Saturday, August 11, 2007

Birthday Revenge

By speedycj

Danielle was pissed at Jim. He had ruined her and his joint birthday party. Ok, maybe Jim’s friends ruined the party but Danielle plotted to get even with Jim. She wasn’t sure how but made a mental note to do something.

Late one evening both Danielle and Jim were Instant Messaging each other late at work. Danielle asked Jim what he was doing that night. Jim had no plans and was just going to go home. Danielle asked if Jim would like to grab a drink. After discussing it a bit, Jim agreed and they picked a place to go. After finally deciding Danielle went to go fix herself up. She was wearing a low cut purple top with a black skirt and black stockings. She complemented the look with calf length black heeled boots. She was 5’6” normally but her three-inch boots made her 5’9” and very intimidating. Jim, who stood at an even 6 foot with an average build, was wearing a black dress shirt with gray pants.

They met at a bar and had a few drinks. They spoke about everything, from sports to jobs to personal things. After about an hour and nearly six drinks later, they decided to do a few shots before venturing elsewhere. After four shots they both stumbled out of the bar. Danielle told Jim she left a bag at work and needed to get it before she went home. Jim accompanied Danielle to get her bag.

While in Danielle’s office, she told Jim she had a birthday present for her.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Jim replied.

“I feel bad I ruined your birthday,” said Danielle sadly.

“Ok, fine… but I don’t have anything for you,” replied Jim.

“No, it’s ok,” replied Danielle. “Because you are part of your gift.” Jim was confused.

“What does that mean?”

“I’m giving you birthday punches for your birthday,” laughed a drunk Danielle.

“No you’re not,” replied Jim sternly.

“Ok, then I’m giving you birthday slaps,” said Danielle as she quickly slapped him on the arm.

“Birthday slaps?” said Jim as he slightly slurred his words.

“Yes, birthday slaps.”

“No, don’t think so,” replied Jim.

“Why? Afraid I’m gonna hurt you?” laughed Danielle.

“No, but that’s retarded,” laughed Jim.

“Ok,” said Danielle. “I have one more idea.”

“This should be good,” replied Jim sarcastically.

“You tell me what I’m thinking of giving you now and if you get it right, you get whatever you want from me for your birthday. But if you get it wrong, I get to give you what I’m thinking of,” explained Danielle.

“You want me to guess what you’re going to give me… Hmm, I wonder if it’s physical harm,” said Jim sarcastically.

“Oh, its physical,” said Danielle as she slowly inched her way towards Jim sexually. She placed a finger on his chest and slowly kissed him on the side of his cheek. Her hand ran up the side of his leg and she grabbed his ass.

“Well, what do you think it is?” whispered Danielle seductively into Jim’ ear. Jim was shocked by her sudden display of affection and took a deep breath. Danielle’s hand ran from his ass to his crotch. She placed her lips near his.

“Well?” said Danielle.

“Umm…” stuttered Jim. “Birthday kisses?” Danielle smiled and quickly kissed him on the lips.

“NOPE!” she exclaimed in delight.

“What?” replied Jim.

“WRONG!” yelled Danielle as she hopped up and down.

“Ok, ok… so what is it?” said a puzzled Jim.

“Birthday kicks!” said Danielle.

“Birthday kicks?” replied a confused Jim.

“Yep… and how many do I get? 24 plus one for good luck!”

“I have never heard of birthday kicks,” said Jim.

“Oh, it won’t hurt,” said Danielle.

“Where were you planning to kick me?” asked a concerned Jim as Danielle stretched her legs.

“Wherever I want!”

“Um, can’t we discuss this Danielle?” said Jim. “I’d rather not have a drunk girl kick me wherever she wants.”

“A deal is a deal Jim,” said Danielle. “Plus, you’re drunk too, so it won’t hurt as bad.” Danielle reached into her drawer and pulled out a bottle of vodka. “Guzzle this to help alleviate the pain,” laughed Danielle.

“I thought you said it wasn’t going to hurt,” said a concerned Jim. Danielle reached into her drawer again. She told Jim to close his eyes. Jim objected but didn’t know what Danielle was up to now. While he shut his eyes to appease her, Danielle quickly grabbed his hands and handcuffed him behind his back. Jim tried to get out of them but his struggles were useless.

“Now, where’s the vodka, I need a drink,” said Danielle as she sipped from the bottle while Jim stood helpless, handcuffed in front of her.

“Ready?” said a happy Danielle.

“Let’s get this over with,” mumbled Jim. She kicked him lightly in the shin.

“That’s one.” She kicked him lightly in his other shin. She kicked him lightly in his ass. She followed with weak kicks to his thighs, knee and ass again. After ten kicks she stopped.

“See, not so bad, is it?” said Danielle.

“What about that statement worries me?” asked Jim. Danielle stared into his eyes and it was at that point Jim realized she was going to do him harm.

“After all that shit your friends put me through,” said a suddenly angry Danielle. “ I cried all night. My night was ruined. The least I can do is take it out on you.” With that she reared back and kicked him hard in the shin. Jim let out a grunt. She kicked him twice hard in his other shin as Jim stumbled back a step. Danielle let out a kick to his chest that backed him to the wall.

“This one is gonna hurt Jim. Take a swig of vodka first,” said Danielle as she poured vodka down his throat. She stepped back, looked Jim in the eyes, stepped forward and unleashed a hard kick to his balls with the toe of her boots. Jim’s knees gave way as he slid down to the floor. Danielle stood over Jim as tears welled in his eyes. His hands were bound, so he couldn’t even cover himself up.

“Ten more to go Jim… Did Danielle hurt you?” mocked Danielle. She picked him up and stood him against the wall. She stepped back and this time kicked him even harder. Jim doubled over in pain as Danielle slightly missed his balls with her kick.

“Don’t you know that hits get harder the higher the number gets silly?” laughed Danielle. “Come on you wimp, nine more to go.” She stood him up again and slid her body against his. She got real close to his face as her lips came extra close to his. She placed her arms around his waist and, just as she was going to kiss him, she pulled him forward and slammed her knee into his balls. Before Jim could react she had kneed him three more times before letting him drop helplessly to the floor.

“Men, such gullible losers,” sighed Danielle as Jim squirmed in pain on the floor. She rolled him on his back and placed his arms over his head. She straddled his body and placed her foot on his chest. She slowly placed her other foot on his chest and was now standing on him.

“If I fall, I’m gonna really hurt you,” warned Danielle. She walked to his stomach and then back to his chest. She placed one foot over his face and stepped down slightly. Danielle laughed as she finally stepped off of his body. She walked over to his legs and placed her foot on his crotch.

“This is so much fun,” said Danielle. “This is like the best birthday present ever!” She then raised her foot up and slammed the heel of her boot onto his balls. Before Jim could roll over in pain she jammed her heel twice more into his crotch. Tears streamed down Jim’s face as he struggled to hide the pain.

“Wow” said Danielle. “Not much whimpering from you. Most guys would have passed out by now from the pain.” Jim was in too much pain to open his mouth. She helped him to his feet and said, “I’m sorry… just two more hits and its over.” Jim bit his lip so he wouldn’t scream. Danielle softly caressed his cheek and ran her hands down his chest. She lightly grabbed his crotch and started to massage it. After a few seconds Jim started to get hard.

“At least they still work,” laughed Danielle. “Let me make sure they’re not too swollen.” Danielle bent down and undid his belt. She slowly dropped his pants to the floor. She pulled his boxers forward and saw his balls were swollen and bruised.

“Not too bad…” she said aloud, as if she was a concerned nurse. She fondled his balls slowly with her fingers and slowly stroked him to an erection. She started to kiss him on the cheek and then finally on the lips. Jim couldn’t believe what she was doing. After a few seconds she pulled back her hand and punched him hard in the balls. Danielle kept her lips pressed against his as she squeezed his balls roughly in her hands. Jim couldn’t breathe as his knees started to give way. Danielle released her lips and twisted his balls. The pain was unbearable as he was about to pass out. Danielle finally released his balls. Jim let out a scream but Danielle slapped him across the face and covered his mouth with her hand.

“Shh…” said Danielle. “If someone finds us, I’ll break your balls for good.” Jim nodded his head and took a deep breath. Danielle released her hand from his mouth.

“Now, time for your birthday present,” said Danielle. Jim had no strength to even question her. Danielle slowly dropped down to her knees and stroked his penis back to erection. She engulfed his penis with her lips and started to suck it gently. She lightly massaged his tender balls and within a few minutes, his body started to quiver in pleasure. She released her mouth and quickly laid Jim down on the floor. She stood above him and pushed his erection down to the floor with her boot. She pressed down firmly and pumped her foot up and down as Jim’ body quivered in ecstasy. Within seconds he was cumming explosively on the floor. After about ten seconds he finally had stopped. Danielle removed her foot as Jim lay helplessly on the ground. Danielle stepped back and kicked him hard in the balls causing Jim’ body to jolt in pain.

“25!” said Danielle as she watched Jim squirm in pain. She wiped her boot in his cum, walked over to Jim and smeared his cum over his face with her boot. After a few more seconds of cruel torture she helped him to his feet.

She grabbed him by the balls and said, “If you ever tell anyone about this, ever, I’ll break both of your balls… got it?” She gave his balls a convincing twist as Jim nodded his head in agreement. She finally released her handcuffs and Jim quickly grabbed his crotch and fell down to his knees in pain.

“Oh, and from now on, you will refer to me as Mistress Danielle,” laughed Danielle wickedly as she grabbed her bags and headed towards the door with Jim struggling to his feet behind her.

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