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The following story is entirely a work of fiction. If you find any errors, spelling, grammatical, or otherwise, please let me know. If you wish to send praise or criticism, please use the email address below. If you wish to just mindlessly gripe, please don't. This story is, to repeat, a work of fiction. None of the characters are meant to represent real people. The story is intended to be at least partially erotic and does contain some nudity and some sex, so if you are too young to read such, please stop reading now. This story may be subject to future revisions without prior notice. And now without further ado:

by Smack My Nuts

"Oh shit!"


"I locked the keys in the car."

"You what?!"

"I locked the keys in the car."

"You mean we're stuck out here in the middle of nowhere?"

"I'm afraid so. We'll have to flag down a passing car and get them to give us a ride in or call for help."

"That sucks. Look at those storm clouds approaching; we're gonna get drenched, unless someone shows up very soon."

Actually, the idea of seeing my companion drenched in water had a certain appeal to me. She was five feet and eight inches tall with long curly red hair, long legs, and breasts the size of grapefruits. She was wearing beige shorts, a loose white t-shirt, and from the amount of jiggling going on during our walk across the plains, no bra. Don't get me wrong; as much as the idea of seeing her drenched appealed to me, I did not lock my keys in the car on purpose. It was a total accident, an appealing accident, but an accident nonetheless.

"Umm, sorry," was all I could say.

We stood and waited for someone to come for about ten minutes, her fuming all the while. Then the rain was upon us. The thick black storm clouds had swept in and immediately began to dump rain on us in buckets. It only took some forty seconds to drench us to the center of our beings. Her t-shirt was transparent in no time. Her huge breasts looked absolutely astounding. They were well-rounded and hung down to the top of her stomach. Her hard nipples sat proudly, pertly atop them like a crowning glory. Because she made no really attempt to hide them, I just stared and stared and my penis was shortly doing its best impression of a skyscraper.

She could see it there, outlined obviously by my soaked shorts. "Why, you horny little bastard!" she suddenly screamed. I was quite taken aback. "You did this all on purpose, didn't you?"

"No," I protested, "It's was an accident. Honest."

"Bullshit! You just wanted to see my breasts! You just wanted me to get drenched in the storm!" she shouted over continued the pounding of the rain. "Don't even tell me that you aren't enjoying the show!"

"I admit that I think you're really great looking and I -do- like seeing you wet, but I -didn't- do this on purpose!"

"Bullshit, you bastard!" she screamed. Then she kicked out suddenly and I felt her foot hit my testicles. It hit them both dead-on and squished them upwards. I plummeted immediately to the ground, testicles clutched tightly in my hands. "Shit!" I said under my breath. I lay on my side in a fetal position clutching my testicles. The pain and aching were so tremendously intense that it was absolutely debilitating. Suddenly I felt her foot hit my hands covering my testicles with a great force again. My hand took most of the impact, but still, my aching testicles were not happy to be struck again and let me know by aching even more. I lay there on the ground in the rain for about ten minutes before she came back over to me and kneeled down beside me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you so much. I was just really mad that you did something this slimy. I don't expect that sort of thing from you."

"How," I managed to ask, "would I know that there would be a storm coming when we were starting the walk, since -that- is when I locked the keys in the car?"

"Oh," she said through the rain, "I guess you wouldn't. Ooh, I'm so sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?"

I was very tempted to ask for sexual favors, but that just seemed rude. Fortunately, before I could thin of anything to say, she continued.

"I know. Don't worry, I'll try my best to make all the aching go away. First, let's have a look at you. Roll over onto your back so I can give your little boys a check-up."

I complied and she pulled down first my shorts, and then my underwear. "Ooh, this one actually looks a little bruised. I'm sure some TLC will take care of it though. Let me start by kissing them and making them all better." Much to my surprise, she began kissing my testicles all over. The combination of aching and kissing was very odd, but my penis began to get a little bit erect. "That's what you need to help you forget, a nice solid erection. I think I know how to do that. She moved forward, straddling my chest as the rain continued to pelt us. She shook her wet, visible breasts at me a bit and then leaned forward, pressing them against my face. "Good, no?" "Yeth," I mumbled from underneath her mounds. Then she straightened up again and reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head. "Better, no?" she inquired. "Indeed," said I. She leaned forward again, engulfing my head in her wet, naked breasts. Then she pressed one of her nipples against my lips. "I think you ought to suck this," she said playfully. I happily complied.

After sucking on her teat for quite a while, she switched me to the other one and then back to the first and then she sat back up. She turned around and inspected my now fully erect penis. "Hey, this is a pretty nice penis you've got here. Good and thick. Sorry I was annoyed by it before, I definitely wasn't thinking." She kissed it lightly upon its head and then ran her tongue around the rim. I shuddered in pleasure. She pulled a condom out of her shorts pocket and rolled it down onto me. "I think you know what's coming next, Tiger," she smiled. She stood up, looked around to make sure that no cars were coming and pealed her wet shorts and then her wetter panties off. Then she straddled me, leaning forward. She used her hands to hold the tip of my penis against her pussy lips and then slowly rocked back onto it. She moved back and forth, slowly working it inside her, and then once it was completely inside she began to just rock back and forth atop me. I was in heaven, but the ache in my testicles was still there. Mostly the overall sensation was bizarre. She rocked back and forth atop me, moaning softly for several minutes, and then I could see her orgasm. She began again immediately, soon coming once more. Then she leaned further forward and moved herself up and down the full length of my penis, driving me steadily towards orgasm myself. Just as I felt that I was about to come she reached back and squeezed my aching testicles solidly. I screamed in pain and shot my load with what felt like the strength of a shotgun. She leaned down and kissed me intensely on the lips, which I joyfully returned.

The rain stopped not long afterwards. We got home safe eventually, and that was the start of a long and intense relationship.

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