Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Britney Spears – Pop Tart, Ball-Buster

By dbud

Meet the Boss

David had been waiting in the lobby of the hotel for about fifteen minutes when a woman approached him. Extending her hand, “You must be David, nice to meet you. I’m Kathy Rollins, Ms. Spears’ assistant. I’ve heard you have a lot of talent.”

“Thanks,” he replied, taking her hand. Kathy was in her 40’s and quite attractive, slim and tall, with nice sized breasts. She wore a relatively short skirt and thin blouse open to about the third button from the top. Her long legs ended in strapless, high heels accentuating her curves. David had just arrived in town that afternoon and was surprised when they told him to come by the hotel that night around 9 PM. He had just assumed that they would all meet the next day, but she was the boss, who was he to argue.

Kathy started walking to the elevator and David followed close behind. While waiting for the doors to open, she made small talk with him; perhaps she could tell he was nervous. “How was your trip?” she asked. “Fine,” he responded, “Small delay in Chicago, but fine.”

“Good, good, glad to hear it.” They continued to make small talk while they got on the elevator and as it started up to the penthouse. Kathy produced an ID card and held it in front of a small screen in the keypad to allow them to go all the way to the top floor.

About half way up, Kathy started telling him about what was going to happen once they arrived. “When we get to the penthouse, I’ll lead you to Ms. Spears' room; she wants to talk to you herself.” David was noticeably nervous when he heard that. “Oh, don’t worry, you have the job, but she likes to talk to all her dancers personally and get to know them. Obviously, there needs to be a strong connection on stage with her dancers to put on a good show.” David nodded in agreement.

This was his big break as far as David was concerned. He had dreamed of being a professional dancer and had trained and practiced hard. When he had heard about the open call about a 3-hour drive away, he jumped at the chance. When he didn’t hear anything for several weeks, he assumed he had blown it. Then one Tuesday afternoon he got a call that they wanted to see him. That was yesterday. Soon he was on a plane to NY and now was riding to the penthouse to meet his idol. He wanted this job so bad and was afraid of doing anything to blow it.

As the elevator doors opened and they got off on the 68th floor, Kathy stopped to tell him, “One last thing, I just don’t want you to think it is a big deal, but in addition to meeting you, Ms. Spears is also going to be letting several dancers go. That’s why you’ve been hired. She believes in doing things like this face to face, she’s very…hands on.” Was it David’s imagination or had Kathy put a strange emphasis on the ‘hand’s on’ part of that sentence. He let it slip from his mind as he followed her down the hall, through two double doors and into a large suite.

David was in awe of the luxury of the room. A chandelier hung in the center; a grand piano was on an elevated landing near the wall of windows looking over Central Park. The furniture was all overstuffed, inviting and expensive. Of all the things he had seen in the past two days since he got the call to leave Kansas; from the limo ride to the airport, to the private jet, to his own hotel suite, this was the most opulent.

Seeing his reaction, Kathy explained, “The entire top two floors make up the penthouse for Ms. Spears, she also rents out the five floors below for her staff and dancers. This is the living room. Ms. Spears doesn’t spend much time here, she prefers more privacy.” Motioning for him to follow, she continued through another doorway, up a circular flight of stair and down a short hallway.

Approaching two double doors at the end, she lightly knocked on them. Waiting a few seconds, she then turned the knob and stuck her head inside before opening it the rest of the way.

As she took a step in, David heard “Kaaaaathy,” in a high-pitched girly voice. David still standing in the doorway, couldn’t see far into the room. A small figure stepped from the darkness and embraced Kathy warmly. David’s heart began to race as he realized who it was. Letting go of Kathy and stepping to the side, she asked, “Is this him?”

“Of course,” Kathy replied. Britney walked forward quickly and hugged David. Taken by surprise, he wasn’t sure if he should hug her back, he was uncomfortable about touching her; afraid he would offend her in some way and lose the best job of his life. Kathy smiled at his unease as Britney hugged him harder. He finally put his hands gingerly on her back and hugged her in return.

“That’s better,” Britney said in a deep southern drawl, referring to his embracing her. As she stepped back and began talking to Kathy about her trip to New York, David, for the first time, got a good look at the petite singer. He was shocked by what he saw, as she was barely wearing any clothing at all. Embarrassed, he wondered if he had caught her in the middle of dressing and almost turned to leave. The two women’s easiness about her clothing, or lack thereof, convinced him that they were okay with him being there, so he remained. As he looked her up and down longingly (he couldn’t help himself), he realized she wasn’t wearing underwear as he first thought, but was actually wearing a complete outfit, just a small one.

She was standing facing Kathy and had her side to David but was also facing him slightly. Her outfit was made of vinyl or leather. It was shiny and slick in appearance and seemed to glisten in the light of the hallway. Her entire outfit was a bright pink and the contrast between it and her tanned, flawless skin was striking.

Her top was a small halter that went over her shoulders, under her arms and zipped in the front between her breasts. It was sleeveless and had a small collar, which stuck up about a half inch and circled her neck. In the front, it fastened with a zipper that was only about an inch long. Even if it had been completely zipped up, the top still would have been extremely low cut. To make matters worse, Britney had the zipper down about halfway. This made the halter look as if would burst at any moment, causing her beautiful C-cup breasts to explode out of it. Even with it zipped, her cleavage was a sight to behold, full and supple, spilling out over the top. In the back, it was even more revealing as it was simply made up of several thin criss-crossing straps of material that allowed her skin to show through.

Her bottoms were just as tight and small as the upper portion. She wore a tiny pair of shorts, made of the same vinyl material as her top. Like all of her pants, they were extremely low cut. They didn’t even come up to her hipbones. There was at least six inches of bare skin between her pierced belly button and the top of her short shorts. On a girl as tiny as she, six inches was a lot of space. It was obvious to David that she had to wax her pubic hair or he would be seeing some of it now.

The pants wrapped her crotch so tightly that David could make out the two halves of her cunt. Each leg of the bottoms, extended down only about an inch onto her thighs. The back of her shorts was practically a thong. They covered only the top third of her buttocks before the material curled into the tight space between her cheeks and continued to the crotch.

Below this point, her strong, tan legs were bare until just below the knees, where the boots started. Both appeared made of the same material as the rest of her outfit. The boots covered her entire shin and were fastened by laces that started on top of the foot and went all the way up to the knee, where they were tied in large looping bows. They did not have a spike heel, but rather, the soles were thick and heavy, at least and inch and a half thick. Like the rest of her outfit, the boots and even the heels were bright pink. They appeared to be a cross between an Army boot and something out of Victoria’s Secret.

Finally, to top off the ensemble, Britney wore a lace pink choker around her throat and small, round decorative eyeglasses that matched the rest of her outfit. On her hands, she wore a pair of pink fingerless gloves, like what weight lifters wear. Her hair was long, straight and bright blonde. In the back, her hair came down to below her shoulder blades, while on the sides it curled in slightly towards her face. She was constantly using her small fingers to brush it back. Her skin was deeply tanned and glitter had been sprinkled over her, catching the light. David inhaled deeply as her scent found its way to him. She was perfumed and smelled of roses, not too heavy, just enough to be pleasant.

The entire effect of her outfit was incredibly sexy. David estimated that less than twenty percent of her skin was covered. Standing there waiting for the two women to finish talking, David noticed how small Britney was. He always knew she was petite, but standing only a few feet away from her, he realized just how petite. She stood only 5’4” and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs.

David never considered himself a really big guy, especially considering that dancers tend to be smaller in build, but compared to her, he felt huge. He stood right at six feet tall and weighed about 170 pounds. Even with the nearly two inch heels on her boots, he towered over her.

He continued to take in her tight, lean body. He was surprised at how muscled she looked. Certainly not manly in any way, but it was obvious she was a workout fanatic and the years of dance training had turned her tiny body into a strong, compact package of female beauty.

Her leg muscles were distinct and shapely, leading up to her rear, two perfectly shaped ovals of tight flesh, showing absolutely no signs of cellulite. Her stomach was as flat as it could be, with sharply defined stomach muscles. Her arms were just the kind David liked on a woman, muscled but lean. He could tell that if she contracted her bicep, it would bulge into a small, hard, beautiful, round ball.

Finally, David’s eyes stopped on her magnificent breasts. He had seen pictures where they appeared smaller, perhaps a B-cup and had heard all the rumors about implants. But from five feet away, he could tell that they were full and heavy, at least a C-cup and were nothing but woman.

Staring at her, he felt his cock begin to harden and shift position in his pants. Embarrassed, he hoped the women couldn’t see and tried in vain to think of other things.

Britney and Kathy turned to address David, “C’mon in,” the younger woman said invitingly. The room they entered was dimly lit and David’s eyes had to adjust. There were only a few lamps lit in the corners. Candles, as well as a roaring fire in the fireplace against a far wall, produced most of the light in the room. It was possible to see, but not easily and David had trouble making out many details in the back of the room.

The room he entered was basically a large bedroom, but to describe it as such was an understatement. He could tell that it was a huge room, he estimated 100 feet long, 75 feet wide, with a ceiling that at least 25 feet over his head. Just past the middle of the room, towards the far end, was an oversized king bed, overflowing with pillows and stuffed animals. In addition to the sleeping area, there was a large desk, a long table and chairs and a comfortable sitting area. This is where Britney was headed while Kathy walked over to the desk and began going through some papers. Like the entire suite he had seen, it was luxurious and opulent.

Britney moved to a large, over-stuffed sofa and motioned for David to join her, which he did. He sat down just right of the center to wait for his young hostess, who was pouring some champagne into two tall flute glasses. She handed one to him and sat down a few feet away from him on the sofa.

As she did, he couldn’t help but stare at her body. The dim light cast shadows over her, showing off her curves and incredible figure even more. As she sat down, she crossed one leg over the other in a high arching motion. This movement allowed David a good look between her legs. Covered slightly by her tiny pants, he was still allowed a full view of the soft folds of her pussy.

David wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not, but the effect was to further harden his quickly swelling cock. Sitting as close as he was to her, he was sure if the erection continued unabated; she couldn’t help but notice it. To combat this effect, he tried to look away from her body and directly into her eyes.

Unfortunately, staring into her beautiful face, large round eyes and alluring mouth had the same effect on him as the rest of her. She had a habit of brushing her hair from her face which he found enticing and every so often her tiny tongue would dart out of her mouth and trace along her lips. This was more than he could stand. In addition, he couldn’t help himself but to keep glancing down every 10 seconds or so to her breasts and his eyes would linger there until he forced himself to look away.

If she noticed all this, she gave no indication and he prayed that she was simply unaware. He somehow carried on a conversation, mostly one-sided, but a conversation nonetheless.

B: “Where are you from?”

D: “Kansas.”

B: “Oh, a milk-feed farm boy, huh.”

B: “How old are you?”

D: “20.”

B: “And your family?”

B: “Still there?”

D: “Yes.”

B: “What got you into dancing?”

B: “Ever been on tour?”

B: “Think you’ll miss your family much?”

B: “I love that shirt, where’d you get it?”

B: “Want more champagne?”

B: “I love champagne.”

B: “Like my suite?”

B: “It costs 3 grand a night.”

These were just a brief collection of the questions fired at him with alarming speed. He probably couldn’t even remember half of them or what his responses were, as he was so engrossed in her cleavage, legs and lips.

Rules of the Game

As the conversation continued, his eyes began to adjust to the dim light and more of the room came into focus. Catching some movement out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced over to see what it was.

That is when he saw the most disturbing thing of his young life. Standing at the foot of the enormous king-sized bed were five young men who David recognized as members of Britney’s dance troop. He could only assume that he had not noticed them until now because of a combination of the dim lights and his inability to focus on anything else except the pop tart’s ass and tits.

He could immediately tell something was wrong with what he saw, but could not immediately discern what. As Britney continued to yammer on about her family, Louisiana, Justin, how hard it was to remember all the words of her songs and various other asinine subjects, David tried to shoot glances their way as he pretended to listen to the girl sitting on the sofa with him.

As he took quick glances over his shoulder, he slowly pieced together the situation these young men found themselves. First off, each was almost totally nude; wearing only what appeared to be small trunks similar to a Speedo bathing suit. These suits were made of the same vinyl material as Britney’s outfit, quite heavy and thick.

In addition, it appeared that there was a hole cut in the front of each man’s briefs and his genitals had been pulled through the opening. All five men had raging erections. Their cocks were swollen, engorged and pointing upward to the ceiling.

It appeared that the opening in each man’s pants was about half the size it should have been. The effect of this was to constrict the base of his scrotum and penis tightly. David wasn’t sure what this was for, but it looked quite uncomfortable. Other than these trunks, they were all completely naked and David could make out their heavily muscled and lean forms in the firelight.

As each moved slightly, he could tell that their arms were twisted into un-natural positions. After a few glances, he saw what the problem was. Each of them had their hands cuffed or tied behind their back. From the angle their arms were pulled back, he suspected that there was very little room between their wrists. On men as well muscled as these, it looked as if their arms had a hard time bending back this far. What’s more, their feet were shackled as well.

All five of them had leather cuffs around their ankles that were connected by a length of chain that appeared about three feet long. This allowed them to move their legs a good amount, but each one was standing with his legs spread in an un-naturally wide position. Another chain was attached to the lower one in the center and ran upward towards his wrists. This length was pulled taunt, arching their bodies backwards, preventing them from leaning forward very far.

Finally, each young man was gagged. Most had large red balls stuffed in their mouths held in place with buckled, leather straps. The remaining two had a cloth of some sort, perhaps a sock or towel, in their mouth. It was held in place with a cord tied behind their head. All five men were staring straight ahead at David and Britney sitting on the sofa.

As he was taking all this in, Britney suddenly burst out laughing at something David had said, but he was so engrossed in the spectacle of restrained manhood across the room, he couldn’t even remember what it was.

She apparently noticed his furtive glances at the men and said, “Oh, don’t worry about them. They’re just some of my dancers, who haven’t been rehearsing very hard.” As she spoke the last sentence, she raised her voice so that the bound men were sure to hear.

“But, I want to find out more about you, tell me about the farm you grew up on,” she inquired. As she did so, she leaned her head on her arm against the back of the sofa and cocked her head coyly to one side, opening her eyes wide with anticipation of stories of his home. It was a very surreal situation David found himself in. On one hand, there was this Goth bondage scene and, on the other, here he was sitting on a couch with one of the most famous women in the world and she was hanging on his every word.

“Um, I, ahh, it was nice, uh,” he stammered out unable to take his focus off the bound men. “Oh, alright, I can see you’re bothered by them. I suppose we can get started with them and I’ll get to know you more later,” Britney told him as she hopped up off the sofa. She took him by the arm, helping him up as well.

Setting their champagne glasses down, she led him across the room towards the bed. As they crossed the room, David glanced back to the door to the hall, thinking perhaps he should run for it. Unfortunately, he saw that an extremely large man, standing at least 6’5” and weighing a conservative 300 pounds, was standing in front of it, blocking the exit. He knew he would never make it and decided to play along to see where this all was going.

Britney motioned for him to sit on another couch in the center of the room, about 25 feet from the men being held. This allowed him a much better view of the scene being played out. For the first time David also noticed that there were other figures in the room as well, behind the bound men. Lying on the bed were two girls who David recognized them as two of Britney’s female dancers. They were lying on their stomachs, with their hands holding up their chins, with their knees bent and feet pointed at the ceiling. These girls were not bound in any way; they were completely free to move about. Apparently, only males got such treatment. They looked bored but as Britney approached; their interest seemed to pick up as if they knew something was going to happen soon. In addition to these two young women, another girl, also a dancer of hers, sat in a chair a few feet behind the men and to the right with her legs swung over the arm.

Britney was in the process of walking between each of the young men, rubbing her hands across their chests, faces, groins. She was pinching and slapping them playfully. As she did so, she began to speak…

“You see David, I run a very tight ship here. I depend on my dancers. If they don’t train hard and perform well, it makes me look bad and I can NEVER look bad.” She emphasized the word ‘never.’

She glanced at David to make sure he was paying attention and continued, “These five have been shirking their duties for a while now, going out parting, being late for rehearsals and abusing my kind nature. I hate that. They thought they could take advantage of me. They were wrong. I put up with it as long as I could, but eventually I had to put my foot down.” She had an exasperated tone in her voice as she spoke.

At this point, she began moving from man to man, removing the gag from their mouths one at a time. After she took the first out, she grabbed his face and told him, “Keep your mouth shut, if you know what’s good you!” Her smiling, sweet face suddenly turned into a snarl as she spoke those words. David was taken aback by it, but kept thinking that no matter how weird this was, it was just to scare them, or him and, boy, was he scared.

The five young men were standing in a half circle and Britney walked between them. As she walked from man to man, she introduced each of them and David was able to get a better look. “This is Darius,” she said as she removed a ball gag from a tall, well-built black man with exceptionally dark skin (he was so dark in complexion that he had an almost purplish hue to him) and who was also completely bald. “This is Tex; at least that’s what we call him. He’s from Texas.” Britney explained, as if David needed that. The more she spoke the more he realized just how dumb this girl really was. Tex was the largest, standing well over six feet, was heavily muscled and had a light tan and thick brown hair. It was quite strange to see this powerfully built man being controlled by a tiny little thing like Britney.

“Derek,” she stated matter-of-factly to David as placed her hand on the chest of a man who appeared to be African-American, but who had very light skin and wore a goatee. She removed a sock from his mouth.

David noticed that not one of them made any attempt to talk. They each appeared quite nervous though and none of them took his eyes off the petite star. “Carlos here is from Puerto Rico.” She drew out the last two words and attempted to say it with a Spanish accent, which she and the other girls found very funny as they all started giggling when she did it. “And finally, we have Ricky.” With that, Britney motioned to a lean and well-muscled surfer boy type with a thick mop of long blonde hair standing on the end.

“You also may have noticed that I likes ‘em big,” she slapped and stroked Ricky’s cock as she said this. David had, in fact, noticed that, in addition to the raging hard-ons, all of the men had extremely large cocks. The smallest was still well over 7 inches. They also were above average in the girth department as well. The largest organ was easily Darius’ (not to be stereotypical) at almost 11 inches long. It curved up and out away from his body. His balls were equally large and full, as were all the men’s.

“I only use dancers who meet my…high standards in every way. I’ve also heard good things about you as well David.”

‘How did she know that?’ David wondered. He had always considered himself well hung; now he wasn’t sure it was a good thing. Britney picked up a glass of champagne and approached him. Holding it out to him, he took it.

She then held her other had out as well, concealing something in it. He put his left palm under it and she dropped two small blue pills into his grasp. “Bottom’s up,” she said. He hesitated and she followed up with a stern, “Swallow! Now!”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a little…pick me up.” She smiled wide as she said this. He popped each pill into his mouth and washed it down with a swig of champagne. “They all have taken them,” gesturing back at her boys.

“It’s a special blend that I had developed.” David could tell it was a potent pill. The second the first hit his tongue; he felt his organ begin to grow. Within sixty seconds of swallowing them, he had a full-fledged hard-on. He suddenly regretted wearing jeans, as the denim wasn’t giving an inch. He had to be careful how he sat or his cock got twisted and he flinched in pain, which happened at least every few minutes. Britney stood in front of him, watching the spectacle of the bulge in David’s pants until she was satisfied that the drug had taken full effect on his cock.

Smiling contently, she continued, “We’re going to play a game,” she explained while leaning against Carlos with her arm on his shoulder. “You see, I like to thin out the ranks of my dancers every few months, the boy ones anyway. Keeps ‘em on their toes,” she said smiling at the men bound before her. “Otherwise, they get lazy. That’s why you were hired.” Nodding towards David. “…As a replacement for one of these guys.”

The five young men, who all appeared to be in their late teens through early twenties, had their heads hung low. Britney continued, more for her own amusement than anything else, but David wanted to know what was going to happen as well, so he paid very close attention.

“This game is called…” Britney paused for effect, “Who can stay on their feet the longest while I smash their BALLS.” Britney had a pleased look on her face as she said the title of the game and put emphasis on the word ‘balls.’ David couldn’t believe what he had just heard. It must be a joke. He looked around the room at the other people to see their reactions. The large bodyguard had not moved a muscle. The girls had sat up on the bed and had their full attention focused on what was going on in front of them. ‘Am I the only one shocked by this?’ he thought to himself.

“The rules are simple.”

‘And so are you, you moron!’ David thought.

“I get to do anything I want to each of these guys. Any of them who fall to the ground or pass out, lose the game. Losing this game is very bad. The loser…well, he loses more than the game.”

With that, she removed a cloth that was lying on top of a small table at her side to reveal the items that had been covered. All the men’s, including David’s, eyes went wide at what they saw. David couldn’t tell all the items on it, because of his angle. He could see several knives with blades of various lengths, several heavy leather straps and belts, one with metal studs lining it and another with holes and several other items that David actually wasn’t sure what they did. Derek’s eyes began to fill with tears as he looked at the utensils.

Britney scooped up one of the knives. It appeared to be high quality with a dark wood handle. The blade was about 8 inches long and double sided. She poked the tip into her finger and mockingly pulled it back, miming that it had hurt, her lips puckered into an O shape as if she were making an ‘Ohhhhhh’ sound. All of her movements were exaggerated and larger than they needed to be. She was obviously performing for her captive audience and enjoying herself.

Walking up to Derek, attracted by his tears, Britney placed the blade between his balls and the base of his cock. The boy held his breath and made a whimpering noise. She appeared to be thinking about what to do next, pulling the knife away, she said, “Not yet, but soon.” She blew him a kiss and slapped his cock, hard, he flinched and she laughed.

Turning away from him, she started to walk away. Quickly, taking them all by surprise she wheeled and kicked her shin up and into his balls. Derek screamed in pain. David jumped back, startled, ‘My God, can this really be happening?’ he thought to himself not daring to speak. He had been hoping it was a sick joke until that moment. No joke went this far.

Round One

Ignoring the huffing form she had just kicked in the nuts, she set the knife back down. Turning to face her soon-to-be victims. “Let’s get started. Remember, you fall, you lose…Game on.” She clapped her hands sharply. Walking back and forth in front of them, she seemed to be trying to make up her mind where to begin.

She took two large steps and closed the distance to Ricky. Swinging her leg back as far as she could, she brought it up in a fast arc into his groin. Ricky had no choice but to watch the heavy boot streak towards his sensitive parts. As it connected, his face contorted into a painful expression, his eyes filled with tears and a guttural wail came from deep within him. Obviously, he was in tremendous pain. She kicked him again, just as hard as the first. This time the moan was much higher in tone. By the time the third boot smashed into his nuts, the moan had been replaced by a scream and the tone had become extremely high pitched. All four of the other men were staring in terror at the wicked dance they were watching between the man and his female partner.

His legs began to shake and quiver and his knees started to bend, lowering his torso to the ground. Britney quickly grabbed the knife off the table and knelt down in front of him with anticipation. Seeing this, he seemed to grasp the consequences if he fell. He steadied himself, standing back up. Dejected, she stood up and replaced the knife.

“Thought I had an early loser,” she said to David, who realized the serious stakes of this game.

“Moving on,” she announced. As she did, her back was facing the enormous cock of Darius. She leaned forward a bit and sharply brought her heel up into his crotch behind her back while looking over her shoulder at him. “Fuck!” he blurted out as she struck home. Turning with a huge smile on her face, she drove a knee, not just into his balls, but also through them. She appeared to be trying to knee his kidney’s, but by way out his groin. “Oh! God!” he yelled as the pain from his racked nuts surged through his body.

“God can’t help you now, bitch!” she said with obvious malice to the young man. As his eyes and hers met, she could see the pain he was in and it made her smile.

Spinning quickly, she drove the top of her foot into Carlos’ balls. A loud ‘Thump!’ sound could be heard. ‘Thump! Thump!’ Two more boots slammed into the man’s crotch. A shrill scream pierced the room. By far the most disturbing wails of the night so far came from the young Latin dancer’s lungs.

Britney really seemed to be getting into a rhythm now. She was showing absolutely no mercy on the trussed and helpless men. David also realized that because of the way they were bound, she was simultaneously adding insult to injury. Between their ankles was a length of chain, not a bar or other stiff object. This meant that the men could, if they chose to, close their legs to shield their precious, dangling cargo. Instead, each of them stood with their legs open as if waiting to be struck. This could only be because they were more afraid of what they knew would happen if they covered up than what might happen if they didn’t. But still, this meant that they had to offer their balls to the sadistic little diva for her to torture.

Tex was next. She dropped to her knees in front of him as if she was going to give him a blowjob. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, she drove her clinched fist up into his nut-sack. While the punch wasn’t as strong as the kick, the big Texan also couldn’t see what she was doing, so the uppercut took him completely by surprise. “Unnnggg!” he grunted as her tiny fist slammed into his scrotum. His body jerked forward but was held in an upright position by the chain that ran from his wrists down to between his feet. David understood the reason for this restraint now; it kept her victim from bending at the waist and trying to cover up.

Quickly grabbing the man’s hanging sack, she began squeezing and yanking on it. She held his family jewels near her body. This allowed her to yank straight down using the weight of her body as well as the strength of her arms. Her tiny bicep tightened and bulged as she applied all the pressure she could. David was looking at those arms that he had found so sexy a few minutes ago in a completely new way.

Tex’s face was contorted into a demonstration of the agony he was in. His mouth appeared to be twisted into an attempt to scream but no sound came out; the pain was too great. He couldn’t muster the breath to cry out. But he could cry. Tears were flooding down his face.

Ten seconds passed, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty. It had been nearly a full minute that she had been working his tender bits within both her hands. Still unable to scream, he had found some of his voice around the thirty-second mark. A shallow, “Please stop,” was all that came out. Again, “Please stop.” Again and again, the tortured dancer repeated his plea for mercy but there was none to be found in the small starlet who was currently attached to his testicles.

“I never really liked you Tex. Britney was talking to him as she wrenched. “Always wearing that stupid hat and talking about how ‘things are bigger in Texas.’ What an asshole you are. I want to castrate you first Tex. Like a bull. Do they castrate bulls in Texas, Tex?” She got no response to her question and continued.

“But rules are rules. I made them. I've got to play by them. No cutting you until I drop you. You might as well give up now. I’m going to work you until your legs can’t support your own weight. I’ll get what I want eventually, why not save yourself some agony?” David believed every word she said.

After about another thirty seconds, she relaxed her grip on his manhood and slid herself over a foot or so to the right, towards Derek. Still holding onto Tex’s package, she reached her other small hand upwards and took hold of Derek’s testicles as well. With a set of balls in each hand, she looked up into the grimacing faces of the men attached to those balls. Giving Derek a wink and a smile, she began squeezing and wrenching the two sets of nuts.

“Who’s a slave for me?” she asked coyly. Derek immediately responded, “Me. I am. I’m your slave.”

Tex, who had suffered the most, didn’t appear to hear the question. His ignoring her incensed Britney, she let go of Derek’s balls and started punching Tex in the nuts over and over.

She was becoming more and more enraged as she continued her assault. “I’m sorry. I’m your slave too. I swear.” he squealed. Tex was panicking as the speed and power of her punches increased. His legs were quivering as she continued pounding him. The pain was exploding through him. His testicles felt like they were the size of basketballs. Tex was screaming now, with every punch another wave of sound came from his lungs telling everyone in the room just how horrible was the pain that he was in.

David looked past the scene of torment to the three female dancers watching the action. All were smiling and enjoying the men’s pain. Every now and then, they would shout out encouragement to their boss and even make suggestions about what to do next. The girl sitting in the armchair had one of her hands under her skirt and inside her panties. She was obviously massaging her pussy and on the verge of orgasm.

‘All these women were sick.’ David thought to himself. ‘They were crazy. And most of all, they were delighting these men’s suffering. These men, who used to be their friends, what would they do to him, a total stranger, if given the chance?’ He didn’t want to think about that.

Britney stood up, letting go of Tex’s sack. Looking into his face, she studied it for several long seconds. He was sobbing uncontrollably. Britney put her face as close to his as she could and licked his tears from his cheek. “Tasty. I want more. But that will come in a little bit.”

She wheeled and kneed Derek in his nuts. Once. Twice. Three times, she drove her knee into his balls. Once. Twice. Three times a scream poured from his lips. Turning again, with a wild look on her face, she lashed out at Darius again, striking him several times with the heavy sole of her boot in his groin. He sank slightly with each blow and let out a squeal in time with her kicks.

“OH YEAH! ARE WE HAVING FUN OR WHAT?” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she started throwing punches into Ricky’s scrotum with both hands. Rights and lefts pounded into the swollen walnut sized orbs hanging below him. She was swinging wildly from both sides treating his balls as her personal punching bag. They were swinging back and forth in time with each strike.

Getting a sudden inspiration, Britney brought both her fists together at the same time. Both punches connected with his scrotum at almost the same moment on either side. His right ball managed to slip out, but the left was not so lucky and took nearly the full force of the combined blows, nearly popping it. The loudest scream she had heard yet, told Britney that she had landed precisely where she wanted.

The tiny young woman was in a frenzy of excitement and adrenaline. She had been exerting herself for over ten minutes continuously. She should have been feeling the effects and starting to tire. Instead, she felt great. With every punch she landed, she wanted more; with every kick, she felt stronger.

Britney couldn’t control herself any longer. She was high and drunk on the men’s pain. Her body was tingling with the energy she was sucking out of them. She was on the verge of an orgasm and she hadn’t even touched herself down there yet. It was an incredible rush. To be able to do anything she wanted to these big, strong, strapping men. Seeing them helpless before her. No consequences. Only fear, pain and pleasure.

“This is why I wanted to be famous,” she screamed out, “so I could get away with this kind of stuff!”

David watched, as she became a whirlwind of ball-busting fury. Kicking and kneeing and punching and grabbing and squeezing and tearing and screaming, she tore into the men with all the rage and ferocity she could muster.

First Carlos, Bam!

Then Darius, Wham! Pow!

Then Ricky, Slam!

Then Carlos again, “She’s crushing my b-b-balls!”

Then Derek, Crunch! “God have mercy!”

Then Tex, Wham! Wham! Wham! “Give me those nuts, mother fucker!”

“No, please!”

Back to Carlos for a third time, “No, not the belt, not on my nuts!”

“How can you do this?”

“Please, someone help me!”

And so on and so on and so on and so on…

Minutes passed and the assault on the dancer’s manhood continued. Her facade of sweetness also dissipated as well. She was cursing and threatening them continuously while punishing them. Even though her rage was evident, she seemed to always have the sweetest little smile on her face, even during the most vicious actions she could take. Of everything he was witnessing, that smile was what David found the most disturbing.

The torture wasn’t just directed at their testicles either. At one point, Britney picked up one of the heavy leather straps she had specially made for this activity. It was about two inches wide and a quarter inch thick, with a handle so she could get a good grip and really swing it. It had large, three-quarter inch diameter holes running up the center of it.

Swinging it full force, she brought it down on the enormous shaft of Ricky’s cock. Welts immediately swelled on the flesh where the belt had struck. It stung fiercely, ‘but at least it wasn’t his balls’, he thought to himself. Then it was his balls. The stinging was an entirely different pain than the crunching and aching of the kicks and punches. He was almost thankful for the new torture. That is, until she landed the tenth such slapping blow to the tender underside of his cock.

Britney was a machine. She was attacking them mercilessly. Pounding multiple young men at once. Swinging the belt at one man’s cock, kicking at a second one’s balls, while grabbing and twisting a third pair, all at the same time. It was wild and ferocious and seemed to be random. She would move from crotch to crotch kicking each one in turn. One here, then two there, then one here, then five there, no pattern at all. Other times it appeared methodical as she would concentrate on one boy for minutes at a time and ignore the others.

Every time David thought she couldn’t increase the pain or the intensity, she did. Every time he thought there was no way that a boy could take more punishment, he did. Every time he thought that last kick has to drop one of them, it didn’t.

That’s when David thought he saw a method to her madness. She kept saying her intent was to drop them to her knees so she could castrate them. In actuality, she was dividing her attention in such a way as to make sure that they didn’t fall. She would bring one victim to the brink of passing out and then switch to another, allowing the first just enough time to recover before circling back to him. Whenever she stopped her assault on one boy, he was no doubt thankful for the mercy, however short lived. But in reality, she was actually extending his suffering.

As he continued to watch the horror in front of him, David saw it beginning to wind down. He couldn’t tell if she was getting tired or just bored, after all she had been at it for more than a half hour. The men were barely screaming anymore. The pain was so constant and continuous, it all blended into one long moment of suffering.


Finally, Britney collapsed on the sofa next to David. She was covered with sweat and was dabbing her face and body with a cloth she had picked up. Of course, the grin was still in place. Lying against the arm of the couch, she stretched out, working her sore muscles, purring like a cat, perfectly content. Looking at David, she laughed at his expression. He was frozen with fear, staring down at his feet, hands on his knees, afraid to even look at her for fear of what she might do.

“Awww, c’mon, it wasn’t that bad, was it?” she cocked her head to the side, grinning from ear to ear. “Just having a little fun is all.”

‘FUN, DID SHE SAY FUN?’ the question raced through his brain.

“After all, we’re just getting started.” She said the last sentence dryly. David, upon hearing her words, slowly turned his head to look at her, their eyes met and she winked at him.

Slowly, she lifted her boot and placed it in his crotch. He held his breath when the heavy sole touched his privates. “Still hard?” she asked, looking down at the bulge in his pants and rubbing it with her boot heel. “Good.” Swinging her feet off the couch, she sat up next to him.

With a quick fluid motion, she unzipped her top and stripped it off. Her two full breasts dropped more than two inches before settling. She stretched again, arching her back and shoving her tits out. David couldn’t help himself from staring at them. They were beautiful and huge. If possible, his cock got even harder. Seeing his looks, Britney mockingly covered up and squealed, “Pervert!”

Laughing, she slapped him in the shoulder and stood up. Turning, topless now, she faced her five dancers and sized them up. They were all covered with sweat and panting. Most of them couldn’t even hold their heads up. They’re balls were swollen to various sizes, but all were swollen. Their cocks, head and shaft, had welts and marks from the belt whippings. Several of them were crying as well.

Tex vs. Britney – One on One

“Time for round two!” she shouted at them, getting their attention. “This is where the questions get harder, but the points can really add up!” she said imitating a game show host voice.

‘My God, what more can she do to them?’ David thought. But as he would soon learn, she wasn’t lying when she said they had just started and she could do much more. “I don’t know about you guys, but I feeeeeeel great!” she said in an upbeat tone.

She began slowly walking towards Tex. Her walk was exaggerated and overly sexy. Purposefully swinging her hips side to side, walking heel to toe, with her hands cupping her tits and her fingers tugging at her nipples. Tex closed his eyes as she approached and he started crying again. “What’s the matter baby? What’s wrong?” she asked him like she was talking to a child. He was muttering to himself incoherently.

She leaned in close, rubbing her breasts up against him and whispered, “I told you how much I hated you. I told you you’d go first.” He was sobbing now. “Just drop to your knees for me baby. Can you do that for me? Just do it. Please. I’ll make it quick if you do. Just snip, snip. You won’t feel a thing. I promise.” She drew out each word, taking twice as long to say each one than was required, enunciating it and saying each as slowly as she could.

His eyes were still clenched shut and he seemed to be thinking about her offer. He was rolling it around in his brain. Tex understood exactly what she was asking of him, but he just couldn’t believe it. He began shaking his head side-to-side and muttering something and Britney had to lean in close to hear. “I can’t,” he said in a voice so soft that even Britney, whose ear was only inches from his mouth, could barely understand.

“Suit yourself,” she said, pivoting on her heel and spinning away from him. “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” Looking back over her shoulder at him, with a large grin across her lips, “By the way, that was a one time offer and it has expired. Now, it’s going to hurt.” Tex had a look on his face like he thought he had made a terrible mistake and wanted to take it back.

Britney had moved on though. She stepped a few feet out in front of him and turned to face him. SLAM! She brought her boot up and into his balls. This time though, it was worse. Rather than use her shin or the top of her foot, she hit him with the tip. His nuts got caught between his own pelvic bone and the tip of the heavy sole of her boot. Normally, his testicles would have long ago retracted up into his abdomen to protect them from further damage. Unfortunately, the design of the briefs she had put on him prevented this. His testicles could do nothing but hang there and wait for more punishment.

She kicked him again. He screamed as loudly as he could muster. The pain was worse than ever. In the several minutes since the previous onslaught, the aching had started. His nuts were even tenderer now making the pain even more intense.

Two more blows struck his genitals. Britney was swinging her foot with the full force she could muster. It was obvious that she had no intention of dividing her attention with the other men as before. Her desire this time was to get Tex to drop to his knees. ‘At least she was playing by the rules,’ David thought to himself.

From this point, a steady stream of kicks drove into Tex’s nut-sack, one following after the other. “Drop!” Britney ordered as she slammed one home. A chorus of “Drop, drop, drop!” rose from the two girls on the bed. The third couldn’t say anything intelligible as she was in the process of bringing herself to her fourth orgasm of the evening.

After a dozen or so kicks, Tex’s legs were shaking uncontrollably. His entire body convulsed, as the pain took over control of his muscles. Three more kicks landed and his knees started to bend. He was trying with all his might to keep them locked, but they where still bending and he couldn’t stop them. His only hope, he thought, was to stay on his feet as long as he could and hope that she tired of him, or turned his attention to one of his friends, or someone came to save him. But time was running out for that plan, since his rear was only a foot or so from the floor.

Two more kicks removed any doubt of the outcome of this little competition between his balls and her foot. His legs gave out completely and he fell to his knees. Tex lifted his head to see her looking down at him smiling sweetly, “Told ya.” She said with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Things are smaller in Texas

She took the same knife she had threatened Derek with earlier from the small table. Walking back to her subject, she fell to her own knees between his. The two eyed each other and sized the other up. “Noooooooo. Please. Don’t. You can’t do this. I can do better. I promise.” Tex was pleading with the small girl kneeling in front of him and twirling an eight-inch razor sharp knife in her right hand.

Moving quickly, she placed the tip of the blade under his chin, “SHUT…THE…FUCK…UP!” Britney said slowly and deliberately. “You had your chance and you blew it.” He quieted down immediately.

Until David actually witnessed the events of the next few minutes, he hadn’t believed it was going to happen. Even after all that he had seen; he couldn’t believe she would go this far, until he actually watched her doing it.

With her left hand, she grabbed his enormous cock just behind the head and gave it a hard tug, holding it firmly. Flipping the knife around in her hand, she held it so it was pointed down, like a serial killer would hold it in a horror movie. She lowered the tip so it touched the top of the shaft at the base, near where it grew out of his abdomen. Pausing a moment, she glanced around the room, meeting the gaze of everyone in turn. All eyes were on her. The girls were all up on their knees in anticipation. The men were all watching with a look of horror of their face, as they knew they could be next. David still was hoping it was a joke of some sort. Kathy had stopped her paperwork and walked over to see. Even the bodyguard was edging away from the door to get a better look.

Plunging the blade straight down it split the soft meat of his manhood easily. Tex’s head flopped back and a squeal filled the room. Still holding the head of his cock in her left hand, she tightened her grip to try and control the flinching male. He was writhing side to side but all the bindings on his limbs and Britney’s firm grasp of his organ kept him from getting away.

Slowly she began pulling the knife towards her while it was still in his cock. Ever so slowly, she was lifting and dropping the blade in a cutting motion as she drew it to her. David realized what she was doing, SHE WAS FILETING HIS ORGAN, SPLITTING IT DOWN THE MIDDLE. And she was taking her time about it. About a minute passed for every inch she moved the knife closer to the head. After the first inch, Tex wasn’t even crying out anymore, just staring down at his prick, watching it slowly being destroyed.

Minutes passed and soon the blade was located just behind the swollen tip of his organ. With an evil smile, Britney yanked the knife the last two inches, completely cutting his cock into two halves. The tissue was still engorged with blood, so each side was still partially erect. They both curled out and down slightly but still stuck out from his body.

The three girls and Kathy were squealing with delight and applauding Britney’s actions. The pop star stood up and screamed, “That’s got to hurt!” She raised the knife and let the blood from it run down her arm. Returning her gaze to Tex, she realized that he was mostly unconscious from the pain. She grabbed up the bucket that the champagne bottle had been chilling in and threw its contents in his face. The cold water and melted ice flooded over his head and woke him up completely. He once again became aware of the terrible agony he was in. “We’re not done,” she yelled into his ear.

Dropping to her knees again, she grabbed his scrotum with her free hand and pulled it down. She then drove the tip of the knife through the two thin walls of skin of his nut-sack. With a hard jerk down, she split the sack open, releasing his testicles from their confinement.

She threw the knife down so that the blade stuck into the floor. Grabbing both cords suspending his balls in her right hand, she gave them a sharp tug. When she let go, his testicles now hung a good eight inches from his abdomen, nearly touching the floor. Britney looked down; she had never seen the actual balls before, cut from the scrotum.

They were dark red and the size of walnuts. Taking the right one in her hand, she rolled it around roughly. Slipping her hand around it, she let the cord slide between her middle and ring finger and gave a good hard yank. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed as the cord stretched to its breaking point and beyond, ripping free. Lifting the ball to her face to get a better look, she examined it.

Lifting her eyes to his horrified face, she put a bloodied finger to her lips and pouted. “Oops!” “And I’m going to do it again!” she said, altering the words from one of her songs and looking extremely pleased with herself for doing it.

She then grabbed his remaining nut. She held it firmly. “Should I let him keep this one?” she asked herself out loud. “Nawwww!” and she removed the last bit of his manhood with a sharp pull, finishing the process of turning him into a eunuch.

Blood was slowly filling Tex’s mouth and, mercifully, he slipped into shock. Britney, having taken all she could from him, shoved him back and he slumped down at the foot of the bed. Blood dripped slowly from his torn member like it was a leaky faucet. It was a good thing he had those pants on or he surely would have bled to death within seconds.

Britney Changes the Rules

Standing up, Britney walked into the bathroom located just off the room they were in. First, she washed her hands of the blood and fluid and then cleaned the two small orbs she had brought as well. Spending a few minutes primping herself, she re-applied her lipstick and fluffed her hair out a bit. Blowing herself a kiss in the mirror, the petite queen of mean returned to the main room to continue her fun.

Standing next to the bed, she asked her female friends, “What’cha think? Earrings?” she held the now clean dangling balls to her earlobes, “Or a charm bracelet?” and held one of them to her wrist. The girls were all laughing hysterically now and Britney tossed each of the two on the bed one of Tex’s severed testicles. They caught them and smiled as they examined the male sex organs. “Don’t say I never gave you a bonus!” the pop star muttered to them.

Stepping to the middle of the four remaining men, she eyed them up and down. Carlos then did something totally unexpected; he spoke. “You’re going to untie us now, right Ms. Spears?”

Stepping closer to him and running her finger over his cock, she retorted, “I don’t know yet.”

“You promised. Once you did Tex, you would stop.”

David understood now; he had been hired to replace Tex. The others were just extra fun but only Tex was supposed to lose his manhood. “I know that’s what I promised, but I’m rethinking all that.” She informed them all. The boys started to protest but she quieted them with a harsh look that told them not to mess with her.

“Yes, I’ve changed my mind,” she seemed to be making up her mind as she spoke. “Instead of one loser who loses his balls and four winners who keep theirs, I think we’ll switch it around and have one winner and four losers.” Looking at each other, the men immediately realized what this meant; three more of them would suffer as Tex had.

“YOU CAN’T!! YOU PROMISED. TEX AND THAT’S IT!” Darius screamed at the petite girl. Britney appeared almost hurt by his words and tone. Grabbing his testicles, she squeezed them as hard as she could, lifting him up by them. The dark skinned man rose to his tiptoes, but could not escape her grasp as she tried to crush his balls.

“I can do anything I fucking want. I am goddamn Britney Spears. I make more money in a day than all you assholes put together will earn in a year. You think anyone is going to miss you jerks? You’re not even that good of dancers. Don’t you dare tell me what to do? I have worked my ass of since I was a little girl to be here. You think a little prick like you is going to talk to me like that?”

“Besides, you agreed to lie to Tex to get him here, to let me castrate him. One of you own, all for another year on your contract. You’re getting what you deserve.”

This was the most rage and anger David had seen in Britney all night and that was saying something. “Just for that little outburst,” she said to Darius, letting go of his balls, “You get to go next!” Suddenly Darius wished he had kept his big mouth shut.

What Exactly is Pit-Bullin’?

“Darius, do you know what Pit-Bullin is?” Britney asked him as she turned away. When she heard this, Paula, one of the dancers on the bed, a tall Asian, piped up, “Oh yeah, Brit, pit-bull him! That’ll teach him to talk back.”

David didn’t know what it was but he didn’t like the sound of it. From the look on Darius’ face, neither did he. Britney picked up a small container from the table, walked over to Darius and dropped down to her knees between his powerful dark thighs. She unscrewed the top of the vial and dipped her fingers into the gel that filled it, covering them. Grabbing his testicles, she smeared the gooey liquid on them and massaged it in deeply. Darius flinched as he thought she was going to wrench his balls again.

She let go of him and waited a few seconds for the gel to take effect. As Darius wondered what she was waiting for, he felt his nuts begin to get warm and realized that it was the coating she had applied doing it. A minute or so passed and the warm sensation began to burn slightly. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable on areas as tender as his testicles. As it took effect, his balls began to droop within his sack, which began to sag on its own. David guessed that the gel was some kind of muscle balm, designed to sooth and relax tightened muscles. It was having that effect on his balls as they continued to drop.

After a few minutes, Britney felt that she had waited long enough, his testicles hung several inches below they’re usual level. Grabbing his balls roughly, she lowered her head towards his crotch, looking up at his face all the while. Once her face was nearly touching his balls, she opened her mouth wide and pressed her lips against his nut-sack. His cock was pushed aside by the top of her head.

Once the seal was made, she began sucking and trying to pull his testicles into her mouth. Darius noted, with some surprise, that this entire chain of events was actually quite pleasurable.

Britney continued sucking and trying to open her mouth wider as she did to fit his large swollen nuts into the tiny opening in her face. The balls kept rolling around in the sack and sliding over each other making it difficult. After a several minutes of trying, she finally got one inside her mouth. Working to get the other in, a minute or so later she had them both.

Once in her mouth, she quickly clamped her teeth down around them to make sure they didn’t escape. Darius flinched when she did this. Britney’s entire mouth was filled with his nuts and her cheeks were bulging out widely on both sides like she was holding her breath and blowing the sides of her mouth outward. The balls were big enough that they blocked the airway in her mouth, making it impossible to breathe that way and quite difficult to breathe through her nose even. Everyone in the room could hear her raspy, deep, slow breaths as she drew air in and forced it out through her nose with a great deal of effort.

David had to admit, seeing her on her knees with a man’s balls stuffed into her mouth like this brought him a great deal of pleasure. Her ass was sticking up sharply and, as she tried to maneuver the nuts around, her entire body was quivering. Since she was on all fours, her breasts hung almost straight down towards the floor, gravity elongating and pulling at the flesh. Her face began turning red as she continued to have trouble breathing, but she didn’t stop.

So far, it didn’t appear that Darius was in any pain. Actually, he seemed to be enjoying it. Looking down at the little girl kneeling between his legs, straining to keep his massive balls in her mouth and his cock lying across her forehead, gave him a great deal of amusement.

Once she felt she had a firm grip on his sex organs with her teeth, she dropped her hands to the floor below her. Now she was sitting with her ass on her feet, legs bent under her and her arms straight down to the floor below her shoulders. She began shimmying her ass side to side as she worked her body backwards away from him. As she pulled back, her head and body began to lower into a more natural position but the pressure on Darius’ balls increased and Darius was forced to lower his hips closer to the ground to compensate. She continued until she was comfortably on all fours, like a dog and he was the one trying to maintain an unusual position, with his knees pushed out wide and his hips lowered only about a foot and a half from the floor.

As she continued to slide herself backwards, he was moving forward with her. Suddenly, he felt a pair of hands on his wrists from behind. Looking over his shoulder, he saw one of Britney’s dancers, Tara, a tall blonde, smiling at him from the edge of the bed. She was kneeling there and had grabbed his hands to hold him in place. Now, that he couldn’t continue to slide forward, Britney knew she could really start pit-bullin' him.

Setting herself, she began working her head side to side and pulling back, not just with her head, but with her entire body. The gel had softened his scrotum so that it stretched but the pressure, as she began pulling harder, was increasing. Darius tried to move forward to relieve some of it but was held fast by the girl behind him.

Britney’s head movements were becoming more violent. She was shaking her head side to side roughly, like a dog that had grabbed something in its mouth and was trying to tear it loose. She was pushing back with her arms against the floor, tugging at his nuts, which were stretched a good 9 inches from his torso.

She began growling as she did this, becoming more and more feral. David wasn’t sure if this was an act, playing it up for the game, or for real, either was equally possible. She was wrenching him terribly now. The pain on Darius’ face was obvious. Any satisfaction or pleasure he had gotten from watching her kneel down before him was gone, replaced with an agonizing pressure and tugging.

As she continued her attack, she began trying to bite the tender orbs in her mouth. It actually was fairly difficult for her to do. She had to open her teeth slightly to allow one of his balls to get between them and, in doing so, risked letting it escape her mouth. Every so often though she would manage to catch a nut and clamp down on it as hard as she could until it squirmed its way out. The others couldn’t see this activity but could tell when she caught him by his squeals of pain that were much more intense than the constant moaning and grunting caused by the pulling motions.

David understood now why they called it ‘pit-bullin’. Britney, down an all fours, shaking and yanking with her head between his legs, looked like a large blonde dog, pulling at a chew toy. She even completed the imagery with snarls and growls.

Darius was in tremendous pain. Looking back, he pleaded with Tara to let go of his wrists to relieve some of the pain, “Please, I thought we were friends.” “I’ve chosen my side,” she retorted, “and you ain’t on it.”

Britney had been at it for several minutes now and decided to take it to a new level. She picked her hands up from the ground and placed them on his muscled thighs. With the added leverage and power of her arms pushing against his body, along with her body pulling backwards and her head tugging as well, Darius began to scream in time with the yanks. His huge member was flopping up and down, banging Britney in the forehead as she pulled.

Darius, apparently feeling he had nothing to lose at this point, displaying the same defiance that got him into this position in the first place, began cursing at the young singer with her head in his crotch. “Fuck you, bitch! That the best you got.” Britney yanked his nut-sack to the left and twisted her head to torque it even more. David had to question the intelligence of challenging the woman who had your nuts in her mouth.

“Aaaaiiiiiieeeeeee. You can’t even sing.” He screamed at her in between his own screams of pain. He continued, “I know what goes on.” She bit down hard. “Oh, Shit! Always lip-syncing along with the music. You can’t even sing. Ahhhhhh. You suck at it. The only reason you got out of the trailer park is your big, fake titties.” The pop tart pulled back as hard as she could with her head, jerking his testicles another inch out of their sockets. “Fuck you, cunt.”

Enraged by his words, she began clamping down on his balls harder and as often as she could. His nuts came close to popping several times, but even that didn’t stop his rant. “You know why Justin dumped your sorry ass, you dumb whore, huh?” Britney grabbed his cock and dug her long nails into it, sinking them deep into the flesh of his organ until she drew blood. “Arrrggggh. He got tired of your sorry ass. You couldn’t keep him happy in the sack. Probably wouldn’t even suck his cock.” David had to admit, given the current situation, that last insult probably wasn’t true. Britney seemed to have no problems using her mouth on a man’s genitals.

Her jaw was killing her, but she didn’t care. If she let go now, it would be like he had won. Sure she’d castrate him later, with a knife, or baseball bat, or run his balls over in her Ferrari, but he’d know he had won this round and she wasn’t going to let that happen.

The tiny diva had had enough of his insults. She grabbed one of his balls in-between her molars and clamped down slightly to make sure she had a good grip. Once she was sure she did, she bit down hard on it. She felt it compact under the pressure and the springy material stretched. She bit down again, harder this time. She almost lost the nut as it slid to the side and almost out of her mouth.

Easing off, she got it in position again and gave it one final bite with all her strength. POP! Everyone in the room heard the testicle shatter. Even if they didn’t, his reaction was so extreme that they knew what had happened. The pain caused Darius to immediately tense up and fling his head back. Staring at the ceiling, he cried out, “OHHHHHH… MMMMYYYYYYY… GGGGOOOOOODDDDDD!” The man with the skin so black it was purple screamed so loud that David was sure people 700 feet below on the street could hear him. ‘Maybe they’ll call the police?’ he hoped to himself.

Britney knew she was going to lose him to unconsciousness in a few seconds, so she had to act fast. Clamping down on his other testicle, she bit down hard, turning it into mush as well. He screamed again but this time it was more muted as his growing delirium dulled the pain. Darius’ body was swaying side to side as the girl continued to jerk her head side to side even after pulverizing his balls. David thought he was going to fall on her several times but he managed to keep his feet for the few seconds it took Britney to finish with him.

Bringing her front teeth as far together as she could, she began slide her top and bottom jaw across each other in opposite directions. This created a sawing motion with her teeth and began tearing the flesh of the scrotum. As she tore through it, she gave one last push with her arms against his thighs and pulled back quickly with her head and body. Tara even added her own strength by pulling Darius’ arms back as far as she could. This was more than his battered nut-sack and testicular cords could handle and they ripped loose from his body. Britney fell backwards. She had pulled so hard she threw herself off balance.

She laid back watching his body shake and bounce up and down in protest of the violation it had just received. His cock flopped up and down uncontrollably with his movements, like a trout thrown on the shore and left to die. Sitting up, she grabbed it in the middle with both hands.

She made a loud “PUH” sound as she spit the contents of her mouth out and over her right shoulder. Carlos jumped back when the lump of flesh landed next to his foot. Opening her mouth wide, she pulled her lips back as far as she could revealing her bright, white teeth in a sickening version of a grin. With a loud growling sound, she inserted the tip of his large cock into her mouth and clamped down just behind the head. Setting herself, she bit down hard, working the sharp teeth in the front of her mouth through his sex organ. Even though the cock was extremely hard, it was still only flesh and her teeth cut through it easily. In the rage Britney was in, she could have bit through a broom handle.

Meeting in the middle, her upper and bottom rows of teeth touched. That was her queue and she wrenched her head sharply to the side. The remaining skin and meat that her teeth couldn’t sever gave way quickly under the pressure. As she jerked her head away, a spray of blood covered her entire face and chest.

Sliding back to avoid further soaking, she stretched out on the floor, her legs extended in front of her, her arms were straight behind her, elbows locked, holding her torso off the ground at about a 45 degree angle. She fell back against her arms and rested for a minute. After about thirty seconds, she realized that her mouth was filled with his meat. Turning her head to the fireplace, she made another loud “PUH” sound as she spit the tip of his cock out. It looked like someone had spit a large plum across the room. It flew 10 feet or so and landed in the fire where it began to sizzle and cook.

Britney threw her head back and took in several deep breaths. It had been almost 20 minutes since she had been able to do just that and she was quite winded. Darius had collapsed in a heap on the floor and was making whimpering noises and crying. Only the shaft of his cock remained; the head, scrotum and testicles had been completely severed but the small diva’s tiny mouth and teeth.

“Tie him off,” she ordered to no one in particular. Kiki, the tiny dancer with short, red hair who had been masturbating most of the night thus far, jumped out of her chair. Grabbing a cord, she wrapped it tightly around the shaft, just below the wound. Pulling it as tight as she could, she applied the tourniquet to his organ and stopped most of the blood spurting out.

Realizing that she was covered in his blood and what she must look like, Britney got up and went into the bathroom to clean off. After a few seconds, they all heard a shrill scream come from that small room, “Shit, it’s in my hair!”

Britney Turns Her Attention to David

About 20 minutes passed before Britney emerged from the bathroom. During that time, they had all heard the shower running, followed by a blow dryer. When Britney came back, her hair was slightly fluffier than before and she wasn’t wearing as much make-up, only what she could reapply quickly, without her make-up artists to help her. In addition, she was no longer wearing her bottoms, only the boots, choker and glasses remained of the original outfit.

She looked even hotter than before. The image of her totally nude, except for the high boots, gloves and choker, was incredible. It was the most alluring thing David had ever seen, as if his cock needed any more encouragement. The swelling was actually painful now. David believed there was a real chance that his jeans may burst at the seams.

As she came back into the bedroom, she walked straight for the shocked new dancer. She sat down on the couch next to him, but very close. She was sitting sideways, on the side of her hip and her upper body was turned towards him. She threw an arm around his neck. She crossed her legs, knee over knee and extended the top one over into his lap as well.

Several long minutes went by and neither said anything. She was playing with his light, brown hair, running her fingers through it and rubbing her foot into his crotch. Finally, she spoke to him, “You’re very cute, you know?” He couldn’t help but smile at the compliment but kept expecting a fist or foot to be slammed into his nuts at any moment.

“You look like you have a great body. Must be from all that hay bailing and cow tipping you did on the farm,” she laughed. He did also but a bit nervously. She added, “Do you like my body? I work hard on it y’know.” He nodded. “I can tell.”

“Awwww, isn’t that sweet.” She cooed back at him.

Sliding back a bit from him, she lifted her top leg and placed her foot on the edge of the couch with her knee pointing straight up. Looking down, David could clearly see her pussy, spread wide and inviting. For the first time, he realized how turned on the evenings events had made her. Her cunt was wet and dripping. The outer lips were swollen and red, from the increased blood flow. It had absolutely no hair.

She licked a finger and slid it into herself, purring as she did. “How many girls have you been with David?” she inquired. “T-two,” he replied. “My high school sweetheart and another I met at a concert.”

“TWO!” She shot back in disbelief, sitting up but not removing her fingers from her twat. ”Jesus Christ, I’ve fucked more girls that that,” she said.

Unable to believe what he had heard, “I thought you were, like, a virgin?

A roar of laughter came out of the petite star when she heard that. All the three dancers started rolling with laughter as well. “Yeah,” Kiki said sarcastically, “Ms. Spears, the little virgin.” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. The laughter continued for a good while.

“Britney’s pulled more trains than Amtrak,” Tara piped up. The small star obviously didn’t like that comment and gave her a stern look. Tara quieted down.

After a few more strokes to her pussy, she stood up and told him to do the same, which he quickly did. She walked over to the small table with her devices laid out and David was relived when she only came back with a pair of handcuffs.

“Turn around.” She ordered. He complied. ‘Click’ the first cuff snapped around his left wrist. Then she pulled his right arm back, ‘Click’ it was held fast as well.

“Turn around.’ She ordered again and again he complied. Her fingers were tugging at his belt, then his zipper, then his jeans and finally his underwear. As she pulled his pants and shorts down, his organ sprang free, bouncing as it did. She squealed approvingly when she saw it. “That’s got to be, what, eight inches?” she asked sizing him up. Grasping him firmly, she tugged on it a few times. “Ohhhh, and thick too.”

Before he could answer, she put both hands on his chest and yanked his shirt open, ripping the buttons. She dug her nails into his flesh and ran them down his body, leaving red marks as she did. Then she pushed him down onto the sofa. Since his ankles were held in place by his pants and his wrists by the cuffs, he had no choice but to fall backward into the soft cushion. Britney leapt up and fell onto him, one leg on each side of his, straddling his lap.

His cock was pinned between her pussy and his torso. She wrapped her arms around his head and pulled his face into her chest. As she did, she slid her hips back and forth, letting the cleft between her legs slid up and down the shaft of his cock, but not letting it fully enter her. He was in heaven. The small, warm, tight body held onto him tightly and he could feel every inch of her writhing on top of him.

She shoved her tongue into his mouth as far as she could until his was filled he her wet muscle. He wasn’t really participating, as he was not resisting. He was certain that if he did, she had some horrible treatment in mind for him. He was also pretty sure that even if he did cooperate, she had some horrible treatment in mind for him. He was less her partner than her personal fuck-toy.

She pulled her face back slightly, removing her tongue from his mouth. Her small round face was no more than a half-inch from his as they stared deeply into the others eyes. She reached under her and grabbed his cock, lifting it. Dropping her weight, she plunged his member into herself. “Unnngggg,” she grunted as her hole expended to take in the object at least three times its diameter. Her face contorted, half in pleasure and half in pain from the stretching she was feeling from below. But she didn’t stop pushing.

His organ was about a quarter way into her and felt incredible to him. Her cunt juices were dripping down onto his body and her warm soft cunt was eating his cock slowly. “I guess you don’t believe in foreplay,” the bound and helpless man said to her.

“What do you mean?” she asked, throwing her head back slightly in the direction of the two men lying on the floor about 5 yards away. “Nothing turns me on like ripping off a guy's balls.”

Smiling at the horrified look on his face, she kept pushing downward. Half way now and even more pleasure was filling him. Britney was still grunting and occasionally crying out as her tiny orifice was filled to capacity with the foreign intruder, but she did not stop.

“Ohhhhh, one more thing I forgot to tell you, Unnnggg, Owwwww,” she said to him as she flinched in pain. “If you cum,” she looked down at him, smiling a wide wicked smile, “I’ll castrate you. Understand?” He was in shock, suddenly all the pleasure he felt from her tight body turned into torture. He knew that his growing desire for release was going to be turned against him and used as a reason to remove his manhood.

“Understand?” she said again louder. “Y-y-y-yes," he stammered back, “I understand.”

“Repeat it to me to be sure,” she ordered.

“If I cum, you’ll cut off my balls.”

“Don’t forget your cock; I’ll cut that off too. That’s just as important.”

He started again, “If I cum, you’ll rip off my cock and balls.” He couldn’t believe the conversation they were having. A tear rolled down his face from one eye as he thought about what might and most likely was going to happen.

“Good, as long as we’re on the same page,” she said. And with that, she forced the rest of his dick into herself. Both of them squealed. “Yeah,” she screamed out as he filled her up her cunt.

She began humping him slowly at first but building the pace as her hole adjusted to the size of his meat. Sliding her body up and down the entire length of his shaft and then back down again. She wrapped her arms around his head and held him so tight he could barely catch a breath, his mouth filled with her breasts instead of air.

After several minutes, her humping became more and more rough and strong. She was riding him hard now, using his body like a stallion’s. Slamming her hips down onto his full length, rising back up and slamming herself down again. She was talking to him as well, calling him names, in between her moans and wails of pleasure.

“Who’s the bitch? You like that? Don’t you cum, bitch. Nice cock. Too bad if I have to bite it off. You’d better not cum on me.” These were just a few of the things she spat in his direction as she continued to fuck him.

More long minutes passed and her motions were uncontrolled now, she was lost in a frenzy of humping and fucking. Up and down, back and forth, wiggling, round and round, circular motions, she was using his cock in any way she could to give herself pleasure. Her body was flung back, her hands rested on his knees, her head hanging behind her. Her screams were more and more frequent and guttural, coming from deep inside her. She no longer acknowledged him at all; he was just the meat inside her, not a person.

For David’s part, he completely believed her threat to remove his manhood if he got off, so he did everything he could to avoid this outcome. While her face was drawn into a grimace of ecstasy, his was contorted into one of terror and effort during his ordeal.

To be feeling this much pleasure and not be able to welcome it was the cruelest torture he could think of. He opened his eyes and saw two of the female dancers playing catch with one of Tex’s balls over his limp form. ‘Okay,’ he thought to himself, 'maybe not the cruelest torture, but close.’ That sight spurred him onto try even harder.

Baseball, his mother naked, his grandmother naked, Marguerite Thatcher naked. Anything he could think of to delay the inevitable he let race into his mind.

“Hrrrummpf, hrruuummmph, hhhrumpppffff,” she was making huffing noises as her cunt’s assault on his cock continued. She fell forward again looking at his face. She was on the verge of orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head, as did his, but for different reasons. She welcomed the surge of pleasure while he fought it.

Her body tightened and shook as the waves of pleasure exploded from her groin and outward. Her face turned bright red and constricted into a grimace. Her lips opened and let forth a deep scream. “GOD YESSSSS, YEESSSS, OH GOD, AHHHHHH, FUCK ME, DON’T YOU CUM MOTHER FUCKER, I’LL CUT IT OFF, FUCK YESSS, YESS, YES, OHGOD, AIIIEEEEE, AAAHHH.!!!!!” The orgasm exploded through her and David could feel her cunt tighten around his cock as if her tiny hole was trying to bite it off.

Her orgasm seemed to last for several minutes as all the pent up emotion and energy from the evening exploded through her body. For David, his task became even harder. The trembling and convulsing of her pussy was transmitted directly to his cock and he several times felt on the verge of cumming.

Finally, abruptly, she stopped her movements, at least the ones she could control and fell into him. Her head was next to his, her mouth right at his left ear. “Oh shit, oh fuck me, goddamn that was good, jesuschrist, oh fuck, oh shit,” she was repeating over and over in a soft voice. Her body was still quivering and recovering from the orgasm she had just experienced.

David was doing everything he could to avoid feeling the same pleasure she just had. Luckily, she had stopped her humping, just as he was on the verge of exploding into her. He didn’t think he could have lasted another second. The two of them collapsed onto the couch together in relief. She started kissing him deeply, her way of saying thanks.

After a few minutes, she sat up straight laughing and smiling playfully, his cock still buried in her pussy. Her demeanor had changed considerably since her orgasm. Her rage seemed to have dissipated.

“You did good,” she said appreciatively of him. “I thought you were going to lose it a few times there. I would have sooooo castrated it you if you’d’ve cum on me.” David couldn’t believe how she talked about these things so casually. She was talking about cutting off his genitals and possibly killing him and she sounded like she was ordering lunch. “Glad I didn’t have to.” She kissed him deeply again.

As she did, she began sliding herself back and forth on his cock once again, driving it deep into her body. Seeing the look of surprise on his face, Britney said, “Oh we’re not done yet, silly. No cum rules still in effect by the way.”

Quickly, she ramped up her efforts on him, grinding her hips into his lap. Within seconds, she was humping him full force again. At least, for David’s sake, she had given him several minutes to recover from her last fuck session, or he would have cum quickly.

Over the next 20 minutes, she had at least four huge, explosive orgasms, as well as, over a dozen smaller follow-ups. And those were just the ones that David had counted with his own eyes. He came close to blowing his wad several times as well. But after each orgasm she had, she would rest for a minute or so before starting up again. This gave him time to let the sensations subside before she used him as a fuck stick again.

Finally, she fell off him to the sofa and curled up into a fetal position. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. It seemed like she had been working him over for hours. He was left panting and sweaty, his cock staring up at him, with its one eye, begging him to stroke it and release its delicious agony. Of course, with his hands cuffed behind him, he couldn’t even do that. He wasn’t sure that he would ever come again for the rest of his life. Even if he made it out of this room intact, he would be afraid that if he had sex or masturbated, a small blonde girl would show up at his apartment to rip his balls off as punishment.

Several minutes passed, David thought Britney had fallen asleep. She was so still. He looked over and saw her watching him, as she started stretching and rolling side to side, pulling her legs up to her chest and then extending them as far as they could go. Sitting up, she kissed him again and gave his balls a playful squeeze and slap. She didn’t hit him hard, but it still hurt tremendously. If she was aware of his pain, she didn’t show it, or maybe just didn’t care.

Standing up, she began walking away, her gorgeous ass swaying side to side as she did. As an afterthought, she stopped and turned back to him, looking at his crotch. ‘This is it,’ he thought to himself, ‘she’s going to do it. Please don’t!’ But he didn’t dare say a word.

Kneeling down in between his knees, she took hold of his cock with both hands and started stroking it. “I wish I was strong enough to just rip it off with my bare hands,” she said matter-of-factly, staring at it.

Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled the tip to her, opening her mouth as she did. ‘She’s going to bite it off,’ he screamed in his own mind. Wrapping her lips around it, she began sucking on it harshly and sliding it deeper and deeper into her mouth. David had his eyes clinched shut tightly, waiting to feel her teeth biting into his flesh.

Instead, he felt a warm, wet sensation surrounding his cock. As she took it into her mouth. He felt her lips sucking and tugging at the shaft. It felt fucking incredible to him. Easily, it was the best blowjob he had ever received, but he knew the terrible pain that would follow would be equally as bad.

The small girl was burying her face into his crotch. Within seconds her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, her face pressed into his abdomen and her tongue was massaging his ball-sack. ‘My god, she has taken it all!!’ He couldn’t believe it; how could she be doing it? How could this tiny girl, with a tiny mouth and tiny throat, have swallowed his entire eight inches of cock into herself?

The sensation of her tiny throat canal stretching and wrapped around his organ was great. The head of his cock, the most sensitive part, was deep in her throat and being massaged. Her tongue was rubbing and stroking the shaft. Her mouth was filling with saliva; it felt as if his cock was in a small, tight, sucking womb.

Britney was having trouble breathing, David could tell. She was making muffled gagging, coking and clucking noises as she tried to suck in air past his engorged dick. With each sound, more vibrations emanated from her neck and flowed directly into his cock, giving him even more pleasure. She began pounding her face up and down into his crotch with the same ferocity as she had slammed her hips into him a few minutes before.

David’s body began tensing with the pleasure as she drew him into her. He started lifting his hip off the sofa to get more pressure on it. Reaching her hands around behind, she dug her nails into his buttocks, using her hands to pull his hips to her as she plunged her face into his groin. David was afraid to actually say anything, but he couldn’t help but make huffing and yelping noises in time with the pleasure.

She was pulling at his hips so hard that her nails were drawing blood from his ass cheeks. He was even adding his own thrusting motion to the process, shoving his cock into her mouth, treating her face like a cunt as he fucked it.

‘What am I doing?’ he thought. ‘She wants me to come so she can castrate me when I do, that’s why she’s doing this. And I’m helping her do it.’

Feeling that he was no longer cooperating with her. She pulled her head back, annoyed. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” She screamed at him, looking up from his groin, his cock slapping her in the chin. “Most guys would give their left nut to get a blowjob from me. I’m trying to get you off and you’re not making it easy.”

Getting a sudden feeling of courage, he spoke back to her. “You’re just going to castrate me if I come. That’s what you want. Please don’t.” Tears were in his eyes as he spoke. A broad grin covered her face. “Is that what you think? That I want you to come just so I can rip it off.” She laughed at his words.

“If that’s what I wanted, I’d just do it. I sure wouldn’t swallow your nasty jizz first. Now give it up, or I WILL cut it off. If I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, so you might as well get one final blow in. Right?” Her face took on a purposeful wide-eyed look as she said the last word, as if she was trying to convince him.

With that, she plowed her face back into his lap and his cock back into her mouth, swallowing it. Within seconds, she was back to working his organ full force. He decided he had no choice but to trust her. ‘Did he just say that he was going to trust a girl who had just raped him and who he had watched castrate?’ It sounded ridiculous, but what could he do?

He decided to drop any defenses he had to her assault on his genitals. He let his eyes roll into his head and focused himself on the movements of her head in his lap. Within a matter of seconds, he felt the pleasure rising through his cock and to the head. “Ohhhhhh, Ooooooo, Ahhhhhh.” He couldn’t take it anymore. His head flung back as he felt an orgasm explode from his cock. His entire body was shaking uncontrollably and his legs were sticking straight behind her, still bound by his jeans wrapped around his ankles.

His cum blew into the back of her throat, causing her to gag. It had happened so fast that she had been caught by surprise. David could tell what happened and took some perverse pleasure in it, but dared not show it for fear she would blame him. More spurted into her mouth and she continued working the shaft with her mouth and her hands as well up and down the entire length of it.

After a minute or so, his cock head was so tender that her stroking and sucking was almost unbearable on him. She finally stopped, looking up at him, her mouth open, panting, with his cum dripping from her lips. She was smiling, “How was that? Good?” She said, “I give great head. Don’t I?” David couldn’t speak, but nodded in agreement.

When she had caught her breath, she swallowed the thick, white fluid in her mouth and made an exaggerated ‘Aaaaahhhhhhh’ sound afterward. David just sat there exhausted as she continued to stroke his organ with long slow movements. As she would, more drops of fluid would break free from the tip and the starlet would lick them up. He couldn’t believe he had just gotten head from Britney Fucking Spears. It almost made the castration that was sure to follow worth it.

“Got anymore cum in there?” she asked as she grabbed his balls and started squeezing them in an effort to extract the last few drops. He flinched and squealed in pain. She didn’t care and wrapped her lips around the tip, sucking, as she wrung his nuts.

A few minutes passed and through the pain, David looked down and realized that in spite of the orgasm and wrenching of his testicles, his cock was still as rock hard as ever.

She finished working on him and stood up, giving his balls a playful slap that made him curl up on the couch. “Good boy.” Picking up the bottle of champagne from the floor, she took a long deep drink straight from it. She held the bottle several inches above her mouth letting the liquid flow into it, fill her mouth and then overflow it. She gargled with the wine and spit what was in her mouth out and onto the floor. Taking another drink, she then walked back to face the three remaining bound male dancers in the center of the room.

And the Winner Is…

“Two down, two to go,” she said with a smile, looking back and forth between the two men lying on the ground and the three standing waiting their turn. “I think you’ve all had long enough to recover. Wouldn’t want you to start thinking I went soft.”

“Now, Tex, I planned on castrating him from the get go. And Darius, I had to make an example of him since he talked so horribly to me. Couldn’t let that go. What would people say?” Britney continued lecturing them. “So they were special cases. But I want to get back to the game.”

“Two of you…" she held up two fingers in a ‘V’ shape. “…are going to lose your manhood. The object is to stay on your feet and outlast the other guys. Remember, this is a competition. Only one of you keeps your balls. The other two, well…” She let her voice trail of and shrugged her shoulders.

“Do we all understand the rules?” She waited for each of them to acknowledge that they did. Suddenly, a boot slammed into Carlos’ balls. His sore sack screamed in pain and then his mouth followed suit. She wheeled and kicked Ricky and then Derek. Each man was hunched as far as his bindings allowed in pain following a solid kick to each one of their groins. “Unnnngghhh, Unnnngggghhh, Uuunngggghhhh,” they were all panting and grunting with the agony.

Re-setting herself, she started with Carlos again. This time two blows, a kick and a knee found his balls and crunched them. This was followed by two kicks to Ricky and then two to Derek. The noises and expressions Britney had gotten from them with her first kicks were doubled in intensity and length from the last two.

Britney went back to Carlos and punched him three times. Within as many seconds, three sharp uppercuts pounded his nuts. Ricky’s balls got the same treatment, three powerful blows from her strong, lean arms. The fact that her hands were quite small made the blows even worse, as the pressure was concentrated to a smaller area. Wasting no time and not wanting Derek to feel left out, she drove her fist into his package, three times as well, scrambling his eggs with all her might.

David saw the pattern of the game developing. With each pass, she gave each man the same punishment as the other two. Also, she increased the number of blows each had to withstand as each round went by.

David had to admit, she had planned this out very well and was being completely fair to all three. She was showing no favoritism among them. This was a true competition between the three young dancers. The one who could last the longest would win. The true evil of it was that in order to keep his jewels between his legs, he also had to withstand the most pain and punishment. It was a brilliant set of rules, designed to make sure that the young singer got to dish out the maximum amount of pain and suffering. Each man actually wanted another blow to his testicles because he knew that another shot to the crotch meant he was still in the running for the prize, his balls.

As David took all this in, she realized the Britney was up to five kicks per man. She was taking her time with each one. It would have been easy for her to try to do this fast, to skim over each man’s balls and not give each her full attention. Britney, though, was nothing if not thorough. She was making each blow count and counting each one out loud as she landed it.

“One…” a solid toe was driven into Carlos’ balls. “Two…” and another. “Three…” Carlos squealed. “Four…” he didn’t make a sound. “Five…” the worst one yet landed flush on his scrotum.

She stepped to her right in front of Ricky. “One…Two…Three…Four…Five.” She counted the blows out again, landing each one and re-setting after each to make sure that it landed full force. And then on to Derek, she counted again. David couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he thought, ‘I wonder what she will do if she gets to ten. I doubt the little idiot can count that high.’

Britney saw the smile on his face and inquired, “What’s so funny?” David, thinking quickly, “Just enjoying the show, beautiful.” “Awww, that’s so sweet. Stand up for me.” He did so. Stepping forward, she kicked him full force in the nuts, dropping him to his knees. “Then you should love that,” she said laughing. David thought, ‘She actually believes that I enjoyed that. How far gone is this girl?’ But David also had to admit, that he should have seen it coming. He made up his mind not to think any more negative thoughts about Ms. Spears.

Round six started. Apparently Britney decided to add a new level to the game. She grabbed Carlos’ by the nuts with both hands and started squeezing. It was obvious from her bulging biceps, look of exertion on her face and the pained one on the Latin boy, that she was doing so as hard as she could. “Thirty seconds,” she announced, indicating that it would last for that long. “Now count,” she ordered him. He began doing so. Around the fifteen-second mark, the pain got so intense that he raced through a few numbers. This didn’t sit well with Britney.

“Penalty,” she screamed out. “That was too fast. Start over.”

“No fair,” he responded. She wrenched his nuts to the side.

“Judges?” Britney looked to the three female dancers who all agreed that Britney had not broken any rules. Looking very satisfied with herself, “This is my game and my rules and what I say goes.”

Understanding that every second that he argued was another second her hands were wrapped around his nuts, he began counting, slowly this time. In all, the thirty seconds of Carlos’ round lasted closer to a full minute. Each of the other two men, having learned their lessons, counted slowly as well, each afraid that if they didn’t Britney would declare a penalty of them.

Letting him go, Britney walked over to the table and picked up a knife with a long serrated blade. All three of the dancer’s sucked in their breath when they saw it. Instead of walking to them, she went over to where Darius was lying. Grabbing what was left of his cock, she placed the blade against the base. Apparently, the man was awake as David heard a meek “No,” just before she started cutting into his meat.

He thrashed about as the blade severed what was left of his manhood, not that it was much to speak of since what she had done to him an hour before. After she finished severing the remainder of the shaft, she casually threw the meat into fire where it began cooking along with the tip she had spit in there. At the sight of this, David didn’t even flinch. No amount of cruelty could surprise him anymore after what he had already seen this night.

After replacing the knife, the knees and kicks began again. Britney was obviously becoming disappointed in the results. “Why aren’t they falling?” she whined in a shrill tone like what a little girl might use to get candy from her parents.

“Why don’t you use something else to do more damage?” Paula, the Asian dancer, suggested to her dim-witted boss. “Like what?” Britney asked in return. Paula looked around the room. Jumping off the bed, she grabbed something from near the fireplace and held it up. “How bout this?”

It was a small metal shovel that was used to shovel ashes out of the fireplace. The head was about four inches wide and the handle about two feet long. “Perfect!” Britney said as she took it from her dancer’s hand.

It was perfect after all. She swung it in a motion like she was swinging a golf club and it connected with Carlos’ balls solidly. The young man leapt into the air several feet. His knees slammed shut and his eyes rolled back into his head as he screamed the loudest scream of the night (David would have thought that impossible given what he had seen, but apparently not.)

There was no thought of the competition or the consequences as he landed on the floor on his knees and fell forward in a heap. The pain was so great, he didn’t even know where or who he was.

“Score!” Britney cried out, “Good choice, Paula.”

Ricky steadied himself as she moved in front of him, the metal utensil over and behind her head, poised to be swung. Ricky knew, based upon what he had just seen, that if he could take one blow, chances are Derek wouldn’t be able to and he’d win.

She slammed the shovel into him, but it wasn’t a solid hit as part of it caught his leg and cut into his inner thigh. But it was still enough to drive him off his feet as it had Carlos. Ricky, though, was a bit more prepared and managed to keep his wits about him. He landed on his feet and wobbled there for several seconds but eventually regained his balance. “Good job.” Britney told him, obviously impressed.

Now for Derek. Britney found the look of total terror on his face to be totally funny and was laughing hysterically as she drove the head of the shovel up into his groin. He screamed but didn’t leave his feet as the other two had. He hunched forward as far as he could and hung there, on the verge of falling on his face. Everyone in the room wore a look of anticipation, waiting for him to go one way or the other. Britney’s eyes were open wide as she watched him and no one looked more engaged than Ricky. He knew the stakes and if Derek didn’t crumble, he’d have to take another shot and he didn’t think he could do that.

He was on his tiptoes, swaying, when he suddenly fell back onto his heels. Everyone let their breath out. He had taken it. Ricky began crying and Britney stepped back in front of him. “Almost over,” she said to try and consol him. Her tone actually sounded like she might feel sorry for him.

That was a pipe dream because if she had, she never would have slammed that shovel into his nuts as hard as she did. Somehow she had managed to find even more strength and hit him harder than before. She had stepped back away from him several steps, so she could get a running start. Stepping into the blow made it much more powerful.

Ricky didn’t make a sound, he didn’t leap into the air with a great show, his face didn’t even contort that much. He just had a look or surprise on him. It was like he had never thought this kind of pain was humanly possible and was being taught how wrong he was. After about three seconds, he just slid down to the floor.

“AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!” Britney screamed at the top of her lungs. All the women applauded and cheered and a chant of…”Der…rick, Der…rick, Der…rick,” started. Britney stood next to him and lifted his cock up as if she were raising his arm of a boxer who had won a fight. A look of relief came over his face as it meant his suffering was finally over.

Britney Spears – Ice Queen

“Move them.” Britney ordered her dancers dismissively, indicating the three men she was no longer interested in. The three females quickly drug the bodies (David wasn’t sure if the were still alive or not) of Tex and Darius off to the side and then escorted Derek to a chair for him to sit down in, which he did gingerly.

Britney brought a wooden chair and small, low, wooden stool over and sat them both down in front of the two kneeling, crying, panting men. She sat down on the chair and crossed her legs looking down at them. Paula walked over and put a tray, covered with a light cloth, on the edge of the table next to Britney. David thought to himself that she looked a bit bored now, as if she had tired of her game but couldn’t bring herself to end it early.

The petite tart took the cloth from the tray and inspected what was underneath. On the tray was a collection of small straps and buckles, as well as several more devious devices. Lying on the flat surface were several long, large, ice picks of various lengths and sizes. In addition, a length of wire with wooden handles was wound up on the table and several lengths of cord, as well.

Britney was picking up each utensil and handling each one with a mocking expression on her face, indicating the pain she was going to inflict with each one. Lifting the tray, she knelt down between the two of them and placed the tray on the floor between them. Paula and Tara took positions behind the men, each grabbing their heads and throats from behind, while Kiki knelt down between them facing her boss.

The singer took the low stool and slid it into Carlos crotch, positioning it so that it was underneath him and he was sitting on it. It was about 18 inches long and the top extended out in front of him about a foot.

“Cord,” she ordered and held out her hand like she was a surgeon. Kiki handed her the requested item quickly. Britney then tied off Carlos’ genitals and anchored them to the stool. His cock was laid out on it and his balls were spread out underneath his organ but on top of the stool as well.

“Strap,” she requested a new device and her red headed assistant handed it to her. The leather strap was about 6 inches long and had a buckle in the middle. She wrapped it around the base of Ricky’s member and connected the two ends over it. She then proceeded to tighten the buckle until the leather was digging into his meat. Not stopping there, she continued to tighten until the diameter of the strap was half the diameter of his cock. The restraint device dug into his cock deeply and was obviously painful.

Continuing to focus on Ricky’s member, Britney kept applying the leather straps every inch or so until the final one was placed just behind the head. Finished, she looked down at her work and nodded approvingly.

“Gag them,” she commanded her female servants and they did, shoving red ball gags into their mouths and locking them into place. “Good, I’ve had enough begging and pleading for tonight. I just want to get this over with.” Britney explained.

“Ice-pick,” she again requested with her hand out. A long metal cylinder was placed in her small hand. Holding it up she looked at it from tip to handle. In all it was about 8 inches long with a 5 inch prong ending in a sharp point. Driving it downward as hard as she could, the metal tip hit Carlos’ cock just behind the tip and drove through it and into the wooden top of the stool. Letting go, the handle stuck straight up, buried into the wood and held there. His scream would have been much worse except for the gag muffling it.

Not even stopping to enjoy the spectacle in front of her, Britney moved on quickly. She was getting impatient and wanted to finish this fast. Taking the garrote from the tray, she wrapped the thin metal wire around the tip of Ricky’s cock, just ahead of the last leather strap that she had placed on him a minute ago. “Ready?” she asked him and he steadied himself. He didn’t even try to argue or plead, he knew it was no use and nothing could stop the inevitable. ‘At least,’ he thought to himself, ‘it should be over soon.’

Taking each of the handles in a hand, she pulled until the wire dug into his flesh. Giving them a hard pull, the wire loop closed, severing the end of his cock. Like Carlos, Ricky’s yelling was prevented from reaching full pitch because of his gag. The tight binding also prevented any blood from escaping the wound.

Continuing to look bored with what she was doing to them, Britney grabbed another ice pick and drove it into the first man’s cock about an inch behind the pick already there. Not letting go of the handle, she pushed and pulled on it harshly, working in into his cock even more. She reset the wire around Ricky’s cock, just in front of the next strap in the series. With a yank, another piece of his meat fell to the floor.

This process continued for the next 15 minutes or so. Back and forth, between the two men, stabbing and cutting, cutting and stabbing. Finally stopping to admire her work. She had reduced one man’s cock almost to a stub and the other had over a dozen ice picks sticking out of it.

“I guess that’s enough.” Britney admitted. ‘Ya think,’ David thought to himself.

“Only one thing’s left to do.” As she said it, she picked up two ice picks and, taking one into her right hand, drove it into Carlos’ left testicle, piercing and destroying it. Carlos fell back unconscious, not even making a sound as he did. Britney then repeated the process with his right nut, wiping them both out totally.

As a perverted follow up, she wrapped the garrote around the only testicles still intact before her and severed them with extreme prejudice. She didn’t just sever the nut-sack, but rather she had wrapped the wire around the actual gonads themselves. When she pulled, the wire cut the nuts themselves in half. Half of his scrotum and two halves of his balls fell to the floor, quickly followed by Ricky’s body.

“Cool,” Britney said looking down, finally showing some interest, she picked up one of the nut halves and inspected it. “I got to see the inside of the Tex’s scrotum before and now I get to see the inside of a ball.” Tossing it at Kiki, the dancer let out an “Ewwwww” noise and dropped it with a look of disgust on her face.

Britney – 5, Boys - 0

After she had finished with the two final losers of her sadistic game, Britney sat down on the edge of the bed and began talking to her dancers. They sounded like schoolgirls talking about boys, except that their conversation was much more vicious in nature.

“Did you see his face when I cut him? Wasn’t it cool?”

“What I liked was when he started shaking as you ripped them off.”

“Yeah, that was good too.”

“But how ‘bout when he started begging? I like when they beg. Like I’m actually going to listen.”

This continued for several minutes as Britney stretched out on the bed, obviously tired but feeling pleased with herself. Tara ran into the bathroom and returned with a hairbrush. Kneeling behind Britney, she began running the brush through her sweat soaked hair, trying to untangle it.

Kiki poured a glass of champagne and offered it to her employer, which she took and drank down in one long swallow. Handing it back, it was quickly refilled. The female dancers were more like slave girls or handmaidens than dancers, as they waited on the petite diva hand and foot.

“Com’ ‘ere Derek.” Derek’s head snapped up as he heard his name called by Britney, her southern accent being quite evident in those words. A forceful, “Now,” made him jump up and shuffle over before her. She eyed him up and down. Her spirits seemed to lift as she did, her mind obviously working up some new cruel treatment.

“Kathy, how many new male dancers can we get on short notice, to perform in our next show, I mean?” Kathy opened a ledger and started scanning the pages. “I count six strong possibilities. And we could have them here in a day.” She added.

“So, we don’t need Derek for Friday’s show then, right?” “Not really,” said Kathy, telling her boss exactly what she wanted to hear. Britney whispered something to the three girls sitting around her and afterwards they all jumped off the bed in a flurry of activity.

Britney swung her legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. “I was thinking. I doubt Derek is going to be in any shape to perform by then. And so what good is he?” As she finished speaking, Kiki and Tara knelt in front of Derek, while Paula grabbed his arms at the elbow and pulled them back until they touched in between his shoulder blades. The two women in front were wrapping heavy cords around his genitals to tie them off. Kiki did his balls and Tara tied her cord just behind the head of his cock.

As they stood up and took the other end of the cords in their hands, Britney walked over to a large chest that she took with her whenever she traveled. Opening it, she took out a long tube shaped object and walked back over to stand before the increasingly nervous Derek.

As she stopped in front of him, Kiki and Tara pulled the cords tight, stretching out his genitals tightly. He would have moved to lessen the pressure but Paula was holding him fast by the arms and she was several inches taller than the 5’6” Derek.

“I got this in Japan,” Britney started explaining as she withdrew the blade from the sheath. “It was a gift from the Japanese king himself. It’s really old. I think it was made in the 70’s or something.” The last statement confirmed it; Britney Spears was officially the stupidest person on the planet Earth.

The sword shined in the firelight and did appear to be of very high quality. The blade was curved and at least three feet long. She stepped to Derek’s side and looked down, eyeing his out-stretched nut-sack and cock. The dancers all pulled harder to hold him in the perfect position for what Britney planned to do.

Derek began begging now, “Please, I won, you said I won. You promised. I won; you said if I won, I’d get to keep my balls. You can’t do this. I’ll do anything, anything. You can kick me some more. Or hit me with the shovel, won’t that be fun? As many times as you want, I’ll just stand there and let you.”

While obviously amused by his little rant, the girls were un-swayed. Lifting the sword over her head, Britney held it there far a second or two before a ‘swish’ sound was heard and suddenly the sword was pointing to the ground. Both Kiki and Tara fell backwards as what had been anchoring them was no longer attached. Paula tried to control the shaking and flailing male form, but after several seconds, just let him drop to the floor.

Bending down, Britney picked up the man’s cock and balls, which were still attached to one another as she had severed them all at the same time. “A complete package,” she said aloud. “Good, I can add it to my collection.”

The Rest of the Night

The rest of the night was a blur for David. He had been dragged over to the bed and stripped of all his clothing. The girls enjoyed slapping his cock and balls, watching flinch and cry out as they did. Then Britney mounted him once more and began raping him.

“Remember, if you come without permission…” she let her voice trail off and held up Derek’s genitals. “You get the point, right?” Britney rode him until she came and then let her dancers all take turns. Every time any of them thought he might be about to climax, they would punch or knee him harshly in the balls. This usually helped the sensation to pass and would elicit a whimpering “Thank you” from David.

The pop tart raped him four more times that night and had at least a dozen earth shattering orgasms. The other girls, including Kathy used him as well, but never let him cum, until nearly dawn.

In addition to pleasuring themselves with his cock, they did a variety of other activities that nigh. They practiced dance steps, watched TV, ate junk food and drank sodas. At one point, while watching MTV, an N’Sync video came on. Britney started going on about how she couldn’t believe that bastard had dumped her.

“Justin is such a wimp. I mean, I never kicked him that hard, just enough to make sex more fun. At least for me. If he loved me, wouldn’t he let me, I mean, is that too much to ask? One of these days, I’m going to get him alone and really have some fun with him. You think his voice is high pitched now, just wait.” David felt sorry for the poor boy band member, he had no idea what was in store for him.

At one point Britney broke out a guitar and started singing a song that she had written herself and was trying to finish. ‘This…is…horrible,’ David thought to himself. This girl cannot sing at all. Whatever those technicians do in the recording studio to her voice must be genius.

Later, David looked up to see Britney wearing a large dildo. And by large, I mean huge. It was at least 12 inches long and as big around as Britney’s wrist. She had it mounted on her crotch with a special harness. She was stroking it like she was masturbating, making exaggerated faces like a man might until she finally mimicked him ejaculating.

Then came, “Roll over,” she said to David, “Ass up.” David started to comply but apparently moved too slow and the three dancers helped him, holding his legs. He was positioned with his ass sticking straight up and face into the mattress, bent over.

He felt Britney positioning herself behind him and felt her hands on his hips. “Don’t worry, I’ll use lots of lube. At least the first time.” She told him as the dildo entered his rectum. The girls held him fast as he squirmed. If you’d have bet him before tonight on whether something that big could have been forced up his ass, he would have said no in an instant. He would have lost that bet. Apparently, little Britney’s powerful legs and body was good for pushing as well as kicking.

“Now, I understand why you guys love doing this to us soooooo much!” Britney announced with a sound of pleasure in her voice as she reamed poor David. She sodomized him for a long time. The girls added this particular fun activity to the list of others they had for him.

About 3 AM, they all fell asleep in a mass of limbs and bodies on the bed. Even David managed to get a little rest, at least until he felt Britney on top of him again, humping his cock. He opened his eyes and saw her ass bouncing up and down on him. She was riding him in reverse, all the while reaching down and punching him in the balls. This time though, she did let him cum. He blew his load after long minutes of her grinding his cock with her cunt and his nuts with her fists. After Britney fell asleep again, David remained awake until morning, not daring to even close his eyes.


It had been eight months since the night David had been introduced to Ms. Spears (he always called her Ms. Spears, even though she always asked him to call her Britney.) It had taken two months for his nightmares about that night to end, another 2 months more before he stopped seeing those horrible scenes when he was asleep at all. And two months ago he stopped flinching every time Ms. Spears touched him or walked up behind him.

David had been on tour with her since that night, performing several shows a week, traveling across the entire country and even spent three weeks in Europe. He had to admit that watching Britney that night had helped him become a much better dancer. He trained harder than anyone, did extra hours of rehearsal and put every ounce of energy into every show. He knew the penalties if he didn’t.

They were in Kansas City and had been for several days. Their next two shows had been cancelled, so they were staying in town while things got re-scheduled. David was in his hotel room when there was a knock at the door. It was Kathy; “Britney wants to see all the dancers in her suite ASAP. C’mon with me.” David grabbed a sweatshirt and closed the door behind him.

The two of them got on the elevator and started the trip up to the Presidential suite, where Britney was staying. “I remember what happened the last time we took an elevator ride like this,” he said nervously.

“So do I,” Kathy responded with a small laugh letting her eyes linger on David a few seconds longer than needed.

They got off on the top floor and approached Britney’s suite. Once in the main room, David saw her standing, talking on the phone. She smiled warmly at him and waved for him to come inside, motioning for him the wait for her. He couldn’t help eyeing her over as she stood on the other side of the room.

As usual, she was wearing an incredibly sexy and very revealing outfit, for what appeared to be no reason at all. ‘What, does she watch TV like that?’ he thought to himself, wondering why she dresses like she did.

She had on a sheer nightie that covered her shoulders, bare breasts, upper arms and came halfway down her stomach. It was light blue in color and was completely see through. Below that, she wore a matching g-string. The front barely covered her snatch and the rear was nothing but a thong that slid between her cheeks.

She had on a pair of black come-fuck-me pumps. Three inch heels with nothing but a thin strap over the toes and around the ankle to hold them on. Her toenails were painted purple and matched her fingernails. Around her neck was a gold chain with a large diamond cross hanging down in-between her breasts. She capped off the outfit with a dark blue beret.

David’s cock began hardening as he looked at her. This was a constant problem, ever since that night. Every time he saw her, no matter where or when, he would begin to become excited. Of course, knowing this, she did everything she could to find excuses to help the process along. Dressing in front of him, bending over where he could see her, rubbing up against him and the like.

Hanging the phone up, Britney walked over to David and Kathy, greeted them sweetly and motioned for them to follow her as she walked down the hall towards her bedroom. David was happy to oblige as it gave him the perfect view of her ass. As she walked, it swayed side to side beautifully. As he followed, David inquired of the two women, “So, what’s this get-together about?” “Oh, just a few staff changes I want to announce,” Britney told him with a nonchalant air.

The three of them walked into her large bedroom. David noticed that several people were sitting on a large L-shaped couch to his right. About half a dozen of the female dancers from the show were sitting there along with three young men he did not recognize.

Britney began introducing the three new men to the rest of the group. David was not listening intently; Britney’s ass was just too sweet for him to take his eyes off of. He did not hear their names but he did hear her say that the three men were new dancers. The words Britney had told him in the hall about ‘a few staff changes’ were also replaying in his head. David suddenly had a sickening feeling in his stomach.

He quietly asked, “Um, Ms. Spears, who are they replacing?” Britney turned to face David and pointed behind him. There, hanging by their wrists from a large beam over their heads and gagged, were two of David’s fellow dancers, Chad and Miguel, both completely nude and both with tremendous hard-ons. David also noticed a third set of chains hanging next to the other two, but these were empty.

David heard some movement behind him and turned back to see all six of the female dancers and Britney approaching him. “Now David, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about some issues regarding your performance.” Britney told him like she was giving him a stern lecture. “I just don’t think you’re going to work out here, ya’know, long term. So, I’m afraid I’ve decided not to renew your contract for the next set of shows. Now don’t fight David, it will only hurt worse if you do.”

With that, the six female dancers grabbed him, forced him to the ground and began stripping his clothes off, ignoring his pleas for help. Within minutes he was hung next to the other two boys, gagged and watching Britney laugh and talk to her dancers as she explained ‘the rules’ to them all.

Several hours later, as David’s vision faded and he started to fall into unconsciousness, the last thing he saw was Britney’s sweet face, her tiny fingers gently fondled his balls and her luscious lips wrapped around the tip of his cock, sucking on it gingerly. Normally, this would have been a great thing for him. If only Britney hadn’t been sitting on the other side of the room at the time.

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