Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Burglars Knocked Out By A Pretty Woman

(translated from Italian) by Ivan

Daniel and I were two professional petty thieves. Our ‘job’ included robbing the stores and houses. In addition, we often committed the so-called ‘sexual robbery’. That is: we deliberately chose female victims so that after we forced them to give us all their valuable belongings, we could relieve our sexual instinct on them.

In a cold evening of November we decided to ‘visit’ a ladies wear store located in the suburb area of our town. We planned to clean out the safety box of the store, which was supposed to be always full of money, as the owner of the store did not deposit the money in the bank daily. As we came closer to our target, we noticed that the store’s rolling door was partially closed. Inside of the store we could see the light. Daniel came closer to the store to check.

He said, "Hey Robby! There is a lady in there.” I took a look. Daniel was right. The store’s owner was standing in front of the desk counter to keep a record of the income of the day! No living soul was seen on street at that moment.

I looked at Daniel and said, "What do you think of robbery plus fucking?"

He replied, "Great idea! You know, I have always been dreaming of fucking that bitch. I think tonight is just the right time!" Julia (that was the name of the lady) was a beautiful blond woman. She was around 38 years old. She let her hair grow long. She had blue eyes and a marvelous body although she was pretty petite. Actually, she only measured about 160 cm. However, like Daniel said, "She’s a surely a gorgeous bitch to fuck together”.

We then decided to get in the store. Taken by surprise, the lady let out a weak yell. Somehow, being confronted unexpectedly with two men wearing black leather jackets and black hoods covering their face was obviously not a pleasant surprise.

"Hey bitch!" said Daniel. "How about a little fun together? You’re scared of two guys like us, eh? But, if you’re nice to us, we won’t hurt you. I bet you’ll enjoy it too!" The lady did not seem to be too worried or scared. But we were not really aware of it. Daniel went behind the counter desk and then pulled the lady to the center of the store. At that moment we could see her full appearance. In reality, she was a very modest lady. She wore a gray suit made of flannel and a skirt above her knees, a pair of gray leather high-heeled shoes and superb black stockings. She also wore a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck. In short, she was indeed an attractive babe.

Daniel took her by the shoulders from behind and held her tight with his strong arms while I was coming near her.

I said, "Okay, now let me show you my huge dick, baby!” I then unzipped my blue jeans and pulled out my hard dick.

"Daniel, hold her tight!" I guess Daniel was horny too as I could tell from the big bulge in his pants.

At this point, the lady whispered, "You guys are assholes!" At the same time she raised her sexy leg. The toe of her shoe landed on the base of my fully erect dick. I had not expected the attack, which caused me so much pain though it failed to hit my balls. I bent forward in agony. Then the lady, without even setting her foot back on the floor, used the same leg to crash my mouth with the toe of her shoe. At that moment, I felt the hard leather of her shoe hitting my gums. At the same time I rolled over on the floor. The blow was awful. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. As I was rolling over, I could see the lady give some blows in a row to Daniel’s solar plexus. And when he loosened his grip she turned around and immediately pulled his head by the hair and then merciless smashed his face to her raising knee. The impact was dreadful; I heard a horrible ‘craaakk’. I realized right away that the bitch had broken Daniel’s nose. In less than ten seconds I was in a horrible condition with aching dick and bloody mouth while my friend Daniel was leaning on the counter desk holding his broken nose with both his hands.

At this point Julia shouted, "Hey bastards! What’s going on? You’ve lost your guts, or what? Are you scared of a helpless and weak woman?"

Daniel, feeling very annoyed and not wanting to lose his pride as a representative of the ‘stronger sex’ said, "Okay bitch! I’ll show you who we are!" and then he tried to deliver a punch to her face with his fist. But, the lady skillfully blocked his fist with her left forearm and attacked back instantly with a front kick that struck Daniel’s chin with her sharp toe. Daniel screamed and covered his face with his hands. And again, she gave Daniel another accurate front kick. This time her shoe landed exactly between his legs. The blow was overwhelming. I heard Daniel scream in unbearable pain, "Ooouuubbbhhh!" He fell on his knees with his hands grabbing his painful balls. Julia walked up to him and again pulled his hair to give him another knee strike on his face – sblammm! Daniel fell down and was half-conscious on the counter desk.

I got up and staggered a little bit and there she was! The lady who seemed to be happy with the ‘job’ she had just done to Daniel turned around and looked at me with a teasing smile.

“Well macho man! See what happened to your friend? He was knocked out by a woman. What a shame, eh?” Filled with rage, I pulled out my knife. I moved ahead while cutting the air.

“Now you’ll see if you still can laugh bitch!" When I was about 2 meters from her I said, "Come on! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

"Okay asshole! But watch this first!" she said while slowly pulling her skirt up till her black stockings were clearly seen. For a moment, I was distracted. I could not help not glancing at her sexy thigh. And this turned out to be a very big mistake because she then quickly kicked my wrist. My knife flew and hit the ceiling. So, I tried to punch her with my fist but the movement made me lose my balance and I became totally uncovered. As a result, I received a hard circular kick on my face that made me jerk. The kick was immediately followed by another, hitting my cheekbone. Her sharp shoe heel tore the skin under my eye. I covered my face with my hands. But, then she stroke again with a front kick on my mouth. I could feel how the cold leather of her shoe destroyed my mouth. My head is spinning. I could not see clearly. However, I remembered seeing and hearing her say these words with a big smile.

"Okay big macho man! How about testing these Golden Lady stockings? You know, the quality is the best and they are made of very resistant material. I guess nobody is better than a thug like you to test them!" Then she took one of her shoes off. I could see her foot covered with black stocking. I also noticed that there was sort of strengthening padding that partially covered her beautiful toes. At that moment I felt an excruciating pain on my testicles. I almost immediately knew that the new stocking had hit my nads. I fell on my knees grabbing myself with both my hands in an attempt to protect my balls, though I realized that it was definitely too late. I was half-conscious. But I could still see that the punishment was not over yet. I was terrified and desperate. And Julia, without setting her foot back to the floor, continued the torture. She kicked my face. I saw the stocking covered foot coming to my face at full speed. For a moment I felt the strengthening padding smash my face. Soon I felt a terrible pain when my temples broke due to the impact. My nose was also broken! All because of a female deadly weapon… the stockings!!

Julia put her shoe on. She looked so happy. But, at that moment Daniel got up and quickly grabbed Julia again from behind in a bear hug to make sure she couldn’t use her arms for any possible attack. Daniel didn’t want to repeat the mistake he’d made before. But, since he focused too much on avoiding the elbow strikes, he did not notice that the lady had another weapon! In fact, she stepped hard using her sharp shoe heel on Daniel’s foot, who screamed in agony. As he moved slightly, Julia, without even turning around, used the same leg to kick Daniel exactly between his two large balls with her sharp shoe. Daniel squealed like hell and bent forward grabbing his manhood.

At this point Julia said, "Hey macho, I don’t think it is a bad idea for you to also test my Golden Lady stockings!” With a light movement she took her shoe off and repeated the same action. This time the target was Daniel’s face that was still doubled over in pain. The impact was awful! Julia’s foot struck his mouth breaking his lower lip. The blood came out from his mouth. Daniel finally fell down on the floor.

The sexy woman put her shoe on and went behind the counter desk. She took 2 brand new packs of Golden Lady stockings. She opened both packs. She then came to me still lying helplessly on the floor. She tied both my hands and ankles. Next, she did the same thing to Daniel who was also totally knocked out. I could hear him moan in agony. Two large muscular guys weighing each 90 kg like us could be beaten by a small lady who only weighed 50 kg!. What a humiliation! My pride as a man was totally destroyed. I guess Daniel felt the same way.

Soon after, Julia called the police with her cellular phone. And while she was waiting for the police, I witnessed the most embarrassing scene that made me really ashamed to be born as a man. The lady walked to Danny who was completely helpless on the floor. She took her shoe off and stepped her foot on Daniel’s face. Then she slowly fixed her stocking gently smoothing the ankle and the calf.

"Wow!! These new stockings are really lovely and very tough. I knocked out these two criminals, but I don’t see even one single ladder!”


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