Friday, August 10, 2007

Clara and Sarah

By The Overfiend

Since the story thread's been inactive for a while, I figured I'd follow the trend of some others and post the story that I wrote for Caligula. I wouldn't normally write about familial bb, but Caligula's stories are well worth the work. Just a warning for those who like those sort of things: this story contains castration. Comments are always welcome.


Brandon cringed as he heard the downstairs door swing open and the sounds of his mother and aunt's conversation drift upwards into his room. They had returned from their Wednesday night self-defense class, which meant that his suffering was about to begin.

It all had started almost two months ago. Brandon was making himself something to eat in the kitchen while his mother and aunt spoke at the table. Brandon's mother, Clara, was only sixteen years old when she conceived him. Now it was Brandon who was sixteen and his mom was thirty-three. She was about 5'8" with long red hair that hung to about the middle of her back. Clara had always been active in sports, and thus had maintained a strong, athletic figure. The constant activity had kept her looking young, and though in her thirties she was seldom assumed to be past her early-twenties.

Brandon's aunt, Sarah, was a young Asian woman not much older than himself. Clara's younger brother had met her his first year in college and by fall the next year, they were married. Sarah was 20 years old, remarkably slim, and only 5'5". She wore her hair cut short, almost like a boy's, but there was no mistaking her femininity. She had begun self-defense classes at Clara's suggestion in an effort to become closer to her new sister-in-law.

"I'm not saying that sparring isn't an effective exercise," Brandon had overheard his mom saying, "but with all the padding, how do we know that what we're doing will really work?"

"I'm sure the instructor knows what he's teaching, Clara," Sarah had replied. "Besides, what do you have to worry about? He said that you have some of the most vicious kicks he's ever seen in a beginner."

Clara smiled and swung her leg lazily from her sitting position. "Yeah, I guess you're right about that. But how do we know if we're really able to defend ourselves? I mean, what if some guy attacked us in the parking lot or something? He hasn't even taught us to how to attack the groin area yet. We always concentrate on the body for the most part."

"I was kind of curious about that, myself," Sarah replied. "Besides, I've kinda wanted to perform some groin kicks just to see how effective they'd be now that I've learned some technique."

"I know what you mean. Why, I'll bet by now my kicks are strong enough to destroy any man stupid enough to attack me. Just a kick and a SPLAT!"

"But you'd have to be able to get a kick in," Brandon interjected as he set his sandwich down on the table, "and that's one chance that most men are just not going to give you in a fight."

"Oh, I don't know, Brandon," his mother had said, "I'd imagine I'd be able to take you down in a fight." Brandon scoffed.

"Cocky, aren't you?" his mom asked.

"It's not that, mom. It's just that the thought of you being able to beat me in a fight is so laughable. I mean, really, even with a groin kick, do you honestly think you could fell me?"

"Your overconfidence is a weakness, Brandon. Since you're so tough, I'll make you a deal: if you let your aunt and I practice our moves on you once a week, I'll up your allowance by $20 a week. All you have to do is spar with us one hour every Wednesday night. Deal?"

Brandon had definitely had his doubts, but he couldn't resist such a substantial increase in his allowance. Besides, what damage could his mother and small aunt possibly do? "Deal", he replied.

In the two months since, he had come to regard that decision as, "the greatest mistake he had ever made". It had started out fairly enough. Brandon was allowed to defend himself against their attacks, and the fights were fair. The only rule was that he could not wear pads. After the first week he thought he had made himself quite a sweet agreement. However, as the sessions progressed the two women concentrated more and more on his groin and changed the rules so he was less able to defend himself. It had finally reached the point where he was nothing more than a practice dummy with a pair of testicles, and the women had come to treat Wednesday night more and more like a game than an exercise, seeing who could hurt his balls the worst during their sessions.

"Brandon! We're home!" his mom called upstairs. "Get your balls down here, now! It's practice time!"

Brandon gritted his teeth and started his way down stairs. He noticed that both women were still dressed in their karate attire: bare feet, white gi, and all. As his face came into view, Sarah said, "Ah! There you are Brandon! If I didn't know better, I'd almost swear you weren't looking forward to our little appointment."

"Come here, Brandon honey," his mom called sweetly. "I won the coin toss today, so I get to go first!" Brandon slowly began to approach and Sarah pinned his arms behind his back.

"Hey!" he protested. "What's the idea?"

"Don't worry about it, Brandon," Clara said. "It's just so you don't block yourself when I do THIS!"

On the word, "this," she swung her bare foot forward and into her son's balls. Brandon grunted and tried to double over, but Sarah held him upright. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Her foot flew into his groin three more times with lightning fast speed. Brandon wanted to scream, but his voice was held fast in his throat.

"Well, I'm convinced that would take down my son," she said, "but as we both know, he usually goes down after only one measly little kick. What if I were fighting a real man? I don't know if that would be enough to make him fall. I'd better practice now with what I have just in case someday I have to fight someone who's not a total pussy."

With that she kneeled down in front of her son and released a rapid flurry of punches into his unprotected testicles, using his scrotum like a punching bag. She kept up her merciless pace for almost a full minute before she stopped to catch her breath. Sarah let Brandon slump to the ground to clutch himself.

"What do you think Sarah? Do you think that would work on a real man?"

"Hmm…probably," Sarah replied, "but I don't know how long it would keep him down. Once you've got him there, you want to keep him that way, so you've got to keep going at him. Don't quit, or he still might get you."

"Why don't you show me what you mean?"

"Alright. Pick the little prick up and I'll demonstrate." Clara grabbed Brandon under the arms and hauled him, crying, to his feet.

"Mom, please…" Brandon protested between breaths, "I can't…just give me a little…more time to…"

"Nonsense, honey," Clara replied. "We're paying you for your time, so we're going to get our money's worth. Besides, after two months I figured you'd be more accustomed this getting kicked in your balls than this. Honestly, after every kick you crumple to the floor and waste both Sarah and I's time. Frankly, it's really annoying and I for one am beginning to feel gypped. We give you a whole week to recover, the least you give us is the hour you promised."

"But mom…” Brandon's sentence was cut off abruptly by Sarah's knee erupting into his already sore groin. Clara held him fast and Brandon clenched his teeth tightly, trying to make the pain go away. Sarah kneed him again, giving instructions between her attacks.

"See Clara?" WHAM! "This" WHAM! "is how" WHAM! "you take care" WHAM! WHAM! "of an attacker!" WHAM! "As long as you have him by his shoulders" WHAM! WHAM! "and your knee between his legs" WHAM! WHAM! "he's going to have a hard time" WHAM! "doing anything else but take" WHAM! "what you give him!" WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

During her vicious assault on poor Brandon's testicles, Sarah's gi began to come loose and it wasn't long before one side was totally undone, exposing her left breast to the air. When she finally stepped back to admire the damage she had done, she realized what had happened. Although she knew that it was unlikely Brandon had seen anything through his haze of pain, she still decided to take advantage of the situation. Leaving the gi open, she looked Brandon coldly in his eyes, which were feeding a steady stream of tears down his face.

"I hope you got a good look, boy, because you're going to pay for it…in PAIN!" With that, she seized his balls with both hands through his jeans and bore down as hard as she could. Suddenly the room was filled with the sounds of Brandon's screams, as his world became nothing but agony. Sarah gritted her teeth as she struggled to close her fists together and her knuckles began to turn white from the effort. Brandon was sure he was about to loose his masculinity when his aunt finally let go of his bruised testicles. She paced in front of him, flexing her hands, trying to loosen out the joints in her fingers. Clara let Brandon go, tired from holding his full weight. Brandon just curled up of the floor, cradling his balls in his hand in a futile attempt to relieve some of the pain.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Clara commented. "That was just… cruel! I loved it!"

"I guess I did lose it a little bit, didn't I?" Clara asked as she retied the string on her gi shirt.

"Nah. As long as we're paying for it, we should be allowed to do whatever we want to." She addressed Brandon, "shouldn't we, Brandon". Brandon only moaned.

"I guess I can't really blame him for being out of commission after that," Clara said. "But, it still doesn't change the fact that he's resting on our time, does it? Do me a favor, Sarah, and get him up. It's my turn again." Sarah walked over to Brandon and literally drug him upright. He was no longer able to support himself.

"You think it's now bad, you little pervert, just wait until I get my turn with you again," she whispered in his ear.

"Let's see…how should I do it this time, Sarah?" Brandon's mom asked.

"Why not use some more of your 'killer kicks'?" Sarah suggested.

"Sounds like as good an idea as any." Clara kissed her son on the cheek and positioned herself in front of him. She screamed loudly and released a fierce full-force snap kick into his balls. Brandon shuddered but Sarah still managed to hold him. Clara pivoted on her foot and fired two side kicks into her swollen targets, her heel smashing them nicely into his body. Once more she swiveled and Brandon's balls received five of her hardest roundhouse kicks.

Clara began to walk to the other side of the room and Brandon began to feel a little relief, thinking it was finally over. His eyes grew wide, however, when she suddenly began to charge towards him. When she grew near enough, she drew her leg back and kicked her son between the legs the way one would punt a football. She put every ounce of her strength into the kick, which sent both Brandon and Sarah stumbling backwards, landing together in a tangled heap. Sarah struggled out from under Brandon's tortured body.

"Now that's what I call a kick!" she exclaimed, awed at the force Clara had summoned. "You think I should check him? It's possible you popped one of his nuts with that one."

Clara waved a dismissive hand in Brandon's direction. "Do whatever you want to, Sarah. It's your turn."

"Yeah, if I can get the little pussy up off the floor, that is. Honestly, with a week to recover and prepare, you think he'd be able to take a few little kicks to the balls." Sarah walked over and rolled Brandon onto his back with her foot.

"I'm going to check and see if your mom popped one of you little balls, Brandon," she said. "However, if she didn't, you're going to be in big trouble from me for not standing up for me. It's my turn after all, and a lady hates to be kept waiting." Sarah unfastened Brandon's pants and pulled them off of him to observe the damage. Brandon wanted to protest, but he had learned early in the game not argue with his aunt on anything. She was capable of some absolutely evil acts if she was angered, and with her still mad at him for seeing her breast, he wasn't about to press his lucks. She prodded his scrotum with a disinterested foot.

"Doesn't look like anything's broken, but I'm really sorry for you, Brandon. If this is how big your balls are swollen, they must be practically non-existent when they're normal. It's amazing we've hurt you at all when we're aiming for such tiny targets. And this dick…tsk tsk. I think your mom would have done you a favor by castrating you. You won't be able to get any use from this pathetic little thing, anyway." Sarah turned her attention to her sister-in-law. "You know, Clara, I think we should keep his pants off. At least then we might have a chance of hitting these little things." She flicked a finger at Brandon's left testicle, causing him to scream. "Besides, he got to see me…I think it's only fair."

"That's fine with me," Clara replied. "One good look deserves another."

Sarah shrugged off her uniform top and once more whispered in his ear, "I figure I'll give you a good look, because with what I'm about to do to you, you'll be lucky if any girl ever lets you see her tits again. I hope you got some use out of this little thing while you had it," she jerked roughly at his dick, "because I'm going to make sure you won't be able to after today. I've wanted to do this ever since we started playing this game." She thought for a moment. "Tell you what…I'll give you a chance. If you can stand up, I'll give you a chance to keep your balls. Otherwise, I'm going to pulp the little buggers."

Brandon struggled and writhed on the floor, livid with concern for his manhood, but his legs refused to support his weight. His mother's last kick had weakened him too much.

"Poor Brandon. I always knew you were a pussy, but I never imagined you wouldn't even be able to stand up when your balls were on the line." She spoke at a volume Clara could hear. "I guess I'll just have to do my dirty work here on the floor." Brandon began to sob and protest, but his words were still choked back by pain. Sarah seized his scrotum in her left hand and bundled the testicles so they were tightly packed outside her fist. She then raised her right hand and brought it down with all her force on his vulnerable balls.

Brandon arched his back and tried to yell, but before the sound could even escape his mouth, Sarah brought her fist down again. She continued her merciless attack on her victim's bound testicles over and over again, her breasts swinging freely in the open, but Brandon in too much agony to even think of enjoying the sight. Twenty times. Thirty times. Forty times. Finally, on her forty-seventh punch, she heard a pop and felt something give under her fist. Brandon didn't scream. He didn't cry. He just passed out.

"Oh my," Sarah feigned concern. "I…I think I broke him"

"Really?" Clara asked interestedly. "Let me see." Sarah released Brandon's scrotum, and both women clearly saw that the left testicle was swollen to a much greater size than the right. When the women went to feel it, they found that it was nothing more than a formless mass.

"Hmm. I guess you did bust one of his nuts, didn't you now?" Clara observed.

"You mean you're not upset?" Sarah asked, a bit surprised.

"Not at all. After the first month, I began to accept the fact that this would probably happen. In fact, I was kind of looking forward to popping one myself. Of course, I always figured it would be a little further down the road. However, now that it's been done, I guess I should take my turn." She paused. "Was it as fun as it looked?"

"Better," Sarah grinned evilly. "Plus, it made me wet as hell, too. Mind if I use your bathroom to masturbate?"

"Go for it," Clara said. "But be back soon. You don't want to miss the show, do you?" Both women laughed.

Brandon awoke to an unbearable amount of pain rising from his scrotum and his eyes instantly flooded over. He felt a solid kick to his remaining ball and the vestiges of what used to be its twin and cried out.

"Oh damn it! He's awake!" Sarah slammed her foot once more into his scrotum from the frustration of losing her fun. "I want to thank you, Brandon, for sacrificing your ball for me. I had the most intense orgasm of my life from the thrill I got in robbing you of your manhood. Not that you'll be able to have one yourself after you mom gets finished with you."

"Mom?" Brandon asked meekly.

"That's right, sweetie. I saw how much fun Sarah here had, and decided I just had to try it for myself. You could hear her cumming all the way down here, not once but four times, mind you. You do want mommy to happy, don't you?"

"Yes, mom, but please…don't do this! I need my testicles…"

"Testicle," Sarah corrected.

"...for when I get married. Don't you want to have grandkids, mom?"

"Not particularly, baby. Besides, I always wanted a daughter anyway. I hope you saved you money from our sessions, because you're going to need it to put towards the sex change operation you're going to want to have when I'm finished. Oh, by the way, since after this we won't be able to have our little sessions after today, I'm going to have to take back the raise in your allowance."

"But mom, I AHHHH!!!" Brandon screamed as his mother slammed her foot down onto her son's naked testicles. She ground her heel into them as if putting out a cigarette on the floor.

"Damn, for someone who couldn't take a simple kick to the balls, yours are still remarkably hard to pop, Brandon. Or should I call you Brandy now?" She placed all her weight on her one foot and began to bounce up and down. Brandon shrieked as his ball was flattened, but it still refused to burst. Finally, Clara began to jump high into the air, landing with her full weight on her son's right nut. It didn't take long before his testicle finally gave way and Clara fell to the ground shivering in orgasm. Brandon curled up on the floor and held what used to be his masculinity, wishing he could pass out again.

Sarah helped Clara to her feet. "See? I told you! Wasn't that just the best orgasm you've ever had?"

"Definitely," Clara panted. "But now we don't have anyone to practice on."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Sarah said. "I'm sure for a blowjob a week, I could get your brother to volunteer."

Clara laughed. "Hmm…busting brother's balls. Sounds very tempting! Oh! By the way, what do we do with my new daughter?"

"I know a girl who's a med student. She'll take care of everything and won't tell a soul. I'll give her a call right now. Who knows? I bet she'll even want to join our little self-defense group!"

The women walked away leaving a destroyed Brandon holding himself on the floor.

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