Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Sister Avenges Honor

By nutcracker sweet

So, you are the misguided, misbegotten, nut-scratching, troglodyte who has been giving Simone a hard time and slandering her name all over our community? First off, you soon-to-be-eunuch, she is not a "second-rate whore"! She is not a second-rate anything! My li'l sister has more class than anyone else we'll ever meet!

I, however, lack her refinement and I'd be delighted to engage in an all-out, knock-down, drag-out, ball-smashing, titty-twisting, nut-busting scrap with you! You have stupidly spoken ill of my baby sister! Before you can react I kick your nuts. On your way down I knee you in your face. On your way back up I kick your balls again! Harder! You hit the floor.

"Come on! Get up! Can't you take a girl?" As you stagger to your feet I tackle you, jam my hands down your pants, find your rapidly swelling ball-sac and squeeze for all that I am worth, squeezing, crushing and rolling your nuts together while I hold your head down by your throat.

"How do you like me now?"

Eventually you pass out from the pain. As I stand up I give your limp body another kick to your balls, just to make sure that you aren't "playing 'possum".

You awake to find yourself shackled spread eagle to your own brass bed. The pain in your nuts is excruciating. You feel nauseous. As your head clears you see me sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed, coolly smoking a joint and nursing a tumbler of your fine Kentucky sippin' whiskey. I notice you're awake. I stub out the smoke, set down the glass, and stand up. Your eyes about pop out of your head: I'm wearing black-leather crotchless panties. Thigh-high, black-leather boots with "cock roach killin' toes" and four inch heels. Your eyes move up, they widen and even with aching testicles your dick grows erect.

I notice it. I know I'm exciting you with my long black hair cascading loose and free over my bare shoulders. My firm breasts adorned only with small silver hoops through their nipples. From these hoops a finely braided silver chain runs down the front of my milky-white body to a matching silver hoop in my belly button. The chain continues down under the leather waistband of the panties to disappear in my nether-regions. I stand akimbo, black-velvet gloved hands on my thin hips. My azure eyes gazing open contempt at you through my "Zorro" mask.

I glide forward, step to the foot of the bed and lean between your spread legs. Your lips quiver; your dick dribbles. I slap your nuts with my open hand! It is then you realize that I have bound your nuts in a four-inch ball-stretcher of stiff leather. I slap your nuts again! Your body jerks; your dick shrivels; tears start out the corners of your eyes and you start to gurgle something.

"Silence!" I snarl. "You shouldn't ought to have belittled my sister like that! You could apologize and beg for mercy...and I just might let keep both of your nuts!"

"Please..." you start to whimper, but I cut you off with another slap of your bound testicles.

"My god!" I laugh, "Are they ever swollen huge! And purple! Like two juicy plums, and I'm ready to make plum pudding out of you!"

Your tears come in earnest now.


Have fun!

Nutcracker sweet

PS: You guys stroking yourselves, please to punch yourselves in your balls for me! Thanks!

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