Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brandon’s Life

by unknown

Part 1

Brandon had a good life. His father had passed away years ago, and his mother had a very good job, doing what, he had no idea. He had just turned 20 and he and his girlfriend had a very happy relationship. He was in college, studying art and music, aspiring one day to become a teacher. Life seemed to be good, nice house in a classy section of town, nice car, what more could he ask for. Brandon sat by the kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee, exhaling from a hard drag on his cigarette, and in walked his mother, Cynthia.

She was a beautiful lady, 38 years old, built very nicely, nice breasts, great shape, and beautiful long legs, shapely, firm sexy. She had frosted hair, styled up and wore a gray striped business suit with a short but tasteful skirt. Her hose was black, reinforced heel and toe, underneath, one could only assume, a black garter belt. She poured herself a cup of coffee and kissed Brandon’s forehead and said, “Good morning doll, how are you this morning?”

To which he replied, “ I am very well and very happy. This is my last day of the semester and I will start a part time job at the bookstore tomorrow, how about you Mom?” Cynthia smiled at him sweetly, shrugged her shoulders and mentioned something about same old, same old. She crossed her legs; the toe of her shoe was clearly visible between Brandon's knees. The heel of the black suede high heel dangled from her foot, revealing the reinforced heel of her stocking, and Brandon stared intently on it and got that old familiar feeling, a feeling he could never explain or understand himself, a sexually stimulating shockwave going through his body straight to his penis, from looking at his mother’s foot.

“Bye Mom, I have to run,” he said after throwing his book sack over his shoulder, and walking gingerly with the lump that formed in his crotch. Cynthia just said, “Kisses, doll,” and continued to read the paper and finish her black coffee.

Brandon pulled his new Jeep Cherokee up the driveway to his girlfriend’s front door, and beeped his horn twice. The door opened and out walked a young sprightly girl, 19, with brown hair, blue eyes and a knockout figure. She wore a tight sweater, short pleated skirt and knee sox, tan with a design and brown loafers. She opened the door, and plopped on the seat, kissing Brandon.

“Hi sweetie, how are you?”

“It is going to be a great day Mickey, great day…” He pulled away with a slight screech of the tires, and noticed Michelle had crossed her legs and began to dangle her loafer from her toes, while reading a textbook… He felt another strange twinge in his crotch.

It was now 10:30 and Brandon’s classes had finished for the day and the semester. He was going to wait for Michelle but felt tired and thought of just going home and taking a nap. Tomorrow would be a busy day and he and his girlfriend had a late movie and dinner planned. He pulled up the driveway to the house, and saw his mother’s Mercedes was gone. She obviously went to work and she left at different hours. He went in the front door and walked slowly up the stairs. He passed his mother’s bedroom and the door was ajar… she never did that. Her room was always forbidden to him and anyone else, but he was curious, and that thing that always bothered him… her feet… her shoes… well, what the hell, he thought. He walked in, looked around at the modern furnishings and saw the mirrored closet doors. He opened two of them and found a slanted shelf system with a hundred or so pairs of his mother’s shoes, all high heels, between 3-1/2” to almost 6” heels. What the fuck, he thought; she couldn’t even walk in those! He picked up a pair of black patent high heels, plain, pointy toe and 4” spike heel. He sat on his mothers’ bed, and sniffed the shoe. It smelled of leather, and slightly of his mother’s cologne. He put it to his lips, and kissed the toe, then the heel, then grabbed the sides and planted his face into the little size 6-1/2 shoe, licking the gold lining and getting a raging hard on in the process, passion had taken over.

He looked at the shoe shelf, and picked another shoe, this one a spike heel in black suede. He stuck his face into it. It was warm. He licked the silver lining of this shoe while pumping his naked and hard penis into the patent leather one. While all of this seemed so bizarre to him it felt so good, so natural, he was starting to cum, cum in his mother’s black patent leather high heel shoe. His milk shot into her shoe like a gusher when the door swung open and his mother walked in, her red high heels clacking on the floor. He looked around at her and saw fire in her eyes, his cock cumming faster and draining his milk into her shoe.

“What the fuck are you doing with my shoes you little cocksucker? What in the hell are doing in my room?” She grabbed him by the hair and looked like a beautiful demon, possessed with fire in her eyes and a look of horror at his dick in her shoe, cum all over it and the floor. She grabbed the shoes away from him and threw them into a corner, grabbed him by the shoulders, staring hotly into his eyes and cursed at him over and over.

Finally she clutched his arms and drove her knee sharply into his naked cock, which was still a bit stiff and again under it, into his balls. Her knees to his balls took the wind out of him and he fell to the floor, his cock and balls exposed now. She walked up to him. He noticed her black stockings but now she had on red high heels, 5” spike heels, which she drove into his nutsack over and over, kicking his balls and cock in a fit of kicks and cursing at him the whole time. He passed out and the pain felt like fire burning in his balls, but his cock remained hard. In his last moments of consciousness, he realized what it was that always went through his body; his mother’s feet were his biggest desire. Into the clouds his mind was soaring…

Part 2

Michelle’s face was sweet; her eyes gleamed as she smiled. “Well good morning Mister!” she said as Brandon came to, lying in his own bed. He looked around, wondering if he had some strange dream but his groin felt like a steamroller smashed his balls; it was no dream. Michelle had on an inordinate amount of makeup, red eye shadow, long lashes and her hair was up, just like his mother’s. He slowly sat up in the bed and noticed that Michelle, in addition to her makeup was wearing a leather bra with a leather skirt, black nylons like his mother’s and black patent leather spike heels. His balls ached too much to get aroused, but thought what the hell is going on around here?

Michelle looked at him, gave him a little hug and said, “I guess it is time for you to find out a few things Brandon and with your swollen balls, I believe you will be able to concentrate on what Mom and I have to tell you.” She then put her tongue in his mouth, kissed him deeply and slut-like and grabbed his cock and balls with an iron grip, sending him reeling, but not into unconsciousness.

He sat by the table; his mother and Michelle were sitting opposite him. Michelle had her legs crossed, and she was dangling her high-heel shoe from her toes and watching his reaction and the rising bulge in his pants, giggling.

“Brandon,” his mother spoke. “You have been a bad boy, I was hoping this would not happen, but you are your father’s son. You dad had a huge foot fetish and loved to have me make him cum with my feet and then kick him in his balls when he began to cum. A strange fetish and a deadly one. The last time I performed this on him… well, it was the last time he did anything. I kicked his balls so many times and so hard, he came heavy and hard but my last kick to his balls made his heart give out. I kneeled next to him and he had a smile on his face, and I am sure his hard dick had to be restrained. Your cock and balls belong to me, boy, and now that we both know it, your sister and I will show you what your new life will be like!”

“My sister? What the hell are you talking about?” he said quizzically.

Michelle pumped her heel back on her foot, and thrust both of her delectable feet into Brandon’s crotch, and while rubbing the heel into his hard penis said, “Big brother, didn’t you ever feel it, while we were French kissing, you always looked at my feet and didn’t you feel like this was strange? I am your little sister. Mom gave me up for adoption because her and dad couldn’t afford to take care of me and you but we have been together for so long now, what is the difference?” She jabbed her spiked heel into his swollen left nut. “And you are such a pervert, cumming in mom’s shoes, why not fuck me and let me make you cum with my feet? Right Mom?” Yes, and this was not the only bizarre news for Brandon, the best was yet to come, and understanding the strange feelings he had for his mother and Michelle and their feet would finally come to clarity.

“Brandon, my bad little boy, you are in for a surprise and I guess it is just as well that I had to come back from work to catch you at my shoes. Funny how you grabbed the pair I just took off. My car is in the shop; we will take yours. Ready Michelle?”

Cynthia drove the Jeep toward the business section of town and parked in a little parking lot next to a rather large building. The threesome walked into the building and the elevator and went up to the 10th floor. Michelle was standing in front of Brandon, and rubbed her fingers gently up and down his crotch, he resisted, not knowing what was on his girlfriend’s or sister’s mind… whatever she was. He was confused. They got out and into Suite1013 with a black cat logo and the words “Kitten Enterprises” emblazoned on the heavy oak door.

They walked into a plush office and the receptionist smiled and said “ Hi Cynthia, hello Mickey,” and just smiled at Brandon. They continued into the back where a large mirrored door led the way to a whole new way of life for Brandon.

He entered nervously, and saw red and blue and green tinted mirrors, moving lights and very many bizarre forms of furniture and leather couches, chains and leather pieces hanging from the walls, and the evil, sinister glares burning through the back of his head from Cynthia and Michelle, obviously the two dominatrix that owned this company.

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