Monday, August 13, 2007

Christmas Ball-Busting

by Caligula

Dan was a young man, about 32, wearing his sweat pants and t-shirt. He was out looking for the holy grail of toys for his daughter, Pull-my-Finger Thelmo. All X-mas season long his daughter talked about nothing else and his wife made sure he understood there would be no sex for 6 months if their dear daughter did not get her dream toy. But Thelmo was the scarcest of toys this holiday season. As he walked up and down the aisles he wondered how he'd get along with no sex, when suddenly, there it was lying amongst a clutter of crappy toys... PULL-MY-FINGER THELMO!!!!!!!

He was only distracted momentarily by a gorgeous woman rapidly coming down the aisle towards him. She was wearing a very short and tight black mini-skirt and she had 3-inch black patent leather high heels on. Dan was only brought out of his reverie upon discovering she was reaching for the Thelmo doll!! He quickly narrowed the gap between them and also grabbed for Thelmo. Of course they both took hold at the same time. SHIT!!!!! Dan knew he was in for an argument now.

The woman rather grumpily said, "Sir, if you don't mind, I had Thelmo first." Dan would not be put off. He figured better end this quick and to do that he'd have to get nasty. After all, his daughter had to have a Thelmo.

"Listen lady, I saw him first, so get your hands off. You come down the aisle wiggling your ass and think I'm going to hand you the last Thelmo doll in the state cause you think you’re hot or something. Well fuck off!!!" There, that should do it, Dan thought. The woman got really pissed now, and apparently had the same idea about ending it quickly.

"Okay, prick! Get your fucking hands off my doll! I've been shopping all day, dealing with assholes like you and I'm sick of it. So get fucked!" Now Dan was fuming. How dare she talk to him like that!

"Okay bitch, let go or else!"

"Or else what!!!"

"Or you'll get hurt, little woman!" Dan put the emphasis on the 'woman'. But the 'woman' was not put off and had finally had enough of Dan.

"I think you're the one about to get hurt, fuckface!" And with that, the beautiful lady brought her knee up swiftly into Dan's unprotected nutsack.

"OOOOMMMMMPPFFFFF!!!!!!!" Dan's eyes widened and he doubled up a bit, but managed to keep his death grip on Thelmo.

"You fucking whore!!!" This pissed her off even further and again, she pistoned her pointy knee into Dan's testicles. Still, Dan clung to the doll. The woman was surprised he was still standing. He must really want that doll, she thought. So again she assaulted his nuts with her lovely knee. Same results. Bent but not broken. It took all Dan had not to pass out, so he couldn't even go on the offensive. But his daughter needed that doll!!!

The woman thought for a brief second about what to do next. The thought hit her as she looked down at her pointy high-heels. She looked back up at Dan and smiled at him. She released the doll and took a slight step back. Dan thought he had won and so relaxed a bit, trying to straighten his posture. He was wrong. He watched in horror as the sexy woman swung her leg back, and then kicked forward with all her might, releasing the frustration she had built up all day Christmas shopping. Her shoe's pointy toe smashed into his left ball, crushing it. Dan dropped like a rock as the woman daintily picked up the Thelmo doll from the ground, laughing.

"Well, tough guy, looks like you're the one who got the 'or else'!" And with that she kicked him once more, this time catching him in his right ball. Dan only groaned and vomited once.

Just then on the loudspeaker the store manager announced, "Attention shoppers, we have just received a HUGE shipment of Pull-My-Finger Thelmo, enough for everyone. Merry Christmas!" The woman laughed hysterically at this and dropped the Thelmo doll she and Dan had fought over right on his injured groin. She'd get a new one, since Dan had crushed the box when she kicked his scrotum.

"Merry Christmas, loser," she said pleasantly. "By the way, I just love the Nutcracker Ballet, don't you?" She laughed at her own joke and left to get a new Thelmo doll, leaving Dan in the fetal position on the floor.

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