Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Band Trip

By Crypent

I think you might be interested in an experience I had.

I was on a college band trip. We stayed overnight in a hotel, and everyone goes from room to room and party to party. I ended up drinking with two other girls and a guy. Both girls are short and buxom, while I am very tall. I was laying on one of the two beds talking with the girls and Steve sat on the other bed not saying much. He finally went to sleep, and the rest of us were drifting off. The girls lay down on either side of me with a head on each of my shoulders.

Karen, on my left, went to sleep pretty quickly, or so we thought. Tracy and I were still awake and talking about (naturally) sex. I was a little nervous at first, since I was wearing sweat pants and it would be a little obvious if I got turned on but, after a couple of drinks, I wasn't worried about it. Tracy was frustrated because her boyfriend hadn't been able to come on the trip. I told Tracy how I found aggressive women to be a turn-on. This was more for Karen's benefit than Tracy's; I knew from past experience that Karen always aimed for the nuts (she had told me several stories about men that she had come close to emasculating), and I knew she wasn't asleep. And I was right; as we talked, Karen stretched and put her hand on my chest, then slid it down to my stomach.

But Tracy surprised me. Tracy, who was lying sideways, noticed the move and, laying her leg over both of mine, slid her knee over my groin. Tracy has very large, fleshy legs, and I grunted as she rested her heavy knee on my cock and balls. She giggled a little when I grunted. I asked her why she put her knee in my lap.

"To protect you," she said. "Karen was going for your nuts." I was a little dismayed - that was what I had wanted! So I didn't really know what to say. Then Tracy said, "Did you enjoy that?" Without waiting for an answer, she lowered her knee until her foot touched mine, then swiftly slid it up to my crotch again. I grunted again, and she got a big smile on her face.

She started asking me questions, using her knee to punctuate her questions and to nudge me when I didn't reply quickly. I tried to persuade her that her protection was not necessary, since Karen was asleep - I wanted to see what Karen had in mind. But Tracy's actions had apparently persuaded Karen to give up; she removed her arm from me. Tracy would move her knee for a moment then, just when I would start to relax, she would knee me again. With a girl pinning each arm, I was helpless to move, and Tracy could tell by the way my cock responded that I was enjoying it.

This went on for quite a while. Although she was fairly gentle, I had been hard for a couple of hours and my balls were beginning to ache. Tracy was really enjoying herself - teasing me by starting to move her leg, then stopping, speeding up and slowing down. Then I mentioned my fetish for tennis shoes. She asked me what kinds I liked, and I told her that one kind I like is white deck shoes.

She said, "I have a pair of those."

I said, "I know; I've seen them lots of times. I like them."

She said, "I think the next time I see you in rehearsal I will get you to tie my shoes. I'll just come over and put my foot in your lap, okay?" I could barely answer so she kneed me again.

I said, "Aren't you afraid you might hurt me?"

She said (kneeing me pretty good), "Not at all."

Then she reached into my sweat pants and started caressing my cock. That was it, and I started coming on my stomach. Tracy got up and brought me a towel to clean up the mess, giggling the whole time.

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