Thursday, August 9, 2007

Christmas Boxing

by Smack My Nuts

"Are you serious about this?"

"Yeah, I bet I can take you."

"You really want to do this, Nicki?"

"Definitely. Winner gets to decide whose parents we go to for Christmas."

"Okay. Sure."

"Do you want to decide costumes or rules?" He thought for a moment and an image of his girlfriend dressed as he wished popped into his mind.

"I'll take costumes."

"Let me guess, standard boxing-style shorts and gloves and that's all."

"You know it."

"I knew you couldn't resist an opportunity to get me topless and without underwear. Is it okay if I tie my hair back?"


"Okay, so that's the official costume, shorts, gloves, and an optional hairband. No more, no less. The rules will be one fall, only a five-count. No hitting above the neck. I don't think that either of us wants to get any black eyes or broken noses. Either person can also submit at any time if they want to, and leaving the room is also considered a submission, but whoever submits has to let the winner have two free minutes of beating on him."

"I think you mean 'him or her'."

"No, I mean 'him'," she said, smiling.

"Whatever, you silly girl," he responded in kind. "Well, those rules seem fair to me."

So they departed to the local sporting goods superstore and each bought a pair of boxing gloves and some boxing trunks. Just sitting there looking at what was available in the store and contemplating what was to come made them both tingle with anticipation.

When they returned to the house, they moved the table from the dining room into the kitchen, leaving them a large space to fight in. Then they went to different parts of the house to change into costume. When they returned, Peter was blown away by how amazing his wife looked in the loose-hanging trunks and the gloves. As she started to bounce a little bit to warm herself up, he was quickly aroused by the swaying and jiggling of her full breasts. She smiled seeing his cock rise up, forming a tent in his loose shorts. She grinned evilly, knowing what was in store for him.

"Okay, honey, let's touch gloves and come out fighting," she said. So they approached in the middle and touched gloves and then backed away from each other. They began circling each other a bit, dancing like boxers dance. She threw a couple of light jabs, which he blocked or deflected. Responded with the same in turn, but she fended those off as easily. Then very suddenly she stepped in quickly and close and landed a hard left square in between his legs, driving right hard into both his balls. Peter crumpled to the floor holding his balls.

"That was a low blow," he moaned.

"I know," she replied. "We don't have any rules against low blows and you agreed to the rules as they were stated. Now you have five seconds to get up." Looking up at his busty blonde wife he saw a cold calculating look in her eyes that he had never seen before. It frightened him, but it intrigued him. Worried as he was, he still managed to pull himself back up onto his feet. He was determined not to let the same thing happen again. This time he crouched a little lower and held his hands a little lower to be better guarded. She threw a quick low jab and he easily deflected it. Then, bobbing, and moving quickly, she feigned low and right and the she feigned low and left and then she struck hard from the right side and drove her fist deep into his groin. He had been a step behind her and unable to block the blow or deflect the blow in time, so he went down like a sack of potatoes. He managed to rise again before the five-count finished, again frightened by his evilly grinning girlfriend. Peter could still feel an ache in his balls, which made it difficult for him to even stand up. But he shook it off as best he could. This time he was taking no chances; he placed his left hand squarely over his groin to protect his pained balls. She danced around him, landing jabs to his chest and shoulders, knowing that he couldn't defend well enough against her with just one hand. She moved around him, as if taunting him with her lithe body. Suddenly, knowing that she wouldn't be expecting it, he lashed out with his free right hand and struck her hard on her breast. She suddenly yelped in pain as her big breast was suddenly slapped forcefully back against her chest. She jumped back and clutched it.

"Hey, that hurt." Before she was just going to win, but now she wanted some revenge. She moved in quickly and gave him a hard left into the stomach. Instinctively his hands drew in towards his stomach and before he had time to react, she threw a hard right into his groin and a left and a right, and another left, each one pushing him back until he was backed up against the wall. She used her body to press his body against the wall as he went limp from the pain. She pressed her chest against his and continued to pound his crotch with her right hand. She grunted as she pushed into each punch and he grunted louder as they landed striking his sore balls over and over again, unrelentingly.

"So, do you submit?"

"No, I..." But he was unable to finish the sentence. The pain grew more and more intense with each blow. Unhappy, she struck with even more force than before, putting all the force she had into pounding his groin with her heavy right boxing glove.

"Now do you submit?"

All he could think of was ending the pain. "Yes" was all he could manage to squeak out. She backed away, letting him fall to the floor.

"My two minutes of free beating time begins now," she said. She pummeled him about the shoulders and arms as he curled up into a ball on the floor. Then she sat down on the floor next to him and used her arms to pry his legs apart. She looked down at his battered genitals outlined in his shorts and she brought her forehead down, butting them solidly and squishing them against his pelvis in a sudden burst of force. He screamed in pain and then began to cry softly.

"You'll survive, lover," she cooed as she stood up. "When you feel better, come meet me in the bedroom and I'll give you a fucking you won't believe." And then she strutted out of the room, leaving him in agony balled up on the floor.

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