Sunday, August 12, 2007


by unknown


Brent had been married to Candy for 15 years before she decided to walk out on him. The only reason she gave was that she wanted to make her own decisions. She wanted it to be a friendly divorce, but Brent decided otherwise. He hired an attorney and received full custody of the two children, took complete ownership of their house and was awarded hefty child support payments. But Brent wasn't satisfied. The first week her child support check was late, he immediately stormed down to where she worked as a schoolteacher.

School had been out and Candy was working late when Brent burst through the door. "Where is my check?" he shouted at her. Candy was startled and then growled back, "The check is in the mail asshole! Now get the hell out of here!"

"Like hell I will," Brent responded. "I want my money now!" Candy started to fume. Here was this creep...her ex-husband...demanded money. She was close to broke after he hung her out to dry in court and the bastard kept wanting to rub her face in it!

"What's the matter...haven't had any sex? Are we stressed out from our dick being limp?" she taunted.

"No sex is better than YOUR sex, bitch!" he sneered back.

"Oh, is that so?" Candy said. She slowly walked up to him. Brent noticed she had on nylons. She never wore nylons before. She also hand on high heels! They clicked seductively as she got closer. "I remember you liked it when I did THIS!" She shot out her arm before Brent could react and grabbed him by the balls through his pants.

"H-hey...don't! Someone might come in!" he said meekly.

"'s closed. Everyone is long gone!" Candy cooed into his ear. "Remember how you loved it when I squeezed your nuts...." she tightened her grip and Brent's cock jumped in his pants from the stimulation.

"C'mon...leggo...", Brent gasped and grabbed her wrist.

"FUCK YOU!" Candy yelled and shot her right knee as hard as she could up into Brent's balls. A blinding white flash went through Brent's brain from the unbelievable pain and he slumped to the floor unconscious. Candy chuckled under her breath and locked the door. "Chump!" she thought to herself.


Brent slowly opened his eyes to a blurry classroom and the first thing he noticed was that his hands were restricted behind his back. "Oh, I see little Sleepy Boy is waking up!" he heard Candy's voice behind him. She walked in front and his eyes grew larger. She wore a garter belt and a half bra. She had put on make-up and....well, frankly...he had never seen her so beautiful!

He looked down and realized his legs were spread apart and she had tied his balls separating each nut sack! His mouth had been taped shut and he felt himself getting hard despite his predicament! "Are we getting hard, Sleepy Boy?" she teased and reached over and tickled the tip of his penis. As it rose up she slapped it as hard as she could sending it bobbing violently back and forth. Brent screamed through the tape over his mouth and Candy laughed.

"Look, you bastard. You ruined me financially and now I'm going to ruin you sexually!" she said. "You'll wish you’d never come to this classroom when I'm finished with you! Oh, by the way... see that video camera over there? It's taping all the torture to follow..."

"Now...let's see what I have in my drawer right here..." Candy slid open her desk drawer and Brent started to feel sweat form on his brow. He could see rulers, pens, pencils, thumbtacks... Candy took them all. But before she closed it, she took his testicles and yanked them into the drawer. "Are you ready for some pain, Sweetie?" she said. She slammed the drawer on his sack, pinning him. The pain was unbelievable as Brent became dizzy and nauseous.

"Easy now...don't fall might rip your testicles from your body!" Candy laughed and gave him a little push. Brent fought to keep his balance as her little push caused more pain from his trapped balls. Candy ripped the tape from his mouth and crushed her mouth on his. He felt her tongue dart in and noticed the crazed, glassy look in her eyes. She was getting off on this! As she kissed him she slowly opened the drawer and he sagged in his bonds from the relief. But before he could recover, she slammed in again! He almost gagged on her tongue as he gurgled a scream into her open mouth. He felt her warm breasts against his chest, her perfume.... again she opened the drawer and again she slammed it on his now swollen gonads! The pain was simply too much for Brent and he passed out again.


Brent came to and felt himself still bound. He could sense his ex-wife still close and as his vision cleared, he looked down and discovered his bound balls were free from the drawer. Unfortunately, they were hovering over a blackboard eraser. Inside the eraser were about 20 thumbtacks, sticking up, merely inches away from his tied-up testicles! "They say we are the weaker sex," Candy spoke suddenly. "Let's see if they are correct!" She walked over to Brent and placed each hand on his shoulders. "I'm going to push down and if you can keep me from pushing you down onto this win! If you can't...your little nutsack is going to hurt reeeeal bad!" Candy smirked. "Here we go!" She slowly started pushing Brent down. He was still groggy from being unconscious, but still he struggled to keep her from winning. He glanced up to see her smiling at his situation. He started trembling as his balls inched closer and closer to the thumbtacks. "I think you are losing dear..." she said, sarcastically. Finally, Brent's strength gave way and he collapsed. As his knees buckled, the force of his descent even surprised Candy and she squealed in delight as he screamed from pain. The thumbtacks stabbed into his balls completely and Candy quickly jumped on his lower back, driving them as far as they could go. "I win! I win!" she screamed as she rode him like a horse. He struggled to buck her off, but he could not. He felt them wetness on his back from her mounting orgasm. The pain in his nuts was unbearable and she kept jumping and rubbing. Candy cried out in a wave of multiple orgasms and slowly slid off his body. Brent couldn't move.

"P-please..." he whispered. Candy walked around in front of him.

"What did you say little man? I can't hear you!" she said.

"P-please take th-them out..." Brent sobbed.

"Take what out?" she teased.

"H-hurts s-s-so bad...." he moaned in delirium. Candy went behind him and raised him up. The eraser stayed fastened to his sack and blood ran down his legs.

"Oh...THIS?" she quipped. She took the ruler and smacked the eraser. Brent saw a white flash and the pain was indescribable! He fell over and began throwing up in uncontrollable spasms. Candy merely laughed.

End Part 1

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