are used to show their private parts to their unaware victims. No, I show myself in a far more sophisticated way. I like to wear very short miniskirts and blouses capable to generate a so called 'down blouse effect'. I love high-heeled shoes, but when I wear flat shoes, my legs look wonderful as well. I love the spring and the summer, while it is possible not to wear panties under my skirts in those seasons. I prefer bare tanned legs. But in winter I always try to look sexy as well. Under my miniskirt I usually wear nice and sexy underwear, in a contrasting color. I hate big white cottons. I love small underwear, with lace. Under a black miniskirt I usually wear white underwear. Under a white miniskirt I usually wear red underwear. The most sexy way to wear a miniskirt however, is not to wear any underwear! When I do not wear any underwear, I usually do not wear a bra as well. I love to feel my naked breast shaking a little under my blouse, on the rhythm of my footsteps. I love to feel the wind on my nipples and to be aware of the fact that they can be seen through my blouse. I can make every man look at me just by wearing a short miniskirt.

Every time when I'm dressed like that, I notice the horny looks of the men I see. When I'm walking the street, when I'm in a shop, when I'm sitting down on a chair outside a pub, on a terrace. It's wonderful to see how men are looking at my legs, how they try to look under my skirt, how they wonder weather I'm wearing any underwear or not. How they are fantasizing about how my breasts are like. The skirts I'm usually wearing almost make it impossible for me to sit down in a way that one cannot have a look between my legs. Only when my legs are crossed, my skirt protects me against horny and curious eyes of passing men. But even then I must be careful. Miniskirts have this habit of rising upwards and upwards, until you're almost naked! When the skirt is not properly 'down', even crossed legs can offer no protection against men trying to look in my groin.

I love to play these little games, to tease and to make men horny. When I'm sitting down in this way, and I notice a man that I like, I immediately start to tease him. I uncross my legs, and I open them a little bit. Just enough to make it possible for him to have a good look in my groin. I smile at the man, making him realize that I know what he is doing. Then I cross my legs again. I slowly make him crazy. I take a cigarette, walk to the man, I bend down in a way that he has this breathtaking look on my breasts and I ask him to light my cigarette. Then I'm sitting down again, in a way that he can look between my legs when they are uncrossed, but also in a way that he can't when my legs are crossed. Of course I want to be in control of the situation. I'm almost certain most men become so horny this way, that they need to masturbate almost immediately to lose the tension somewhat. Only if they can get rid of their sperm, they can function in a normal manner again. I use this technique to make contact with men I like.

Later I always confront the men I teased with my second aberration, namely my sadism and the joy I find in torturing their balls. As a matter of fact, I myself can only have an orgasm when I'm thinking about a man laying down in agony after my merciless attack on the most sensible part of his body. I'm a real sadist. Nothing can give me more pleasure than torturing a man’s balls and watching how it makes him suffer like hell. I'll tell you more about it in upcoming parts of this story.

Of course I realize that most people disapprove of my sadism, that my ballgames are considered disgusting and that a partner could probably not live with me in this way. I don't mind! I would not like however my friends to know how I really behave and think. I would no longer be accepted by them. But, no matter what other people think, I'm hooked to ball torturing and I take every opportunity to hurt a man in his balls in the most painful way. As a matter of fact there are as many opportunities as I like. I even can create them!

As I said already, I'm always dressed very sexy. There are always men who cannot keep their hands of me. I always attack their nuts one way or another. There are also men who make remarks of a sexual type. In fact I do not dislike these remarks, but the maker of such a remark can count on me, giving him the most severe pain a man can suffer! In these situations I feel myself justified to make men realize the extreme sensibility of their testicles. In fact, when I kick or knee such a man in the groin, all other people mostly start to laugh out loudly, telling me that I acted right. O, I love to see these assholes laying down screaming and crippled, when I set their balls on fire just by putting up my knee! By the way: I do not only attack a man’s vulnerable parts if he is touching me in a sexual way or if he has been making a sexual remark towards me. Any man that treats me in a bad or impolite manner can count on a severe pain in his balls, caused by my legs.

Only recently, when I was shopping in a supermarket, a man passed me and tried to pay for his shopping while it was in fact my turn. I told him to wait for his turn. He replied: "Can't you see I'm in a hurry, bitch!" I immediately kneed him in the balls with great precision and very hard. The effect was wonderful! He screamed out loudly. He doubled and he brought his hands to his burning balls. Then he fell down on the floor. His screaming stopped for a short time while he had to throw up. A few minutes later, when I had paid for my shopping, he was still lying down like an embryo, obviously in a very bad pain in his balls. I loved the sight of this suffering man. There were some young girls laughing at him. They were dressed in a sexy miniskirt, just like me.

I have two different kinds of ball contacts with men. There are those contacts 'at random' on the streets, in shops, in pubs and so on, when I knee or kick a man in the balls while he is treating me in a bad manner. There are also those meetings at my home. When I go out and I meet a man that I like for one night, I take him at home with me. We do have sex together. But to make the sex satisfying for myself as well, it is necessary that this man in the end is confronted with this extreme sensibility of these oval jewels in his groin. I always find a way to hurt my one night friend in the balls one way or another. When I took him to the ports of hell and he is lying down and suffering an intense ball pain, I can have my orgasm as well!

I'll tell you more about my ball adventures the next time!

Love you all!

P.S.: Watch your balls guys! You never know when I'm around!

Part 2

Hi my friends, in the second part of my real life story ball games, I will explain to you how I became a ball freak and how I developed a taste for inflicting pain on a man’s balls.

My fascination for the testicles was born in my youth, when I was thirteen years old and while I was a student in the first year of high school. That time I knew already that boys are different from girls, but I did not care then. I never thought about it. The matter didn't interest me at all.

One day there was this boy of thirteen years old that was embarrassing me all the time, because I had shoes he disliked. He was annoying me all the time. I got angry and I kicked him. I did not send my kick to a particular part of his body; I just kicked. I did not have the intention to hurt him a lot, nor did I want to kick him in the groin. I didn't even know the balls of a man are very sensitive indeed. I was angry, I kicked and he had bad luck because the tip of my shoe landed in his groin and made contact with his young balls in an obviously very painful way! I still can see this boy in front of me! His bright laughter was away immediately. His smile changed into a look of total agony and pain. He bent forwards and screamed it out! A few seconds later he fell down. He kept on lying on the ground, his knees were upwards, he looked like an embryo. He pushed his elbows in his belly. All the students of our class were standing around us. The teacher wanted to punish me for what I did, but I could convince him of the fact that I really didn't know how very painful a kick in the groin of a boy could be. I could convince the teacher of the fact that in had not been my intention to cause this enormous pain to the boy. The teacher took me apart and told me how vulnerable a man is in the groin. Until that moment I didn't know that a boy not only has a penis, but also two testicles. I didn't know that I could hurt any man terrible just by kicking him in his sack. My teacher didn't punish me and I was allowed to go home after the lessons.

I kept on thinking the whole day about this remarkable event with this boy. In my thoughts I still could see him while he was laying on the ground, while he was completely broken and overwhelmed by this dreadful pain in his balls, which pain he had to suffer, while I had kicked him in the groin. I did not understand my reaction then, but I noticed that I found a real joy in the fact that I had hurt him so badly. It made me feel good. It gave me pleasure. When I lay in my bed that night, I started fantasizing about it. I experienced a nice feeling in my vagina. I had never had this sensation before. My fingers automatically found my vagina and started to explore the inner side of it. I had never seen a naked man or a naked boy in my life. I had no idea about what the balls of a man looked like. While I was fantasizing about a man’s balls and the sensibility of these body parts, something special happened. I did not understand it then, but now I know that I had my first orgasm that night.

As I already told you, I couldn’t imagine how male balls were like. I was the only child at home. I had no brother. I never saw my father while he was naked. When my father took a bath, he always locked the door of the bathroom. My curiosity had awakened. I was looking for an opportunity to watch a man’s balls.

I discussed the subject with my friends. They told me that I could probably see a boys balls during the gymnastics lesson. I asked how that could be possible, while girls and boys had separate bathrooms. My friends told me that I had to pay attention during the lesson. During the gymnastics lesson we always had to wear shorts. The girls used to wear shorts that fitted exactly to the thighs. The boys had to wear other shorts. The pipes of the shorts of the boys were wide and did not connect to their thighs. The consequence of this fact was, that at several moments it was possible to look into the space between the thighs and the pipes of the shorts. It was possible 'to look inside', if you know what I mean! Most of the time this was not spectacular, my friends said. The shorts were not always short enough to make a deep looking in possible. And when a boy had underwear that fitted well, you could not look any further then his underwear. Of course you could see a lump through his underwear at the location of his genitals, but the genitals were hidden under his underwear. There were some boys however, who wore underwear that was somewhat too large for them. The pipes of the underwear did not connect properly to the thighs. There was space between these pipes and the thighs, so that it was possible to look inside the underwear sometimes. The best chance to have the opportunity peep inside the underwear of a boy, I would have if a boy would wear rather short shorts, with wide pipes and underwear that was a little too large, so my friends told me. They told me the names of some boys who were known for giving the opportunity to look into their underwear regularly. My chances would be best if the boy in question sat down on a bench, sat down on the floor or were squatting on the floor.

Looking in a boy’s underwear was also possible when he was exercising standing on his hands. While exercising standing on the hands we always had to help each other. If the one we had to help was a boy, this gave us the opportunity to try to look in the pipes of his shorts. My friends told me that Steven, one of the boys in our class, always wore underwear that was too large, and that for that reason, it was practically always possible to look into Stevens underwear and to see his balls. I was very curious at that time! To me this stuff was completely new. Until the moment that I accidentally kicked a boy in the balls, I never thought about these things. It didn't bother me at all. But due to this astonishing effect of my kick in the groin of this annoying boy, my interests in the balls of a man was born to last forever!

The next gymnastics lesson I took care to keep close to Steven, the boy my friends mentioned because it was possible regularly to peep into his shorts and to watch his balls. The first thirty minutes of the lesson were a disappointment. We had to run these boring rounds in the sports hall and we had to do some exercises while we were standing on our feet. I was running behind Steven and I noticed that his shorts were rather short and that the pipes of his short were wide.

At a certain moment the teacher told us to sit down. Steven sat down on one of the benches at the edges of the hall. I choose my position that way that I could see his groin. I could see the place where the right pipe of his shorts made contact with his right thigh. I could not peep in his shorts at that moment, because he kept his legs closed. Then I was lucky! At the moment the teacher started to explain the next exercise, Steven suddenly spread his legs. This caused a big hole between the right pipe of his shorts and his right thigh. I could peep into this hole. I saw he was wearing blue underwear. This underwear was too large. The right pipe of his underwear did not make contact with his right thigh. There was a lot of space between this pipe and this thigh. I could peep in his underwear. This was the first time in my life I could actually see a man’s sack! I could not see the whole sack, but only the right side of it. The sack was very loose and on the lowest point of it, I noticed his right ball. The exact form and the measures of this ball I could not see, because the sack was still positioned within the borders of his underwear at that moment. But a few moments later he moved a little and he sat down somewhat differently. He bent a little forwards. Due to this little movement, his right ball was bulging out of his underwear, but it stayed within the borders of his shorts. Because his legs were spread out, I could peep in his shorts and I had a fascinating view on his right ball. While this ball was bulging out of his underwear, the skin of his sack was tightened around the ball, because the rest of his sack stayed inside his underwear and the right pipe of his underwear was tightened in the middle of his sack. This separated his right ball from the rest of his sack. The view was fascinating! I could see the measures and the form of his right ball very well. The organ was oval, it made me think about an egg. It was about three centimeters long. In the middle it was about one centimeter wide. Because the skin of his sack was tightened around his ball, I could see little veins in the skin. Steven didn't have any hair on his sack that time.

I could enjoy this view undisturbed for about a minute. Then he saw me peeping in his shorts. He obviously felt uncomfortable about it. He must have realized what I could see. He became very shy, he got a red color in his face and he whispered some words I couldn't understand. I wanted to feel his ball. Suddenly I got an idea! I moved very quickly in his direction. I reached out my right hand and before Steven could do anything about it, I grabbed his right ball between my thumb and two fingers. It was soft and warm. I started squeezing immediately, because I was very curious how sensitive this ball was. Steven looked at me with great fear in his eyes.

The moment I was putting just a little pressure on his ball, he whispered: "Auhh, you're hurting my ball, let it go please". I looked around, while I kept his ball between my thumb and my two fingers. The other students had not noticed yet what was going on. I increased the pressure on the ball and I looked Steven in his eyes. I could see he suffered severe pain now. I saw tears in his eyes. He probably wanted to shout it out, but he did not dare to do it, because he was ashamed and he didn't want to notice the others in what uncomfortable position he was. He begged me softly to let his ball go. But I was curious what would be the result of some more inwards pressure. Now I was really squeezing the hell out of this ball. He couldn’t bear the pain I was inflicting on his manhood any longer.

He shouted loudly: "AAAHHH, let it go, let it go". The moment I took my hand back, he doubled and he started crying. Everyone came standing around us, wondering what had happened.

"Monique, what did you do?" the teacher asked.

"Well sir, Steven here, had a little problem. One of his balls was bulging out of his shorts. I only helped him to put it back where it belongs!" All the students laughed out loudly. Even the teacher had to laugh!

"Monique, you shouldn't touch your fellow students balls. If his balls are bulging out of his shorts by accident, he can put them back himself. He does not need your assistance when he's taking care of that. Do you understand?" I confirmed. Steven was still bending down and crying loud. It seemed to me that he was still in a lot of pain. Everyone was laughing at him.

"All right, lets continue the lesson", the teacher said. "Steven, you can sit down some more until you feel a bit better".

After the lesson I spoke with my friends. They laughed. They loved what I did to Steven. We made an agreement that afternoon. Every boy that would show us his balls by giving us the opportunity to peep inside his shorts, we would hurt in the future. We organized a so-called ball team. I was in command.

That night, when I was laying in my bed and when I was thinking about what happened, I could not catch the sleep before I masturbated a few times. The fearful expression on Steven’s face, the moment I was squeezing his right ball, I will never forget. It was awesome. I knew I would be hooked to ball torturing for the rest of my life.

To be continued soon!!!
Love you all,

Watch your balls!!!


Part 3.

Hi guys!

Long time no see huh? Well, I have not forgotten about all of you! It's just that I have been very busy changing thoughts with a friend of mine about... BALL BUSTING! It's a pity, but I'm a busy woman, and I do not have the time to write about naughty things all day, you know! Anyway, I'm back now, to tell you some more about my fascination for the testicles and my never ending desire to hurt a man in that mysterious place where he can be hurt in the most! Are your balls all right? Are they prepared for some of my mean painful busting actions? They had better be! Soon they will be swollen like a cabbage and colored like a ripe blue plum!

In the second part of Ball games, I explained to you how my fascination for the testicles was born. I told you about kicking an annoying boy and I told you how my kick hit him by accident in the groin. I described to you how I loved the dramatic effects of this kick and how it made me orgasm at night, while re-experiencing this thing in my thoughts. I told you about my peeking actions during the gymnastics lessons. If you did miss the first two parts of Ball games, you probably can still find them on this forum.

It's time for another episode, don't you think?

After the events I described before, my parents bought a summer cottage on a lake. Since that time we always spent the summers there, and I got to know some good friends that also came to their summer places. It was a wonderful way to grow up, having the water to play in. But it also had some influences on me. All us kids used to play all day long together… swim together… go from cottage to cottage to play our games, etc. It was one big happy neighborhood of lots of friends - both boys and girls. I was always trying to catch a glimpse of some balls.

Having the lake there all day and all night let us go swimming any time all day long. We practically lived in our swimsuits most of the summer. In fact, we generally didn't even wear official swimsuits. We mostly just wore shorts and old clothes, got them wet and dried them out in the sun afterwards… if they had time to dry out before we went back in the water again. Some of the times we played with just us girls… some times we did things with the boys altogether. It was really great fun all summer long.

We had a group of people that owned the cottages for the summer, and then there were also some other kids that their parents only rented the cottages occasionally. Some of those kids we'd only see for a month of so and for just one summer. Some of them came back repeatedly year after year. So this made some of our friends closer and deeper, and some of them were just acquaintances for a few weeks at a time.

One of my permanent and very good girlfriends was named Nan. We grew up together most during the summers of most of our childhood. We were the same age too. And we developed very similar interests at just about the same time - about boys I mean! But then, maybe goofing around with boys most of your youth, and all being together while not wearing many clothes. We used to play some very "fun" games when our parents weren't around!

We had a "float"… a "raft" out in the water that we would swim to. It was anchored there permanently to play on. And we played a game out there because it was farther away from shore and from any parents that would be watching. It was a game sort of like "tag", except that we would dive down to the bottom and pick up a special small stone. It was colorful and shaped so that we all knew what it looked like. The one that had the stone was "it". But there was another person that had to go looking for the stone... and had to keep their eyes closed while hunting for it. And it was permitted to hide the stone anywhere on your body that you wanted, while the hunting person would come up with their eyes closed and have to FEEL all over you to find the stone. And we would pass that stone from person to person to keep hiding it from the one with their eyes closed.

Well, the rules of the game didn't really matter to us… we just liked having to FEEL up all the people hunting for that stone! And it was a BLAST for Nan and I to reach inside the boy's shorts and feel where they would hide the stone right down next to their BALLS! The boys LOVED doing that, knowing that Nan and I were the only ones that would actually reach inside their shorts to find it hidden. Nan and I learned a lot about male anatomy back then! I knew already by my own experience how vulnerable male balls are. We did pinch a nut regularly, and that made the boys experience this wonderful male agony! But they did not dare to shout. They were anxious not to show to the other girls and boys that we made them suffer boy-pain. Nan and I allowed the boys to feel inside our clothes to hunt for the hidden stone as well… and we ENJOYED how the boys liked to feel us!!!!

There was one other funny thing we did. Some people would be in a boat… some of us would jump in the water and just drag behind the boat (with a small motor) and hang on to a rope pulling behind the boat. It was so fun because the rushing water would pull at our clothes and swimsuits and make them bag open… and sometimes pull them completely down to our feet. And at the same time there would be lots of people hanging all over you trying to hand on to either you or the rope so you would be pulled through the water (not very fast). Well, at these times there seemed to always be lots of feeling hands running all over each other's bodies… well, you had the 'excuse' that you HAD to do that in order to keep connected to the rope dragging you in the water. It was great fun!

One time I remember very clearly, was when one of the boys totally lost his shorts off his feet and they drifted to the bottom of the lake so he lost them. There he was dragging along totally naked! This happened more than once that I remember, but for this particular time, we teased this boy mercilessly and wouldn't help him when it came time to getting out of the water! We all just laughed and tried our best to get to see him as he had to run naked up on the shore and try to sneak around by his house to get a towel to wrap up in from his mother's clothes drying line outside. I still remember in my mind seeing him run naked… his dick bouncing! I think I will always LOVE to watch guys running naked and seeing their dicks bouncing against those nut sacks! Well, this boy was SOOO embarrassed! OH, he was fun to tease after that! And guess which part of this same boy that Nan and I decided would be a funny thing to grab on to and drag us through the water the next time we all went out in the boat? Heheheee!!! The first time it was his COCK… and then another time we tried grabbing his BALLS! OUUUUuuuu… my… Nan learned about how sensitive a boy could be in THAT spot! But I did already know that. And that was so exciting for Nan and I to catch a ball all the time!

And… well, I have to say this… sometimes we weren't exactly "nice" to all of the kids. I hate to remember this. But we had our special friends… and we had those kids that we didn't really like all that much, but we played with them anyway. So sometimes we could be just a little "mean" to some of them I guess. And Nan and I sort of liked to do some naughty things to some of the boys when we didn't care about them too much… like they would be gone in a week anyway… and so what? It’s just that I think we got ourselves a little "excited" when we could be mean in naughty sexual ways with them.

Nan and I used to tell each other EVERYTHING… especially about all our sexual ideas back then. We slept over at each other's house almost the whole summer too, so there was plenty of opportunity to talk at night and think up fun and sexy things about the boys… and OK, we thought up sexy things about each other too! I admit, we "explored" each other's bodies very intimately sometimes! I can just picture how one of us would bend over a bed, and the other one would look between our butt cheeks… between our pussy lips. I even remember using a flashlight to try to see up inside the "mysterious" hole down there.

Sometimes we would put on a play… for everyone in the neighborhood. Now this was when we had grown up some. I must have been nearly 16. Anyway, we did a very professional job of putting on these plays… for parents to come watch too. And we would rehearse for them for a long time and try to make them good. Well, we had a special spot for going to rehearse. It was an old run down boathouse right at the edge of the water. I don't think it belonged to any of the kids in our group… it was just out of the way… far, far away from any houses, etc. Very private! I suppose it was probably dangerous and half falling down too and we shouldn't have been in it. But it was like our "clubhouse" almost. But this boathouse was for us girls… or at least especially for Nan and me.

Well, for a time, one of the rental cottages had a big stash of books they left there for the people that rented the cottages to read. And there was a whole bunch of James Bond books. Well… James Bond was a "HUNK" for Nan and me! We loved reading those books. And one of the stories, called Casino Royale, had a part of it where poor James was captured by a bad guy named Le Chiffre. James Bond was tied to a chair with the middle of the bottom cut out of it… and his pants were taken off so that his "privates" hung down below the chair! WOW… exciting stuff for us! And then Le Chiffre used a carpet-beater to BEAT UP HIS NUTS!!!! while Bond was tied to that chair!

OH, I remember how we discussed that chapter in the book… how we read it and reread it closely! It was so naughty for us to even be thinking about! Since I read that book, I borrowed it over and over again from a library. The ball-torturing scene has been burned into my brain since that time. It was SOOOOO fascinating!!!!

The story was as follows: Bond had won a very big amount of money playing roulette or blackjack. This money belonged to this man Le Chiffre. James Bond got acquainted with a nice girl. But she set up a trap for the man. So, when he thought he was going to fuck this girl, he did not find the girl, but Le Chiffre. And he was forced to take off his clothes. They had a rattan chair. The bottom was cut out of it with a knife. He was forced to sit in it and he was tied up. Then Le Chiffre took a seat in front of him, with a carpet-beater in his hand. He had a can of water standing next to him. He brought the carpet-beater under Bond’s chair and he looked him in the eyes kindly. Then he brought the stick up, with force. The effect was amazing. Bond’s body seemed to suffer from a complete spasm. A smart pain was circling through his whole body.

Le Chiffre said words to him like, " Now my dear friend, you know in what situation you are in. Tell me where the money is, or I will go on hurting your sensitive body parts until you will be no longer a man." Bond did not reply. The man hit him again and again. And he was suffering a lot.

The man said, "Torturing somebody is a bad thing to do. But it's very easy to do, especially when the patient is a man. A man can be given as much pain as is necessary and possible, just by using this simple device or any other simple device. To torture a man, no sophisticated techniques or devices are needed. Any simple object, like this carpet-beater, is sufficient. Don't believe all the stories you read in war books. This is the worst thing of all. It's not only the pain itself, but it's also the realizing your manhood will be slowly destroyed, until in the end you will be not a man anymore. If you don't talk, we bring up the girl here and let her watch what we are doing to you".

Bond didn't talk. The carpet-beater jumped up again like an angry rattlesnake. Bond screamed smartly. In the end Le Chiffre was shot in the head by some spy from Smersh or something and Bond was released. In hospital he learned that 'no permanent damage' was done to his nuts. The girl that had set him up committed suicide.

I remember this scene as if I have just read it. It made me so horny. I have fingered myself over and over again reading this story. For weeks, for months. As I said, I borrowed the book over and over again in the library. I have read it over again and again. It turns me on as I remember it now. Years later, when I was an adult, I saw the book in a bookstore. I bought it immediately. And I searched for this passage. I still own this book. I'm sure if I'm reading it, I will be peeing my panties again... This was SOOOOO hot to read!!!

Well, while Nan and I were reading that special James Bond book, for some reason that boy that lost his shorts dragging behind the boat came to pal around with us for several days. We weren't quite sure what had happened to him with the other boys, but I remember hearing something about how they were teasing him about loosing his shorts, etc., and he got mad or something… and anyway, I think one of them kicked him in his nuts or something. I'm not really sure what happened… but somehow he got his nuts beat up and he was sore and walked funny for a while.

Nan and I thought is was pretty funny… especially after reading about the James Bond book where James got his beat with a carpet-beater to torture him into telling where the money was that he had won in the casino. Oh, it was all so exciting! We wanted to see a boy get his nuts beat up too!!!!!! Now I think that Nan and I were older than this boy by a few years. So we could kind of "lead him" and he would do what we said. I also think he had a "crush" on us "older women". Anyway, he LIKED us!

So we had fun teasing him… reading this good part of the James Bond book to him… trying to get him to tell us what the other boys had done to HIS balls, etc. He got embarrassed about it all, but he was turned on by it too. Well, we teased him pretty good… and used our "feminine wiles" on him to get him to do what we wanted. We told everyone else that we were down in that boathouse preparing to get a new play started. But really we were having fun with this boy!

Well, we got this boy to play the part of James Bond for us. We even had an old rattan chair. It was falling apart, so it was easy for us to kick the bottom of the chair right out of it. And that's how we started getting this boy hooked on letting us get very wicked with him. At first we'd just tie his arms to the chair arms and play-act the scenes from the book. One of us would be Le Chiffre and we pretended to torture the poor boy and his "privates" in that chair. Well, the next day, we promised the boy lots of things… what I remember is that he would be able to watch us take off our tops and he could feel up our tits if he would go along playing this James Bond game with his pants off. He was pretty excited. But we actually got him naked and sitting tied in that old chair without a bottom… and I can remember the sight of his goodies dangling down below the chair! What a sight! Well, that's when we tried harder to get him to tell us what the boys did to his balls. He was embarrassed about telling us though. We thought that was an exciting idea that two BOYS would beat up some BALLS! (I still get off on that idea!!!! I want to watch two naked men wrestle and "go for the NUTS".)

With him in the chair, I remember Nan swatting at his sack with a piece of a bamboo fishing pole. She was really whipping at him. He allowed us next to tie him, while standing up, with his arms stretched out and tied with some old ropes to the beams of the roof of the boathouse. And we also tied his ankles apart too; so he was totally helpless and spread wide apart and TOTALLY naked right there in front of us… a real BOY… naked… and helpless! And I STILL LOVE to "do" a helpless naked man right in his nuts! This can make me orgasm even without my pussy being actually touched!

OK, so, we had this boy tied up. And... we did it to him! He was a boy that we weren't going to know anymore after he left in a few days… so we were VERY mean to him! But… HE LET US tie him, etc. He was getting something out of this for himself and really wanted to be able to see us naked and feel our titties like we promised we would let him if he would let us do "stuff" to him. He was really very cooperative about all this! He let us "examine" him… sort of playing "doctor" with him. He got a very stiff erection while we watched him. But what Nan and I really wanted was to hurt him in those mysterious BALLS and see how he would react. I really wanted to see what a boy could take… especially see what it was like to KICK SOME NUTS!

Well, we all three of us were getting very kinky about this. We asked the boy if the other boys had really kicked his balls like we'd heard. He said yes they had, but he was such a tough macho man that he could take that sort of thing. We teased him to prove it, and... it was SOOOOOO exciting to see… Nan did it first… she kicked him right in the nuts… totally naked so we could see it all very plainly! Next I did it to him… smack-o square in his balls! Oh, it hurt him pretty good and he tried to do the male "curl up". This was SOOO exciting for Nan and I. And the boy even kept his hard-on while we each kicked him several times. I think maybe we weren't doing it hard enough. But it certainly was hurting him nice. He was almost in tears over it all… but he wasn't going to let on that he couldn't take it. I was VERY sexually excited about seeing a boy get kicked. I remember enjoying watching Nan do it to him even more than actually doing the kicking myself. I remember being VERY aroused while watching those young balls being kicked… and oh, we kneed him too and felt them up in our fingers and squeezed them in our hands… all that good stuff that you would naturally do to a helpless boy with his balls just begging for it.

But then the really good part happened! Two of the other boys walked in and found us doing this naughty stuff. These were two of our regular boys. And OH WOW, did that embarrass this young boy! But this was such a turn on for me and Nan now… the other guys wanted to watch what we were doing to him… and we showed them some kicks and even THEY thought it was funny to watch. And THEN the BEST thing happened!

Nan and I asked the guys if it was true that he had gotten his balls beat up by the boys in the tree house… and we wanted to know what they did to him. That was scaring the young boy now. But these other two boys started to show us… and while Nan and I watched they beat up this poor boys balls… and his cock… and OH wow… I watched it all… and it was so darn exciting… and they did it SOOOO hard into those young nuts! I leaned back against the wall of the boathouse… and stuck my hand down my shorts and fingered myself all while watching this terribly naughty thing happening! I couldn't help myself I was SOOOO excited seeing this happen! They really beat him up pretty bad and he was yelling and crying and they were just pounding his nuts with their fists and sometimes kicking them… it was terribly naughty! I ORGASMED while watching this! Nan was really turned on too. But she was more helping the guys and hitting him in the balls sometimes herself. I was the one just watching and fingering myself.

I still today have fantasies about seeing things like this! Two boys going for each other’s BALLS… OH WOW… what a turn on! Or seeing other women kicking and punching a pair of NUTS… OH WOW!!! This just absolutely THRILLS me!

When this boy was so hurting and yelling, we untied him and he laid down "curled up"… that was when I peed on him because the other boys wanted to watch me do that. But… they all knew that I didn't hurt his nuts very much... that I was just watching and "leaning against the wall"… so they all held him with his legs open for me… and they wanted to watch me punch him in the balls some more... and I DID IT TOO… and I kicked a few times VERY HARD… and… I STEPPED right up on his crotch… and tried to balance on top of him for as long as I could do it… and I had bare feet… and I could FEEL his balls under my foot… and he was SCREAMING about it really loud... but I did it anyway! And I kept doing it! I could feel his little balls squeezing and sort of flattening under my bare foot... it was SO erotic to feel that! I think I hurt his balls VERY badly! And it was SOOOOO much fun to make him scream! I LOVED the terrible wickedness of doing it! When I stepped up between the boy's legs, it was very easy to do because I could use the ropes from the ceiling to hold on to with my hands. Those ropes were on sort of "pulleys" that once used to hold a small boat slung up to the ceiling up off the floor... and the boy still was tied with his hands to it, but loosened up a lot so he could move his arms and hands anywhere he wanted... until the boys came and held his legs apart. Like if they had pulled him toward the door of the boathouse he would have been swinging in the air being held from the ropes on his arms, and the two boys on his legs. So it was easy for me to just step right up on to his crotch and balance there, holding the ropes.

Nan and I ended up letting the boys watch how we peed. I actually squatted over this boy and peed onto his cock… ok… and I peed on his FACE too! I actually did that! And I let one of the "regular" guys hold his hand under me and cup them and catch a hand full of my pee! OH, the guys LOVED this from me and NAN!!!! We got to play with them peeing too… we held their cocks and aimed them while they peed all over this boy! It was like holding a tiny fire hose and spraying it around! The only thing it doesn't last very long… they run out of pee pretty fast.

OK guys, my pussy is WET right now… again.... I need a break. Please excuse me. I'm leaving for the ladies room now. In my purse I've got this nice little vibrator that is going to buzzzzzzzzzzz away the sexual tension I've build up in myself by telling you all these naughty things!!! I've a fresh pair of batteries with me as well. You never know....

This boathouse adventure will stay a big turn on for me for the rest of my life, that's for sure! There is nothing more arousing and exciting then HURTING a man in his naked BALLS. Wow... I'm addicted to it!

Part 4.

In this episode of Ballgames, I like to tell you about my adventures with a married man in his early forties, who I recently met. He loves to get hurt in the eggs by a female. He is finding ball busting a big thrill. His wife is serving him well in every sexual aspect, as he told me, even in this bb thing. As a matter of fact she likes bb herself since she was a child, so the man told me. I would LOVE to meet this woman, but the man refused to tell her about me, for understandable reasons! After all, he was being kind of unfaithful to his wife, by consulting me to do him in the nuts! It's a pity, but his wife is not aware of my existence.

This man contacted me after he had read my first two parts of Ballgames. He wanted to share some naughty thoughts and he wanted to make an appointment with me, for some real life ball busting experiments. He asked to keep this a secret for his wife, because she did not know he contacted me. She might be a bit jealous if she discovered that he was dating me. For that reason, and on his special request, I don't mention his name here. His wife might be visiting this forum as well, and suppose she discovered what her sweetie was doing... well, that would result in some SQUARE and MERCILESS kicks in his balls!!! OOOuuuuuuyyyy... I suppose she would not do any effort AT ALL to prevent his eggs to get RUPTURED or SCRAMBLED!!!! I wouldn't if I were her, that's for sure!

Before I met this man, we exchanged some thoughts by e-mailing. For some months, we e-mailed almost every day. I was astonished to read the things he wrote to me. He must be walking around with a stiff dick ALL DAY! His letters were extremely hot. They made me masturbate regularly. I knew men are horny pigs, but this man... UNBELIEVABLE... his sex hunger could not be stilled! I think that in the end, if the time comes that this man will be as dead as a doornail and if he will be laying in his coffin, cold an stiff, he still will keep on ejaculating ABOUT EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!! I'm convinced of that! SEX seems to be the only subject he can think of! Well, not the ONLY subject as a matter of fact, for he was talking a lot about his investments in the market as well.

After some time we had a date, this man and me. He came to my house and we REALLY did have some fun!!!! He was a handsome and attractive man. He had blond hair, a beard, and he was wearing glasses. He was wearing a blue shirt and cream-colored pants. We went to the living room, where we talked and where we had a drink. I was wearing a white miniskirt, and a nice blouse. I did not wear shoes at that moment. I forgot to put on my panties that morning. This is one of my bad habits, as a matter of fact, forgetting my panties all the time! I was sitting in front of him, on the bench, and I spread out my legs just a little bit. I exposed for him. He tried to cover up that he was peeking under my skirt, but he did not succeed.

"Do you like what you are seeing mister?” I asked with a naughty smile on my face.

He laughed and he said, "This is what my wife is doing all the time: Flashing to men, and trying to make them horny! She thinks that is a thrill. And I... well, I agree! And do you know what's the best part of it? She ALWAYS gets WET by it. It makes her horny! If she has been flashing, she always needs A GOOD FUCK right away! That's what I am for!"

I replied to him, "Yeah, that's what you men are good for: to FUCK our brains out, if we need it. And... to give us a chance to TORMENT your tender EGGS if we like to!" He grinned. "Tell me about your wife," I asked.

He answered, "She is 41 years old and she is very beautiful. She has long dark hair. She is a lot smaller then you are Monique. Compared to her, you are a giant. Really, my wife is kind of petite. I'm a lot stronger then she is, but... OHHH ME if she has got me by the BALLS... then she is in COMPLETE control over me, no matter how strong I am. She REALLY is VERY NAUGHTY!! But I dearly love her. It will be US forever, I'm sure of that."

Then I asked to him, "If that is so, why are you here with me?"

While smiling, he replied, "I have my weaknesses as well".

After some more dirty talking and some more drinks, we went to my bedroom. He undressed and he took off his glasses. I kept my clothes on. The man’s cock was rather large, about 7.5 inches. Like some nice German high quality "Bratwurst". Quite a sausage to take in the mouth! He had a nice large scrotum, filled with two big and heavy ovals. The sack was loose, and I could see it swing on the rhythm of his movements. A very arousing view!

I remember the first time I took his naked malehood in my right hand, while he was standing in front of me. A very erotic feeling, this soft and vulnerable male flesh, resting on the inside of my hand.

"Try them out,” he said with a smile behind his beard. He had a stiff one already. I grabbed his right nut and pulled it to the bottom of his sack. Then I started pinching his right one. Normally I do not have to use a lot of force at all on a testicle to make the owner react. But this time I was very surprised indeed! Although I was pinching hard enough to make almost any man stand on his toes, while gasping, this man here only smiled as if nothing happened!

"It seems you've got some strong pain threshold in your nuts!" I said to him. He laughed loudly.

"Yes", he replied, "my wife is doing an excellent job in training my balls not to be too tender. She hits my eggs all the time and in several ways. I love it! They can take quite a lot now. You will have to do a better job to make me suffer." This was something I had never heard before! I let his ball go. I looked the man in the eyes and I smiled to him.

"Well, I guess I'll have to make them a bit tender before we can continue our little game," I said. His cock was very hard and it lifted up his dangling sack a bit. BOFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Suddenly I kneed him very hard in his naked nutsack. I could feel how his heavy balls made contact with my knee and how they got crushed between my knee and the lower side of his body. Now I got him right!!!!

"OOOaaaahhhhhh," he shouted. He doubled over immediately and he crossed his arms and he pushed them in his stomach.

"I suppose your wife hasn't quite finished the job, hasn't she?" I asked the man with a mean smile on my face. "I can still make you feel you're a man, there where you should feel it, in your EGGS! You are weak as any other man. " He could not answer me. He was having difficulties taking his breath, and he kept on saying, "OOOaaahhhhh," over and over again.

After some time he could stand on his feet in a normal way again and he said, "Ohh, you got me badly this time Monique, but I loved it. It such a thrill to feel this overwhelming male agony traveling through my body, from the center of the balls till in my fingertips, especially while knowing that it is caused to me by an attractive woman like yourself. "

I asked him, "I suppose your ovals are a bit more tender now?" He did not get the chance to answer. I immediately grabbed his right nut again. I pulled it to the bottom of his loose sack and I turned it a bit to the right. While I took care that this egg could not slip away, I laid the thumb of my other hand against the long side of this separated egg and I started pushing on it. At first not too hard, but slowly increasing the pressure more and more. I noticed his eggs were indeed far more tender after their painful confrontation with my right knee. The moment I was pushing only a tiny bit, he started gasping for air already.

"I notice that my knee did a wonderful job, making your balls more vulnerable." While increasing the pressure on his right nut, I asked: "Are you sure you like this?" The man said nothing, but I could see that he suffered a severe pain now. I mercilessly continued to increase the pressure on his right nut. The scrotal skin around his nut became pale on the spot where the tip of my thumb was making contact. The man was gasping all the time and he almost started crying.

"You should realize that I'm not chicken like your own wife is," I said. "She loves you and for that reason she will not take the risk of destroying your balls by treating them too roughly. That's in her own interest as well. She should not destroy her fucking machine of course. That would not be a wise thing to do. And I think that your wife will not cross the small border between pleasure and pain too much. But me... I'm a real devil. I'm a sadist. My pleasure only starts where your hell is beginning. I won't rest until the world stops turning around for you. Your brain will be filled with agony, agony, agony. And it's your most sensitive part of the body I'm hurting. Your balls! Your very BALLS!! I'm tormenting you in a sexual way! I love to do so! If you are a lucky boy, you will still have them undamaged the moment you will be leaving this place. But I cannot guarantee that you won't be an enough at that time!"

The man was screaming it out loudly now. I saw tears in his eyes. He was bending down. The moment I let his tormented egg go, he fell down on the floor. While he was lying on his stomach, I squatted down between his legs and I pulled his nutsack backwards. I noticed that even this gentle touching of his tortured eggs made him suffer.

"What about your pain threshold now, dear boy?" I asked him. He said nothing. I stood on my feet again, and I started to toe him in the nuts. First not too hard, but slowly increasing the power. I liked to see how the big toe of my right feet made contact with his loose nutsack over and over again, forcing it's way forwards between his two tormented eggs. Lifting them up a bit each time and making them covering up my big toe the moment I reached the deepest point of the impact.

"Please stop it,” the man whispered. "I've had enough for now."

"All right, dear boy," I said. “I'll give you a break.” I helped him to lie down on my bed and I got him a drink. After about 15 minutes he was recovered enough to start over again.

"I’d like to watch you ejaculate," I said to him. “You are going to jerk yourself off now for me, while I'm going to torment one of your balls again. This time I'll take your left one, after all, it would not be fair to forget that sweet left egg of yours!"

I handed over some body lotion to him for his hands. Then he started to jerk off, while standing in front of me. I squatted down. My face was in the immediate presence of his private parts. I could see how he put his right hand around his cock and how he pushed downwards the skin on his cock and how he pulled it back again. He repeated this movement over and over again, slowly increasing the speed. The head of his cock was wet. His blood veins were visible and swollen. I was so close to him that I could smell him. The smell of this horny man was SOOO arousing! This was so HOT to watch! This tormented man, actually LIKING what was happening to him. He was soooo horny!

I separated his left nut and I started to pinch it. Harder, harder, harder... He was still jerking off and his cock was huge. He was gasping all the time. The moment I felt that he was going to orgasm, I suddenly pinched as hard as I could and... PRESTO... he ejaculated his male cream right in my face, while shouting it out because of the unbearable pain I caused in his left ball. It was GREAT!!! There seemed to come no end to the stream of sperm he was pumping out of his system. It was a thrill to feel this warm male juice land all over upon my face and to feel it slowly gliding downwards and to watch it dropping down on the floor. I could reach some of it with my tongue. I licked it up and swallowed it. I like the taste of male juice a lot.

"My wife always tells me that I'm producing much more cum if she has been tormenting my balls," the man said.

"I suppose she is right", I answered. "You've messed up my face quite a lot, you naughty boy!" And I immediately punched him SQUARE in his nutsack, with my right fist. He screamed it out. THAT did hurt him a lot! I pushed him backwards, and he fell down on my bed.

I took off my skirt and my blouse. I could see how the man stared at my naked body, despite the ball agony he still suffered. His dick was still stiff like a bar of steel.

"You are going to lick my cunt now,” I said to the man. "You seem to be the type that likes licking a woman’s cunt.” He confirmed. "We will do this in position 69, if you know what I mean. While you are being sweet to my lips and to my clit, I will play with your nuts some more.”

"Monique, I love your BOOBS. They are big. My wife has wonderful titties as well, but they are smaller then yours!" I liked that compliment!

"Yeah, I know you men, you like big tits, you horny animals!" I replied. We took our positions. The man started exploring my pussy with his mouth. I could feel his beard between my legs. His tongue penetrated in my cunt. Ohhhh, that was a good feeling...

"Wow, you are wet," he said. "You are as wet as my wife always is when she is aroused.”

"Don't talk so much, but do your job properly," I replied. I took his nutsack in my hand and I started playing with it. It really was a beautiful scrotum. The skin was nicely colored. It was not too hairy. The sack was very loose. I putted two of my fingers under his sack and pushed them upwards a bit. Both his balls fell down, each on one side of my fingers. I could feel them resting against the sides of my fingers. The man was doing GREAT. He surely was an experienced cunt licker!

"You are doing well," I said. "I suppose your wife is content about your abilities in cunt licking as well?"

"She loves it,” he replied. I tried to take his whole scrotum in my right hand, but it was too big to cover it up with my hand completely. The moment I bowed my fingers together, his sack-meat was bulging out my hand. I did not squeeze at that moment. I was just playing. But I noticed that his balls were very vulnerable indeed at that moment. My soft and careful touching of his nuts, were enough to hurt him already. Well, I had done him in the eggs really very bad before, so I could imagine that they were tender! I started to explore each of his balls separately. I took them between my fingers and I made them move forwards and backwards over and over again between my fingers. They were nice and large ovals. While playing with his eggs, I felt an orgasm coming up. This man really was able to take me to the highest mountaintops with his tongue! I guess my female honey was leaking out of my cunt by now. I don't suppose he was able to lick it all away. The moment I orgasmed, I took each of his balls in the fingers of each of my hands, and I PINCHED! He gasped again and he shouted "Ohhhhhhaaaahhhh"

"Don't scream," I said. "Just keep on licking my cunt.” I moved my head closer to his private parts, and I took a part of his scrotum in my mouth. I like to feel male eggs in my mouth. They always seem to be very big if I've got them in my mouth! I had his right one inside, and I started sucking. He was unbelievable tender in his eggs by now! My soft sucking on his nut was painful already for him! I could notice that on his reactions. I moved his egg around in my mouth and I pressed my tongue against it. I could feel in my mouth that his sack was loose. I could press the scrotal skin together with my teeth and I could move each side of the scrotal skin upon the other side, by moving my teeth.

Ohhhh, there was another orgasm... Wow... I would love this man to lick my cunt some more in the future!! I took his right ball between my teeth and... I BIT ON IT WITH ALL THE FORCE I COULD DEVELOP!!!!! The reaction was astonishing!!! He really SCREAMED it out as if I was killing him!! He reached out his arms in the direction of the ceiling, as if he was trying to fly away! He did not stop screaming! He kept on searching for breath and shouting it out because of the COMPLETE MALE AGONY I caused in his right nut!!!! I let him go, and he curled up on my bed, crying like a child. I believe I got him wonderfully well in his lovely right egg! He was not able to talk for fifteen minutes! I enjoyed watching him in agony, and I masturbated my cunt.

"Tell me, how did that feel?" I asked him, as soon as he recovered a bit.

"It felt as if you were putting my ball in an electrical socket in the wall," he said. It was as if my ball was exposed to some high voltage current! As if you had made some electrical jolts flowing throughout my ball. This REALLLLLLY did hurt my ball terribly!”

"Well, I'll make it up to you," I said. “I will suck your cock until your prostate explodes and until you spit out your sperm again to the last drop of it." I could see in his eyes that he LOVED that idea.

I made him sit down on a chair, with his legs spread out widely. I knelt down between his legs, and I took his cock in my mouth. Oh my, this was a HUGHE cock!! And it was still stiff. I took the upper part of his cock in my mouth first. I closed my lips around it, and I moved downwards slowly, by softly increasing the pressure of my lips on his cock. This made the skin of his cock go down. I pulled the skin back with my mouth. I did still not take more of his cock in my mouth. And I did it all over again. I took the lower side of his cock in my right hand and I started to move my hand forwards and backwards in a similar rhythm as I moved with my mouth. I could see he LOVED it!!!

He started to move his body in the same rhythm, and he made soft sounds, like a pig that is satisfied the moment it starts eating the fresh food it's owner gave him. The man’s cock tasted wonderful. A bit salty, and slimy. I stopped my moving up and down and I started to tease his pee hole on the top of his cock with my tongue. OHHHH, he liked THAT! Then I started the moving up and down again. I took care to bring variations in the pressure of my lips against his cock all the time. It became very rhythmic now. We were almost dancing together. And I started to take his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth. At a certain moment I suppose he must have hit the backside of my throat with the top op his cock. And there was still a part of it outside my mouth! It indeed was quite a sausage to take in the mouth.

I started to move faster and faster. He was holding his breath. I could feel the tension in his body, trying to hold back an orgasm. He tried to hold it, in order to delay it and to have it more intense. That moment I grabbed his nutsack with my right hand. I quickly turned it sideways, and I pressed down my fingers with all force. Because I had turned the sack sideways, his balls could not slip away. I was lucky. I had a GOOD grip on them. My timing was perfect. The moment I had his eggs in my tormenting grip, he orgasmed.

He pumped his cum in my mouth... ALL of it...What a nice male taste it had!!!! But it was TOO MUCH to swallow in one time... A lot of it leaked out of my mouth and fell down on the floor... I kept on squeezing the hell out of his eggs. He shouted, he screamed, he was shaking. I bet this was a VERY intense and HOT experience for him!

After this sucking party, we took a shower together.

"Monique, I had a good time," he said.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that," I replied. "I loved it a lot myself. It's always a big thrill to me, to do a man in the nuts. To me that is the most intense sexual pleasure that exists. Hurting a man in the balls and orgasming while watching him suffer this mysterious ball agony!" He grinned. But... FOOL... he did not notice that I had brought my right leg some more between his legs while talking. He did not pay attention enough! And... NAUGHTY me... SMACKOOOOHHH... I kneed him in his naked balls VERY HARD again!!! Yes... I did that... while we were standing together in the shower. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

"That's for desert!" I said to him, while he doubled over in complete agony, searching for some air again! While the warm water was still falling down on us like a tropical rain, I fingered myself to another orgasm, watching the man suffer intensely from what I did to his balls. He was bending down, and holding his tormented genitals in his hands. I could see his wet back glance in the light of the electrical lamp above us. And I could hear him say "Oahouaaayii" and "Oehhhaaaahhh" and "SSSSJJJJJJJJJFFFFFFF" ALL over again!

As he left my place, I asked him, "What do you do for living by the way? I forgot to ask you that."

He replied, "I'm a photographer" An amazing man, this photographer. I really would LOVE to meet his wife. I'm sure we could have some nice GIGGLES together! I can only hope she reads this report I have written, as soon as she is visiting this forum. If she really is a ballbusting lover herself, like her husband told me, she will be reading this report some time, I'm sure of that! And maybe... maybe... she will recognize the man I described in this report as her husband. She'll be VERY ANGRY with him, I suppose. And yes, I think she will punish him there were only a man can be properly punished… in the TESTICLES!! But... maybe... maybe... she will contact me afterwards! Who knows! I sure hope she will!!!!! That would be FUNNY!!! Maybe some time we could do a threesome... and we... his wife and I could bust his balls together!!!! WOW, that sounds hot to me!! What a SHAME that this man is too much a chicken to tell his wife about me!!!

Ohhh guys... where did you leave my purse? I do NEED my sweet little pussy buzzzzzzzzzzing device! I need it RIGHT NOW!!!! Telling you all about these wicked things REALLLLLY is making me CRAZY!!!!! I'm WET all over again.... POOOOOOOIE!!!!



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