Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Date With Chyna

by unknown

They knew they had both had far too much to drink as he fumbled with the keys to the apartment, snickering and as she fumbled laughingly with the fly of his jeans. The door suddenly burst open and they stumbled in, nearly falling, which made them both laugh even harder. Somehow in the dark they managed to get to the bedroom, where as he flipped on the lights she gave him a push and they both fell onto the bed in hysterics.

Somehow she drunkenly managed to roughly remove his jeans and underpants and instantly clamped her mouth around his stiff penis, sucking and biting with her front teeth, making him gasp with the pain and pleasure. Then, without warning, she falteringly stood up, went over to her dresser, opened the top drawer, rummaged in it for a few seconds and smilingly held up four large scarves. Still giggling, she managed make four very good knots with them to tie him spread-eagled to the bedposts.

Wriggling out of her jeans and panties - she knew she wasn't coordinated enough at the moment to take off her shirt - she stood next to him. "Can look but can't touch," she slurred teasingly. Then she looked quizzically at him. "Do you - do you still want me to beat up your... your cock and balls?" She looked down at his helpless, exposed penis and scrotum. "'Cause... 'cause right now it'd really turn me on."

His heart pounded faster. He'd dreamt what she’d do. But she was a star of the World Wrestling Federation and he was a nobody, just a huge fan. He was surprised when, after a show, he caught her attention and she invited him out for some drinks. He confided in her how she turned him on and how he’d love for her to practice her specialty on him in private. Chyna felt she could do it since he was built and cute. She figured she’d just lightly slap his testicles around some and then she’d fuck his brains out. Since he'd always fantasized about this... what could he say? "Oh, yes, baby, please," was all he managed to say.

She grinned and noticed his penis was already beginning to stir at the very idea. "Can I beat you as hard as I want to?"

"You can do *anything* you want to me." The alcohol was effecting her greatly now.

"OK, then - you wait here 'till I get back." She staggered toward the kitchen and after a few minutes found the items she was looking for: the heavy, metal flashlight, the meat tenderizing mallet. Ready to return to the bedroom, she spied a bottle of spiced rum in an open cabinet and took that too.

His penis was stiff and looked so delicious lying against his tummy. She dropped her tools next to him on the bed and took a quick swig of rum. She was getting more buzzed by the minute. "Sure you wont lose your nerve? This is your last chance." He nodded for her to continue. Giggling, she poured half the bottle over his genitals and then attacked them, biting and licking and gulping the liquor from his hard penis and taut scrotum.

Taking another swig, she sat on the bed next to him and started to slowly stroke the penis with her massive arms. With every upward stroke she tightened her grip on it until she was squeezing it as hard as she could. As she watched, a drop of pre-cum welled up from the hole at the tip of the organ and she bent down to lick it off. Swallowing it, she squashed the glans between the fingers of both her hands and felt it resist slightly as it flattened. She squeezed with all the power in her hands and watched as it reddened, then slowly turned purple in her tight grip, he grunted in pain. She tried to insert her pinky finger down the hole, but the hole was too small. She released the penis head and watched as it quickly turned from purple back to dark pink, she really was starting to enjoy this.

“I don’t want you going soft on me,” she said with a smile as she began to tie a shoestring very tightly around the base of his cock and balls. He cried out in pain as she tied off a knot, trapping the blood within his cock and causing its veins to stand out prominently. She smiled at the visual effect it gave.

Then she lifted up her right hand, made sure he was watching as she made a fist and slammed it with force squarely into his scrotum. She saw his pelvis jump and at the same instant felt his testicles compress slightly within the scrotum as her fist smashed them. They felt hard, but rubbery and springy and it dawned on her that smashing her fist against them felt good. So she did it again. Then again. And again. And again. She loved smashing balls!

By this time he was yelling, but she ignored it, she was too far gone now. She was amazed to see that the penis was still erect - in fact, it was even harder now than before. She took it in her left hand and said, "So I guess you're enjoying this?" He couldn’t even manage to croak a coherent word at this point. She cupped his scrotum in her right hand and rolled his balls around. They were getting very swollen and she liked the way it looked and squeezed down harder.

"Too hard?" she asked.

"Aghh," he gasped.

"Harder?" she asked. She took the heavy flashlight and brought it down on the scrotum with force. She could see his balls flatten slightly as they were struck. He screamed and she brought it down on his tender scrotum again even harder. It crashed down again and again and the testicles were now swollen to over twice their original size. As she looked over his testicles, she began to slowly stroke the fully erect penis once again, holding it upright. Then, without warning, she brought the flashlight down on the top of the glans. It flattened out agreeably, with much more give than the testes, but sprung back up into shape almost as fast. She swung the flashlight at the head of the penis five more times, each time with greater force and noticed finally, amid his yells, that the glans was also starting to swell terribly. She could also see a deep crimson spot at the tip of the glans - a bruise was beginning to form. She smiled. Suddenly Chyna realized that she was incredibly aroused and felt her wetness start to leak out of her. A strange, primal feeling she had never experienced made her head spin. She managed to spit out not a question, but a statement of fact: "I'm going to ruin - I'm going to destroy your cock."

He moaned in pain and began to protest, but she barely heard him. She picked the tenderizing mallet and holding his erect penis down on the table, began to hammer it harshly, she was amused at the way it kept springing back into shape with each blow as it had before. A trickle of blood mixed with pre-cum oozed from the hole at the tip. Amazingly, however, the penile shaft stayed as hard and erect as ever and he had stopped screaming was moaning pitifully.

She now flipped the mallet over to the side with the spikes and grasped the dying penis firmly. "Say goodbye to your penis," she commanded him. When he failed to respond, she yanked his member upward nearly lifting him off the table by his cock and demanded loudly, "Tell your penis goodbye!"

"Good bye, penis," he responded weakly, and she brought down the mallet.

The glans was soon covered with tiny pricks, each oozing blood. Looking at her handiwork - it was obvious that the penis would never again function, it was only erect because of the tourniquet she had tied around it - she had the most powerful orgasm of her life. In the throes of it, she bent over the ruined penis and began to yank it up and down, jacking it off in a brutal fashion, gripping it as tight as her muscled arms would allow. Her grip was so tight on the already swollen engorged cock that it looked as if it would burst in her grasp. The glans was soon covered with tiny pricks, each oozing blood. Chyna removed the bindings she had applied and then she squeezed with all the power in her hands and watched as it again reddened, then slowly turned purple in her powerful grip. She began to yank it up and down, jacking it more viciously than ever before, never releasing her powerful death grip as she then sank her nails into its hard shaft. And then - as she came, so did he. The penis violently ejaculated but due to her tight grip at first nothing came out, then she lightened her grip and out came spurt after spurt of semen, pink-tinged with fresh blood, onto her face as breasts as he groaned loudly with release. His orgasm caught her, still spasming from her own, completely by surprise and although she hated when he came on her face, she couldn't move out of the way of the spurting semen, couldn't move at all except in orgasm.

Slowly she came to her senses, as she tasted semen slowly dripping into her mouth. She stopped yanking the drooping, spent, bloody piece of flesh that once was her lover's cock. He could only groan in pain as she reached down and cradled his heavy testicles in the palm of her right hand and slightly compressed them with a fraction of the strength in her hands, he immediately lurched up and cried out in again in tremendous pain…and she once again, she smiled….

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