Sunday, August 12, 2007

Barefoot nut-flattening

by unknown

I had informed my cheerleader girlfriend that I had a severe foot fetish. She was more than pleased to oblige this fetish, as she really seemed to enjoy me kissing and licking her feet in every imaginable situation. However, as I was somewhat embarrassed by the more extreme side of this fetish, I was more reluctant to inform her of my great desire to have her torture my balls with her sexy bare feet.

As we were in high school at the time, parking was a major part of our relationship. Usually we would lie facing each other in the seat of my pickup as I worshipped her feet. I would always try to leave my balls as vulnerable as possible hoping she would catch on without me having to ask her to rack me. She did.

One night as I was "working" on her left instep, she placed her right foot squarely between my legs and began rocking her foot back and forth. What she didn't know was that my right testicle was positioned directly under her heel so as she rocked her foot she flattened my nut against my pelvis. I stopped licking her other foot and am sure that I had a look of ultimate fulfillment on my face. She must have noticed because she then placed her left foot in the same position and began to alternate the rocking. Seeing that I was obviously aroused, she stopped and looked deep into my eyes.

"What do you want me to do to your nuts?" I almost ruined my pants when she asked. There's something about a girl using the word "nuts" (especially when she has her foot in mine) that makes me go crazy.

I'm sure in the most schoolboy voice I replied, "Grab my ankles and flatten my nuts under your feet."

I had dreamed of being with this girl for about a year before we actually started going out, so when she pulled her feet from between my legs with a puzzled look on her face I almost died. But then a smile came to her face as she straightened up in the seat and told me to take of my pants. I couldn't believe that I was about to do this.

"Take off your pants," she repeated as if to say, "Come on, you wanted me to do this you chicken." I quickly stripped down to my underwear. Keep in mind that I had never been racked in any form before and certainly no girl had ever seen my jewels.

"Underwear too, I want to feel your bare balls under my feet when I bust them." I almost splooged again. I couldn't believe that she was actually looking forward to hurting me. Of course I knew that she really liked me or I wouldn't have followed her order so swiftly.

I don't know about you other "busted ones" but sitting spread-eagle and naked across from a sexy, fully clothed girl who is about to thrust her bare feet in to your nuts is the most erotic thing in the world to me. When she grabbed my ankles and pressed her cold bare foot against my balls I was in sheer ecstasy.

She sat there a few minutes looking at her bare foot in my nut-sack and then asked if I was ready. I could only nod. She straightened her leg and leaned back putting tremendous pressure on my crotch - mostly on my penis. Ironically, I wasn't that excited.

Seeing that my reaction was moderate, she moved her left foot between my legs readjusting as to make sure she had each of my balls under the middle of each foot. She leaned back again. Quite a bit of pain, but I had hurt myself more getting out of my truck with a tight pair of jeans on (you guys know what I mean). She shook her head in disbelief.

In a confused, playful voice she asked, "What do you want? Do you want me to push with my heels?!" I said yes. She released the pressure on my crotch and moved up in the seat.

With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she pushed my balls to the top of my pelvis and then slid both bare feet up my scrotum trapping my balls under her heels. She used so much pressure to do this that it felt as though she were trying to push my nuts out the end of my sack. Still holding my nuts under her heels with her hands, she looked up at me with devilish smile and said, "This is gonna hurt."

" How hard do you want me to push?" she asked. Being really scared at this point, and not knowing how much pressure it would take to bust my balls, I said to this very athletic cheerleader with my balls under her heels,

"EASY!" (I know, I'm a wimp)

I have no idea what the hell her definition of "easy" was, but pain like I had never felt before shot to every inch of my body as she grabbed my ankles and straightened her legs. Wonderful! I had to grit my teeth. Seeing that I was enjoying this, after about a minute of holding me there she whispered in a seductive voice, "Harder?" I nodded.

As she was actually not applying too much pressure to cause even that much pain, she moved up in the seat again, repositioned my balls with her fingers, and grabbed each of my thighs. This scared the hell out of me because now she was pushing down directly on my nuts.

Looking right into my eyes, probably to see the reaction on my face to what she was about to do, she flexed her feet at the ankles and rolled forward in the seat. I swear that I could feel every indention in her bare heels as I thought she was about to bust my balls. She began to twist her heels into each nut causing the sweat to roll off my face from the intense pain.

When she asked me if I wanted her to push harder, I quickly grabbed her ankles to move her feet off my nuts. Without shouting or any excitement in her voice she said, "Move you hands." As soon as I followed orders, she asked again, "Harder?" I shook my head NO.

Slowly she reached out and grabbed my hands then placing them atop her feet again. She pushed harder. I thought I was about to pass out as she ground my nuts under her feet. I could not only feel the pressure she was putting on my nuts with her heels, but also the motion of each foot as I held tightly to her ankles.

"Look at my feet," she said. I watched as she applied even more pressure and twisting to my ever-flattening testicles. "I love you," she said.

She must have held me there for twenty minutes listening to me scream as she rolled my balls out from under her heels only to step on them again, grinding them back into my body. Then without a word, she pulled her feet away from my throbbing nuts and began to caress my lips with the ball of her left foot. I of course immediately grabbed my balls.

Having left me holding my sack in pain, and now with her foot in my mouth, she asked me, "Is that what you wanted?" I bit her toe.

My first rack

After a long period of foot worship, just as my testicles were beginning to stop throbbing after the previous nut-flattening episode, I paused for a few seconds to give my girlfriend a chance to ask, "What?" As this was my first time to experience some of my ball-busting fantasies, I replied point-blank, "Will you kick me in the nuts?" Without hesitating, she smiled and said yes.

I was extremely aroused, as she had no regard for the present pain in my groin, which she herself had just caused not 20 minutes earlier. Now she was more than willing to thrust her bare foot into my bare balls and cause me even more pain and humiliation. Needless to say, I did not hesitate to follow her orders as she put her feet together on the seat of my truck just inches away from my exposed jewels. With her hands on her knees and a most serious (still sexy) look on her face, she told me to get on all fours and spread my legs over her feet. I have often wanted to be able to move as fast as I did that night to get into that oh so vulnerable position . . . I never have.

She didn't just "wham" kick my balls. As my face was not too far from hers, she looked at me for a moment and then leaned forward and kissed me as if to say, "Thank you for wanting me so much that you're willing to let me kick your balls and humiliate you just so you can feel my touch." (that's what I was thinking, anyway) She lifted her left foot and held my testicles on top of her foot just behind Her toes. "How hard do you want me to kick you?" I remember her asking. I was quivering from fright or amazement maybe; it was mid November yet sweat was rolling off my body. I had never been racked before and yet I told her that how hard she would kick was up to her. She pronated her foot behind my balls and pulled her knee just under my chin, thus pulling my balls away from my body.

"Do I hold them out and kick them," she asked. I was too vulnerable. I had no idea what she was planning to do or how hard she was planning to do it. If she used her right foot to deliver a thrusting kick to my scrotum while still holding her foot behind my balls, she would smash them into her left instep. I could just imagine my balls being busted between her bare feet. If she delivered a front kick, no matter how hard the thrust, the impact would be tremendous. She had stretched my scrotum toward my abdomen like squeezing toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. Just the pain she was causing while holding me there caused me to wince. The possibilities were wonderfully erotic but fear took over and I answered, "No, just kick me."

I was watching her legs at this time as I could only feel her bare feet positioning my nuts for the strike. I glanced down between my legs as she lowered her left foot and raised her right foot gently under my balls slowly caressing them with the length of her foot.

"Is my foot cold?" she asked. Before I could answer, she lifted my chin with her hand bringing my eyes to the same plane as hers.

"Look at me," she said. It seemed like an eternity staring into her gentle brown eyes. I felt her lower her foot from between my trembling legs and then felt the explosion as she thrust her bare foot into my balls with what seemed like all the force she could muster in the short distance between my nuts and the vinyl seat of my pickup.

The blow was sufficient to double me over atop her legs. I had fallen to the seat with my throbbing testicles resting on the knee of her right leg. Even amidst the excruciating pain, her cool skin felt wonderful against my balls. She didn't move for a few minutes. She didn't say anything. She simply ran her fingers through my hair as she listened to me whimper. Then just as gently as the first time, she lifted my chin bringing my face close to hers. "Look at me."

As I straightened myself to gaze into her eyes again, she ran her left foot down the center of my chest resting it in the bend between my thigh and abdomen. She straightened her leg pushing my body away from her as if to set up a target. With her right foot, she spread my knees apart which I had closed just seconds after the first kick. She removed her hand from my chin this time and let it fall to the thigh of her right leg. I have never seen a more seductive smile than the one I gazed upon as she thrust her foot into my balls again, this time with even more force.

There was no rest period after the second kick. She stood me up in the seat again, this time grabbing both my arms just below my shoulders and racking my balls at least five or six times before I managed to roll myself into the floorboard. After just a little while, she pulled me back onto the seat and positioned me once again, my balls vulnerable above her bare feet.

"Can I kick your balls again?" she asked seriously. Even though I could feel the pain from my nuts in my teeth, I said yes. I wanted her to know that as long as she and I were together, she could do to me whatever she wanted, especially since she had more than fulfilled my deepest fantasies.

She lifted her right foot just behind my balls and pulled me toward her. She placed her hand on the side of my face and leaned up to kiss me. As she leaned back against the door, she smiled and said, "Another night."


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Horndog said...

Can I get my balls smashed and removed by a hot girl in a sexy outfit? I will give my balls away and if she's Asian .... Sushi!

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I used to put my nuts in a vise and squeeze till I cum but I want a girl to finish me off

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My ex gf used to smash my balls on a table with a hammer and it turned me on so much she loved it too but my nuts are still intact ;(

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