Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dojo

Disclaimer: If you aren’t old enough to read graphic, sexual stuff (whatever the age may be, depending on which country you are in), then don’t continue reading:

This story deals with a very odd fetish that I have. If you know of any similar stories/writers, please let me know. This is my first posting ever. Also, feedback would be good, so long as you aren’t too rude:

by Painseeker

Chapter One

It was an odd morning indeed. I awoke in a cold sweat, still wearing yesterday's clothes and not knowing how the hell I got home from Moe's Tavern. Perhaps I had too many shots of Tequila, or maybe something went down that I just couldn't remember. All I knew was that I was sore, and I wanted to know what had happened to me. I was thinking over what I did remember as I undressed while remaining flat on my back. I went out drinking with a couple of my friends; we went to a few bars, picked up on women... then what?

By the time that I had shed all of my clothes except for my underwear, I had last night figured out. I probably passed out and my pal Larry must have driven me home and put me to bed. Then, just when I thought that I knew what happened last night, I heard her yawn. I was so busy searching through my thoughts that I hadn't even noticed the young woman sleeping next to me. She was absolutely gorgeous, by far the best-looking woman I had ever found in my bed the morning after. She had long wavy brown hair, large voluptuous lips, a perfect nose, and nicely shaped eyebrows that rested right above her baby blues. She must have been in her early to mid-twenties, and easily could have been a supermodel. In fact, she looked remarkably similar to Sandra Bullock.

After admiring her beautiful face for a minute or two, I couldn't help but lift the covers and peak at the rest of her. Wow! She looked about 5'8" with a very athletic build, wearing nothing more than a tight, cut-off T-shirt that showed off her amazing abdominal muscles, and a pair of panties. She had nicely shaped, perky breasts, a thin waist, and a washboard stomach. Then I looked down further. I felt an enormous hard-on developing when I saw her incredible long, shapely legs. They were muscular, but still thin and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Who was this woman? I felt like I was going to stain my shorts just looking at her perfect legs and her sexy body. I could tell that she was in top physical condition and probably worked out very frequently. Suddenly, she yawned again. I quickly threw the covers back over her just before her eyes opened. A smile came to her face when she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her.

"Good morning John," she said in a sweet tone as she stretched. She sat up, gave me a peck on my dumbfounded lips, and got out of bed to stretch her legs. It didn't take her long to complain about how cold her bare feet felt. I'm glad that she brought my attention to her feet though. They were beautiful, absolutely perfect. She had large, long feet with high arches, big, round heels, and well-defined Achilles tendons. Her calve muscles were tight and very well defined, but not too muscular by any means.

As she headed toward the bathroom, my curiosity got the best of me and I stopped admiring her gorgeous legs long enough to ask, "I'm sorry, but I don't remember what happened last night. Could you please refresh my memory?" She stopped dead in her tracks. It was apparent that she was not too happy with the question.

Without turning around, she crossed her arms and asked, "Do you remember my name?" I paused for what seemed like an eternity. She turned around and waited in the same stance patiently.

", I'm terribly sorry but I don't," I replied.

“Do you even remember where we met?” she asked.

“Moe’s tavern?” I guessed. Hearing that, she looked confused. Maybe she had never heard of Moe’s tavern. She asked me to stand up and started walking back towards me, arms still crossed. I complied with her wishes and stood up. We were now facing one another, looking each other in the eyes.

She rubbed her index finger down my chest and asked, “Do you remember what I said would happen if you didn’t remember my name in the morning?” Her wandering finger was starting to arouse me even more, and I felt something stirring again in my underwear.

“No, I'm having trouble remembering anything from last night,” I replied honestly. There was a pause.

“I see,” she said. Without looking downward, she gently spread my legs with her hands and found my testicles. Even though her hands were outside my underwear, I couldn’t imagine being any more aroused. She held my balls in her hands and gently pushed them upward, almost as if she were weighing them. Then she let them go and patted them gently with a smile. I was rock hard by now. She could tell that her touch was causing an enormous reaction, and she grasped my penis before she took her hand away from my crotch. She shook her head and said in a cold voice, “Bad memory, huh? That's really too bad.” She turned her back toward me and took a step forward, heading away from me. It appeared as though she was only teasing me and was now headed toward the bathroom again, but I was wrong, very wrong.

She didn't take another step forward, and instead she brought her left leg into her body. I started admiring the great view of her large, sexy foot, which was quickly brought into sight just below her beautiful ass, as she tucked her knee into her chest while keeping the leg bent. She rolled her ankle around twice, and I thought that she was just stretching her ankle before she continued toward the bathroom, but man did she have beautiful feet and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. But before I realized exactly why she had stopped, she leaned her upper body forward and I saw her foot explode away from her body and fly quickly upward towards my crotch as I heard a loud ‘Heeeya!’ Her kick was too quick, and I froze as I watched the large heel of her foot, which I was admiring only a few moments ago, connect dead center with my testicles and continue shoving up and back into my groin. As her leg quickly straightened out with the follow-through of her kick, the thrust of her kick sent me flying backwards. My balls were smashed badly by the impact and force of her kick. It was a back kick that would have made Bruce Lee proud. It was quite a painful experience, but the real pain didn't settle in until I landed on my bed. I immediately began to make strange, high-pitched noises that I never heard before and I couldn't help but curl up in the fetal position. I felt downstairs to see what was left of my manhood. It was all still there, but it burned like hell and I felt nauseous. I realized that she wasn’t teasing me when she felt around my crotch with her hand; she was simply measuring the distance to her target.

After a moment, I felt her climb onto the bed. She rolled me onto my back, spread my knees and then grabbed for my hands, which were covering my aching balls. She grabbed a hold of my hands and began lifting them away, but I was fighting it out of instinct. “Don't resist,” she said angrily. I finally complied, feeling too vulnerable after that crushing back kick, and I mean crushing quite literally. As she lifted my hands away, she placed the sole of her right foot on my groin and applied pressure with her heel, which pressed firmly into my nuts. I tried to free my hands. “Don’t be stupid!” came her remark. I stopped fighting it, feeling quite helpless and still in a world of pain. Her voice was harsh, "To refresh your memory, my name is Jennifer. Say it with me..." "Jen-ni-fer," we said together slowly, pausing between each syllable. I cringed as she pressed her heel deep into my balls with each syllable. “Again, and louder this time, she commanded. “Jen-ni-fer,” we said again, her heel digging in again with each syllable. "Good," she continued, "Don't feel too bad. It could have been much worse. After all, I did say that I would kill you if you didn’t remember my name in the morning. You did disappoint me, though. I thought that you were not like other men that I know. Oh well."

I was half-relieved to still be alive and half-wondering if death would have been the more desirable and less painful option. "Forget my name again, and I won't be so nice next time," she said. Where did I go wrong?

“I’m not like other men. I just must have had too much to drink last night.” I blurted out desperately, still hoping to get into her panties at some point.

“Funny. I don’t remember saying that you could speak,” she responded. She lifted her foot off of my groin and raised her knee to her chest, keeping the bottom of her foot facing me. “Did I say you could speak?” she asked, holding her foot above me, threatening to stomp on me. I was at a loss of words and couldn’t respond. Instead, I closed my eyes and braced myself as I expected to be on the receiving end of something bad. After a second, nothing had happened, but I noticed that she hadn’t let go of my hands yet. Was she waiting for a response? Was she about to leave?

I opened my eyes and looked up at her raised foot and then into her piercing eyes, which frowned upon me. She was waiting to make eye contact with me. She was toying with me, or maybe she just wanted to look me in the eyes and see my pain. I saw the skin around her eyes wrinkle as she swiftly stomped her heel down and hard into my groin. Because the testicles are so mobile within the scrotum, it felt like my right nut had completely avoided her devastating stomp kick. However, my left testicle wasn’t so fortunate as it absorbed all of the damage and it felt as though it had been completely crushed by her heel. It was quite a heavy blow and sterility in my left testicle was sure to result, I thought to myself as the tears filled my eyes. I curled up into a ball of pain around her foot, which was still planted in my groin. Finally, she removed her foot and left to go to the bathroom. I saw her look over her shoulder and smile at me, knowing that I was watching her thin, perfectly shaped figure disappear around the corner, still lusting after her despite the abuse.

I lay there in disbelief and also incapable of standing upright. I thought to myself about how much pain I would have avoided if I had only remembered one word..."Jennifer." However, the thing that bothered me the most is the fact that I didn't guess. Jennifer would have been my first guess since it is such a common name. But I didn't even want to think of the consequences of a wrong guess now, especially considering the feeling of my left testicle. This was just my luck, though. I found a beautiful sadist who is an expert in martial arts and has a quick temper. She has no regard for the male reproductive organs, and in fact, they appear to be her favorite target. I fell back asleep in an attempt to avoid the pain.

When I came to, I saw Jennifer practicing some of her martial arts moves. Her moves were sharp and controlled. She was jumping around, punching, kicking, falling quickly to the ground and kicking upwards, etc. She had a lot of moves, but she definitely focused on her arsenal of kicks. She was now wearing an old pair of my sweat pants, the same T-shirt, and was still barefoot. The sweat pants stopped right above her ankles, so that every wonderful feature of her big feet and thin ankles could be seen. As I stood up, I noticed that my left testicle was throbbing and hanging lower than usual. I sat back down and stuck my hand between my legs in order to assess the damage. It felt softer than usual, but I was now a little hopeful that it wasn’t completely ruined since much of the pain had subsided. Perhaps the fact that I was on a bed, a surface capable of absorbing some of the impact, made the difference. I sat there for a few minutes watching her practice.

I stood up and felt a need to intervene when I noticed that her high kicks were coming awfully close to knocking my trophies off from the top of my dresser. My trophies are some of my most prized possessions. They represented my ability to succeed in manly competition. However, they sure looked small and fragile next to Jennifer’s large, strong feet, which were stopping within inches of destroying them. “Those are some beautiful moves, Jennifer,” I said, emphasizing the fact that I had remembered her name. She continued practicing, not letting me break her concentration. “The only problem,” I said, “is the fact that martial arts never work in a real fight. It’s all show, no practical use. I’ve kicked the crap out of plenty of martial artists who didn’t know the first thing about street fighting.” She stopped practicing and glared over at me. I loved getting under people's skin and getting a rise out of them and besides, it was the only way I could get her attention. I could tell that the comment bothered her though.

“They sure worked fine on you,” was her reply.

“Only because you threw a cheap shot when I wasn't expecting it,” came my retort. By the look on her face, I was starting to get the feeling that my mouth was now beginning to write a check that my body couldn't cash. She walked over towards me.

“Try me then,” she said.

“No. Are you joking?” I replied, finding the idea kind of funny.

“Let me guess, you won't hit a woman because we're weak and inferior, right?” She was taunting me.

“I didn't say that.” I was now starting to get offended. “I would hit a woman back if she struck me first. I wouldn't even think twice about it,” I said, “After all, I am a feminamist, and...”

“Feminist,” she corrected me with a smirk.

“Feminist, shmeminist, whatever,” I continued, “I certainly wouldn't start a fight with a woman, but if attacked, I wouldn't treat the situation any differently just because it were a woman.”

“Really?” she said, “I don't believe you. I think you're full of shit.” She was now smiling and poking my chest playfully. Man, she had a beautiful smile. It was an uncomfortable situation for me. On the one hand, she was beautiful and I enjoyed her smile and energy. On the other hand, I wasn’t used to a woman who was so willing to get into my face.

“Don't try me,” I warned her, knowing that I was not completely serious and was actually concentrating more on her amazing physical attributes. Without warning, she slapped me across the face. Her slap was so quick that I didn’t even see it coming, but then again, my mind was focused on her incredible body, not on defending myself. I couldn't believe her nerve. “Hey, don't make me warn you again, or else...” I said in the most authoritative voice that I could muster. This time I was getting a little more serious.

“Or else what, tough guy?” she asked. After a moment, I had no answer and she punched me in the stomach hard enough to cause me to bend over gasping for air. “C’mon tough guy. Show me something. What’s the matter? No balls?” she teased. That comment was low, given the circumstances of our previous fight and the continuous throbbing between my legs! Where did I meet this woman?

When I caught my breath, I said, “That does it!” I stood upright, grabbed her shoulders and angrily pushed her up against the wall. I was standing with my feet shoulder distance apart and holding her slightly off the ground. I thought it was an impressive demonstration of strength and quickness. I was smiling, thinking that I had her in a vulnerable position and that I had finally established my male dominance. “What’s the matter? Cat caught your tongue?” I asked as I began staring at her beautiful breasts, trying to see through the T-shirt.

“Not bad,” she said smiling. She used her finger to lift my head up by the chin, taking my eyes off her chest and causing us to make eye contact. She looked me in the eyes and continued, “but you need to learn better defense babe.”

Her smile turned into clenched teeth as she kneed me extremely hard in the balls. My eyes widened as the top of her knee swung upward and in-between my legs and smashed my nuts up into my body. Apparently, she was not the one in the vulnerable position. I instantly let go of her shoulders, and she regained her footing on the ground. As I doubled over in pain and reached down to hold my testicles, she grabbed my arms and pulled my torso upward and towards her, exposing most of my front side. She caught me off-guard. My eyes hadn’t opened yet from her powerful knee blow, so I didn’t know what she was doing when she used my arms to pull me forward into another painful knee to the balls. This knee slammed into my groin twice as hard and fast as the first knee and it lifted me slightly off of the ground. I groaned and fell to the ground at her beautiful feet, holding my balls.

She walked around me and then leaned up against a wall behind me to watch me squirm in pain. Those knees hurt a lot, but not quite as bad as I would have anticipated. I think that my body was getting used to the pain or maybe I was in shock. “How do you like your eggs darling? Scrambled?” she taunted me. It appears that I am not the only one who enjoys getting under people’s skin, and this was starting to become a really embarrassing experience. I turned around and stood up after only a couple of seconds. She seemed a little surprised at how quickly I recovered from her punishment.

“Okay, no more mister nice guy,” I said. I was starting to get really pissed off. All chivalry was going out the window. I needed to establish who was boss, and I was starting to become really concerned about my reproductive future. I threw a punch and she easily avoided it, but I caught her with my second punch, which grazed her dodging head. She let out a little scream as she spun and fell to the ground. She was on her stomach and facing diagonally away from me, holding her head. I stood over her, ready to strike again if I had to. After a couple of seconds of watching her hold her head, I couldn’t believe that I actually hit a woman, especially one as beautiful as she. How could I do such a thing? What was wrong with me? I was now standing over her so that her legs were in-between mine, leaning over and apologizing to her. I was trying to offer assistance, when she began moving and lifted herself up into a position that resembled a push-up, except that both of her knees were still on the ground. Before I could realize what she was doing, she was looking back at me over her shoulder and thrusting a furious back heel kick up into my groin with a loud ‘Yaaaah!’ Her accuracy was amazing. Her heel ruthlessly smashed both my balls and sent a strong jolt through my body. My testicles were starting to throb again and I bent over wincing in pain as she removed her foot from deep within my groin. Maybe it was a bad idea to stand over her with my legs apart.

I was starting to become a little too familiar with the feeling of her large feet crushing my testicles. I did manage to stop myself from falling since I didn’t want to show her how badly she had hurt me. She rolled over onto her back, still in-between my legs, and facing me so that she could look up to admire how much damage she was capable of. Surprised that her heel kick didn't finish the fight immediately, while still on her back, she slid a little bit further in-between my legs, so that her hips were almost directly below mine, still watching the different painful expressions on my face. I almost fell over as I was still struggling to recover from her last kick. I stuck my arms out to break my fall and she grabbed my hands, thereby stopped my fall but also gaining control of my arms.

I tried to lift my hands away from her, but I was leaning over and without much balance. “Let go, you stupid bitch!” I said. My concern about my reproductive future grew as I noticed that my voice sounded a little higher than usual. I moved my feet a little in order to regain my balance. She lifted her knees towards her chest, with her feet flexed backward and heels pointed at me, ready to be launched.

She seemed shocked by my comment and said, “Bitch? Did you just call me a bitch? After a few more kicks, you’ll wish you were a bitch!” she said angrily. Unable to remove my hands from her control, I lifted my right leg up so that I could stomp on her, just as she had done to me earlier. I looked down to choose a target on her body just in time to see her thrust another devastating heel kick up into my groin with her left foot. Her kick was so powerful that after her left foot smashed the center of my reproductive region, her left leg continued to push upward and my whole body was lifted upward from the force of the kick. The good news is that her foot completely missed my already badly damaged left testicle. The bad news is that my right testicle was completely smashed as it took the full brunt of her heel. Pain burned between my legs and I couldn’t move, except to place my right foot back on the ground. “Ouch! That one looked really painful for you! Come on, call me a bitch again! It’s kind of cute how you make that funny face when I kick you in the balls,” she remarked.

She let go of my hands and I was still hunched over in pain with what must have been a hideous expression on my face. The sensation reminded me of a time when I had stomped on a balloon in an attempt to pop it, but instead of popping, it just flattened out and absorbed the blow before it bounced back into shape. However, I got the feeling that my balls would not simply bounce right back into shape. I knew that the pain would overwhelm me at any moment, but instead of waiting to view my reaction this time and allow me another chance to possibly stomp on her, she grabbed my ankles and immediately thrust three or four more heel stomps into my groin as fast as lightning. My testicles felt like they were rupturing as she used them for a kicking bag. She was quickly alternating between left and right heel, letting each one smash my balls even more than the last, crushing my manhood. The pain was so bad that I began to wish that I was a woman, who doesn’t have to worry about being kicked in the balls.

She lifted me off the ground as she then thrust both of her large heels fast, hard, and deep into my groin at the same time with a loud ‘Yaaaaah!’ and sent me falling backwards. I screamed loudly when she kicked both of her heels hard into my balls and lifted me off the ground. Pain was enveloping my entire body and my testicles felt like they had been completely crushed and ruined. Surely both of them must be sterile by now, I thought... so much for having kids one day.

As I fell backward to the ground, she continued to hold onto my ankles and she kept her feet buried in my crotch. I was using my hands to break my fall, thus continuing to leave my groin area completely unprotected with her feet already violating my private space. She took advantage of my vulnerable position. While still on the ground, she sat up and moved her whole body closer to mine, causing her knees to bend close to her body and her feet to dig deeper into my balls. She retracted her feet from my groin as I managed to sit up. I saw her flex her feet backwards again as she brought her knees in even closer to her chest. Then she ferociously thrust both of her heels into my aching genitalia twice. I tried to catch her feet with my hands, but was only able to catch the tops of her feet as she kicked them into my groin. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop her heels from smashing their two small, vulnerable round targets in-between my spread legs, which she sat in-between.

When the second thrust kick connected, she continued to press her heels deep into my testicles as she pulled my ankles toward her. “Woooooh! This is fun!” she yelled. I almost passed out from the horrible agony that I was experiencing, but I needed to do something to stop this torture. I was still holding the tops of her feet, and I pushed with all my strength against the balls of her feet in an attempt to remove her feet from my crotch. She seemed surprised and then said, “Oooooh. Nice try, but not good enough. Thanks for playing, though. Johnny, what do we have for our losing contestant?” She leaned forward and grabbed my wrists and pulled my upper body toward her as she pulled her upper body backwards and toward the ground. At the same time, she used all of the power in her legs to press her feet into my groin. She was trying to straighten her legs out and through my body. Pulling me forward only increased the leverage and my balls were being completely flattened in the process. “More excruciating pain, exclusive to our male contestants. Congratulations!” I was in terrible pain, but the experience was turning me on in a weird way. I do have a foot fetish and I usually enjoy having female feet in my crotch, and even very light groin kicks that don’t really hurt. But this was different, it was painful and debilitating, and yet I was still turned on and my penis was stiffening.

But I would never have anticipated what she did next. She raised her body up and removed her feet from my groin, bringing her knees into her chest and still holding on to my hands. Then, she quickly pulled my upper body forward again by my arms and pulled her upper body downward while thrusting her heels into my balls at the same time. She quickly sat up, removed her feet, and repeated the process four or five times. It almost looked as though I was her rowing machine. The pain screamed throughout my body and I felt more and more nauseous with each devastating blow. After her fourth or fifth double thrust heel kick smashed my balls, she left both of her feet in my crotch, continued to hold onto my hands, pulled her body downward, and held this position for about ten seconds. She was straining the muscles in her legs more and more every second to increase the pressure. Tears filled my eyes once again and my nuts felt like they were about to burst. I began screaming loudly. Finally she let go and removed her feet from my crotch.

Now I was in terrible agony. I squirmed around on the ground for a while, still screaming and doubled over in pain. It was not a pretty sight. All I could think about was her sexy, large heels and how much damage they had done. I was also wondering if my balls were still balls or some shapeless, sterile pulp. Finally, she stood up to watch my pain. Eventually, I rolled onto my back, still holding onto my groin and breathing heavily. She walked over and in-between my legs and placed her sexy foot on my hands, which were protecting whatever was left between my legs. She leaned over and asked in a victorious voice, “Do you still believe that martial arts don't really work? I don't see you so willing to call me a bitch anymore, but then again, maybe you don't want to speak since your voice might have a higher pitch than mine at this point.”

I was in so much pain, but the shock that my body was experiencing allowed me to overlook most of the pain and still function. I absolutely could not believe what was going on. I had been in plenty of street fights, and I have both received and dished out plenty of low blows in my time, but this was different. Her kicks were too fast and powerful for me, and her only targets were my family jewels. I also made the mistake of underestimated her fighting abilities simply because she was a woman. I am actually quite liberal, and I do believe that women are capable of accomplishing just as much as men, but I never expected a woman to be capable of dishing out such a terrible beating to me.

I couldn't let this happen. I was filled with so much pride and anger that I refused to give up. She lifted her foot off and started to walk away. I tried to stand up, and my balls felt like they were going to explode or fall off. The pain was too much and I immediately fell back to the ground and into the fetal position. I could hear her laughing at me. “Men are so weak,” she said with laughter, “Women would dominate the world if they only knew how to exploit man's universal weakness. The testicles of an Olympic athlete are just as vulnerable as those of a fourteen-year-old boy. Men might have more muscle mass, but women don't have exposed gonads!”

“Keep laughing,” I said, “You might be a real capable fighter, but this is not a fight for control of the world. You're just one woman in a male-dominated society. If I had taken you seriously as a fighter earlier, I would have pounded you. And, you’re still a bitch!” She was clenching her fist in anger.

“I better leave now before I kill you,” she said. She started to walk away from me.

I shouted, “Wait!” She stopped to listen to what I had to say without turning around. I continued, “I haven't given up yet! I'm starting to catch my second wind, and I don't give up so easily! You haven’t beaten me yet!” After a pause, she continued to walk off. “You lose by default!” I shouted. “Go ahead and walk off. Just like a woman, incapable of finishing what she has started! Yeah, you better leave before I decide to really hurt you, you stupid bitch!”

She stopped, crossed her arms, and turned around to watch me hobble to my feet. “Give up, you’re already less of a man than you were ten minutes ago,” she said, sounding angry and annoyed with the fact that I was stupid enough to still challenge her.

“Never!” I shouted, “I'd rather die than lose a fight to some dumb broad. I'm going to knock you back into the kitchen where you belong!” I knew that I was getting to her. I didn't really feel this way about women, but I knew that this sort of comment was perhaps the only way that I could hurt her now.

“That does it!” she shouted in a fierce, primal voice, You are going to regret for the rest of your life the fact that you didn't give up and stay on the ground! Now I’m really going to bust your balls!” Her threat scared me, but it was too late to back down now.

I stood up and stumbled toward her, and she was quickly walking over towards me. I was moving much slower than I was really capable of, deliberately trying to trick her. Then when she got close, I quickly jumped forward and grabbed her wrists, thinking that I had her now. But I hadn't realized how much her testicle kicks had taken out of me. I felt as if she had crushed all of my manhood, stomped it out of me. I couldn't even move her. She must have known that I wouldn't have any strength left, and judging by the evil smirk on her face, I realized that grabbing her wrists was exactly what she wanted me to do. But it was too late.

She grabbed my wrists, so that our arms were now locked and she stepped her right foot back and bent her left knee. She screamed ‘HEEEEEYA!’ at the top of her lungs as she stepped forward and delivered the hardest, fastest, and most damaging front kick to my groin that I had ever seen. The top of her foot swung up in-between my legs at lightning speed and completely flattened my testicles up against my crotch and continued moving upward, lifting me up onto my toes and almost lifting me completely off the ground. My eyes felt as though they were going to pop out of my skull. It hurt like hell, but I knew that this was only the initial wave of pain, and it was pretty bad. I was frozen in the same standing position, somewhat hunched over now, and knowing that the real pain was going to arrive at any moment. She was winding up for another devastating front kick when the excruciating pain hit me. It felt as though my balls had exploded and a wave of pain filled my entire being. I was in so much pain that I didn't even hear her second, deafening ‘HEEEEEYA!’ But before I could curl over and fall to the ground from the pain of that front kick, her second front kick arrived to destroy whatever was left of my nuts. It was even harder and faster than her first kick. This kick actually did lift me off the ground. The sensation of my testicles exploding repeated itself over and over again like a broken record. When I landed, she removed her foot from my groin and without setting it down, quickly thrust a swift front heel kick into my balls so that I would fall backwards and to the ground.

When I hit the floor, I knew that I was incapable of fighting anymore, incapable of standing upright anytime soon, and probably incapable of producing sperm. I was experiencing the worst pain of my life. I didn't know that such horrible pain was even possible. I was squirming around the ground in agony, screaming and holding my testicles, which surprisingly were still intact. I began to cough up blood and vomit. Her previous kicks hurt like hell, but she must have been pulling her kicks before these two front kicks, not using all of her power prior to these. These kicks were absolutely merciless and devastating. Her long, thin, muscular legs were capable of generating so much power, and I learned that the hard way.

I was curled up on the floor, still squirming in pain and dry heaving, but now laying on my side with my back toward her. She got down on her knees and approached me. She reached her right hand between my legs from behind and began searching for the vestiges of my manhood. She used her left hand to move my hands away from my groin as she grabbed my nuts with her right hand. She began squeezing and jerking my testicles with all her might. I tried to remove her hand as I screamed at the top of my lungs and kicked wildly into the air, but I didn’t have much strength and there was not much that I could do. I didn't think that my genitalia could be in more pain after those two unbelievable front kicks. I was wrong. I was unable to stop her from violently squeezing and wrenching my balls into putty. It wasn't long before I finally blacked out, laying on the ground, as she continued to squeeze the life out of me, my testicles trapped somewhere inside of her clenched fist.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I would periodically gain consciousness and then quickly black out again. I wasn’t very coherent and I was still in a lot of pain. I couldn’t see much, but I would hear several ‘Sheeeyas’, the sounds of jumping and kicking, and female voices. I was never coherent enough to know exactly what was going on. After a while, it felt as though I hadn’t moved in quite some time and I wondered how long I had been lying in my bed. It felt like I hadn’t shaven in weeks. Where was I? My living room? I tried to get out of bed, but I had been strapped down. I also noticed that an I.V. was attached to my arm and some electrical device attached to my testicles.

Finally, I awoke one afternoon and felt fully coherent, although my balls still hurt like hell. I could hear movement in the next room. “Hello?’ I shouted, “Is anybody there? Jennifer?” I heard someone walking over toward me. It was some girl that I had never seen before in my life. She was beautiful, but looked awfully young, maybe about 16 years old. She was very thin and she had long, flowing blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes were blue and she stood about 5’6”. She looked like a younger version of Nina Williams from the video game Tekken II, except that she also wore braces. Her entire body was covered by a white karate uniform, except for her ankles and feet, and her wrists and hands. Nevertheless, it was obvious that she was in top physical condition as well. It didn’t matter how much of her body was covered because she was barefoot, and her feet were incredible.

She smiled as she looked down at me with her hands on her hips. “Can I help you?” she smirked, looking at me as though I were some helpless puppy dog.

“Yes,” I said, “What is this contraption on my testicles?”

“Oh,” she laughed, “Apparently, um... How should I put this? You’re really lucky to still have those. Jennifer really gave them a beating, kicking them dozens of times, and then almost ripping them off from what I hear. The contraption is to help your balls recover from the damage that they incurred. Hopefully, you’ll still be capable of having children. In fact, from what I hear, you’re lucky to be alive. Such trauma to the genitalia can cause death.” Images of Jennifer kicking me in the groin began to flash through my mind.

I must have looked spaced because she asked, “Sir? Sir? Are you alright?” I snapped out of it and refocused on the young beauty standing next to me.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I said. “What's your name?” I asked.

“My name is Laura,” she answered.

“How old are you Laura?”

“Eighteen,” she replied, seeming interested in something other than my questions. “You know, I think that it would be alright for me to remove the device if you would like,” she remarked, looking at my crotch.

I was curious to see how my testicles were doing, but I thought that I would feel embarrassed to allow this beautiful young stranger to gaze upon my private parts, especially considering how they might look after Jennifer had crushed them, probably making me completely sterile in the process. My curiosity got the best of me. “Okay, sure,” I said. She blushed, and with a devilish grin, she removed the contraption. I was relieved to see that my balls really didn’t look all that bad. They looked a little swollen, but they still more or less maintained their old form. “Do you know if they still work?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. Her whole face turned bright red as she continued, “but we can find out... if you’d like to that is.” She giggled as she began to rub my penis.

She seemed really embarrassed. “You’ve never seen a man naked before, have you? I asked.

“No,” she answered sounding even more embarrassed. She was fondling my growing penis with her hands and she seemed so amazed to see and feel an erection. The whole experience was driving me wild and I was becoming rock hard by now. Sharp pains began to shoot through my testicles as they responded to her soft touch. I yelled. She quickly removed her hands.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “It’s not you. My balls still really hurt.” With that, she placed her hands back on top of my penis and balls. Her virgin hands were amazing. They knew exactly what to do, and I could tell that she was fascinated with her new toys.

“You haven’t had much contact with testicles have you?” I asked.

“I never had much time to play with boys,” she replied, “I'm not very social, and I have spent all of my free time practicing various martial arts since I was 6 years old. The only contact I ever have with testicles is when my feet are kicking them. My contact with male genitalia usually results in sterility for the guy, not excitement like this. This is fun too. How much more will your penis grow?”

“Ummm... that’s it,” I replied. I quickly changed that subject and asked her, “How can you tell if your kick makes a man sterile?” I was also hoping to gain some insight on my own situation.

“Well, I don’t always know for sure. Sometimes I’ll find out later that a man I kicked became sterile even though I didn’t feel it. But sometimes I feel it, and then I know he’s sterile for sure,” she said.

“What do you mean by ‘I feel it’,” I asked.

“Sometimes I can actually feel the testicle burst,” she said, “If I land a real solid kick... like for example a solid, well-placed, front heel kick. A testicle will get caught and smashed between my heel and his crotch and I’ll actually feel it burst. It feels like a small ‘pop’ and suddenly there is no longer any resistance between my foot and his crotch. Also, his facial expression that immediately follows will confirm that what I felt was indeed his testicle bursting. I love that facial expression. It makes me feel strong, powerful... liberated. I love it when somebody calls me a ball-buster.”

“With what sort of kicks can you feel this happening?” I asked.

“Well, not all kicks are liberating. It’s really the result of certain kicks...” she began.

“No. I mean the bursting. With what sort of kicks can you feel the bursting happening?” I interrupted.

“Oh, sorry.” She blushed and continued, “Well, heel kicks are really good since the heel is so large, and the larger the kicking surface, the better the chances are that a testicle will get crushed by it. Also, kicks with the ball of the foot work well. A solid back kick will ‘burst your bubble’, if you know what I mean... but that one’s more difficult to execute since it requires really good aim. It’s hard to tell with front kicks because they’re so fast. Sometimes I’ll feel the burst with a front kick, but the way I can usually tell that my front kick crushed a testicle is by the facial expression and also if I feel no resistance with the next kick. One time I felt both testicles burst at the same time.”

“With a front kick?” I inquired.

“Well, actually now that you mention it, I’m sure I have crushed both balls with a front kick,” she said, pondering the thought before she continued, “But the one I remember well was when I nailed this one stupid jerk at my dojo. He was new and he was too stupid and overconfident to wear a protective cup. What an idiot. It was like he thought that nobody could hurt him, especially me. He was twenty-one and I was only sixteen at the time. I could tell that he was attracted to me but I couldn’t stand him, and he thought that he could get away with anything since he was older. He had knocked me to the ground, and then he stood over me and conveniently put his hands all over my chest as he tried to grab the lapels of my uniform. Well, I grabbed his arms, brought my knees into my chest, and I kicked both of my heels straight into his crotch as hard as I possibly could, taking all of my anger out on his family jewels. I expected to feel a hard protective cup, which would still really hurt him, but instead I felt something small burst under each of my heels. That’s when I realized that he wasn’t wearing a cup and what I felt burst were both of his testicles... ‘were’ being the operative word.’

“Then what happened?” I asked. She was still stroking me and I was extremely hard now, and what she was saying was actually really turning me on.

She continued, “Well, he fell to the ground, curled into a ball, began coughing up blood, and then he vomited a few times before the ambulance showed up. I actually felt sorry for him, even though I couldn’t stand him. He looked like he was in so much pain. He looked worse than any other man whose testicles I’ve crushed. I felt bad, but it was also a good confidence-building experience for me.”

“How many men have you done this to? I asked.

She thought for a moment, counting in her head, before she responded, “He was the only one in the dojo. I did it to one guy in a true full-contact tournament with no rules. His cup broke and the idiot continued the match without one and without telling me either. I caught him with a real solid back heel kick, and I felt one of his nuts explode. Then there was this one guy at a Karate exhibition, who claimed that through meditation he wouldn’t feel any pain. He asked for a volunteer from the audience to take shots at him, and I volunteered. He wasn’t bad. He didn’t feel my punch to his throat or stomach. But then he made the mistake of asking me to kick him and he was not wearing a cup. Maybe he wasn’t expecting a low blow, but he said to kick him ‘anywhere.’ I delivered a powerful front kick and I felt his testicle burst between the top of my foot and his crotch. Lets see... I’ve probably eliminated seven or eight fathers from various street fights also.”

“You don’t know that,” I said, trying to add some humor to the conversation, “They could always adopt.”

“You know what I mean,” she replied.

The conversation ended and once again I was focused on her touch. For someone so inexperienced, she sure knew how to handle a man. I thought about asking her to untie me, but I thought it would be more exciting and kinky to remain tied up.

“I would love it if you used your feet to massage me. I have a foot fetish,” I told her. Her face turned an even brighter shade of red with the thought. But, nonetheless, she crawled on top of me. My legs were already spread apart since my ankles were tied to the corners of the bed, making it easy for her to sit in-between my legs and face me. She was still flashing an embarrassed smile as she placed her feet in my crotch.

“So, you have a foot fetish, huh? Is that why you were so interested in my kicking stories?” she asked. I’m sure that my smile gave away the answer.

Her feet were incredible. They were huge, maybe a women's size 10. Her feet were long and thin with really high arches, skinny, well-defined ankles and Achilles tendons, and huge heels that were to die for. She seemed really scared that she would hurt me, so she was touching me really softly with her feet. “You can press harder,” I suggested. She pressed her heels a little deeper into my testicles, and used the rest of her feet to rub my penis at the same time. I was still having trouble feeling everything. “Harder, and faster,” I requested. She complied. “Ooh yes, that feels nice,” I moaned. Feeling a little adventurous, I said, “Please give me light kicks.” She hesitated.

“Won't that hurt you? I've been trained to kick a man in the balls as a way to inflict unbearable pain and end fights. Sometimes my kicks result in sterility in one or both testicles. Weren’t you paying attention?”

“It won't hurt if you do it right,” I said. With that, she began to give me really light heel kicks in the balls.

“Harder!” I requested. She kicked me a little harder, but I could tell that she was still scared of hurting me. “Don't be so afraid of hurting me,” I told her, “Kick me a little harder. I can't really feel anything. They’re still pretty numb.”

I guess that I should be a little more careful about what I wish for. “Okay, as you wish, she said, sounding annoyed with my criticism. She lowered her eyebrows and began delivering really hard and fast heel kicks deep into my balls. I squirmed in pain.

“That's a little too hard,” I groaned. She smiled and continued delivering painful heel kicks as a way of punishing me for criticizing her.

She stopped kicking and raised her foot in front of my crotch with her leg bent and ready to kick and asked, “Do you want to me to kick you harder? I can kick a lot harder than that if you want,” she said.

“No, that’s quite alright,” I groaned. Finally, she decided to remove her feet from my crotch and use her strong hands to play with my penis again. Before too long, she was stroking me vigorously, bringing me to the brink of ejaculation. “I'm going to cum!” I warned her. She removed her hand and started rubbing her feet all over my genitalia and kicking me in the nuts again with her heels. She was good. She now knew what I liked and she was now doing it just right, not too hard, and not too softly.

Within a minute, I was cumming all over the place. She was shocked at how much sperm shot from my penis and all over her body. I was shocked as well, but also really happy to see that the little guys still worked.

“Yuck!” she exclaimed, “You got it all over me.” She smiled and kicked her foot really hard into my balls to show her half-hearted displeasure, only causing more sperm to ooze out of my penis. I yelled as her heel smashed my spent testicles into my crotch.

“That hurt,” I gasped.

“Oh relax. I didn’t feel anything rupture,” she said.

“Just because a kick of yours doesn’t rupture a testicle doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt,” I exclaimed.

“Such a wimp...” she said, “Well, I’m sorry. How will I ever be able to make it up to you?” she smiled. She sucked me off and left to go shower. I liked this girl... a lot. But before she left, I convinced her to untie me, remove the I.V., etc. I felt freedom for the first time in weeks.

After a moment, I followed her into my bathroom. I had difficulty walking, though. I began to shave and I watched her in my mirror as she undressed and got into my shower. When I finished shaving, I entered the shower. We kissed and hugged, and I was so hard that it felt like my skin was being pulled off. We played with each other, but to my disappointment, she didn’t want to lose her virginity just yet. I guess that I was being a little too aggressive in the shower and she grabbed my balls as though she were about to squeeze and crush them and said, “Easy there, tiger.” I backed off. After we toweled each other off, she began to blow dry her hair and I returned to my living room and lay down on my bed. I didn't even think of leaving or calling the police about being tied to my bed and held hostage in my own house. I just lay there feeling good and dozed off.

I awoke when I heard people entering the house. I could recognize Jennifer's voice and she was with at least three or four other females. Laura had finished showering and was in her karate uniform again, but she didn't have enough time to tie me back up. “He's loose!” Jennifer shouted as she entered the living room to see me sitting up and untied. She was with two women, also in their twenties, and two young girls, both in their early teens. They were all wearing karate uniforms, and when they heard Jennifer yell this, they all got into their fighting stances. Jennifer saw Laura standing in the corner, and asked, “What the hell is going on here?” Laura looked terrified of Jennifer.

“He forced me to untie him, and then he made me jerk him off to see if his reproductive system still worked,” she cried. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

“Why did you comply?” Jennifer asked Laura, “You could easily destroy this weak male.”

“He said that you would be mad if I didn't do it,” Laura replied. I didn't even hear Laura's answer because I was concentrating on what Jennifer had just said. ‘Weak male?’

I interrupted, “So, I see that somebody is still having difficulty dealing with their female inferiority and lower status, eh?”

“Haven't learned anything, have you?” replied Jennifer, looking quite angry as she walked over toward me. “While you and your future kids were recovering,” she smirked and glanced down at my testicles, “I decided to turn your place into a dojo for women, to teach them my techniques –how to exploit men's weakness and take advantage of their advantage as women, not having exposed genitalia.” She looked me in the eyes, distracting me, and then kicked me hard and fast in the groin with a swift front kick, using the ball of her foot to smash my balls. I fell to the ground in pain, but at the same time glad that she didn’t kick me nearly as hard as her last two front kicks, where she used the top of her foot to smash my balls so hard that she lifted me off the ground in the process. She continued talking, “Now that you're awake and still feisty, my girls will have a live target to practice with.” The girls and women seemed excited with the idea.

“And what makes you so certain that I'll comply?” I inquired.

“There isn't much to comply with,” she laughed, “It's in your best interest to fight back and defend yourself. If you don't, you won't last very long.” This was true, I wasn't going to be a sitting duck and simply let them kill me. That was for sure.

“Don't even think of escaping either,” she warned, “We've cut the phone lines and since you live in the mountains, your nearest neighbor is at least five miles away.” She threw some clothes at me and suggested that I not leave myself so exposed. I complied, and the young girls giggled as I got dressed. I was now wearing underwear, sweatpants, and a T-shirt. Jennifer commanded all of her friends to sit Indian-style around the living room. She looked over at Laura.

“Laura. Stand up,” Jennifer commanded. Laura stood up, fixing her uniform. Jennifer continued, “I would like for you to practice on John until you feel like you are even with him for what he made you do earlier. Then I want you to punish him even more. Remember what I’ve taught you, and don’t hold back.”

“Yes ma’am,” Laura replied as she flashed an evil grin in my direction.

Laura and Jennifer exchanged bows. Then Laura bowed toward me, and assumed her fighting stance. “Come on Laura,” yelled one of the women, “You can do it.”

“Kick him where it counts Laura!” added one of the younger girls.

“Pound his family jewels in!” screamed one woman, “Knee him where the sun don’t shine!”

“Let’s go Laura!”

“Introduce your foot to his testicles a few dozen times, until he’s singing soprano!” These were definitely Jennifer’s disciples, I thought to myself. Laura seemed amused with their remarks, and she took her eyes off me to smile at the young girl who was encouraging her to rip my balls off and eat them. She was distracted. Now was my chance.

I charged at her, but she heard me coming and resumed her fighting posture. She was now facing me but turned somewhat sideways with her right foot forward and her eyes now fixed on me. The smile had vanished from her face. I stopped about four feet away from her when I saw that she was prepared for my attack. I was within striking distance and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake that I made with Jennifer. I was not going to underestimate her just because she was female, and her ball-busting stories were now a lot scarier. I threw a left jab just to distract her, so that I could deliver a quick kick to her ribs.

She dodged my jab and caught my kick with both her arms. Wow, she was fast! She was strong as well; I couldn’t get my right leg back from her grasp. She stepped back and then quickly spun, shortening the distance between us once again and pivoting on her right foot. She was still holding my outstretched right leg, thereby really exposing my groin. As she spun and held onto my caught leg, she brought her left knee up and across her body at the same time. I was having difficulty maintaining my balance having only my left leg to stand on, but that wouldn’t matter for long.

In one smooth motion, no sooner than she finished spinning around, her left foot shot away from her body as if were shot from a cannon. It happened within a matter of seconds. It was a beautiful spinning sidekick, and the target was my groin. Her left heel smashed my testicles hard and into my body. Her large foot continued to shove deep into my manhood as her leg continued to straighten out from the kick. Sharp waves of pain echoed throughout my entire body as I fell onto my back. I heard the other women and girls cheering loudly.

She continued to hold onto my outstretched leg as I fell. I used my hands to break my fall. When I hit the ground, she was standing over me and still holding onto my right leg. I looked up to see that her right leg was raised with her knee close to her chest and her foot flexed toward me. I tried to protect my aching nuts, but she was too fast. She moved my right leg back and away from my body to further expose my groin and used her right foot to stomp on my balls with all her weight at the same time. My testicles felt like they had been completely destroyed. She let go of my leg and removed her foot from my groin after a second, so that she could stand back and watch me squirm around on the ground. Luckily, I still didn’t feel any busting sensation like she described earlier. Perhaps she wasn’t using all of her strength.

“Way to go Laura! Smash those balls in until he cries!” shouted one of the women.

“Nice job,” said another. I was hunched over on my knees holding my balls.

“Yeah. You showed him Laura,” laughed the young girl who was sitting directly in front of me, “I don’t think he’ll be using those little guys anytime soon.”

I didn’t find the remark funny and I crawled on my knees over to the young girl with the big mouth. Still sitting on my knees, I grabbed the young girl’s shoulders, pushed her down, and pinned her to the ground. My arms were outstretched and I was sitting straight up and in-between her legs, which spread apart as she fell to her back. She stopped laughing. “Really funny, tough girl,” I said. I watched her frown as she grabbed my arms, brought her legs in front of her, and placed her large feet in my crotch, pressing her heels firmly into my testicles. I was about to remove them, but it didn’t hurt at all. This little girl was kidding herself. In fact, it felt kind of good. Did she know that I had a foot fetish? I continued to pin her shoulders down and I closed my eyes as I was enjoying the foot massage she was giving me. “Is that supposed to hurt?” I asked. “It actually feels pretty good. I don’t think you could hurt a fly, little girl.”

“No holding back!” yelled Jennifer, “Show no mercy! Destroy your opponent or he’ll destroy you!”

I felt the girl remove her feet from my groin and I looked over at Jennifer and said, “Are you kidding? Destroy your opponent? Get real Jennifer. How can you even tell her that she has a chance? I’m ten times bigger than she is.”

“That’s true,” the girl said in response to my comments, “But my feet are ten times bigger than your little ballsies.” I immediately turned my attention back toward the young girl in front of me. Her legs were now coiled, knees to her chin, and her feet flexed back so that the bottom of her heels were pointed right at my nuts. She held onto my arms tightly as she thrust both of her heels extremely hard into my testicles with a loud ‘Heyaaaa!’ I couldn’t believe it, but it was a most devastating blow. My balls had been crushed by this little girl and I was beginning to feel rather sick. She kept her feet buried deep in my crotch, continuing to apply pressure as I doubled over in pain, only now she was really applying all of the pressure that her young legs could dish out. I was struggling to remove her feet from my crotch, but she continued to hold onto my arms and pressed her heels even harder into my balls. “Yee-hah! Yeah baby! Feel the pain!” she taunted me, “Doesn’t feel so good anymore, does it? What’s the matter, tough guy? Didn’t think a little girl could bust your little ballsies with her big feet, did you?”

“Nice one, Melissa! yelled one of the women.

“You go girl! Destroy his testicles!” yelled another.

“You show him Melissa! Bust those nuts!” said the other girl.

She was right. I couldn’t believe that such a young girl was capable of inflicting so much pain in a grown man. Melissa was not a big girl either. She must have been only 13 or 14 years old, maybe just over 5 feet tall, and she had a small, thin frame. She had straight, dark hair and big, dark brown eyes. She was an attractive girl, with long legs for her size. In fact, she looked like a larger version of Dominique Moceanu from the 1996 US Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team. But her best quality was her enormous, tone; nicely shaped feet and she sure knew how to use them. I couldn’t believe how huge they were for her age; they made her look like a rabbit. She removed her big feet and brought her knees back to her chest, keeping her feet flexed and ready to kick.

“Now say you’re sorry asshole, or you’ll be wearing those little ballsies of yours as earrings,” she said with confidence.

“You tell him Melissa!”

“Kick him where it hurts again!”

“Yeah! Kick his balls in! Your big feet are ten times bigger than his nuts and his ego is ten times bigger than his brain!” I heard from behind me. Now I was really starting to get pissed off, but it kind of turned me on to hear her call them ‘little ballsies’. I got to my feet and stood over the young girl, who remained on her back with her legs cocked and ready to fire. I reached down for her ankles so that I could grab them and thwart any attempts for her to follow through on her earring promise. She flailed her legs in the air to avoid being grabbed. I tried to grab her ankles, but she was too quick.

“You have some nerve little girl,” I said, “I’m old enough to be your father!

“Father? You wish! You won’t be capable of having children when I’m finished kicking those little ballsies in! It will be awfully difficult to become a father when your little ballsies don’t work anymore!” she said. She had a sharp tongue and the women all enjoyed hearing her dish it out to me.

Then, when I least expected it, she got her feet past my hands and she thrust both of her heels hard and lightning-fast up into my vulnerable and unprotected balls. Pain shot through my entire body from my flattened testicles and I must have had the most horrible expression of pain on my face. “Ooooh, that one had to hurt!” she said. In order to avoid any risk of me grabbing her legs, she retracted her feet after only a second, returning them to their previous position as if she were reloading a gun. She saw that her powerful kick had really stunned me and she decided to take advantage of the situation. Melissa grabbed my ankles, and began pumping her legs fast as lighting, in a motion that resembled running in place. One large heel after the other smashed my balls in, as she delivered the five fastest heel kicks into my crotch that I had ever seen. After her last kick connected with both her heels driving deep into my groin, I fell to my knees with my torso hunched over and holding what was left of my manhood. I was still in disbelief that she was capable of inflicting so much pain. My balls were really throbbing. Could I still have children?

“Way to go Melissa!”

“Keep stomping on his balls until he apologizes!”

“Kick him in the family jewels again!” They were all cheering her on, excited to see this young lady teaching me a lesson that I would never forget.

Melissa got up and leaned over toward me and asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me, stud? Isn’t this embarrassing? I’m just a little girl, but your little ballsies are no match for my big feet.” Then she began circling around the room, flexing her muscles and posing for the cheering women. I saw her feet walking over towards me and I staggered to my feet as she arrived. She threw a punch straight towards my testicles with her left hand. I caught it easily. She smiled at me and punched with her right. Again, I easily caught her little fist. She was struggling around to free her arms but she wasn’t nearly strong enough. No sooner than I began laughing at her futile efforts, she stepped back and yelled, ‘Heeyaaaa!’ as she delivered two swift front kicks up and into my balls, crushing them against my body with her big right heel. After the second kick connected, she kept her foot planted in my groin. I couldn’t move. I just stood there with a look of shock on my face. After a second she removed her foot from my crotch and shouted, “Wooo hooo! Take that! Two more painful heel kicks to your little ballsies!” She was now able to easily remove her fists from my grip. I still was in too much shock to move. She turned around, looked over her shoulder and quickly channeled all of her power and energy into a devastating back heel kick up and into my balls, smashing them both in with her large left heel while shouting a loud, barbaric ‘Yaaaaaah!’ It was such a powerful kick that this little girl was actually able to lift me onto my toes, as her foot destroyed my manhood with amazing accuracy. She turned around to look at me and said, “Wow! Does that really hurt as bad as it looks?”

Her kick jolted me and I felt the pain resurfacing in the center of my reproductive region. My legs gave out immediately and I fell to my knees before I could respond to her obviously rhetorical question. “What’s the matter?” she asked, “Your little ballsies can’t take it anymore?” Unfortunately, my legs were still spread apart as I fell to my knees. Melissa took a step back and then launched two fast, deadly front kicks deep into my crotch with the top of her foot. Her foot didn’t have to travel far since I was on my knees. I was now hunched over on my knees and in front of her. My testicles really felt like they were going to pop if they received another one of the girl’s kicks. I couldn’t stand the pain. I was terrified of this little girl who had now delivered many devastating kicks to my groin.

She was winding up to kick me again when I shouted, “Wait! I’m sorry Melissa. Please have mercy. I don’t want to wear my balls as earrings,” I was so humiliated, still hunched over in pain. The other women laughed hysterically when they saw how I was at this girl’s mercy.

“Look at me,” she said. I looked up at her, still curled up on the ground. She looked so powerful standing over me and looking down at my scared face. “Beg some more,” she demanded as she placed her foot in my crotch. I heard laughter again from the women.

“I’m really sorry, Melissa. It won’t happen again.” She removed her foot and demanded that I pull down my underwear. I complied and dropped my drawers. She used the top of her pointed foot to gently lift my testicles up, as if she were examining me. Then she flexed her foot back and held her heel right in front of my testicles. Her knee was bent, and I was afraid that she was going to kick at any second. She was holding her foot so close to my bare testicles that I could actually feel her heel touching the hairs on my balls.

“Look at that,” she exclaimed, “You really are much bigger than me, but your little ballsies are no bigger than just one of my heels. Look at the size difference compared to my whole foot. Amazing! One kick from this heel into your little ballsies and all of your power is taken away... you freeze up, can’t move. You’re in horrible agony if I kick them hard. And if I kick them really hard, you can’t have children. Must suck to be a boy.” Then she turned around with her arms crossed, as if she were thinking over an offer. “I don’t accept your apology, wimp!” she responded as she thrust a powerful back heel kick straight into my exposed, naked testicles from close range. I really wasn’t expecting that one since she turned around after removing her foot from in front of my balls. Her left heel smashed my balls in so hard that I immediately fell on my face holding my groin and groaning in terrible pain.

I was squirming around on the ground for a little while, hearing laughter and worried about when the next attack would come. “That’s enough Melissa! Lift him to his feet!” commanded Jennifer. Melissa complied and lifted me to my feet and I lifted my drawers back up and on.

“You’re pathetic,” Jennifer said, “This was supposed to be revenge for Laura. Instead you insulted a young student of mine, who then decided to teach you some manners even though she’s only half your size. Pathetic! Laura, put him to bed.” Laura started walking over to me.

I thought that she was going to escort me to the bedroom. Apparently Jennifer actually meant something else. Laura walked over to me, and without breaking stride, delivered a hard, merciless front kick into my groin, smashing my balls up into my crotch with the top of her foot so hard that it felt they were actually kicked inside of me. Her kick lifted me onto my toes, and then I fell to the ground and into the fetal position. My balls felt like they had been completely annihilated by this kick.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood,” Laura said, “That one was only half speed.” I couldn’t bear the pain. I was starting to get used to Melissa’s kicks, and while Melissa’s kicks were extremely painful, I had forgotten about just how much damage a grown woman with fully-developed leg muscles could do to the male genitalia in comparison. I could feel my testicles swelling and I was in so much pain that I wished myself dead. I couldn’t believe it, but her kick at half speed was just about as powerful as Jennifer’s kicks.

Laura grabbed my ankles and began dragging me on my back toward my bedroom, holding my legs up around her waist. Things were getting blurry. Then, as she was dragging me away, I heard someone knocking on my door. It was my friend Steve. I heard him knocking and saying, “C’mon John, open up. I see your car and I know that you’re here. Why has your phone been constantly busy? Let me in.”

Before I could say a word, Laura planted her foot in my crotch and said, “Say a word and I’ll burst them both. You know I will.”


grabtwistpull000 said...

If anyone knows Jennifer and Melissa send me an e-mail. I'd love to help them improve their self-defense techniques.

Anonymous said...

Please write part 2 of this story!