Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Break In

By kazaam13

It was a hot July night. Jenna Robinson was in here basement working out with free weights and doing sit ups. Jenna was about 5’4”, a great set of abs, and a pair of breasts that would make any male stare and drool. She was doing hitting her punching bag, as her huge pair of knockers flung from side to side. She was completely oblivious to the fact that a prowler was outside her house. He was dressed in black, and was about 6’3”, well built. He had driven past her house many times; she was a CEO for a big company in the area. She had a mansion, and a pool, the kind of house that people dream about. Anyways, he finally pried the window opened and was walking thru the kitchen. He had a bag, and was collecting anything that looked valuable. Vases, a few watches etc., but most of her valuables were in the bank, to his disappointment.

Jenna was still working out, in her tight spandex that accentuated her small hips and her shapely legs and butt that any man could get hard to. She enjoyed being busty and having a great body; she loved the power it gave her. She was starting to get thirsty, and decided to walk up stairs and get a drink. She had always had a certain strut. She walked with her butt moving from side to side and her breasts almost heaving from side to side. She was all natural though, and wore a 44 FF. Most people figured she had implants.

When she reached the steps she saw him. He turned around and looked her up and down. Pleased at the site. He had always had a high sex drive, sometimes uncontrollable. He figured he could steal everything, and even rape her before he left.

Jenna had taken a self defense class, and had struck guys in the "family jewels" before. She knew a slight hit to his orbs would incapacitate him. And she loved doing it to assholes like himself.

She said, "Get out off my house before I turn your genitals into mince meat, you ugly bastard!"

He laughed smugly and said, "Oh you wouldn’t do that baby."

He walked towards her and reached out to grab her gigantic globes. She realized then it might be a good idea to seduce this male, because she knew how weak the male sex was when confronted with a pair of massive mammaries.

As he ogled over her breasts she reached down and started caressing his dick. He thought to himself that he probably wouldn't even have to rape her, she seemed pretty willing.

His dick was getting so hard in her hands that she thought he was going to cum! She loved having that power over men; she especially loved leading men on.

She knew this was getting risky, so she thought fast. She punched him in the forehead and, with her right hand, squeezed his testicles as hard as she could.

He was not ready for this and made a loud high pitched scream. He then somehow squirmed out of her hold. He said, "Okay bitch, you asked for it now."

He brought his fist back and swung a haymaker, only he missed and hit the marble wall behind him, and broke his hand! As he screamed in pain she ducked down and looked up. He looked down at her and could see her massive cleavage thru her sports bra. He was mad he wasn’t getting any off her. Quickly, she uppercut his nuts as hard as she could. And when he went down to cover his orbs she uppercut him in the face.

When he went to block his face, she looked at him, smiled, blew a kiss and then slammed her shapely leg up into his testicles. She could feel his delicate orbs being impacted by her strong leg. He was in so much pain he fell on the ground, almost unconscious. She then got a vase and slammed it on his head, shattering it.

She stood over him, legs spread, breasts pushed out, taunting him as he looked up at her right before his lights went out. She then thought to herself that this man didn’t deserve to be able to fuck another woman again. EVER AGAIN.

She then took his pants off and he was wearing tightie whities which offered no protection at all, just held his balls perfectly in position. She reached down and grabbed his testicles, squeezing them with both hands as hard as she could. They were beginning to swell. Her hands were getting tired so she walked into the kitchen, got a pair of NUTCRACKERS and came back into the room where the *alpha male* was lying, spread eagle.

She got the nut cracker and squeezed each testicle until it exploded.

She then went and called 911 and told them to bring some guys over. She realized she was pretty sweaty and didn’t want the officers to see her in her outfit. She wanted them to take him to jail, not spend the night staring at her 44 FF breasts all night.

While she was getting changed, she came back down, in her bra and panties. To her surprise the guy was standing up and trying to leave.

In a cute voice she said, "Wait a minute mister."

He turned around and said, "Please… no…" at the same time staring at her sexy bod. She ran at him and kicked her leg out as hard as she could into his already crushed nuts. He was so weakened from his vasectomy earlier he offered no fight and just fell down. His muscular body offered no protection to his testicles.

By then the cops were there, put him in the cruiser and congratulated her on a job well done. One female officer said, "Nice job with the vasectomy and all. We wouldn’t have been able to do it under law.” The officer then smiled and left.

The burglar got five years in jail for burglary and attempted rape. She even came to the trial and smiled and waved to him while he was being taken away by the guards. She even wore a short skirt and cleavage-bearing dress for him, just to taunt his already ruined manhood.

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