Sunday, August 12, 2007

Becky, Kristen and Anissa

by unknown

Jack and his sister Becky had been left home alone for the weekend. Becky was 17, a year older than Jack, so she was left in charge. He had been forced to stay home and clean the house while Becky ran around with her friends. Becky had decided to have two of her friends, Rachel and Kristen, over for the night. Jack had just gone to bed when her heard muffled giggling outside his door. He got up, wearing only his boxers, and crept over to the door. He could hear whispering coming from the other side. He yanked the door open, and was about to start yelling, when a foot shot out, slamming into his groin. Jack fell to the ground moaning and holding his crotch. The girls rushed into the room, one of them deliberately stepping down on his crotch as she entered. His sister flipped the light on and then grabbed his boxers, yanking them off. Rachel and Kristen grabbed his hands, pulling them away from his aching groin. Becky, towering over him, raised her knee up high and stomped down on his exposed nuts, grinding them into the carpet. The pain was so intense, he almost passed out.

"Oh god! My balls, my balls..." Jack moaned. Becky pulled out a rubber band and wrapped it around Jack's balls, trapping them in a nice tight package.

"No, no, no, Jack! They're not your balls, not anymore." Becky said. She reached down and grabbed his nuts, squeezing them tightly. "No, these balls are mine now. These are now my toys, for me and my friends to play with. Got that?" She started to yank on his nutsack. Jack started to whimper and cry, his nuts felt like they were going to be ripped from their chords.

"Please Becky, stop...” She grabbed his balls with both hands and squeezed. Jack let out a shrill scream.

"These are my balls Jack, I'll play with them however I want to. Now Jack, who's balls are these?" Becky asked.

"Yours! Yours! They're your balls Becky!" Jack screamed. Kristen and Rachel started laughing.

"Boy Jack, you're voice is getting rather shrill. Perhaps we should call you Jackie!" said Kristen. Becky released Jack's nuts and stood up. She stepped down on his nutsack. She started to squish his balls around with her toes. She separated his left nut and slowly started putting her weight on it. Jack started to twist and writhe.

"The only problem with playing with balls, is that they break so easily,” said Rachel. "All it takes is one good stomp, and no more balls, just mush! But I guess that's why we like to play with them so much." Becky stepped off of Jack's ball.

"Don't worry Jack, I'm not going to break my new toys, at least not until I've had a chance to play with them. Do you know what a girl's favorite game is Jack?" said Becky.

Jack could only manage to shake his head.

"Football!" Becky drew back her leg and slammed her foot into Jack's ballsack, crunching his helpless nuts up against his body. Jack's legs jerked up as he reflexively tried to fold himself into a ball to protect his battered testicles. The girls let him rest a minute before switching places. Rachel now stood before him, grinning. She quickly raised her kneed up high, doing a little hop; she landed on one foot, stomping down with all her weight on his trapped nuts. Jack's whole body jerked violently and he passed out. Rachel stood there for a minute, twisting and grinding her foot into Jack's balls. She stepped off and felt Jack's sack, checking to see if his balls were still whole.

"He's okay," she said. Becky left and returned with a glass of water, which she poured on Jack's face. Jack sputtered and opened his eyes. He looked down at his battered and swollen nutsack and started crying again. It was Kristen's turn and Rachel and Becky pulled Jack to his feet. Becky stepped in front of him, placing her hands on his shoulders. She smiled at him.

"You should thank me Jack. When I'm done, you'll be like one of those opera singers, what do they call them, castratos?" With that she slammed her knee into his groin, pulling him into it. Jack was lifted off the ground by the force of the blow. The girls let him drop to the ground, unconscious. Becky looked down at her brother. His scrotum was swollen to the size of a softball. She smiled to herself as she thought of all the fun she and her friends would have with her new toys...

The last three months had been hell for Jack. Three months ago Jack's mother had gone to visit her sister for the weekend, leaving Jack and his sister Becky home alone (their parents had separated shortly after Jack was born). That weekend Becky and her friends had started busting Jack's balls. They spent the weekend kicking, punching, kneeing, and squeezing his nuts. Since then Becky had taken every opportunity to smash Jack in the balls. She started off every morning by ramming her knee into his crotch. When she was with her friends, he got it bad. His sister might nail his nuts once or twice a day, but when her friends were around, they would spend several hours busting his balls. Sometimes they would pretend he was some guy who had pissed them off - a teacher who had given them a bad grade, or some rude boy at school. While he was rolling on the ground moaning in pain, he could hear them moaning in ecstasy as they got off on busting his balls. Becky threatened to crush his balls if he ever told anyone. Jack lived his life in fear and pain. When Jack's mom told him she was going away for the weekend again, he panicked. He knew he wouldn't survive the weekend intact. He quickly came up with an idea. He invited his friend Dan over for the weekend, figuring that if there was someone around, his sister would leave him alone...

Becky had ignored him since Dan's arrival. He and Dan had been swimming in the pool when Becky's friends arrived. The girls made him nervous so he and Jack had gone inside to play video games. They had been playing for an hour without incident. Jack started to relax; his plan had worked. His balls were safe, for the weekend at least. Jack was just getting into the game when the door opened and his sister and her three friends walked in. Anissa, Kristen and Rachel stood behind his sister, smiling at him. The girls were dressed in skimpy bikinis, except for Kristen. Two thin straps barely managed two hold back her large breasts. The straps ran down between her legs where Jack could curly red pubic hairs poking out. Dan stood up, his eyes locked on Kristen.

"What're you boys up to?" asked Becky. Jack swallowed hard.

"No...nothing" he stammered.

"Good. I just wanted to make sure you guys weren't getting into trouble. We were wondering if you guys wanted to come play football with us?" she said, smiling at Dan.

Jack's whole body tensed.

"Sure!" said Dan. He started for the door. Becky quickly flashed Jack a smile and then slammed her foot into Dan's crotch. Dan fell to his knees, holding his crotch and moaning. Becky turned to Jack. She stepped forward and yanked his swimming trunks down. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she rammed her knee into his naked balls. Before Jack could fall to the floor she kneed him again. She let him slide to the ground at her feet as she stood over him, smiling. Kristen and Anissa were wrestling with Dan, trying to get his trunks off. Rachel stepped in and stomped down hard on his groin and Dan lost all will to resist.

"Take him out back." said Becky. Rachel grabbed Dan's nutsack and squeezed it tightly.

"C'mon you little shit! Get up and get moving or I'm gonna rip your balls off!" she said. Dan struggled to his feet and Rachel dragged him out the door. Kristen and Anissa followed them, laughing and trying to trip Dan. Becky grinned down at her brother and poked his balls with her toe.

"I bet you thought you were going to get off easy this weekend, didn't you? Well, you're just going to get it worse now! Your nuts are mine!" She grabbed his balls and started dragging him towards the door. Jack quickly scrambled to his feet, trying to keep up with his aching nuts.

Becky led him out back. Rachel had tied Dan's hands behind his back and stuffed a gag into his mouth. She stood behind him, holding him up. His eyes were wide with fear. Kristen was fondling his balls and teasing his cock, making him hard despite the pain. She took a piece of duct tape and taped his cock to his belly.

"Don't want your little dick getting in the way,” she said. Becky gave Jack's balls a final vicious squeeze before dumping him on the ground. She walked over in front of Dan.

"It's so nice of you to play football with us Dan. I thought we were only going to have my brother's nuts to play with, but now we have yours too. Four balls and four girls. Sounds good to me." Becky grabbed Dan's nutsack and yanked downn hard. Dan squealed into his gag as it felt like his nuts were being ripped from his body.

"Well girls, let's play some football!" Becky said as she released his nuts. She stepped back and let fly with a kick into Dan's exposed nuts. She could see his nuts flatten between her foot and his pelvis. She laughed and stepped out of the way. Kristen stepped forward, keeping one hand hidden behind her back. She knelt in front of him and examined his injured testicles.

"You poor boy!" she said as she poked his sack. "Are your little ballsies busted? She felt around in his sack, gently squeezing each testicle. "Nope, not busted yet." Despite the pain Dan was mesmerized by the gorgeous redhead's enormous breasts. He was so intent on watching her jiggling tits that he didn't notice that she had brought a ping-pong paddle from behind her back. She quickly raised it up and brought it smashing into his balls. His balls bounced back and then swung forward and she smacked them again. She smacked his bouncing balls repeatedly as he twisted and writhed. Rachel held him tightly from behind to keep him from falling. The other girls were laughing and cheering Kristen on. She finished with a mighty overhand smash. She smiled as she watched he red and swollen balls flop around. She stood up, flushed with excitement. Her swimsuit had slipped off, completely exposing her breasts so she slipped it off. She started jumping up and down with excitement.

"God I love busting balls!" she shouted. She kicked her leg out in a high cheerleading kick, her foot flashing by Dan's face. She brought the next kick up between his legs, crunching his nuts up against his pelvis. Dan groaned and sagged forward, only half conscious. Rachel let him drop to the ground. Kristen walked over to Jack and sat down in front of him. She spread her legs wide, her hot, wet cunt right in front of his face. She started to finger herself.

"See this Jack. This is what you'll never get. No girl would go out with a nutless little boy like you. But I'll let you watch me get off on your friend getting his balls crushed!" Anissa walked over to Dan. Rachel dragged him back to his feet. Anissa grabbed his sack and wrapped a rubber band tightly around it. She grabbed his sack with both and squeezed. Dan groaned and started to drop to his knees but Rachel kept him standing. Anissa released his nuts and pulled the gag from his mouth.

"I'll tell you what Danny, instead of crushing both of your balls, I let you keep one ball - on one condition. You have to beg me to crush it, you have to tell me how much you want me to crush your little nut, how you want me to grind your little ballsy into a pulp. Well, what do you say?" said Anissa. She reached down and grabbed his balls, one in each hand. She started to slowly tighten her grip.

"What's it going to be Dan?" she said, smiling. Dan stood there, whimpering. Her grip on his nuts became unbearable.

"Ok, ok!" he shouted. She released his left nut and started squeezing harder on his right nut. She slipped her free hand into her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her clit. Dan started whimpering.

"Please bust my nut! I want you to squash my little ball! Pop it like a grape. Crush my ball, grind it, do it, do it!" Dan's voice rose to a shrill scream as she bore down on his ball. She could feel his nut flatten and compress between her fingers. As she approached orgasm she shifted her grip on his ball, jabbing her fingernails into it. Her fingers came together as his nut popped under the nut, grinding it under the ball of her foot. Dan began to squeal again, even more shrill this time. Rachel continued to grind away at Dan's nut. She could feel his swollen ball beneath her foot, Dan's little nugget of maleness, which she was about to destroy. She felt herself becoming wet. The other girls started to chant

"Pop it! Pop it! Pop it!” Rachel lifted her foot a little and then stomped down hard, putting all her weight behind it. She felt resistance for a split-second and then his ball burst. Rachel shuddered in ecstasy as an intense orgasm hit her. Dan's mouth opened in a silent scream and his eyes rolled back into his head. Rachel reached down and felt Dan's soft and mushy sack and started to giggle. They had converted the essence of his maleness to mush. Becky walked over to her brother and grinned down at him.

"Well Jack, it's your turn now. Your balls are all mine!" she said. Becky took a piece of rope and tied Jack's hands together. She tied the rope to a tree branch above Jack's head. She slipped he bikini off - the bottoms were soaked in her juices. She shoved it into his mouth for a gag. She then dropped to her knees in front of him. His balls dangled in front of her face. The other girls came and sat beside her and started to caress her body. Rachel and Anissa started to massage her breasts as Kristen slipped her hand between her legs and started to finger her friend.

"I'm going to enjoy this so much Jack! Mmmmmm... I'm going to eat your balls. I'm going to crush them, bite them off and eat them!" She leaned forward and sucked her brother's balls into her mouth. Jack started to whimper and struggle weakly, but he knew it was no use. Becky sucked on his balls hard, squeezing them in her mouth. She started to chew on them, biting down hard and then letting up. She could feel his nuts start to swell in her mouth from the abuse. As she felt the orgasm approach she sucked his balls into place between her molars. She bit down, crunching his balls as hard as she could. His nuts popped easily, like she was chewing grapes. The most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her as she continued to grind the remains of his testicles between her teeth. Her whole body spasmed in ecstasy but she continued to grind away. Her mouth was filled with the soft, pulpy remains of her brother's manhood in her mouth. After a minute she looked up at her brother, who was hanging limp and unconscious. She bit down with her front teeth, severing his sack. She spit it out into hand and smiled. The other girls gathered around to look. They sat there for a minute, smiling at each other.

"I guess I'll go call my sister. She's a nurse, she can take care of these two." said Kristen.

"C'mon, let's go inside, I know the perfect recipe for those!" said Rachel.

The girls all laughed and hurried into the house...

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Anonymous said...

So incredibly hot!!! 2 possible improvements - the other girls covering his face in feet to shut him up, and/or one of the girls draining the balls so they're nice and empty to be crushed ;)