Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busted by Mom

by snowdevil

Hey everybody! Thanks for the responses. Anyway, here's the story like I promised you.

It was March of my sixth grade year. At the time I was twelve and my brother was fourteen. Since we were both in the early adolescent stage of our lives, we were both pretty antsy and were always at each other's throats. Naturally, the slightest altercation had the potential to turn into a vicious fight. Even though he was two years older, I was always bigger and stronger than him so I generally had the upper hand whenever we would tangle.

One day after school we were both in the kitchen making sandwiches. He needed to get a butter knife from a drawer that I was standing in front of. Rather than ask me to move, he pushed me out of the way. I responded by slamming the drawer shut with his hand still inside. Then he got mad and advanced on me, at which time I hauled off and punched him in the face. Stunned by the blow, he fell backward and I used the opportunity to tackle him and pin him to the floor. I continued my assault, alternating between punching his face and slamming his head into the stone tile floor.

My mother had been in the next room when this all started and upon hearing the commotion, she rushed into the kitchen. At this time my brother's face was really red and there was blood coming of his left nostril and the left corner of his mouth (I'm a righty). She screamed at me to get off my brother, but I didn't pay any attention and continued pasting him. Then she tried to grab me and pull me off of him, but I just pushed her away and continued to wail on him. My mother is a very small women, about 4'11” and 95 pounds and, because my brother and I were both developing rapidly, she was no longer able to control us physically. For the most part we were obedient children but at the time I was so enraged that I wouldn't listen to anything.

Since my father wasn't home to pull us apart the way he normally would, my mother became frantic as my brother got more and more beat up. The way that I was positioned over my brother was that I had my feet planted on either side of his waist and was crouched over him as I pummeled away. That put me in perfect position for a testicle shot. Fearing for my brother's welfare, and not knowing what else to do, my mom ran up behind me and booted me right in the balls with her running sneakers. It was a direct hit; she came under them and up and nailed me right in the center of the sack with the hard rubber tip of her shoe. I don't know if she meant to do it that hard or if that was from the adrenaline rush she had to have been feeling, but she kicked me so hard it felt like my balls had been booted up into my throat!

I let out a high-pitched scream and rolled off my brother, crumpling beside him into a little ball on the floor. My balls were absolutely on fire and my eyes welled up with tears. My mother helped my brother up off the floor. He didn't know what had just happened because he was too dazed from the beating he'd just received. Then my mother took my brother out of the room, leaving me on the floor, moaning and clutching my aching nuts.

After about ten minutes I was able to get up and go to my room. My mom never came back to check up on me. I think she felt mortified with the whole situation and wanted to pretend like it never happened, which is pretty much what I wanted to do as well. My balls were bruised and swollen and I continued to experience pain for the next week, but after I was fine.

We've never spoken about it and I'm quite confident that no one but the two of us even knows that it ever took place. I'm sure that if I brought it up to her now she'd vehemently deny that she ever did that. Not that I would want to even mention it. Like the rest of you, I do enjoy a good kick in the nuts but I certainly didn't get off on this experience.

The summer before, my little sister kicked me in the nuts (the first of several that she would dole out to me) and I have to admit that I did get a rush from it but it getting from your mother just feels really weird and awkward. Things like that just aren't supposed to happen, you know? I can't really describe the feeling to you guys; all I can say is that if you imagine how that would make you feel that's about how I felt.

So that's my story. I'm not into being busted by my mom, but it's something that did happen to me and it's not the kind of story you hear very often so I thought that I'd share it with the community. Thanks for listening!

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