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Dojo - Oh No! (Chapter 1)

By Naive

A girl takes down her brother in fight for hidden reasons.


1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

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This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


Dojo - Oh No!

(Chapter 1)

It was almost summer and Andy was looking for something to do with the boredom of the summer. His parents would only let him take a part time job - while most of his friends were working full time. Andy was just about to turn eighteen. He loved the sun and sports. His normally dark red hair had faded down to a light red from all the sun. Though a little short for his age, only 5' 8", he was well built and had an amazing tan; he was always proud of his looks and his speed. Andy was one of the top players in school for soccer and baseball, he was just a little small for football, at least that's what the coach claimed.

Andy started to flip through the paper as he lounged on the couch. The TV was drowning with daytime soaps and infomercials. Out the corner of his eye he caught his older sister walking by in a silly looking outfit with a large green belt hanging from it.

"What's with the outfit sis?" Andy asked amused with being able to get a few good shoots at his sister. His mind flooded with all the usual barbs, just waiting for a good place to say them.

"I'm getting ready for karate class. Why? Wanna come?" She said with a little evil smile.

"Me? Like I need to work out," Andy jumped up and flexed his muscles. Ginger just rolled her eyes.

"Like a few little muscles would protect you. I could even beat you up. It's not like you know how to fight." She stood there with her hands on her hips and the roar of challenge filled her voice.

"I could too. I can take anyone I want. I've been in a couple fights and I've always won!" Ginger could see the ire building up in his eyes. "And you I could take you! Your half my size .how could you stop me?!"

"Easily, wanna try me?"

"No, I don't want to hurt you." He quipped back, and flopped back down on the sofa. He looked at his sister she was well built, but like most of his family short, a mere 5'2"; though, she looked well-muscled like him she couldn't weigh more then 120 lbs. max. He could really hurt her if he wasn't careful, and unlike most brothers and sisters they got along pretty well. No real big fights and he always let her win the arguments - she liked to win much more then he did.

"Do I smell chicken?" she emphasized with a few sniffs to the air. That was it she could see the red popping out all over his face. She knew all the right buttons. But all she could think was `am I doing the right thing? What if they hurt him?' She loved her brother and wanted the best for him. Ginger had to trust in her teacher’s knowledge to guide her.

"All right! That's it! We use to wrestle all the time and I always won. Do you really think that a few martial arts classes could help you that much?" He said with a furry that escaped from nowhere. His temper was always out of control. He had been in a lot of fights and was on probation at the moment for fighting. One more strike and he might have to spend a month or two in jail. "Lets get this over with so I can get back to looking for some summer fun."

"How about we make it a little more interesting?"

"How's that?"

"How about a little wager?" Ginger put on a little smile. She could tell she had him. Unlike Adam her skin was fairly light, and her hair was a dark burgundy a stark contrast to her ocean blue eyes. Slowly she slipped her gee top off and dropped it on the floor. Though short she was well endowed for her size. She could tell her brothers eyes were immediately drawn to her chest. She'd have to teach him to keep those hormones in check: he did a good job already though, he would be eighteen in a month and Ginger was sure he was still a virgin. She always made herself good friends with the few girlfriends he had, but all of them told her he never tried anything. He was shy around girls and couldn't seem to break out of it. Today would change that - she hoped for the best. Grabbing the edge of the hardwood table she said, "If I win... you have to take karate with me."

"And, if I win?"

"You don't have to work this summer I'll make sure you have as much money as you would from a temp job."

"I don't know?" He already had enough time to waste. With no job he'd really be bored.

"Ok, how about I introduce you to some girls I know that want to go out with you?"

“...well ok." Andy's face was such a deep red that his tan seemed to fade away. He could never understand how he was such a twit with the girls. He tried hard to act the same around them, but he just lost all control and his mind only came up gibberish. Maybe, just maybe, if he tried hard enough he could break out of it. Would that also kill some of the anger he had bubbling inside?

"Good! Now help me with the table." Andy grabbed the other side and helped his sister walk it out the room. The living room was large and had sparse furniture. His parents liked to call it neo-furnishing: just a touch of color allot of space and some tables to make it functional. Small lights grew out of all four walls. Andy and Ginger agreed along time ago that both of their parents were creepy. The whole room was made to look like something the mad hatter from Tom Petty's video would of loved. Black and white marble in a chess pattern made up the floor, walls, and ceiling. A large medieval tapestry covered the floor to keep it warm. That was their arena.

Andy dropped down to the floor on both hands and knees, and motioned for his sister to get him from above. It was just like when they were kids. Ginger grabbed him around the chest and could feel that he was a real hard body he must work out allot - not like he was big, just very in shape - she hoped she could win; otherwise, the plan would fail.

"Ready when you are sis'." He said and she could feel his muscles tighten beneath her.

"Nowwww?" As soon as the first letters left her mouth she was already heading towards the floor, as he rolled her under him. He caught her by surprise and ginger was pinned before she could think to move.

"Still three out of five?" He said with a smirk as he helped her up.

"Yes." She growled under her breath. She pulled off her belt and tossed it to the side and loosened her shirt from her pants. Luckily this did two things for her; first it distracted her brother and second gave her a little more flexibility. She wasn't sure if she was going to like hurting him but she felt he deserved it a bit. He was always so cocky. She just hoped it wouldn't get out of control - with his temper and all. Ginger crawled into the lower position and nodded that she was ready.

"Now!" Andy shouted as he grabbed his sister. Ginger had moved back just a little making Andy miss his mark and grab her left breast he immediately let go embarrassed - just as Ginger had calculated. As he let go she balled up rolled forward and turned. She landed a fist to his chest taking the wind out of him. Her other arm griped his shoulder as she brought her knee forward - cracking him straight in the balls. With a slight gag Andy grabbed his nuts and hit the ground. Ginger leaped on top and claimed victory. But, it fell on deaf ears. Andy was still throbbing in pain. He couldn't believe his sister would do that to him. He couldn't seem to drag enough air into his lungs. The pain ebbed slowly and the white spots drifted from his vision. Slowly and got up but he felt sick with every move. "I can't believe you did that,” he whispered hoarsely

"All's fair in love and wrestling." Ginger said as she pointed to the spot where he was to kneel. Just watching her brother she could tell this was going to be trouble. He was having a hard time not getting angry. She could see his fists turning white as he held it in.

"DON'T. Don't do that again!" he said through gritted teeth. Using all his will he held the anger away. He had never struck a woman and planed not to unless he was defending himself. He wouldn't break that even for his sister. Though she seemed to deserve it for today. Andy crawled to the spot and knelt. Ginger again got in position, but this time she could hear her brother's teeth grinding below her. "Ready!"

"Now!" she shouted. Andy was a blur. He tried to flip her again but Ginger just stepped back from him. Letting him land on his back. As he landed she knee dropped him in the groin. She had to cringe as he made a high pitch squeak of pain. That had to hurt; she knew that when she got hit in the groin the fire raced to her brain with excruciating pain. She hated doing this but it was the only way to win. Quickly as he started to curl up she slid around behind him and put him in a headlock her legs wrapped around his chest locking his arms to his chest and crushing his hand into his groin. She put pressure on his throat and his groin. She could hear his breath catch and speed up, and it felt like all his muscles tightened bellow her. She started to worry for herself. A low growl came from her brother and with almost no leverage he lifted her slightly off the ground using his legs alone, and slammed her into the floor hard - using his weight to crush her into the ground. Ginger quickly tightened her grip. Again, her brother lifted her even higher from the ground and slammed her again with a power she couldn't believe. He had to be in great pain, but he seemed too enraged to notice. Little sparks of light lit her vision as she tried to gain control. With both her heals she crushed them into his groin. Andy grunted with pain as tears clouded his eyes. Foam formed at the edge of his mouth as his anger tried to grab for control. Andy bent forward to try to free his hands. Just as he did, Ginger racked him again. The rage was fuming, but the pain made him finally yell ‘enough’. Ginger let him go and was surprised how he jetted to his feet. She could see blood on his lip and teeth. He had bitten into it during the fight. She could see a massive amount of pain welling in him, but it was dwarfed by his anger.

"My GOD! You FUCKING bitch! Do you really want to win that much! Is that all I am – a FUCKING win to you!!" He screamed at her. Ginger held her fear close in so he couldn't see it. But at the moment she was scared. Most men would have been down by now; Andy seemed barely slowed by it. How could he take the pain? She kept quiet. "FUCK!!" Andy stormed to the other room and she could here him pounding on the walls of the hall. A loud crunch came from the hall and ginger ran to make sure he was ok. She gasped as she noticed the blood and the hole in the wall. He actually put his had through the wall. He just stood there and looked at the wall not noticing the small drops of blood falling to the ground. Crimson streaks followed his steps across the white tiles of the floor. Andy walked by Ginger in what looked to her like a daze, and wondered toward the bathroom. Ginger had no idea his anger was this out of control, most of the last two years she had lived in the dorms and spent little time at home. She was worried for her brother - maybe their plan would help.

Andy wondered out of the bathroom and looked at her. She could almost see hat in his eyes.

"You ready?" his voice a frightening wisp. Ginger nodded. She could see a good-sized gash on the top of his hand it looked like a piece of the wood had splintered into his hand: his lip still bled a little bit as he sucked on it. She followed him to the spot. Could she really do this again? He was already looking pretty rough, and the way it was going - it would get even worse before he quit.

"You sure you want to go on?" she said genuinely concerned.

"I'm ready." His voice harsh and cold. She'd never seen her brother this way, and never really wanted to.

"Go..." she whispered. As she gripped him, she felt her arm pried from his chest and held tight in her brother’s right hand. His left elbow quickly followed into her stomach. She gasped and lifted of Andy's back. Andy saw it all in slow motion as he plowed his elbow into her breast; his mind was a wash with anger and all he could think was `cause her pain'. Tears flooded her eyes as she shrieked in pain. The second put her down to the ground, but Andy didn't want to win this yet she hadn't suffered yet. He stood above her and kicked her in the side twice rocking her from the ground. Andy reached down and started to put her into a bear hug but she loosed one of her arms and slammed it into his groin with an open palm. Andy's chest tightened and his eyes flashed white in pain. His balls bulged in his jeans they were swollen and the pain seemed about to engulf him, but rage pushed the pain aside. Andy punched Ginger in the elbow that had his groin. Her grip spasmed in pain. Andy's body wanted to double over but his anger and adrenaline kept him going. Andy reached down and ripped Ginger's grip from his groin as he screamed in pain. With both hands he lifted ginger and slammed her to the ground. All of Andy was gone only rage remained.

Ginger hit the ground with a crash. She felt dazed and hurt. Her elbow had already started to swell. She could see the frothing image of Andy looming towards her. Quickly, she aimed a quick kick to his gut; that started to double him over. With as much leverage as she could get she plowed a kick snap kick to his groin. Andy yelled in pain and fell forward. He grabbed her arms as he landed and started to squeeze crushing her in his grip. Using all her force she brought her knee up into his groin. She could see his eyes starting to roll up into his head but his grip held tight. Again she rammed her knee into his groin; tears were flowing freely from his eyes and his whole body was starting to shake. Still he held on. Ginger's arms started to go numb. With all her force she plowed her knee into his groin. She heard a small pop and her brother feel unconscious on top of her. Ginger just lied there beneath him and started to cry. She could feel Andy lift off of her as her mother pulled him away.

"Are you all right?!?" Tanya asked concerned but received no answer. "Are you alright?" she yelled at her daughter in a panic.

"...yes," she whispered. Slowly she sat up. Her mother was starting to pull her brother’s pants off. Tanya was a registered nurse with the Santa Fay hospital. "I broke him didn't I? He's going to hate me," she cried.

"You did what you had to!" Her mother said harshly.

"I hate you!" she hissed.

"This was part of the plan - deal with it." She said checking his pulse and leaning his head to the side. She didn't want Andy to choke on the vomit that was starting to pool beside him. His breathing was labored but regular. His lip would need a couple stitches. She looked down at his underwear and dreaded looking. If his sister had accidentally neutered her brother neither would forgive her. She wasn't sure if she could forgive herself. Slowly she pulled down his shorts. At first glance it was obvious that the one ball she could see was very swollen. The other seemed to be missing. Her breath caught. `This can't happen' she thought `he's going to hate us. Oh god! Why did I let this happen?' She gripped her son's testicle and started to press on it checking for ruptures, it seemed swollen but ok. She felt for his left nut but felt only an empty sac. Ginger could see her mother searching her brother's sac. She had broken him - her tears started to flow a little more - even in his anger he had tried to stop from hurting her, but she kept egging him on. This was all her fault. Tanya knew that if he was ruptured there should be tissue there but there was none. She started to press just beside his penis and could feel the testicle. It had popped into the hole it descended from. She let her breath out in a sigh of relief. Her daughter quickly ran to her shoulder.

"What is it?" Ginger asked hopeful.

"I found it. The noise was just his testicle going into his body. He'll be fine after a few days."

"Thank, God. But, how am I going to make him forgive me. He's going to be so mad!" she squeaked out.

"Don't worry honey. I'll deal with it." She said hugging her daughter. "He'll be fine now. Dr. Nagato will teach him and get his anger under control. She'll make sure he'll end up a good boy and keep him from killing anyone. Lets get your brother to his room." Mother and daughter grabbed arms and feet and carefully dragged Andy to his room. His mother started to treat him for his injuries. It would be a few days before he could wear anything as his testicles had swollen quite a bit. Tanya put ice on his testicles and gave him a liquid sleeping agent to keep him out for a while. The pain would be too bad at the moment - better to keep him out. Ginger stayed watch over her little brother for the night. Her thoughts strayed to the odd as the night brought on an erection and she felt funny calling him her `little' brother, because he was far from little. It would be interesting to see what the next few days would bring. Dr. Nagato her martial arts instructor and psychiatrist would soon help her brother too. Karate instruction should get more interesting Ginger thought to herself.

1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

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