Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chores part 2

by Hardie

A ballbusting story

This story contains explicit sexual material and should only be read by adults.

It was two days since the brothers, Greg and Paul, had been beaten into submission by their young girl cousins, Sandra and Susan.

When the girls' mother came home from work that evening, she was shocked at the state of her nephews' faces and thought they had been fighting each other.

"Ah well," she said, "boys will be boys. You must have had an awful fight by the state of your faces."

As the boys shuffled with embarrassment, Susan told her mum that it was the girls who had caused the damage to the boys' faces. "We had to teach them a lesson," she said, "because they wouldn't help with the dishes."

"I see." The girls' mum smiled to herself, inwardly thrilled that her young daughters had challenged and beaten two older, bigger boys. She had taught them to stick up for themselves from an early age and was proud of the girls' success against stronger males. She decided to let the youngsters sort it out for themselves.

Greg was steaming. He was fed up being bossed about by the younger girls. He was totally humiliated by having to strip naked as soon as the girls' mother went to work so the sisters could grab his balls and cock any time they felt like it.

After the hammering Susan had given him, Greg had been too scared to do anything about it. Now he was trying to rationalize the situation. The only way he'd been beaten by the girl, he reasoned, was because she'd got in first and kicked him in the balls. To Greg this was foul play and he resolved to restore the position of male dominance as soon as he could by attacking the 11year old Sandra. Once she was out of the way, then he and Paul could sort out Susan and make both girls sorry they'd ever picked a fight with a couple of boys.

His chance came when he found himself alone with Sandra, who was making sure he was properly picking up fallen leaves from the lawn. He was still a bit stiff from his fight with Susan, and couldn't move as fluently as he would have liked because of the pain in his balls. His arms were partially disabled by the awful wrenching inflicted by the girl, yet he knew he ought to be able to thrash her 11year old sister, especially if he took her by surprise. Hell, he was five years older, over a foot taller and 50lbs heavier. He had a powerful, muscular body, which made the lithe little girl look frail. He made his move.

Sandra sensed the menace in the previously cowed young male, as he came towards her with a handful of leaves. And when he dropped his load and swung at the girl's head she was already dodging in alarm. Greg's fist missed her head and caught her a glancing blow on the shoulder, sending the girl reeling.

Had Greg been fully fit he could have followed up and finished what he'd started there and then. However, he was stiff and sore, and Sandra had the beautifully balanced body of a talented gymnast. Before the lumbering young man could inflict more damage, the girl was skipping out of reach.

Sandra quickly weighed up the situation as she dodged the clumsy attack of her huge male adversary. She could easily run indoors and fetch Susan, or even call out for her. However, the thought of tangling with the massively muscled Greg was marvelously exciting. She had thoroughly enjoyed beating up Greg's brother, Paul. She wanted to repeat the wonderful melting of her insides which occurred when she was hitting the boy mercilessly with her fists, then making him wank himself off in front of her. Her eyes gleamed at the thought of doing the same to the much larger Greg. He would really be a conquest for an eleven-year-old girl! She decided to fight him.

Greg cursed himself for missing the opportunity of landing a killer punch on the girl, but was relieved that she hadn't called for her sister. No matter how injured he was, he MUST be able to beat an eleven-year-old slip of a girl in a fight. One solid punch would flatten her!

The problem was, as Greg found out, landing the punch! The ligaments in both of his powerfully muscled shoulders were badly torn where Susan had wrenched his arms up behind his back, and his gait was less than threatening as he tried to keep his still tender balls from brushing against the insides of his massive thighs. Every move he made was easily avoided by the supple girl.

Sandra, looking extremely fragile in her short, cotton, summer dress, which only just reached the top of the tanned curves of her developing, young thighs, and which bulged only slightly under the pressure of recently formed, ripening breasts. Her feet, clad in calf length white socks and white sneakers, twinkled as she danced away from each attack, pony tail flying, dress whirling to reveal the crotch of her white briefs as she spun out of reach.

Greg was beginning to labor. The girl was letting him get close, then making him miss with everything he threw at her. She could see the frustration in his eyes as the nubile young girl and the solidly muscled boy silently maneuvered for supremacy. As he gradually slowed up, Sandra deecided it was time to attack.

At first the girl simply countered the boy's swings with crisp little punches as far up his body as she could comfortably reach, largely ineffective on the powerful torso of the male fighter, but causing him to automatically try to block her blows with his arms. Then, ducking under yet another ponderous male punch, she feinted to his face, and drove her tiny fist with all her might under the boy's guard into his bobbing balls.

Greg's mouth flew open as he howled his agony. His hands shot down to grasp his tortured testicles and his mighty body slouched automatically into a cataleptic crouch.

Having brought the boy down to what she considered to be a manageable height, the dainty little tomboy swung her smoothly tanned leg in a wide arc and smashed her foot into the young man's exposed throat. As his hands went to protect the new source of pain, the girl gleefully swung her leg once more and drove her tiny instep into the boy's groin, smashing his cock and balls with devastating effect.

Howling in agony, the boy collapsed to his knees, head hanging, clutching his balls, senses swimming as waves of pain surged like an incoming tide through his nerves to his brain. He hardly knew what was happening as the girl reached between his legs and pulled his right hand from his balls by bending back his little finger until he was forced to let go.

Continuing the pressure, the girl pulled his heavily muscled arm round behind his back. Transferring her grip to his wrist and needing both her hands to maneuver his mighty limb, she twisted his arm upwards until it was pointing straight back and level with his shoulder. Then she placed her foot between the boy's shoulder blades and pulled with all her strength.

The pain in his shoulder somehow helped Greg to clear his brain. He was once more suffering defeat at the hands of a frail little female. He had to do something, and he made a courageous effort to escape from the girl's painful hold. Instead of trying to pull against her, he pushed all the pain he was suffering to the back of his mind and desperately twisted his huge torso towards his antagonist, forcing his arm to swing from his damaged shoulder at the same time.

With a cry of surprise, Sandra was sent sprawling across the lawn as the powerful boy broke her hold. She was on her feet in a flash, scrambling backwards to take up a fighting crouch, a determined look on her pretty young face, ready to defend herself. But she needn't have worried. Greg was in no condition to follow up his success. He was painfully climbing to his feet, clutching his aching balls with one hand, the other held out to ward off any attack from the girl.

"Go get him, girl!" Attracted by the screams, Susan had come to watch the fight. Paul, whom she'd brought with her, said nothing. One of the girl's slender arms was slanted across the boy's stomach, her hand disappearing into his crotch where she cupped his balls with her silky fingers, holding him helpless in her grasp.

Paul could not believe that his massively powerful big brother was being beaten up by a tiny eleven-year-old girl. It simply wasn't conceivable. True, the girls had beaten the boys a couuple of days before, but Paul was convinced they'd only won by kicking himself and his brother in the balls before the boys had been ready to fight. Surely no mere girl could beat Greg in a fair fight, yet here he was, struggling against the tiny preteen tomboy!

The girl moved in smoothly to meet the boy's tentative advance, a resolute young female fighter determined to destroy her mighty male opponent. She knew she needed to attack his weak spots, and she knew that his balls were the weakest spot of all. If only she could strike his testicles one more time, she was sure she could finish him off! Or maybe his balls weren't his weakest point, maybe, she thought, with the instinctive female knowledge of male psychology; it lay somewhere else, in his ego.

She stopped her advance and stood there, legs apart, hands on hips, a smile on her pretty face as she tossed her head. "How do you like being beaten up by a little girl, man child?" she sneered. "How do you like having your cock being kicked by a girl? How do like your big, dangly balls being.... ah!"

Mad with fury, Greg lashed out with his foot at the taunting young female. This was just what she'd been hoping for. Sinuously swaying inside his kick, the girl coiled her left arm round the boy's right knee and trapped his swinging leg against her slender waist. He was momentarily stranded on one leg, arms flailing wildly to try to keep his balance, his genitals dangling invitingly, totally exposed to attack by the perfectly balanced girl fighter.

With almost lazy grace, the eleven-year-old girl steadied herself against the boy's muscular inner thigh, then brought her knee smoothly upwards into the boy's balls with a devastating surge of power. Even as the howl of awful agony sprang from his lips, the girl, keeping hold of his suspended leg, repeated her deadly strike, driving her knee back into the boy's mangled balls again and then once more before heaving upwards on his captured leg and sending his huge body plunging backwards to collapse into a fetal ball of sobbing male anguish.

Callously, the girl began to kick the defenseless boy's curled body, driving her feet into every exposed part of his frame that she could reach. As his senses swam from the beating she was giving him he sprawled limply on the lawn, offering no resistance to the girl's assault. He scarcely knew what was happening when she went to work on his already damaged arms. Taking each one in turn, the girl twisted the boy's muscle laden limbs up behind his back and wrenched them until he screamed. She used all her strength to lift his right leg up off the ground and push it back towards the boy's chest, then she threw all her weight on it, tearing the hamstring as he drifted into merciful unconsciousness.

Paul was aghast at seeing his big, strong brother being destroyed by the tiny girl. He couldn't believe his eyes as the slender young female moved the boy's flaccid cock to one side so she could stand over the beautifully muscled body of her defeated male victim, arms raised in victory with her foot on his battered balls. He was also aghast to realize that his own cock was less than flaccid and that the spectacle of a girl beating up a larger boy was sexually exciting for him. Susan's fingers closed round his swelling member.

As Greg came round Sandra leant over the whimpering boy's body and hauled his head up by the hair. "Get on your knees, sonny boy," she ordered. Totally subdued, his will broken, the muscular young man fearfully obeyed the orders of the girl who had beaten him. With great difficulty he got into position and knelt before her, trembling with fear, sobs wracking his beautifully sculpted male body as he looked up beseechingly into the girl's wide brown eyes, begging her to stop hurting him.

Sandra was exultant. To have this magnificent male animal on his knees before her begging for mercy was almost too good. She was heady with excitement. She pushed him onto his back with an unceremonious thud and took off her briefs. She lowered her crotch over his face, with her knees behind his shoulders, and facing towards his feet. She stretched her lithe young body upwards, leaning back to open herself to his tongue and ordered him to lick. The sexy young girl child moaned with pleasure as she experienced her first orgasms brought on by a defeated male. Climax after climax exploded in her nubile young body as the boy was forced to service her needs.

Susan's silky hand on his cock and the sight of Sandra queening Greg was too much for Paul. He could not contain himself and came in great heaving gasps. Almost before his sperm hit the ground, Susan spun him round to face her. "I did not give you permission to wank, boy!" she said quietly, then smashed her knee up between the boy's thighs into his still taut balls with ferocious accuracy. Paul collapsed in a heap at the feet, of the dynamic young ballbusting girl.

Sandra was now leaning over Greg's chest, teasing his cock into life until it stretched hungrily towards the slabs of muscle defined on the young man's stomach. Languidly, the girl rose to her feet and strolled into position between the boy's spread legs. "You can now wank yourself off in tribute to the girl who's beaten you." She loved it when he spurted, and made him wank again. Once more she teased the boy's aching cock into an erection and forced him to milk himself dry.

"Good boy," she crooned, "now just open you legs a little bit further so the little girl can see your nice big balls a bit better. That's lovely," she praised as the terrified boy complied. "Now I'm just going to give you one final kick in the balls, unless, of course, you beg for mercy really nicely." She drew back her foot.

Desperately, the boy began to beg for mercy from the chit of a girl who had reduced him to a whimpering wreck. His hands went to cover his threatened balls, but the girl ordered him to let go and spread his arms wide on the lawn. He began to cry as he realized she was going to ignore his pleas, tensing with dreadful anticipation of the punishment to come... And his cock rose. He had no control over it. Despite the hammering it had taken, it surged upwards in an enormous erection.

Sandra watched his cock grow in amazement, then, shrugging philosophically, drew back her shapely young leg and smashed her foot into the boy's tautened balls. Greg screamed, his body jerked off the ground as his muscles spasmed, then he lay still, unconscious, smashed to total defeat by an eleven-year-old girl!

Disdainfully, the petite young girl kicked the beaten boy in the ribs as she and her sister went off into the house for a refreshing drink, leaving the bodies of the once powerful young men sprawled in defeat on the lawn... defeated so comprehensively that they'd never challenge their young girl cousins again.


Anonymous said...

First off I'm a guy and I love being kicked in the balls but it seriously doesn't take one kick for me at least to double over or lose sight of my goal in a fight you should make these stories more realistic

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you. The Chores for the Boys series is probably my favorite out of all the Hardie stories. Greg and Paul were so cocky at the beginning and they thought guys were superior to girls. I love how they get their nuts busted by their girl cousins because they refused to help with the dishes.

Anonymous said...

I wish he had gotten 1 low blow on her