Thursday, August 9, 2007

The BBest Relationship

by Knave

I can remember it all so well, the most intense relationship I’ve ever had. I’ll get this off my chest right away so I don’t have to explain it later on...

I have two major fetishes, women’s sock feet, and those feet kicking me in the balls. I was born this way and I’ll die this way and I know there’s no way of changing it so I might as well enjoy it. Usually my relationships with women have gone well, but I’ve never been able to confess my secret to any of my girlfriends for fear of them leaving me. I’ve always kept it well guarded and so I’ve been filled with this hunger, this need to be kicked, to the point where I would anger a stranger off the street in hopes of her racking me. It never came to this thank God, but let’s just say I was desperate.

Anyway, a little about myself; I’m about 6’3 with a swimmer’s build, sandy hair, and a decent sized pair. Everyone says I have deep brown eyes, so I guess that gives me a slight edge with women who like that kind of stuff.

The scene where I begin is a small cafe, two hours after breaking up with my girlfriend Karen. I had had maybe 12 cups of iced mocha and I was a little jittery. I had split with her due to the stagnant nature of the relationship. She had said she loved me, and I had contemplated telling her about my little fetish, but before I could, she had mentioned marriage, and I had freaked. Now some of you may say that this doesn’t sound stagnant at all, but dynamic and good, but it was quite the contrary I assure you.

Anyway there I was, shaking and stewing in my mind about being kicked. At this point a drop-dead gorgeous girl sits in front of me. She’s maybe 5’6 with shoulder length red hair that framed her china-doll features enhancing her fiery lips. She’s wearing a tight red sweater and I couldn’t quite see what her bottom half was covered in. I managed to focus my jittery attentions on her and say “good evening.” She merely looked at my eyes and smiled, introducing herself as Mabel. I must have looked surprised at the old name, because she explained it was her grandmother’s.

“My mom was a stickler for old names. Anyway, I saw you sitting here, twitching and thought I’d join you. You seem down.” I looked away for a second, disbelieving my luck that a woman of roughly my age (she had to be about 20) had just sat down of her own accord. Looking back I thought of my response.

“Well, a little. I just split with my girlfriend, and now I’m brooding.”

“That’s understandable,” she said “I dumped my ex a few months ago. I’m sorry to hear you’re on the rebound, I was going to ask you for a date.” If my jaw didn’t drop, I’d be surprised.

“Rebound Shmeebound! I’m up to it, what time?”

“How about tomorrow at eight?” My head was swimming, maybe it was all the caffeine, or her amazing beauty, or both.

“Sounds great, where can I pick you up?” She gave me her address and we spent the rest of the night talking and learning about each other. I’m a draftsman by trade; she was a seamstress. She likes carp; I’m allergic to fish, stuff like that. I went home and immediately fell asleep, whimsically surrounded by visions of her. The date went off without a hitch, and we made plans for a second a week later. I was on cloud nine, and I believed she liked me too. To get to the interesting part of the story we need to move to month 3.

Yup, we had been dating for three months, and we were pretty much infatuated with each other. The realization came when we were dancing one night in her bedroom. We often liked to waltz or jitterbug in our skivvies; we both found it quite sexual. So I was holding her close with my hand around her waist and my eyes locked in hers. She was wearing a white bra and panties; I was in my Joe Boxers. We were cutting quite a rug when she stepped back, arched her back and let her foot fly forward. She often did this during our salsa dances, seeing as it gave me a great view of her legs and her ample chest. I would usually do a little lunge, complimenting her kick, but tonight was different. I still don’t know if I did it on purpose, or if I wasn’t on guard for her kick, but her white sock foot caught me dead on, slamming up and out into both of my balls with the top of her foot. It seemed like an eternity that her gentle sock foot was buried in my crotch, crushing my testicles up into my groin. I was in heaven and remember letting out a little sigh, before sucking in a breath of pain mixed with indescribable pleasure. As her foot moved back to the ground, she looked at me, and saw my eyes, and I saw hers. We both knew exactly what had happened, and it was at that moment that I saw, deep in her eyes that she had done it on purpose. She too knew I had enjoyed it, and our souls linked for a split second revealing to both of us our absolute deepest fantasies. As the pain registered to my head I collapsed to a heap and listened as she panted, and giggled ever so quietly. Then she spoke.

“I.... saw what you saw.”

“I did too,” I said. I worked myself onto the bed and beckoned her over, sitting on the edge. She plopped her pretty ass onto my lap, bumping my balls gently. I gasped, and she kissed me, fiercely. That night we made the most amazing love ever; I think both of us came at least 10 times. I can’t remember being too exhausted, as I passed out from the overwhelming emotions going through my head. So it was that our relationship took a turn for the best. I remember night after night of her sock feet pummeling the living daylights out of my balls and cock. They were her only targets as she would knee them, slap them, punch them, and of course kick them over and over, until I retched or passed out or came so strongly as to knock myself out. She told me that she was experiencing the most intense orgasms of her entire life as she kicked me and as we made love during our sessions.

Some nights I would come home tired and hungry and we would eat together by the fire, her sitting in my lap, and when we were finished she would turn around and place both her sock feet in my groin, exciting me with her toes and heels, then she would pull her fantastic legs up into her chest and shove her feet deep into my groin, mashing my balls and pressing my cock. I remember waking up next to her, and slightly poking her shoulder until she would swing her fist full force into my crotch, making me crumple into a ball of pleasure.

One afternoon I came home and entered the bedroom. Mabel was nowhere to be found so I changed into my pajamas and tightey whiteys and sat down to watch some TV, when I heard a noise in the bedroom. I slowly walked towards the noise and heard it coming from the closet. I opened the door and was greeted with the strongest kick I had ever received, right in my groin. I was thrown back to the wall and looked at her stunning figure, dressed in a lacey nightgown, which showed off her slim form and her amazing breasts. Then my eyes moved down her body, past her pink cotton panties, down her bare legs, to her pink-socked feet. I smiled and lied down on the ground with my legs amply spread. She walked up into the “V” of my widely spread legs and began to rub one foot over my quickly growing erection. My balls were now much more than decently sized, as I was kicked almost daily. They had expanded and grown to almost twice their original size. As she caressed my groin through my pj’s she smiled and licked her lips, I was moaning silently and moving my hips to push my balls harder into her heel. Then she stomped down gently on my balls, her sock covered toes spreading and wiggling. Her stomping became harder and harder until her hands were clenched in fists and she was literally ramming my nuts with her foot. I was in ecstasy and unknown agony as my cock got bigger and bigger being pummeled by her pretty sock foot. She then casually pushed her hair behind her ear and jumped onto my crotch, full weight. She stood there and watched as I squirmed and groaned and whined in a high-pitched wail of pain. Then she began to dance, her Irish trained feet flipping and smacking into my delicate balls. I was in heaven and hell, her beautiful face and body and feet were bringing me ever closer to climax, but then the pain would drive me away again. I could tell she was enjoying herself greatly. She stopped after about ten minutes of hard dancing and rubbing and stomping and told me to stand up.

“Honey, that’s gonna be hard... with you (urgh) standing on my balls.”

“Oh yeah!” she said smiling and laughing and lightly stepped off of my manhood. I slowly and painfully got to my feet and brought her to me, hugging and kissing her, feeling her breasts and kneading her nipples to life. We kissed and fondled each other for about half an hour before stripping and fucking each other’s brains out. That’s the most gentle term I can use here. I came again and again in great gushing wads into her. She twitched and spasmed as her orgasms brought her to new levels of love and pleasure.

Afterwards, ever ready for more she slipped my underwear back on and put on her knee length red socks. She laid her crotch over my face, and I immediately went to work on her soft button, licking and teasing her with my tongue and teeth. Her position placed her feet perfectly laid in my groin and as I worked her, her pleasured spasms made her muscles twitch, resulting in numerous kicks right in my crotch. The better I did the harder she kicked, and finally we both came again, and slept that way happily.

I recall another time when I was horny as hell, as was she. I waited for her to get home from work, standing in nothing but my tightey whiteys with my legs spread wide. She came home, saw me and ran to hug me, beaming. While we kissed she worked her soft hand down my chest, to my stomach, and finally to my balls, bringing me to life. She kneaded them, and pinched them, and then grabbed them as hard as she could and squeezed violently. I hollered and pulled away, but she held me firm. She kept pushing her fingers into my weakened balls until I was crying and whimpering. She then let go, and let her knee fly into my groin, bending me over. She ran to change and came back in a tight sweater, short pleated skirt and white socks. She stood in front of me and told me to kneel, which I did easily due to the pain in my groin. I spread my legs and welcomed her foot as she kicked me right in the balls. Her rhythm made my balls bounce as her foot smacked them over and over, bringing me again to tears. She continued to kick me and her smile got larger with each repeated hit.

“I (kick) just love (kick) breaking your balls (kick) like this honey! And they’ve gotten so (kick, kick, kick) BIG!” I was breathing very heavily, as was she. She kicked again and again, laughing and coming right in front of me. I don’t know how many times I saw her breasts bounce and felt her soft sock foot ram into my groin, but it was a very long time before she looked even a little fatigued. She continued to kick, usually hitting both balls with the top of her foot, but every now and again catching one of both with a toe of even her heel. She made me kneel, stand, sit backwards, lie down and even sit on all fours, and she continued kicking me. I watched as her white sock foot flew threw the air and collided right into my tightey whitey concealed sack, making my nuts bounce back and forth, to and fro, with the next and the next kick. Finally she had me sit in a chair, and spread even wider and she stood in front of me. She looked eagerly at my crotch and stomped down onto my balls, grinding her foot deeper into my nuts, deeper into the chair. She continued to push into my crotch, rubbing, stepping, stomping, kicking, until I heaved, twitched and came in a virtual torrent of cum, rocketing out of my underwear staining the cotton and flying high into the air. That was one of the most intense kicking sessions I’d ever had.

Later that week I was taking a nap on the couch wearing my loose fitting gray sweats, of course with my balls comfortably cupped in my tightey whiteys, underneath. I was blissfully drifting into deeper and deeper slumber when I was awakened by a slight pressure directly on my balls. I raised my head and looked into the mesmerizingly gorgeous eyes of Mabel, wearing a tight white T-shirt, her perky nipples already protruding through the thin cotton. She also had on cotton short shorts, and her trademark socks. She had one of her feet carefully placed with its toes right on both my balls, she knew exactly where they were at all times after having busted them so many times. She was smiling a huge smile and giggling ever louder.

“Why dear…” I asked happily “What are your toes doing...down there?!” I was almost laughing at the silliness of my question.

“I think the question is, what are your balls doing underneath my toes?” she replied, giggling more.

“Well, I dunno,” I said almost mockingly “I’m plum puzzled. Do you know?”

“What a perfect setup… for THIS!!” she cried happily and squished my balls downwards as she stood up fully on her toes. I keened a high-pitched noise as she twisted her foot cruelly on my gonads.

“Crush, crush, crush!!” she cried happily as she began to jump up and down, landing each time directly on my nuts with her sock covered heels. I felt my gorge rise but fought it down as I reveled in the searing awful, horrible pain in my groin as my beautiful girlfriend continued to heave all her weight directly onto my nuts. She finally stopped and began simply to push her foot harder and harder into my groin. I felt my balls being compressed between the couch and her foot as she ground her arch harder, and deeper and harsher. The pain began to fill me totally as I felt my nuts being flattened, until finally she let up the pressure and I curled up, falling to the floor holding myself and coughing.

“Not yet honey,” she said, and as I looked up she pushed her sock foot into my face and pushed me onto my back. She then grabbed my legs and spread them.

“Honey, I don’t know if I’m ready again,” I managed to splutter out through the haze of agony.

“Sure you are. I am.” With that she commenced with a vicious barrage of kicks, all of which successfully managed to punt my balls harder and harder. I held my stomach trying to keep from vomiting, swallowing furiously, but it was like she was on some drug, her kicks kept getting harder and harder, my balls swelling, must have been turning awful colours. She seemed possessed; kicking balls, punting nuts, her sock foot moved at a pace that was too mind-numbingly painful for me to stand, and I retched finally, glad I hadn’t eaten anything for a while, and still she kicked. I was choking on the pain and she continued to kick my balls, which now stuck out of my sweats a great deal, stretching the fabric like oranges. I was almost about to pass out, when she noticed and stopped, still holding my legs.

“Don’t cover up, I’ll be right back.” With that she ran off laughing and bouncing as her breasts fought to escape her tight shirt. I fought the urge to cover myself, though the pain was far worse than any I had imagined or experienced. She returned with a bottle of water and some pills.

“Here honey, sit up and take these, they’ll settle your stomach. I eagerly downed the pills and quenched my thirst with the water. As I drank Mabel moved to a position with her knee in-between my legs. She took the bottle away, pecked me on the cheek, grabbed my arms and rammed her knee into my groin. Again and again she shoved her knee into my crotch like a battering ram. I howled and screamed and coughed in utter agony, my dick flaccid and wet as opposed to its usual pulsing excitement.

She continued her awful pursuit of ruining my balls, grinding her knee into my pulsating balls and crying, "Oh, this is what being a woman is all about!” She was precise, and deadly as she struck my plums with terrible accuracy. I held onto her arms for support s I became weak and delirious with pain. The fire in my groin and stomach was hotter than the sun, and the pain kept getting worse and worse as she gleefully kneed me for what must have been 45 minutes. Then, I felt something in my crotch stir, and it hurt like hell. I looked down, as did she at my expanding sweats. It was my dick, growing harder and stiffer and fatter than ever before.

“What the (cough) Fu (splutter) the fuck.” I hacked “WOW! That stuff works great! How’s your stomach honey?” Through the tears in my eyes and the blurry effect of my enormous pain I managed to raise my head and raise an eyebrow.

“I gave you something for your stomach, and Viagra. You weren’t getting hard enough, I kept hitting your dick and balls, when all I want is your balls!” She smiled brightly and kissed me, before hauling me up by the shirt and dragging me over to the bedroom. She grabbed my arms and propped me up by my armpits on the clothes rack. I was nearing unconsciousness, sweet, sweet knock out, when I opened my eyes and saw her tying me to the rack with soft velvet rope. I was in far too much pain to do anything but cry and make weak noises, but all too soon I saw her intent. As if her previous barrage of kicks as I lied down wasn’t enough, she meant to finish me. She tied my legs as wide as they would go, and backed up to admire my groin, stretching out wards and upwards through my sweatpants. She began to massage her breasts and wriggling her sexy toes in her white socks.

“Baby, I’m gonna enjoy this so much.” She approached me and slowly began fondling my balls, which made me scream at the top of my lungs at the sharp pain. “Wow, they must really be fucked up honey, I barely squeezed you. Now if I do this...” and she encircled my balls with her delicate hands and began to compress them. I hollered and bellowed in pain. My balls were twitching and spasming and shaking as she crushed them harder and harder. I thrashed and bobbed but to no avail, I was far too weak to do anything. Through all the pain my cock remained as hard as ever, fighting to get bigger even as my manhood was abused to the extreme. I kept screaming, and every now and again, through the colours racing in front of my eyes I caught a glimpse of her laughing face, so beautiful, having so much fun. I screamed until I lost my voice, and still she squeezed, letting up every now and then only to continue harder than before. Her hands were getting closer and closer together, mashing my balls into a pulp, when she let go and they grew again, re-expanding, which was more painful than the squeezing itself. I was drenched in tears and sweat, and was able only to hear and feel and see the terrible pain in my groin. She peeled open my eyelids and I moved my eyes up to see her smiling and laughing.

“Wow sugar, you okay? Answer me if you’re not.” It was hopeless, I couldn’t speak, and she knew it. She shrugged, let go of my eyelids and took a step back “Alright then hon, then you’re ready for these!” and she unleashed two rocket-like front kicks up into my groin. I threw my head back, longing to be able to scream or something, but the pain didn’t allow it, and finally as I saw her foot fly again I watched as if in slow motion as her white sock foot flew through the air and hit my huge sweatpant-clad balls straight on. Finally I passed out into a myriad of painful dreams.

When I awoke I was lying on the bed with Mabel still impaled on my huge erection. She was sleeping soundly with a kid’s smile on her face, obviously having had some incredible orgasms with my unconscious body. I looked down at my crotch and slowly, painfully slid out of her. I gaped at the sheer size and redness of my balls; they resembled tomatoes. I was still in agony with every movement, and after merely tapping my left nut I gagged and flew into unconsciousness again. This was where our relationship went to the next level.

So it was that Mabel and I became closer and oddly more distant after that. It was decided that we loved each other more than anyone else, and to ensure that love that she wouldn’t beat me that roughly unless I asked for it, which I did promptly.

I was taking a bath when I realized just how sexual I had felt when she was beating me into submission, the pain clouding all my other senses, my dick throbbing nonetheless with the Viagra flowing through me. I looked down and saw my cock begin to rise in the water, and knew I wanted it again, even more than I had before in my life. I climbed out of the tub and toweled off before slipping on my briefs. I looked down at my balls as they sat suspended in my underwear, oh how I longed for her foot to hit them again.

I literally ran to her as she sat on the bed reading. I clambered onto the bed on all fours and faced her. She finally brought down the book and spread out her legs. She was wearing sweats and a t-shirt with her hair back in pigtails. Her feet were slenderly encased in blue socks, fuzzy and warm. I crawled up to her as she closed the book and threw it on the floor. I kissed her and she ran her arms down my back. I was still on all fours and I was straddling her legs. We kissed and caressed for a while, and I finally felt her hungry foot move up my naked thigh, to my cotton-encased sac. She slowly rubbed the top of her sock foot on my ever expanding erection and I kissed her more fervently letting her know just how much I liked that. She then used her toes to prod my balls slowly, getting harder and harder, stabbing both my nuts. She then pulled me down while shoving both her feet into my crotch, keeping it in the air. Now my upper torso was on the bed next to her, and she had a perfect view of my lower section hovering right above her feet.

“Honey, I’m gonna kick you until you explode,” she said.

“Sounds good to me,” I assured her to do her worst. She continued to rub her feet hard in my groin, squishing me between her soles, prodding, poking and wiggling her toes deep in my sack. I groaned and moaned, the pain beginning to build. Then she placed her feet back on the bed, below my throbbing groin.

“please,” I whispered. I looked into her eyes, and she smiled so sexily I almost came just seeing her. Then she kicked me, full force right in the balls, and followed it up with her other foot, my balls made a smacking sound as she alternated feet kicking me right in the groin. I bit my lip and relished every sensation I was experiencing. My hand found her breast and I began to feel her womanhood as her feet pummeled my manhood over and over again. I just sat there fondling her writhing body as she continued her assault on my crotch. She began to pant and my hand made its way to her crotch, inside her sweats. I fingered her and her kicks became harder and harder, rocking me with each blow. They became faster and faster as she came in back-arching spasms, until she was breathing furiously and her feet were a blur of kicking in-between my legs. She then pulled my hands off of her, looked me in the eyes smiling, and rammed her heels up and into my groin. I flew off the bed howling in agony and landed hard on the floor, but I didn’t hold myself, I just yelled. She then jumped off the bed, and with precision accuracy landed directly on my crotch. I hollered and she stood there slowly working her toes into my dick as her heels crushed my aching nuts. She then began to jump up and down, high into the air, always landing with perfect balance all on my nuts. I was screaming, she was screaming in ecstasy. She then slipped her feet backwards off my balls roughly, and landed on her knees. I let out an “OOMPHF!” as her knees careened into my groin. She began grinding her knees into my balls.

“Now I’m going to really burst your bubble. I love you so much, and I really love your big, red, man-balls, and how they feel against my feet and knees and hands.” I was sweating and nearing tears when she slid off of me and spread my legs very wide. She then plucked my balls in my briefs and began to fondle them, squeezing and pinching. She then took one in each hand, took a deep breath and crushed them, straining with all her might. I hollered and bucked my hips like some sort of farm animal being castrated with a hammer. She laid on the pressure until I finally passed out. When I came to, I was positioned on the ground with my legs spread wide and a chair in the “V” of my legs. On that chair, with her feet on my groin, grinding her blue sock heels into my balls was Mabel, looking at me and smiling.

“Hi tiger, how they hangin’?” and she ground her feet harder into my nuts. I hissed and tried to pull back but my thighs were tied to the chair.

“No such luck buddy boy. They’re mine now.” She climbed onto the chair and jumped again onto my balls. I screamed and looked for mercy in her eyes, but found none. She stood for a minute or two on my balls, and then got back onto the chair.

“Oh, please no.” I begged, but it was too late, she fell backwards off the chair and landed with her heavenly ass on my groin.

“AAARGGHH!!!!” I yowled in pain, as she dug her butt into my groin. To my amazing surprise my dick was still rock hard. She clambered off my body, making sure to slap my balls a few times with her hands. She stood above me looking down at my helpless male organs, flattened in my briefs and placed her foot lengthwise so it covered both my balls and didn’t touch my steel-like dick. She then stood on them, and began to slowly bounce up and down. The then brought around her other foot and began to stomp down on the other one. I again screamed until I couldn’t anymore, and felt such an awful feeling in my balls as to know something was wrong, and then it happened. My dick got so long as to slide an inch or two out of my briefs, and it erupted in a geyser of spunk that arched over my head and splashed onto the ground in back of me. It just kept coming as she continued to pound all her weight and more on my balls.

I was almost unconscious again when she jumped one more time and the rest of my fluid streamed forth triumphantly from my rod. I passed out watching her continue to stomp on my nether regions. When I awoke I was in my bedroom, lying spread-eagle on the bed. I groggily looked down at my crotch and saw my balls ballooning out, still in my briefs. I watched as they slowly pulsed, big then small, like a heartbeat. I opened my briefs to check the damage and was relieved that they seemed unharmed, but I was alarmed to notice a rope tied around the base of my scrotum, making my testicles swell even more. I was drained of energy and could still feel twinges of pain with every throb from my nuts. I rested for about ten minutes before sitting up painfully and looking at the clock. In front of it were a videotape and a note attached. I plucked it from the cassette and read: “here honey, watch this and tell me what you think when I get back from work -Mabel” There were little hearts drawn on the note. I folded it and popped the video into the VCR.

I reclined on the bed and hit play on the remote control. I tried to cross my legs at the ankles but the size of my nuts wouldn’t allow it without great pain, so I just sat and watched. The tape began with Mabel in the same clothes she had worn while beating the cream out of my balls. She had just finished setting up the recorder from the looks of it and now positioned the camera onto my unconscious body.

“There you are honey. I just finished stomping the cum out of you with my sexy sock feet. Look at you, so strong and yet so weak as I have this possibility to do whatever I want to you.” She then backed away from the camera and pushed my body towards it to get a better view. The scene cut to the inside of my boxers, and Mabel tying the rope around my sack.

“They got kinda flat when I finished stomping them, but we’ll fix that.” She finished the rope-job and pulled down my briefs. “Look at your dick, it’s still rock hard even when you’re sleeping, funny isn’t it?” She slowly, sexily slid off her sweats and then her panties. She then held my cock in her hand, straddled my hips and slowly eased herself onto my length. She rocked back and forth and moved up and down for a while, fucking me, when she finally came a few times and lay down on my chest.

“You’re sooo good stud.” she said to the camera, and I felt my dick begin to ache as it became hard again seeing her fuck me. She then stood up, my dick slipping out of her, and kicked me full force in the tied nuts with her blue sock foot.

“Ooh, that looks like it hurts. Umph!” she kicked again, and again. “Too bad you can’t feel this, or can you!?” and she kept kicking, harder each time. I was almost sickened, but still turned on by her actions. She began to take running head starts and then kicking me, I watched my body twitch and shake with each punt by her soft foot. She then pulled me all the way across the room and positioned herself at the opposite end. She ran as fast as she could, pulled her leg way back and let it fly faster than I’d ever seen until it was stopped by my balls. The collision made me wince, but I checked and saw I still got harder and harder. She was sweating now, and she quickly brought herself to climax again with her fingers. She then straddled my body again, and roughly manhandled my swelling balls.

“They’re getting much firmer now honey. I love’em that way.” She blew a kiss to the camera and squeezed my wire-bound nuts. She then twisted them once, and I could hardly believe it as I watched her push them inside of her pussy. Then, unmistakably she tensed her muscles and I saw tears form in the eyes of my unconscious face. She kept tensing and untensing her vaginal muscles until she heaved and fell backwards allowing my sack to pop free, covered in fluid. She slid back into her panties, and took the opportunity while she was standing to give me a few more quick kicks to the balls. She then laid me down spread-eagle on the floor, and placed herself laying on her belly, facing away from me with the tops of her feet placed right on my nuts. She then proceeded to kick her pretty legs like a schoolgirl talking on the phone, each time smacking me in the groin, harder and harder.

“I love this kind of creative ball-busting!” she cried happily, pounding my balls with her sock feet. She finished up with a resoundingly hard set of kicks and stood up. She slid my briefs back on and punched me square in the balls with her petite fist. She kept slamming her fists into them as if they were some kind of sparring dummy. She did hooks, jabs, uppercuts and especially double punches, which caught my balls in-between her hands in an awful nut crunch. After a little while of this, she dragged my body over to the bed, by my balls. She stood up on the bed and leaned down, grabbing onto my nuts.

“We’ll make you more comfortable,” she said, smiling again at the camera. I didn’t want to watch, but was mesmerized at her brutality, and sure enough she strained all her muscles and lifted my mass up by my nuts alone. I thought they would rip off but finally she got all of my on the bed and clapped her hands together on my balls.

“That was fun!” she cried and went to get dressed. I watched my body breathing, crying. She returned and looked into the camera.

“I’ll see you tonight lover boy,” and she blew one more kiss before turning off the tape.

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