Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dentist Visit

By Hooham

A patient, suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth, went to her dentist.

"That tooth has got to be pulled immediately," the dentist said as he reached for a wicked-looking set of forceps. The patient reached out and got a tight grip on the dentist's balls.

"We're not going to hurt each other, are we doctor? My pain tolerance is low so my nutcracker grip will keep you informed of my status." A high-pitched voice came from the dentist suggesting he put her to sleep.

"You try putting me to sleep and I'll put you to sleep," she said, squeezing instantly. After feeling the gut-wrenching pain the dentist began cautiously and nervously.

When the assistant was fully aware of what was going on, she figured she could have a little fun. This doctor had always been a real asshole to his employees and now it was payback time. The assistant began to scratch inside the patient’s mouth with the suction tube and put the mouth gauze in kind of roughly without the dentist knowing. The patient realized what the assistant was doing; she was giving the patient signals to hurt the doctor further. She watched in anticipation each time as the patient's hand squeezed, the dentists abdomen curled and a couple of tears came from his face. Oh, she was having a ball in her own special way.

When the procedure was through, the dentist gave a big sigh of relief that he had made it through with just minor pain. But as he raised the chair he felt a twist on his scrotum and immediately stopped. The patient was well aware of his mistreatment towards his staff.

She said, "With my powerful position I'm going to make a few demands. First, your assistant here gets to drive your Ferrari for the rest of the month." Applying a forceful pinch to his left nut he had no choice but to agree. "Second, you give each of your assistants a pay raise of 5% and the rest of the week off with overtime pay, even if it is Tuesday." The dentist was enraged at this demand. He tried to get loose of the girl before she made him submit to this one. At this point some of the other assistants came to see what the commotion was about.

They all got to hear the patient say, "I guess that is a tough choice to make. Here, I'll let you sleep on it." She put full squeezing force on his balls and pulled. He screamed in a Mickey Mouse-like voice and then passed out.

The assistants stood for a second and then cheered. One said, "That was amazing. We've always wished to do something like that to the doctor for a long time." With a big smile, the patient went to the front desk to schedule her next appointment. The receptionist asked if Monday would be all right?

"Definitely, I've got nuttin’ else to do, plus I'll need to find out what his final answer is for the pay raise. I'm confident you girls can at least get that."

All goodbyes were exchanged, and before exiting the patient said, "Alright ladies, next ball game Monday; we'll have 2 balls, many strikes and one man out." They all laughed and waved goodbye.

Based on feedback, to be or not to be continued...

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