Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chew On This

by unknown

Barbara was a 37-year-old single mother of a 15-year-old son named Brian. The two lived together after Barbara and her husband suffered a bitter divorce. While Brian was hurt by the ordeal, he preferred living with his mother anyway mainly because his father was an alcoholic. But that was beside the point.

Barbara was an attractive woman and was in great shape. She stood at 5'7" tall and weighed 115 pounds. She had great muscle tone in her body from her daily workouts and wore killer outfits to show off her great body.

Brian was a tall lanky boy, who was around 5'7" himself, but only weighed 150. He pretty much kept to himself and stayed home after school all of the time playing on his computer. While his mother encouraged outdoor activities for Brian, he seemed to be right at home as a loner.

Brian did however have a peculiar fetish; he was attracted to women's feet. For some reason this body part just invigorated him and turned him on greatly. He would stare at girls’ feet all day during school and then again on the computer at various foot fetish sites. Barbara had no idea about this fetish but was about to find out shortly.

One night Barbara went out with some friends. Brian as usual stayed home. Barbara looked stunning in a black blazer, white blouse, black skirt and black stockings with 3" black heels. Even Brian took a second look at his mother and complimented her on her beauty. After Barbara left, Brian took up his spot at the computer. However this time he had an urge to masturbate with the aid of his mother’s shoes. He entered her room and grabbed a couple of pairs of her highest heeled shoes. He patrolled the Internet looking for pictures of women's feet, using his mother's shoe to further stimulate his senses. Brian lay down in bed and masturbated with help from his mother's shoes. However Brian didn't realize that he had accidentally came in one of her shoes. He was so enthralled by the moment that he just laid there in pleasure and shortly feel asleep dreaming on his bed.

Barbara came home about 2am. She was happy after spending a night flirting with some handsome men at the club. She was also pretty intoxicated when she came home, stumbling into furniture. She walked into her son’s room and was shocked to seem the light on and him sleeping. She walked close to his bed where she discovered her own shoes lying besides him. She was shocked by this and took a closer look because she was so drunk she couldn't believe. She picked up her white 4" heels only to discover that there was cum plastered all over the heel and sole of the sole. She was shocked and outraged. She stood by the bed wondering what to do next.

So her son liked her shoes she thought irrationally. Maybe I should make him get to know them better she thought. In an instant she crawled on top of her son and pinned him to the bed. She woke Brian up with a vicious slap to the face.

"So you like my shoes you little pervert?" asked Barbara. Brian was incoherent because of his dreaming and did not come to his senses yet. Barbara slapped him again, "You little shit you're gonna pay for this". Barbara was now really mad and the alcohol was not helping either. She stood up on the bed and began to jump on her son with her heels on. She viciously stomped on him with her heels as he squirmed in pain. Her stomps landed all over his body mainly because she was drunk and the bed was wobbling.

Barbara then dropped to her knees and grabbed her son’s balls. She twisted and pulled them so violently that Brian began to scream out in pain. Not wanting the neighbors to hear, she began punching his crotch into oblivion. After about ten straight punches to the groin, Brian let out a faint scream as his body shook violently. Shortly after Barbara landed two more punches, Brian passed out from the pain.

Barbara however was not done yet. She was now caught up in this idea of attacking her son while she was drunk. She pulled his pants off and then proceeded to strip him naked. She went to her room and got some scarves to tie his hands to the bedpost. She then took some duct tape and was going to cover his mouth when she looked at her cum stained heel. She took the heel and inserted it into his mouth. She then taped the duct tape around her shoe and onto the side of his cheeks, making sure the heel would stay in his mouth like a pacifier.

She got a bucket of water and threw it on her son, waking him up. She sat between his legs with her heels still on. Brian's body jolted up at his predicament, but soon realized there was no hope escaping. Her tried to scream but, alas, the cum-ridden heel was in his mouth.

"Suck that cum off of my shoe you shit" screamed Barbara as she slammed her heel into his naked balls. "I should break this things right now" said Barbara, "But I'm having so much fun doing this that I think I'll kick the shit out of you everyday until I think you learned your lesson. Understood?" asked Barbara. Brian offered a nod of the head yes.

"I can't hear you, you shit!" yelled Barbara as she slammed her heel into his balls three times in a row. Brian's body jolted again as he couldn't offer more than a whimper with the shoe lodged in his mouth. "Well I'll take that as a NO" screamed Barbara. She then went to work on her son. She took her shoes off and massaged his flaccid penis with her hands. She gently caressed his balls until slowly but surely he became hard.

"So you like having your mother do this...your sick, you lowlife piece of shit... just like your father,” muttered Barbara. She then took her stockinged feet and rubbed them up and down his erect shaft. She smacked his penis with her foot and rolled his balls around with her other foot. Just when she thought her son was getting aroused, she slammed her foot viciously into his balls. She continued do this for a couple of minutes before she decided to put him out of his misery. She stood up and walked over to her sons face. She shoved her foot in his face, rubbing it around seductively.

"Get used to this foot,” explained Barbara, "because you’re going to see it a lot". With that she walked across her son's body and stood on his balls. She stomped down on them until Brian's body shook so much she fell off of it. She then grabbed her black heels that she wore earlier and began to hammer them into her sons balls. She took about twenty swings in a row, each one connecting with a different part of his balls. Brian's body was shaking in pain.

She decided to release the heel from his mouth so that she may he him scream while she broke his balls. Barbara, who was starting to sober up but was still pretty drunk, took that heel that he was sucking on and hammered it all over his body, causing deep marks and even some blood to trickle from his skin.

She got some more rope and tied up his balls. His right one was a bit more swollen than the left. She went to her room and put on the thickest heel she had, a three-inch clunky black heeled shoe that must have weighed a good five pounds. She began to kick away at his tied up ball, causing Brian to squeal in pain. She amazingly kept her balance as she launched continuous stomps and kicks on his right ball. She was getting exhausted and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his right nut and began to squeeze it between her strong fingers. Within a few minutes of grinding his ball with her hand, Brian let out a yelp, and Barbara 's hand collapsed around his now pulpy ball. She was overcome with joy. She was going to finish him off when she thought to herself that she would torture her one balled son for a long time to come. She gathered her shoes, untied his hands, and tucked his limp, passed out body into bed, where he wouldn't know what had happened to him until the next morning.

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