Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boy Trouble

by Wizard

* Here’s a fictional account based on a true event as told me by my stepdaughter…

Hey girls! Listen up! I want to tell you all what happened to me last week. It’s really great! You know how those boys at school really bother you? Always wanting to ‘play’. Except that their idea of ‘play’ is always so rough and crude and what they are really trying to do is get a good feel of your ass or breasts the little perverts!

Well I’ve found the perfect way to deal with these little worms. It’s so great I can’t wait for some boy to try something with me again – I’ll get him real good now I know how. Well, I guess I wouldn’t do it to Derek; he’s so cute. Wait a minute! What am I saying? I’d do it to Derek big time and wipe that smug cute grin right off his face! It would be really great to do Derek; he’s so cute he would never suspect a girl would hit him anywhere, let alone where I have in mind!

Anyway, let me tell you what happened. I was sitting outside on the bench trying to read and that white boy – what’s his name? Rob? Anyway, you know he thinks I’m the cutest black girl in the school. Well it’s true! Well being a stupid boy he couldn’t just talk to me normal-like but kept coming up behind the bench and poking me and pulling my hair. “Stop it,” I told him trying to keep on reading. I didn’t feel like being bothered.

Now I’m sitting there just pretending to read, my senses all alert to another approach from this punk. I knew he was right behind me and as he reached out with his hand, I spun round in the seat. Oops! As I turned, his hand brushed right across my breasts! I was wearing a slip, not a bra, so he got a real good feel of my soft breasts under my clothes. An electric tingle went through me and I could feel my face get all hot. I grabbed his arm – another mistake because I succeeded in pressing his hand right back into my breasts and I felt my nipples all hard and sensitive and tingling as his hand brushed over my breasts, his fingers dancing all over me as he couldn’t believe his luck and tried to take full advantage of it. His fingers closed on my nipple and in spite of myself, I felt turned on, but really embarrassed, you know?

I came out of the shock and jumped up to face him. I was furious. I just glared at him, my fists clenched and my nipples so hard they were clearly sticking out through my top. This Rob was in ecstasy! He had gotten a really good long feel of my breasts and had clearly felt my nipples get hard under his hand. You should have seen the smile on his face! He knew that was dangerous but he couldn’t help himself from smiling at me, still looking at my chest with its soft breasts and hard erect nipples. Oh God! Perhaps he thought I had I had grabbed his arm on purpose. I swear it was an accident. I just reacted in a split second, you know?

I was really mad at him and told him, “If you don’t stop bothering me I’ll kick your butt!” But instead of being threatened, Rob found this even funnier, no doubt thinking how he was going to get another good feel of me.

“Oh, I’m so frightened!” he taunted, not believing for a second that this small, slim, black girl could do anything of the sort to him. He saw how mad I was and in his happy state decided it would be great fun to tease me some more. So he turns his back to me, puts his hands on his cute little butt and says over his shoulder, “Here’s my butt, go ahead and kick it!” taking my threat quite literally.

“This is ridiculous,” I thought. I really wanted to get back at him, but a kick to his ass didn’t seem sufficient, padded as it was. “Just go away,” I said, but he wasn’t to be stopped now.

“Oh go on,” he pleaded. “I know you want to. Here, I’ll make it easier for you.” He was really getting into the teasing now and bent over to thrust his butt out toward me.

He hadn’t gone away and I was furious. Now his ridiculous taunting was attracting an audience. I was pissed. Then I remembered the advice given us girls by our gym teacher one day on how to deal with bothersome boys. You were supposed to hit or kick them in their private parts. I’d never tried it and now looked at Rob with new eyes. What a dummy! I imagined his private parts and realized he had foolishly positioned himself in the perfect position for a kick from behind, his body bent forward to position his balls right between his legs, his two legs getting closer and closer at the top, acting as perfect guides to home in on my intended target. His testicles. I remembered how the balls of our neighbor’s dog had looked, happily wobbling between his legs, exposed to the world.

The thought was really turning me on now and I could feel my panties getting damp. With my very best karate kick I swung my leg explosively up between Rob’s waiting legs from behind him. He had no idea what was coming! I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I had seen plenty of kung-fu movies where they kick real high in the air. So I aimed for a point way over his head and just went for it. My shin hit his testicles bang on target and my foot was in front of his balls making sure they couldn’t get away. I felt the bone of my leg crunch right into him and I remember thinking happily how lucky I was that nature had thoughtfully placed two little cushions just in the right spot so my shinbone would not smash into his pelvis. My leg felt as if it were driving right up through his body and his feet left the ground as I lifted him, the entire weight of his body resting on his balls smashed into my leg. It felt delicious!

As my leg came down, he collapsed groaning to the ground. I couldn’t believe it! One kick! I was the one smiling now! I went over to him and he was hunched on the ground holding onto his balls. He was crying! I was just amazed! It was SO easy!

My panties were now soaking wet! I think I felt better than I ever had in my life. Not only had I beaten this punk up thoroughly, with one easy little kick but also I now knew how to deal with ANY male. I felt so powerful! It was like I had just defeated the entire male side of the species and it felt really great! And what made it even funnier was that there was nothing they could do to you – I had no balls! Damn! I thought. I wish I had that on videotape. I would have sent it to “Funniest Home Videos” and while everyone was laughing at how easily I had defeated this punk I would be educating millions of schoolgirls in just how to deal with boys! Ha!

I was still flushed. Only one kick! Wow! How easy! I still couldn’t believe it was possible, but there was Rob still on the ground clutching his nuts. I felt really superior to this idiot boy now and laughed at him.

“I said I would kick your butt,” I told him, “only it just wasn’t your butt I kicked!”

Then I turned and walked away, my head held high, my nipples trying to burst through my top, my panties all soggy, with a huge smile on my face as I bounced along feeling just great, just perfect! The most powerful girl in the world! Look out boys! Mess with me and I’ll drop you groaning at my feet with one easy kick right in your nuts. Your balls. Your testicles. I loved the sound of it. “Testicles, testicles, testicles,” I muttered under my breath. How lucky I was to be a girl! Boys had the easiest target in the world to attack and I relived my special moment with Rob, kicking him from behind so he couldn’t see me coming, getting the shock of his life as I rammed my leg home into his waiting balls! Damn! Boys are so pathetically weak!

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Anonymous said...

I loved it! Shows boys that their balls are nothing!