Saturday, August 11, 2007

Changes from a Scrotal Blow: A Ball-Hunter's Life-long Research

by WrinkledUp

The male entity was standing naked in the room when I entered. This male had answered my newsgroup posting for posing nude for me to take some pictures of the body. The male entity was holding a mirror in the right hand reviewing itself. I said, "Good to see you admire yourself so you can recall later how you looked at the start of this session." I didn't hear the reply as I proceeded to prepare for the encounter.

I brought along a small auto-focusing camera that strapped across my chest with a fake shutter trigger hanging along the side. The shutter was really triggered by a skin sensitive pad attached under my top to my nipples and they took a picture when my nipples became very hard and erect and continued auto-snapping pictures until the nipples loosened up. Around my neck hung my light-exposure meter I used to distract the male entity from my real intentions. I used this disguise approach as a photographer hundreds of times on other male entities.

I walked up to him and said, "I need to get started right away." I always said the same thing to the male entities and this one was just as obliging. I set down the case and tripods and duffel bag I was carrying. Inside the case were 2 hi-8 camcorders and a small color video monitor. I quickly set it up on the first tripod about 8 feet in front of the male entity. I extended the legs of the tripod and affixed the camcorder to it positioning it so that it was at the same level of the face and pointed exactly there. I setup the video monitor so that I could see the body from the shoulders up clearly. I said, "don't move your body now because I have you focused in just right for distance." I set the second tripod up to the left of the body and pointed it down at a sharp angle to the area about 3 feet behind him. The depth of field was focused properly at that distance.

The male entity asked, "Why do you need two video cameras, with one aimed to the floor?" I responded, "I use the second camcorder to capture the shadows behind your body. Later I use some special-effects technologies to remove the shadow effect and enhance the images from the front camcorder." The male entity seemed satisfied with that. That question has been raised to me by every male entity that I have brought into this situation and I've honed my answer down to a believable statement. I turned and started both camcorders running. I switched the video monitor off for the time being.

I said, "I need to bend down here in front of you to measure the light." The male entity seemed unconcerned about my positioning and was quite relaxed in poise and posture.

I kneeled down about a foot from the male's feet with my left foot flat on the floor and my right knee touching the floor about ten inches to the side and rear of my left foot. My light meter hung across my chest. With my right hand I grasped the light meter and raised it to the male entity's groin area. I held the light meter very close to the male entity's groin and could see that my elbow was bent outward about four to six inches from being straight.

I gazed back at the male entity's scrotum. It was hanging very loose with the testicles clearly showing their shapes at the bottom of this very distended sack of skin. I looked at my light meter and then up at the male entity's face. I remarked, "Your scrotum is so loose that there is too much light reflecting off of it and I need to have it retracted a bit to reduce the light. I'll just be touching your outside edges of your scrotum with my left fingers a little to firm it up, okay?" The male entity nodded in gleeful acknowledgment. As I stroked the skin of the scrotum once up and down with ever so the lightest touch, the testicles started undulating and rolling around under the skin. In a few seconds the scrotum stopped ascending and came to rest with the testicles still showing their form; but the scrotum was not quite at the phase where the skin becomes wrinkled. Essentially, the scrotum is in the bulbous state, ready for action.

I said, "I'm ready now, are you?" The male entity shook the head yes in response.

While looking into the male entity’s face, I brought my left hand down to my left knee and let the palm rest downward on the front of the kneecap. I let go of the light meter I was holding in my right hand causing it to swing back down to my chest. I brought my right hand back to my waist near my right hip. The male entity's eyes had followed my hand movements closely. I shook my head a little causing my hair to swoosh across my forehead. This brought the male entity's eyes back towards my face. Looking him straight in the eyes, I formed a smile and one took shape on the male entity's face in return. Still gazing intently on the face, with my peripheral vision, I watched the male entity's abdomen in front of me and waited momentarily until the body exhaled.

Because of my built up anticipation of this moment, my nipples were as hard as could be. I heard the shutter start auto-clicking and drew in a deep breath. With all my strength in my right arm and as fast as I could I punched the male entity in the balls. I extended my arm fully as I visually aimed for that space two to three inches past the backside of the scrotum.

The male entity screamed out a high pitch wail, swung the arms and hands down towards the scrotum. With the knees buckling, the torso started falling forwards towards me. I pushed both of my hands on to the chest to force the body rearwards where it fell flat on the floor. I went down on both of my knees now to get ready for the next position.

As the male entity's body hit the floor, I grasped both ankles and pulled the torso towards my kneeling body, sliding each leg to the sides of me. I leaned somewhat forward and slid my forearms across the thighs to spread them open even more and with my hands I pulled the cupping hands away from the scrotum.

The head was laying flat on the floor still screaming wildly in pain. I rose up on my left knee and pulling on the arms with my hands I yelled, "hey!" As the head leaned upwards from the floor and the eyes looked down across the abdomen towards the groin, they saw my right knee snap forward catching the underside base of the completely retracted, wrinkled-up, reddened scrotum. Moving rapidly forward, my kneecap dug deeply into the tissues lying within, effectively bulldozing the foreshortened testicles just ahead of the kneecap causing the testicles and the scrotum to stretch against the tremendous muscular strain they were under. A very loud low-pitch howl came forth from the male entity. My kneecap forced the scrotum and testicles to their normal length limit and then proceeded to exceed that limit. My knee expended its force just fractions of a second later. The male entity's testicles were compressed flat at the very absolute limit the scrotum could be expressed without tearing apart. I saw the eyes roll back in their sockets towards the end of the howl and the body went completely limp.

Looking down I saw I had brought the scrotum and its contents right up to the navel. Lifting my knee away I watched the squashed testicles struggle to regain their former normal shape. I saw a real-serious shade of red take effect across the scrotum as it desperately tried to retract. My observing the rapidly shrinking sack of skin containing a pair of balls wildly rolling around in anguish kept my camera on full-boar. A drop of sweet, clear precum appeared at the tip of the penis. The prostate gland in the male is so primitive it can't discern pain from pleasure. I captured that drop on my index finger and slowly wiped it across my tongue. It's the only "liquid asset" a male entity has to give.

Even though the male entity was out cold, the breathing continued to consist of a two-second inhale and loud-grunting, exhale cycle. I noticed the ascending, rapidly alternating undulating testicles seemed to be in synch with the breathing. This was something I had never noticed before! Recalling that the male entity had been holding a mirror with the right hand earlier, I studied the scrotum and determined when the body inhaled, the left testicle was rolling around and when it stopped, the right testicle rolled around during the grunting exhale phase.

Attempting to test out this new-found knowledge, I reached down to the tight scrotum and started to pull it towards the toes and force it loose. The body moaned while I did this. It took a bit of strength to get the skin somewhat flexible but soon I had expressed the testicles enough to where I could grasp either one easily in the palm of my hand.

I watched the abdomen inhale and exhale. I took the right testicle in my hand and as the body just began to inhaled, I squeezed that ball very hard causing the body to shake violently accompanied with a powerful grunting exhale. I let go of the testicle. I was testing to see if the synchronizing effect of the testicles could be reversed. To my amazement the breathing stopped and only the right testicle continued to roll around in spasm, the left testicle was completely still. I found I had to pinch and hold back the bottom of the scrotum to keep it from ascending again and thus spoiling my view. The body would simply not breath in while the right testicle was spasming so intensely. After several more moments of no breathing, the right testicle suddenly stopped rolling and as the body inhaled I saw the left testicle alone was rolling again and then the right one; right on time.

I surmised when a male entity is punched in the balls, the testicles and scrotum go out of synch from the shock. Both testicles will roll around intensely and it’s the scrotum's job to retract the testicles not only to remove them from the painful stimulus, but as part of the recovery process to control their rolling as soon as possible and work towards regulated breathing again. I suspect that left-handed male entities react in the reverse of right-handed males during such instances.

Anyway, it was time for a break. I stopped the recording of the camcorders and opened my duffel bag. I removed my bondage equipment and after erecting it in place, lifted the male body into position on it. I gagged the mouth so the male entity couldn't attract anyone's attention. I left the room to go shopping for a couple hours and give the male entity time to recover somewhat.

Upon my return, the male entity was alert and trying to get out of bondage. The scrotum was red but hanging very loosely between the legs. I walked over and said, "I wouldn't waste too much energy on that. Bigger and stronger males than you have been held in its grasp." It was great humiliating the male with that line.

I removed the gag from the mouth and the first thing uttered was, "Why have you done this to me? What did I ever do to you?" I always get those two questions immediately. I reached down to my duffel bag and pulled out a pair of bush-cutters and set them in front of him. I replied, "to answer your first question; I've done this for my own reasons and enjoyment. I'm not concerned with your well being at all. I only need your body and the reactions it makes to my wishes. To answer your second question, you were born a male entity. That in itself is an insult to me. And now its time for the next phase of this encounter. Don't say anything else unless I ask you first. If you do, I'll immediately take that bush-cutter and castrate you and cut-off your dick. Is that clear?" It was as it were, a rhetorical question. No audible comment occurred although the scrotum did start tensing up a bit.

I turned on the camcorders, monitor and hooked up a video switcher I bought at the local electronics store during my outside break. With that device I can use one video monitor and playback the tapes using my remote control without a hassle. I turned the video monitor to the male entity and said, "I will now narrate the videos from earlier today. You will watch the screen at all times or I will kick you in the balls as hard as I can."

I started the front camcorder in playback mode. As it rolled along I started out my narration. "I see that you are looking down at me when I stooped down giving you that phony story about the light-meter. You really are a gullible male." As the tape progressed further I said, "now here you are looking into my face right after I flipped my hair to have you make direct eye contact with me. Notice the nice relaxed smile on your face." I freeze-framed the image and said, "That was the last time today you were under your own control and that was hours ago." I put the camcorder in slow-motion mode for the next area of discussion. I said, "I will now speak about the different phases and aspects of your reaction when I punched you in the balls. By the way, here is a picture of your scrotum just before I struck. You had been more loose and I didn't want you to vomit from my blow that could happen when the balls are way down in an extended scrotum. That's why I stroked them to bring them up to the perfect position."

I said, "watch now at the moment I punched you in the balls, your face immediately went from smiling to an expression of total surprise. You are surprised because I have invaded your body space. You can't believe that I as a woman would even consider causing you pain of any type, much less something like this. Returning to your expression, notice how wide your eyes get. More than anything else on your face, your eyes during the surprise phase are most memorable."

"Meanwhile, the lower abdomen and your thighs have just shuddered with the initial impact of my fist. The shockwave imparted by my knuckles has just been released on the surface of your scrotum and as it travels across the skin it is quickly dampened by the loose skin at the top of your scrotum. That's all that's going on in the surprise phase." I freeze-framed again and said, "That's the last moment until you recovered that your body sensed no pain."

I watched the male entity's face display disbelief. I gave him permission to speak for a moment. The male couldn't accept how I was able to conceive of such a process and my deep understanding of the male physiology. I answered, "You are one of many hundreds of male entities that I have done this with. I know what will happen by heart. However, I did learn something new today and maybe I'll tell you about it later. Now you'll see the shock phase."

I began, "Unfortunately for you, the thin skin of your scrotum underneath my knuckles offers no prevention from the force imparted to your balls. The many millions of nerve endings in and around your balls that nature intended only to be used to sense temperature changes is now working to your entire disadvantage. Your balls and the rest of your testicular tissue nerves affected by my blow are now sending millions of waves of messages of intense pressure up through your nervous system overwhelming nature's design of your network of nerves." A look of resignation appeared on the male entity's face.

I continued, "Returning to your face, see how it changes from the surprise mode to the shock mode as I turn on slow-mo again. First your eyes begin to squint a little, then your smile fades completely away as your mouth opens as wide as possible. Your eyes are almost closed now as you feel the pressure messages arrive so fast that you can't deal with them. Your control is now broken down and you are about to enter the pain phase."

"Lets start with your scrotum. The central nervous system received your messages of pressure and has informed every muscle in your groin region to massively contract with all possible haste. Your testicles and accompanying muscles explode with waves of unbelievable pain as a result. Your entire breathing process has been disrupted. Look at your face! It's now entirely reddened, your eyes are shut tight, and you’re about to scream at the top of your lungs through that widely opened mouth."

I rewound the tape a little and put the recorder in normal speed and the male entity witnessed the face changes in real-time along with the blood-curdling wail. I stopped the tape and noticed tears rolling down the face. I turned my video-switch to the other camcorder and continued.

"You fell towards me and I pushed you causing you to fall on your back. Now you know why that second camcorder was positioned angled down. Watch as you hit the floor, I pull you towards me stopping with your groin just inches from my body. I spread your legs and moved your hands away. Here is a picture of your already reddened and quite wrinkled scrotum just seconds after your scrotum was peacefully at rest just three feet vertically from where they are now in the video. It doesn't take long to wrinkle-up when your muscles are under so much intense and overwhelming strain."

"Watch now as I yell "hey" to get you to look down towards your groin. Your expression is priceless as I rammed my kneecap under your tight scrotum, pulling your balls and skin all the way to your navel. You made a different scream too; you make the typical low-pitch wail when testicles are either kicked or kneed with that much force."

"Look at the pictures I took after you passed out. Your scrotum is a really deep red and your balls are rolling all over the place within as your scrotum tries to retract out of the way. This is when I discovered something new today." I walked away to shut off the video equipment.

I looked back at the male entity and not only was sweat emanating from the body the scrotum had greatly ascended. I could just barely discern the individual testicles within the round bulge.

I approached the body and said, "Just a moment, you are not allowed to be in any protective, defensive position at all while you're with me." I could tell by the expression the male entity wasn't sure what I meant by my comment; but the male didn't have long to ponder my meaning. I bent down at the male's feet.

Seeing me there once more caused the male entity to inhale and hold that breath. I reached over and passing the open palm of my right hand behind the scrotum, I reached around the opposite side with my fingers only and formed a loop when my index finger and my thumb met. I slowly lowered the loop until I had pressed the testicles down to the bottom of the scrotum. At that point I brought forward the little finger of my right hand to provide support for the scrotum as I slowly lifted my hand up into the lower abdomen. I stopped, moved my little finger back out of the way and looked up at the face said, "Your balls are a little too tight in my presence. I'll help you for a moment by providing some of my hand's body heat to get your scrotum to relax. We can continue shortly." I smiled as I made that last remark and the fool smiled back. Some males never learn it seems.

With a mighty pull I snap-yanked the balls as hard as I could to distend that scrotum back to a vulnerable length. The whole body convulsed and another high-pitch wail came forth from the mouth. I squeezed my hand tight on the balls to drive my point home in the most direct way. I hadn't measured beforehand, but I suspect that scrotum is about an inch lower than it ever was before in life.

Seeing that scrotum momentarily hanging so low and limp made me see I couldn't pass up a moment like this. I stood up and stepped back two steps. Focusing on the scrotum I stepped forward and kicked him in the balls with the region just above my toes. The balls flew up along with the penis and another low-pitch howl was heard. The penis was squashed between the abdomen and the testicles and the head of the penis momentarily flared open at the tip spraying out another atomized drop of precum.

As I walked out of the room forever I heard the characteristic inhale and grunting cycle as before and I saw in my minds eye, the testicles rolling in tune once more. I started whistling my ritual tune, "Bridge on the River Kwai."

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