Friday, August 10, 2007

The Council Estate

by Mr. K

Chapter 1

I always used to dread going out. The estate was full of thugs, hooligans and criminals. There had been a few murders and the police presence was quite heavy that week. Coming from an Asian family I had gotten off quite easy up until now, but there were gruesome stories every week about black and Asian kids getting mugged and beaten up. The police had rounded up most of the villains that week… as a result of the resident’s complaints.

I knew it wouldn’t last long; this happened every time after something heavy had gone down. They’d get released after a few days and then every decent person would have to go back indoors. I took the liberty of staying late at my mate’s house, knowing that most of the scum were locked up.

My sister called telling me that Mum was ordering me home before it got very late. On the way home it was comforting to know that the villains were locked up. As I turned the corner into my estate, I heard some moaning behind the large communal bins. I thought it could have been a kid that had got beaten up and dumped, so I went over to take a look.

I cautiously looked round one of the large bins and saw the back of a guy. In front of him was a girl on her knees. Her head was bobbing back and forth.

Bloody Hell, she was sucking on his cock. It was one of those tarts that hung around the estate. From the deep-throated sounds, it sounded like she was taking most of him down her throat. Her boyfriend was probably locked up and she was trying to earn some easy cash without having to split it.

I was transfixed… I couldn’t move. Every brain cell told me to walk away… but I wasn’t thinking with my head! I’d never had it done to me yet. I was only 14, but I knew exactly what was going on. It was damn easy to get hold of hard-core porn on the estate; in fact, anything you wanted was for sale.

I knew the girls were all slags (hookers for you American fellows) and would do it for cash, but they were very close to the gang that ran the estate and they scared the hell out of us.

The blow-job was quite ferocious. The bloke had a handful of her hair round the back of her head and was thrusting violently into her mouth. I couldn’t see her face, but from the noises she was making it sounded like he was killing her. I could hear her retching and spluttering sounds as she gasped for breath in between each thrust. Man, this was having an effect on me. My head started buzzing and my erection grew. Suddenly he lurched forward and held her head in place for what seemed like half a minute, convulsing every few seconds.

“Drink it all, you fuckin’ bitch,” he said as he held her head in place. All I could hear was frantic swallowing sounds followed by muffled deep-throated moans of disgust. She tried to pull away and began beating her fist into his thigh. But he held firm until he was done.

“Ahhh, nice one darlin’, same again tomorrow,” and with that he withdrew, zipped himself up and walked away. She went down on all fours and it was only then I noticed the scrunched up money in her left hand. Cum was dripping from her lips and she was spitting and coughing out as much as she could.

“Fucking wanker, next time I’ll bite your cock off,” I heard her say between her gagging and spitting. I recognized her voice; it was definitely one of those girls that always hung around the lifts at the bottom of the stairs. As he walked away whistling, she began to get up while stuffing the cash into the top of her skirt. As she looked around to make sure no one was watching our eyes made contact.

“Oi, who’s that…?” She looked closer and must have recognized me.

“Oi, you fuckin Paki… what are you doing over there?” I froze… what should I do?

“Do you want some? Heh….”

“I… I… I…” the words just didn’t seem to enter my head. This was too much for a 14 year old. She walked over to the bin where I was crouching.

“Come on. Get up… How much have you got on you?” Just my luck, £1.20… 14-year-old boys never used to carry more than that (unless they were into crime).

“Er…um… I don’t want it…”

With that she put her hand on her hips and said with a very serious look, “I think you’d better pay for watching a free show… or else I’ll get Dean onto you.” Dean was probably her boyfriend and they were all sick fucks who I never wanted to ever meet.

“Okay £1.20 here it is…” I handed her the cash.

“Oh… big spender!” she said, smirking. “You get a bit extra for that.” I was in luck. £1.20 was going to get me some action! Her smile made my hard-on throb even more. I swear I was more erect than I’d ever been. She held the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it up so I could see her breasts. My jaw dropped. They were small tits, but they were tits!!!! I focused on them, mesmerized.

In my peripheral vision I saw her expression change. Her eyes squinted and her lips pressed together. She leaned back and swung her leg hard between my thighs. CRACK! The point of her ankle boot made full contact with my balls.

She’d kicked me in the balls!!!

My eyes popped out… What the fuck had just happened. Before it had time to register, she’d pulled down her T-shirt and put one hand on the large bin to steady herself and was in the process of swinging that lethal leg back again.

“Noooooo!” I wailed as she landed another devastating pointed boot into my nutsack. She was lining up another, when I sank to my knees clutching my balls.

“Dirty Paki…“ she said as I slumped. I had been beaten up before, but this was something else. I knew the girls on the estate were into dirty fighting, but I wasn’t prepared for this!!!! Like a snake stalking its prey, she had mesmerized me with her breasts and then struck with her lethal boots… straight into my vulnerable testicles.

…All because I didn’t have enough money!

I sat there on my knees, holding my balls. She tucked her T-shirt into her skirt fully aware that there was little I could do.

“Hurts does it? Come back with some more dosh and I’ll think about putting your dirty cock in my mouth.” With that she stuck her tongue out and rolled it around in a way I never thought possible. Man this bitch was turning me on!!!!!

As she walked away (probably to pick up her next trick for the night) my mind turned to more serious matters. Would my dick ever work again… and how was I going to get enough cash to get a blowjob from her? I’d seen her in action now and that visual image would never leave my head!

Chapter 2

I limped back into my block of flats. I paused for breath on the stairwell and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I retched my guts out on the stairs. I heard the click-clack of heels climbing the stairs behind me. No… I couldn’t take any more.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and as I looked round I was pleased to see Miss Richardson, our next-door neighbor. She wasn’t hot or anything but I fancied her… just like I fancied anything else in a skirt. At 14 you’re not too fussy.

“Oh, you’ve been sick. Are you ill?”

“No! I just got mugged!”

“Oh no! How could this happen? I thought all those thugs were locked up. This estate is a blasted nightmare. Come on, we cant let your mother see you like this. Come round my house and we’ll get you sorted.” I held her arm and we began walking together.

“What happened?” I began explaining, leaving out the blowjob details of course. She began to snigger.

“So you got beaten up by a girl then,” she began to smile.

Why was she smiling?

“And I take it from the way you’re limping that she kicked your plums?” Man, where did she get these phrases from? Anyhow, I nodded and she laughed out aloud.

“Nothing more effective for a girl than a good kick in a man’s plums.” By the time we reached her door all her sympathy had gone and she was asking a load of questions about how I was feeling, how hard she’d kicked me. I was really puzzled by her line of questioning, but I went along because I would get a chance to recover before going home.

“Come on then, up into the bathroom, I need to check you.” What was going on here? I swallowed hard and then let her lead me up the stairs. We entered the bathroom and she told me to strip from the waist downwards.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done first aid.” At that moment I got an instant hard-on. How on earth could I strip in front of her?

“I… I… I…” Words failed me again.

“Come on, don’t be shy.” With that she grabbed my waist and began undoing me like an expert. In less than 10 seconds I was stripped bare, with a raging hard-on. I tried to bend forward to try to lessen the effect, but it still looked bad. Her smile broadened even further.

”I think you’re alright. Come on, let’s test it.” She walked over to the cabinet on the wall and poured some oil into her hands. She rubbed them together seductively as she walked back over to me. She kneeled down and cupped my balls with her right hand. She rolled them around and then held my shaft with her left hand. This was all too much for me and I was sure I was going to spurt all over her. I had to think of something really boring… and quick!

“Yes, those two are really swollen. She must have kicked you dead on. Testicles are really very delicate and a man should try and protect them as best as possible. When you’re better come round and I’ll show you how to protect yourself from a direct kick to your nuts.”

“Okay, lets see if the rest of you works.” With that she pulled me over to the toilet and directed my penis downwards into the bowl. Then she began pumping with her left hand. I could see the expression on her face from the corner of my eye. Her teeth were gritted, her breathing was heavy and through her blouse I could see her tits jangling back and forth with the pumping actions.

Whoooosh… I shot a heavy-duty load into the loo. Man I needed that relief, especially after what I’d seen that night. As I ejaculated, I felt her other hand slip round behind me and through my legs. I felt her wrap her fingers and palm around my nuts. She began to squeeze after each spurt, as though she was milking my balls. My look of ecstasy turned into a serious frown as I allowed her to apply as much pressure as she thought she needed to get every drop out.

“Are you done?” With that she gave me a final squeeze just to make sure. “Ooooo, you 14-year-old boys store up a lot don’t you?” I just smiled really embarrassed and began breathing again after she let go of my balls.

I got dressed while she washed her hands. She didn’t seem phased by this incident at all. I think she knew I’d never tell my mother any of this.

“You can go home now, but be sure to come round for some advice on how to protect yourself,” she said as she led me to the door.

Chapter 3

It was still very sore as I approached my front door.

“Bloody Hell… Did you get beaten up?” My sister said, acting very concerned

“Sort of…”

“Who the hell did it? They’re all locked up this week. It’s supposed to be safe out there.”

“It was one of those girls that hang around the lifts downstairs…” Ooops, I’d said it again. Never ever tell a girl that you’ve been beaten up by another girl. For some reason they find it extremely amusing.

“What the Fuck!” She began to smile… and looked down to where I was holding myself. “You wait until mum finds out about this.” She skipped away to go and find mum. Shit, I wasn’t thinking straight. I would be bloody ridiculed for this! I hastily ran up the stairs and into my bedroom, waiting for the inevitable.

My mother entered my room…

“What happened on the way home?” Mmmmmm… I opted to cut out a large portion of the truth… I couldn’t say it was any of the boys, since they were all locked up, so I told her that it was a gang of their girlfriends

“And did they kick you in your privates?” she asked, very concerned.

“No mum, just in my legs, that’s why I’m limping.”

My sister butted in. “He’s lying mum, he came in limping, holding his balls. Remember when I kicked him for steeling my CD’s? Well he’s walking around just like that!” Man, she was graphic… and she was enjoying watching me squirm.

“That’s enough!” shouted my mum and she pointed for my sister to go out of the room. She looked very disappointed and began heading to the door. My mum turned to me and sat on the bed.

Just as my sister was leaving she turned around while my mum wasn’t watching. She placed a hand on the doorframe and kicked upwards with her knee. Then, while she held her knee in the air, she blew me a kiss, smiled and left.

Man she was a bitch sometimes…

“I’m going to get you a cup,” said my mum. “I don’t want you getting permanently damaged while we’re living in this hell-hole.” With that she placed her hands on my crotch and pushed.

“Ouch!” I wailed.

“Right. Take your trousers off.”

“But I’m okay…” There was no arguing. Just like Mrs. Richardson she began defrocking me like a pro. This time I didn’t have a hard-on!

“How many times did the girls kick you?” she enquired while rolling my bollocks around in her fingers.

“Just two times…”

“Oh, so they did kick you. Don’t you ever lie to me young man!” With that she gave me a smack right onto my testicles.

“Ouch!” This was getting out of hand! These bloody women were killing me!

“Mum, I’ve just been kicked down there and now you’re hitting me in my nuts!” I complained.

“Oh you look okay. They’re a bit bruised, but they should still work.” With that she looked at me thoughtfully. “I just need to check something… just lie still.” She paused for a minute and then reached over to the dresser, where I left some hand-cream.

“I know exactly what you use this for,” she said as she poured some out into her hands. What the fuck was going on here? This nightmare didn’t seem to have an end! My mother began pumping up and down on my cock furiously. I just lay there in disbelief!

After about 5 minutes I still hadn’t come… mainly because the situation was sooo bizarre. I did my best to think of sexy girls from school, just to get it over with.

“Ahhh, yes,” I began saying. Then I felt it coming. My mother cupped and squeezed my balls to feel them pumping as I came… but nothing came out. I was all used up. Her expression changed.

“My God, they’ve really damaged you! Right, I’m taking you to hospital.” She rose up and started heading for the door.

No, I couldn’t stand even more embarrassment tonight! I ran up to her, with my half limp dick waving in front of me.

“No mom. I’m okay, really. I tossed off in the alleyway before I came home to make sure I was okay. That’s why I haven’t got anything left.” A look of utter disgust crossed her face. She turned to face me and raised her hand to hit me. She held her hand aloft and I squinted waiting for the slap.

She must have changed her mind, because her hand went round the back of my head. She held the back of my neck tight and then arched her back and shot her knee up between my thighs. She held onto me there as a support while her knee smashed my nuts.

“Ooooooooooo,” was all I could say. She held her knee there for a good five seconds in order for me to savor the full effect looking straight into my eyes as she twisted her knee around.

“You’re grounded, young man.” With that she left, leaving the door wide open. My sister peered round after the coast was clear and saw me frozen in the position my mum had left me in. I didn’t want to move or say anything that would cause me any more pain! My sister had the biggest grin on her face.

“You’re such a dirty little fucker. It’s about time mum started kicking those disgusting balls of yours. Oh and I’m going to start kicking them as well.” With that she slammed the door.

I didn’t say a word.

Oh no, the nightmare had begun!

Chapter 4

The next day I didn’t come down for breakfast. I just shot straight out of the house. I knew the girls that hung around the stairs wouldn’t be there in the morning… probably sleeping off the effects of the drugs they had last night.

School passed uneventfully. My balls were okay, just so long as I sat spread-legged and walked so that my thighs wouldn’t brush against them.

On my way home I walked with my mates; I needed security in numbers. The lads started talking about who was a virgin. I began thinking about Miss Richardson. Did that count as losing my virginity? Mmmmmm, but I never mentioned the incident.

I got back into the house. Phew, I’d made it! I’d managed to have a dull and boring day. It was BLISS! I thought I’d sit at the table for tea; maybe the whole thing had been forgotten. My sister was there, in her stupid school uniform. She went to that all girls’ school because my mum was so concerned about the teenage pregnancies on the estate.

As we sat at the table she would occasionally make grabbing motions with her hands and scrunch her fingers together into a ball as though she was grabbing and squeezing an imaginary set of balls. This, of course, passed unnoticed by my mother.

“Okay, I got you something from the sports store today,” my mum interrupted. She placed a package in front of me. What was this? I opened it up. It was one of those sports groin protectors.

“I don’t want this,” as I threw it across the table. A thought flashed across my stupid male brain, “Heh, stupid, this thing could have saved your nuts yesterday.”

“You’re going to wear this every time you go out and that’s an order young man!” She was standing up now with her hands on her hips. That look on her face was the same one that she’d used when she’d nailed me with her knee last night.

“Okay,” I said

“Good. Now go and try it on. If it doesn’t fit I’ll return it and get a smaller size.” I picked up the offending item and withdrew to my bedroom. I slipped it down the front of my trousers and moved it into place from the outside. Mmmm, not bad, quite comfortable. My mother shouted to me to come downstairs so she could see.

I came downstairs and they were both staring at me, as though I’d committed a crime. My mother got up and reached forward to feel the cup.

“Its nice and solid, isn’t it?” With that she pulled back and gave me a light punch with her upturned fist. I backed away after the strike but wasn’t really affected.

“See… it didn’t hurt now did it? Now lets see how it handles a kick.” Hey a small punch was okay, but now she was threatening to kick me!

“No mum, I can’t take it after yesterday!”

“Trust me… you’ll be fine. Now spread your legs a little so I can get my foot in there.” I backed up against the wall and spread my legs. I was a little curious as to how well the cup would take a kick. My mother reared back and launched a furious upward kick into my genitals. Man, what was she thinking? The strike caught me dead in the nuts. The shock transmitted from the cup to my testicles was enough to drop me to the floor.

“Oh get up you big sissy. Don’t tell me that the cup didn’t protect you.” It was true; the blow had winded me a little and I started feeling a little nauseous but I was okay.

“No mum, it works well,” I said, not trying to offend my mum’s generosity.

“That’s excellent. In that case we should be okay for some practice. Your sister asked if she could try her self-defense kicks on you tonight. I said okay, just so long as the cup protected you well enough and it looks like it does. I can see that they can take a hard kick from me; there’s no reason not to let her practice on you. She needs to be able to defend herself on this estate and there’s no better way to learn than learning how to kick a man properly.”

That little bitch… she’d probably thought up the whole thing when mum had returned with the groin protector! She’d come home especially early, bitching to mum about how vulnerable she feels and how she should be able to protect herself.

“Now, I’ve got some ironing to do upstairs so you two practice quietly.” With that she left.

“You fuckin’ little bitch! No way am I letting you kick me in the nuts,” I said to her after I was sure mum was upstairs.

“You’ve got no choice big brother. I get to kick you for the rest of the evening. Okay, where shall we start?” She approached me and started reaching forward to grab my shoulders for balance. I got hold of her hands and pulled them high into the air. She then immediately swung her knee into my groin. I quickly closed my legs to stop her repeating that and pushed her away. She looked at me coldly… as if I’d denied her special prize.

She opened the door and shouted upstairs, “Mum, he won’t let me kick him!” Mum returned back downstairs with a very stern look on her face.

“If you don’t let her practice on you, then I’m going to take that cup away. Then I’ll kick you so hard, you’ll faint.”

Holy shit… there didn’t seem to be much choice.

“So are you going to cooperate with Mummy… or is mummy going to have to get her kicking shoes on?” I nodded, like a defeated prisoner of war. With that she stormed back upstairs.

My sister grinned from ear to ear.

“Okay, I think I’ll have you bending over the table first. Spread those legs wide; I need access to your nuts.”

“That’s not a self-defense move. I’m not doing that!” I shouted back at her. With that she started making a move for the door again. I ran over and grabbed her arm.

“Okay, okay… where do you want me again?” As I leaned over the dinner table I couldn’t help thinking what a fucked-up couple of days this had been.

The first kick was totally unexpected. She nailed me dead in the center of my nuts. The cup made a hollow pop sound and my testicles received the shock through the cup.

“Oooowwwww,” and I closed my legs.

“I’ve only started. You have to keep your legs apart. You know what mom will do if I tell her you didn’t cooperate.” I reluctantly opened my legs. CRACK… another hard kicked penetrated into my jewels. Her 3-inch heels delivered quite a nasty kick. I began imagining what one of those real kicks would be like. I began to shudder, as more kicks were delivered into my crotch.

KICK… pause… KICK… pause… KICK

The frown seemed burned into my face as I held the table tight. All I could do was to let out sharp breaths every time she buried her female shoe into me. The force of her kicks was pushing the cup forward. How much longer could she carry on kicking? My head started swimming and I could feel myself drifting and the kicks continued to reign into my nuts. Some kicks were with the flat of her foot and the thud would cause an overall pain right through my crotch. Other kicks were with the point of her shoe and made me jump high into the air. Many kicks landed in the soft section behind the testicles. The cup was getting shifted with all this kicking and her pointed shoes were making contact with parts of my balls!

Suddenly, it ended and all I wanted to do was collapse. She moved round the front of the table and moved her face up close to mine.

“Are you alright?” She really did look concerned. She could see me slipping in and out of consciousness. She grabbed one of my arms and pulled, trying to get me to stand up. I just fell to my knees and then on my back. I put my hands over my face and started moaning.

“Come on lets get this out…” I felt a small hand travel down the front of my trousers and yank the cup out. I was too sick to fight her off. I heard her heels walk over to the door. Good, she was getting mum. I knew she would get into trouble and then wouldn’t be allowed to do this anymore. As I lay there moaning, I heard her heels clack rapidly against the floor. I looked up suddenly realizing that I was lying there completely spread-eagled. She ran towards me and swung her foot hard into my jewels. The toe of her pointed shoe penetrated deep into my nuts sending them into my body. My body arched uncontrollably as another kick sent me into unconsciousness.

Later on that night I awoke in my bed with a fierce burning in between my legs. I don’t know how many times that bitch had kicked me while I was unconscious… and what had happened afterwards? I didn’t want to move from my bed, so I just lied there and tried to get some sleep.

Chapter 5

I was shaken awake. The sun was streaming in through the window and my mother was sitting there on the bed. Just behind her, as I squinted, I could make out the figure of my sister.

“Are you okay? Your sister told me what happened. The kicks must have dislodged your cup and she accidentally kicked you while you were unprotected.”


“No mum… she did it all on purpose. First she started kicking me while I was bending over the table. I think she must have kicked me about 50 times and then she put her hand down the front of my trousers and the bitch took out the cup so that she could kick me with her shoes on! I think I got knocked out after that and then she must have kicked me some more, because my balls are aching like Mother Fuckers!”

Okay, I was a little graphic in front of my mother and I think that if I was listening to this version of events it might sound a little far-fetched.

“You just stop that filthy language, young man. Your sister tells me that you weren’t cooperating and she kicked you by accident. Now, if you had been cooperating with your sister none of this would have happened!”

“Look mum, she’s fucking laughing at me.” I pointed at my sister who was standing behind her back. Of course she stopped and adopted the most serious concerned face I’ve ever seen when my mum turned round to have a look.

“You’re going to have to stop telling lies and stop swearing young man,” she said as she twisted my ear, forcing me out of bed. “Now get ready for school because you’re late for school and I need to go out shopping.”

As I steadied myself and headed for the door, I suddenly realized that I’d lost the ability to walk properly. My balls were extremely swollen and my normal walking pattern was causing them to bang together causing all sorts of sickly feelings in my stomach. I tried to keep it together as I heard my mother go downstairs and the door slam behind her. I was going to start on my sister but something forced me to go straight for the toilet. I dropped to my knees and lurched forward into the toilet bowl and heaved. One wave of sickly puke jettisoned itself into the bowl and I just held my head down there, moaning quite audibly.

“This should help the rest of it come out,” I heard as my head remained in the bowl. It was my bitch sister… she must have snuck into the loo behind me. I hadn’t bothered to lock the door because I needed to be sick very urgently.

WHAP… WHAP…WHAP… She launched three fierce kicks into my genitals from behind. God knows what she was wearing on her feet today, but it felt like she was using a baseball bat. My jaw dropped and five more pints of sick jetted out of my mouth. Each pint must have been helped along by a vicious kick into my genitals. How could such a little girl be soooo cruel?

All I could do was hold the toilet bowl and sick flowed out of my mouth. It must have been such an amusing sight for someone watching. As I almost finished being sick, she would swing back and launch another devastating kick causing the sick flow to resume again.

I awoke a couple of hours later. I was covered in sick and the toilet bowl hadn’t been flushed. The whole place stank! Mum would be home any minute; I was sure of it. My sister was probably hoping that I would have been out cold until my mum had come home.

I stood up (if you can call it that) and felt myself…

Oh NO! My balls were so swollen that there was just one large ball of flesh down there. I tried to feel the separation between my testicles but there wasn’t any! Being the young na├»ve girl, she was, my sister probably thought that you could keep kicking a guy in his testicles and that nothing would happen apart from him crying his eyes out!

I needed to make sure I was okay… and I needed revenge on her. I flushed the toilet and sat down, trying to think. That was it!

I had it! I was going to skip school anyway, so I would first break into my sister’s piggy bank and steal all her savings. Then I would use it to get myself a blow-job from one of those tarts that hang around the lifts downstairs. GENIUS! Revenge and sex at the same time!

I began putting my plan into action…

Chapter 6

I smashed open her piggy bank and began counting up the cash. It came to £55. Great, I wonder what I could get for £55?

I never felt guilty in the slightest, not after what she had done to my balls over the past two days. Anyhow, she always seemed to have a pot-load of cash on her. I wonder where she got it from? Mmmmm, maybe one of these days I’d follow her and find out. I would start a secret dossier on her… Mmmmm, revenge felt good.

I snuck out of the house and went down to the local park to try and kill a few hours before it started to get dark. I kept smirking as I thought what my sister would be going through when she went into her room. But then my smile turned into a frown as I thought about what she had done to me. I would have to have a serious word with her. You just can’t kick a guy repeatedly in the nuts otherwise something serious might happen and his testicles won’t work anymore.

Anyhow, after a few hours the money started burning a hole in my pocket. I was soooo fucking nervous. I started heading back to the estate. What was I going to say? Words tended to fail me in situations like that! It looked so easy in the movies and the guys were ever so confident.

My heartbeat quickened with every step I took towards the estate. The pressure started building up in my head and I started hearing some kind of buzzing sound. Man… the effect potential sex has on a 14 year old is quite devastating. It’s a wonder we don’t have heart attacks!

I snuck behind the bins again and waited. Bloody hell, the anticipation was killing me! I wouldn’t last long even if I got it do it. Then after about 10 minutes I heard voices across the courtyard. TARGET SIGHTED!

Oh man, there go the blood vessels in my head. There was a group of them and they had just come down the stairs and they were hanging around, smoking and talking. I could just make out what they were talking about.

“That fucker tried this…” and “…then the wanker did that…” It was obvious they shared their sexual exploits with each other… in graphic detail… and in public. These girls had no shame! Why was I sooo attracted them? I wasn’t cool and I couldn’t talk like them so how was I supposed to ask one of them for sex!!!!

Just at that moment it all seemed like a bad idea. “Just cancel the whole thing before you make a fool of yourself.” That thought seemed to calm me down and I began accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to get any (today at least).

However, I was a little stuck. If I got up and went home they’d see me and surely the one I’d recognized would think I was stalking her. Okay, I can stay here for a while…

After half an hour I began to realize this was a big mistake. These girls were planted here for the night. One or two had left after receiving calls on their mobile phones, but there were quite a few still hanging around.

Just then a guy walked up. It was one of the Executive Office Workers from that new building down the street. He was ‘suited and booted’. Why would he want to hang around these girls?

They all started chatting and he seemed friends with them all. I saw him put an arm around the waist of one of the Indian girls. Man she was hot! She had a shitload of lipstick on and a tight black Lycra T-shirt that stretched down to double as a sort of skirt. Well, it barely covered her ass. Oh, and she was wearing black tights (pantyhose) and some sandal high heels.

Man, I hated this guy! They were like moths round a flame with him. After five minutes of conversation he walked off with the Indian bird. They were walking over to me!!!

I held my breath… any minute now I would get discovered. As they got nearer I heard the clack-clack of her sandal heels. I rolled myself into a tiny ball and closed my eyes.

“Okay honey, have we made loads on money today?”

“Yes mistress, I made the company well over 100 grand today,” he replied.

“Good boy. Now you can give some of that to me.” Short pause. “Mmmm, I like you so much. You’re sooo good to me. Does my pussy taste as good as your wife’s?”

WHAT!? What was going on? From the female moaning sounds I had a pretty good idea! No, No, NO! This can’t be happening again. My dick was starting to take over my thought control process. I had to look… I just had to!

I began shifting myself, but when you have an erection you’re sooo clumsy and I made so much noise. Thankfully there were other background noises still! I looked round to see. His head was buried deep between her legs. She was leaning against the wall holding one of her raised legs high up into the air. She hadn’t taken her pantyhose off, so he had to be licking her through a hole. FUCK ME! Crotchless pantyhose! I had only ever seen it in my mum’s catalogues.

“Oh yes! Fucking hell yes, baby,” she moaned. “Get your fucking tongue right up there baby. I’ve been fucking today and I need it all cleaned out. There’s a good boy.” Yuck! What was she saying to him? Surely he’d get up after she said that, but instead he feverishly started pushing his head deeper between her legs, which caused her to start smiling. Man, this Asian young thing was controlling this white-guy pretty well!

“Oh yes! That’s it honey, lick all that cum out! I’ve been fucking black men today. I’ve had at least three inside me. Lick that pussy, you motherfucker! Can you taste their cocks?” Holy shit, here it goes again. My erection was going to burst through the front of my trousers.

“Let me see… I had an Asian plumber at eleven o’clock and two black construction workers up me at three o’clock. They were much bigger than you honey. Now lick out their cum…” After a few minutes of slurping she turned around and placed her hands on the wall and stuck her behind right into his face.

“Ok baby, I’ve got some up my ass as well, lick it all out…” I heard him choke and gag. He pulled his head back.

“Oh God, mistress you smell too bad…”

“FUCKER!” she yelled at him and lashed out with her spare hand. His face turned bright red.

“Sorry mistress… please punish me.”

“Oh yeah baby, Anita’s shoes haven’t been properly introduced to your baby-makers yet have they?” she snarled at him. With that he opened his legs and held his arms behind his back. ‘Anita’ stepped back and swung her sandal heels straight into his nuts.

“Hello boys,” she said as her toes buried themselves into his balls. “One more, honey?” she enquired in a low quite voice into his ear. He nodded as he held himself in sheer agony. I think this was part of the service.

“Bet your wife would be real pissed to find out some bitch is kicking her man’s nuts. Let see if I can really stop making them work.” She stepped back and waited for him to recover slightly. She started to look at her watch and began tapping her toes.

“No pressure honey, but I’ve gotta work.” He definitely wasn’t ready, but Anita was hurrying him up, so he shifted and opened his legs up.

“Okay, you Big City wanker, your fucking cock and balls aren’t worth shit down here are they?” He shook his head as Anita kicked hard into his package. “WHAP!” As he fell, I could see the look of satisfaction on Anita’s face. She walked over his head placing each gorgeous pantyhose leg either side of his head and squatted over him. With that she held the back of his hair and pulled his face upwards.

“Open up baby. Anita needs to finish up in your mouth…” He opened his mouth up. With her other free hand she began massage the front of her pussy.

“Oh yes, that’s it! I’m coming… I’m coming!” She slapped her pussy a few times and began rubbing intensely. Then she arched her body forward and aimed her pussy right into his awaiting mouth as jets of clear liquid began pissing into him. Now I’d seen it all! It was totally fucked up! It was dribbling down his neck and his shirt was quite wet. Do guys pay for this kind of action?

“You don’t get to cum for another week you big city MotherFucker! Now go home and toss off.” As she walked away, he just lay there moaning.

I saw her walk across the courtyard back to the other girls. After a minute or two they all started giggling and pointing over here. I could see she’d made some money from him because she began counting it in front of the other girls.

Chapter 7

I looked at the guy lying there. I wanted to go over and help him but he started moaning. “Oh baby… Oh baby… You’re so cruel to me…”

Just then, I heard a commotion over where the girls were standing. One of them was holding the notes high up in the air, then they started arguing. Another one took one of the notes and walked over to a street lamp held it high and began scrutinizing it.

“Oh Shit,” I heard the bloke say as he lay there on the floor. Despite his obvious pain, he hastily got to his feet and began running limping away very quickly.

The next few seconds happened so fast, I can barely remember what happened. All the girls started running over to the bins. They shot past me, some of them staring directly at me. One of them stopped after she had run a few yards past the bins. It was her!

She turned around and looked straight at me. I looked totally pathetic, crouching behind those bins but now I wasn’t hidden because they had all run around the back way. She made a scrunched up fist to me as if to say, “You’re Dead Meat!” and then ran off with her mates. Oh shit! I was in a lot more trouble now. She probably thought I was a permanent peeping tom!

They all chased him round the corner of the tower-block. I heard some shouts… screams… and a lot of shuffling of feet.

I needed to see what was happening. As I ran around to where the skirmish was taking place I saw the most amount of violence a 14-year-old boy should ever see! There he was on the ground with a gang of angry girls all around him kicking the FUCK out of him! There were high heels going into him… Trainers… Ankle boots… Platform shoes… and some very sharp heels. These ladies didn’t hold back when someone ripped them off.

The poor sod just lay there, trying to fend off the worst kicks, which seemed to be aimed at his head. I think he must have already been kicked in the balls from the way his legs were tightly closed, with one hand permanently trapped down there. He squirmed and twisted and even managed to get hold of one of the devastating female feet that was trying to lay him out cold.

She fell backwards, reared her free foot backwards and instantly started launching her 6-inch heel into his face. His grip didn’t last long! Then suddenly I heard a sickly thud and one of the girls connected with her pointed toe right into the top of his head. All went silent as the girls watched him hanging onto consciousness. One of the girls instantly went for his pockets and produced a wallet. Anita and her walked off with it examining it as they walked away.

Two more girls pried his legs apart. I mean they were trying to get him to do the splits!!! They all moved around from where his head was, around his spread legs and towards his nether-regions. They were like eager little schoolgirls all trying into a sweet shop.

There didn’t seem to be any order, they all rushed in for the kill. Legs were thrashing back and forth as female shoes made sickly thuds into his male organs. They were like sharks in a feeding frenzy but it was, in fact, a ball-kicking frenzy!

Several of them held onto each other’s waists and T-shirts for support as they kicked his jewels into his throat. I was witnessing the… “The Ball-Kicking Monster” A creature so terrible, so destructive… and so demonic!

Their evil eyes glowed as they concentrated their venom on his baby-makers. Each girl was focused intently on her target and was unleashing castration-force kicks into his groin area.

Police sirens began blaring. All the girls awoke from their ‘trip’. Several of them were sweating and breathing heavy. They all ran in several directions leaving the guy on the pavement who I was sure was dead.

Chapter 8

I watched frozen, as the police jumped out of their cars and ran in all directions. A couple of them went over to the man and began examining him and started talking into their radios. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

My mind raced. Was it one of the girls… or was it the police? I didn’t want to hang around! I lashed out with one of my hand not knowing what I was hitting and felt a face. I heard a female voice behind me as I rushed for the first corner. As I careered around into the alley, there stood a lady police officer with her arms outstretched. She was already smiling… and what was this? She had her knee already up.

God she looked gorgeous, I thought as I ran into her awaiting arms. Like a lover, she scooped me up and then lifted me high into her bosom as her knee followed its path into my testicles. I held onto her for dear life, hoping I wasn’t going to receive any more and buried my head into the gap between her shoulders and neck. I could feel her rearing back and almost instinctively my hands dropped around her butt. I clenched them hard as she pulled me back into her. Her knee smashed into my nuts again… and then again

“Hold still love,” she whispered sweetly into my ear. My hands moved away from her butt. I thought that this might have been what was provoking her! Her hands switched to the top of my shoulders and she pushed me down onto my knees. I obliged without any resistance. Then without any notice she brought her knee right into my face. But it didn’t actually make contact with my face; it was stopped short because the bottom of her foot had jammed itself into the bottom of my nuts. With that last kick she let me drop.

As I lay on the floor I heard several other policemen gather around. I felt my hand being cuffed. Then I was brought to my feet. I began protesting my innocence!

“This little shit smacked me in the face!” shouted one of the policewomen. The sergeant whipped round red with rage.

“I can’t stand anyone hitting one of my officers…” And then he punched me square in the face. Man, I had taken a punch, but this was something else. This guy was ready for championship boxing!

“Here Sally, I’ll let you have 5 minutes with him,” he said as he handed a truncheon over to her and then left to carry on with the task of hunting down the other perpetrators. Sally and the other gorgeous policewomen looked started walking up to me.

“No, No… I’m a good boy… I never done anything…”

“Yes. Yes, you’re all good boys on this estate aren’t you?” With that she swiped the truncheon viciously up between my legs. Tears began streaming out of my eyes as I protested my innocence. The two ladies held me like bouncers, so I could move while they took turn pounding me. These girls paid special attention to my balls! After 5 minutes of grueling kicks and hits from them the nicer one interrupted.

“That’s enough Sally. Don’t kick his nuts anymore.”

“Just fucking hold his legs open for another minute. This bastard punched me in the face…” HARDLY. I just pushed her face. I was the one who’d got punched in the face.

She knew her time was coming to an end; so she knelt down to get a last volley of hits in. She raised the truncheon high and then whacked it with supreme accuracy into each testicle. As I shifted around to try and distribute the pain, she expertly readjusted her aim, so that she concentrated at least two to three hits onto the same testicle. This bitch was an expert at beating up male-criminals. This treatment would certainly pit me off a life of crime! I coughed and spluttered in between holding my breath. I tensed up between the volley of hits, but it didn’t help the pain.

“Right. I feel a lot better now,” she said as she got up. “Anyhow, these young boys can take quite a few hits to their nuts without permanent damage. It’s a good lesson for him.” With that they both lifted me to my feet. Since my legs didn’t work, they kind-of had to carry me out of the alley into the awaiting police-car.

Chapter 9 – MISSING

Chapter 10

Sorry guys it’s been 3 months since I’ve written last. I’m 3 months older and still no wiser about women. At least my balls are still intact after the severe trauma they’d received during that fateful week three months ago at the hands of all those women. I must have got kicked over fifty times in the space of a few short days.

My mother had a report from our school doctor who was very concerned about the swelling in my testicles. (I had to go to him because I kept feeling sick.)

“He hasn’t told us how it happened,” I heard the doctor saying. “He must have received several blows to that area.”

“Will he still be able to have kids?” asked my mother, very concerned.

“Yes, don’t worry, testicles can be quite resilient in most men,” replied the doctor, trying to reassure her. Then I overheard them talking about how much damage a set of male testicles could take. Normally you can talk to a doctor about anything medical but even I could see that he was getting a little uncomfortable with all the questions that my mother was asking.

“How many times can a mans testicles get kicked before he becomes sterile?”

“It could take just one, if the blow is severe enough,” said the doctor as he looked at her very concerned.

“In your experience what kind of shoe has caused the most damage?”

“I’ve no idea madam. I’ve never really thought about it. Why are asking?”

“I’m only asking for my daughter. I want her to be able to defend herself properly. What about these…” My mother lifted her foot and pointed the toe directly at the crotch of the doctor. She was wearing her usual ball-busters, white high-heel, reinforced-leather stilettos with metal toe-caps.

“Madam, I can’t make recommendations about what kind of shoe should be worn for women for the purposes of kicking a mans genitals.” He was getting very irritated and I could see him lift the receiver of his phone as we began to walk out.

“Okay, I’ll just have to carry on my own research,” said my mother as she manhandled me out the door.

“Oooooooffff… Ohhhh God…” The doctor rushed outside his office and nearly tripped over one of the sixth formers who was in front of the office on all fours. There was a disgusting pool of puke in front of the doctor’s feet.

“Mmmmm… white stilettos work just fine,” my mother smiled coyly at the doctor and led me away down the corridor. With any luck that doctor would report her; I would get adopted and get away from these lethal women.

Back on our estate, the police crackdown had forced the working girls to move on. This had all been caused by that guy that had been killed by all the hookers. As soon as the questioning started, the girls started moving on. I had been a bloody eyewitness to the whole thing and I knew that many of the girls had it in for me, especially Daniel, the hooker who’d kicked me in the very beginning after I watched her sucking off one other clients.

It was in all the local papers. The report stated that some hotshot businessman from the office-block down the street had been assaulted and robbed during his lunch hour. He had received severe wounds to his head, which caused his death.

I knew better. He was still moving and struggling until the point when the girls starting kicking his genitals. The force and intensity of the kicks from all the girls at the same time had killed him! It was then that I knew that a severe kick to the balls could kill you.

Hopefully those dirty girls would stay away for good. If ever they saw me again I would probably suffer the same fate. There were, however; a few flats where some of the ugly and fat hookers were still working. Me and my mate had resolved to go up to one of them and pay them a visit… SOON. But first we needed some cash and as my balls had discovered 3 months ago, you only get a kick for £1 in your pocket. We would need some serious cash.

That’s how I discovered how to earn cash off my sister. I had become a prostitute… or maybe my balls had. Yes that’s right; one chapter of my life still lingered on. My twisted sister had managed somehow to hold onto her fascination for ball kicking. She’d been banned from kicking me in the balls after that visit to the doctor.

“You cannot kick your brother in the bollocks, otherwise they will burst inside him and he’ll be useless as a man,” she said in rather loud voice to my sister. “You can start your practice again after he’s had time to mature a little.” They seemed to have no shame about talking about my balls in front of me. This didn’t seem to put her off the whole ball-kicking thing. Instead, she’d buy self-defense books and magazines.

She’d even plan to watch some god-awful movie just for a two second clip of some guy getting his balls smashed in then she’d make some comment like, “Oooo, I wish I could have kicked him. My shoes would have fixed him good. Do you think I should buy a pair of shoes like mum?”

I would hear her practicing late at night in her room. She would stack some beanbags on top of each other and would start kicking them where a pretend set of nuts would be on a man.

“Take that, FUCKER! Won’t be needing those again. Here let me kick them into your body for good!” Boy, she was getting really getting into it.

She would come home with new shoes (bought using this mysterious money supply she had).

“What do you think of these mum?” she’d ask as they sat together and discussed the pros and cons of women’s shoes.

“Well dear, they’re not great for running, are they? But they look great and they should last you a good few years if you don’t try and crack too many nuts with them.” Her stupid jokes always amused my sister.

“When are you going to break them in?” she’d ask, always looking at me, knowing exactly what she was getting at.

One day my sister came home with an enormous teddy bear. This thing was almost the size of a small boy.

“Look what I got as a present for my birthday.” What a lying bitch; she’d bought it for herself. My mother thought that it was sweet but I knew what was in store for poor teddy.

I would hear her kicking the stuffing out of poor teddy. The sounds of her kicks where a lot different on a stuffed teddy than they were on a set of beanbags… And her language got a lot filthier…

“Stop puking, you fucker! Open those legs for some more tenderizing! I’m gonna fuck your balls up for good!”

I went through her room when she was out one day, searching deliberately for Mr. Teddy and I found him with a set of small beanbag nuts sown onto him. He was FUCKED! He’d obviously had the stuffing kicked out of him. I’ve seen teddies that have survived bomb attacks on TV better looking than this one. A shudder ran down my spine.

That was when I hit upon my idea. She was desperate to kick balls and I was desperate to earn cash. So I took a bold step. I stuck a note on teddy’s balls. It read, “If you wish to kick a real set of nuts, it’ll cost you £5.”

Okay, okay, I was no businessman.

Anyway, I waited anxiously for her to come home and go to her room. She came down smiling and over dinner she kept looking at me.

Later on that night I heard a knock on my door. I knew it was her. Okay, time to earn some bucks!

“Come in!” I shouted. She entered waving a fiver.

”Is this what your balls are worth, sweet brother?” Okay, she’d started mocking me. Not a good start.

“Look, I know what you want and you can get it for a fiver,” I retorted.

“I get plenty of what I want. I’ve got a couple of boyfriends that do anything I ask them to.” It was true. She was gorgeous and could get any boy to do anything… but surely no boy would be willing to go out with a girl that insisted on kicking his nuts.

“Alright, forget it then. I’ve got other ways to earn cash.” I was angry and just wanted to play down the embarrassing situation.

“No, No, I’m intrigued now. How many times can I kick your balls for £5?” she asked quizzically.

“JUST ONCE!!!!” What a stupid question.

“You must be fucking joking! I want at least 5 kicks for a fiver,” she laughed.

“Two kicks… and the first one has to be without shoes.” What was I doing? I was haggling at the expense of my balls!

“Three kicks… and two with my shoes,” she replied, quick as a flash.

“No, I can’t take that much! Three kicks, and only the last one with shoes.” I thought I was being a clever negotiator.

“Done,” she said as she danced off to her room.

My head was throbbing. Did I get the better of her or the other way around? Anyhow, I didn’t have much time to find out. She raced into my room and bolted the door behind her. She’d put on her specially pointed cowboy boots. They had silver buckle straps and tassels. She must have had them ready and had literally jumped straight into them. Okay, what the fuck had I just done?

“Lets start…” She laid out a row of £5 notes on the bedside dresser. “That should last me for an hours worth.”

“Heh, this is not what I agreed,” I stammered. But the money looked mighty tempting…

“I’ll let you have three kicks every couple of days.” That way I’d earn what I needed by the end of the month.

“That’s no way to prostitute yourself. You got to get the max out of your clients as quick as you can. I should know; I charge £50 for every guy I blow after the movies on Saturday night and I can get through about twenty.”

What did she just say? I’d had my suspicions about her. The way she dressed… her language… her friends… But she’d bold as brass just come right out and said it in front of me.

Now I was nervous as hell. I was standing in front of a total stranger.

“Look, if you want to get blown, then all you have to do is ask.” There was a nervous silence. “Okay, if that makes you sick then I’ll get Mandy to blow your cock. She should be able to swallow all of you. You’re only six inches and she can do a lot more.”

Suddenly my dick sprang to attention. Sweat was pouring down my forehead. Here was me, a total virgin, being offered every item of candy in the sweet shop all at the same time.

“Ummmm… Alright,” I croaked. Damn, my voice wasn’t working properly.

“Hah, Hah, Hah, you big sissy virgin. You want to get your cock sucked and you’ll do anything, won’t you?” With that she picked up all of her money and left the room.

I was standing there in a cold sweat and shaking. Man. girls had some evil power over men! I never saw her again that night. She was an expert negotiator and had me by the balls.

For the next few days I literally did everything for her, washed the dishes, carried her books, did her homework. It’s amazing the depths you will sink to get some pussy.

After school one day, she was hanging out with her slag-friends outside the school gates, smoking their heads off as usual. I had to wait for her at the bus stop. I wasn’t cool enough to be seen with them. I saw her beckoning me over. I went over with my head lowered.

“This my sweet brother. He’s the one I told you about.” Oh shit. What the fuck had she said to the other girls? My brain told my legs to run, but I just stood there.

“Mary has something to say to you.” Man, Mary was a slut. She had the whitest skin I’d ever seen and huge bosoms. They were all in their school uniforms but they always had a way of making it look ultra-sexy, shortening their skirts and wearing black stockings or pantyhose instead of knee high socks.

Mary slid up to me and whispered in my ear, ”I’ll suck you off in the bike sheds but first you have to let Julie kick you in the balls. If you can get it up in five minutes after she kicks you then I’ll suck your cock and swallow everything you spunk into my mouth.” My head started throbbing and I started to feel queasy.

“What do you say?” I nodded my head.

“Excellent,” said my evil sister. “Oh, and we forgot to mention that we all get to watch it!”

Okay, this was new. I was held by both arms and marched around the corner. I already had an erection. If I could keep it after Julie kicked me then I’d have my first blow job. I didn’t care how many girls would watch! I was escorted to the alley just between the bike sheds and the main school building, where I was held firmly against the wall by two of the girls. Just then a teacher walked by and saw what was happening.

“Is everything okay here?” One of the girls walked forward.

“Shove off Frank, before I tell your wife about us. There’s a good boy.”

Frank! I never knew his first name. Mr. Rogers turned bright red and turned his back on me. He was supposed to represent some kind of order in this chaos that surrounded me and my only male savior put his hands in his pockets and walked off simply because he was getting laid by the sixth form girls. The state of education today!

I looked around at the group of girls that began to huddle around me. Which one was Julie? They all looked pretty viscous, so I guessed my balls were going to get kicked real hard.

“Okay Julie, time to crack my brothers nuts,” said my sister as a black girl stepped into the circle. Bloody hell, it was that black girl that had won the track-and-field for our school last year! She had such huge thighs they banged together when she walked.

“No, I don’t want it anymore!” I screamed as I struggled to lose the grip they had on me.

“Boy! Ya scared of Julie? Damn fuckin’ right! Me gonna kick you thru the wall! Pick this fucker’s leg up.” I had my knees clamped tight. They tried to lift my left leg but I used every ounce of strength in my thigh muscles to keep them together. One of the girls started stomping heavily into my right foot. After the fifth stomp I felt some bones crush in the top of my foot and I yelped and lifted my foot to avoid the stomping.

Immediately my leg was hoisted up high and some girl rested it on her shoulder as if she was about to do the pole vault. I struggled twisted and turned to avoid the impending kick. Julie stepped up to me,

“Boy, ya struggle too much.” With that she jabbed her finger into my right eye. I cried out in pain and began screaming at the top of my voice.

“Shut him up,” said one the girls. Quick as a flash, Julie swung her huge leg forward and rocketed her foot into my crotch. PHHHHWAP! The force of the kick lifted me off the floor and into the wall. Immediately I stopped my screaming and swallowed hard.

“He had to stop them shooting out of his mouth,” laughed one of the girls holding my head back. She kicked me too hard. I could feel the laces of her trainers against both testicles. All the girls instantly let go off me and I collapsed in a heap. I heard laughing and joking and Julie went over to the wall and chalked up another mark under the “Broken Bollocks” section. I coughed and spluttered and began vomiting uncontrollably. They waited for me to finish before Mary stepped up behind me.

My head was yanked backwards by my hair and she whispered into my ear, “Come on, lover boy. Are you ready for me now?” If ONLY! I couldn’t even think about blow jobs at a time like this.

Two minutes elapsed… three… then four.

“Okay, last minute to get yourself hard. Do you want some help?”

“YES,” I coughed as I desperately tried to get it up by thinking of sexy girls and what I had watched on Channel X on the Internet last night.

Mary helped me to my feet and pushed me against the wall. Expertly she undid my belt and my fly and then, whoosh, she had my cock out before I knew what happened. Not even I could get it out that quick. Was she really going to live up to her end of the bargain?

“Mmmmm, come on baby.” She massaged my meat between her palms. The girls were in hysterics, which didn’t help my mood.

“Arrrrrcccccchhhhhhhh!” Mary spat a lougy into her hand and then started pumping my cock.

“Ohhh, fuck, yes…” My cock just began springing into action as my sister called “Time!”


“Sorry baby. Maybe next time. We’ll have to make your balls a little more resilient. Are you feeling better now anyway?” she smiled sweetly at me.

I nodded, hoping to become her best friend.

“Good. It was nice to meet your little-man and your baby makers.” With that she slid her hand under my cock and around my balls.

“Ohhhh GOD!” CRACK! That’s right, I definitely felt something inside me CRACK as Mary clamped her two fingers around my right testicle and pushed her thumb through the inside of my ball like a spike!

“Did I hurt you baby?” I stood frozen, thinking that my life was over and then fell to my knees. I felt that she’d killed me. I resigned myself to my fate.

Mary stood square in front of me, pulled her stockinged foot backwards and launched her sweet black school shoes toe first into my damaged testicle. My eyes rolled back and I passed out as I felt several more girls’ shoes boot me in the crotch.

Chapter 11

I was awakened by the school nurse about an hour later as she held some smelling salts under my nose.

“There… How are you feeling?” said our school nurse. I was still at school, no surprise there. I was lying on the couch with a blanket covering the lower half of me. My legs were splayed wide apart. I tried to close them. I couldn’t look stupid in front of the nurse; she was a babe. It was then I realized that firstly, I was naked under the covers and secondly, my legs were spread for very good reason. The minute I tried to squeeze them together, my swollen balls got in the way. Pain and nausea overcame me.

“Keep them apart and breath deeply. Oh, and try to bend your knees a little.” I immediately followed her instructions to try and stop myself from being sick. She knew exactly the right advice to give and had strategically positioned my legs to stop me being sick.

“You must be feeling sick. I’ve given you an injection to numb the pain in your genitals.” She must have had such a good poke around down there while I was out cold. I felt so embarrassed.

“Look at you! You’re turning red! Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing down there that I haven’t seen before,” and she went about her business around the office. “The doctor examined you and said that you have some major swelling but you’re okay apart from that. We’ve called your mum. Strangely enough she wasn’t that concerned, so our good doctor is going to give you a lift home. He’ll be here any minute.”

“So, do you want to tell me what happened?” she muttered as she began clearing up around her small office. I thought for a minute and normally I’m no super-grass, but this time I was determined to get the girls into trouble.

“It was those girls that hang around the bike sheds!”

“Mmmm, yes, we have had a few cases of boys like yourself come in with injuries like yours,” she said with her hands on her hips. “The headmaster has told me about the girl gangs that are forming in the school and he’s determined to put an end to all this bullying. I mean I’m all for girls protecting themselves, but they seem to use male vulnerability just to satisfy their sadistic tendencies. I’m pretty sure it’s widespread in the school. Many of the boys have taken kicks from those girl gangs and never report it. I can tell when I see them walking down the corridors.” She paused to reflect.

“I have to admit that I’ve kicked a few irritating guys in the past and I recognize the way they walk after a good kick and before you ask, I never did it out of spite. It was a last resort move when a guy bothered me too much.” There didn’t seem to be a single female in my life that hadn’t kicked a set of nuts!

“Every girl I know kicks me in the nuts!” I whimpered to the nurse.

“Ahhhh… there, there…” as she hugged me close to her cleavage. YES! I was getting cheap thrills from this sympathy thing!

“What can I do? They’re sure to stop working if I keep getting kicked like this. I mean how do I know whether they still work?” I said, almost half crying.

“Don’t worry, you’re a young man and things should heal really quickly,” she said as she let go of me. I began wondering how far I could push this.

“Er, nurse, do you think you could test it for me?” The nurse stopped filling the papers and looked over to me in shock then she smiled and began walking over to me.

“Well, young man, we should find out if your testicles are still producing sperm okay.” I simply nodded.

“How often do you masturbate?” she enquired clinically. Oh God, MASTURBATE! That word ushered from the nurse’s lips. I turned redder than before.

“I don’t need to do that. I’ve got a girlfriend.” My nose must have extended about an inch after I said that.

“Well, get her to masturbate you later on and report back to me tomorrow,” she said as she began sloping away from the couch.

“NO!” I shouted, then lowered my voice. ”She’s in Australia at the moment visiting her cousin.”

“Oh, what a shame. Well, in that case, would you let me test it for you?” What an offer!

“Okay baby,” I thought, “this is it!” I nodded, trying to hide my nervousness. The nurse reached over for some surgical latex gloves and snapped them on. She would make an excellent dominatrix! She rested her hand on my chest and then began wandering down to my midsection and then lifted the covers and began reaching down seductively to my groin area. I was already hard!

“Don’t you need some lubrication?” I said, trying to avoid a very rough hand-job

“No, my dear, I don’t need any lubrication to do this…” She bore down hard on my already beaten testicles.

“Noooooo… Mummmy!” I squealed as she casually applied pressure to my groin area. I just lay there arching and twisting my body, keeping my legs amply open for her. I knew I was being punished and I couldn’t lash out or swear at her so I silently took everything that she was dishing out to me. Being a nurse I was sure that she would try to pop my nuts, but after 20 seconds of writhing I began to wonder if she was ever going to let me go.

“Have we learned our lesson young man?” she said in such a casual tone. How could she be so calm with a male clamped in the palm of her hands desperately fighting for air?

“YES, MA’AM!” I blurted out as she let go of me.

“I learned how to do that after anatomy class when I was a student. It was on the lecturer, of all people. It never surprises me how easy it is to get a man to do whatever you want if you have a good firm grip of his balls.” I lay on the couch holding myself as she began talking to herself. This must have been some kind of therapy sessions for her.

“Well, it was my dad who told me all about it. My mum walked out on us when I was young and when I started dating my dad took it upon himself to teach me about boys. He told me that I had to kick the boy between his legs if they went too far during the date. He was so determined to show me the effect that he allowed me to kick him there.”

“Yes, unbelievable that a man would actually ask a girl to do that to him but I think he was trying to prove a point with me. Anyway, I agreed, not knowing the full anatomy of testicles and kicked him, slow at first. He bent over and started breathing real heavy. He then straightened up and told me that I hadn’t kicked him hard enough. In order to get the message a guy has to be kicked as hard as possible. I was a little insulted and was determined to put him down so I spent the next five minutes kicking him as hard as I could to put him on the floor.”

“I never wanted to hurt him but he kept insisting that he didn’t need them anymore. He was through with women and that they were there for target practice whenever I wanted.”

“He always told me that I should start a relationship with a good kick to my boyfriend’s nuts. That way he’d learn from the very beginning not to mess with me.”

“Since I was a teenager, I’ve always been hit on by guys and now I just consider it a part of life. The more you get hit on, the more you tend to lash out at your male oppressors. Getting constantly hit on is not nice especially when you’re in a relationship and men never seem to take the word “NO” as an answer. It seems they only really understand one thing, a swift kick from my high heels in their goolies.” The nurse suddenly broke the conversation and looked up as she realised that she was telling me more than she should.

“I suppose every girl learns about boys’ balls in different ways,” I said as I was recovering. “I’m sorry about before and I’m sorry you keep getting hit on and I’m sorry I lied. I don’t have a girlfriend. I lied about that.” The nurse smiled at me.

“You are sooo pathetic. I just love an honest guy. The doctor will be a few minutes. I guess you deserve this.” With that she slipped back the covers, took off her white shoes, lifted her beautiful leg (with the toes pointing) and rested her thigh in-between my legs, right onto my crotch.

Oh no! I’d had enough. She wasn’t going to start kneeing me; I couldn’t take anymore. I tensed up and waited for a heavy thump from her knee but it never came. She simply hovered over me with one of her legs supporting herself on the floor next to the waist high couch and began rubbing her thigh up and down my shaft.

Ohhhh, God! I was in heaven! I could feel the patterns on her white pantyhose as her upper thigh rubbed against my hardening shaft. Only a few inches to the right and my cock would have been right up against her pussy! Her perfume wafted down onto me and I glared into her cleavage that was rocking up and down in front of me.

“Now don’t cum all over my pantyhose. I have to work in these today. Just let me know when you’re about to explode.” I nodded but I wasn’t really listening. I was in a trance. She kept smiling sweetly as her amazing leg massaged my cock.

Oh no! What was happening? She warned me about something. What was it? Before I could think, I’d grabbed hold of her backside and had begun shooting sperm uncontrollably onto her pantyhose. At 14 I had very little control over my ejaculations. I collapsed, totally contented, and the nurse snatched my hand away from her backside and lifted herself and ran over to a box of tissues.

“Typical man… Immature… Juvenile…. Selfish… Bastard!” I could hear her swearing as she furiously tried to wipe away the contents of my balls away from her pussy. Just then the doctor burst in and the nurse immediately dropped her skirt.

“Okay, is he ready?” He looked over to me. “Have you sedated him any more?” My look of tranquility must have made him think I was drugged up.

“No, he’s all yours. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing him again real soon,” said the nurse as she stormed out of the office.

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One of my favorite stories ever.
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