Friday, August 10, 2007

Burglar Pushes His Luck

By noriko

This story is dedicated to doig who inspired it and to Knackers the king of BB. The moral is not to try to burgle single women (I think).

Bong, clatter, clatter, clatter…

Mary awoke with a start. Something had fallen over in the other room but why at this time of night?

Getting out of bed, she straightened her short white nightgown, which was the only thing she was wearing and went out to see what the noise was. The gown was white, with a pattern of little bears on it - she had bought it at a sale because she had thought it was cute, despite the fact that it really was too short. But seeing as she was a single woman living alone, she did not consider modesty to be a major factor when buying nightgowns. And the flat was well heated so she did not worry much about it being too cold. But somehow, tonight there seemed to be a slight draft, as if somebody had left a window open. She felt it on her feet and up into her nether regions. Something was not right here.

Her feet made no noise as her bare feet crossed the soft wall-to-wall carpeting into the kitchen, from which the sound had come. Clang, clang! Something had fallen over; perhaps a cat had somehow gotten in through one of the windows.

Mary flicked the kitchen light on. In the kitchen, a youngish man was standing, trying to tiptoe into the next room. A cold draft came in from where he had somehow managed to open a window. Mary was shocked to see him but seemingly not as shocked as he was to see her. He had quite a start when the light was switched off and took some steps back, banging into the table.

"I, I didn't know anyone was here," he stuttered.

A burglar! Of all the nerve! Anger overtook Mary's good sense. How dare a burglar break into her house!

"Get out!" She screamed at him. "Get out of my house!"

The burglar seemed confused for a second but then he slowly looked her up and down. A smallish blonde thirty-something woman with huge hooters and really nice legs, perhaps he didn't have to run away and waste a night's work. It wasn't like he was being confronted by Mike Tyson here - why did he have to listen to this broad? Why, in fact, he could shut her up and rape her and get some bonus fun in the bargain. The burglar grabbed a knife off her knife rack and pointed its blade at her.

"Shut up!" he ordered.

Mary paused a second. But inside her she felt it. She couldn't lose. She couldn't allow her home to be violated like this.

"Get out of my house!" she screamed. "Get out!"

"Oh yeah, sweetcakes," responded the burglar, taking a step towards her. "What are you going to do? I've got a knife. Shut up or you'll get hurt."

"What are you going to do?" What was she going to do? He had a knife but Mary fixed her eyes on the bulge in his trousers. If she could just hit there hard enough this nightmare would be over.

"If you don't get out, YOU will get hurt!" shouted back Mary, trying not to sound afraid. "I should warn you that I know just what to do against aggressive males. Take one step closer and I'll kick your balls up through your head. I know how to do it. I can kick very hard."

The burglar stopped. His balls could get hurt. But it could never happen. He had a knife.

"I have a knife," he said.

"My legs are longer than your arms, even when you're holding a knife," said Mary, trying to sound threatening. "Oh and don't think you can save yourself by pressing your legs together - I can kick your balls from in front. I know just where to hit, between the penis and the thigh."

Mary took a step forward and the burglar instinctively retreated. Could she really do that? Could she really kick his balls before he could stab her?

"If you want to have kids, get out NOW!" shouted Mary, advancing as the blood rushed to her head. "I can kick there hard enough to kill you. I kick very fast - you won't have time to block."

The burglar backed up, right into a table. There was nowhere more to retreat. As he hit the table Mary took another step forward, her eyes still fixed on his crotch. She could see nothing else - her eyes were fixated just on that one point. He didn't seem too confident - maybe she could scare him away. But if the chance came, she would finish this with one shot. As he had retreated against the table, it was suddenly just in range.

Whack! Mary snapped her leg out as hard and as fast as she could at her target, sending her skirt up to reveal her girl parts for all to see. The burglar's hand went down to defend his boy parts. It was bone against bone Shit! He had managed to block! Oh hell! Mary felt a sickening sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Sheesh, that was close," thought the burglar, as suddenly a sickening pain crept through his stomach. His legs went together as his left hand reached out to cradle his balls. In a flash he understood he had blocked most of the kick but the tips of her toes had made contact. The pain was unbearable.

Mary turned to run but then she realized the grimace of pain on the burglar's face. "Oooof!" he groaned as his thighs pressed together and his left hand went down to his groin. The knife was still in his right hand, waving at her to keep her away. It couldn't be; she hadn't felt any contact at all; could it be that she had hit his balls?

The burglar slowly bent forward but the knife was still in his hand. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" he screamed. She couldn't kick his balls now; he was bent too far forward.

"I kicked you there once and I can kick you there again," warned Mary, her confidence returning, the wave of panic slowly wearing off. "Next time I'll break them. Get out of my house now, while you still can!"

The burglar was confused. He wanted to get out but he didn't figure he could run in all this pain. He held his knife out as far as it would go to keep her away. He could still fight. He had to recover! He had to get this bitch. His knife was all the way out; this could be her only chance! Mary's mother and older sister had always told her that it completely disables a man to be hit in that spot. "If you get into trouble, hit him there as hard as you can and leave it to the ambulance teams." Even if now he was only half-disabled, she could beat him. Boys aren't that much stronger and when fighting at half-power.

Mary seized the burglar's knife hand, twisting it hard try to make him drop the knife. The burglar held on, but the bent over position he was in allowed him precious little balance and he toppled with her to the floor, as she trapped his forearm under her armpit, her back facing towards him.

"Drop the knife!" she shouted at him, as both hands wrestled with his fingers. "Drop the knife!" It was too late to turn back now; she had her back to him and even if he were to lose the knife he could wrestle a woman into submission from behind. He had to save his hand though; where were her weak points?

The burglar remembered then what his father and older brother had told him that it completely disables a woman to hit her in that spot. "If you get into trouble, kick her there as hard as you can and leave it to the ambulance teams." [Editor’s comment: I wonder how many dads give their sons such advice]

Her nightgown was up and her fat ripe female buttocks were in the open for all to see - in between them was the target. The burglar tried to knee it but hit her in the rump and then in the thighs. She was wrenching the fingers of his right hand back and he couldn't aim. OUCH!!!! The pain in his fingers was getting to be too much and the knife could no longer be held. Her neck! Nobody is immune to being strangled.

Chucking the knife as far away as he could with his right hand, the burglar's left arm wrapped around her neck and he squeezed as hard as he could. As he let go of the knife, she lunged for it, letting the burglar's right hand free. He couldn't let her have it! Mary's fingers were almost around the knife, when the burglar pulled her back with a mighty yank. Both of them fell backwards.

"You bitch!" screamed the burglar, tightening his stranglehold. "You bitch! I'll make you suffer!"

No! This had gone too far! She was not going to give up! Mary struggled as she had never struggled before in her life, throwing her assailant from side to side as she struggled back to her feet. But her arms were like steel - he wouldn't let go. From room to room they struggled, knocking over furniture, each trying to slam the other into anything and everything available. Mary threw her head back hard in a backwards head butt, but hit only air. She had to get out somehow. She was low on oxygen.

Recalling all the rape prevention advice she had ever heard, Mary spread her legs, dropping her center of gravity. The burglar didn't understand what she was doing until it was too late. Tugging on her arm and bending over forwards, she succeeded in hauling him over her shoulder and onto the floor in front of her, breaking the headlock.

The burglar hit the floor with a thud but came back with surprising tenacity. Mary, desperately gulping for oxygen, hardly even saw him coming, but she lunged in to meet him. This was her house. She was not going to lose! She wasn't quite sure what happened next but somehow the burglar's head ended up between her thighs and she clamped them together. This nightmare had to end! She had to finish it! Mary hit and hit - she didn't care where anymore. She just wanted to stop him. His back, the back of his neck, his kidneys. Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Stop it, please," whimpered the burglar, scratching at Mary's soft thighs trying to get out. She clamped down even harder. Maybe she could crush his skull like in the James Bond movies?

"Help me," whimpered the burglar. Yeah, she would help him all right. One shot in the right spot and he would be immobilized. One hit to his genitals and it would be all over. She reached over the back.

SLAM! As her balance was tilted by bending forwards over him, the burglar instinctively felt the danger and lowered his groin out of the way, rearing up his head and sending Mary sailing over him backwards onto the floor behind him.

But she was too hyped. As he turned, she was already back to her feet. The burglar fired off a punch but just then she grabbed him by the shirt and brought up her knee into his juices. The punch to the face stung but she could still fight. The burglar however let out a low "Oooooh" and slowly sank to the floor

"What's wrong, big guy?” she taunted him and he rolled himself up into a ball on the floor. "Hurt your little nads? I can hurt them a lot worse, you know."

"You fucking bitch!" croaked out the burglar, trying to get up, but a wave of nausea overtook him and he just threw up. Mary grabbed one leg under one arm, the other leg under the other arm and spread them. The burglar could no longer resist.

"No, no, please," he begged, but it was too late. The job became one for the ambulance team

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