Friday, August 10, 2007

Cards for Kicks!

by Painseeker

***F/m (s&m, ball-crushing)***

I couldn't believe that it was already midnight. Where had all the time gone? We had been playing cards for hours now and Dave was complaining that he was really tired. Since Dave and I were only seventeen years old, there wasn't much we could have done that night anyway. Dave, his younger sister Rochelle, and I were playing poker with quarters. This was actually a lot of money for us, since it added up quickly, and unfortunately we weren't having too much fun. At least I wasn’t since I kept losing.

Finally, Dave decided to go to sleep and he left the room and went upstairs. Dave and Rochelle's parents were out of town and it was just her and I downstairs playing cards now. Rochelle also had her friend Jennifer over, but she had fallen asleep in the other room a long time ago. The TV was also on, but it was really only providing background noise for us. Rochelle was only fourteen years old, but she was extremely attractive for her age. She had long, dark black hair and dark eyes. She was also pretty naturally tan. She was fairly tall for her age, maybe five and a half feet tall. She had a thin, athletic build that she had developed over the years from swimming (also where she got the tan), karate, and just being rambunctious in general. She was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants, and she was barefoot. Rochelle had unbelievably beautiful feet and they were big too! She was already wearing a size 8 or so and her feet were long and thin. Her sexy feet had great arches; soft, large round heels that were to die for; the balls of her feet were wide and smooth; her toes were pretty, and she had nice ankles; and thin, well-defined Achilles tendons. Her calve muscles were really cut and powerful, and she had nice legs in general, but her feet were just incredible. I just loved the way her entire body was more or less covered except for those gorgeous feet.

Rochelle was slouching in a comfortable, deep round chair and I was sitting in another. We were sitting in such a way that our chairs were facing each other. I think that Rochelle knew that I found her attractive and that I had a thing for her feet. A while ago, while playing cards, she innocently placed her feet in my lap, very close to my testicles, as though it had no effect on me. I loved her boldness. She didn't bother to ask and she didn't care to know whether or not I objected. I sat there with my legs spread pretty wide, putting one leg of mine on the arm of her chair, and with her feet so close to my balls; I became hard as a rock. Every now and again, she would kind of roll her ankles and stretch her feet, sometimes moving them extremely close to my sexual organs. I had maintained a raging erection for some time now. I'm pretty sure that she knew about it too. However, Rochelle was just teasing me. She liked to tease guys, but she still wasn’t very interested in guys yet and she was always competing with them. She just loved competing against guys in karate and defeating them. She was already a young feminist.

When Dave left, there was an odd feeling now in the room. Rochelle and I continued to play cards and since we didn't have a whole lot to talk about, we began to pay more attention to the TV. Some karate commercial came on and Rochelle got excited. She began to brag about how good she was at karate and how well she did at her last tournament. After listening to her babble about how many guys she was able to defeat and how she was part of a special self-defense presentation, I had heard enough and was annoyed.

"Yeah, whatever little girl," I teased her, "You couldn't hurt a fly if you wanted to." That comment really pissed her off.

"I bet that I could easily take you down wimp. You don't know karate. I’d kick your ass," she asserted.

"I don't need to know karate to kick your butt," I said.

"I bet that I could easily win a fight against you," she challenged.

"What makes you so sure?" I inquired. There was a slight pause.

"Your weakness," she responded matter-of-factly.

"My weakness? What the hell are you talking about? What weakness?" I asked, pretty upset that she challenged my assumption of my own invulnerability. She put her cards down and smiled at me.

"Your weakness. You're a boy. All boys have this weakness," she said as she placed the sole of her foot right in my crotch. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned. I almost came in my shorts. I remember looking down at her foot in my crotch and then back up at her grinning face.

"Wow, you're pretty excited aren't you?" she taunted as she began to lightly pump her foot into my crotch. I was so embarrassed and my face must have been more red than a fire truck, but I didn't want to stop her since she was really turning me on. She brought her other foot into my crotch and she was now pushing the undersides of both her heels into my balls.

"Weakness, huh? Are you referring to the fact that boys get excited and distracted when girls are around?" I asked. She removed her feet from my crotch and placed them back on my lap, crossing one leg over the other. I was so turned on and I was aching to feel her touch again. However, her response really began to turn me off.

"No. I'm talking about your puny, little testicles. Guys have external genitalia, which make the perfect targets for female feet. They are so small, fragile, vulnerable, and sensitive beyond belief! I could easily crack those eggs of yours if I really wanted to. With just one kick, you'd be on the floor crying, holding your precious little nuts and trying to catch your breath." she said, as she picked her hand of cards back up to continue playing as if the whole conversation had not taken place. I couldn't believe her nerve. I couldn’t let her end the conversation that way.

"You're overconfidence is your weakness. You might be successful against other little boys and girls, but how do you know that you'd be successful against older boys?" I asked.

"Experience," she said with cool confidence. She then lifted her leg up and flexed her foot back so that the underside of her foot was right in my face. "See this foot? It’s rather large. It breaks boards in half. Your little ballsies are no match. They’d get crushed for sure. Pop! You would be singing soprano for the rest of your life," she said coldly and yet with a smile.

"Little ballsies, huh? Wouldn't you like to know?" I said.

"I already do know, "she responded, "I just felt them through your sweat pants a few seconds ago. Trust me, they’re pretty small. Aren’t you seventeen?" I became less and less turned-on as she continued to insult me.

"Look, are we going to play cards or what?" I asked.

"Getting a little upset aren’t we? Okay," she said, "I'll raise you eight quarters then."

"Eight quarters!" I exclaimed. "I'm already in debt. How much do I owe you now?" I asked.

"About twenty bucks," she smiled. "Are you gonna fold or do you have the balls to see my raise?" she asked.

"There’s no way I’d ever let you win," I said, "I'll see your raise and raise you an additional three quarters." I was confident. I had three aces, the four of diamonds, and the ten of spades. I also wanted to get out of debt, since this was turning out to be a big hand.

"You can't raise me again!" she bickered.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because you're already so far in debt! How do I know that I will ever see this money? I'm sick of you writing 'I owe you' notes! You better pay up or else I’ll kick your ass!" she exclaimed.

"Whatever," I said. There was a pause. Suddenly, Rochelle began to grin.

"I tell you what. I'll allow you to raise me only under one condition," she said. "What's that?" I inquired, knowing that she was in control since I was so far in debt. "If I win this hand, you have to back up your talk earlier and spar with me for fifteen full minutes," she said. "Okay," I answered. "Full contact," she continued. "That's fine," I said. "No cup allowed," she added. Her demand was not as shocking to me as the fact that she even knew I had a cup with me. "How did you know that I had my cup with me?" I asked. "Duhhh! You guys are playing football tomorrow. I assumed that you were smart enough to bring something along to protect your precious, little family jewels." she said. "Do we have a deal?" she grinned. I looked at my hand and regained my confidence. "Okay. But if I win, this is the last hand. If you see my raise and then I win, I won't owe you anything right?" I asked. "Right," she said. "And if I win, you have to massage my crotch with your feet like you did earlier for fifteen minutes," I demanded. "Oh, you don’t have to worry about that," she winked, "Your little ballsies will see plenty of my feet after I win this hand." We were both staring at each other and we were both obviously anxious to see what was going to happen.

"Okay, I’ll see your raise and I call! What do you have?" she demanded. I showed my hand.

"Three aces, beat that!" I exclaimed. She smiled. Uh-oh, I thought to myself. She showed her hand. She had three twos, an ace, and the six of clubs.

"Ha!" I exclaimed, "Aces are high! My three aces beats your three twos! You lose!" I got up and started dancing, gloating over my victory.

Rochelle just grinned and said, "Twos are wild, in case you forgot moron! Therefore, I have four aces. So laugh it up, because my four aces beats your three aces, and soon my feet are going to beat your little ballsies! I think that you are the loser! It’s over for you pal. The fat lady is singing... and what a coincidence, she’s singing soprano!" I was standing in front of her and she was still sitting in her chair. My jaw dropped. She was right and I couldn't believe it. She took my hands and held them. I didn’t resist.

She planted the sole of her foot up into my crotch. I didn’t resist. She looked into my eyes and said, "Too bad for poor, little John and his poor, little private parts. Thought you won, but you actually lost. I bet that must be painful, huh? Well, we’ll have to find out just how painful it is, won’t we?" She paused for a moment, keeping her foot in my crotch and still maintaining eye contact. Then she continued, "I think you should go to the bathroom before we begin. I don't want you to wet your shorts or anything when I kick you where it hurts! You're mine... for fifteen minutes... full contact... no cup!" I got up and walked to the bathroom, still in shock.


When I came back, Rochelle was warming up. She was doing front kicks, back kicks, and all sorts of things. I just sat on the floor and watched her as I stretched. I was angry about the predicament that I was in, but I was still focused on her large, sexy feet. The fact that her sexy feet might soon inflict enormous amounts of pain on me actually made them more attractive to me for some reason. Suddenly she spoke.

"You know, I've been thinking... and you really ought to wear your cup. It's okay with me, I really don't mind. It was actually kind of mean of me to insist that you don't wear it. After all, you really are going to need it. You, your future wife, and your children will thank me later." Her comments made me even angrier. She was so cocky.

"I don't need your charity. Besides, you're dreaming if you think that you pose any threat to me little girl," I said.

"No, I'm serious," she continued, "I want you to be able to have kids one day. Don't be stupid."

"I'm a man. I can take whatever you can dish out, assuming you land anything at all," I said. There was a pause. She seemed frustrated.

"Look, I'm really not joking about this. Put your cup on stupid! One solid kick to the groin can easily make you sterile! Aren't you at all afraid that I might crush a testicle? Do you really want to risk walking funny, talking with a high-pitched voice, and not being able to have kids? Because that is precisely what is going to happen if I kick you in the nuts hard enough and you aren’t wearing a cup. Do you really want me to destroy your balls?" she persisted.

"I'm not afraid of you at all. I'm twice your size and I’m not about to risk being teased about being defeated by a little girl," I responded. Again there was a pause. I continued to stretch.

"I know that you think that I am pretty small, but my feet are much, much bigger than your little ballsies and I do have a lot of muscles in my legs. Plus, your balls are soft and my feet are hard. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will happen when my feet kick your little testicles at high speeds. Look, I won this bet fair and square and I want to be able to go all out and not hold back. If you aren’t wearing a cup, then I can't do that. I'll be too worried. If I land a swift, well-placed kick and we both hear a loud ‘pop,’ - we’ll know that you won’t be able to have children one day. Well, I suppose that depends on whether I rupture just one or both of your testicles. But still, I’d feel horrible. And, actually, you’d feel even worse. Trust me," she explained.

The answer seemed simple to me. "Then don't kick me below the belt," I suggested. She really didn't seem satisfied with that proposal.

She continued, "When I fight boys, I like to go for the balls! Testicles fascinate me. They're the center of your manhood, and yet they dangle so vulnerably between your legs, just waiting to get kicked and crushed! They are the perfect kicking bag! I want to fight you the way I like to fight all boys, but I’ll feel terrible if I do any permanent damage! If you don't wear a cup, those poor, little ballsies of yours will not last very long! Does the term ‘ruptured testicles’ mean anything to you? Would you like for me to get the phone number of the guy who got his testicles ruptured by my friend Jennifer? Do you have any idea how much it would hurt if your nuts got crushed by my feet? Like I said before, my feet break boards in half. They can easily rupture your precious, little family jewels. Don’t you want to have children one day? Please wear the stupid cup!"

She was really starting to piss me off. "Look you little bitch, enough about this! I already agreed to spar with you. You can stop trying to scare me now. I'm not going to hold anything back either. Like I said, the last thing I need is to hear people tease me about how a little girl beat me up. I'm not going to wear a cup, because I already agreed not to wear one and because you aren't going to hurt me anyway. You can't hurt me. You're just a little girl. I'm a boy and I am older. You don't stand a chance. Go ahead and try to kick me below the belt, you won't be able to. Even if you get lucky and land a few kicks there, I can take it. You should be more worried about me beating the shit out of you, since you are so full of it! You’re gonna be crying and screaming like the helpless, little, weak girl that you are." I said, now furious about her condescending manner. She had already insulted me earlier by calling my testicles small. I was going to show her. Besides, she was only fourteen years old. Her kicks couldn’t hurt my balls that much, could they? I had never really been kicked down there before, so I wouldn't know.

"Now you're in for it wimp!" she said angrily, obviously upset by my last few comments, "I was just trying to be nice, but forget about it! Now I'm really going to bust your balls good! I hope that I do crush a testicle or even both of them! That will show you to be so stupid and arrogant! I can't wait to land some powerful groin kicks and feel your little round balls of manhood explode! Splat! I always have wondered what it would feel like to bust someone’s balls. I hope that you jerked off when you were in the bathroom, because you're never going to function properly down there again! You're going to scream in agony when I kick you as hard as I can right where the sun don’t shine! Your little ballsies are gonna get squashed like grapes and you’ll be sterile! Your nuts will lose their shape, crushed by my feet! What a mess! You'll never enjoy sex and you'll never have children! I'm going to show no pity now, you dumbass! You're going to regret this for the rest of your life, and so will your wife, if you ever have one!" Wow, she was really pissed now! She must have ranted for a good minute or so! I admit that I was now becoming quite scared. After all, I never have seen her fight before and I have never seen her so mad too! I didn't know what to say.

Suddenly, Jennifer walked into the room and asked what was going on. Jennifer was Rochelle's friend who was spending the night at their house also. Jennifer is also the girl who ruptured a boy’s testicles at Rochelle’s dojo. Apparently Rochelle's screaming woke her up. The funny thing about Jennifer being Rochelle's friend is the fact that Jennifer is older than both of us. She is twenty years old. The two of them became friends since they both practice karate at the same dojo. Jennifer happens to be gorgeous also. She is a couple of inches taller than me, standing at about six feet tall. She has beautiful blue eyes and long, blond hair that she wears in a ponytail. She was wearing a T-shirt, skimpy shorts that showed off her sexy legs, and she was barefoot. Jennifer has a very athletic build, but she isn’t as skinny as Rochelle. Jennifer is also fairly pale, but beautiful nonetheless. She also has unbelievably huge, sexy feet. She wears a size 12! and she has long and very wide feet with nice arches; very, very large, round heels that are to die for; and bulging Achilles tendons. In short, Jennifer was a knockout and a dream come true for any guy with a foot fetish.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jennifer asked.

"Since I won in poker, dork here has to spar with me for fifteen minutes... full contact... no cup! I’m going to kick him in the groin so hard that he’ll faint, holding the vestiges of his manhood! His little nuts are gonna burst!" Rochelle said.

"Wait a minute. You can’t do that; you might kill him. C’mon Rochelle, you know that a powerful kick to the groin could make a man sterile and can possibly kill him!" Jennifer asserted. I gulped. I didn’t know that a groin kick could be fatal.

"That’s just too bad. Originally I insisted that he not wear a cup, but then I changed my mind and gave him the chance to wear one. But he was too stubborn and he insisted on insulting me on top of it. He’s toast now! I’m going to ruin his sex life!" exclaimed Rochelle.

"Still, you don’t really want to make him sterile over this do you?" asked Jennifer.

Rochelle just smiled at me and said, "He has no use for them anyway. No girl in her right mind would ever want him!"

Jennifer tried to reason with Rochelle and said, "Still, do you really want to hurt him that badly?" I couldn’t believe it; Jennifer was actually defending me. She has always disliked me since I am always flirting with her. In fact, Jennifer is always threatening to kick my ass, and now she is possibly going to save me from a lot of pain and possible sterility.

"Jennifer, you know he deserves it! You’ve always wanted to kick him in the nuts! Tell me you wouldn’t love to be in my position right now," said Rochelle. There was a long pause before Jennifer spoke. Did Jennifer really want to kick me in the nuts? I looked down at her feet. Wow that would hurt! Her feet are huge! One kick from her could easily ruin my testicles! She was standing in front of me and one of her legs was firmly planted on the ground, and she was using the top of her other foot to scratch the back of her leg which was standing straight up. This allowed me to see the bottom of her foot. Wow! I couldn’t get over how gigantic her feet were. I was sizing up just how huge the kicking surface on the underside of her heel was. I sure hope that Jennifer didn’t want to kick me in the balls. If groin kicks could be fatal, her feet had "killer" written all over them. Finally Jennifer spoke.

"Let’s be fair. Allow him one last chance to save his nuts," Jennifer said to Rochelle.

"What do you have in mind?" asked Rochelle.

"We’ll flip a coin," Jennifer said, "If it turns up tails, he won’t have to spar with you at all. But, if it turns up heads, I also get fifteen minutes to spar with the little punk. You’re right; I would love to bust his balls! What do you say?"

Rochelle didn’t have to take too long to think it over and said, "Okay by me." Rochelle turned toward me for my reaction. Jennifer just looked over her shoulder at me. Jennifer’s talk of kicking me was frightening and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her huge feet. Just by looking, I could tell that the large, wide surface of the underside of her heel or the ball of her foot could easily crush both of my testicles at the same time with just one kick. Jennifer could see that I was staring at her feet, so I finally looked away.

"No way!" I said. Jennifer starting scratching the back of her leg again, thereby exposing the underside the foot she was using to do the scratching, so that she could draw my attention back to her feet.

Then she said, "Oh, c’mon. It’ll be fun! I won’t kick you that hard. What’s the matter? Do my big, bad feet really scare you that much? They can be really nice too, you know. Maybe if you’re nice and spar with me, you’ll find out how nice my feet can be." She didn’t mean what she said, but she did have incredible feet and I always did have a thing for feet. She was just trying to bait me into taking the challenge and it was working.

"He’s chicken," Rochelle said finally. I didn’t like their taunting, and I was desperate enough to take the gamble. After all, Rochelle alone could probably ruin my sex life with her kicks. I was still willing to take a chance to get out of the whole situation.

"Sure, I’ll take that bet. I never lose on a coin toss! Just one additional rule though... if we do fight, each fighter gets one two minute time-out at any time during each match." I said. They both quickly agreed and Jennifer pulled out a coin and flipped it in the air.

My luck couldn’t get any worse. I had to win. You could cut through the suspense in the room with a knife as the coin spun in the air. "C’mon tails, c’mon tails," I said as it flipped in the air. Finally, the coin landed.

"Heads! Yes! I can’t wait to spar with him! I wonder how hard I’ll have to kick to rupture his little testicles! I guess we’ll just have to find out!" yelled Rochelle. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that I lost. This was such a nightmare. Jennifer picked up the coin and grabbed a stopwatch from her overnight bag to keep track of time and sat in one of the chairs around the table. The table was in the corner of the room and the room was quite large. Rochelle started to clear things out of the room. The room had a large open area once the coffee table and TV were removed. There was also a large couch on one end of the room against the wall.

Rochelle re-entered the room after clearing out a few last things and took up her fighting stance. I tried my best to copy her stance and pretend that I knew what I was doing. "On my mark!" yelled Jennifer. I couldn’t believe how quickly I found myself in this position. My penis was still somewhat erect from staring at Rochelle and Jennifer’s beautiful feet, so I fixed myself. I was wearing tighty-whiteys as they’re sometimes called, or otherwise known as regular briefs, under my shorts. I made sure that my penis was pointing upward in my underwear so that it wouldn’t stick out and distract me. My testicles were neatly packed below and without much room to move around. I don’t know why Rochelle kept calling my balls "small," they were actually pretty large for my age, I thought. At least, that’s what the girls that I had been with had told me. I reached my hand down into my underwear to fix myself as we were waiting, and I felt my testicles. They were perfectly round and solid, my favorite toys. What would I do to entertain myself if I didn’t have them to masturbate? Would it be any fun if they couldn’t produce sperm? I wondered if they would ever feel the same, look the same, or be the same after the sparring was over if they received too many painful kicks. I removed my hand from my underwear and resumed my fighting posture.

Suddenly, Jennifer yelled, "Ready, Set, Go! Let the slaughter begin!"


Rochelle quickly shot a front kick at my groin. Of course I was expecting this, so I bent way over and put my arms down to block her kick. Her leg didn’t even make contact with my arms. It was just a fake kick to distract me, and instead she punched me in the nose. It caught me off-guard and it stung, but didn’t really hurt all that much. Actually, it hurt my pride more than anything. Rochelle found it amusing and laughed.

"Ha! A little bit overprotective, aren’t we? What’s the matter? Are we afraid that Rochelle’s big, bad feet are going to squash your little ballsies?" We started circling around each other, each waiting for the other to make a move. After a few seconds, Rochelle stepped toward me and threw another front kick right at my groin. I went to block the kick again, but I quickly realized that it was another fake as I saw her right fist coming at my nose again. I blocked her right fist with my left hand and then I quickly seized her wrist.

She threw a punch with her left first. Again, I was able to block her punch and catch her wrist. However, I also caught a powerful, front snap-kick right in the balls at the same time. The top of her foot swung up in-between my legs so quickly that I never even saw it coming. But I felt the pain immediately as her foot connected solidly with my balls. A loud "whomp" could be heard as my nuts got smashed between the top of her foot and my crotch. It hurt like hell. My jaw dropped and I just froze as my testicles began to burn with more and more pain.

Rochelle held her foot in my crotch and yelled, "She shoots! She scores!" I bent over and tried to bring my hands down to my groin, but Rochelle grabbed onto my wrists with her hands and prevented me from being able to do this. She then quickly retracted her foot and swung it forward into my balls again. Now the pain was really starting to hit me. I felt nauseous. Rochelle managed to get one more front kick in before I was able to yank free of her grip and fall to the floor in the fetal position, holding my poor, aching rocks. Pain shot throughout my entire body and I began breathing funny. Rochelle starting circling around me shouting, "Another two hard shots get through and score, between the legs and unblocked! A hat trick already! The crowd goes wild!"

Jennifer was also cheering Rochelle on, saying, "Way to go Rochelle! Show no mercy! Bust his balls until he’s coughing up blood and vomiting!"

You see, this was especially scary to hear because Jennifer had actually made a boy at their dojo cough up blood and vomit before. He wasn’t wearing a cup and they were sparring. Jennifer landed such a wicked, side thrust-kick to his groin that every man who saw it cringed and will probably have nightmares for the rest of their lives. The bottom of Jennifer’s foot slammed into his groin at lightening speed and just ruined him. I heard that the kick was so powerful and well placed that you couldn’t even see Jennifer’s large foot when it landed, since it was buried so deep within his crotch. A large "pop!" could be heard as her foot made contact, and the boy fell to the floor immediately. He soon coughed up blood and then vomited. He passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital, where both of his testicles had to be surgically removed. Their sensei had no sympathy and said that it was his fault for not wearing a cup and that he deserved it. Their sensei is also a woman. Go figure! What does she teach these girls anyway?

Rochelle decided to walk around, flex her muscles, and show off for Jennifer. It didn’t bother me much because it gave me chance to catch my breath and regain my composure. Soon I was able to get up and I charged at Rochelle. I tackled Rochelle onto the couch, so that she was slouching in the couch on her back. I was standing over her and I began choking her, saying, "Give up! Yield or I will crush your windpipe!" Of course I was bluffing. She was holding onto my wrists, which were wrapped around her neck and gasping for air. Suddenly, Rochelle threw a powerful thrust kick up and into my crotch. The underside of her heel slammed hard into my testicles, causing them to burn in pain once again. I didn’t want to let go, though. If I could hold on a little bit longer, she would have to submit. I continued to squeeze her neck. Rochelle brought her knee up into her chest with her leg bent, coiling her leg for another vicious kick. I really didn’t think much of it since I knew that she would have to submit soon. She thrust her foot into my groin again, slightly lifting me off the ground. My balls were starting to really hurt and throb. I felt some power leaving my body as Rochelle continued to attack the center of my manhood. She kicked me again, and again, refusing to give up and crushing my balls at the same time. My grip got weaker and weaker.

"Let go of my neck or I’ll crush your little ballsies," demanded Rochelle. I didn’t listen.

"Submit. You’ll be dead soon," I said with an unusually high-pitched voice.

"Wrong again," said Rochelle as she thrust both of her heels hard and fast into my groin. Both of my testicles got crushed between the undersides of Rochelle’s heels and my crotch. They felt like they were going to rupture if they received one more powerful kick from her. I let go of her neck and fell to the floor, assuming the fetal position once again. Jennifer was going crazy, hooting and hollering for Rochelle.

Rochelle took a minute to recover from my strangling and eventually sat down on the ground at my feet, facing toward me. She was sitting on her butt, with her knees bent in close to her chest. I was laying on my left hand side, still in the fetal position. She started to pick up my right leg, so I threw a side thrust kick at her head. She somehow managed to turn onto her right side, catch my right leg at the same time and then hold it up on her left shoulder. At the same time she managed to pin my left leg onto the floor with her right leg and move her body forward, a little closer to me. By the time I could figure out what was going on, I saw the position Rochelle and I were in. She was on her side facing me. Her body was now in-between my legs and her left leg was coiled, knee in at her chest, and the bottom of her left foot was facing toward my crotch. My balls were completely exposed. Suddenly, Rochelle quickly launched her left foot into my groin with bad intentions. The underside of her left heel slammed into both of my balls pretty hard. However, my right testicle took the worst of it. Usually, since the testicles are so mobile within the scrotum, they can avoid receiving too much damage by sliding out of the way and not getting completely crushed. However, this time my right testicle wasn’t so lucky as it got trapped and pulverized between the underside of Rochelle’s left heel and my crotch.

Rochelle kept her left foot buried in my crotch and continued to press her foot firmly into the center of my manhood. "Wow! I felt something squish under my foot with that kick! I think I have one of his little ballsies trapped between my foot and his groin! It’s going to pop! It’s going to pop!" yelled Rochelle. She was now pumping her heel into my groin as hard as she could. Her face was straining and veins were bulging from her neck. All of the muscles in her legs were also straining. I was already trembling and trying to shake free, but to no avail. I thought that I was going to die. However, since I kept moving, none of her kicks nailed me as hard as they could have. Finally I reached down between my legs and grabbed Rochelle’s ankle, trying to prevent further pain and damage.

"Keep kicking! It will give soon enough! Crush that nut! Crush it! You can do it!" yelled Jennifer. As I struggled to remove her foot from my groin, I ended up on my back and Rochelle ended up sitting on her butt again. We were still facing each other, and her foot was still planted in my groin. She had also grabbed onto my legs, which she was now sitting in-between and planted her other foot into my groin and began pumping with both her feet.

"Pop! Pop! Your little balls are going to explode! They’re going to pop! I want to feel them burst and hear you scream! What do you think it is going to feel like to have two crushed nuts dangling uselessly between your legs for the rest of your miserable life?" Rochelle yelled. I was now holding onto both of her ankles and moving backwards on my back, trying to escape from her kicks. Somehow she kept up with me and I couldn’t shake her, as we were both moving toward the wall. Soon my back was up against the wall. Rochelle was now sitting up in-between my legs with her feet planted in my crotch and her legs bent at the knees. She was pushing and trying to straighten her legs out and through my balls, which were being crushed by her feet. She was putting every ounce of her strength into it and my arms weren’t having much success against her powerful legs as I continued to try and remove her feet from my groin. Luckily though, my arms did prevent my testicles from having to receive the full brunt of her kicks.

Suddenly Rochelle removed her left foot and kicked it up into my face. The ball of her foot smashed up into my nose. I heard that a solid blow up and into the nose could kill you, so I began to panic as she launched another kick at my nose with her left foot. I used both my hands to block her kick. Rochelle seized the opportunity, coiled her right leg, and then began thrusting her right foot into my defenseless nuts as hard as she could. My left testicle began to ache so much and I thought that it would rupture at any minute if she didn’t stop. Rochelle was yelling, "Crushed nuts! Crushed nuts!" with every kick. I couldn’t stand it.

"Time out! Time out!" I screamed as loudly as I could. Rochelle heard me, but decided to kick me a couple more times just for good measure before she got up and left me alone.

"Darn it! I don’t think it popped! No fair! I want to crush at least one of his little testicles! How much time is left?" Rochelle asked Jennifer as she stomped around in anger, as if she were throwing a tantrum or something.

"About ten minutes," Jennifer answered. I just laid there in the fetal position, trying to recover and happy to still have both of my balls still intact. My left testicle hurt so badly that I thought I was going to throw up. Rochelle lay down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. She began kicking her feet into a pillow for practice, each kick making a loud "thud" noise as it connected.

Suddenly, Dave came downstairs. He must have woken up when he heard me screaming. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked.

Part IV

Dave saw me on the ground, in the fetal position, and asked me, "Are you alright John? What happened?"

"Leave him alone Dave. Your stupid friend lost a bet and now he has to spar with both of us... full-contact... no cup!" answered Jennifer, "He was sparring with your little sister and now he is using one of his time-outs to save his nuts."

"Look, he’s obviously hurt! That’s the end of it. No more sparring." Dave demanded as he began to walk towards me to help me out.

"I don’t think so," retorted Jennifer as she stood up and began to approach Dave.

"I do think so," answered Dave, "That’s it. No more!" Jennifer was now in front of Dave and not allowing him to pass by.

"Oh yeah. What are you going to do about it, little man?" asked Jennifer. Jennifer actually did tower over Dave, so she could call him "little man" and get away with it. Dave was only about five and a half feet tall and Jennifer is about six feet tall. Now that they were standing right in front of each other, the height difference was accentuated. However, before Dave could even return her insult, Jennifer wrapped her arms around his torso and threw a really hard, vicious knee up into his groin. The knee was so powerful that Dave was actually lifted up into the air. Dave screamed in pain as his testicles were smashed by Jennifer’s large knee. I couldn’t believe that Jennifer actually kicked him in the nuts for trying to stop the sparring. Dave fell to the ground and laid there in the fetal position, moaning and trying to regain his breath.

Jennifer wasn’t finished apparently. She lifted Dave to his feet and threw him against the wall and started punching and kicking him. Dave was doing everything he could to defend himself, but eventually he just slid down the wall. Dave was now sitting on the ground with his back against the wall and trying to defend himself. Jennifer was killing him though. She then started stomping on his groin, saying, "You’re going to regret interfering little man! Your little balls won’t work once I’ve crushed them! They’re gonna be squashed! Stupid egotistical male... think you can just step into our business? Now I’m stepping all over your business. How do you like it?" I had to do something as Jennifer’s large foot was making mincemeat out of Dave’s balls. I got up and I started walking toward Jennifer.

When I was about four feet away, Jennifer looked over her shoulder and saw me approaching her. She must have heard me coming. Suddenly Jennifer threw a wicked, furious back kick into my groin. I couldn’t believe her aim and her power. The wide, enormous underside of her heel crushed my balls like two grapes being squashed. My testicles felt like they had been totally ruined. Before I could react, Jennifer had landed another devastating, ball-busting back kick deep within my groin. I bent way over, feeling sick. I thought that I was going to throw up. My balls felt like they were both almost ruptured. The agony was unbearable and I starting making high-pitched squealing noises.

"Nice shots Jen! Did you feel anything pop? It sounded like something may have popped!" yelled Rochelle.

"No. I didn’t feel anything pop, but I don’t think he’ll be getting excited again down there anytime soon!" answered Jennifer. Jennifer turned around and continued to beat up Dave.

I charged again at Jennifer and this time I managed to tackle her onto the ground, right next to Dave. Dave seized the opportunity and helped me to subdue her the best we could. Soon we were both standing above Jennifer, and I was holding her feet and Dave had her hands. She was struggling to free herself, and I wasn’t even sure what we were going to do with her anyway. Were we going to drag her somewhere? Suddenly I saw Rochelle’s foot flying up into my groin as she kicked me in the nuts from behind. The top of her foot smashed my balls and I instantly let go of Jennifer’s feet. I bent over with my legs shoulder-width apart and I put my hands on my knees. I was afraid to put my hands in my groin, since I might not find everything there in working order. Unexpectedly, Jennifer yelled "Crunch!" at the top of her lungs and thrust her foot up into my groin as hard as she possibly could. It felt like I was hit by a baseball bat or something. The huge underside of her large heel crushed my testicles and continued to kick up and through my groin. Her legs were long and the follow-through was painful and debilitating. As soon as the underside of her huge heel smashed my testicles into my crotch, I felt something explode in my groin. I heard a loud "pop!" The kick actually lifted me up into the air and threw me backward. I fell to the floor and I began coughing. There was blood coming out of my mouth.

"I felt it pop! I felt something pop! I must have crushed a nut! Wow, that was fun! One down, one to go!" screamed Jennifer.

"Alright! Way to go Jennifer!" Rochelle encouraged as she delivered a hard, front snap-kick to her brother’s crotch who was distracted as he watched me roll around on the ground in disbelief. Finally, I just lay there on the ground in the fetal position, holding my balls or whatever was left of them. Soon I was puking my guts out. I thought that I was going to die. The pain was so intense that I wanted to die rather than endure it. I’m sure that my left testicle was ruined. I couldn’t find it. There was something there, but it wasn’t a ball or anything remotely solid. Jennifer got up and stood over me. She kicked me onto my back and planted her foot into my crotch, still standing over me triumphantly.

"How ya doing babe?" she asked. She then leaned over toward me and started singing the song "Creep" by the Stone Temple Pilots, only she altered the words slightly. "You’re half the man you used to be... half the man you used to be," she sang. Then she asked, "Was it as good for you as it was for me loverboy?" She stomped on my groin one more time before she left me alone.

As I began to pass out, I saw Rochelle standing behind Dave, who was now barely standing, and she was holding him while Jennifer ran up and kicked him as hard as she could right in the groin with a front kick using the ball of her foot. Right before her foot made contact, Jennifer yelled, "Crunch!" There was a loud thud as Dave’s balls got crushed by Jennifer’s large foot. The power of the kick lifted Dave up into the air a few inches. Dave screamed and fell to the ground.

"I felt another pop! I think I busted one of his balls also!" yelled Jennifer.

"I heard it! I heard the pop! No fair. I want to bust some balls," said Rochelle. Dave was now on the ground in the fetal position, coughing up blood, and soon he was puking also. Finally I passed out.

Part V

When I awoke, Dave and I were both tied up. We were sitting on the ground next to each other with our arms tied to something behind us on the wall and our legs tied in such a way that kept them spread open. I noticed that I had been undressed and now I was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Dave was stripped naked. I was still in a lot of pain. I looked down in-between my legs. My scrotum looked incredibly swollen and my left testicle was obviously ruptured and destroyed from the pain that came from where it used to be. The pain throbbed and burned. Dave looked like he was in a similar situation. He was still in a lot of pain as well, but not fully conscious. Rochelle and Jennifer were playing cards when they heard me wake up. Jennifer put down her cards, got up, and started to walk over toward us. She was now wearing her flip-flops, which smacked against her large, sexy, otherwise bare feet as she walked over toward me.

"Good morning Johnny. How are you and your one remaining testicle feeling?" she asked.

"Fuck you!" I responded.

"I don’t think so Johnny One-nut! Besides, I doubt you’re very capable right now anyway. What a shame though. Just think, if the coin I flipped only turned up tails, you and Dave wouldn’t even be in this situation," she said. I started to think about this as she brought over the coin that she had originally flipped that sealed my fate, and incidentally Dave’s fate as well. She held it in front of me in her open hand. It was showing heads. She turned it over. It was also heads! It was a two-sided coin! The whole thing was a set-up!

"You bitch! I can’t believe you!" I shouted. Jennifer and Rochelle starting laughing hysterically. I continued to swear at Jennifer until she slipped off her flip-flops and thrust the ball of her left foot into my groin, smashing my right testicle pretty hard. I screamed in agony as she grinded the bottom of her foot into my groin like she was putting out a cigarette or something. This maneuver shut me up pretty quickly. Then she sat down in-between my legs. She was sitting close to me and facing me. She was on her butt, with her knees bent and her sexy feet were now completely bare. She placed her left foot in my crotch. The underside of her left heel was pressing against my right testicle, which was still functional, unlike my left testicle.

"What was that you were saying?" she taunted. I didn’t respond. "Hmmm. This could be fun," she continued, "Why don’t you beg me to not bust your one good ball with my big, bad, bare foot?" There was not much I could do, so I just sat there silently. "I can’t hear you!" demanded Jennifer. Jennifer retracted her foot from my groin and thrust it at my crotch really quickly, stopping within an inch of my right nut. "Was there something you wanted to say to me?" she asked. "Maybe I should show you what is left of your manhood," she said. Jennifer proceeded to stand up and leave. When she came back, she was holding a large knife. She got down on her knees, sitting in-between my legs. What was she going to do?

Jennifer took the knife to my shorts and cut them a bit as she held them away from my body. After a minute, she put the knife down and used her hands to rip the shorts off of me. My scrotum was enormous and the left side was much more swollen than the right side. It looked like some internal bleeding was taking place where my left testicle was. Jennifer picked the knife back up and said, "Maybe I should just castrate you now and put you out of your misery." I must have turned pale because Jennifer and Rochelle began to tease me. Jennifer held the knife to my right testicle as if she were about to cut it off. I couldn’t even move. Finally she put the knife away and then she sat down in-between my legs again, this time on her butt and facing me. She placed her left foot in my groin and she began rubbing my testicle.

"Should I bust your little, defenseless nut? What do you say? It might take your mind off of your left nut, or whatever is left of it. Maybe we should take a vote. That’s fair right? This is a democracy, right?" she asked. Before she could institute her mockery of democracy, she noticed how aroused I was starting to become. Jennifer seemed quite surprised. "Look at this Rochelle. He can still get an erection. This might actually be fun," she said. Rochelle just giggled. I don’t know if Rochelle had seen a naked guy before now. Jennifer continued to rub her foot in my crotch, looking at me seductively, and I continued to get more and more excited.

Rochelle stood up and walked over toward her brother Dave. She stood in-between his legs and stomped her right foot in his crotch as she said, "Wake up brother!" When Dave showed signs of being awake, Rochelle continued, "Davey honey, you don’t look so good. You are in the same boat as your pal John over there. You have one crushed testicle and one uncrushed testicle. How would you like your little sister to crush your good testicle flat? Hmmmm? Would you like that? Will you scream for me nice and loud when I crush your one remaining good ball?" she asked. Dave looked horrified.

"You wouldn’t dare. I’m your brother. Mom and dad would kill you. Besides, you want to be an aunt one day, don’t you?" Dave pleaded.

"Not particularly. I don’t want you to raise screwed up children anyway. You’d make a lousy father. But that’s not what I’m concerned about. I’m concerned about winning. You always win. You have always been able to beat me in everything, since you are older and everything. But today I am going to get the ultimate victory. I’m going to finish off your little ballsies. I’m going to strip you of your manhood forever. It’s going to hurt so bad and there is nothing you can do about it. If you call the cops or tell mom and dad, I’ll kill you. And even if you did open your mouth and used your soon-to-be high-pitched voice, how could you keep any dignity that you have left if you told them that your ball-busting, karate-kicking, little sister kicked you too hard where it counts and ruptured your testicles?" she asked. Dave was silent.

Rochelle sat down in-between Dave’s legs and was in the same position as Jennifer, sitting toward him with her foot in his crotch. The whole time that Rochelle was talking, Jennifer continued to give me a foot massage. Now Rochelle began rubbing her feet in Dave’s crotch. Dave became erect. "That’s disgusting! I’m your sister," Rochelle said.

"I can’t help it. It’s just a natural response. You shouldn’t be doing that anyway." Dave said.

"Of course I should, I’m going to bust your nut Dave. Remember? It’s going to pop! Beg me not to crush your testicle. Beg me and maybe I won’t. How would you like to be a soprano?" Rochelle asked.

"No way! I’ll never ask you for anything. Go to hell!" Dave said.

"That’s too bad, because if you only would have asked nicely, I may have spared your last testicle. Oh well. I guess that you’ll learn something from this," Rochelle responded. Rochelle began to thrust her feet into Dave’s crotch really hard. The undersides of her heels were smashing his testicles and he was grunting with every kick. Rochelle was yelling, "Pop!" with every kick as well. She was kicking harder and harder and yelling louder and louder with every kick. Finally she yelled "POP!" really loud and held her foot in Dave’s crotch. Dave began convulsing and coughing up blood.

"I did it! I did it! It exploded! I felt it! Dave’s got no more balls! Dave’s got no more balls, thanks to his little sister’s big feet! You’re sterile now, Dave! You’re busted! You’re a freak! You never should have picked on me so much. Revenge is mine!" Rochelle yelled, satisfied with herself. She got up and started dancing around.

By now, Jennifer had worked me up to the point where I was near cuming just by rubbing her large, sexy foot in my crotch. I was hard as a rock and about to cum all over the place. Jennifer asked me if I wanted to cum. I was in heaven. Suddenly it didn’t matter that I only had one testicle left. I was receiving a great foot job by a girl with amazing feet! Her feet are incredible and they are huge, size 12!

"Yes, please!" I said. Jennifer quickly jumped up and untied me. She lay on her back and ordered me to stand above her. I eagerly obeyed. I was standing above her now, and she lifted her left foot up into my crotch. She began rubbing me with her left foot again. The feeling was amazing. The remnants of my left testicle were still throbbing in pain, but my right testicle was in ecstasy. I felt like I was about to cum all over the place. Suddenly Jennifer grabbed onto my ankles and began thrusting her foot really hard into my right nut. It hurt a little bit, but I was near orgasm so I tried not to move. Suddenly Jennifer yelled, "CRUNCH!" really loudly as she thrust her foot up and into my crotch as hard as she could. Deja vu, eh? I couldn’t believe that I actually thought she had a change of heart. I guess you’ll believe anything when you’re sexually aroused. Her kick was so powerful that it lifted me up into the air and when I landed, I was still standing and she kept her foot in my crotch. When her heel had made contact and smashed my one remaining testicle between my crotch and her foot, I felt myself orgasm. At the same time, I felt my right testicle explode. The combination of pleasure and pain was overwhelming. Sperm exploded from my penis as if it were a geyser while my testicle exploded like it were a balloon being popped. I began screaming and crying, and soon I landed and realized what had happened. Soon the pain overwhelmed me and I fell to the ground. I was soon coughing up blood again. I felt nauseous. I couldn’t stand the pain. Jennifer stood up and looked down at me.

"Was it as good for you the second time around as it was the first time, stud?" Jennifer asked. She was speaking really loudly to compete with my screaming. "I hope that you enjoyed that orgasm, Johnny, because it was your last. Welcome to the world of sterility. How does it feel to know that you now have two crushed testicles? No more sexual pleasure for the rest of your life! Isn’t it wonderful what a girl with well-trained feet can do to a guy’s little balls?" she asked.

Jennifer got down on her knees behind me and held me up. Rochelle sat down in front of me and started thrusting her feet into my crotch as hard as she could. The fact that I had two ruptured testicles now and an extremely swollen scrotum didn’t stop Rochelle from wanting to get a few last kicks in. It was like rubbing salt into a wound. The damage was already done and they were just inflicting more pain and humiliation for no good reason. Soon I passed out again, quivering and sick to my stomach, this time to the sight of Rochelle thrusting her feet into my crotch as hard as she could, straining as she crushed whatever was left between my legs.



grabtwistpull000 said...

I would definately love to fight both Jennifer and Rochelle. This is a wonderful story. I'm so glad ROchelle got to pop a nut. I hope she pops many more.

Anonymous said...

this is disgusting, i would fuck jennifer and rochelle up

Sacrificius said...

Indeed it's disgusting. I wish they'd pay for what they did.

Anonymous said...

please tell me this is not real?

Anonymous said...

thats enoguh to scare the manhood out of any guy.
Fuck that, I'm wearing a cup from now on!!!