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The sound of her flip-flops smacking her large, perfect feet immediately caught my attention. She was about six feet tall with emerald green eyes, a cute button-like nose and long, blonde hair that she wore in a ponytail. She was wearing a tight, cut-off white shirt with dark blue trim, which showed off her perky breasts and amazing washboard stomach. She was wearing navy blue athletic, wind-breaker pants (the kind with the two white stripes along the sides of each leg) that did not come down below her sculpted ankles and made a light "swishing" sound with each stride; no socks; and of course those
attention-grabbing flip-flops which drew my attention to her wonderful feet.

Her feet were extremely large and extremely gorgeous. As she walked toward me, I could see that she had sharp, sculpted insteps and there was almost something magical about the way in which she would curl her pretty toes up as she lifted each foot, exposing the large, well-padded balls of her feet. As she was passing me, I was able to see that the arches in her feet were quite impressive and that the heels of her feet were very large. I could also see that her feet were somewhat thick from top to bottom, but in a strong way and not "fat" looking by any means. After she had walked by, I was able to see that she had nice, smooth skin along the underside of her feet. I was also able to observe that the undersides of her heels were indeed extremely large and smooth. Also, her Achilles tendons bulged out quite a bit as they extended up from the base of the back side of her heels and up her thin ankles, disappearing somewhere up her pants. She was a dream come true for any man with a foot fetish.

Her thin, athletic, 19 year old feminine frame, long limbs and incredible smile were enough to drive any man mad. Her name was Megan and she was a goddess. This girl could easily put every super model to shame. She was the type of girl that made you want to kiss the ground that she walked on and thank your creator for making her. I knew that she was my type of girl too when I noticed that her shirt said, "Girls Kick Ass!" I love that attitude. As she walked by, my eyes were glued to her large, sexy feet. As her flip-flops smacked the bottoms of her heels, I thought about how badly I wanted to be those flip-flops. Flip, flop, flip, flop. I was mesmerized.

After Megan walked by, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. The only problem was that every other guy at the party wanted her just as badly as I did. In fact, not a single head went unturned when she walked by. I had never met Megan before, but I had heard a lot about her from my friend Jessica, who had invited me to the party. Megan and Jessica are roommates, but Megan has never been around whenever I was at their apartment visiting Jessica. I never suspected that she would be so incredibly gorgeous and I recognized immediately that this could be a problem. I knew that Jessica had some interest in me, and I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate me going after Megan. But once Megan walked by me, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Flip-flop, flip-flop. Look at those feet! Look at the rest of her too! What a woman!

This is not to say that Jessica wasn't an extremely attractive girl herself. Jessica is also 19 years old and she stands five feet and eight inches tall. She has fairly long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. Jessica is also very fit, since she runs all the time and has been doing karate for a few years now. Oh my gosh! I suddenly remembered that it was Megan who got Jessica involved in the martial arts. I started to imagine the power that Megan was surely capable of generating with those huge feet and her athletic build. I suddenly had images of Megan in a karate uniform kicking through board after board, breaking them with ease. Wow! As difficult as it was, Jessica managed to regain my attention. As I was saying, Jessica is also a very attractive girl. She has very shapely legs and very nice feet. She was actually walking around the party barefoot and I really enjoyed watching her tan, sexy feet with their medium-sized, smooth heels and nice arches. I was actually thinking about trying to hook up with Jessica that night. But now that I had seen Megan, it was difficult to remember who Jessica was. I was in such awe of Megan, that I probably couldn't have recited the alphabet properly after seeing this goddess for the first time. Flip-flop, flip-flop. I couldn't take my eyes off of her gorgeous feet.

Jessica was telling me something about her self-defense class when Megan walked by us. I think that Jessica had caught on that the subject of self-defense turned me on, and I'm sure that she had caught me staring at her feet before. Perhaps the fact that Jessica had brought up her self-defense class was a way of flirting. However, I was now concentrating completely on Megan, who was now sitting on a couch and being hit on by a million guys in the other room. Jessica was going to show me a move from her self-defense class. She was facing away from me and I was supposed to grab her shoulder and then watch how quickly and accurately she could deliver a back kick, which I was supposed to block with a pillow I was holding. Jessica was trying to demonstrate how much she had improved, thanks to a few pointers from Megan, who has studied martial arts since she was eight years old. In fact, I was still dreaming of Megan in a karate uniform with those huge, sexy feet kicking everything and everyone in sight. I wasn't really thinking when I tapped Jessica on the shoulder. I was staring at Megan and I was tapping Jessica on the shoulder to ask her about Megan and whether or not she was seeing anyone at the time.

Suddenly, I felt the underside of Jessica's left heel slam back and up into my balls at lightning speed, crushing them up against my crotch with such incredible force that I am surprised they both didn't rupture. Jessica had lifted her foot and thrust it back into my groin so fast that it was like her foot was shot away from her body like a bullet from a gun! The force of the kick threw my entire body backward. I had never been kicked that hard before! I saw a flash of light as my testicles were flattened and the pain was sharp and overwhelming. I quickly doubled over, fell to my knees, and then to the floor, holding my balls as I rolled around in the fetal position. Shocking waves of pain pulsated from my groin and traveled throughout my entire lower body up to my stomach. I began to quiver and I thought that I was going to vomit. Jessica's ball-busting back kick was so powerful and quick that I never even saw it coming, but I sure felt it. Jessica was now standing over me, apologizing frantically and worried that she had really done some major damage to the most delicate members of my reproductive organs. I was worried too. All I could do was groan loudly as I tried to recover and not throw up. I never
envisioned this as such a horrible experience. My left testicle took the worst of the kick and it was really throbbing now too. With every pulse came a shot of pain, nausea, and an increasing worry that my left testicle had just been destroyed beyond repair.

I don't think that too many people saw what happened since Jessica and I were hanging out in another room... well, except for a few people, including Megan who happened to look over and make eye contact with me right before Jessica thrust the underside of her strong yet feminine foot into the fragile center of my manhood, nearly squashing my balls like grapes. Some of the girls that saw the kick giggled. I heard one shocked girl say, "Did you see that? Jessica kicked that dude's balls in! I hope he didn't want children!" Another girl responded, "If he has kids, I wouldn't be surprised if they are all born with high voices and a limp." I heard some other girl say, "Wow! She must have busted a nut! That has to hurt!" I could still hear the guys cringing in sympathy. Jessica was still standing over me and apologizing left and right and asking, "What happened? I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Why didn't you use the pillow to block the kick?" My left testicle was still throbbing and I still felt sick. Suddenly I saw a huge pair of female feet in flip-flops standing right in front of my face. It was Megan! To my surprise, she had come over to see if I was all right. Megan finally suggested, "Let’s move him to another room. If you wounded or crushed a testicle with that back kick, it doesn’t need to become public knowledge." Megan and Jessica helped me up and moved me to the bathroom. I had my arms around both of their shoulders, and I could barely stand upright, let alone walk.

All I could mutter was "shit!… my balls… my balls…" Then Jessica went to go get me some ice. It seemed like she was taking forever to return. After several minutes of attempting to regain my breath, I started a conversation. I thought it was a rather embarrassing way to meet someone, but I was thankful for the opportunity to speak to Megan nonetheless.

"Hi. My name is John," I said as I tried to regain my composure.

"Hi John. I'm Megan."

"I know. It's nice to finally meet you Megan, Jessica speaks very highly of you," I said.

"Likewise. I've heard some good things about you as well," she responded with a smile.

"Really, like what?" I asked, hoping that it truly was something good.

"Well, she says that you really know how to take a kick like a man," she said, poking fun at me.

"I know," I said, "This really is a kind of embarrassing way to meet someone."

"Yeah," she replied with a sweet smile. "Actually, she could have channeled a lot more power through her body and into her foot. Back kicks can be extremely devastating if employed properly. Judging by your reaction, however, it looked like it was pretty effective nonetheless. Don't hate me, but I was the one who showed her that kick. Sorry." I wasn’t exactly sure what to say, but I did want to make sure that everything was okay downstairs.

"If you don’t mind, I just want to look at the damage," I said as I stood up.

"No problem," said Megan. I turned around and unzipped my fly, careful that I wasn’t exposing myself to Megan. I normally wouldn’t care, but what if my nuts looked really bad? I moved down my underwear and I could see that my left testicle was swollen, but it also looked somewhat like a flat tire. It was also very tender, but I was hopeful that it would probably still be able to work. I then put my equipment away, zipped up my fly and turned around. Megan was looking in the other direction.

"I think that I am alright, but remind me to kill you for showing Jessica that kick when I recover." I said jokingly as I sat back down. We both began to laugh a little at this.

Jessica came in with the ice and she looked strangely at both of us when she saw us laughing. I think that she felt like she was interrupting something and she left quickly, only saying, "Oh. Here's your ice. Good to see that you're laughing. I hope that is a sign that I didn't do any permanent damage. I am really sorry. I'll see you in a bit when you're feeling better. Bye." Before either of us could respond, she was gone.

Megan and I looked at each other as if to say, "That was weird."

"That was rather strange," I finally said as I placed the ice on my nuts.

"Yeah," Megan said with a laugh, "I think she was jealous. That's pretty funny."

"Why is that funny?" I asked.

"Because she knows that nothing would happen between us," she said.

"Why is that?" I asked kind of offended. "Do you have a boyfriend or do you just find me repulsive?"

"No, no, not at all," she said, "But I do have my rule, which I am sure Jessica has told you about by now."

"What rule?" I inquired.

"You mean Jessica never told you?" she asked, sounding kind of surprised, "I thought Jessica told everyone about my rule. She can't get over it."

"No, she never said anything. What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well. I'm really kind of funny about who I date. I am kind of a sadist and I am really into full-contact, no-holds-barred, mixed-fighting..." she began.

"Really!?" I interrupted, getting extremely excited.

"Yeah," she continued, "It gives me so much pleasure to mix it up with guys and kick their asses... and it pays the bills. I love it. And I will only date a guy who has the balls to fight me and doesn't do so badly. That's my rule,” she explained.

My jaw dropped.

"Really?" I asked again in shock.

"Yeah. I know. Kind of weird huh? I really like to dish it out, and I need a guy who can take it. And, I also want a guy who is at least somewhat my equal, so that I can be challenged and feel somewhat safe while we are out together too. But don't ask me about how this surfaced... it probably has something to do with the fact that I was a real tom-boy when I was younger and something about the supposedly 'weaker' girl kicking the crap out of the supposedly 'stronger' guy really turns me on," she said.

I laughed to myself. If she only knew that I was into ball-busting and had always fantasized about being kicked in the groin... but not too hard, of course. After all, I did want to father children one day. Jessica's kick hurt a lot more than it gave me pleasure, but the experience was still enjoyable nonetheless. The pain was already beginning to subside and just thinking about it later would be such a turn-on.

"No, that's not really weird," I said, "I'm kind of weird myself."

"Really, how so?" she asked.

"Promise not to laugh?" I asked.

"Of course I won't laugh," she responded. I couldn't believe that I was about to share my fetish with her. My heart was pounding.

"I am kind of a masochist and I like to be kicked by women..." I started.

"No way!" Megan interrupted, "That is kind of weird! I have really powerful kicks! Where do you like to be kicked?" Before I could even answer, she continued, "I bet I can think of at least two places that you do NOT want to be kicked! Oh my gosh!
You just got kicked there, didn't you? How funny. You ought to be more careful about what you wish for," she laughed. "How are those little orbs of manhood feeling right now anyway?"

"They're going to be fine, I think," I started. I still couldn't believe that I was about to share my fetish with this stranger. "Actually, that is where I like to be kicked. I know that it is really strange, but it really turns me on for some reason. Similar to you, something about having the 'weaker' sex exploiting my most vulnerable area really turns me on, and I have a thing for feet I guess. Jessica's kick hurt a lot, but it still turned me on despite all the pain. Weird, huh?" I asked.

Megan's eyes lit up. "Really?" she asked. I was now beginning to feel embarrassed.

"Yeah. I know. It's probably the weirdest thing you've ever heard of, huh?" I asked. I shouldn't have told her, I thought to myself. I shouldn't have told her.

"Yeah, that is very weird." she said, "But that really turns me on! I love to kick men in the nuts!" She was so excited that she was practically bouncing.

"Really?" I asked. I was getting really excited now myself.

"Oh yeah," she said, "It is very closely related to my rule. I am a sadist and I like inflicting pain on guys. What better kind of pain is there than a good swift kick in the nuts? Nailing him where the sun don't shine! Kicking him right where it counts! Busting his balls! That's the best! I love the way a guy's jaw drops just before he drops to his knees, completely helpless! I actually really enjoyed watching you get racked. I think that we are a match made in heaven. Let's run off to Vegas! Well, after I kick your ass... or after I kick your little balls in... depending on whichever side is facing me," she smiled, and then continued, "Actually, it isn't so hard to kick a guy in the balls from behind either. You know, after I nail a guy with a powerful kick, I always wonder if their genitals explode or go up into your stomach, but I’ve never bothered to find out the aftermath of any of my matches. Actually, I try not to be so mean as to put anywhere near my full strength behind a groin kick."

Wow! I have met the woman of my dreams. I took a chance and told her about my fetish, and she loves it. It turns her on! Could this really be happening? This was so amazing! It was like a dream come true!

"Okay, then..." I said, "I challenge you to a fight. Let's go!"

"Ooooooh," she said, as if just the challenge itself turned her on. "Are you sure?" she asked, "My feet can be quite deadly. You might not like getting kicked by them, considering how large they are and how hard I can kick! But if you're man enough to challenge me, then I will be woman enough to accept and to fight dirty." Megan then kicked off her flip-flops and watched my eyes. They were glued to her feet. She turned toward me and used the undersides of her big, beautiful, bare feet to push my legs wide open. She removed the ice from my lap and then placed her right foot in my crotch, pushing it into my aching balls and throbbing hard-on.

"Look at how big my feet are. I wear a size 12 shoe for heaven's sake. I used to get made fun of all the time as a kid because they are so big. But big feet are good for busting... especially kicking small targets like a guy's nuts. There's no way I could miss your little family jewels with these huge feet! Are you sure you wanna fight against these?" she asked. She now pushed her foot harder into my crotch and looked me in the eyes with a smile. My left testicle was beginning to burn, but I didn’t want to show any pain, because I didn’t want her to remove her foot… ever. After a moment, she removed her foot and slowly faked a kick to my balls using the underside of her heel and said, "Wham!… Pop!" I don't think that I have ever been harder in my entire life, and I am quite sure that she could tell when she placed her foot back into my crotch.

"Yes," I said, "I'm sure. I want to fight you Megan. I don't want to hurt you, but I will try my best to make it competitive, so that I can date you." I answered with a smile.

Megan looked shocked and her jaw dropped. "Hurt me? Ha! Typical male…" she laughed. "I don't think that I am the one who needs to worry about being hurt. After all, you are the one who has more to lose. Don't you want kids one day?" she asked with an evil grin.

"Yes I do. And I would love to date you too. Who knows? Maybe you're the one, and you'll be having the children with me some day." I said.

"Well, you are cute," she said with a smile, "but having kids requires that you don't get your little balls busted, now doesn't it?" I didn't answer. She then removed her foot from my crotch, stood up, handed me a business card and said, "Be here Monday night at 7:30 if you are serious. The fight starts at 8:00p.m. You will also get paid well by the owners of the arena. Usually they pay the guy around $1,000, depending on how well he does. Don't disappoint me stud. This should be a lot of fun." With a wink and a smile, she walked away barefoot, holding her flip-flops. I watcher her strong, beautiful, feminine feet as she walked back into the party. Her feet were so huge too! I thought that I might blow my wad just looking at the bottoms of her feet as she walked away. Wow! I thought that I had died and gone to heaven! I couldn't wait until Monday night!

I walked back out into the party with a large smile on my face. I saw Megan whispering something to Jessica. Jessica did not look happy. She looked over toward me with concern. Megan must have told her about our scheduled fight for Monday night. Jessica was now storming over toward me.

"What are you crazy?" she asked me in a rather angry tone as she approached me.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"I heard about your little fight scheduled for Monday night. Are you nuts?" she asked.

"How hard can it be? Granted, she is very athletic-looking and in amazing shape, but I can handle myself... and it pays well," I said.

"That's not why you're doing it!" Jessica said angrily. "You're thinking with the wrong head! You don't even know what you're getting into. She has black belts in more forms of martial arts than I have ever heard of before. Her kicks are ten times more powerful than mine, and you saw what my little back kick did to you. That little kick reduced you to a helpless, blubbering baby. I bet you couldn't even jerk off tonight if you tried thanks to that back kick. I felt your little testicles compress under my foot when that kick landed and I was afraid that at least one of them may have been crushed and no longer functional! ...and Megan's kicks make mine look so weak! I'm sure that she has made more men sterile than the number of guys I have kissed. Does the term 'ruptured testicles' mean anything to you? Look at some of the pictures of ruptured testicles in a medical emergency book sometime. I guarantee that you won't like what you see. And guess who most of those poor guys are in the pictures? They are probably former opponents of hers! Did you know that a man can die from receiving severe kicks in the groin? Usually they die of shock. This is not a joke! You might get killed! Wouldn't that be embarrassing - 'death by groin kick'? If you're lucky, you might only walk away sterile and with a funny limp. I just hope that you are smart enough to wear a cup to protect yourself... or else you can sign up now to join the school choir as a soprano. I can't believe you could be so stupid!" she said at the end of her tirade. She waited for a response. I had none. I just shrugged my shoulders and she walked off angrily.

Maybe I was in over my head. But what if I could put up a good fight? Megan was the best-looking woman I had ever seen in my entire life, and she has the most incredible feet I have ever seen in my entire life! Size 12! I was still looking forward to Monday night, but I was getting a little scared now. I already knew that Megan knows a lot about fighting, since she was the one who got Jessica into it and a girl like her had to know martial arts just to fight off all the guys she encounters. But I didn't know that she was a martial arts goddess! I left the party thinking about this and as I left, Megan winked at me and flexed her large foot around seductively with a smile. I knew that I would be having good dreams and nightmares about her feet at the same time, despite what Jessica had said about my capabilities that night.

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