Sunday, August 12, 2007

Becky's Graduation

by unknown

Becky had just turned 18 and now that June had rolled around, it was time for her graduation from high school. She was a pretty teen, nice figure, knockout legs and classic feet, something not many people would have noticed except for Chris, her 16-year-old brother. He was heavy into puberty at this age, and adored his sister's legs and feet from afar, constantly bumping into her foot, dropping things by her feet and when he was home alone, enjoying rubbing her shoes on his penis in masturbatory bliss.

Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, and Becky looked gorgeous in her business suit outfit, black nylons with reinforced toe and black high heel platform sandals, 3-1/2 heels. She sat, legs crossed, bobbing her foot up and down as Chris looked longingly, transfixed and in a sexually excited state. Becky noticed him staring at her toes exposed through the sandals, following the up and down motion of her foot. She asked him what was wrong with him, and he casually said he was daydreaming. Becky might have brushed the incident off but for the obvious bulge in Chris's pants.

The graduation ceremony and party afterward was over, Becky walked from her bedroom, still dressed up and bumped hard into Chris, without thinking, she lifted her knee into his crotch. He was in shock and pain, crumpled to the floor, and started to cum in his pants, looking at Becky's gorgeous feet in the black nylons and high heel sandals. "What the hell is your problem, you little pervert" Becky yelled, and Chris grabbed her waist and cried out "Your feet turn me on Sis, I am sorry" at which time Becky swung her foot back, and kicked her toe right into his balls.

He coughed and slumped to her feet, his body writhing in pain, and finally in orgasm. He planted his lips on her foot, she shagged it away and stepped on his pained and cumming cock saying, "You little pervert, so you like my feet. I will show you the time of your life, now get up."

Becky sat on a chair in the hall, and motioned for Chris to walk over to her, she pointed down, and Chris kneeled in front of her, she put her foot between his legs, separating them and exposing his crotch. She playfully rubbed her toe up and down in his crotch, and felt her foot rubbing against an ever-growing cock in Chris’s pants.

She said, “Well Chrissy, it looks like my foot really turns you on, your cock is pressing against my foot, you aren’t going to cum on my toes now, are you?” at which point she kicked his balls hard with the toe of her platform sandal, and he gasped and clutched his swollen cock and aching balls. She crossed her sexy black stockinged legs and kicked her toe into Chris’s cock and balls playfully and slightly as he would jerk back in a natural reaction, then she nailed him, hard in his nuts with her foot, and harder as he started to fall closer to the ground and her feet, she stood up kicked him to his back and planted one high-heeled foot on his throat and the other foot on his balls, well actually his hard-on, which got harder until she stomped her foot hard on his cock and balls.

She got off of him as he whined in pain, and said, “Ok you little shithead, get up and follow me, my feet are going to take you to new heights of pleasure and ball crunching pain. You still like my sexy feet, don’t you, Chrissy boy?”

Chris was shaking, partly with excitement, and partly in pain. Becky grabbed his collar and dragged him into her room, and without any warning, lifted her knee, pulled up her skirt, and delivered a frontal kick hard into Chris's balls... once, twice... the third kick did him in and he fell to the floor, a look of both pain and satisfaction on his face. His head fell to the floor by Becky's feet, and he grabbed her high-heeled foot and kissed it.

Becky withdrew her foot, and stepped on his temple with her heel screaming, "I am going to kick your balls up to your throat you pervert, but first I want you to get naked for me. Now, Asshole, before I change my mind!"

Chris stood naked and hard before the fully dressed Becky, his cock bobbing as she kicked it playfully at first, then harder, with the toe of her shoe. He was ready to cum again when she came close to him, put her face close to his and whispered, "I am going to kick your nuts up to your throat" and briskly brought up her black stockinged knee hard into his balls, right under his hard cock. She repeated the kicks four times, his cock faded and he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

When he awoke, his vision was blurry and his groin had a pain and pressure on it, which, in full consciousness was Becky's platform heel digging into his balls, and stomping his nut sack. He screamed and sat up, as she kicked him in the throat, telling him, "Shut up you little pervert, this is what you wanted... now I am going to pop your nut under my platform heel. Look at my toes through the sandals, sexy huh? Turns you on... well, get hard as I stomp on your nut."

A ‘POP’ sounded as her heel crushed his left nut and while his ball turned from firm tissue to jelly under Becky's high heel, Chris passed out once more...the pain was too much... a feeling of nausea permeated him and everything turned black... the last sound he heard was Becky laughing and saying, "My foot that turned your dick hard just took away your manhood Chrissy boy... what'll I do to you next..." Her laugh drifted off as he slid into unconsciousness...

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