Thursday, August 9, 2007


by KneeMe2

It was lunchtime at school. Josh was the new kid in class; his dad had transferred to Arizona with his work. Five girls, all about 16 were waiting in the corridor. They all had miniskirts, black nylon pantyhose and identical jackets - black with the word "Vixen" emblazoned on the back. Josh reached them, and had to pass through them as they were leading on each wall.

"Have you ever been bullied before?" one of them, probably the leader, asked.

"Er, no…" Josh replied continuing to walk, sensing a bit of danger. The end two stood to block his way.

The one on the left said, "Didn’t you know it’s rude not to stop when someone’s talking to you?"

"Can I get by please?" Josh asked.

"Only if you listen to Laura for a second," said the other looking at the leader who had spoken first. Josh turned to look at her.

"What do you want? I… I’ve got to get to the lunch hall…" Josh stuttered.

"I only asked if you’d been bullied before, because we are bullies, and you are our victim," said Laura matter-of-factly. "It’s quite easy really. You see, there are two rules: We tell you to do something - you do it; we want something that’s yours - you give it to us."

"But… but… what if I don’t want to?" Josh said looking for an escape route.

"Well you will want to, because if you don’t, we’ll knee you in the balls." Josh was shocked and a little embarrassed, and he showed it. He was only twelve and although he’d started getting wet dreams, he still was very innocent when it same to sex and "private parts".

"You’ve never been hit there before have you?" said Laura, noticing Josh squirm. She motioned to the other girls and quickly, before Josh had a chance to do anything, they grabbed him, one limb each, and pinned him to the wall.

"I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m sure you know that it’s going to hurt but until you’ve actually experienced being kneed between the legs, you can have no real idea how much pain it causes."

Josh was struggling so Laura slapped his face. "Stop struggling!" she yelled, then in a calm voice said, "Now it’s not worth preparing yourself for this. There is nothing you can do to cope with the pain you’re about to experience."

Stunned by the slap, Josh stood still as Laura held onto his shoulders for support. Then she quickly drew back her knee as far as it would go and, putting all her effort into it, sank her knee into his unprotected balls, forcing them into his pelvic bone. It really was a terrific blow, dead on target, trapping both balls and lifting Josh onto tiptoes. He grunted and exhaled. Almost instantly he felt an intense stabbing pain in his groin. It was horrible. He tried to move his hands to the area but they were still being held fast by two of the girls. He struggled but then the pain sprang up into his stomach intensifying horrifically into the familiar agonizing nauseating ache. He bent forward as far as the girls would let him and coughed several times. The color had drained from his face. He was in sickening agony.

"I bet you never thought anything could hurt that much," Laura said over the giggles of the other girls. "It must be quite a shock to find out that such a small part of your body can cause you so much pain. And it must be quite frightening to find out how easy it was for me to hurt you so badly." She motioned to the girls and they let him go. Without any muscle control Josh fell to the floor and curled into the fetal position, eyes moist, almost crying. There was nothing he could do. He was at the mercy of the two tiny eggs in his shorts sending wave upon wave of pain into his body. He couldn’t think straight; there was nothing but the pain.

The girls just watched Josh suffering on the ground without batting an eyelid. They’d done this many times before. They had been bullying boys for years. They loved the power a boy’s nuts gave them: the ability to inflict pain with ease. Of course they had no idea how bad the pain was but, judging by the victim’s reaction, it was severe. It was so bad a boy would do anything, or give them anything, rather than feel it.

Sometimes the girls just liked kicking boys in the nuts for fun. It seemed to make them feel all the more powerful to cause a boy to suffer for no reason. They loved how a one second kick from them that they thought nothing about would knock a boy out of action for quarter of an hour, cause him pain for hours afterwards and it would be something he would remember all his life.

After five minutes, still in intense pain, Josh regained the ability to think and move again, and started to get up.

"Feeling a little better are we?" asked Laura in a sneer. "Good, because now Tara wants to knee you."

"Yes, that’s right little boy," said Tara. "We all get to knee you." As she spoke, Josh was again captured by his limbs and held up against the wall. He struggled, but there was little fight left in him.

"We could have all done it one after the other," said Laura. "But we love watching boys suffer and then just when they think it’s over and the pain is going, Bam! We knee them again."

"No, please…" pleaded Josh.

"I’m sorry boy, you have to learn your lesson," said Laura. "Ok, ready Tara?"

"I’ll do anything you want…" Josh continued to plead, and unable to hold it back any longer, he began to cry.

"I know you will," said Laura looking at Tara, who drew her knee back and hit Josh again in the balls.

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Why couldn't this happen to me. Amazing women